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brand image toyota

brand image toyota

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Published by: Nishant Salunkhe on Mar 21, 2011
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The choice of Brand name is an inherent part of marketing strategy designed toresult
in a successful new product launch is well recognized. Research is oftenconducted to
determine the image that a number of alternative brand namesmay convey to the end user.
The objective of this research is to identify whichbrand name conveys the desired image
before the new product is launched.
The objective of motivational research should not be to select the final brandname but to
indicate which one or two words appeal most to the target marketcolour, packing, printing
and other factors used to display the brand name willall affect its performance.
These are the ways to determine brand name. Brand name is the first
impression that customer gets. Thus, it help in a great way to build a strong,
positive brand image.
Brand image is the perception of brand among present customers, potentialcustomers and
in market. A brand owning a strong image always rules themarket and makes effective
sales. Thus its very important for companies toacquire a high brand image.

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