New Whitepaper: Cleaning Up Apps 12 on Windows

By Steven Chan on July 9, 2008 11:55 AM

Our Applications Platforms Group has released a new whitepaper that describes steps for removing an Oracle EBusiness Suite Release 12 environment from a Windows system:


How to Remove an Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Windows Environment (Metalink Note 567507.1)

There are many potential reasons for wishing to remove an environment, including an installation failure. Such a failure may result from improper install user privileges, missing prerequisite software, inadequate system resources, or other causes. Following the requirements and detailed instructions in the Oracle Applications Installation Guide, Oracle Applications Release Notes and Oracle Applications Installation and Upgrade Notes can help avoid failed installations. However, if your installation does fail, you must clean your system before you attempt to re-install Oracle Applications. The new whitepaper describes procedures for:

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Cleaning up Windows Registry keys Clearing environment variables Removing the Oracle Filesystem Deleting old Program and Oracle Inventory entries

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