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Presenters for this program have

The Goal included professionals from:

Our program will help teens develop e Salon Crimson, Old Saybrook
a positive self image. We will
demonstrate why it’s important for e Preferred Travel, Essex
teens to take pride in what they do e Peak Performance, Essex
and what they say. Through our e Asiyes, Guilford and Madison
program we want to show teens how e Amy King, R.D.
they can build their self esteem, learn
e Scensibles, Essex

new things and feel good about their
values and decisions. Over the course e The Spa of Essex, Essex
of several weeks, the teens will e The Lace Factory, Deep River
interact with their peers and e Kathy Gomarko from Elite, Madison
professionals to learn how to wind
Self Esteem Program
their way through this important time e Pomegranate Salon, Deep River
of their life. e Azul Fine Clothing, Old Saybrook
e The Main Switch Salon, Middletown
e Salon Massimo, Westbrook | Branford
To be yourself in a world
constantly trying to make you
something else is the greatest All girls between the ages of 13 –17
years of age can benefit from this
a Ralph Waldo Emerson Believe in your dreams and they
may come true, believe in yourself
Victoria E. Taylor and they WILL come true.
P. O. Box 343 a Anonymous
Essex, CT 06426
Telephone: 860-995-8238

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The Need Introduction
Introductions and discussion on self
Clothes Sense
How to look your best while still
Teens have many pressures upon them,
image and self esteem along with an keeping your own unique look. A
from the physical changes in their body
overview of the following sessions. clothing specialist will show different
to peer acceptance. With these pressures,
styles to suit every shape, size and
their confidence and self esteem can Inner Beauty budget.
suffer. The natural desire to feel accepted Encompassing diet, nutrition and
can begin to take over their lives. They exercise. Focusing on the fact that all Interview Skills
focus on comparing themselves against foods can fit into a healthy diet. Eat well! Interactive session with potential
the images they see on television and in employers. Girls are advised to dress
Skin Care appropriately for this session. A
the movies, along with those around Make the most of your skin and how
them. They sometimes fail to recognize professional businessperson will be
to look after it. A skin care specialist will conducting mock interviews with
their own strengths and unique qualities. show you the best way to treat your feedback for each participant. (Session
This all comes at a time when teens are own skin. will vary depending on the age group.)
saddled with more responsibility to
choose between right and wrong and to Hair Care Internet Safety &
Look after your hair so that it is easy to Predator Awareness
develop their own values to live by.
manage. Look healthy and enhance your An interactive session on the aspects
overall look. Maybe a new style! of using social networking sites such
Etiquette as Facebook and Myspace. Focus will
The proper way to order from a menu, be on the safe use of these sites.
including the correct choice of utensils Sexting will also be discussed.
and glassware. How to interact with the Wrap Up
public with poise. Open discussion with the group to
Mindfulness: discuss the program and find out
taking hold of your mind what we have learned over the course
This interactive session is about learning of the weeks.
to be in control of one’s mind, instead of Please note: The sessions may be
your mind being in control of you, and interchanged based on the facilitator
creating awareness without judgement and the age of the participants.
through noticing our experiences.