Today s business environment demands that managers possess a wide range of Knowledge, skills and competencies as well as sound understanding of management processes and functions. Managers need to be able to make best use of their time and talents, and of other people s, and to work with and through others to achieve corporate objectives. They also need to demonstrate a full understanding of business environment and of their organization s key resources. Its people, finance and information Amongst these key resources, the people factor is considered to be the most valuable asset for any organization. These people i.e the employees of the organization are the internal customers of that organization who are as important as the external customers.

Earlier businesses were conducted with a sole objective of earning profits. But now due to intense competition and changing market trends the focus of the organizations has shifted to customer satisfaction; satisfaction of both internal and external customers. External customers can be satisfied by providing them what they want in a product. To satisfy the internal customers, organizations adopt the method of providing the quality of life


At the outset, I would like to thank WHIRLPOOL INDIA LTD for giving me the approval to this project in the organization. I thank my company guide, Mr. BHRAT for this encouragement and contribution of time, counsel and for coordinating the project work and giving me guidance. This project would not have been possible without his help.

I am thankful to many individuals in the sales department of WHIRLPOOL INDIA LTD for the encouragement and professional assistance.

A heartfelt thanks to the many respondents surveyed whose ideas, critical insights and suggestions have been invaluable in the preparation of this report. Last but by no means the least I would like to convey my special thanks to all the faculty members of LINGAYAS UNIVERSITY for giving me the opportunity to work on this project.


 A customer is the person who bring company his wants. the buyer is likely to be disappointed. If marketers raise expectationstwo high .but the company depends on him.  A customer is the most important person ever in any company.  A customer never depend on company.friend and the associate advice and themarketers and the competitor¶s informationand promises. Even if the company sets expectation should match the performances. . If the performancematches the expectation the customer issatisfied if the performance exceeds theexpectation the customer is highlysatisfied ( or) delighted many companies are aiming forhigh satisfaction because they are much ready to switch.  A customer is not a interruption of marketers work he is the purpose of it.INTRODUCTION Satisfaction is the persons feeling of pleasure(or) disappointment resulting from comparing a product perceived performance (outcome) inrelation to his/her expectation. If the performance fall short of expectation thecustomer is dissatisfied . ] Buyer¶s expectation formed on the basis of past buying experience.


Whirlpool Corporation entered India in the late µ80¶s and today has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of major home appliances in India. A modest beginning was made to establish the Whirlpool brand in India. The refrigerator facility is located at Faridabad and manufactures a complete range of direct cool refrigerators. Whirlpool¶s commitment to the Indian operation has resulted in the setting up of a state-of-theart facility for the manufacture of no frost refrigerators at Ranjangaon near Pune. .000.000 annually. machinery and streamlining the processes the capacity of this plant was increased from 700. In late 1995 majority ownership was gained in the TVS joint venture and the two entities were merged to form Whirlpool of India Limited in 1996. Bauknecht. Maytag Kitchen Aid. Whirlpool has the distinction of having ISO certification for all its facilities in India. Whirlpool of India is today India¶s largest exporter of home appliance and has been approved as an Export House. Estate. In 1995 Whirlpool Corporation acquired Kelvinator of India Limited and entered into the Refrigerator market in India. The company manufactures in 13 countries and markets products in approximately 170 countries under 11 major brand names such as Whirlpool. Products manufactured in the above facilities match Whirlpool¶s global standards and are exported to over 70 countries across the globe.000 to 1. This facility has set the standards as one of the world¶s front runners in environmentally sensitive eco-friendly manufacturing units. The washer facility is located at Pondicherry and manufactures both fully automatic and semi automatic washers. With the infusion of technology. Constant feedback is taken from the consumers resulting in products being continuously upgrade in features and in styling. Whirlpool Corporation entered into a joint venture agreement with TVS group to produce automatic washers at a plant set up in Pondicherry.OVERVIEW OF INDUSTRY Whirlpool Corporation is a global manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances. Roper. Laden and Ignis.

The parent company (Whirlpool Corporation) is headquartered at Benton Harbor. USA with a global presence in over 170 countries and manufacturing operation in 13 countries with 11 major brand names such as Whirlpool. Soon Whirlpool acquired Kelvinator India Limited in 1995 and marked an entry into Indian refrigerator market as well. After acquiring the Maytag Corporation on March 31. Whirlpool Corporation (NYSE: WHR) is a Fortune 500 company and a global manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances. The company boasts of resources and capabilities beyond achievable feat of any other in the industry.000 employees. Whirlpool initiated its international expansion in 1958 by entering Brazil. and more than 70 manufacturing and technology research centers around the world. Whirlpool. Roper. right from its inception in 1911 as first commercial manufacturer of motorized washers to the current market position of being world¶s number one manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances.PROFILE OF COMPANY Whirlpool is a swirling body of water usually produced by ocean tides. Vortex is the proper term for any whirlpool that has a downdraft. Estate. Michigan. more than 73. This encouraging trend brought the company to India in the late 1980s.with annual sales of approximately $18 billion. has always set industry milestones and benchmarks. More powerful ones are more properly termed maelstroms. Bauknecht. KitchenAid. The vast majority of whirlpools are not very powerful. However. . Laden and Ignis. it emerged as truly global leader in the 1980¶s. 2006. It forayed into the market under a joint venture with TVS group and established the first Whirlpool manufacturing facility in Pondicherry. Whirlpool Corporation became the largest home appliance maker in the world.

machinery and streamlining the processes the capacity of this plant was increased from 700. the world¶s best homemaker´ dots its promotional campaigns. The company¶s brand and image speaks of its commitment to the homemaker from every aspect of its functioning. Pondicherry and Pune. Whirlpool is the most recognized brand in home appliances in India and holds a market share of over 25%. With the infusion of technology. This facility has set the standards as one of the world¶s front runners in environmentally sensitive eco-friendly manufacturing units. The refrigerator facility is located at Faridabad and manufactures a complete range of direct cool refrigerators. .The same year also saw acquisition of major share in TVS joint venture and later in 1996. the annual turnover of the company for its Indian enterprise was Rs. Whirlpool¶s commitment to the Indian operation has resulted in the setting up of a state-of-theart facility for the manufacture of no frost refrigerators at Ranjangaon near Pune. Today.000 to 1. microwave ovens and air conditioners. Each of these manufacturing set-ups features an infrastructure that is witness of Whirlpool¶s commitment to consumer interests and advanced technology. Whirlpool India. refrigerator.375 Crores. Kelvinator and TVS acquisitions were merged to create Indian home appliance leader of the future. The company owns three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Faridabad. According to IMRB surveys Whirlpool enjoys the status of the single largest refrigerator and second largest washing machine brand in India. Whirlpool has the distinction of having ISO certification for all its facilities in India. In the year ending in March µ06.000.000 annually. The washer facility is located at Pondicherry and manufactures both fully automatic and semi automatic washers. It has derived its functioning principles out of an undaunted partnership with the homemakers and thus a slogan of ³You and whirlpool.1. This expanded the company¶s portfolio in the Indian subcontinent to washing machines. Constant feedback is taken from the consumers resulting in products being continuously upgrade in features and in styling.

100% Dryers.Products manufactured in the above facilities match Whirlpool¶s global standards and are exported to over 70 countries across the globe. Netherlands and Belgium . in short the history of the company can be stated as below: 1908: The first Automatic washer was launched to public in late 1908. The already strong manufacturing and technology infrastructure was augmented by the establishment of a Global Consumer Design centre for Asia in New Delhi in 2005 Whirlpool India¶s products range from Refrigerators. 1987: Whirlpool tied-up with Sundaram Clayton Ltd. of India to form Whirlpool Ltd. A step in the direction has resulted in the setting up of Regional Technology Centres at Pune focussing on refrigerators and at Pondicherry for washers. Design Engineering is being developed as a core competency for Whirlpool of India. A design and development centre for Whirlpool¶s global small appliances brand Kitchenaid has also been set up at Pondicherry. 1957: The Company was rechristened as ' The Whirlpool Corporation. 1993: First time Whirlpool became the No. Purafresh RO Range. Air conditioners.' 1958: The Company moved out of country for the first time and invested in Brazilian appliance market through purchase of equity in Multibras S. Ireland. Microwave Ovens. In the second phase of developing this core competency Whirlpool set up a Global Technology Centre at Pune in 2002 to provide design support for the global organisation. Whirlpool of India is today India¶s largest exporter of home appliance and has been approved as an Export House. by 1900 Corporation which in 1911 was renamed to Upton Machine Company. This will provide WOI with a competitive edge in speedy customisation of products suited to consumer needs. Washing Machines.A. to Home UPS Systems.1 stand-alone brand in UK. Thus. Oil Filled Heaters.

2007: Received the 2007 Cause Marketing Golden Halo Award for Business. This was based on 40. and Kelvinator India Ltd. The DC manufacturing facility of Kelvinator India was also acquired. 1996: Whirlpool Washing Machines Ltd. 2006: Whirlpool Corporation acquires Maytag and become the Worlds largest white goods company. 2009: Named one of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens by Chief Responsibility Officer (formerly Business Ethics) magazine in 2009 and from 2000-2007 2009: Hewitt Best Employers in India 2009 Study . America's highest honor for companies and organizations that give back to the community through creative and effective cause marketing campaigns 2008: Named one of the 2008 World s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere magazine 2008: Whirlpool OF India was awarded the NDTV Profit Business & Leadership Award 2008 for The Best Consumer Durables Company 2009: Whirlpool was voted Product of the Year and received the award for the 'Best Innovative Product' in the popular refrigerators category.1995: Whirlpool Corp. merged together to form Whirlpool of India Ltd 1999: Whirlpool of India crossed the milestone of 1 million sales of appliances. acquired majority of stake in the TVS Whirlpool Ltd.000 consumers across 36 towns in India voting Whirlpool Frost Free Refrigerators with 6th sense as the Best Innovation in the Popular Refrigerator Category.

Whirlpool vision Every Home« Everywhere« with Pride. it builds unmatched customer loyalty«one customer at a time. Passionately Creating Loyal Customers for Life Whirlpool mission defines the focus and what it does differently to create value. that excites and rewards global investors with superior returns Whirlpool mission Everyone. Whirlpool values: The company¶s values are constant and define the way that all Whirlpool Corporation employees are expected to behave and conduct business everywhere in the world. From every job. in work and each other Passion. Its a company of people captivated with creating loyal customers... pushing towards to provide innovative solutions to uniquely meet their needs. Passion and Performance This vision statement reinforces that every home is their domain. Respect ² Trust one another as individuals and value the capabilities and contributions of each person. Integrity ² It conducts all aspects of business honorably ± ever mindful of the longtime Whirlpool Corporation belief that there is no right way to do a wrong thing.. Pride. every customer and customer activity is their opportunity.. across every contact... This vision fuels the passion that they have for customers. . for creating unmatched customer loyalty for their brands Performance.

Innovation: Whirlpool Corporation firmly believes innovative thinking comes from everyone. Together. products and services. Focused on embedding innovation as a core competency. This investment includes redesigning business processes. Since then. Innovation attracts consumers to the wide portfolio of brands. Diversity honors differences.5 billion of worldwide revenue from product innovations²well exceeding projected targets for the year²and the robust pipeline of $4. Nearly 10 years ago. it creates value. everywhere. training thousands of employees.5 billion will allow for continued growth over time. Spirit of Winning ² The company promotes a Whirlpool culture that enables individuals and teams to reach and take pride in extraordinary results and further inspire the "Spirit of Winning" in everyone. Whirlpool employees worldwide have participated in and contributed to innovation-related activities resulting in new ideas. Whirlpool Corporation has made a long-standing investment to build this competency. achieving exceptional results. Whirlpool Corporation generated more than $2. while inclusion allows everyone to contribute. . they launched a worldwide effort to instill innovation as a core competency throughout the entire organization. thus delivering real value to consumers in ways never before seen in either the company or the home appliance industry. building an innovation management system and changing the culture of the company. Teamwork ² It recognizes that pride results in working together to unleash everyone¶s potential.Diversity and Inclusion ² It maintains the broad diversity of Whirlpool people and ideas.

This commitment to quality begins in the concept stages and continues throughout the lifetime of the appliance. to $6 billion by 1989. performance and sustainability of their products. evident by milestone returns ± from $1 billion in 1968.Promising entity of the company Whirlpool Corporation is committed in building products that consumers around the world can rely upon to meet their daily needs. there is a constant focus on seeking out new and unique ways to improve the function. At Whirlpool. revenues. The result of these efforts is a sustainable and competitive advantage for the company. Globally. The corporate mission has also remained focused over time. Whirlpool Corporation manufactures products using principles of lean manufacturing and operational excellence to ensure continuous improvement of processes and to produce products that meet the company's high-quality standards. demonstrated by mantras such as ³Unmatched customer loyalty ± the core of our strategy´ and ³Customer passion and lifelong relationships ± the focus of our business.´ . to the $13 billion reported in 2004. The company has steadily expanded its product line. and global footprint for more than five decades. The ring of promise circling the Whirlpool Corporation logo The ring around the whirlpool logo clearly shows how the company encompasses with a promising nature in developing a individual customer loyalty with its services . Building the Corporate Brand The Whirlpool corporate brand has a history dating back to 1911. to $2 billion by 1978.

The partnership has provided more than 65. . Whirlpool has raised over a million dollars to support the fight against breast cancer through the ³Cook for the Cure´ program.S. a safe and diverse employee environment. y Whirlpool is a six-time winner of the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award from the U.The corporate brand has also been built on a long history of design innovation. Over 90 years of history gives Whirlpool an extremely valuable asset: a corporate brand that communicates innovation. and most important. the depth of the company¶s commitment to multiple social efforts is evident by a six-year inclusion of Whirlpool on the ³100 Best Corporate Citizens´ list published by Business Ethics Magazine. demonstrating the company¶s commitment to environmental protection. This program helped Whirlpool leverage its global manufacturing experience to save $175 million in manufacturing costs in its first three years of use. consumer-driven research and development. loyalty. y Whirlpool¶s commitment to innovation was recognized in 2002 with a National Design Award for Corporate Achievement from the Smithsonian Institution. $25 million commitment to Habitat for Humanity International. sponsored by KitchenAid. Injecting these principles into internal and customer-facing business processes enables the company to invoke a consistent set of emotional responses from consumers including trust. uniqueness.000 appliances to Habitat homes built in North America. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy. In fact. and a spirit of social responsibility.500 Whirlpool employees are involved in a five-year. improves quality while lowering costs and shortening cycle times. The company boasts an impressive set of accomplishments that foster these commitments: y The implementation of Operational Excellence. and excellence in design and performance. Whirlpool¶s custom version of the Six Sigma program. In addition. customer-centered manufacturing. y More than 3.

Product Range The product range covers a wide variety of products from Refrigerators to Fabicare. from AirCon to Water Purifiers and also Microwaves to UPS. . Whirlpool mailnly does lot of work contributing in building unmatched levels of loyalty to their brands through lifelong relationships with the customers. Whirlpool is trying to build trustworthiness of the customer and lead the customer life easier.Following is the product range of Whirlpool Of India Limited.  Refrigerators  Washing Machines  Dyers  Microwave  Water Purifiers Strategy execution: The main strategy of the whirlpool is building strong brands which has a loyal consumer base.

The benefits of these actions today through a stronger network. The company is always committed in being an agile. more innovative products that improve consumers' lives²in and around the home²each and every day. fueled with innovation. They are creating better. Now and then. With their compelling and growing brands. global consumer products company that creates value through their brands and innovations. increased efficiencies and timely deliveries. Whirlpool always had a continous effort to improve its global operating platform to ensure the position of the best-cost and best-quality appliance manufacturer worldwide.Whirlpool is committed to create the brand value using various strategies such as focusing on innovation. the company always attracts and retain loyal customers for life. Its major focus is always on maximizing the benefits of their worldwide network of resources. even in the future the whirlpool focus is not simply on producing products but more on the innovation and customer perception in creating them. The company is maintaining a strong supply chain to better deliver products in trading customers and consumers. . cost productivity. which is unmatched in the industry. product quality and consumer value.

Gladiator Canada Inglis. Schorndorf Italy Naples. PRC Manufacturing Locations: India Faridabad. KitchenAid Mexico Whirlpool.000 employees Whirlpool. 3 position in Western and Central Europe _ $2. Benton Harbor. Clyde. Pune. IN. Polar. Siena. Marion. OH. Whirlpool. Oxford. MI. 1 position in the industry -$7. KIC in South Africa ASIA Leader among Western companies. Findlay. Italy Manufacturing Locations: France Amiens Germany Neunkirchen.000 employees United States KitchenAid. Evansville. AR. Tulsa.No. OH. Pondicherry China Shanghai.000 employees Whirlpool . Shunde Whirlpool EUROPE . Acros.9 billion of sales -$810 million of operating profit -Approximately 31. OH. Cassinetta. Supermatic. Trento Poland Wroclaw Slovakia Poprad South Africa Isithebe Sweden Norrköping Headquarters: Hong Kong. Estate. MI Manufacturing Locations: United States Laverne. Greenville. Bauknecht. Crolls KEY STATS BRANDS LOCATIONS Headquarters: Benton Harbor. QC Mexico Monterrey Operations Center: Comerio. Ignis. Laden in France. OK.7 billion in 2003 sales _ $124 million in 2003 operating profit _ Approximately 14. MS Canada Montmagny.Whirlpool. Roper by Whirlpool Corporation.GLOBAL SCENARIO OF WHIRLPOOL COUNTRY NORTH AMERICA -No. OH. Fort Smith. with No. TN. 1 market position in India _ $416 million in 2003 sales _ $7 million in 2003 operating profit _ Approximately 5.


 The objectives of study is to gain knowledge about the marketing mix offered by the company  The study focus Whirlpool and it¶s competitors  The study reflects the various marketing strategies adopted by Whirlpool.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY  To assess the customer satisfaction level  Proper understanding and analysis of the WHIRLPOOL INDIA LTD. opportunities and threat of WHIRLPOOL INDIA LTD.  To study the brand image of WHIRLPOOL INDIA LTD. 2. .  To know strength. weakness.1 Significance of study y y This study has an overview of Whirlpool Company or organization.  To suggest the ways to promote WHIRLPOOL INDIA LTD.  Proper understanding of promotional tools prevailing in the company. This study gain knowledge about the company.

Hypothesis provides a guide for researching which are limited to the area of research and to keep him on the right track.: reviewing concepts & theories and reviewing previous research findings. 2) EXTENSIVE LITERATURE SURVEY: Once the problem is formulated a brief summary of it shift¶s the return down.y y y This study focuses on over all industry. 3) FORMULATE HYPOTHESIS: Hypothesis is tentive assumptions made in order to draw out a test it¶s logical or empirical consequences. It is compulsory for a research worker for writing a thesis for a PhD degree to write a synopsis {brief summary} of a topic and submit it to the necessity committee at this research board for approval at this researcher should undertake the extensive literature survey. METHODOLOGY RESEARCH PROCESS: 1) DEFINE RESEARCH PROBLEM: The formulation of a general topic into specific research problem constitutes the 1st step in research process. Essentially two steps are involved in formulating the Research problem that is understands the problem theoretically and rephrasing the same into meaningful terms from an analytical point of view. This study focuses on Whirlpool and its competitors. This study gives information about the competitors in the industry. 4) DESIGN RESERCH: .e. i. Hypothesis should be very specific & limited for a peace of research in hand because it has to be tested.

The researcher should select one of these methods of collecting data taking into considerations the nature of the investigation. Research design involves the following consideration:a) Means of obtaining the information. objectives and scope of research. tabulation and there drawing statistical inferences. Data can be collected through primary resources & secondary sources Primary sources include data collection through surveys. application of these facilities to draw a data. time. 5) COLLECTING DATA: There are certain ways of collecting the appropriate data which differ considerately in context of money. journals. magazines. to coding. interview and observation. 6) ANALYSIS OF DATA: The analysis of data requires a member of closely related operation such as establishment of faculties. e) The cost factor relating to research. d) Time availability for research. 7) INTERPRETATION & REPORT¶S: . & other resource at the disposal of the researcher. The unwieldy data is classified data into sum purposely and usable categories. Questionnaire. In form of primary data I have used questionnaire and in form of secondary data I have taken data from multiple sources. Secondary data can be collected through book. c) Explanation of the way in which selected means of obtaining information will be organized. business reports or internet. cost.Research design is a conceptual structure with in which research would be conducted. b) Availability & skill of the researcher & his staff.

summary of findings. list of tables. The process of interpretation quite often trigger of new practices in which in return may lead to further researcher.e.The process of interpretation explains the finding¶s on the basis of some theories. depending upon the sources used for the collection purposes. The validity and accuracy of final judgment is most crucial and depends heavily upon how well the data is gathered in the first . list of the content. PRELIMARY PAGES MAIN TEXT END MATTERS I) The Preliminary pages:We include topic¶s title¶s. bibliography and index in case of published reports Data can be classified under the two main categories. list of graphs & charts if any given in the report. II) The main text:It includes the interaction. µPrimary data¶ and µSecondary data¶. data. i. III) The end matters:It includes appendices. acknowledgement. main reports and the conclusion..

Thus we can say that the data that is being collected for the first time is called primary data. Primary data: Primary data are those data. the investigator interviews several third persons who are directly or indirectly concerned with the subject matter of the enquiry and who are in possession of the requisite information. instead of presenting himself before the informants.  Indirect personal interview: under this method. which are collected by the investigator himself for the purpose of a specific enquiry or study. The methodology adopted for data gathering also affects the conclusions drawn there form. .  Telephone survey: under this method the investigator. This method is highly suitable where the direct personal investigation is not practicable either because the informants are unwilling or reluctant to supply the information or where the information desired is complex or the study in hand is extensive. Such data are original in character and generated by surveys conducted by individuals or research This method provides greater degree of accuracy. the investigator presents himself personally before the informant and obtains first hand information. contacts them on telephone and collects information them. Methods that can be used for collection of primary data are as follows:  Direct personal observation: under this method. instead of directly approaching the informants.

and requesting the respondents to cooperate by furnishing the correct replies and returning the questionnaire duly filled in. who go to the respondents personally with the questionnaire. adequacy and suitability of the data to he given problem under investigation. then such data is know as secondary data. and record their replies Secondary data: When a person uses data. accuracy. the information is not collected formally by the investigator. the success of this method depends upon the proper drafting of the questionnaire and cooperation of the respondents. They apply their own judgment as to the best method of obtaining information. ask them the questions given therein. instead of sending the questionnaire through post. the investigator prepares a questionnaire containing a number of questions pertaining to the field of enquiry. the aims and objectives of collecting the information. and are appointed for the different parts of the area under the investigation. which has already been collected by someone else. . the investigator appoints agents know as enumerators.  Questionnaire sent through enumerators: under this method. Information received through local agents: under this method. but local agents.  Mailed questionnaire method: under this method. These questionnaires are sent by post to the informants together with a polite covering letter explaining in detail. commonly know as correspondents. Secondary data should be used with extra caution since someone else has collected it for his/her use. Before using such data the investigator must be satisfied with regard to the reliability.

Types of sampling: . these publications of the various organizations are useful sources of secondary data. consumption. Both Primary and Secondary data have been used in the thesis. More of secondary data has been used. labor.  Unpublished sources: the records maintained by private firms or business house who may not like to release their data to any outside agency are know as unpublished sources of collection of secondary data. trade. Both µPrimary data collection methods¶ and µSecondary data collection methods¶ have various advantages as well as limitations.Methods that can be used for collection of secondary data are as follows:  Published sources: there are a number of national organizations and international agencies. Sampling: Sampling refers to the procedure by which some members of a given population are selected as representatives of the entire population. which collect and publish statistical data relating to business. price. etc. Thus it would be prudent to use both these methods to one¶s advantage. production.

Stratified sampling: y y A two step process in which the population is partitioned into subpopulations or strata. The strata should be mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive in that every population element should be assigned to one and only one stratum and no population elements should be omitted. y y Next, elements are selected from each stratum by a random procedure, usually SRS A major objective of stratified sampling is to increase precision without increasing cost.

Cluster sampling: y The target population is first divided into mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive subpopulations or clusters. y Then a random sample of clusters is selected, based on a probability sampling technique such as SRS. y For each selected cluster either all the elements are included in the sample (one stage) or a sample of elements is drawn probabilistically (two stage). y Elements within a cluster should be as heterogeneous as possible but cluster themselves should be as homogeneous as possible. Ideally, each cluster should be a small- scale representation of the population. y In probability proportionate to size sampling, the clusters are sampled with probability proportional to size. In the second stage, the probability of selecting a sampling unit in a selected cluster varies inversely with the size of the cluster.

Systematic Sampling: y The sample is chosen by selecting a random starting point then picking every 1st element in succession from the sampling frame. y The sampling interval, 1, is determined by dividing the population size N by the sample size n and rounding to the nearest integer.


When the ordering of the element is related to the characteristics of interest, systematic sampling increases the representativeness of the sample. If the ordering of the element produces a cyclical pattern, systematic sampling may decreases the representativeness of the sample.


Simple random sampling: y y Each element in the population has a known and equal probability of selection. Each possible samples of a given size (n) has a known and equal probability of being the sample actually selected. y y This implies that every element is selected independently of every other element. Principle y Procedure Number all units. Randomly draw units. Equal chance of drawing each unit.

Judgement sampling: Judgment Sampling is a form of convenience sampling in which the population element is selected based on the judgment of the researcher. y Test market


Purchase engineers selected in industrial research


Bellwether precincts selected in voting behavior research


Expert witnesses used in court

Convenience sampling: Convenience sampling attempts to obtain a sample of convenient elements. Often, respondents are selected because they happen to be in the right place at the right time.


Use of students, and member of social organizations. Mall intercept interview without qualifying the respondents. Department stores using charge account lists. ³People on the street´ interview.









No wonder then that Kajol is rated as superb among her generation of leading ladies. Kajol is outstanding in her acting. modern and contemporary with elegant looks and reflect the sense of pride homemakers take in choosing them for their homes. Kajol has made a distinctive indent into the Hindi film industry. sheer hard work and dedication towards art behind all of her roles.CELEBRATORY ENDORSEMENT BY KAJOL & AJAY DEVGAN Beautiful and Vivacious ± Kajol Like a fresh breath. Kajol's eventful journey from 'Bekhudi' to 'Fanaa' shows the power of her versatility. She carries the halo of spontaneity. Though she has the girl next door image and is not as glamorous as the others in her field. Whirlpool is a 'µPerfect partner to the demanding homemaker' of today. The flexibility of her acting can be seen from the various characters done by this natural actress. She gives more attention to her acting than the financial success of a film. She doesn't give more importance to publicity or celebrity because she believes acting is purely a profession . She is as outspoken and lively as she seems in her characters in the films. Bold and beautiful-Kajol has won millions of hearts with her impish vivacity within a short span. Kajol swept across millions of hearts with her energetic pace. Her reel life image is not diverse from her real-life image. On association with Whirlpool: "Whirlpool believes in providing world-class quality to its consumers. Her vivaciousness and frisky persona proved contagious and singularly her own in the contemporary scene. Kajol wafted into the film world that thrived on predetermined codes of demeanor. Kajol has come to stay in the industry as a mainstream actress with an inimitable charm and liveliness coupled with the talent that renders eye-filling performances." . Whirlpool's products are stylish.

Ajay is rated as one of the best actors of the Indian cinema. setting the trend with Ishq. performances and the choice of films. known more for his intense acting abilities carved a niche for himself as an actor. On association with Whirlpool: "Whirlpool brand has successfully emulated the dreams. Ajay was sky high with his looks. Omkara. Earlier known as a dhishum dhishum action hero. which is why I agreed to represent the brand. Apaharan. Yes. he adds. leaving the more favored glamour breeds way behind. It symbolizes a relationship based on equality. Ajay is one actor who has gained stardom on the merit of his performances. bringing out his softer side. It became a habit for him to deliver emotional roles par excellence. Amitabh Bachchan once called Ajay Devgan the `Dark Horse' of the film industry. which defined his characters.Kajol. Ajay is most definitely one of the finest actors we have and definitely worth applause.The intense emotional hero ± Ajay Devgan Ajay Devgan." declares Ajay Devgan. not based on Bollywood-style good looks. . Ajay's popularity has increased in leaps and bounds with outstanding performances in recent films like Gangajal. the Dark Horse is now winning races with regularity. " We are very pleased to be associated with Whirlpool ± the leaders in home appliances´. love and romance. Then there was no looking back for Ajay. The image became much prominent with Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha. a soft romantic comedy paired opposite wife. Ajay shifted his image to a romantic lead. aspirations and expectations of Indian home maker through the years.

It creates a lasting value above and beyond all the elements of your business. IMPORTANCE OF BRANDING One of the truths of modern business is that there is almost nothing that your competitors can t duplicate in a matter of weeks or months. It is the name attached to a product or service. and technology will of the strongest competitive advantages imaginable. the new philosophy could be nothing happens until somebody brands something. You can be certain that somebody will copy it before long. However. a brand is a noun. but your brand can go on and live. upon close inspection. lifestyle and status. what competitive edge should we have to offer that can t be copied by anyone else? Creating a strong brand identity will build mind share. If you have great idea. The question then becomes. nothing happens until somebody sells something. customers will think of your business first when they think of your product category. physical plant will wear out. A brand is the one thing that you can own that nobody can take away from you. a brand represents many more intangible aspects of a product or a service: a collection of feelings and perceptions about quality. . It creates in the mind of the customers and prospects the perception that there are no products or services in the market that is quite like yours. Eventually. If the old marketing mantra was. Everything else your competitor can steal your trade secrets.BRANDING Branding is more than just a business buzzword. In its simplest form. image. In short a brand offers the customers a guarantee and then delivers on it. As a result. and not only they will follow your lead. It has become the crux of selling in the new economy. but they may also be able to do better job or sell the product or service at a lower price. your patents will expire.

which were one of the last effronteries. What goes into the brand? If your product is new and unique. restaurants and consumer goods. are even beginning to see the importance of branding by tagging banking packages and even mutual funds with catchy names. Therefore. More often. PRESENCE: Prominence in the paid & unpaid media. DISTRIBUTION: Availability. There is no preexisting biases towards him product or service. where the cost is usually more of loyalty building factor. are being forced to brand heavily. limited distribution of a product or service may imply exclusivity to discerning consumers. Even industrial market. products that may be roughly equivalent in terms of their features need have a brand identity that will impact consumer choice. obviously. Financial services. your product or service will have been in existence for a while and have direct competition. . nearly all the industries can benefit from branded products. higher quality will translate to more satisfied customers who come back again and again to purchase your offerings. higher prices may signify to consumers higher quality and lower prices may suggest decreased value. has seen brand names creep in.perhaps even more strategically then they ever have in the past. it will probably soon will. QUALITY: Which impacts satisfaction. And if it is does not. products and services with a high profile market presence will lead to brand recognition and increased sales. it will be easy to manipulate customer s attitudes. Brand identity is comprised of: PRICING: A component of value. All of the traditionally brand-conscious including fashion.When should you brand? Because of the competitive nature of business today.

the higher your offerings awareness the better your sales results will be. BENEFITS: Consumers may equate certain positive and negative consequences with use of your product or service these may be warranted or unwarranted. REPUTATION: Enduring public opinion of brand character. which are directly related to presence. POSITIONING SILENCE: Differentiation is from the competition. like reputation. often represented by qualities the consumers relates to. which is established by a combination of all elements of the brand. CUSTOMER COMMITMENT: Loyalty is built through long term branding and close consumer contact. residual awareness and recognition. image is difficult to change once established. IMAGE: Perception of brand traits or prototypical buyers.AWARENESS: Top off mind awareness. SHARE OF MARKET: Increased market share is a direct result of a successful branding campaign. . which is built over time and difficult to change once established.

you can manage and eliminate threats hat would otherwise catch you unawares. it can help you uncover opportunities that you are well placed to take advantage of.SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for toplevel company data and information.SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT Analysis is a general technique which can find suitable applications across diverse management function and activities but it is particular appropriate to the early stage of strategy and marketing plan SWOT involves generation and recording of strengths. opportunities and threats concerning a task. Whirlpool Corporation . individual. The company operates in North America. it is customary to take account of internal resources and capabilities (strengths & weakness) and factors external to the organization (opportunities & threats). Latin America and Asia. It is headquartered in Benton Harbor. Michigan and employs about . primarily for home use. department or organization. you can start to craft a strategy that helps you compete successfully in your market. What makes it particularly powerful is that with a little thought. Whirlpool Corporation (Whirlpool) manufactures and markets a full line of major appliances and related products. history and products. The Whirlpool Corporation . Europe.SWOT Analysis examines the company s key business structure and operations. And by understanding your weaknesses. More than this. and provides summary analysis of its key revenue lines and strategy. weaknesses. SWOT Analysis is an effective way of identifying your strengths and weaknesses and of examining the opportunities and threat. buy looking at yourself and your competitors using the SWOT framework.

Keep fully up to date on your competitors business structure. or experience to satisfy their needs and desires understanding consumer behavior and knowing customer are never simple. Customers need and wants buyer behavior refers to the peoples or organization conductactivities and together with the impact of various influences on them towards making decision on purchase of product and service in a market. strategy and prospects . ideas. The field of consumer behavior studies how individuals. The reason for decrease in revenues was primarily due to lower appliance industry demand. buy. a decrease of 21.000 people. business description.099 million during financial year ended December 2009 (FY2009). a decrease of 9. use and dispose of goods. key executives. The company recorded revenues of $17.6% as compared with FY2008.5% as compared with FY2008.Contains a study of the major internal and external factors affecting Whirlpool Corporation in the form of a SWOT analysis as well as a breakdown and examination of leading product revenue streams of Whirlpool Corporation -Data is supplemented with details on Whirlpool Corporation history. groups and organization select.Obtain the most up to date company information available CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR The main aim of marketing is meeting and satisfy target. Scope of the Report . Customer says one thing but do another. They are responding to .Qualify prospective partners and suppliers .Provides all the crucial information on Whirlpool Corporation required for business and competitor intelligence needs . an increase of 25.Support sales activities by understanding your customers businesses better .67. The behaviour of human being during the purchase is being termed as ³Buyer Behaviour´. The net profit was $328 million in FY2009. locations and subsidiaries as well as a list of products and services and the latest available statement from Whirlpool Corporation Reasons to Purchase . The operating profit of the company was $688 million during FY2009.3% over FY2008. service.The wealth of products and service produced in a country make our economy strong. They may not be in touch with their deeper motivations.

Expand the total market strategy The market leader firms can normally gain the maximum when the total market expands. y Last but not the least. 2. Defending market share strategy When the leader tries to expand the total market size.Influences that change their mind at the last minute. Other firms continually challenge its strength or try to take advantage of its weakness. The leader can use one or a combination of three strategies. y Since we did not had the privilege to work on a large scale. The focus of the total market depends on where the product is in its life cycle. The leader firm must keep its cost down. They were partial. MARKET-LEADER STRATEGIES Market leadership is not simple for a firm. the time constraint faced in the project might have affected the comprehensiveness of its findings. so many finding and recommendations may not be as much in tune with their ground realities as may be considered desirable. . and refused to cooperate. y Getting accurate responses from the respondents due to their inherent problems were difficult. it must also continuously defend its current business against enemy attacks. 1. and its prices must be consistent with the value that consumer see in the product. A buyer makestake a decision whether save or spend the money. The leader firm might become weaker against new entrants and rival firms.

(d)Counter-offensive defence This is to identifying a weakness in an attacker and aggressively going after that market niche so as cause the competitor to pull back its efforts to defend its own territory. The attacker has to deploy resources to this territory for defence. The leader takes innovations works in both these direction. To overcome a position defence an attacker therefore typically adopts an indirect approach rather than the hear-on attack that the defender expects. . TITAN launched more brands called Insignia. (b)Flanking defence This strategy both guards the market position of leading brands and develops some flank market niches to serve as defensive corner either to protect a weak front or to establish an invasion base for counterattack.g. (c)Pre-emptive defence This defence strategy maneuver involves the launching of an offence against an enemy before it starts an offence. if necessary.(a)Position defense This strategy involves pouring maximum firm s resources into its current successful brands. Diversification into related areas is used in mobile defence. (e)Mobile defence This involves the leader broadening and expanding its territories into new market areas by diversifying. E.

1. 3. In essence. It can attack small local and regional firms that are not doing the job and are underfinanced. MARKET CHALLENGER STRATEGIES: Defining the strategic objective. Bypass attack 5.(f)Contraction defence This strategy involves retrenching into areas of strength and if often used in later stages of a product life cycle or when the firms has been under considerable attack. Procter and gamble etc. Encirclement attack 4. Market leaders are successfully at expanding their market shares like HLL. It can attack firms of its own size that are not doing the job and are underfinanced. Guerilla attack . This is a high risk but potentially high pay-off strategy that makes sense if the leader is not serving the market well. A market challenger must first define its strategic objective which is usually defined as an increase in market share. Expanding the market share strategy Market leader can improve their profitability through increasing their market shares. Frontal attack 2. the challenger can choose to attack on any one of the types of firms: It can attack the market leader. Example HLL. Flank attack 3.

Following at a distance 3. By introducing new products and services which makes existing one obsolete.MARKET FOLLOWER STRATEGIES: A market follower must be careful about how closely it follows a leader and challengers. The three useful broad strategies are: 1. Following closely 2. Market niches must develop specific tactics to implement their strategic choice to enable them to become market specialist. The nicer can play a role of specialist in the following ways: TYPES OF MARKETING STRATEGIES: (A)Rivalry strategies Offensive strategy This is a strategy for the market leader and concerns attacking the competitors as the basic stance. . the leadership position can be strengthened and competitors may always be left struggling to catch up. Following selectively MARKET NICHERS STRATEGIES: Successfully market-niches own their success to using one of these strategies to gain solid market presence. Too close an attack could result in a strong counter offensive by the leader.

it demarked the product through a conscious manipulation and suppression of demand. It involves the development of new products for existing in order to: --meet changing customer needs and wants.Remarketing strategy A marketer withdraws a product that is enjoying a good demand and positioning . Product development may be useful in motivating the firms . Remarketing strategy Due to certain reasons. a product with losing demand is brought back to life and remarketed in the same name and style or in a changed name and style. (b) Product development. --get the advantage of new technology. Penetration strategy aims at increasing sales of existing products in the current markets. Market penetration is achieved by increasing the level of marketing efforts or lowering prices. (B)GROWTH STRATEGIES 1. Growth strategies for existing markets:- (a) Market penetration. --full fill the requirements of new market segment. --match new competitive advantages. A repositioning of the product or modification in the market mix often constitutes the broad components of a remarketing strategy.

A market expansion strategy involves moving into new geographic market areas of the country. management uses this strategy when existing markets are stagnant or when increase in market share is difficult to achieve because market shares are already very high or because competitors are very powerful. (b) Pruning. pruning is the opposite of product development and occurs when a firm decides that some market segments are too small to serve (c)Divestment. It occurs when a firm sells off a part of its business to another organization.2. (b) Market expansion. It is pursued when a firm has experienced uneven performance in different markets. companies are likely to expand their markets internationally to achieve large sales and profit growth. (a) Market development. Pruning occurs when a firm reduces the number of products offered in a market. (C)Consolidation strategies: (a)Retrenchment. Growth strategies for new markets. When a firm reduces its commitment to its existing products by withdrawn from weaker market s. . It is said to be indulging in retrenchment. This usually takes the forms of an operating turnaround strategy. Usually. It happens when a firm is taking itself out of a product line and out of a particular market. In today s business environment. The market development strategy an effort to bring current products to new markets. In effect.

In order to increase their profit. has changed its strategy from being a premium-player to a envisaged in the mindset of customers. Whirlpool introduced its Ice magic refrigerators which made ice faster than other brands.5 liter bottles.Knowing the market well. Whirlpool realized that a customer who bought a small capacity refrigerator would probably require greater flexibility and options instorage. and the purchase decision crystallized through the male breadwinner in the Indian family. In the process of establishing such an emotional connects with the customer.Whirlpools future products will be designed as an environmental friendly product in accordance to customer expectations PROMOTION: Whirlpool's promotion strategy has introduced unique values in the home appliance market. which hitherto was heavily skewed towards print. Whirlpool was the first home appliances brand to orient its promotions towards television advertising. Some of their actions are they closed several plants and streamlined organization in several group. Whirlpools promotions broke new ground with reference to each of these longstanding premises in the Indian consumer market.It changed the media trend for consumer durables advertising in India. Whirlpool introduced shelves that could take 1. on specially strengthened doors.  You and WhirlpooL Based upon this premise. and for a focus on customer relevant technology. Whirlpools promotionsencouraged and helped women to consciously identify themselves as the realhomemakers in the family. but whirlpools products stand out for innovative approaches to specificIndian contexts. This strategy also took Whirlpool to the core of every home. Therefore. One of its earliest product-innovations specifically addressed the sizeable segment of customers who bought smaller sized refrigerators. it introduced the Flexigerator. Again. Whirlpool was again the first to come out with a Combimatic  a single tub semi-automatic washing machine that did away with the hassle of shifting clothes from one tub to another. Whirlpool created its marketing position around the tagline. As recently as the early 1990s. PRICE: Whirlpool India Ltd. Whirlpools bigger success has been in the full in the fully automatic segment. but not according to differences in their costs. Therefore.In washer products. Whirlpool has been concentrating on becoming a brand for the massmarket and hence has introduced its products in all price categories. thereby enabling instant connection withthe brand. Whirlpools strategy of reaching out to its customers in unique ways was followed even in media . structuring the elasticitys and keeping an eye on competitors by whirlpool has implemented a customer-centric strategy that focuses on making sure their products are appropriate for the Indian consumers. . they try to reduce their cost. Whirlpool has a wide product portfolio ranging from air-conditioners to microwaves. Whirlpool realized that Indians have a propensity to store much larger amounts of water than most other cultures.Marketing Mix Of Whirlpool Product: In India. most consumer durables were promoted just as desirable accessories. a refrigerator with adjustable and drop-down shelves that gave unprecedented space options to customers. Different versions of their products are priced differently. Subsequently. refrigerators and other home appliances were long known before the 1990s.

developing product designs for the entire Whirlpool world. Whirlpool has also created many memorable taglines for specific products. ice baby for refrigerators. . Europe. the investment in new market to support the globalization strategy should be undertaken cautiously and strategically according to the economy and resource condition and related cultural issues.Asia. which is the hallmark of all audio-visual communications for this brand. such as Ice. Whirlpool has also set up its Global Product Development Centers in India where hundreds of engineers and technicians are working round the clock. Foremost among these is the  Whirlpool. Godrej have three World class factories manufacturing a wide range of Refrigerators and Washing Machines .PLACE: Whirlpool aims at globalization to obtain more market share in homeappliance industry by expanding globally. Whirlpool India is also one of the largest exporters of home appliances from India. WHIRLPOOL: In the process of establishing such an emotional connects with the customer. where considerable perceived profit is locate. meanwhile. North America) to ensure its market position and profit. Latin America and North America are the most profitable market for where Whirlpool is operating. In Asia. Whirlpool put more efforts on its major markets (Europe. and Mummy ka magic chalega kya? for washing machines which have become part of the colloquial market-speakin the country.Their appliances are exported all over the globe from Australia & New Zealand in the East right up to Central America and the Caribbean islands in the West. Whirlpools promotions have also generated memorable campaigns. Apart from World Class factories. Asia is a promising market with great potentiality. where the population is huge while the labor is cheap compared with Europe and North America. Whirlpool audio refrain.

Whirlpool s product mix Refrigerators Washing machine Microwave Ups Direct cool Frost Control Frost Free Fusion 24 Premier Professional 410 liter Semi Automatic Fully Automatic White Magic 800H Solo Grill Convection Magic Cock 22c Jetchef Sin Wave Hups Sin Wave Platinum Silver Series Elanta Hups Gold Series Customer Satisfaction Survey The company conducts customer satisfaction survey for strengthens relationship with the customers. This will help the company on two ways: .

how it could be rectified. it make the customers make them feel that they are important for the company and lastly in assessment of the sales executives performance MARKETING MIX PRODUCT: Product variety Quality Design Features Brand name Packaging Sizes Services Warranties Returns PRICE: List Price Discount Allowances Payment credit terms PROMOTION: PLACE: Channels Coverage Transport Assortment Location Inventory Sales Promotion Advertising Sales Force Public relation Direct marketing PRODUCT: Product is the most basic marketing mix tool. it will let the company know where it lacks. . A Product can be anything that satisfies a need or wants in exchange for some form of payment {where the payment may sometimes be benefits other than money}. Secondly.Firstly. It is the tangible offer to the market.

Now. taxi. The prices for driving your car on Florida s sunshine Parkway are a tool.Tiffany and Co. machines. and the local bank charges you interest for the money you borrow. the internet. and companies auction sites like ebay. and the company that insures your car charges you a premium. Through most of history. the local utilities calf their price a rate. Prices go by many names: Prices are all around us. You pay rent for your apartment. The airline. Your regular lawyer may ask for a retainer to cover her services.. the internet promises to reverse the fixed prim trend and take us back to an era of negotiated pricing. R W. W. John Wanamaker. although economics would disagree. many of us feet that income taxes are the prices we pay for the privilege D making money. Clubs or societies to which you belong may make a special assessment to pay unusual expenses.scale retailing at the end of the 19th century. Finally. The prices of an executive is a worker is a wage.PRICING: All profits organizations set prices on their or services. just one hundred years latter. railways. and other advertised a strictly one price policy cause they carried so many items and supervised so many employees. tuition for your education and a fee to your physician or dentist. At same time new technologies allow . and bus companies charge you a make it easy for buyers and seller and sellers to prices on thousands of item-from refurbished computers to antique tin trains. Setting one prices for all buyers is a relatively modern idea that arose with the development of and Onsale. The guest lecture charges an honorarium to tell you about a government association. prices were set by negotiation between buyers and sellers. corporate re and wireless setups are linking people.

At the same time. oil. and purchase occasion. In industries where pricing is a key factor (aerospace. This department reports to the marketing . prices are often set by the company s boss. companies will often establish a pricing department to set or assist other in determining appropriate prices. In large companies. forcing retailers to lower m retailers put pressure on manufacturers to lower their prices. preferences even spending limits-so they can tailor their products and prices? Traditionally. The result is a characterized by heavy discounting and sales promotion. Consumers and purchasing agents have more access to price information and price discounter s . market segment. pricing is handled by division and product.Sellers to collect detailed data about customer are buying habits. prices have operated as the major determinant of buyer choice. railroads. Price is the marketing mix element that produces revenue. the others produce costs price is also one of the most flexible elements. In small companies. prices competition is the number one problem facing companies. This is still the case in poorer nations. among poorer groups. and prices is not varied enough for different product items. it can be changed quickly unlike features and channel commitments.positioning strategy. top management sets general pricing objectives and policies and often approves the prices proposed by lower levels of management. prices is not revised often to capitalize on market changes.line managers. companies). Prices is set independent of the rest of the marketing mix rather than as an intrinsic element of market.consumers shop carefully. and with commodity-type though non price factors have become more important element determining company market share and profitability. Companies handle pricing in a variety of ways. Even here. Yet many companies do not handled pricing well Nat common mistake are these: Pricing is too cost-oriented.

and demonstrations). cash refund offers. Today. often sponsor bingo games. for example. A Decade ago. testimonial dinners. Sales-promotion tools are used by most organizations. the advertising-tosales promotion ratio was about 60:40. in many consumer-packaged-goods companies.department. and specially advertising). Sales promotion expenditures have been increasing percentage of budget expenditure annually for the last two decades. finance department other that exert an influence on pricing include sales manager. sales promotion accounts for 65 to 75 of the combined budget. coupons. designed to stimulate quicker or greater purchase of particular products or services by consumers or the trade. mostly short term. Churches. distributors. retailers. and accountants PROMOTION SALES PROMOTION: Sales promotion is a key ingredient in marketing campaigns. and buses and sales force promotion (trade shows and conventions contests for sales reps. trade associations. including manufactures. sales promotion offers an incentive to buy sales promotion includes tools for consumer promotion ( samples. production manager. advertising and display allowances. point-of-purchase displays. particularly in enter . Whereas advertising offers a reason to buy. trade promotion (prices off. theater parties. and raffles. Several factors contributes to the rapid growth of sales promotion. We define it as follows: Sales promotion consists of a diverse collection of incentive tools. and free goods). prices off. and nonprofit organizations.

because users of other brands and categories do not always notice or act on a premiums. the trade has demanded more deals from manufactures. External factors include the following: the number of brand has increased. and frequent brand switchers. Sure to increase current sales. in which case coupons and other promotion media will weaken in their ability to trigger purchase. and product managers are under greater pies. Sales promotions used in markets of high brand similarity produce a high sales response .markets. and advertising efficiency has declined because of rising costs media clutter. manufactures will have to find ways to rise above the clutter-for instance. Sales promotions often attract the brand switchers. Brand switchers are unlikely to turn them into loyal users. qualified to use salespromotion tools. by offering larger-redemption values or using more dramatic point-of-purchase players or demonstrations. consumers are more prices oriented. A free sample stimulates can. users in other categories. Purpose of Sales Promotion: Sales-promotion tools vary in their specific objectives. and legal restraints. Sellers use incentive-type promotions to attract new tries are of threat types-users of another brand in the same category. more product managers at. Consumers might start tuning out. The rapid growth of sales-promotion media has created a situation of promotion clutter similar to advertising clutter. Internal factors include the following: promotion is now more accepted by top management as an effective sales tool. many brands are seen as similar. Summer trial. whereas a free management-advisory service aims at cementing a term relationship with a retailer. competitors use promotions frequently.

they can also . then what they need to spend in consumer promotion. In markets of high brand dissimilar .in the short run but little permanent gain in market share. many marketing managers first estimate what the need to spend in trade promotions. with its incessant prices oh coupons. premiums. they need to take a decision in the face of their budget. But the question of whether or not sales promotion weakens brand loyalty. however. The main thing is to inform the users regarding the nature of services offered to them. This would even be economic to advertise in the local newspapers or take support of leaflets and pamphlets to be inserted inside the newspapers. Buyers learn that the list price is largely a fiction. Advertising: The automobile servicing centers need to advertise and non for this purpose. There is a danger. deals. may devalue the product offering the buyers minds. The leading servicing centers would also find local advertisements suitable since the main task is to inform to the users and prospects regarding the services. especially for the automobile servicing centers. Thus we find print media economic as well as effective. and blaring quality. Today. subject to different interpretations. But before3 jumping to any conclusion. we need to distinguish between price promotions and added value promotions. We can t negate that even the small servicing centers may advertise through print media. in letting advertisement fast a back seat to sales promotion because advertising typically acts to build brand loyalty. sales person motions can alter market shares permanently. The local newspaper and print materials are found sensitive for the automobiles servicing centers. Sales promotion. In addition. Whatever is let they will budget for advertising.

it is more expensive and we even don t find it essential to take support of this media. So far as the telecast media is concerned.advertise through the broadcast media if the transmission station is locally available. .

In case. Thus he automobile servicing centers are required to select a place which is found environment-friendly and therefore a place close to the cities with a big space would be suitable for them. it is essential that all the related factors are managed carefully. If the centers are close to the cities prescient or in the cities precincts. The locational factors determine the quality of services made available by the automobile servicing centers. we found on the processing of services. The technology is used in the process. The main thing in the place mix is the right processing of services to the ultimate users. The availability of adequate supporting infrastructural facilities increases the level of efficiency of the servicing centers. prompt and aware of the behavioral management. Since a number of factors influences the level of efficiency vis-à-vis the quality of services. The automobile servicing centers are required to go through a no. scope for further development and expansion. such as easy accessibility. they are not supposed to select a place where the users find it difficult to reach in the late we find the problem of theft especially of small motors vehicles. specially the skilled labour need a priority attention. they also need to think about the problem of pollution. the problem of traffic congestion.PLACE THE PLACE MIX: In this component of the marketing mix. the tools required for services and the personal. the automobile servicing centers need to make it sure that a spacious road is connected to the centers. the problem of environment and noise pollution or so. Another important aspect in the very context is the location point for establishing the servicing centers. of factors. It is pertinent to mention that the places should not be close to the schools of children. In addition. While selecting a suitable place. This makes it essential that the employees working there are not to generate a gap. the problem of pollution would crop up. good quality of roads. They are required to be efficient. .

LIMITATIONS .  Organization¶s resistance to share the internal information. The light and ventilation facilities at the centers should be adequate. In addition. The shopping complex should be close to the centers where as least the spare parts and light refreshment facilities are available.  Questionnaire is subjected to errors. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY The following are the limitations of the study:  The sample size was small and hence the results can have a degree of variation. they need to clean the towns and cities.The big centers should be close to the cities whereas the small centers can be located even in cities percent. They have to make necessary arrangement so that the problems related to traffic and pollution is countered successfully by developing plantation in the available space.  The response of the employees in giving information was lukewarm.

LIMITATIONS Though the present study aimed to achieve the above-mentioned objectives in full earnest and accuracy. y Last but not the least. due to which it was difficult to collect data. so many finding and recommendations may not be as much in tune with their ground realities as may be considered desirable. and refused to cooperate.1) Time constraint. 2) Another constraint has been geographical area. the time constraint faced in the project might have affected the comprehensiveness of its findings. . They were partial. 3) Normally employees hesitate to disclose the information. it was hampered due to certain limitations. 4) Individual biasness is their among employees. Some of the limitations of this study may be summarized as follows:y Getting accurate responses from the respondents due to their inherent problems were difficult. y Since we did not had the privilege to work on a large scale. which is confined only to BHEL Power Sector.the duration of training was short.

Have you purchased any consumer durable during Exhibitions? 35 30 25 20 17 15 10 5 0 YES NO Sales 33 FINDING 66% of Customers have not purchased any consumer durable from exhibition and Only 34% people have purchased. .QUESTIONAIRE Q1. It shows that consumers are coming in the exhibition for knowledge of product and also they want to know that weather there is actual price difference in exhibition and shop or not.

And they are also want best brand in best price and durability18% because Service is also a big factor for the customer they are less interested in the durability.16% of customer gives importance to price.Q.2While purchasing consumer durable which parameter influences you? 14 12 12 10 10 8 8 6 4 2 0 PRICE PRODUCT FEATURE BRAND SERVICE DURABILITY Sales 9 11 FINDING . So it shows that Indian consumers are very price sensitive. They give more importance to price over the brand whereas 20% give importance to brand. . So price and Brand matter a lots for the costumers.

2 FINIDING A majority of customers prefer to buy from showrooms. Very less proposition of customers buys from Exhibitions 11% customers are prefer to by from the showrooms because the showrooms are more convenient to customers they also think that these shops give more discounts.Q3.2 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 EXHIBITIONS CO.SHOPPE SHOWROOM 1. People are less interested to buy from the exhibition they only visit the exhibition for price quotation of the product and the comparison of the product. .4 Sales 3. From where you prefer buying consumer durables 9 8.

1.You prefer to buy from the same as you have mentioned in Q. 2. 18 16 14 14 12 10 10 8 6 4 2 0 ATTRACTIVE PRICE SERVICE DEMONSTRATIONS OFFERS Sales 13 17 FINDING Customers buy from showrooms because of the service and convenience. . Customer also thinks that there is more chance to bargain and they can get more discounts in these showroomsand Price also a factor that attract the customer in these showrooms.Customers are preferred to buy from the showroom because of they think that these convenient store may provide good after sell service.3 because of following reasons. There are two main factors.4.Q.

Q. . It represent that Indian consumer prefer to change their consumer durable frequently.5. How frequently you change your consumer durables? 40 35 30 25 20 Sales 15 10 5 0 1-3 YRS 3-5 YRS 5-10 YRS 9 7 34 FINDING Customers prefer to change consumer durables within 3-5 years as 18% customers do not change their consumer durable within 10 year.

Do you prefer any financing scheme to purchase consumer durables? 40 36 35 30 25 20 Sales 15 10 5 0 YES NO 14 FINDING Majority of customers usual prefer financial scheme as a result 72% of the consumer prefer to have financial scheme whereas 28% of the consumers says no .Q.6.

.Q-8 Are you aware of warranty period of the products? 35 30 25 21 20 15 10 5 0 YES NO Column1 29 FINDING 58% of the consumer agrees to the fact that they are aware of the product warranty period where as 42% of the consumers says that they are not aware of the warranty period of the products.

Q-9 Do you know which product parts are under warranty? 30 25 28 22 20 15 Sales 10 5 0 YES NO FINDING 56% of the consumers feels that they have knowledge that which products parts are under warranty whereas 44% says that they don t have knowledge. .

.Q-10 whether you are satisfied with after sales service of whirlpool? 35 30 25 20 32 15 15 10 5 0 YES NO CAN'T SAY 3 Sales FINDING 64% of the consumers says that service man come as prompt as said by them whereas 30% says no and 6% consumers can t say about this.

‡ It is always been the one who is in concern with the environmental factors in its production patterns ‡ Localization of products specific to every lifestyle considering every group as a unique entity ‡ Building of unmatched customer loyalty Any of its competitors like L. Suggestions of the day : ‡ Improvement in the visual perspective of the product ( the outer look of the product) .E have not followed these strategies as whirlpool did. VIDEOCON.G. ‡ Create a premium niche experience for few products which fit into that category. According to the global market survey there are 3 major competitors LG.G. ‡ Design of strategies in grabbing market from the upper middle class .Whirlpool Ahead of competitors Whirlpool doesn¶t take any company as competitor to it. In comparision with the competitors ‡ Whirlpool is always a step ahead in taking the first advantage of innovative production. VIDEOCON. G.E.

eco efficiency and the consumer´ The driving and the major elements the company considers are the Innovation Eco friendly in nature Consumer In this present world and in this emerging scenarios of business whirlpool has exactly aimed on the aspects which it has to be. Whirlpool Corporation set out on a course to reach the homes and hearts of customers around the whirlpool has got its uniqueness in producing products according to lifestyles of individuals.´ Time being the major concern for any person in the world the company has attained a beautiful place in establishing a standard of producing products and placing products delivering them on time when needed ³I make quality products that help people express their personal styles´ Personal belonging toward s anything is a major aspect for a human being in driving towards it interest in attaining it. and creating innovative solutions that meet and exceed those needs. ³ Its about innovation. we¶re changing the way we do business. understanding their needs and desires. CONCLUSIONS . Whirlpool¶s organizations worldwide are building unmatched levels of customer loyalty to the brands. By listening intensely to their customers.Conclusion: Nearly five years ago. ³Through increased speed to market and international project teams.

which will be addressed in the following paragraphs: (1) While the customer loyalty model validated in this study possesses good power for explaining repurchase intentions and referral behavior. . In addition. e. further studies should modify fair-ness¶ measurement model. four relational characteristics were examined. As there is a strong theoretical indication that fairness is important in customer loyalty considerations. analyses were conducted for a multitude of other contingency factors that are not included in the present study. As stated before. Overall. especially from trust and relational satisfaction. which may be too broad to be subject to moderating effects. only partial explanation of the construct of additional purchase intentions is achieved. The determinants contained in this study. no conclusive moderations were identified. For this reason. future studies should explore additional determinants of this loyalty dimension.In addition to suggestions and findings. however. Nevertheless. For this reason it would be sensible to examine antecedents of the employed determinants. as moderating effects could surface when this level of detail is added to the analyses. it may be assumed that customer diversity still has moderating effects on the formation of customer loyalty. however.g. capture rather general evaluations of relationships between LSPs and their customers. by more strongly recurring to the concept of inequity. (3) Within this study. (2) Measurement model assessment revealed that the operationalization of fairness in this study does not achieve sufficient discriminance from other constructs. factors not contained in the model such as strategic outsourcing considerations can be assumed to affect the intention of customers to outsource additional logistics activities to the currently most important LSP. this study also provides several scopes for further research.

Prentice-Hall of India Private Limited. whirlpool annual report 2008.whirlpoolcorp. 2003 1.pdf 5.pdf 3. 2000 2.wikipedia. Building a House of Brands: Whirlpool Corporation¶s Blueprint for Success. Third Edition. http://en.Implementing global marketing strategy.pdf Whirlpool Corporation 2.C.Beri. http://www. New Delhi. Tata McGrawHill Publishing Company Limited. Philip Kotler.)Marketing management. G.Marketing FINDINGS ‡ .BIBLIOGRAPHY References: 1. Twelth (Millennium) edition. New Delhi.

Final 20 % is not so satisfied so they said that the service is fair ‡ 19 % of the customers responded that their overall experience to ability to help resolve issue or need is Excellent.20 % of the customers responded that their overall experience to accessibility and responses through Telephone is Excellent. Next 20 % says it is very good. Next 19 % says it is very good. Next 20 % says it is very good. Good being awarded by 28 % of the customer. Good being awarded by 18 % of the customer. Next 21 % says it is very good. 9 % is not satisfied with the service. ‡ 21 % of the customers responded that their overall experience with DHL clearance department is Excellent. 24 % is somewhat satisfied so they said that the service is fair. 5 % is not satisfied with the service. ‡ . 38% is somewhat satisfied so they said that the service is fair. Good being awarded by 40 % of the customer. Final 20 % is not so satisfied so they said that the service is fair ‡ 20 % of the customers responded that their overall experience to accessibility and responses through E-mail is Excellent. Good being awarded by 40 % of the customer.

11 % of the customers responded that their overall experience with DHL clearance department is Excellent. 5 % is somewhat satisfied so they said that the service is fair. ‡ 64 % of the customer responded in favour of recommending DHL Express to others. 23 % is somewhat satisfied so they said that the service is fair. Good being awarded by 50 % of the customer. Next 31 % says it is very good. 3 % is not satisfied with the service. ‡ 19 % of the customers responded they are Extremely Satisfied with the service. Next 25 % they are satisfied. ‡ 69 % of the customer responded in favour that loyalty towards DHL Express has grown stronger. 3 % is not satisfied with the service. On the other hand 36 % of the people say No to recommend DHL Express to others. Neutral is 22 % of the customer. On the other hand 31 % of the people say No that loyalty towards DHL Express has not grown stronger. ‡ .

On the other hand 49 % of the people say No that DHL Express do not Values people & Relationships ahead of Short-term goals.51 % of the customer responded in favour that DHL Express Values people & Relationships ahead of Short-term goals. .

5.Do you prefer any financing scheme to purchase consumer durables? Q-8 Are you aware of warranty period of the products? Q-9 Do you know which product parts are under warranty? Q-10 Does the service man come as prompt as said to you? Customer care Whirlpool is a world class electronic gadgets company that offers refrigerators. washing machines.You prefer to buy from the same as you have mentioned in Q.ANNEXURE Q1. just contact the customer care nearby your place to find information about them.3 because of following reasons. You can take the help of whirlpool customer care services to learn about them. How frequently you change your consumer durables? Q.6. . From where you prefer buying consumer durables Q. Have you purchased any consumer durable during Exhibitions? Q. water purifiers and microwaves for making home a great place to live in.4. if ever one requires troubleshooting or learning anything about the product about its operations or other problems. Though there have been very rare cases of problems occurring from the electronic items. How to find the whirlpool customer care services at your city or location? If you have any question or concern about the assistance that you need from the customer care. And they have the reputation of providing good quality electronic products required for usability in homes. Since long time Whirlpool has been serving people with good quality electronic appliances for kitchen and home. Q.2While purchasing consumer durable which parameter influences you? Q3. It is very easy to locate the customer care of Whirlpool nearby you.

the source will offer you information about the customer care service.¶ The whirlpool customer care services offers you complete support and solutions to all the problems of common appliances from the brand and that too quickly. The most basic product under this segment covers almost all the features of this segment except for modular shelves. all metal door and single . They would soon send you people to look into the matter. its operations and other such things. Price has been kept keeping the needs and wants of the customer and product is designed such that it is feasible to every customer. it is justifiable that you read the manual of the product or appliance you brought properly.Just log into the official website of Whirlpool and find the option of customer support. Besides the telephonic conversation and other support. After you have entered the right information in the column provided and entered. their address and telephone numbers. Whirlpool has understood Indian market very closely and has been launching products as per the requirement of the customer from different segments. a page opens where you have to fill two options for support service . product recall. The servicemen would come down knocking at your door to do the service and thus help you get the appliance repaired immediately. The technicians of the Whirlpool are trained people in all the products of Whirlpool and they won¶t let you down. You can make appointments with the whirlpool customer care services personnel online too. Just need to fill the online application form for the customer care service to know about your problem and location. As you click the button.the region and the name of the city or town you reside by. This will help you learn more about the product. Whirlpool segmented the market mainly on the basis of price and capacity. SEGMENTATION STRATEGIES OF WHIRLPOOL INDIA LTD. ‡ Frost Control ‡ Frost Free Direct Cool: It is the basic segment. The online customer care services are meant for product registration. You will see how the performances of the appliances get better and better and better day by day. To make your Whirlpool appliances perform the best. please keep follow the instructions of operation of the appliances in the manual. Whirlpool has segmented its refrigerators under three segments. troubleshooting any problem and inquiry about new products and services. You need to get more information about the products. The whirlpool customer care services also provide door to door services in case you cannot take the appliances to the service center. just take help from the branch µProduct Help. you can also have online whirlpool customer care services. maintenance tips. They are: ‡ Direct Cool. Before you ask any customer support for anything.

.toRs . Chill Max and Modular Shelves features.12700/The base product of this segment is Masterpiece 19(180 Lts) with Unique Health Guard. small shops and can be used in offices where not much stuff is required to be stored. Refrigerators from this segment can serve a small family. Jumbo Bottle Rack. The highest product from this segment isGenius XL Premier(230 Lts) with Unique health Guard. 8850/.metallic sheet body. Thick Door Design. The price range of this segment starts from Rs. Jumbo Bottle Rack and Thick Door Design. The capacity of the refrigerators in this segment ranges from 180 Lts to 230 Lts.

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