NetApp Synergy Version History

V2- July 29, 2010 - NetApp Synergy 2.9.3 Maintenance Release - Fixes .NET 4.0 detection in installer - Fixes installer issues when upgrading from older versions of Synergy - Includes all data updates and bug fixes since GA V2- May 25, 2010 - NetApp Synergy 2.9 - New Plug-in: Quick Platform Selector - New Plug-in: Hardware Universe Viewer - New Utility: NetApp Data Collector (Replaces ASUPGrab, ASUPFetch) - Framework - New layout for Home page - Removed legacy support for QLM licenses - all entitlements are now handled through SSO - .NET Framework 4.0 - Data Enhancements - ONTAP 8 product compatibility data - Updated environmental data - Removed outdated EMC data - ASUP Importing - Import from zip file - Import VSeries systems - My Portfolio - Performance improved when saving and loading - Automatic saving of My Portfolio in case of system crash, optional restore when Synergy is run again - "Add Hardware" uses updated product data - Storage Design Studio 4.10 - Automatic volume creation & refresh for vfiler DR targets - Per-platform 64bit aggregate limits - Miscellaneous defect fixes - Storage Efficiency Proposer (formerly - "Storage Efficiency") - Miscellaneous defect fixes - Ad Hoc Capacity Visualizer - Allow internal disks to be specified for platforms that support them - Improved formulas for better accuracy - Miscellaneous defect fixes - SnapCalc: Renamed to "Quick Bandwidth Wizard" - Org Chart Builder: Removed from product V2- February 22, 2010 - NetApp Synergy 2.8 - Framework - Single Sign-on (Replaces license keys for user entitlements) - Support 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7 - Some limitations on Microsoft Word document output - Support 32-bit Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 - New Products Supported (not yet available in Green Visualizer) - FAS2040 - DS4243 24-disk shelf - 450 GB, 600 GB, 2 TB FC/SAS Drives - ASUP Importing - Removed requirement to run ASUPGRAB - Parse controller options, PCI card details - Storage Design Studio 4.9 - Certification level changed to Silver - Full integration with My Portfolio - Support more than 6 cabinets in Visio output - Use igroup, LUN map, and shelf port information from ASUP - Add support for autodelete commitment “destroy” option - Storage Efficiency

1.dll.1.dll) .Calculations based on 32-bit aggregates only .4 .Improved formulas for more accuracy .SnapCalc: Fixed formulas to match spreadsheet .New: Framework Capability: Single Sign On (SSO) integration (Required for future Synergy features. SynergyDatabaseResource.Deduplication Visualizer: Removed from product V2-2.4.) .Updated: Storage Design Studio (SDS) Plugin version updated to 4.New: Capacity Upgrade Advisor Plugin ..New: Plugin: CIFS Performance Sizing . 2008 .7. Added SAS drives.5. disk. and min/max values.New: Framework Component: Importer 1.Performance Sizers .New: Framework Component: Dynamic Update Services (SynergyUpdater.0 added to product .Allow specifying capacity in TB or TiB .Fixed: Numerous bugs fixed as tracked in Trac V2-2.dll) .0 .Green Visualizer: Improved calculation for VA .Some limitations when restoring data from My Portfolio back into the originating sizer.Capacity Wizard .dll) .0.New: SnapCalc Plugin . . 2009 .New: Storage Efficiency Plugin .Updated: Data Manager to include original data elements and schema to accommodate the Hardware Universe . SynergySizing.Certification level changed to Silver .0 Services (AsupWrangler.Allow users to specify desired storage system model .2 July 16.Updated: XML Hardware Database updated to include new platform. 2009 .4 December 10.New: Plugin API capability: Plugin to Plugin data sharing .2.6.New: Framework Capability: Plugin Uptime/Availability Metric Reporting .Full integration with My Portfolio . Removed MAC Address bonding among other improvements to help the mobile technical workforce .Changed order of graphs and reports .Calculations based on 32-bit aggregates only .Allow users to specify cost assumptions .Improved: License Key Hardware Bonding.Ad Hoc Capacity Visualizer .0.2.0 (SynergyDatabaseInterface.Storage Design Studio integration into My Portfolio .0 February 23.2 October 30.Partner publishing to Environments Library (Accelerated EL) .New: Database Schema: Data Manager 2.AutoSupport Import into Storage Design Studio V2-2.Improved formulas for more accuracy .Storage Efficiency MS Word output .Use updated product data from Data Manager .Full integration with My Portfolio .Storage Efficiency to Storage Design Studio data sharing .Message of the Day .Use updated product data from Data Manager .3.exe and SynergyBootStrap.Updated: Storage Design Studio (SDS) Plugin version updated to 4.New: Plugin API capability: AutoSupport import .Selections are restored on input screen when clicking the Back button .7 .AutoSupport Importer plugin .New: Framework Component: Math Library 1.dll. OS.8 . .0 Services (SynergyModelPortability.Updated: Plugin: Performance Sizing URLs .0. 2009 .NetApp Synergy 2.dll) .Storage Design Studio 4.Services Engagement Studio 1.Updated: Plugin: Green Visualizer export to Word/PDF V2-2.

New: .0. OS.New: Storage Design Studio (SDS) Plugin . A separate pane is displayed on the far right of the frame that summarizes data.0.0 (download) Installer ..4 November 3. © Copyright 2008-2010 NetApp. and min/max values .Fixed: Numerous bugs fixed as tracked in Trac .5 August 9.Improved: Org Chart Builder Plugin UI improved to be more intuitive V2-2.1.Fixed: Numerous bugs fixed as tracked in Trac V2-2.Fixed: Ad Hoc Capacity Visualizer Plugin reconstitute/rehydrate solution back from My Portfolio .Improved: Plugin Formulas .1. disk. 2008 .Improved: My Portfolio UI. All rights reserved. INCLUDING THIS VERSION HISTORY. IS FOR NETAPP EMPLOYEES AND REGISTERED NETAPP PARTNERS.1.Updated: XML Environmental Database updated . 2008 .3. OS. and min/max values .Updated: XML Hardware Database updated to include new platform.1 September 25.0.Improved: My Portfolio for easier Publishing to the Environments Library (EL) .Withdrawn: . . disk.Fixed: Org Chart Builder Plugin launch error fixed .New: VTL Capacity Planner .New: Now integrated with the Environments Library.Updated: XML Hardware Database updated to include new platform. 2008 .Updated: Ad Hoc Capacity Visualizer Plugin formulas updated for increased precision . . USE OF THIS PRODUCT.Updated: Storage Design Studio (SDS) Plugin version updated to 4. Users can publish directly from My Portfolio to the Environments Library.Updated: Storage Design Studio (SDS) Plugin version updated to 4.see (download) installer above V2-2.0.2. USAGE BY ANY OTHER PERSONS OR PARTIES IS PROHIBITED.0 (bundled) Installer .Net 2.Net 2.done to reduce payload size .3 .2.3 .

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