A Case Study On Titan Watches – Integrated Market Communication Strategy

Prepared For the learning purpose of Advertising and integrated Brand Management – Module 2

Prof.G S Sreekiran, Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences, Peenya, Bangalore E-mail:gssreekiran@gmail.com

Module Outline: At the end of the module you will be able to understand • • • • Consumer Behavior for effective communication Role of Integrated Marketing Communication in Marketing Strategies Advertising and promotional research Planning advertising and integrated brand promotion All students are requested to go through the case study. The notes for the same are available in Students share on thin – M6 Advertisement and Integrated Brand Management – Modules 2 Have a happy learning!! Prof.Guidelines The case study on Titan Watches – The integrated Marketing Communications has been developed for the learning purpose of ‘Advertisement and integrated Brand Management – Module 2. analyze and come up with individual write – up on 10/03/2011 (Thursday) for the classroom discussion. G S Sreekiran Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences .

styling was very basic and not known. which leads to another purchase. During that time Indian watch market was dominated by HMT . handled the Titan Watches account since its launch in 1987 out of its Bangalore office. mesmerized consumers and the demolished competition. The shops which were selling watches were dark. A marketing success story. Titan decided to make stylish watches and came up with 350 models in the initial stage. This is a super brand that has changed the way we look at (or wear) watches. Titan invested significantly in advertising and in that process created a set of memorable and effective properties over the years. These stores not only helped Titan to gain leadership substantially. It created waves right in the early days. backed by world-class quality created at a world-class plant located just off Bangalore. OGILVY & Mather Advertising (O&M). Accuracy would become a selling-plank. So Titan. Titan saw the opportunity – it came up with quartz watches and built its line based on quartz. Titan is a brand that will be of interest to most of the marketers. This impact has shown up in every one of the collections Prof. The time was really difficult with basic mechanical technology – not quartz. Titan has kept innovation core to its strategy. G S Sreekiran Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences . Titan brought in the concept of retailing into the watch market. and the time considered advertisement as expenditure. a brand from TATA in association with Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation was launched in 1987. realizing fully that the only way to sustain the fashion accessory perception is by continuously coming out with collections that make the current ones somewhat dated. but also irrevocably altered the retail landscape of the watch market through a demonstration effect on the traditional dealers. Titan saw advertisement as a vital investment. was launched into the Indian market on the back of these new rules. very limited range of models or limited choice for customers. established a network of fine showrooms which would later become the world's largest network of exclusive watch stores. At that time watches were seldom stylish and was catering to the basic need of knowing the time. Right from Day 1.Titan Watches – the integrated Marketing Communication Strategy Indian Watch industry is estimated to be around 1600 crores and Titan is riding on top of it with a market share of over 60% and 5th largest watch manufacturer in the world. backed by the Tata name. Titan. thereby creating a certain discomfort in the consumers' mind. dingy and uninteresting.

a series of films involving a variety of characters (father. During this period. These not only helped build a good-sized gift segment for Titan. easily caught the imagination of the market. this piece has been rendered in countless innovative versions over the years: Indian Classical. Steel. Royale. One of the films in the series.spoken of earlier. Rock. The most enduring part of the Titan advertising has been the music track.And has become such a powerful audio mnemonic for the brand. with a single violin playing the melody. Raga. Titan realized this mistake and took away the Titan brand from Sonata. Puja in Bengal) were created and released. released around 1994. It wanted to play the volume game. Nebula . but also became Titan's Theme Campaign. Now Sonata is endorsed by Tata not Titan. Titan made a big mistake. Chosen by Xerxes Desai (Tata veteran and the then MD of Tata Press was chosen to lead Titan Venture) and the creative head of O & M in 1987 for its class and western vibes. Dash. and perhaps not coincidentally. where a man and his younger daughter conspire to give his older daughter a Titan as a surprise gift at her wedding.. Funk. Titan initially pioneered the concept of " Gifting watches". building strong emotional values for the brand. unlike what consumers had seen before. The ads captured the essence of gifting and along with the trendy music. walk-ins and sales. Fast Track . Operatic. A set of 3 films were developed in 1991 around 3 relationships. For that Titan launched another brand Sonata. where the gifting of a Titan culminated in a moving personal moment and a strengthening of the bond between the protagonists. Indian Folk. boyfriend. Sonata was a huge success because it was a cheap product but at the cost of the mother brand Titan. Starting in 1987 in its pure classical versions. Sub brands like Edge. even voted by the viewers of Zee Television as the second most liked TV commercial on the channel. Prof. These films became a big hit and created a genre of advertising films which lasted a good 8 years. the segment from Mozart's 25th Symphony has arguably become Indian Advertising's most memorable track (incidentally. During those years. thief!) and with local flavour (for Onam in Kerala. teacher. Aqua etc. ex-boyfriend. and thus created curiosity. They were fresh and distinctive. this was the most liked advertising track in the same Zee TV survey). Titan carefully segmented the market and developed different subbrands for each segment. Classique. went on to become the most popular Titan film ever. daughter. G S Sreekiran Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences . By having various products / models and subbrands. Titan was able to create freshness about the brand.

and the agency will take stock of the advertising after a year. French. The campaign is specifically focused on the style-seeking sophisticate who is willing to experiment and is conscious of key social issues. Titan pushed the concept of " Matching Watches to Clothes" in the recent commercials to promote multiple purchase of watches. WPP's Mindshare will handle the media buys. including Mahatma Gandhi. Prof. G S Sreekiran Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences .Titan also moved away from gifting . Spanish. Aamir provided the much needed edge to the brand. Titan also made its presence in the ladies watch segment. It has a sub brand Raga targeting the ladies in the premium segment. Titan also relaunched the FastTrack brand of watches aiming the target segment of 18-30 yrs old. and Lowe Howard-Spink created the initial advertising for the brand. Mother Teresa and Albert Einstein. The ads were fresh and neatly executed. The campaign will run in English. Titan and its entry in European Market Titan entered Europe in 1995. Titan was careful in keeping the brand above the celebrity. Then the company found out that the youth in the age group was account for 42% of watch buying in India. The current campaign development was is to O&M for reasons of better coordination and consistent positioning. Titan also found its persona in Aamir. Based on this insight the company relaunched the brand lowering the target segment to 18-30 year olds with the baseline “How many do you have?". comprising six print ads to being with. The new campaign. Titan was positioning itself as a fashion accessory rather than a time keeping device. has images of major events and wellknown people. Dutch. Portuguese. The attempt is to show faces and images which are well known to European consumers The advertising for Titan so far has focused on introducing the brand and building its image.Earlier Fast track was targeted at 20-25 year olds and positioned along the line " Cool watches from Titan". Again the strategy aimed at promoting the multiple watch owning concepts. The account was later shifted to a creative hotshop in New York. Greek and Italian.

Batra. Discussion Questions 1. Advertising and promotion. a necessary equipment to carry to a style statement. 4. 5. and integrated marketing communications perspective Aaker. Discuss the significance of the study of Consumer Behavior in creating effective brand communication with reference to Titan. G S Sreekiran Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences . a sophisticated machine to emotional attachment. Abraham Koshy. Critically assess the continuous innovation and freshness in advertisement strategy of Titan.thehindubusinessline. Marketing Management – Asia Pacific Perspective George E Belch. 2.titanworld. Advertising Management www. It is a brand that showed the world that Indians are good in Branding.com www. References: Philip Kotler. The impact of the integrated marketing communications transformed watches to time machine. Discuss the significance of difference in brand communication in Indian and European segment. Discuss the market opportunity analysis. target market selection and product position of Titan Watches. Discuss the role of carefully crafted advertisement/brand communication in developing the Titan Brand. Evaluate the segmentation strategies and the role of advertisements. Analyze and discuss the effectiveness of overall brand communication and promotion strategies of Titan Watches.Michael E Belch.Conclusion Titan has carefully created a market for itself through careful segmentation and branding strategies.Myers. 6. 3. 7.in Prof.

the trendy range for the youth. good quality range for the budget-conscious. the brand launched hip-hop series of watches. Titan Purple. it was Insignia. age and economic background.Additional Information (www. Even the early range had distinct offerings for different requirements: formal watches (gold plated cases with fine leather straps) for the executive. trendy. it was Sonata. rugged. the cute and colourful range for kids. funky range for the young and young-at-heart. Titan has built on this principle over the last 15 years. the brand has collections like the Octane. Octane and Orion and Newest edition is a Titan Obaku and it says ‘zen by nature’ Prof. In 1999. In 1997. high precision chronographs) for those with the penchant for adventure. for those seeking exclusivity and status. for the sophisticated India woman who appreciated such things. In 2010-11. rugged watches (all steel watches with a skew to functionality) for those whose usage demanded a certain durabilit. very distinctive and international-looking top-end watches. with striking symbolism from ethnic India. the smart and contemporary collection for the young 21st century executive. In 1998. In 1994.each of them unique and fascinating. it was psi 2000. smart and affordable plastic watches for the youth: The other side of Titan for the other side of you. almost year after year: In 1989. it was Fastrack. it was Steel. In 2001. Titan saw this approach as the foundation of its leadership strategy in the early days.com) What is truly amazing about Titan is the sheer scale of its offering and the consequent choice it offers to multiple segments across taste. it was Dash. it was Nebula. it was Aqura. Diva. In 1993. colourful.worldoftitan. it was Raga. WWF and Zoop . the affordable. dress watches (gold plated cases with ornamental gold plated bracelets) for those with a preference for jewellery. In 1992. sporty and very masculine watches with serious sports features (200-m mater resistance. G S Sreekiran Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences . the ethnic range. In 1996. the cool. the sold gold and diamond-studded range of luxury watches for those affluent people to whom gold is a precious acquisition. In 2008.

G S Sreekiran Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences .Prof.

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