Entrepreneurship ± A Favourable Career For Women

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Flexibility Profession with high elasticity. No quota or reservation for entry into this profession Excellence in managing finances Only profession in which they could beat men.

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Inherent qualities ± Successful Women Entrepreneur
Women are hardworking Responsibility Managerial skills Financial Skills Communication Skills

Weaknesses of Women Entrepreneurs Lack of assertiveness Limited understanding of legal issues Emotional in business decision Lack of exposure

Government Efforts to Encourage Women Entrepreneurship Women specific Entrepreneurship Development programmes run by District Industries Centres. Indian Government along with UNICEF (The United Nations Children¶s Fund) providing financial help.

Preferred Businesses by Women: Beauty parlor Pickle making Fashion Designing Jewellery Designing Tailoring etc. Unexploited Business: Diamond cutting Chemical Industry Machine designing Trading

There is a Man behind every successful Women
Most of the women take entrepreneurship as a career after marriage. The parents believe that their responsibility is to get their daughter married and hence do not encourage them to start a business. Financial need after marriage encourage women to take up entrepreneurship. Alternative to job Financial independence

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