ToyotaMotors is70-years old, established on August 28, 1937 in Japan. Toyota became the world's largest automaker in the first half of 2008, with sales of more than 4.8 million cars and trucks, compared with 4.54 million vehicles for General Motors Corp. TOYOTA ranked5th of the world's largest corporations in the 2008 Fortune Global 500.

Number of employees316,121 More than8,500 Millions units produced. More than8,900 Millions units sold.


4P Model of Toyota way Problem Solving People and Partners Process Philosophy .

TPS Toyota Production System .

Make system observable and correct problems as they occur 4. Produce to Order 3.SOME BASICS CONCEPTS OF TPS 1. Integrate Worker Skills . Smooth Flow and Produce to delivery Time 2.

TOYOTA SUPPLIER SUPPORT SYSTEM (TSSC) ‡ Established production cell ‡ Problem-solving groups of workers ‡ Company work time and incentives for worker problem solving ‡ A learning resource center for employees .

TOYOTA WAY FOR LONG-TERM SUCCESS ‡ Eliminating wasted time and resources ‡ Building quality into workplace system ‡ Finding low-cost but reliable alternative to expensive new technology ‡ Perfecting business process ‡ Building a learning culture for continous improvement .

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