Unit 7: It was all very strange.

Simple Past of regular verbs
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Simple past of verb to be

I was You were He/ She/ It was tired. I wasn t

tired. Was I Were you Was he Was she Was it Were we Were you Were they You weren t He/ She/ It wasn t

tired? + Yes, I was. - No, I wasn t. + Yes, you were. - No, you weren t. + Yes, she was. - No, she wasn t + Yes, we were. - No, we weren t +Yes, we were. - No, we weren t. + Yes, they were. - No, they weren t.

We were You were They were

We weren t You weren t They weren t

Possessive pronouns
It s my book-> It s mine .

My -> Your -> Her -> His -> mine yours hers his our -> ours your -> yours their -> theirs


Question word: whose?
y y

Whose book is it? It s mine

Van wie is het boek? / Wiens boek is het Het is de mijne.

reading texts
English Pretty late, To enjoy English Quite late rather late to like a lot

a country to bring together. to go and get to say to yourself you want to do something to see to put something in a paper. for example <-> to disappear Good temper <-> bad mood To believe strongly that something will happen Something that you throw away Common adjectives English Old Bad Big small Easy Difficult Boring Interesting Expensive Cheap Heavy Light Awfull Nice/ good Slow Quick /fast Strong Weak Young New Tall Short Fine Pleased Upset Dutch Oud Slecht Groot Klein Gemakkelijk Moeilijk Saai Interessant Duur Goedkoop Zwaar Licht Afschuwelijk Goed Traag snel Sterk Zwak Jong Nieuw Groot Klein Prima/ ok Tevreden Verdrietig . town.A painting To be puzzled A backpack To reply Suddenly To check To unwrap A present A load of A guide book To collect To decide To look to wrap To appear Good mood To expect Rubbish something a painter makes to feel confused and worried because you cannot understand something a rucksack to answer at once to control to take something out of the paper a gift to give very quickly a lot a book with lots of information about a place.

school + school subjects English Timetable Art Computer studies Design and Technology English language English Literature Environmental Studies French Geography German History Media Studies Spanish Science Religious Studies Physical Education ( PE) Music Modern Languages Grade Dutch Uurschema Kunst/ tekenen Informatica Ontwerpen Engelse taal Engelse Literatuur Milieukunde Frans Aardrijkskunde Duits Geschiedenis Mediakunde / Actualiteit Spaans Wetenschappen/ Natuurkunde Godsdienst Lichamelijke opvoeding Muziek Moderne talen cijfer other English A century A country house To date back to Mist To notice To park A season To hurry To love To bet Ghost stories Load of rubbish A message What s up? A seat To point To cry Dutch Eeuw Landhuis Dateren uit Mist Opmerken Parkeren Seizoen Haasten Houden van Wedden Spookverhalen Hoop onzin Boodschap Wat scheelt er? Zitplaats Wijzen Huilen .

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