this strategy is not suitable. Sets a purpose for reading.  Weaknesses Difficult for students with no prior Students have to brainstorm their knowledge ideas and try to listing everything  they know about the topic. 2. text before reading the whole text.  Students could divide important and not so important points by dividing them into the appropriate column. the  Students have to draw the framework and use a lot of time to think about what to list in each column. Students have a problem to listing in ‘K’ column and hard for them to have a general idea of the topic. Easy to use and organize. So.2 The Strengths and Weaknesses of KWL strategy By : Nadiah binti Abu Bakar No Strengths 1.  They could see clearly the points in 3.  Readers do not have any idea about the story or novel. Take time to complete.  Not appropriate to use in exams because the time is limited.  Not effective for reading fiction Readers have the idea about the materials. order to answer the comprehension questions. 2 .  Readers be more focus to find the important points while reading. Elicits students prior knowledge.

3 4. When students fail to make a critical thinking by filling in the three column.  Students think hard want to know more about the topic by 5. 3 . Encourage students to make a Not proper for readers who has noncritical thinking. Helps students to monitor their Students will give up and get bored comprehension and knowledge.  active thinking.  Students learn new topic and put an effort to study more about the topic in order to update their knowledge. they would give up and refuse to complete the framework. it is not suitable for readers who has low thinking level and poor memory skills because they will not be able to Students need to fill in the ‘L’  column by thinking what they had learnt after reading the text.  So.  easily. questioning in the column ‘W’ expend their ideas beyond the text. Students know their vocabulary  level and understanding ability. This strategy serves as a model for active thinking during reading.

4 4 .

teaching sport skills. practicing sport-specific psychological skills. K  Every coaches should practice psychology skills to be the best ones.  W What is sport psychology in the coaching role?  L The topic is about interface between coaching and sport psychology.  What is the important learning sport psychology? team environment. preparing for competition Coaches hoping to do 5  .5 Article title : Doing Sport Psychology in Coaching Role. Coaches can use knowledge of sport psychology principles and techniques with their athletes. The knowledge are fostering an optimal   Coaches should be a role model to the their trainees.  How to practice sports psychology?   Coaches should be competence with their skills. teaching general psychological skills.

6 sport psychology should  How to be a good coach with psychology skills? become familiar with he field. and its techniques through reading books and journal and attending workshops and conference of sport psychology. 6 . interested in athletes becoming acquainted with their teammates and focused on their event. its issues. Coaches should be approachable.

7 7 .

It is easy to looked for the points that I have divided in the table rather than finding the points in the long text. The framework steps is an interesting way to make the notes because I could see clearly the main points and elaborations of the text through the table. Also. Based on the quotation. I have chosen KWL reading strategy for this semester project. it persuades me to share my prior knowledge and what I have learnt with others. Besides. Firstly. it is useful for me when I have to answer a comprehension questions based on the text. I have applied this strategy to the article that I have chosen entitled ‘Doing Sport Psychology In The Coaching Role’. KWL strategy helps me a lot in understanding the text. this strategy helps me to improved my cognitive skills.8 Reflective Essay By : Nadiah binti Abu Bakar “It is easier to learn something if we first access schema (what you know) and set purpose (what you want to learn)” – taken from Thinking in Context by Hyde and Bizar. The reason why I chose this strategy because it is effective to use in content reading. I need to analyzed the text so that I could really know what I have learnt from it. This step requires me to make a brainstorming and elicit my prior knowledge about the topic before I read the whole text. The first step of this strategy is fill in ‘What I Know’ column. I have to thought hard about the topic and refreshed my prior knowledge as much as I could. It looks well organized dividing the points by the columns ‘K’. Then. this strategy makes me consulted other resources to find out the answer to questions that were not answered. Furthermore. Moreover. I began by listed everything I already knew 8 . ‘W’ and ‘L’.

Therefore. I wrote down all the important points that I have identified through the text in ‘What I Learnt’ or ‘L’ column. In short. I decided to surf the internet to looked for the topic and asked my friends who knows about it. reading strategies guided students while reading the text and they could know the purpose for reading. KWL is an effective reading strategy in understanding text. I have a general idea about the topic. I have no idea to listing in the ‘K’ column. after finished reading the whole text. The problem was I have limited prior knowledge of the topic. I listed whatever I want to know about the topic in this ‘W’ column and I hope to find the answer while reading the text. In my opinion. 9 .9 in the ‘K’ column. I have to list the questions or topic in ‘What I Want To Know’ column. As a result. After I have stated all my prior knowledge. So. it also help students to manage their time properly to study for exams. It improves students’ cognitive skills and helps students to be a good reader. I have encountered a problem when using this strategy. Not only that. In addition. However. Lastly. the reading strategies that I have learnt in class are helpful to the students. It is because. students will become more curios about the reading task that follows and they could share their knowledge with each other.

10 10 .

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12 12 .

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