ISSUED 10/15/09-revised 10/22 -no excuses & start early!
All items must be turned in by the BEGINNING of class on the date due, or else...its late.
1. Tuesday, October 20- Preliminary Science Fair Presentation (see back) 2. Friday, October 23 - Typed title, purpose and hypothesis (prediction) due 3. Friday, October 30 - Six (6) typed research paper bibliography (sources) due Two (2) must be written (paper) sources A maximum of four (4) internet sources you must use MLA format: try the “Free Automatic Bibliography Composer” at www.easybib.com 4. Friday, November 6 - typed, first page only (page 1) of research paper due with one-inch margins, 12-point font and double spaced. **5. Friday, Nov. 13 - 10 pieces of data due (evidence your experiment has begun before the next break) Turn in data listed in a typed spreadsheet table with a title, columns labeled with what is being measured (& units!) & and short explanation of what you did. **6. Friday, December 4 -First complete draft of four (4) page research paper due MUST include your six sources (bibliography) **7. Wednesday, Dec. 9-- All 50 pieces of data due (experiment must be done). Turn in data listed in a typed spreadsheet table with a title, column labels and short explanation of what you did. 8. Friday, December 11 - Final, typed conclusion due. 9. Monday, December 14 - Final complete research paper due. Must be four (4)pages in length and follow source guidelines listed in number 3. **10. Wednesday, December 16 - Science Fair project backboard due. **11. Wednesday, December 16 - All statistics due on backboard. Must be titled, labeled, typed in a spreadsheet and attached to your backboard (more details on the statistics to come....) **THESE ARE DUE EARLY (before you leave) IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BE HERE!** 12. Friday, January 8 - In-class science fair presentations begin. (more details on the presentation to come....) 13. Tuesday, January 12 - Brown Science Fair after school, beginning at 3:00 and ending whenever you get judged. Return to school after PTA meeting to pick up your ribbon and backboard--around 6:00 p.m. Participating in this will get you FIVE PERCENT extra credit on your report card! Other Dates... Saturday, January 30 - Grades 7-12 District Science Fair @ UTEP Memorial Gym Saturday, February 27-Grades 7-12 Sun Country Regional Science Fair @ UTEP Mem. Gym

Interplanetary and Intergalactic Science Fairs to be announced later...much later.

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