Things to Note during NSR Drive Test 1.

Call RTH (Regional Technical Head) of the Region to inform him of the DT before its commencement. 2. Before NSR DT for each site commences, Call OMC (Globacom) to Disable Power Control. 3. Note, if there is NO SUPERVISION for the Site requested for Power Control Disabling, you could continue with the drive but state this in your Report. 4. Expected Schedules and deadlines should be adhered to. 5. Communicate with RTH for corrections at each site. These include Azimuth, Tilt and Cross Sector issues. 6. Expected deliveries include: (a) Log Files (b) Copy of excel Sheet with required correction sent to RTH (c) 1st Page of Report completed and sent via mail 7. Always remember good Fuel Management during DT. These includes (a) Reporting to RNO Manager where fuel price is higher than normal (b) Receipt should always be collected after purchase of fuel; these receipts should contain the mileage, litres bought and signature of attendant. 8. In event where there is no sufficient time to send the first page of the report an analysis should be done and the text files from DT processor should be sent. 9. Always send an excel sheet showing all data collected on the field and issues on them to ease reporting when you are not available.