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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,




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The House of Life is the residence of 8 New Testament Community of Christian 0isciples. Our purpose is to introduce Christ as the anSI'Ter all human problems to those who come he to as lrell as on the streets. We have seen God transform hundreds of lives by His power and love since we have been in existence. We print an evangelical neVlspaper, previously called Toe;ether but recently renamed Dust. '1'his offer freely on the we streets and campuses in the locar-area as well as mail them to nearly ever-J state in the nation and even Can-sda and Holland. We hope to reorganize our newspaper staff and include in it a distribution co~ittee by which we can more effectively pass out papers and also begin raising money to help pay for printing costs. On Friday and Saturday evenings we hold an evangelical Coffeehouse in our basement. vie offer refreshments and entertainment free to the public. T~e Good News of Christ is presented in song .I'" stage as well as personally at individual tables. The on brothers and sisters a.t the House go from table to table introducing the~selves, ans~rering questions and sharing testimonies with neu comers and non-believers. Many new Christians are given the opportunity in this type of atmosphere to also learn how to witness their new faith in Jesus. We have found this facet of the ministry very effective and rewarding. Sach '1ednesday evening we hold an evangelicStl meeting ~Thi usually brings in about 200 people of all ages. tieshare what the Lord has been doing for us during the past week, do much Gospel singing and most of all. present the only plan of s8lvation--through Jesus Christ. We usually see several come to the sqving knowledge of our Lord during these ~eetings. We also hold Bible studies on Tuesday and 'Thursday evenings for young Christians. These have been effective in stimulating growth through the Word and in one's prayer life. The Lord hus given us the privilege to plant many seeds. see much harvest, as well as see many new Christians constantly grow stronger in faith. Those of us who live here have dedicated and income to the work of the commun

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