Kanban ± Pull System Pull system is often associated with lean methodology; it can be defined as method of controlling the

operation flow of resources by replacing only what has been consumed. In pull system, the process flow is simple. Instruction which also known as pull signal will be sent from the consumer to the provider to replace resources that have been used. Replenish resources when is needed helps to minimize inventory at each operation and also helps to avoid over producing; this eventually help the business to avoid losses generated by the unsold inventory.

A perfect example was Dell business model. Michael Dell started manufacturing computers while he was in college. He did not own a manufacturing plant or keep a single component even though the components are small in size. All the computers were built according to customer¶s requirements on internet. This has resulted zero spare part was left over and Dell had no inventory because the computer was shipped out as soon as it was completely manufactured. Another good example is replenishing stock at the shelves in grocery stores, majority of the grocery stores have their workers to top up the stock to the same quantity as before the items were sold. In fact, kanban pull systems can be used as visual aid in helping the employees easily made aware of stock which is µlow stock¶ or µdue for replenishment¶. This would help in simplify restocking instead of replenish stock daily and ensuring the replenishment process remains efficient.

From above quoted example, pull system of supply chain could benefit majority of the businesses.

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