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Training Proposal II

Training Proposal II

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Published by: Olufemi Moyegun on Mar 21, 2011
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´Being Customer-Focused In the face of Economic Downturnµ


A 3-day Professional Development Workshop
20 ² 22 April, 2011 Time: 9.00a.m. daily
Venue: Balogun Badejo & Co.·s Premises 24 Ilupeju By-Pass, Ilupeju, Lagos. Workshop Fee: =N=84,000 per participant
(Covers lunch, refreshment and course materials)

Balogun Badejo Consulting Limited
(Human Resource and Management Consultants)

Getting it right requires you to focus on developing strong relationships with the right customers instead of purely developing and marketing the right products. BCL . customer-centric business metrics and designing effective loyalty programs. you need a range of new business strategies. and use case studies to learn practical tools that identify and improve customer relationships for sustained value. executives will participate in interactive discussions and lectures. Transiting from product centricity to customer centricity requires more than just rewriting a vision statement. The three-day program will allow the participants to tackle topics such as investing in relationships. market leaders have realized that moving from product centricity to customer centricity can create sustained value and a competitive advantage. To get it right. segmenting customers based on profitability. The ´Customer Centricityµ program focuses on its key principles and is designed to expose participants to best practices that have evolved in this field and explore ways to integrate this discipline in the organization. At the ´Customer Centricityµ workshop. metrics and organizational requirements.Overview 2 During the last several years.

you should be able to :  develop tactics on how to invest in relationships  segment customers based on profitability and other criteria  design customer-loyalty programs  understand Customer-centric business metrics and application within your organization. BCL .Learning Objectives 3 After attending this 3-day workshop.

Who Should Attend 4 Executives with at least three years of professional experience in: General Management Product Management Marketing Sales Pricing Account Management Customer Relationship Management Customer service or other customer-interfacing roles. BCL .

churn. as well as the key organizational building blocks to implement this discipline to drive customer loyalty and growth.Benefits of the Programme 5 Know how to invest in customer relationships that will drive shareholder value for the organization Have acquired skill on practical methods for estimating the financial value of a customer relationship Know how to segment customers based on profitability and tailor products and services to these segments Have acquired knowledge on customer-centric business metrics. BCL . and their uses and misuses Have discovered how to design effective loyalty programs that will measurably improve customer retention Know the principles of innovation and continuous learning. silent migration. such as share-ofwallet. and cost-per-acquisition.

Principles of Innovation Customer loyalty of customer relationships.Share-of-wallet enhance customer Investments during . Case Studies on 2. BCL . Case studies on General Customer-centric Business Customer Service Metrics. Estimating financial value 2. Strategies.Cost-Per-Acquisition acquisition and retention.Workshop Schedule 6 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 1. Customer-Centric Business 1. Case Studies on 3. Case Studies on customer loyalty and effects on overall Customer Relationship growth. Customer Relationship . shareholder value. and Continuous Learning development to effect on overall programmes and the 3. . 3.Silent Migration 2. investments. Economic Downturn. Developing CustomerMetrics: loyalty programmes to 1.

MBA. FCTI. There are a lot more facilitators at our disposal. MBA. J. M..B.. ACA. O. Moyegun. Femi Olaiya . Oluwi. J.A. FCA. J.Sc. F. Tina Egbuiwe (B. AsCCI (USA) Mr. Ope Wemi Jones. Adetuyi. FCTI Mr. N. ¶Lekan Badejo.Sc. AlnstSMM (London).Sc (IRPM). Tettehfio. rpa. CPP Master)  Mr. FCA Mrs.Sc. BCL . P. A. AIPM Mr. Asaolu. AMNIM Mr.B. H. Georgi Umunna. FCCA.Sc. Itodo. FCA. M. PGD (Management).Faculty Members 7            Mr.Agric. FCCA. E. ACCA Mr. PDCA Mr. O. Obogwu. FIMC. PGD. FCA. M. B. Oladotun. B. B. FCA Mr. arpa. O. U. ACTI Mr. O. B. FCTI. O. ACA. MBA Mr. MBA  Ms.

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