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Vital Signs Committee Meeting: Minutes
Date: Monday Feb 7th_2011 Time: 2 PM – 3 pm local time Location: CBTBoardroom Attendees: Committee Members Denise English Sarah Davis Ryan Watmough Joyce Deboer Regrets: Devin Solberg Lynne Romano Sabrina Curtis Guests: Holly Magoon Ron Oszust

Deadlin es

Discussion Item Call to Order: 1. Approval of Agenda 2. Approval of Minutes – note changes Denise made to Ryans first


Motioned by Denise, 2nd Joyce Denise to fwd signed agreement to CFC. Ryan will fwd info on Canadian Technology On track, still waiting on speakers.

3. Ryan: update VS agreement and SPARC research agreement 4. Community Forestry Session. Update.
suggestion for positive stories, success stories. Discussion included

5. Ryan: outline VS Canada Schedule - Indicators Set: April - Publishing: Sept/Oct - Presentations: Oct - Debrief: Nov
We need to confirm/clarify timelines for opinionaire so it coincides with forestry session and meeting with community groups.

6. Form and opinonaire committee, objectives….etc

Sarah will look @ OCP for examples of how to put the opinionnaire out there. Next meeting

7. Inclusion, exclusion? Update Lynne, Holly


8. Format of community meetings and who will set these up? Next steps Next Meeting:
To be coordinated by Denise