Questionnaire (Employees) Name: Designation: Date: 1. What referred you to Aegis BPO?

Direct call Consultant Employer Referral Job portals Walk in News Paper Ad 2. Total number of interviews that you met with? 2 3 4 5 3. Why you have joined Aegis BPO? Career growth Compensation Brand name Location Company culture 4. Are you satisfied with the Recruitment & Selection process of Aegis BPO Ltd.? Yes ______ No______

5. Do you think management fairly taking care of job specification while recruiting the employees? Yes_____ No_____ 6. Are you satisfied with the induction and orientation process? Yes_____No______ 7. Whether the recruitment system is transparent at all level? Yes_____No______ 8. Are you satisfied with the interview process? Yes_____No_____ If yes, than why _____________________________________________________________ ________ If no, then what is the reason? And suggest the measure to be taken for improvement?

9. Are you satisfied with the present method being followed by the company for Recruitment & Selection? Yes_____No_____

10. Do you think wrongly recruited person can be a burden to the organization? YES_____No_____

11. Do you think your organization follows nepotism while doing recruitment? Yes_____ No_____ 12. Do you think if you are not placed according to your qualification, it affects your performance? Yes_____ No_____ 13. Do you think failure in proper recruitment by the organization will lead to increase in cost? Yes_____ No_____ 14. Are you comfortable with the working environment? Yes_____ No_____ 15. Do you think poor recruitment will affect performance appraisal system? Yes_____ No_____

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