Dirty Business

‡ There is a dirty side of business.

When the veil of corporate responsibility and probity is lifted, we are able to witness a world where manager lie , cheat, manipulate, dissemble and deceive. Business organizations operate within the structure of advanced capitalist society and in culture of competition that provides opportunities , motivation and rationalization for rule-breaking.

Financial scandals.MISCONDUCTS IN BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS . ‡ Telgi Scam . Public inquires and ¶Whistle¶Whistle-blowers· have helped expose misconduct in a broad spectrum of business organizations. ‡ EXAMPLES: ‡ The Bhopal Tragedy. ‡ The Security Scams. ‡ Generally Industrial Accidents.(Harshad Meheta/Ketan Parekh) ‡ CRB Scam.

charged by Assam police of funding militants and helping insurgency in the state. ‡ Tata Tea Ltd. . Was choksey justified in making an offer to ICI? ‡ HLL charged with Insider Trading.‡ Asian Paint: The question of morality. ‡ ITC·s FERA Violation.

‡ Manville Corporation: Asbestosis is scarring of the lungs tissue that has been associated with 10% of deaths among asbestos workers. in crash stray sparks cold ignite any spilling gasoline and engulf the car in flame.‡ Product liability and the Ford Pinto. ‡ . The defective testing and development.

‡ Environmental Pollution and the Exxon Valdez: The spilling of massive quantity of oil following accident at sea. ‡ Pesticides in soft drinks(Pepsi&Cola). drinks(Pepsi&Cola). ‡World com. ‡Enron .

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