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Beaded Collar Instructions

Beaded Collar Instructions

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Published by: Brittany Hodges Sherman on Mar 21, 2011
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Make a Vintage Inspired Beaded Collar


Fabric and lining -satin, silk and taffeta work well. You will need X yard of each fabric and lining Scissors

Sewing pins

Fabric marker or carbon paper

Beading needles- available in the jewelry department of your local craft store

Beading thread- multi-purpose sewing thread may also be used but beading thread is much stronger. Beads -pearls, bugle beads, crystals, sequins, faceted glass and seed beads are common for vintage beaded collars

1 hook and eye closure

Collar instructions:

1.Print the desired collar style and cut out the pattern size needed.

2. Fabric: cut 1 on fold. Lining: cut 1 on fold. Set the lining aside for use later. 3.Pin the pattern to the fabric and transfer all markings onto fabric.

4.How to Bead Fabric *Beading lines are indicated on the patterns by dotted lines and open circles. For more information and diagrams for beading on fabric, visit: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Bead-FabricL http://www.cqmagonline.com/vol03iss03/articies/326/index.shtml

• Thread the bead ing needle and tie a knot in the end of the thread, just as you would do when hand sewing.

• Choose a starting point for your beading design and insert the needle into the back of the fabric, pulling the thread all the way through to the front.

• String 2 beads on the thread push the beads to the bottom of the thread. This keeps the beads in place and keeps them from coming loose.

• Insert the needle into the fabric, right next to the last threaded bead.

• Pull the needle through to the back ofthe fabric. Pull the thread so that the beads are snugly in place but not too tight. Pulling the thread too tight could break the thread or cause the fabric to pucker.

• Insert the needle into the fabric, between the two beads. Insert the needle into the last bead and pull the thread through. This step helps to ensure that the beads stay in place and don't come loose. It also prevents gaps between the beads.

• Continue beading the entire pattern line.

• At the end of your beading pattern line, pull the thread to the back of the fabric.

Tie it off and cut the thread, just as you would any hand sewing project.

1. When beading is complete, pin beaded fabric to lining with right sides together

2. Stitch fabric to lining, leaving it open between small solid circles. If using a machine to stitch fabric to lining, be careful to not sew too close to the beads. Clip to notches.

3. Carefully turn collar (a bodkin helps!) and press seams flat. While pressing, be cautious to use a low setting so that plastic beads and sequins don't melt. A quick steam and gentle pressing down should do the trick. To prevent melted beads, use an ironing cloth (or hand towel) while pressing.

4. Hand sew the opening with a slip stitch

5. Finish the collar by sewing a hook and eye closure or stain ribbon to the front of the collar.

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