The Reformation

~Vocabulary ~ H.S.S. 7.9

NO Stop Selling $ 4 Heaven Luther was right .The Reformation the movement which sought to reform certain corrupt practices of the Catholic Church and which led to Protestantism.

NonCatholic Christian.Protestant a member of a Christian church founded on the principles of the Reformation. .

Sale of Indulgences Paying the Church to forgive you of your sins so you can skip Purgatory and go directly to Heaven. .

one in France & one in Rome.Great Schism When the Catholic Church had two Popes fighting for control. .

.Martin Luther German monk and leader of the Protestant Reformation.

95 Theses Luther's document listing problems with the Church. .

He believed in a Christianity of the heart.Desiderius Erasmus A northern humanist who wrote the Praise of Folly. not one of ceremonies or rules. .

John Calvin A religious reformer who believed in predestination and a strict sense of morality for society. .

WHEN YOU TURN INTO A BIG GUN .Predestination Calvin's religious theory that God has already planned out a person's life.

.Ignatius of Loyola The important Catholic Reformer who founded the Jesuit order.

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