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reflection 3

reflection 3

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Published by: Yussuf Kazan on Mar 22, 2011
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We have talked about classroom management last week. had some ideas before learning what we should do in class as teacher. But i got almost all the thing about it. At first, we should make a good plan about what we do in class, which activities should be done. And when we step into the class, we should see ourselves as a theatre role player except fpr being communicated with students. We could do our best in our role. To achive this , we should arranage the class accordingly, so students could see their teacher and don¶t need to ask their teacher the points which they don¶t understand. Also, students should sit acoording to teacher¶s decision. lt makes them more motivated. And teachers shouldn¶t be like students by sitting in front of class and talking about his precious memories. It is really boring for students. So, we should move around the class and set eye contact with students . but the time of looking at students , especially females, shouldn¶t be more than 3 seconds. f teacher is female, same thing is valid for male students. t¶s really nonsense that a student fall in love with his/her student with a glance. have a Turkish proverb for them. ³Baka baka a k olunsayd öküz trene a k ourdu´. Forgive me if lm rude because of sharing this. Another thing we need to focus on is that we should use the blackboard accordingly. As last, when we failed doing an activity, we should make changes on it or change the activty. Shortly , we should entertain our stdents while teaching teaching them about something . There is no point l dont understand.

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