.BAND DESCRIPTIONS y EXCELLENT ( 9-10 MARKS ) Excellent and confident use of language. Ideas are well-planned. relevant and linked. Confident to use new words to express ideas. Ideas convey clearly through a variety sentence structure. Overall accurate use of spelling and punctuation.

Attempts made to construct variety types of sentence structures but occasional errors occur. . Most of the ideas are well organized and conveyed clearly. Overall meaning is still clear.y CREDIT ( 5-8 MARKS ) Confident use of language throughout. Most ideas are well planned but links may be absent or inappropriate.

. A few punctuation and spelling errors. confident use of the language.y ACHIEVEMENT ( 3-4 MARKS ) Generally. Satisfactory presentation of ideas. Simple sentences with minor errors but meaning is still clear.

Multiple errors found in sentences. There is no answer given. Limited and incorrect use of vocabulary. . Many spelling and punctuation errors.y LOW ACHIEVEMENT ( O-2 MARKS ) Poor use of language. Ideas are incomprehensible even after a few readings.

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