MINERAL RESOURCES STATE Glass sand, limestone, salt, shale, ball clay, galena, granite, marble, Laterrite, bentonite, phosphate, kaolin, pyrite, feldspar, petroleum, lignite, gypsum, sphalerite, clay Granite, clay, gypsum, limestone, uranium, kaolin, coal, trona, baryte, salt, marble, magnetite, laterite Clay, glass sand, salt, silica sand, granite, coal, petroleum, natural gas, kaolin, limestone, lignite Clay, iron stone, natural gas, petroleum, sand stone, kaolin, pyrite, lignite Kaolin, trona, gypsum, cassiterite, mica, clay, tantalite, galena, iron ore, gemstone, sphalerite, silica sand, barite, columbite, zinc, lead, muscovite, quartz, columbite, tin, glass sand, salt, monazite, feldspar, graphite, wolfram, coal, agate, tantalum, rutile, tungsten, copper, talc, Limenite, zircon Salt, petroleum, natural gas, silica sand Bentonite, crude salt, petroleum, limestone, glass sand Gemstone, barites, feldspar, marble, mica, silica sand, quartz, galena, lead, zinc ore, silica sand, clay, coal, gypsum, kaolin, anhydrite, calcium, sulphate, brick clay, crushed and dimension stone, fluorspar, bauxite, shale, magnetite, ilmenite, brenite Silica sand, natural salt, sapphire, topaz, mica, quartz, gypsum, uranium, iron ore, magnetite, feldspar, granite, aquamarine,



Akwa Ibom






lateritic clay. tin ore. quartzite. ball clay. columbite. wolframite. limestone. thorium. silica. silica sand. zircon. refractory clay. charnockite. gold. kyanite. salt deposits. kaolin. ceramic clay Clay. amethyst. bauxite. kaolin. Laterrite sand. spring water. ball clay. gravel. galena. sand. talc. Glass sand. hyalite. limestone. silica. tin. tin ore. granite. clay. clay. marble. iron ore. petroleum. talc. glass sand. barites Kaolin. limestone. Muscovite. kaolin. marble. refractory clay. limestone. gemstone. galena. salt. trona. mica. Laterrite. granite. manganese. petroleum. graphite. kaolin. lead zinc. gypsum. lignite. columbite. quartz. river sand. lignite. cassiterite. limestone. granite. tourmaline. granite. gypsum. cassiterite. limestone Muscovite. beryl. petroleum. manganese. quartz. gold. phyrochlorite. columbite Clay. ilmenite. feldspar. tin ore. Limenite. Laterrite clay. kaolin. Laterrite clay. gemstone. clay. gold. uranium. gold Cross River Delta Ebonyi Edo Ekiti STATE Imo Jigawa Kaduna Kano . limestone. granite. diorite. natural gas. natural gas. tin ore. granite Copper. kaolin. natural gas. Limenite.nepheline. monazite. mica. granite. goethite. coal. granite. potash Salt. gemstone. bentonite. salt. kaolin MINERAL RESOURCES Crude oil. potash. bauxite. spring water Lead/Zinc ore. shale. gold. tantalite. sharp sand.

phosphate. sapphire. kaolin. kaolin. gemstone. feldspar. granite. lateritic clay. dolomite. clay Clay. iron ore. mica. feldspar. amethyst Kebbi Kogi Kwara Lagos Nassarawa Niger Ogun Ondo Osun Oyo . dolomite. bauxite clay. marble. clay. black tourmaline. talc. clay. gypsum. bitumen. glass sand. kaolin. amethyst. quartz. manganese. quartz. chrysolite. lignite Clay. aquamarine. talc. limestone. silica sand. limestone. ornamental stone. topaz. cassiterite. quartz. serpentine (chresolite asbestos). limestone. barites. granite. gypsum. silica sand Salt. iron ore. zircon. granite. kaolin. gold. granite. asbestos. quartz. marble. beryl. phosphate. quartz. feldspar. feldspar. marble. garnet. petroleum. gold. graphite. feldspar. limestone. gemstone. kaolin. graphite. Manganese. cyanide. chromites. feldspar. Limenite. gravel. iron ore. galena. granite. dolomite. silica sand. monazite. tourmaline. quartz. diorite. granite sand. gold. marble. tantalite. feldspar.Katsina Gold. asbestos. limestone. mica. limestone Silica sand. tar sand Marble. feldspar. Limenite. iron ore. Laterrite Cassiterite. tourmaline. kaolin Clay. coal. gemstone Kaolin. emerald. gold. iron ore. diamond. dolomite. cassiterite. sharp sand. mica. quartz. granite. amethyst. mica Clay. potash. glass sand. silimanite. gemstone. talc. red clay. uranium. silica sand. coal Ball clay. clay. Limenite. mica.

kaolin. bauxite. talc Graphite. clay. columbite. fatigue resistant metal of high tensile strength. ball clay. gypsum. crude oil. galena. Limenite. --Extracted Berylium is used as a moderator in nuclear reactions. potash. calcite. mica. kaolin. kaolin. diatomite. phosphate. gypsum. Laterrite. clay. Alluvial gold. coal.Plateau Monazite. salt. ceramic clay Kaolin. barite. Laterrite. limestone. galena Petroleum. uranium. silica sand. clay. Aquamarine and Heliodor) --Major source of the metal Berylium alloys with copper to produce hard. glass sand. natural gas. limestone. chromites. trona. mica. granite Taraba Yobe Zamfar a Fluorspar. clay. iron ore. glass sand. feldspar. talc. quartz. uranium. silica sand. granite Rivers Sokoto Enugu FCT – Abuja Gombe Lateritic clay. --Oxide (Beo) derived from Beryl is an excellent . limestone. clay. bentonite clay Gold. cassiterite. lead/zinc ore Salt. spring water 1 Beryl (Emerald. kaolin. kaolinitic clay. gypsum. gypsum. zircon. zircon. cassiterite. barites. columbite. iron-ore. pyrite. marble. garnet. granite. clay. halites. diatomite. petroleum. magnetite. tourmaline. granite. silica sand. coal. gypsum. tantalite. dolomite. granite. shale. epsomite. sand. sapphire. trona. gemstone. feldspar. dolomite. limestone. feldspar. clay Silica sand. silica sand. marble. charnockite. limestone.

soaps and sand paper. for . coated paper. Lead 50%). 4 Quartz --Used in glass and silica bricks. --In its powered form. bearings in scientific instruments. white opacifier in enamel industry. for refining precious metals. roof of electrical furnaces. fire bricks for electrical porcelain.refractory withstanding temperatures of up to 2. --Used as insulator of heat and electricity. 7 Tantalite --Source of Tantalum used in the production of special steels especially those for dental and surgical instruments. --It is used in construction mortal and cement and flux metallurgy.750oC 2 Sapphire --Used as watch jewels. paint scouring. it is used in porcelain. sharpening stones and scouring powders. Also for ornamental purposes. heat sensitive detective devices called barometer. --Manufacture of space crafts 8 Cassiterite --Tin plating for making Tin cans. --Sometimes used for the manufacture of abrasives. 6 Zircon --It is a major source of Zinconia (Oxide of Zirconium metal) used for refractories. Also for ornamental purposes. best sparking plugs. automobile radiators and electrical equipment. Used for sealing of Tin cans. sand paper. muffle furnaces. 9 Columbite --Source of Niobium used as an alloy of steel to form weldable high speed steel for radio transmitting valves. paints and lacquers in abrasives and polishing powder. 3 Tourmaline --Used in the manufacture of pressure gauges to measure transient blast pressure. scouring soaps and as a wood filter. paint. --Making alloy solders (Tin 50%. 5 Amethyst Garnet Topaz --Mostly used for ornamental purposes. grindstones.

13 Barytes --Source of barium metal used in alloy. porcelain. steel for various uses. 12 Iron Ore --For making cast iron. railways and . 11 Galena --Lead (metal) used in storage batteries --Paints (white lead) PbC03 alloys for various uses. --Source of Titanium metal used for ferro titanium alloys. aluminum. --Used as de-oxidizer and for stabilizing ore. tiles. etc. with Iron as Barium ferrite for permanent magnets. 15 Limestone --Source of calcium metal used as a de-oxidizer and scavenger in refining copper.jet engines and other aircraft components. production of generators. wrought iron. ceramic industry as part of the body of the ware and as a constituent of the glazes on pottery. 17 Coaking coal --For producing pig iron --Steel production --As fuel to provide heat --To raise steam for power stations. telephone. --Used as drilling mud in the petroleum industry 14 Feldspars --Used in glass manufacturing. --Used as fillers in production of tyres and tubes and as dry lubricants. --In cement manufacture --In metallurgy as flux --As filter in paints --Construction work --For hydrated lime production 16 Mica --Muscovite used chiefly as electrical insulator. 10 Ilmenite --Source of Titanium dioxide which is used for white paint pigments. --Barium with Lead and calcium for bearings – alloy with Aluminum magnesium and Nickel for Radio valves. condensers. insulators. Also used for making alloys for various uses. chromium and nickel and reducing Uranium oxide to uranium.

flower pots. fencing bricks. Ephalerite. sanitary wares. terazzo tiles. 23 Chalcopyrite --Sulphur to manufacture sulphur ointment for skin medication --Sulphur to sulphuric acid. floor tiles. etc --For chlorine production. for coloured and white glass containers. caustic soda and sodium sulphate. Clay. electrical porcelain and table ware. Ilmenite. 18 Talc --In paints as extender --In ceramics for tiles. bottles. etc. 21 Dolomite/Marble --For Refractory furnace. tips of barriers and for refractory purposes --Cosmetic industry. Galena. Columbite. Pyrite.domestic purposes --for producing coal gas. floor and wall tiles. Mica 2 Awe Barytes. etc. building materials. Sodium Chloride. DISTRIBUTION OF SOLID MINERALS IN NASARAWA STATE S/N 1 LOCAL AREA Akwanga SOLID MINERAL Cassiterite. Also as synthetic marble and for table wares. . 22 Salt --For food seasoning and preservation --In chemical industry to prepare soda ash. etc. 20 Glass sand --Glass industry. source of carbon dioxides. Clay. Limestone. 19 Clays --For building bricks.

Aquamarine. Clay. Granite 11 Obi Baryte. Chalcopyrite 8 Lafia Clay. Coaking coal 12 Toto Marble. Aquamarine. Aquamarine Website: www. Tantalite 10 Nasarawa Eggon Emerald. Silica sand 4 Keana Baryte. Limestone 5 Karu Clay. Sphalerite 6 Keffi Clay. Amethyst.au/minerals/geology/mineral_resources/commodities/manganese . Ilmenite. Columbite.pir.gov. Mica. Clay. Iron ore. Columbite. Quartz. Mica. Galena. Talc. Aquamarine and Sapphire) 7 Kokona Tourmaline. Heliodor. Topaz 9 Nasarawa Cassiterite. Gemstone (Tourmaline.sa.3 Doma Clay. Salt. Tantalite. Silica sand. Topaz. Granite. Silica sand. Mica. Granites. Mica 13 Wamba Tantalite. Cassiterite.

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