ELT methodology 3 What I learnt was taking control of classroom situations.

Classroom is a social context where both the information and the other feelings are shared. Keeping students under control can be torture especially for the students because sometimes when the teachers try to deal with classroom situation , they use old type of disipline methods by using their authorities to make students keep in silence. I suppose we need to choose best tecniques to manage class by paying regard to students feelings.Therefore, using proper tone of voice, necessary equipments, gestures and body language make the students keep their attentions on the lesson. I have learned that body language is highly critical for communication as we convey our feelings thorough gestures and facial expression, therefore we have to give extra attention to our body language. Moreover, if we want the students to trust us, we should have self-confidence to make eye contact with all students and we need to be in manner consistent with our words because the children don t give importance to the lesson when they don t trust their teacher. What I had difficulty in figuring out was using body language because I can t easily make frequent eye contact with everybody in class and also I am not kinesthetic enough to use all the space in the classroom. I suppose I need to focus more on this. And I know I have to trust myself because I want my students to count on me. I suppose I must be careful about my tone of voice because when I feel nervous, my voice raises and falters automatically . I think I must support lesson with visuals, activities and games to get the students attentions. Also, I will use body my language as far as I can do in order to support my saying otherwise learning can t be permanent. I believe both the teacher and the students should use english to contribute students english. To encourage students to speak english, I think I will be patient to listen them while they are expressing themselves in english. If I praise their english and ignore their errors, I believe they will have courage to use language. I hope I can use all my saying because I dont want them hang in air.

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