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Human Rights

Human Rights

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Published by: Camila Gómez on Mar 21, 2011
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Introduction ‡ 2. Violation of human rights ‡ 5. Rigoberta Menchú ‡ 7.‡ 1. Conclusions . Which are human rights? ‡ 4. Human rights ‡ 3. The defenders ‡ 6.

Introduction ‡ Human rights are those freedoms. powers. . to guarantee a decent life.1. Human rights can be violated as advocated by people and the state. for the simple fact of being human. institutions or claims related to primary or basic goods to include any person.


What are human rights? .2.


Which are human rights? .3.

. and economic and cultural rights. There are also provisions on civil rights and citizenship rights. the right to education and private property and the right to freedom of worship.Some of the most important rights identified by the 1948 Declaration are the right to life and freedom of expression.


4. Violation of human rights .

.‡Violating human rights is not fulfilling or respecting those rights that have been promulgated by the United Nations.


5. The defenders .

.Thanksremain hiddenprevents to the work human many abuses. challengeselites. political military and economic. And this they rights the face of governments.


Rigoberta Menchú .7.

and the declaration of 1993 International Year of Indigenous Peoples. coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the arrival of Columbus to America.‡ The Nobel Prize was awarded in recognition of his work for social justice and ethno-cultural reconciliation based on respect for indigenous rights. .


7. Conclusions .

UN must not only be the guarantee of your application. .All individuals of all contries must insist on the implementation of human rights Who should be the breach exemplary punishment. without all nations nondiscrimination appropriate mechanisms debern for application.


³Get up. stand up for your rights´ .


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