Premise: “How not to store a bird” Logline: “A snoozing cuckoo clock is disturbed by a twittering noise, a bird flies in through

an open window which the clock locks inside himself. However the bird makes him ill and at midday he ‘cuckoos’ it out” Treatment: The cuckoo clock is young and naïve. Whilst dozing on a warm summer’s day he is awoken by a twittering sound. He looks around to find the source of the noise when a small bird alights on a nearby window sill. Startled and annoyed at being woken up by such a small, unknown creature the clock waits patiently for the bird to come closer. The little bird flies into the room and does an impressive loop in the air before flying past the clock. That is until is hits the outstretched arm of the clock with an impressive thud. The clock’s top section opens up and he puts the clock inside and then snaps shut. The twittering from the bird stops and the clock goes back to sleep. As it nears midday the clock wakes up from his slumber feeling a little unwell. The hands on his clock face show it is only a few minutes till midday. His pupils dilate as nausea takes hold of him and begins shaking. The hands hit midday. A mechanical whirl comes from inside the clock whose pupils contract to tiny specks and a wooden panel shoots out of his mouth with the bird sitting somewhat proudly on it. As the draw stops at its full length the bird flies off at great speed out of the open window. The clock gazes out the window, panting from the sudden involuntary action and then goes back to sleep. A twittering sound appears again, the clocks eyes snap open and narrow as he looks toward the window. Step outline A cuckoo-clock is woken by a bird twittering. The bird lands on a near by window sill and then flies past the clock. The clock snatches the bird out of the air and locks it inside itself. As midday draws close the clock feels unwell and as the hands on the clock hit 12 the clock vomits out the bird which quickly flies back out of the window. The clock goes back to sleep.