Enhancement Spot: Enhancement spot are used to manage explicit enhancement options; it carries information about at which enhancement

options were created. We can define explicit enhancement options in the form of Enhancement-Point. Explicit/Implicit Enhancement: Examples of implicit enhancement are: 1. Beginning and end of the all form subroutine. 2. At the beginning of all program (Includes, Reports, Function pool, Module pool, etc.), after the last statement. 3. At the end of all functions module. 4. At the end of all visibility area (public, private, protected) of local class. Explicit enhancement option: Implicit enhancement options are provide at specific source code places explicitly by SAP. You can define explicit enhancement options in the form of EnhancementPoint. There is two type of explicit enhancement 1. Enhancement-Point 2. Enhancement-Section When enhancement section is implemented only the implementation gets executed and the original code doesn’t get executed. Classical BADI vs. New BADI: Classical BADI 1. Can be called only once and call positions are registered centrally. 2. BADI Object created by calling a factory. 3. Implementation possible for all BADI, But it will trigger only for un-migrated BADI. Migrating Classical BADI: New BADI is significantly faster than classical BADI. Customer should never migrate BADI Provided by SAP. Note: After up gradation some few BADI migrated to Enhancement spot. So for all migrated BADI we need to create new BADI with same name as classical BADI name or in different name. At the time of creating new BADI we need to specify classical BADI implementation name, class name for classical BADI and BADI definition Name. All migrated BADI will come on transaction SPAU. New BADI 1. Multiple calls are possible and called positions are not registered centrally. 2. BADI object created by ABAP statement get BADI. 3. Implementation possible for those BADI which are being migrated to enhancement spot.

Step for creating New BADI: 1. Go to transaction se19. give enhancement spot name and click on create boutton .

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