ACC310 GREAT PLAINS PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS: The replacement pages for chapter 4 are in the T drive.

T:\School of Accounting & Finance-Financial Services\ACC310 ACC310 Section LL use file Chap 4-A Alt1.doc ACC310 Section MM use file Chap 4-A Alt4.doc Use a clean copy of Warren from your CD.

Change User Id to your student #
Back up your work afterTransaction 7 Transaction 13 Transaction 16

And before

Year End adjusting entries Year End closing procedures Sec LL November 5, 2002 Sec MM November 5, 2002

Project is due the first class in week 9

There is a 5% per day penalty for each day late.

Hand in your printouts in the order that they are printed in the book. No loose printouts will be accepted. Marks will be deducted if the printouts are in incorrect order.

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