THE YELLOW COLOUR: Color of the sulfur of the hell according to Christian tradition Color of falseness and betrayal Yellow color proscribed throughout Europe by people from the theatre Superstition came from Molière since he died wearing yellow. .

Symbolizes union between men and divinity Salt kept in house for inflow of money and avoid illnesses.THE SALT: Element of the land Considered protector against curses and carrier of good luck since the ancient world. Bad luck to spill salt Comes from The Last Supper where Christ made the mistake of spilling salt. .

she¶ll have bad luck during the ceremony. and some thing borrowed she¶ll have good luck. something old. .THE WEDDING: If Groom¶s friend cuts a piece of the groom¶s tie he¶ll get married soon If bride wears blue she¶ll have a happy marriage If the groom sees the bride¶s dress. If the bride wears something new.

Ermita de San Isdiro On May 15 all the single women gather at the chapel Put pins on a vessel If they prick their fingers with the pins they will find a husband .

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