Lab migration

Lab MEC E 1-38

Lab MEC E 2-22

Lab MEC E 2-14

Transportation means

Compliance documents

Project management documents

Layout plan

Items to be migrated to new lab

Items to be migrated to new lab

Packaging materials

Lab safety manuals and first aid guides

Project management coursewares

Dirty area Items to be left Machinery Items to be left Machines for facilitating movement Alberta building codes documents Client specific documents

Items to be disposed

Items to be disposed Personnel University regulations documents Internal project planning documents

Oil sands

Solder station

Milling machine

XYZ platform

Other equipments


Oil sands materials


Add cleaning of 1-38 and "other lab" Remove layout plan from dirty and clean areas Add Infrastructure Setup Remove "Lab Mec E 2-14" section "Client/stakeholder" specific.... Change "Machinery" to "Equipment", and "Materials" to "Furniture" (maybe review videos to see exactly which oil sands-related elements will be moved)

Layout plan

Clean area


Student study area


White board

Communal work table

Layout plan

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