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Page 1 of 1 Jeff Kerr i /\ | From: Wiliam. $ [WilliamStanic@shaw ca} Sent: Friday, Ociober 24, 2008 3:21 PM To: Meetu Madan ‘Subject: Fw: Her two messages with instructions, --~ Original Message —- From: John Altinger To: Wily St ‘Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 6:00 PM ‘Subject: Her two messages with instructions, ‘although this sounds exciting | have to make sure you're not some kind of weirdo and so far you seem fairly well ut together but anyone can lie online right. so | have an idea for how beth of us can be made comfortable with the situation, and by both of us of course | mean me lol. | bought this. weil lets callit a handyman special (I'm all about resale) and the back gate isa litle screwed up $0 | locked it off and everyone's just been entering through the garage so it works out ok When you see it youll know what | mean. if you do this, | can direct you to the house ffom the alley without giving away the street, address and see you before | let you in. Maybe this is paranoid on my part But | have to look after myselt. My first instincts about people are never wrong and | know to trust them, { want to play very much but | have to be cautious as 'm sure you can understand. if you're ok with this let me know. If not we'll have to miss each other. On a lighter note though if we really gel you said you had 4 days off. How long can | keep you for if | choose? Maybe you should pack for a few days lol. Jen Ok if you're coming from the South, best thing 10 do is to use the Whitemud to get to 50 st and go south. Then You go right on 40 ave and after a couple blocks turn right again at a yellow crosswalk sign into the alley. Some ‘uy Parks his RV there so pay attention fol (Once you do that, just go left and park in the only driveway on your left that looks like & forest, lol. What did | say? fixer upper; yeah not paved. There's a couch and some other garbage | haven' had time to cal the city about yel. Hiljust leave the garage door partly open for you to sneak in through. Just make sure you push the button at tins regular door to close the big door. | have a frend coming over to use part of it a8 a workshop this weekend 50 ne blanketed off where my car usually goes lo Like I need red spray paint on my car right, don't ask {Im going to be out and about today because my gf just caled me and got me into hanging out with her but you ‘and | can get together at 7-00. I'l be back by then, ‘Sound good? SCANNED