The Domari Gypsies of Iran: A People in Need of Jesus By Bridgette G.


Instructor: Alan Roth Missiology I

Health Care and Nutrition 2. Nomadic 1. Pray and Go! . With a population of 1. Predominately Muslim Status of Being Reached A. High Values 1. Skilled Craftsmen D. Men can Curse/Heal 3. Hard to Reach 1. Chastity 3.The Domari Gypsies of Iran: A People in need of Jesus Thesis Statement: There is a great need among the Domari Gypsies of Iran to hear the Gospel of Christ. Non-Concentrated Population B. Historically Animistic 1. Education E. Radio Broadcasts 2. Who will go and preach to the Domari. Hard Workers 1. Honesty C. the situation is only getting worse. Musicians and Dancers 2. II.5 million in the country. Bible Translation C. and people dying every day. Animals with Special Power 2. Few Christian Workers D. Multiple Occupations 2. Few Translated Christian Resources 1. Moved West B. children of God? I. Entertainment 1. Fortune Telling B. History and Culture A. Animal Training Religion A. III. Originally from India 2. Nomadic 2. no active church planting in the past two years. Morality 2. Many Opportunities 1.

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