Seven Wonders Project My wonder: Petra

By: Emily Price Global Connections Period 3

The map of Jordan 
This is the map of Jordan.  Petra is located in the southwestern part of Jordan.

The History of Petra 
Petra achieved its greatest importance under the Nabataeans, an ancient people whose original homeland was in northeaster Arabia.  They migrated westward in the 6th century BC and eventually settled at Petra.  Petra may be the city of Sela (which, like Petra, means ³Rock´) mentioned in the Old Testament, but this is not certain.  By the 1st century BC, Petra was home to as many as 30,000 people. It was during this period that the most impressive structures were built, including the Treasury, the Great Temple and the Qasr el-Bint el-Faroun. elel-

What makes Petra globally important? 
Petra is an ancient rock city  It is best known for the Khazneh el-Farun el(Pharoah¶s Treasury), a mausoleum.  Petra was the focal point of a vast caravan trade for many centuries.  It was home to many early Christians.