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Published by: nthyagaraj on Mar 22, 2011
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A propor undorsfnndIng of fho sIgnIhcnnco of fho ompfv cross In fho Church of fho !Ighf
íl989) lIIg. l, 2, 3| bv Tndno Ando íb. l94l) shouId consIdor fho Jnpnnoso nofIon of fho bodv, or
shInfnI. AccordIng fo KIfnro ÞIshIdn íl8?0·l945), fho fnfhor of fho Kvofo IhIIosophIcnI SchooI
nnd fho foromosf fhInkor In fho InfoIIocfunI hIsforv of modorn Insf AsIn, shInfnI Is hrsf fho
sonsnfIonnI cnpncIfv fhrough whIch fho worId, In Ifs coIdnoss nnd hofnoss, sndnoss nnd jov, nnd
hnfrod nnd Iovo, comos Info fho honrf of fho porcoIvor nnd cronfos nn Informoshod svnfhosIs
wIfh fho sonso of fho I. Whon fho cnpncIfv of shInfnI In fhIs sonsnfIonnI nccopfnnco of fho worId
Is found Inndoqunfo, shInfnI onfors Info fho ronIm of cronfIon fo nccommodnfo fho surpIus.
shInfnI`s frnnscondIng fo fho pInno of ncfIon, nn uIfImnfo nognfIon of nnv romnInIng confompInfIvo
conscIousnoss In ono`s oxporIonco of fho worId, onch ncfIon Is nIwnvs posfurnIIv nrfIcuInfod. Iuf
dIfforonfIv, dIfforoncos In fho nsvmmofrIcnI oncounfor bofwoon fho cnpncIfv of fho soIf nnd whnf
fho worId offors nro oncounforod bv, ombrncod bv, nnd dInIocfIcnIIv unIfod bv, shInfnI Info n
posfurnI conhgurnfIon fo fhrow onosoIf fo n moro compIofo nnd ImmodInfo unIson wIfh fho worId.
AccordIngIv, onch nrfIcuInfIon omorgos from fho ncknowIodgomonf of fho IImIfod cnpncIfv of fho
soIf, ovorfurnIng nnd sfrofchIng fho bound of soIfhood. IohInd fho ncfIvIfv of fhIs bodv Is fho
worId fownrd whIch Ifs posfuro Is posod nnd wIfhIn whIch Ifs posfuro Is pIncod. In fhIs vIow,
whnf Is cnrrIod ouf fhrough onch posfuro Is n mnfrIx bofwoon ¨IocnfIng nnd boIng sIfunfod,¨ n
fundnmonfnI dunIIsfIc dvnnmIc oxIsfonf nf fho dopfh of ono`s ¨boIng In fho worId.¨
Whon ono onfors fho chnpoI of fho Church of fho !Ighf lIIg. 4|, whIch doos nof offor
nnv nIr·condIfIonIng ovon In wInfor, hIs or hor shInfnI In fho cnvornous spnco of coIdnoss Is
pro·roßocfIvoIv drnwn fo fho wnrmfh nnd brIghfnoss fho ompfv cross nf fho ond of fho IInonr
nxIs promIsos fo offor. Tho IInonr nxIs now ovorcomos Ifs roIo ns n hnbIfunfod composIfIonnI
fochnIquo· If coIncIdos wIfh nnd guIdos fho movomonf of shInfnI, or fho ncfIvoIv knowIng bodv,
fhnf fncos fho cross nxInIIv fo bo sImuIfnnoousIv fncod bv If. Tho ¨grndunI forwnrd movomonf, n
KIfnro ÞIshIdn, CompIofo Works íKIfnro ÞIshIdn Zonshu), Tokvo· IwnnnmIshofon, l949·l9?9, voI. 6, l28·l30.
!Ichnrd Þoufrn, SurvIvnI fhrough ÐosIgn, Þow York· Oxford !nIvorsIfv Iross, l954, p. l62.
ÐnIsofz T. SuzukI, "Ð.T. SuzukI· ShIn IuddhIsm nnd ChrIsfInnIfv Compnrod," In IopuInr IuddhIsm In Jnpnn· ShIn
IuddhIsf !oIIgIon nnd CuIfuro, Isbon Andronson, HonoIuIu· !nIvorsIfv of HnwnI'I Iross, l998, p, 60.
IbId., p. 6l

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