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T – ZZY FEB. 2005 Printed in Japan

be sure to use parts of identical designation.20 P4 .06 x 230 x 340) IEC 65-6 Caution Z21-038 Not used Not used Not used AHG7117 ARM7067 EXTERIOR Label Display Panel A Display Panel B Cord Clamper DRW1739 DAH2095 DAH2096 RNE-513 DRW2268 DAH2177 DAH2178 Not used P3 . CONTRAST OF MISCELLANEOUS PARTS NOTES: A Parts marked by "NSP" are generally unavailable because they are not in our Master Spare Parts List.62k 562 x 101 5621 RN1/4PC 5 6 2 1 F CONTRAST TABLE DJM-500/RELM4 and DJM-500/RELM are constructed the same except for the following : Part No.35 P4 . Reference Nos.10 P4 .1 When there are 2 effective digits (any digit apart from 0).1 2 3 4 1.2 When there are 3 effective digits (such as in high precision metal film resistors). and K=10%). When ordering resistors. No. first convert resistance values into code form as shown in the following examples. Mark Symbol and Description B P4 .03 x 230 x 340) Polyethylene Bag (0.116 C DJM-500/ RELM4 NSP P4-8 P4 . 5. when replacing. Refer to “ CONTRAST OF PCB ASSEMBLIES ”. Therefore.59 P4 .8 P4 .21 PCB ASSEMBLIES DSP ASSY TERMINAL ASSY DWX1786 DWZ1076 DWX2464 DWZ1148 NSP NSP NSP VR Assy PHONE JACK ASSY MIC JACK ASSY DWM2057 DWZ1057 DWZ1066 DWM2210 DWZ1144 DWZ1145 NSP NSP SUB Assy BAL. such as 560 ohm and 47k ohm (tolerance is shown by J=5%. D 2 DJM-500 1 2 3 4 . Ex. 560 56 x 101 RD1/4PU 5 6 1 J 561 47k RD1/4PU 4 7 3 J 47 x 103 473 0.5 RN2H R 5 0 K R50 1 RS1P 1 R 0 K 1R0 Ex. indicate the pages and Nos.57 P4 . Ref. in the service manual for the base model.8 P3 . Screws adjacent to mark on product are used for disassembly.11 DJM-500/ RELM NSP Remarks For Accessories • For PCB ASSEMBLIES.OUT ASSY PHONE ASSY DWM2058 DWZ1059 DWZ1077 DWM2211 DWZ1147 DWZ1146 PACKING Polyethylene Bag (0. The mark found on some component parts indicates the importance of the safety factor of the part.

C1004 *2 : Refer to “ 2. D 3 DJM-500 5 6 7 8 .5 6 7 8 CONTRAST OF PCB ASSEMBLIES • TERMINAL Assy A DWZ1076 and DWZ1148 are constructed the same except for the following : Part No. C621.C1104 C1105 . C875. PCB CONNECTION DIAGRAM”. C877. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM and 3. they consist of the same components. C880. PCB CONNECTION DIAGRAM”. • PHONE Assy DWZ1077 and DWZ1146 are constructed the same except for the following : Part No. C622. • BAL. C879. C876. • PHONE JACK Assy DWZ1057 and DWZ1144 are constructed the same except for the following : Part No. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM DWZ1076 DWZ1148 RD1/4PU101J CCCSL101J50 CCCSL101J50 RD1/4PU332J Not used CQMA221J50 Not used LAU221J *1 and 3. PCB CONNECTION DIAGRAM”. Mark Symbol and Description Remarks C602. Mark Symbol and Description Remarks R878 . Mark Remarks Symbol and Description C1005 DWZ1066 DWZ1145 Not used CCSRCH221J50 *3 *3 : Refer to “ 2. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM DWZ1057 DWZ1144 Not used CKSRYB104K25 *2 and 3. C646 C1101 .L906 *1 : Refer to “ 2. PCB CONNECTION DIAGRAM”. C881 C868. C869. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM and 3. C882 L901 .R883 C867. C • MIC JACK Assy DWZ1066 and DWZ1145 are constructed the same except for the following : Part No. C870.OUT Assy Although DWZ1059 and DWZ1147 are different in part number. Mark Symbol and Description Remarks C1003.C1110 DWZ1077 DWZ1146 CCCSL101J50 Not used Not used CQMA102J50 CCPUSL470J50 CCPUSL560J50 B *4 *4 *4 : Refer to “ 2. C878.

3mV -252.1KHz 10mVp-p -7.7mV (P1) (P1) (P2) (P2) (P2) (P2) To INPUT ASSY (J102) C (P2) (P3) (P3) (P3) (P3) D : AUDIO SIGNAL (R) (P1) 4 : RETURN SIGNAL : PHONO1 (CH2) SIGNAL (P2) (P3) : PHONO2 (CH3) SIGNAL : CD (CH2) SIGNAL : PHONO3 (CH4) SIGNAL : LINE1 (CH1) SIGNAL : CD (CH1) SIGNAL : LINE2 (CH3) SIGNAL DJM-500 1 2 3 4 .9mV 247.3mV (P1) (P1) B GND (P1) 20mV/div 0.3mV To INPUT ASSY (J101) 106.95 104.1V/div 0.2ms/div 1KHz 0.2ms/div -14dB.1 TERMINAL ASSY TERMINAL ASSY (DWZ1148) A 0.2ms/div -54dB.04 106.56Vp-p 260mVp-p 8.1KHz 50mV/div 0.1 2 3 4 2.7mV 104. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 2.

5V/div 0.19 2.1mV C -15.6mV 0.5 6 7 8 (R) To DSP ASSY (J106) To PHONE ASSY (J151) A (R) B PLAYER CONTROL 2V/div 5Vp-p GND 3.8mV 0 3.33 14.6Vp-p 0.9mV 1.6Vp-p 14.5V/div 20ms/div 1KHz 15.4mV 3.9mV -563mV To VR ASSY (J103) 15.2ms/div 1KHz D To PHONE ASSY (CN107) 5 DJM-500 5 6 7 8 .

2 -40mV -257mV C 0 -45mV -44mV -1.2ms 1KHz -15.2ms 1KHz 20mV/div 0.5V/div 0.2mV 0.3 To TERMINAL ASSY (CN151) 0.2ms 1KHz 1.6mV 0 -15.2 18.2ms 1KHz 0.64 15.6Vp-p SIGNAL ROUTE (R) D : RETURN SIGNAL : AUDIO SIGNAL 6 DJM-500 1 2 3 4 .56Vp-p 0.2 (R) 0 (R) (R) B 0 (R) -15.1 2 3 4 2.0 BAL. OUT ASSY (DWZ1147) 0.3 0 8.64 0.2ms 1KHz 2.2 PHONE ASSY PHONE ASSY (DWZ1146) A 0 0 50mV/div 0.64 0.5V/div 0.7mV 15.3 0 0 0.2 0.1V/div 0.0 -8.54Vp-p (R) 0 15.2ms 1KHz 280mVp-p 6mVp-p GND 18.64 0.64 0.4Vp-p 15.3 -3.1V/div 0.0 8.8mV -15.

2 0 0 0 C 0 0 -0.2ms 1KHz To TERMINAL ASSY (CN107) 2.2 0 0 -15.5 6 7 8 A 0.3 0 0 B 15.5V/div 0.3 D 7 DJM-500 5 6 7 8 .69 -15.7Vp-p 15.

1 2 3 4 2.3 PHONE JACK and MIC JACK ASSYS A PONE JACK ASSY (DWZ1144) To VR ASSY (2/2) (J109) B MIC JACK ASSY (DWG1145) C To VR ASSY (2/2) (J120) D 8 DJM-500 1 2 3 4 .

5 6 7 8 3. Symbol In PCB Diagrams Symbol In Schematic Diagrams B C E B C E Part Name 3. 4. View point of PCB diagrams.C. Part numbers in PCB diagrams match those in the schematic diagrams.Board Chip Part SIDE B Resistor array 3-terminal regulator 3. 2. Connector A Capacitor Transistor B C E B C E B C SIDE A E Transistor with resistor B C E D G S D G S Field effect transistor D G S P. A comparison between the main parts of PCB and schematic diagrams is shown below. For further information for respective destinations.1 PHONE JACK and MIC JACK ASSYS PHONE JACK ASSY B SIDE A SIDE B (DNP1726-H) (DNP1726-H) C To VR ASSY (J109) MIC JACK ASSY SIDE A SIDE B D (DNP1726-H) (DNP1726-H) To VR ASSY (J120) 9 DJM-500 5 6 7 8 . be sure to check with the schematic diagram. The parts mounted on this PCB include all necessary parts for several destinations. PCB CONNECTION DIAGRAM NOTE FOR PCB DIAGRAMS : 1.

SEND L To PHONE ASSY (J151) DNX2227-C DWZ1076- W348 V+B W349 V-B W350 V-8 To DSP ASSY (J106) W347 CN151 V+8 1 15 V-B W346 C R C8 C811 R691 R692 C806 R826 R8 C834 GND W339 CN101 C807 R827 C809 CN101 15.GND 15.GNDA 11.GND C886 W317 C888 5 C885 C803 8 W316 R820 R807 2 3 4 To PHONE ASSY (J107) .SEND R 6.CH2CT1 4.GNDA 7.GNDA 13.GNDA 5.GND 13.SENDL 11.GND 9.GNDA 1.PH1R 8.RETURN R 12.RETURNR 9.V+BB 2.V-8A 5.CD1L W334 2 R8 C8 C810 12 C802 W326 8.1 2 3 4 3.CH2CT2 3.V+8A 4.CD1R 2.CH1CT1 6.SUB L 14.GND 11.CD2R 14.L1R 6.RETURN R 10.CH1CT2 5.SUB R CN107 14 15 SIDE A 1 IC801 To VR ASSY (J101) D 10 DJM-500 1 C808 R828 W342 W338 CN151 1.GND 7.V-BB 3.SENDR 13.GNDA 9.2 TERMINAL ASSY A TERMINAL ASSY L901 L90 L902 (SIDE B) (SIDE B) C837 KN101 R854 C857 C838 C869 CN802 CN801 JA805 C859 JA806 C861 C863 C865 C867 R879 R804 R801 R802 C840 R809 R810 R878 C870 C858 C860 C862 R856 C864 C866 C868 R808 R805 R806 C841 C855 B R853 R803 C839 C856 W314 R818 R811 R812 R817 R819 R855 C891 C804 W315 C887 1 C884 C842 C801 W321 W325 CN106 R821 W324 13 GND 1 15 C805 14 1 C R693 1 GND GND GND 2 PH2R PH2L L2R L2L CN102 1 MPL 2 1 8.MUTE 2 R824 R822 R825 W333 C R823 4 W320 C883 IC801 CN106 1.GNDC 2.GND 10.PH1L 10.GND 12.RETURNL 7.L1L 4.GNDA 3.CD2L 12.

GND 1.MASTER L 2.BOOST L 6.GND 1.BOOST R 4.MASTER L 14 GND GND MUTE GND MPR GND GNDA MPL GND GND GND 1 R857 R845 C817 C821 R693 L2R L2L CN107 R861 W327 CN161 2 Q802 C824 C823 IC803 C820 1 D804 R834 C822 02 E C810 R828 C835 R694 W313 Q801 R860 C808 R839 W318 W331 C818 B W323 W328 R826 R847 C813 C816 R837 R848 D803 R833 C814 R836 R835 IC802 C802 C815 C851 R864 C825 R824 C806 C826 C890 R868 C852 Q803 R863 C812 R867 C853 Q804 E W319 R859 C889 R822 R832 R831 C804 R870 W312 C854 8 7 R815 C844 R869 68 R818 C843 4 R879 1 67 CN807 C846 W310 5 (SIDE B) 8 L901 SIDE A 1 Q802 IC804 Q801 Q804 Q803 IC803 IC802 o PHONE ASSY To VR ASSY (J107) (J102) D 11 DJM-500 5 6 7 8 .MASTER R 2.GND 3.5 6 7 8 A L902 L903 (SIDE B) (SIDE B) C869 L904 L905 (SIDE B) CN803 C871 L906 (SIDE B) (SIDE B) JA804 C879 C877 VR801 C881 W311 78 C870 C845 R813 C873 C875 C872 R814 R880 R881 C880 C882 C876 C878 R841 R842 R829 R830 R843 R844 R883 R882 C874 R816 R820 19 R838 R849 4 C828 R850 C829 R840 R851 1 1 R871 C819 R872 GND W330 W329 IC804 8 R846 5 4 5 4 D802 R858 R862 W322 D801 1 E E C827 C830 W332 R876 C848 C847 R852 W336 W341 R873 W343 R695 R696 15 C849 R874 C850 R875 C832 C833 W335 C836 W345 W344 W337 C831 W340 SUBL PH3R SUBR PH3L PH2R PH2L 1 C 3 (DNP1725-E) 1 7 CN103 W352 W351 To VR ASSY (J103) 2 6 CN103 7.GND 5.MASTER R W353 3.

V-8A 2.SEND R C637 9.V+8A 3.V+BB C620 2.V+8A 4.V+BB R609 W190 6.GNDA 7.RETURN R 10.V-BB 3. ASSY (J121) R607 JA601 R955 R959 W199 W216 DWZ1077DNX2237-D To TERMINAL ASSY (CN151) W209 IC602 IC602 R606 R958 R608 IC605 C646 R954 IC605 IC601 JA607 C606 C611 C610 R605 W242 SIDE A C604 C608 C603 (DNP1727-E) 3 Q603 R632 4 C630 C652 1 R634 5 R643 Q232 R252 IC233 C234 R242 1 R244 8 E IC17 R258 E E E R254 C236 C240 (SIDE B) 4 Q603 Q234 D608 R260 D605 Q233 R256 CP1 V0 C243 (SIDE B) 1 R636 W122 R262 R952 C632 D606 W120 W121 C641 R638 R+ R264 LL+ GNDA R- R261 R259 R263 D607 GNDA R257 R649 R253 R240 R255 (SIDE B) R235 E R250 R248 R236 R648 C246 W125 W301 R249 C235 R646 R243 W131 C239 R239 R251 (SIDE B) W128 W134 W133 C1106 R620 C245 W139 C1105 R622 R616 W137 C1107 C1108 C644 R247 C645 R640 CP1 V0 J251 R639 JA231 C625 R623 R617 J108 R619 DWZ1147DNX2236-B C627 C252 R629 JA232 C648 J250 C647 C247 5 D602 W182 V-8 R628 W185 C643 R612 CN121 1.SUBMIC R C617 R698 4 W193 1 R610 2 C619 12 C642 (SIDE B) 1 C636 R697 1 C1101 W215 (SIDE B) 6 8 C605 C1102 1 4 1 1 D C609 C250 4 5 C958 C249 IC601 6 R+ 1 R602 W247 C602 R- 5 R957 GNDA 8 4 8 R641 L+ 5 C635 C 1 L- C607 R604 C251 1 GNDA 1 BAL.GNDA 5.GNDA 15.SUBMIC L 14.RETURN L 12.SEND L 8.J108 JA606 Q231–Q234 IC17 R647 C638 DJM-500 4 IC233 J107 8 R233 R241 C629 C651 Q602 R631 E R637 R642 Q602 D601 R633 R635 1 W135 C233 To TERMINAL ASSY (CN107) JA605 C238 R246 W124 1 W132 IC232 IC232 JA604 R618 C626 W130 C237 8 R237 R245 W138 D603 C624 W140 W136 JA603 W145 IC603 W142 C623 Q605 C601 C622 R953 C650 R645 Q605 D604 E W148 R232 R268 R266 C254 C231 /KUC DWZ1077 C649 Q604 R644 IC231 V+15 W154 C621 R650 W147 R615 R621 Q604 IC603 IC231 C957 C232 W151 W152 W149 /RELM DWZ1146 JA602 E R624 R626 R625 IC604 R956 C612 Q601 IC604 E Q601 R267 R231 1 J151 W184 R265 R627 C253 (SIDE B) (SIDE B) C1110 C1109 CN121 To POWER SUP.V-BB 4.V-8A 5.GNDA R613 W191 Q231 C639 C634 C241 8 C640 C244 C633 R611 R238 C631 R234 R951 3 7 R614 (SIDE B) R630 C1103 (SIDE B) C613 C1104 8 C614 1 4 W186 14 5 C618 C628 V+8 J151 1.3 PHONE ASSY PHONE ASSY .GNDA 11.GNDA 13.OUT ASSY 1 R603 B 8 R601 A 2 KN601 1 4 3.

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