Montgomery Farmers’ Market 2011 Vendor Application

Contact Name: Business Name: Mailing Address: City:
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Physical Address: ______________________________________________________ City: Telephone: E-Mail: Website: Cell: State: Fax: Zip:

Fees: Application received by Feb 28th: $150 Application received March 1st or later: $200
Do you require electricity? If yes, can you provide it yourself if necessary? Do you require water? Yes Yes Yes No No No

Do you require parking space greater than 17’x7’ adjacent to your booth space? Yes No If yes, please explain: ______________________________________________ What days of the week/times of day are typically best for you to allow a visit by Market management? _________________________________________________________ Are there any dates you wouldn’t be able to attend Market? (Please circle) May 7 June 4 July 2 August 6 September 3 October 1 May 14 June 11 July 9 August 13 September 10 October 8 May 21 June 18 July 16 August 20 September 17 October 15 May 28 June 25 July 23 August 27 September 24 October 22

July 30 October 29

-(OVER)-12011 Application

Type of Products: (Please list or describe all products you would like to sell. Attach an additional sheet if necessary. Products not listed may not be sold. Montgomery Farmers’ Market reserves the right to limit the number of vendors selling competing items of produce or other products.)

I have read and agree to the 2011 Vendor Rules for the Montgomery Farmers’ Market. Signed: __________________________________________ Date:________________
Please mail this signed application along with: 1. Deposit of $25 (will be applied to Market Fees; will be refunded if application is not accepted) 2. Copies of any necessary licenses/permits (must be received by April 30th, 2011) Mail To: Montgomery Farmers’ Market 10039 Wimbledon Ct Montgomery OH 45242 For questions or additional information please contact Debbie Miller at 513.791.0898 or Valerie Taylor at


2011 Application

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