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Published by: Shobhit Maheshwari on Mar 23, 2011
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MIS for Business Operations

In this chapter we will discuss the applications of MIS in various functional areas in any business org.

. Each source has its own merits and demerits like cost. and ` other is short-term sources like bank borrowings etc.FINANCE INFORMATION SYSTEM Financial decision making deals with: ->Procurement or Raising of funds from various resources and ->Allocation to activities to maximise profits. Resources for Procurement of funds has basically two categories: long term sources like debentures. equity etc. risk etc.

In other words. we can say that financial management deals with reducing the cost of capital and proper utilization of funds to maximising the profits. one in long-term assets and the other is in short-term assets. To achieve the above goal the financial manager has to perform various activities such as: Financial Management Cash Management Investment Management Capital Management Financial Planning .Allocation can be made in two ways.

Because of the fast retrieval of this information. . the manager is able to deposit this cash into a bank or in the other financial institution or in a short-term project. .These systems also produce daily.Cash . management system collect information on all cash receipts and payments. . This income will enhance the financial position of the org.Cash Management : . weekly and monthly forecasts reports of cash receipt and payments which help the manager to identify future requirements.

. can invest their excess cash in short-term and low-risk securities or higher returns high risk securities. The portfolio of such securities can be managed with the help of portfolio management software.Investment Management : Investment management deals with kind and proportion of different securities to be maintained with in business org. A business org.

.Capital Budgeting : Computerized capital Budgeting System incorporates NPV or IRR method to analyze the expected cash flow and risks to determine the optimum mix of capital for a business. Financial analysts typically use electronic spreadsheets and other financial planning software to evaluate the present and projected financial performance of a business. Financial Planning : The financial planning is concerned with the best overall financing for the business.

costing etc..ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEM Accounting systems are based on double-entry book keeping principles. Computerized Accounting Information System being the oldest and most widely used information systems in business. pay roll and general ledgers system etc. comprises the inventory control. Its branches include financial accounting. .

clerks. Finance and accounting information system also has a number of subsystems which are: Data Resources : cash receipts. People Resources : accounts manager. owner.FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEM Finance and accounting as such are separate functions but are related to each other. financial analysts etc. Software Resources: Hardware Resources: Network Resources : . customer order etc. auditors.

A marketing information system is collection of data. . tools and supporting hardware and software to achieve the above goals. promotion and distribution of goods and services to achieve organizational goals.MARKETING INFORMATION SYSTEM Marketing management is the process of planning and executing the pricing.

relevant to a specific marketing situation faced by the company. salesperson and so on. quick and accurate sales reports are available that help in analyzing sales by product. Market research information systems provide market intelligence to help managers make better forecasts. territory. Market Research: Market research is the systematic design. Advertising and Promotion: Marketing information system helps in selecting media and promotional methods and evaluate the results of various advertising and promotional campaigns. collection. customer. .Marketing information system is also a collection of various subsystems such as : Sales Management : With the help of computer based sales management system. analysis and reporting of data and findings.

sales managers.Components of Marketing Information System: Data Resources : invoice. owner. clerks. People Resources : Marketing manager. Software Resources: Hardware Resources: Network Resources . customer order etc. sales representatives etc.

maintain personnel records and analyze the use of personnel in business operations. . along with these operations.HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEM Traditionally. performance appraisals. selection. supports recruitment. a business uses computer based information system to produce pay slips and payroll reports. But now the human resource information system. training etc. of the human resources.

Making drawings etc.Drawing up the schedule . The production information system has following various subsystems: Production Planning: . .Drawing up the bills of materials .PRODUCTION/MANUFACTURING INFORMATION SYSTEM Production management is the term used to refer to those activities which are necessary to manufacture goods and services.

specifications.Minimise the idle time Production Control: . Production engineers now a days use computer-aided engineering to analyze and evaluate the model of product design.Minimise wastage . and experimental activities in the product engineering.Production Engineering: Preparation of drawings. Production Scheduling : .

how an org.RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM Whether to have a separate R&D department depends upon a no. So it is not imp. conduct research. . Sometimes org. is the systematic design. management attitude towards this activity . analysis and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific business situation being faced by the business org. Research & Development Information System. of factors such as size of org. conduct research with the help of some outside agency. collection..

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