LANGUAGE ACQUISITION WEEK -3 What I learnt this week was constructivism theories in SLA and what is he nature of FLA

. Firstly , according to constructivists every human begin has an ability to come about their own version of learning ; therefore , there are multiple constructing ways of learning. In constructivism social interaction and group work play an important role for a persons’ cognitive development. Secondly , we have a look at the FlA.We mention about the development of a Childs first language acquisition. For example, even a small babies can send and receive massages ; and after the long listening period they try to imitate the sounds and utter a word. When the time passes it turns into two word or three-word-sentences (telegraphic utterances). When this little child starts to school and he can easily expand his vocabulary and learn nearly every communicative skills , but now we examine and try to find an answer how this process occurs ? we first study behavioristic approaches. This theory only deal with only observable data , so it could not explain creativeness of the language and it fails. According to behaviorists we born with tabula rasa and we know nothing and if sth is reinforced it is likely o happen again ,so they see language as a conditioning. What I had difficulty in figuring out was nothing because it is not difficult to have a look at the this theories. They are very closer example for all of us Actually as a student teacher , I m really eager to get some important massages from the thing we mention. For example as we see in the FLA process I will extra attention to the exposure and input for esp my little students. It is a useful information for me o give time them before speaking. One another thing I will give importance is the reinforcement. I believe esp for young learners reinforcement can be useful but if it is not exaggerate. Lastly as we mention in constructivism, group work can be really effective because every single person have different view point. In this case we have a chance to use all of them together ;what is more , as we are , sts really feel secure and can discuss their ideas freely. That is it for this week. .

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