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IIPM International Delhi is the largest management centre in the country with the highest intake of students every academic year. IIPM Delhi has been separately ranked ahead of many of the IIMs on several criteria, by various business and current affairs magazines, time and again. It has three academic campuses within the city, which individually, are architectural wonders. The faculties at the institute comprises experienced individuals from the world of academics and business. They bring with them real life case studies of their experience, enlightening all the attendees. The institute is also known for the lighter side of student life, which provides the best of sporting, recreational and relaxation facilities.

Prof. A. Sandeep Dean, All India

Dean Academics, All India Prof. Prasoon Majumdar

IIPM International in Delhi provides students with over 150,000 sq. ft. of built-up infrastructure. It operates from two facilities, one in Saket and one in Mehrauli. The IIPM International Campus at Satbari in South Delhi is the institute’s third campus in the city. Spread across acres of lush green, this campus draws resemblance to any European campus, which provides a perfect

I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T | 74

Table Tennis. Golf. thereby speeding up the search process. All the campuses have specially designed auditoriums with the best of acoustics. Carrom.setting for academic pursuit in the laps of nature. 7 5 | I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T . there are 5 computer dromes and two spacious libraries covering over a lakh titles from the world of business and management. apart from over 50 different journals and magazines from the world over. In the 3 campuses combined. The landscaped greens all around add to the beauty and serenity of the campus. Cricket amongst many indoor games like Chess. which can accommodate up to 500 students. conference halls for business presentations and group discussions. With over 30 fully air-conditioned classrooms. etc. away from the hustle and bustle of the city. all equipped with the latest A/V equipments. recreation centres to rejuvenate oneself and spacious canteens that offer the finest dining experience at a subsidized rate. Badminton. Lawn Tennis. allowing students free access to the World Wide Web or data servers from any corner of their campuses. the International Campus offers separate sporting facilities in the form of Billiards. Swimming. All the IIPM International campuses are Wi-Fi enabled. table soccer. IIPM Delhi by far outnumbers any other business school in the country in terms of total number of classroom space offered. Volleyball. IIPM International libraries also have an online indexing and title search facility. enabling students to locate a specific title and its availability. Additionally.

possess around 20 years of academic experience in established institutions all over the country. Faculties at IIPM International in Delhi also engage in numerous consulting assignments of national and international importance.IIPM NEW DELHI CAMPUS Faculty Faculty at IIPM International in Delhi constitutes a heady mix of youth and experience. close to their heart. training workshops and round-tables. At the same point of time. they have also expanded their intellectual horizon by contributing in various forms of print media – newspapers. the Delhi centre boasts of a strong faculty team. rarely seen in any other management school in the country. thereby enabling them to communicate to the students their own experience in their field of discussion. With over 75 visiting faculty members and over 100 permanent teaching staffs. From the formulation of an Alternate Budget every year to providing consultations I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T | 7 6 . magazines and journals. on various issue based topics. The visiting faculties at IIPM International on an average. Most of the faculty members at IIPM International regularly contribute to the exploration and dissemination of knowledge through various national and international forums in the form of lecture sessions. Many of them also bring along a first-hand practical experience of 20-30 years in various organizations.

A. MNVVK Chaitanya .D 7 7 | I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T .F.MBA Ajay V Narula .I.M.. .D. A. CA Alok Kumar . Goyal .M .MBA Abijit Joshi .MBA Amita Tondon . (Dean-All India) Aanchal Gupta . A .M.G. Faculty list A J C Bose . A.). AICWA.Sandeep . CA.S. BED Anil Sarin .M.Com Amit Saxena .G.D.F.PHD(Commerce).M. IIPM students are also recruited to assist the accumulation and assimilation of the right data.MBA Abhimanyu Ghosh .to the Planning Commission. from representing FICCI for the development of the entertainment industry to assisting World Bank the right way to fund developmental projects in the country. faculty at IIPM International have been associated with considerably many other projects.Ph.Tech.E.(Stats.BA.Sengupta . (Dean Administration. Delhi) Amit Sood .I.K. when they get together in organising key events at the institute.FDP from UCLA A.Mphil. rivalling each other in sports meets or grooving and jiving together at rock shows. M. A. Ph.P.MBA A.M. Sharma .D.Kanda .MBA-USA.MBA Amar Pal Singh . B.P. Phil(Economics) A.Com.I.M.M. During all these projects.MA(Eco. The student-faculty relationship at IIPM reaches a new pinnacle beyond the classroom. (Dean .MBA Amim Ahmed .MBA Amar Cheema .(IIM-C) .I. P.Centre for Marketing Management) Abhimanyu Rai .. FCA.).P.PGD(Logistics) Alok Kastia .M.P.Msc.MBA Amit Bagga .

A.Indore Univ.M.MBA Dhruv Khanna .E.MBA Kiran Bhatia .MBL(NLSUI. Jaydip Dutta Gupta . IIPM) Ashok Kumar .K.MBA (Dean Admissions. Bandopadhyay .Tec. Ph.I.D. Kapoor . All India) Ankit Jhamb .R.MBA Naveen Chamoli .P.Ramakrishnan .M.P.M.M.LLB.E.M.MBA K.Com. LLB. M.). Ph. M.P. .Com.MBA Gaurav Thapar .PGD in PM&IR Maninder Singh .M.D. MSc.C.F. Namita Chetri . Centre for Economic Research & Advanced Studies) Arjun Bhimwal .P.G.M.(Econ. Ph.. (Dean. Ph.Com.Com. A.NET Gyanendra Kumar Kashyap Hari Parmeshwar . D. P. K.Tec.PGD(IIM Kolkata) Jayapriya ..K.I.A..MBA.D.K.(IIT Delhi).Com.D. Bipul Singh .P.Dhup .I.Sc.G.D. Gaurav Sachdeo .Pursuing Ph.Ph.Com. Ph.P.D (Commerce).P.I. Sekhon .M. A..D.M.(Econ. (Dean Administration. A.D.MBA.P.P.K.I. G. Mohit Dubey .).I..MBA Arnab Dam . Ph.MA-French.Masters in Economics P.MBA Monika Gupta .F..G.M.Com..Com. Delhi) Neeta Tripathi .M. M.D.Masters in Economics..M.MBA Deepak Tandon ...MS in Management M.D.MBA K.Srivastava .MBA Chhaya Chauhan .I.International Alliances) Jitin Kumar Chaudhari . (econometrics) Chanda Mehra . MBA.K.E. Ph.M.P.Pursuing Ph. C..BSE -Computer.P. Ashok Malhotra .D..M..M. PHDManagement G.P.D. Swaroop .D. K.MBA Anuj Ahuja . MBA Manjira Sinha . Raghavan Iyer .I.M.MBA Gopika Kumar . Com. Chaudhuri .M.M.MBA Nomita Kapoor .A.P. Harpal Singh .MBA K K Nigam .Fellow Chartered Accountant Asif Ahmed .I.. Ph.MBA Devdeep Singh .MBA.BE. Ph. Degree in Law B..D.I.P.P.A.D.. N.A.K..D. Mahajan .Academics.D.BCS.(Hons. B.. D..MBA J.B..Com.M.Btec.S. Seth . (Dean.E.Sharma . Jayant Bose .F. DLLSupreme Court Harshita Singh .Mumbai(MMS) Dr. (Founder Director IIPM) M.G.I.Com. M.M. P.D.B.MDPA-IIPA. Jain .MBA Manjeer Gupta .MBA Anu Gulmohar .(Econ.MBA Arindam Chaudhuri . Gupta . Kapoor .E.A.D..MBA Mashkur zafar ..BE (Electroics and Telecommunications) Madhusudan Chauhan Malabika Chatterjee . F. Ph.G.B.Mtec.D.I.I. Madhu Bahl .G.Phil.MBA Anubhav Saxena .MBA Brinda Balakrishnan .G. Ph.B.Pursuing Ph.M.CAIIB Kanchan Kumar Das - Kanika Pasricha .D.diploma in Labour Laws B. Kapur .). Delhi) L. AICWA Mridu Singh Jhala .M.MBA Dimple Gupta .)SRCC Harinder Bawa .M.F.MBA N.M.Com.F.H.Sc.B. (Dean . Arundhati Banerji .P.MBA Mansi Ghosh . Aparna Jain .D. M.MBA Attam Prakash .Phil. I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T | 7 8 . Naved Yusufzai .M.XLRI).M..M. Kalra .Com. Ph..M.M.Com.S.).MBA(IIM B.Aniruddha Banerjee .Com. (Dean -Centre for Mentorship. LLB Nitin Ralhan .MBA Kaushal Mishra . A.M.M.PhilFrench Neetu Nirjal .P.MBA Anirudh Sharma . P..C. PGDM (HR.B.Bangalore).. Bindra Prasad .M.M.D.

D.M.I.M.P. All India) Ruby Rabinder Singh Johar .M. V. A.P.K.Phil R.AICWA. Katiyal ...P.Placement All India) Rajeev Talwar . Batra .N. IIPM) Rohit Manchanda . F.I. (FMS).M.MBA Ranjan Paul ..M. S.MA (Natural Sciences) S.MBA Zubair Ahmed Salroo .G. (Dean .Academics. Shikha Singh .M.I.F.(Econ.MBA (Dean. (Registrar.D. Ce ntre f or Planning & Entrepreneurship.MA(Socialogy) Saurabh Jain . P.P. Centre for Undergraduate Studies and Executive Communications . Siddharth Nambiar .M. M. Centre for Undergraduate Studies . D..Sampat .G.D..MBA Sumanta Sarmah (Dean.D.MS from BITS Pilani Swati Hora . M .D.P. (Dean-Placements.MBA Susheela Chamoli .I.M.K.MA (Psychology) S a t i s h K u m a r ..LLB. Chopra .M.Com.Fellow Charteered Accountant Rahul Chaudhary .LLB S.MBA Ruddar Dutt .Ignou.MBA Viraj Kalra . Chaudhuri .A. The list is indicative of the exceptionally talented and nationally renowned experts who have been associated with IIPM 7 9 | I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T .I. Delhi) Steven Philip Warner .K.P.F.M.in OB.MA economics. F. M. All India) Puja Katara .I. DRM S. A.D.P.) IIT Roorkee S.C.M. Global) Raman Deep Choudhary .A.M.H.D..M.MBA Vareen Ray .P. (D e an .MBA Swapan Dasgupta .M B A(S t a n f o r d University).K.Ed.P. Master in Mass Comm S o u r av Ch at te r j e e . M.M. Diploma in Personnel Managen . Ph.M. Ph.MBA Seema Dogra .Moitra .M. (Dean.. Ll.M.Phil R..I.Ashra .P.A.Com..Tiwari .P..MBA IMT Ghaziabad Rajendra Prasad .B S. S K Gupta .G.MBA T.M.P.I.ACIS(U.MBA.Nag .MBA Rajat Shukal .MBA Vigya Garg .P.Diploma in Export and International marketing Sudip Kumar Ganguly . P.B.I.D.M. Centre for Executive Communications.E.A.P. (Dean.K. Ratna Chaudhuri .I.P.Phil.MBA Shyam Sunder . Pandey ..M.P.F.M. Delhi) Virat Bahri ..D.Com.M.M.Com. Com..B.Com.I.F.A.FCS.A.MBA Vishal Salgotra .) Vipul Talwar .M.P. Academics Gurgaon) Sachin Katityar .G.MBA This is a partial list of faculty members.F. Sandeep Ghosh (Dean..MSW Diploma in T&D.MBA Veena Kumar .K).MBA Raj Lakshmi ..ME(Hons.A. (Dean.K..Phil.MBA Simrat Gulati .D.P.P.Com.E.MBA (Dean .. Radha Gupta .M.MBA Vishal Mehra .D.M. Ph.D.MBA (Associate Dean International Placements. Com. Ph.MBA Subroto Ganguly . Ph.MBA Rajita Chaudhuri .).K.Hajra . P.MBA Sudhir Saxena .MBA Saroj Kaushal .MA(Psycho.All India) Rakesh Malhotra . A.M.PhD. V.Masters in Computer Management Shimonti Paul .Ghosh .MBA R K Singh ..C.MBA Sanjana Sapra .MBA S.Com.F.I.Delhi) Prasoon Majumdar .I. LLB.D.MBA U.. A.G. A.I.M. Tanaya Bose .B. A. B. Nagpal .. Administration Gurgaon) Sumit Choudhary . Khandelwal .G.MCA.MBA Pathikrit Payne . Delhi) Rohit Sharma . S.MBA.M.Kaimal .MBA Tannu Aneja . Ph. Vandana narula .MBA Supriya Mitra Majumdar .G . P.Centre for HRD.MBA Prashanto Banerji .P.D.Merut Shivalee Kaushik .M.I.C.Com.G.

The library encompasses more than 8. but are also exposed to practical industry experience. The students are also given a wide range of practical exposure through guest lecture sessions. the IIPM International Mumbai faculty are not only great academicians but are also forerunners from the industry. The eight storey campus situated in Bandra is completely wi-fi enabled. ensuring students not only get principle based learning. started in 2002 by Planman. industry research and summer training with leading corporate houses. conference room and a cozy canteen on the ground floor.000 books on management and other titles. Shouvick Dutta Infrastructure The IIPM International Mumbai campuses are designed to support the wide array of initiatives and activities undertaken by the institute. helmed the growth of IIPM across the country. This building is also Wi-Fi enabled. The swanky cafeteria located in the basement is a great outlet for the students to recharge their energy while debating and ideating on the global economy. industry visits. Faculty Faculty forms the core of IIPM International’s pursuit in ensuring our students receive the best management education in the country. the IIPM International Centers in Mumbai are at the heart of Mumbai’s bustling activity. giving students internet access throughout the campus.‘What we teach today. ensuring students have constant access to online information and current news across the globe. others adopt tomorrow’. The academic focus of IIPM International Mumbai draws it strength from IIPM’s core belief . I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T | 8 0 . The Mumbai chapter of IIPM. The second spanking-new seven floor tower located in Khar has a roof top swimming pool. seminars. live projects. Dean Administration All India Prof.IIPM MUMBAI Situated in the quaint suburb of Bandra and Khar. The building also has a game floor with table tennis. The building also houses a computer drome. The faculty of IIPM Mumbai consists of a perfect blend of academic scholars and industry leaders to ensure that students get the best of theory and practical based education. In accordance with this belief. This learning is further coupled with regular Workshops and Out Door Training Programs conducted by strategic heads of various business houses. carom and snooker and pool facilities. and a grand library spread across the entire floor.

Accounts and Finance) Lesille Rebello .) Pracena Varghese .PGDM.Rege .Com.MA-(Eng Literature. (Stats. PGDIT. DBM Anu Dalal .E. ACS. MBA (Dean. Diploma in Management Accounting. PGD (Industrial Management). Hon’s.Com MCA.B. CAIIB. CAIIB Sonal Pandey .M. N.Com FCA. PGDM Indu Niranjan .Com. MIMA S.Chopde . BA.P. LLB. lakshmanan . MPhil Viplav Kambli . M.B-Pharm. PGDBA. Masters Degree (Law and Social Work) Deepak Shah . MASSEX. MSC.MA (Economics). Sc. MA (Psychology). Mukherjee .B.Ganachari .).B.B.E.Sc.N.BE (Chemical).Krishnamurthy . LLB Abhik Mukherjee .B.B. IIPM) Sudhir Karambelkar . PGD –Industrial Management. DMS. ACS.Pendyala . CD Shreedaran . MBA Priya Kenkre .Com Hon.Sc. Masters Finance & Management Meena Dsouza .Faculty list A.BA Hon’s. PGDPE Pallavi Rege . AICWA R.BA. PGDPE Anant Amdekar . PGDM R. CWA.P.BSC& SCA Sandeep Chopde . M.Madlani . ICWA N Muthuram . MMS (Marketing) Nilesh Vedi . LLB.HDPE. Trainer for society of HRM Rohini Kelkar .M.M. MBA. Placements Mumbai) Souvik Roy . DBM. (Dean. IES (Retd) Madhusudan Sohani .Singh .Sc.MMM.B.MFC. PGDM (Advt.BCOM.Majumdar . DORM. MBA. DSS.BBA. Sociology.BA. DMS Anupama Nerurkar B.M Com (Marketing) M. PHD C.B.B. Ganapathi . BSc. Chetna Vasisth . V Chandrashekhar .Phil Sangeeta Pandit . CA SD Vora . AFIIPM (Dean Administration.A. PGDPE Subho Shekhar Bhattacharya .PHD.Sc -Chemistry Meghna Thakur .K.Com. PGDPE.BE-(Mechanical). Hon.C.K.PHD (English Literature) Nikhil Rao .D.PGD (PR).M.Com. Public Administration) Master Industrial Relation & Personnel Mgmt.Phil Shouvick Dutta .M.DHMCTA.B.BE (Chemical).Sc.MSC.Com. CAIIB.B Com.MA (Economics). M. MBA Prabuddh Banerjee M.MBA. MBA.Com.B COM.A. Centre for Planning & Entrepreneurship.M-COM PGDM Business Management. ACS Anita Mandrekar .Com.M. Math. Master (Philosophy. DHRM. Mumbai) Souvik Banerjee . Shri Sanjay Nirupam at an IIPM . (Economics).MBA Nandita Roy . MBA Chitra Munshi .B.4Ps event in Mumbai 8 1 | I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T . MAM Rajesh Arora .V. PGDM. Academics.B. B. Administration All India) Smita Vijay Kumar . Diploma Management Accounts. Dean.Com.B. MMS.B.B. PGPM L. Mumbai) Mohina Kulkarni . LLB PGDM M. Research Social Sciences) Payal Ashar . MA.Com Hon (Accounts).PGDPM. PGDPE (Dean. PGDPE Anup Munshi . BBM.MA (Economics) S Sengupta .Sc. DMS.Master Clinical Psychology.T Melissa Pinto . DBM Venkat Krishna Iyer . AFIIPM.Com. (Asst. AFIIPM (Dean. GRAD. MMM.Phil (Psychology) David Selvanathan .M. PGDM M. MMM. MBA Hansel Dsouza . Masters Finance and Management K. PGDM (Journ. Centre for Mentorship. Mumbai) Girish Hisaria . DCM.BSC.B.BSC.Com.

The computer drome. Infrastructure: IIPM International in Ahmedabad operates out of its 5 floor IIPM Tower – a landmark structure by all definitions. I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T | 8 2 . conference room with latest presentation gizmos. IIPM believes that an energized body can recharge the mind to think beyond the obvious. Being a part of the IIPM family of institutions. The distinct blue glass IIPM Tower is visible from quite a distance. the students can either gather around a game of checkers or chess or unwind themselves over a game of pool or table-tennis. The institute is located in the heart of the city. well stocked library with over 10.000 management titles are amongst other facilities available.IIPM AHMEDABAD IIPM International’s centre in Ahmedabad is one of the youngest centres amongst all the IIPMs. It has also shown a new dream to the students – a dream to think big. The institute draws its strength from its focused approach in various economic subjects as a core curriculum in management. off C G Road. It was set up in the year 2004 by Planman. The basement of the IIPM Tower has the cafeteria and the recreation zone for the students.000 sq. The classes and other academic centres are spread across in the top four floors of the building while the administrative block is in the ground floor. comparable to any of the IIPM Towers around the country. This has simultaneously made students join the institute as they have also realised the fact that they need to develop employable skills to get ahead in their careers. Hence. it has enough arrangements to boost the spirits of the students through its recreation centre in the basement. IIPM International in Dean : Prof. which is ignored by many of the management institutes today. The entire tower is Wi-Fi enabled. which have earned nationwide reputation for academic excellence. Dipankar Sarkar Ahmedabad strives hard to maintain international standards in all of its academic endeavors. There are some more indoor games available at the centre for student recreation. making internet access easy for the students from any corner of the campus. ft. Sipping through hot chocolate milk from the cafeteria. which provides around 20. of built up infrastructure. IIPM in Ahmedabad is highly credited by the academic fraternity for its strong corporate outlook and starkly different academic curriculum. which is easily accessible by one and all.

B. Faculty list A.Singh .B.Thaker .B. PGDPE Sudhir Yadav . French.B.B.PhD in Mgmt.Com.PGDM.E (Civil).B.B. PGDPM. LLB. General course in Intellectual Property Right of WIPO . (Elect) IIT Roorke.Sc Sanjay Chakraborty .B.Phil statistics.Pharm.A Economics Vasudha Tummala .University).M. PGDPE Tejpal Sheth .LLM.com Himanshu Vaidya .COM. And IIPM International.Diploma in Personal Secretaryship Nasheman Bandookwala MA.M.M. Shah . PGDPE Arvind Rajshekar . PGDPE Kaustubh Mishra .BE Mechanical. PGDPE Paresh P.Com Pabitra Ranjan Chakravorty .Ph.B. MBA Finance Arun Verghese .BA (English Literature) and Post Graduate Diploma In Management Consultancy Asit Acharya . M.B. M. Ahmedabad.SC (Agriculture). C. B.Bhatt .Raju .Ph.E (M.E.COM Catherene Christian .sc Statistics Mini Mathur .Administration. Pharma.A English.Phd.Com.B.Phd.I. B.A.D. Ahmedabad) Tarak Shah . MBA Marketing Anjali Gokhru . MBA Naishadh Prahaladrai Mankad M.MBA Manishkumar .COM.Tech (mech).M.Economics.B..BSc 8 3 | I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T . R.Sc(Business Administration). Narielwala .B.COM. MBA(Marketing).B. LLB Sudipto Chatterjee .MBA(Finance). MBA Marketing Kaushik Das . B..B. MBA Robin Thomas ..E. LLM(Criminology). Tech from CEPT.Doctoral (Agricultural Economics) Usha Venkatesan . Snehal B Desai .MBA. Ahmedabad.B.Com B.B.E Mechanical Bharati Bindrani .B. takes this attitude to a benchmark high by choosing world class teachers for their students.B.PGDPE Sandeep Mishra .B.COM. Economics.D. PGDPE (Dean .Academics. MBA FINANCE BE.SC (IT). LLB Pramod Yadav .J. Ahmedabad) Diti Vyas .I.N. B.Fellow programme in Management in Public Systems .Switzerland Uma Kant Srivastava .Sc Stats Mayank Joshipura .Faculty: Faculty forms the core of any institute’s growth. MBA (Finance) Soumya Deb Hazra .B.E (Electronics and Communication).S.A. PhD (Finance) Pradip Desai . Economics).A.B. PGDPE Dipankar Sarkar .Phd. PGDPE M. Civil Engg Rakesh Bhavsar .E (Mechanical).M. Ahmedabad.IIM Ahmedabad. PGDMM. Great teachers can lead their students to achieving greater goals.M.MPhil (Eng Literature) Gaurang Gandhi . IIFT.Economics Neha Patel . IIM Lucknow.ACS. DoT. Diploma in Taxation and LAW Minal Joshi . Post . (Dean .LLB.MBA.LLB (Taxation). Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers(CAIIB) Nandini . DBM. PGDRM-IRMA Amit Saraswat .MCA. Mathematics Vibhuti Bankim Bhatt . IIFT.Sc Biology Leena Dey . PG Diploma in Export Marketing Mgmt.M. LLB.

making it convenient for students and faculties. an extensive library. case studies. These include the Jyoti Nivas College. It houses 10 air conditioned class rooms. While the visiting faculties bring along with them the knowledge base that is required to create intellectually stimulated global leaders. R Jayachandran Dean (Academics) Prof. the centre has grown from strength to strength and has received rave reviews from both student and corporate communities as a centre of excellence for management research and entrepreneurial studies. The library also stocks a range of international business and management journals. The fourth floor houses a games room which is equipped with facilities for Table Tennis and Carrom among other indoor games. Faculty: Faculty at IIPM International Bangalore comprises visiting lecturers with an experience of 10 or more years in academic or professional domain. Christ College and St. Infrastructure: The IIPM Tower in Koramangala is a five storey glass building. It is frequented by the students during class breaks or after classes. best of facilities and world class intellects form the pillars of the rapid success of IIPM Bangalore. economic & business reports. with 3-5 years of post-MBA experience. along with home-grown internal faculties. two computer labs. John’s Medical College. outside Delhi and Mumbai. The huge basement of the building has enough space to park around 200 two-wheelers. corporate and business databases. IIPM International in Bangalore provides an ideal study environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities. IIPM’s business journals.Dean (Administration) Prof. training manuals. the internal faculties help in grooming the overall personality of the student making them presentable in front of a global audience. etc. in the heart of the city’s commercial district – Koramangala – makes it accessible to one and all. The distinct blue structure helps one identify the campus from a distance and makes it stand out from other buildings. It is just a 30 minutes drive from the city centre and 25 minutes from the airport. Vikram Tanwar IIPM BANGALORE IIPM Bangalore was started in 2003 by Planman. meeting rooms. It has some leading colleges located in its vicinity within a radius of 1 kilometer. The infrastructure is also fully designed to meet the basic recreation needs of the students. restaurants and an auditorium which can seat up to 300 people. This was the institute’s first centre in the Southern part of the country. Within a short span of time.000 sq ft. The huge infrastructure. I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T | 8 4 . The strategic location of the IIPM Tower. which offers a built up space of around 40.

PHD.PhD Venu Gopal Sharma . PhD S Bhattacharya .PGDPE.MBAAnil N .PGDPE Ramakrishna Srinivasan . New Delhi) Rahul Sharma .PGDBM (IIMB) Rashmi Gambhir .MA.MBA Pavan Soni .MBA (HR).MBA Tareque Laskar .MBA Sonali M .MA (Economics) Shubha Ganesh .PGDPE.PGDPE. Lit.BA (Eng.B Tech J Paul Watson .MA Divya Kshatriya .). MBA Ranjana Madan .Com Stanley Simon .BE(hons).Pg Diploma In Cyber Laws Ramaswamy Narayanswamy . Bcom Pansy Parmar .PG in Statistics J P Tiwari .Faculty list Aanchal Dua .MBA H V Dinesh . AMP(harv).B Tech IIT Roorkee Prosenjit Ganguly . PGDHRM B K Kumar .PGDPM (Dean Academics.PHD.MBA(IMT) Ratneshwar Bannerjee .CA.PGDPM Anju Jain . PhD K Ashok Anand .LLM Andy V .M.IIT R Jayachandran .A.PhD M D Rao .MA Jaisree Desai .B Tech (Production) . IIM-A and B Tech.M Com K Gururaj .S (Manufacturing) – BITS Pilani R Srinivasan .MBA.MA.MBA (IIM A) Bhairav Shanth .MCom Vikram Tanwar . M.MA V Prakash .PGDPE. C Eng.PGDPM. BE Jagadish Rajan . PG Diploma in Equity Research (ICFAI) Sona Bannerjee . Pg Diploma In Media Laws . BA Ritu Talwar . BSc V Krishnan . B Sc Mathematics Sarabjeet K .M Com (PhD) Joy Chakrabarti . Bangalore) 8 5 | I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T .MCA (IMT Ghaziabad) Ninfa Chacko .PGDPE. IIM-A Sunil Pevekar . BSc Pankaj Choudhary .M. MSc (Dean Administration.MA B Ed Ranjith Thomas . BE D R Rao .MsC Statistics.M Phil (DU) M Com Amrita Saxena .PGDBM (IIMC) L P Rajan .PGDPE. BE Mukund Srinivas .BA French). Bangalore) R Sathish .PGDPE.MBA (Symbiosis) Prachi Seth .PGDPE Rajarshi Chakraboty .PGDM (IIFT.M Com Kislay Kanth .).M Com.PGDM XLRI (Jamshedpur) Pushpa K . BSc Sudhir SK Jaiswall . FICA Kesava Rao .LLB (Hons.MBA B Sc LLB CS Kiran Bindu .MBA (IIM-A) Surabhi Jain .PGDPE. IITChennai Madumita Chatterjee . PG in Mass Communication and Journalism Vijay Ranga .MBA R Dorai .Ma (Eco) Madhwaraj R .MBA. PG(French) Saisree M . PHD M M Gupta . LLB Mohd Zakriya .M A (Economics) S Duggal .

The library at IIPM International in Pune stocks over 10.000 square feet of prime area and covering three floors. When students get stressed out after classes and series of presentations. exceptional courseware and effective industry orientation to its students. The building also has a computer drome and a roof-top cafeteria. Since its inception. various magazines and journals covering various fields of management. they move into the specially designed recreation zone of the institute. which helps them freshen up and get rejuvenated. it has carved a niche for itself as a centre of excellence for research and advanced studies in management. It is surrounded by other institutes of academic excellence like the Ferguson College. The library is accessible from 9 am in the morning till 9 pm at night and is open on all 7 days.Dean (Administration) Prof. The recreation centre has facilities for pool. allowing the students to come back for reference work even on a Sunday. Symbiosis Institute and others. Infrastructure: The IIPM Tower in Pune stands tall and proud in the heart of the city. It is steadily moving towards benchmarking itself as the best management institute in Pune. table tennis and other indoor games. Jayanta Chakraborty IIPM PUNE IIPM Pune centre was started by Planman in 2003. The campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled and the classrooms have extensive arrangements for digital projector (LCD projectors) and over-head projectors. carrom. Satyabrata Dutta Gupta Dean (Academics) Prof. industrial engineering and entrepreneurship. IIPM International Pune provides an adequately large infrastructure. It has already set a trend amongst all the management institutes in terms of its quality courseware and internationalized faculty interface. the IIPM Tower has all that is required at a modern educational institute. Spread over 12. national economic planning and entrepreneurial studies. It hosts various seminars and workshops for students and corporations round the year. I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T | 8 6 .000 management titles.

MCS. Pushkar Phadkare .M.Pune University Jayanta Chakraborti . Deepak Tilak . MBA .com l. P.F.B. M.B.L.com.B.A.S.com.M.COM.L. Dilip Purandare .K.G.M. MMS(Fin).E. Chadha . The selection process of the faculty members is very in-depth and goal-specific and standard-oriented.A.A. Ghosh-B.M.R . (Mktg.) PGDPE D. & Phd.B.B.IIPM Pune Lt. LL.COM (HONS.Manpower Planning Gaurav Gupta .B. C.Sc (Statistics) from Pune University Dean (Placements) Prof.E. A.A. LLB Sandeep Sinha . PGDPE Ashish Tavarkar .A.A. PHD.Dipoma Psychological Counseling Sanostree Rath . Kalidas . MBA Prof.M.B. .B.MBA.BA. Tirthkar . Vivek Vaman Divekar .MBBS.A.B.l.Personnel Management Manoj Rawal .BSc. (English) -Calcutta University Simantee Sen . Diploma in Labour Laws. Dhanorkar .Com. Bachelor of Journalism Vaishali Apte . Kulbir Chauhan 8 7 | I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T .E. Ashish Suri .B.).A.com. Shree Lahiri .V. Limaye D’ Souza . P.M.B.phil.B.B.B.com.). M. C.B.S.Com LLB. Phadke .BA(H o ns) En g lis h .D.G.P.T.I. Nathan .C.Faculty IIPM International in Pune delivers the courseware to the students through a unique blend of internal and external faculties.L. (Mkting) & LLB. (French) . Pune) Shirish Bagewadi .B.B. MMS(Marktg).E. Diploma in Export Management S. PGDM (Dean Academics. M.BCS. PGDPE . (Eco.H.COM. English (Hons) MBA .Com. Diploma in Advertising Mgt.E. This combination helps to effectively shape the students into completely new individuals.I. Hiren MalaniB.C. Bhagalkot .B.com. Economics Satyabrata Dutta Gupta . Mech. & LLM.b. MBA Avinash Vagha . Ramakrishna Rao .com.COM(HONS.B.M.C. MBA HR Balasubramaniam . & C.A ( I.Deshpande . Comp. A.R. Faculty list: A.G.B V.B. . Y. Raman . R a d h i N a ir . MA(Hons) Rajesh Zapke . C. M.B. U.I.). Sunil Kumar .B.. M. PGDI Pramod Jain .BSc. (PM&IR) LLB.A.PGDCA.A. M.E. ... Rajiv Sathe .).M.V. Pune) K. PGDBM Sujoy Madhok .A.(Mech. Com.A.HR Bindiya Chodankar . Diploma in Social Work.BE (Mech).B.B.E(Mech). & Fin.I.B.B.B.A. C. M.com.com..(Economics)..W.com. (French) .A.(Physics) MBA. ( Hons.V. Mysore ..SC.) PGDM (Dean Administration.A.B. Rajgopal .PGDBM-IIM(A) P.A.M.COM(Hons.A. Jayachandran Gadgil .S.) Suresh Krishna Vaze .B.k. R.). CFA.B. Dimakh Sahasbudhe .A. PGDM (Dean Placements.B. M. N. Col. PGDM .M. M. M. A. C.I. Kulbir Singh Chauhan . Athalye-B.M.com.B.S.(Econimics) Doctorate .B R.A. (Mech) MMS (Operations) & (Finance) S. PNN Iyer .A.S.B.M.B.Fergusson.B.Sc. Pune) L.I..COM.B.

ft of total built up space for academic and research purposes. The IIPM International library is a treasure trove of management titles from all over the world. with acute detailing in its infrastructure. in the vicinity of leading corporate establishments on Marshall Road. curriculum. The library currently stocks up to 15. a 120-seater auditorium and a 50-seater computer lab. The campus has facilities for indoor games like table tennis. magazines and case-studies from the world over. Amlan Ray Dean (Academics) Prof. which forms a part of the main academic block. faculty.000 sq. IIPM Chennai’s location in the heart of the city in Egmore not only makes it conducive for academic pursuit but also takes the institute closer to the corporate and student community. It is located in the central business district of the city. offering sumptuous South Indian and North Indian recipes. The roof top cafeteria is a major draw amongst the students. I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T | 8 8 . student relations.000 leading titles covering various fields of management. chess. evaluation process and co-curricular activities. offering over 20. carrom amongst others. Infrastructure: The IIPM Tower is a four storey Wi-Fi enabled building. The campus is within 3 kilometers from Chennai Central Railway Station and about 3 kilometers away from the famous Marina Beach. R Krishnan IIPM CHENNAI IIPM’s Chennai campus was started in the year 2003 by Planman.Dean (Administration) Prof. The IIPM tower has 10 Wi-Fi enabled classrooms. The Chennai centre reflects the essence of IIPM standardization. There is also a sizeable collection of journals. which is maintained in all the IIPM International centres across the country.

MBA.I.MBA (HR) Satish Rajamani . LLB J Syed Ahmed .B.Bachelor in Computer Science & Engineering Debojit Choudhary .MA Economics.Com. Srinivasan . MBA R Krishnan .F.Phil in Psychology P. M.B.BBA. Ph.I. Faculty list Abesh Guha .Phd N. PG Diploma in Operations Research Sundaramurthy Reddy .MBA. S.B.B.Sudhir Kumar . Srinivasan .. MBA S. Chennai) Gowri Kailasam . BT. DIIT. Fellow of Insurance Institute Of India T. Ravi Lochanan . Ph. Life Sciences. Engg. MBA (gold Medalist DU-FMS) Sriram. Devi . (Chemical Engg..BE.A Ravi Nagarajan . D.Phil. M.A. B.) Hema Raman . MBA.Devi Swapna . MBA.B. J. Dip In ISTD Mohanchandralal T S .d R.E – Mech. MBA (HR) Amita Nair .A.B. Masters In Fin & Eco. Vijay Kumar Jayaram . R.B Tech.M-Phil.BE.MBA.B. + M.Com.S. Masters in Marketing Management R. PGDPMIR. M. MCom.A.Krishnan . Mathematics. Chennai) Bhaskar Reddy .Thyagarajan . Bhanu .T.MBA.T. Easwaran .Srinivasava Ayyar . Srinivasan .B SC Comp Science.Phil.E. Sc. M. (Mech).B. Nalini Ravindran . (Mfg. E. MBA S.A.E. MA.C.Sc.B.Com.M .. Chemistry. MBA V. M.B.Kasthuri Rangan . MBA Finance. B..MSc.B.M. MBA (HR) S.. MSW Amlan Ray . MBA S. Alagesan .D.. Tech.Com.B. MBA K. MBA (Dean Administration.Phil V. Agriculture.M.D. ML.MBA (HR).Sivaram Kumar .S. MBA U. PGDFM R. M. IRTS.B..Com.MA.Sc. F. MBA (Dean Academics.. MBA K.. NCFM Prof. PGDM. MBA Chandrasekar Pandyan . Dip in T & D (currently pursuing ) Madhava Priyan .English.B. V.. DISI. MBA Louisette Singarayar . The faculty of the Institute possesses expertise in teaching. Satheesh Krishnamurthy M. Chennai) R.Kumar . research. M. .B.S.BSW.S. Ravikumar .M.PG In Russian Language.MA.Sc. M.Phil (French) M..Sc.Faculty The Institute has a balanced strength of faculty resources that include people with rich and varied experience in academics and industry.E.M. Tech. U. Suvira Das .A. Priyanka Mohta .BE.Grad.Bsc Economics (Hons).MPhil Mathematics. MBA (Dean Placements.A.E.Eng.) Shanthi Srikant .B. BSC Rajagopal Sudharshana Chari B.D 8 9 | I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T . Ph. training and consultancy that signifies learning at the Institute to be a right mix of theory. MBA Susheela Nirmal .Mech.I.krishnamurthy .V. MBA (Finance) Jayanthi Thanigan .B. application and practice that is in tune with the industry needs.Com. M.M A Economics. Cost Accountant.BA.E.

The interest that it has generated among the youths in Hyderabad is well reflected by the large number of students happily and rapidly associating themselves with the IIPM family. I I PM H yd e r a b a d h as witnessed a meteoric ascent in establishing itself amongst the best institutes in Hyderabad. adjacent to Hotel Taj Krishna. It has also made a mark of itself as the number 1 choice amongst students Dean (Administration) and faculties. which a student can access from 8 am till 10 pm. making the institute accessible to the corporate houses as well. ft of parking space is also available in the campus. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled with the classrooms. for its course Prof.000 square feet of area for academic purposes. The signature IIPM Tower at Hyderabad is located in one of the most prime localities in the city on the Banjara Hills. The institute has always stood for excellence in its courseware. the campus is in the proximity of the central business district. The campus houses a well equipped computer laboratory with 50 workstations. Moreover. library and the canteen being online at all times. Hyderabad building is an exquisite example of architectural beauty and all of its infrastructural facilities are better than the common industry standards. covering a total of about 25. The campus. Its students have made the institute proud by making their presence felt in every competitive forum in South India. provides a conducive environment for education and higher research studies.000 sq. IIPM Hyderabad has always stood for its leadership qualities – as an institute. Since its inception. The IIPM Tower rises up to 5 floors. Infrastructure: The IIPM International. An additional 13. Amit Baruah IIPM HYDERABAD in entrepreneurship and applied economics. leading the way in taking various academic initiatives.IIPM H yderab ad was started by Planman in 2004. There are 12 huge classrooms spread over the multi-floor campus I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T | 9 0 . its faculty and student development initiatives and its industry orientation. empowering students with easy access to the internet from any place at any time. nestled amongst some of the most premium addresses in the city.

.W.I. The IIPM library is well stocked with the latest titles in management and economics from the world over. billiards. checkers. Hyderabad) Tarang Vaish .C. Ra .LLM Sandeep Nath . M.E. Hyderabad) P.D G.Mukherjee .Surya Prakash Rao .Ph.M.MBA (Dean Academics. Pushpavathi . Saumya Baruah .M.Ramakrishna .A.MBA. M.P. Ramakrishna .Subramanian .000 titles on display.M.B.) G. Narasimhacharyulu . Y.M. AICWA. Suryanarayana .Ph. Hyderabad) Archana Gandhi .D A.G(Statistics)Ph. Satyanarayana . While the visiting faculties enlighten the students through various real life case presentations.A.MBA (HR & Marketing) Shyam S. M. It also stocks almost all the reputed business journals and magazines.A Nischal Mahajan . Tech Pramod Mantravadi .M.Sc.MBA G.MBA (Dean Placements.B. This helps in maintaining the superior and world-class academic curriculum at the institute. Haragopal . M. Hanumantha Raju .V.F. Jayanthy .Ph.Com.R. K.Narasimham . LLB D.Ph. Ph.K. It remains open round the clock for over 14 hours daily.A (Hons) Eco Umakanta Panda . G.Tech (IIT-M) S. M.MBA (HR & Marketing) M.M.PGDBM(XLRI) Sapna Singh .M. The institute commits to get the best faculties to teach its students and hence.(Statistics) N. Shastry .Mitra .MBA Ravinder Tiwari . The games room has facilities for table tennis.K.PGDCA Murali Krishna . K. the internal faculties dedicate a considerable amount of time to them to groom them to become complete individuals in the future. BL K.(Econ. spends a considerable amount of time to identify and select the right faculty for its students.A.Phil 9 1 | I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T .MBA.(IRPM).MBA (HR & Marketing) Eshwar Prasad . Faculty List A.Com.with one spacious seminar hall and a lavish auditorium (200-seater) with the best audio-video support systems.MBA. Rao .D.MBA Ravi Kumar .PGDBM (IIM-C) R. Raj B.B.PGDIB S.V. Bhavanarayana .Sc. There are over 10. Pujala . Rao .CS M.M.MBA KVSSN Murthy . Majumder .D.FCS D. carrom.Nandakumar .D.D. Tech G. M. LLB A. MCA B.Sc.M.MCA V.MBA (Dean Administration.V.MBA (Finance & Marketing) Aroop Mukherjee . Faculty: IIPM International in Hyderabad has some of the best available faculty members in the city teaching at the campus.FCS.LLB.LLB. N. chess. ludo and many other indoor games. Tech Amit Baruah .Sc A.S.MBA. Agarwal . Sreekant . ACA.PGDBM(XLRI) Ranjita Gupta .M. Rama Krishna .V.

Thus. it is within this context that it becomes an economic and managerial imperative for IIPM to place its newest campus in this ‘Millenium City’. the campus is in the institutional area in Gurgaon.000 sq. Dean : Prof. dining halls. and World-Class business libraries. outsourcing and offshoring hub in South Asia. FACILITIES IIPM Gurgaon consists of two towers (Tower-I and Tower-II) spread over 75. Sandeep Ghosh I N T E R N AT I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F P L A N N I N G A N D M A N A G E M E N T | 9 2 . ft. The campus is well laid out with aesthetically designed landscapes and provides a highly conducive environment for academic pursuits. a state-of-the-art computer lab. faculty and administrative departments. Both towers feature air-conditioned lecture halls. Gurgaon now is presently an emerging and prominent industrial. Being in the close proximity of Delhi. Located strategically.IIPM GURGAON Not long ago simply a sleepy suburb of Delhi. the Gurgaon Branch shares the same faculty and placement facilities as those of IIPM Delhi.

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