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Riley, John <> Sunday, June 6,20109:47 AM Stewart, Lawranne <>; Leslie, Douglass <>; Berkovitz, Dan M <>; Arbit, Terry <> CFTC Staff Technical Assistance -- Clarifying amendments CFTC staff technical assistance-clarifying amendments for transmittal 6.5.10. docx

Lawranne and Katheryn-The attached document is provided as CFTC Staff Technical Assistance. The document addresses four areas of the bill and includes language meant to clarify intent in a number of areas where some confusion has ansen: --Definition of Swap Dealer --Definition of "Associated Person of a Swap Dealer or Major Swap Participant" --Definition of Swap --Treatment of intercompany trades between wholly-owned affiliates The amendments are drafted to the Senate-passed version of the bill. Explanations are included in the document, but if you have any questions, please let me know. John
John P. Riley
Director of Legislative Affairs Office ofthe Chairman u.s. Connnodity Futures Trading Connnission 115521 51 St., NW Washington, DC 20581 (202) 418-5383


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