Moving and Lifting Procedures RD guide

Individual RD

1. Moving the client up in bed - 2-3 min.
Moving a client with limited strength in upper extremities 2. Pulling a client up in bed - 2 min.

3. Moving client to side of bed by segments – 2-3 min. Turning client to lateral or prone position in bed 4. Assisting a client to a sitting position in bed - 2 -3 min. Assisting a client to a sitting position on the edge of the bed

5. Transferring a client between a bed and a wheelchair (omit ALL THE VARIATIONS) –
2-3 min. Transferring a client between bed and stretcher (omit ALL THE VARIATIONS) - 3 min Group RD

1. Two nurses using a turn sheet - 2 min.
Two nurses using a hand/forearm interlock 2. Logrolling a client – 2 min. Grading System 1. Mastery 2. Ease in doing the procedure 3. Ability to answer –2 - 2 - 1 5


Total scores = 8 x 5 = 40 (5 procedures in individual RD) (3 procedures in group RD)

 

Ask students to write name in a 1/2 sheet of paper with their complete name, block, CI, date and procedures Students will be rotated from one CI to another; original CI will be in-charge for adding scores and recording of grades.

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