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Riley, John <> Friday, June 11,2010 12:21 AM McCarty, Pat (Agriculture) <>; Claussen, Cory (Agriculture) <>; Wilder, George (Agriculture) <>; Dunn, Matt (Agriculture) <> Leslie, Douglass <>; Arbit, Terry <>; Berkovitz, Dan M <> CFTC Staff technical assistance--supplemental technical corrections for Conference re freestanding provisions CFTC staff technical assistance-supplemental technical corrections for Conference re freestanding provisions 6.10.10.docx

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AllThe attached document is provided as CFTC Staff Technical Assistance. Included amendments would take provisions in the Senate bill that are written as free-standing law and incorporate them in the CEA. Sorry to not have these available with prior technical amendment submissions. Commission staff did feel, however, that using this approach will put provisions where they would be expected to be found and avoid a problem of having disparate provisions addressing the same issues - some in the CEA and some as freestanding in the U.S. Code. Explanation is included but if you have any questions, please let me know. John
John P. Riley
Director of Legislative Affairs Office ofthe Chairman u.s. Connnodity Futures Trading Connnission 115521 51 St., NW Washington, DC 20581 (202) 418-5383


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