Review Sheet - Benchmark A: Map Elements and Coordinates Name:__________________________ Class:__________ Date:__________ Write your

own sentence using the underlined words. 1. St. Lawrence River The St. Lawrence River is a river in Canada that forms a border between Canada and New York state.



The east-west lines on a map or globe are referred to as latitude.


Appalachian Mountains The Appalachian Mountains are a mountain range in the eastern United States.



The north-south lines on a map or globe are referred to as longitude.


Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are a chain of five lakes between the United States and Canada.


Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are a mountain range in Western North America.


Rio Grand River

The Rio Grand River is a river in southwestern United States along the border with the country of Mexico.


absolute location

The global address of a location using longitude and latitude is the absolute location.


Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is the longest river in the United States in the central part of the country.

10. coordinates

The term, coordinates, refers to a pair of numbers that identifies a point on a map.

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