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Freedom Center Receives 2010 “Citizen Diplomat” Award
Posted on December 17th, 2010 by Paul Bernish

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Among the thousands of visitors who come to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center each year are dozens of lawyers, journalists, jurists and other professionals from nations around the world as part of the U.S. State Department’s International Visitors Leadership Program. The IVLP program started many years ago, and is mostly unknown to the general public. Its purpose is to promote understanding among nations through citizen diplomacy. The core premise is that American citizens and institutions present a positive influence to foreigners who may know little about the United States, or have a distorted understanding of our laws, customs and culture. Sometimes in delegations from a number of countries, and sometimes in a smaller group from a single nation, the international visitors typically share one thing in common: a strong curiousity about American history, especially our early battle to overcome slavery. Increasingly, the IVLP guests want to augment their tour of our exhibitions with discussions with Freedom Center staff on subjects as diverse as museum management to anti-human trafficking strategies. A local organization, the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council, shepherds the IVLP groups around Cincinnati, with stops at other museums and cultural attractions, and visits with faculty at area colleges and universities. The World Affairs Council coordinates these tours with the State Department, which most often supplies translators and guides. The Freedom Center’s collaboration with the World Affairs Council is mutually beneficial; in 2010 alone more than 200 people from India, Thailand, Moldova, Iraq and Afghanistan (among other nations) have come through the Freedom Center. This week, in recognition of the partnership, the Freedom Center received from the World Affairs Council its 2010 “Citizen Diplomat” award. We’re greatly honored, and looking forward to hosting more international guests in 2011. More information about the World Affairs Council is available at

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