All Over Again © ayreezh

"Believe me..." "I believe you."

I've read somewhere that the length of time a person should be able to move on from a "break up" is 1/3 of the time that the couple was together. But what does "together" mean? Is it the time when you start having feelings for the person? Is it the time when you start just being with the person? What if the person was forcefully taken away? What if the person never cared? Does science or society set up any rules for those kinds of situations? When is When is When is When is When is it it it it it okay okay okay okay okay to care for someone again? to fall in love without the guilt? to be with someone again? to find solace in someone else? to be okay?

This is what happened after the Terminal. This is the continuation of life.

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?????? ?? ?????? ::Prologue:: Dead & Gone ?.~*~..~*~.? (Jerwin's POV) ---------------- ?

Oh great.. I'm lost..

I've been driving around the same neighborhood for about an hour now.. and I still can't figure out where I'm supposed to turn.. Seeing this cemetery for about the nth time is already giving me the creeps.. It's like seeing death over and over and over again.. and the number of cars parked on the side of the street.....

Someone's burial....

I knew I should have just taken a cab instead of renting this car.. -__It's been ten years since I last came home from the States.. I should've listened to my parents when they "offered" to pick me up..

*sigh* But who am I kidding? They're too busy to actually consider picking me up. It's just part of their whole "good parents" facade.

I parked my rented car a few feet away from the cemetery's entrance -- just behind the last car that's probably there for the burial.. I know I shouldn't crash some person's burial -- it's not like I'm actually crashing the burial, I'm just parking with them..... But I don't want to drive around for another hour!

I took out the new phone I got just before my flight from LA, and dialed my parents' house number.. Technology today.. it does wonders -- allowing me to call whenever, wherever -- using a phone from another part of the world.

two rings.. three.. four..


Oh my gosh, she's home.. O_O

Ako: Mom? It's Jerwin. Mom: Jerwin! Where are you?!? Kanina ka pa dapat nakarating dito sa bahay ah! Ako: I know, but I'm lost. I think I'm somewhere near the neighborhood.. but I can't remember where to turn.. Mom: Where are you? Ipapasundo na lang kita sa driver. Ako: No, it's ok, mom.. Just tell me where to go. I'm at the.. cemetery.. Mom: The front entrance?

Napatingin ako dun sa entrance nung sementeryo.. Guards, a huge gate.. and a moderately sized board that bears the name, "Garden of Lilies"..

Is that supposed to be associated with the term "heavenly garden"? -___-

Mom: Jerwin? Ako: Yea.. I think I'm at the front entrance.

I took out a receipt from something I bought from the airport earlier, then started writing the directions my mom was throwing at me..

After a few minutes of making sure I got it, I hang up.. I looked at the directions and frowned.. and here I thought I was near our house already.. Turns out I need to make at least 5 more rights and lefts..

Just when I'm about to pull out from the side of the street, people started pouring out of the cemetery's gates.. The service must be finished.. Man.. I might as well wait until they all clear up -- I don't want the problem of running someone over on my first day home..

People started to go into their own cars, while others stood on the corner street still talking -- or crying.. Most of the people look young.. Probably around the same age as me.. I wonder if they buried a teacher.. or a principal?

I was still looking at the rush of people when my eyes fell on a certain group -- well, more like on a certain someone in that group.. They approached the parked cars, probably saying their "thanks for coming" kind of thing.. The family? or.. uh, siblings? cousins? They all look too young to be parents.. unless they buried an infant. -__- But then again, what's with the number of the teenagers scurrying around?

Anyway, I stared at the girl.. She, like most of everyone else, was wearing white.. Her hair was wind-blown.. and, although she was following the girl and the boy, who were peering into cars' windows, she was just staring into space, frequently led to the next car by another girl and a very.. uh.. feminine-looking guy..

I should just leave..

It would feel odd kung pati ako bigla nilang lapitan.. I shouldn't intrude on their grief.. O_O Wait, why are they walking towards me!??

Oh crap! They probably think I attended the burial too..

The group stopped right next to my car, and the guy and the girl (who, I notice now, must be siblings considering how much alike they look) did their thing..

Girl 1: Thank you for coming. Ako: I'm sorry for your lost. Boy 1: Yes. Thank you.

These people look exhausted. Their eyes are red -- probably from crying or lack of sleep or both.. Their shoulders are slumped, as if they just want to go back and mourn again..

My gaze fell again on the girl I was staring at earlier.. She was standing behind the siblings now, still staring into space.. She certainly emanates a different kind of aura from the other grief-stricken people.. But she wasn't crying.. Her face wasn't tear-stricken nor her eyes show any trace of redness..

The two people on each of her side appear to be supporting her.. Although, I can't seem to understand why.. She couldn't be family since she's not the one peering or talking to people who attended the service.. She doesn't resemble the siblings in any way.. She doesn't seem to be in grief.. Yet people glance at her with sympathy.. the two people beside her are holding her arms as if she'll break into pieces if they let go...

Suddenly, the girl turned and met my gaze.. She stared as I stared back.. ..and I froze..

No.. she doesn't look exhausted.. She doesn't look grief-stricken.. She looks deprived of life.. She.. She looks dead...

Just then, the girl and the boy, who talked to me earlier, turned to go to this lifeless girl.. No wonder they're all hovering around this being..

Girl 1: Let's go.. Girl 2: Halika na, best friend.. You've been through enough today..

I thought she wouldn't answer.. I mean really, come on, when someone is like that, nagsasalita pa ba un? But... The lifeless girl can talk.. or mumble, at least..

Lifeless Girl: You're done?

Her voice was steady, barely a whisper, but it was steady.. It would have been a sweet, perfectly-toned voice... if it wasn't so stressed with pain..

Girl 1: Oo.. We're done, Venice..

They led her away to where they probably parked.. I followed them with my eyes for some time, then shook my head.. Lots of bad things really happen in this world..

I pulled out of the side of the street and started to drive away.. But for some reason, I couldn't help but replay the expression on that girl's face.. May kung anong curse siguro ung sementeryo na un.. It plays tricks on your mind...

::Chapter 1::

Aquarius ?.~*~..~*~.?

about 2 years later...

(Jerwin's POV) ---------------- ?

"Today, something will come along your way that is bound to change your life. Do not try to avoid the inevitable."

It's another one of those usual bland, early mornings before I go to work and my sister, Jeanette, would set off for school.. And like always, the dining room is populated by just the two of us and the housekeeper, who would set our breakfast on the table and then go back to the kitchen.. Don't bother asking where my parents are.. Maagang umaalis for who knows what, and then come back whenever they feel like they should -- which could be days or weeks at a time..

Part of the whole morning ritual is Jean's weird habit of reading the horoscope section of the newspaper, katulad ng ginagawa nya ngayon..

Ako: Horoscope mo today? Jean: No, kuya.. This one's yours. Nabasa ko na ung akin, di ka ba nakikinig? Ako: Not really. Jean: Jeez.. But anyway.. Kuya! Something is bound to change your life daw! Ako: That'd be nice. Jean: You can at least pretend to be more excited, you know?

She folded the newspaper and set it next to her plate, still scanning the front page article as she finishes up her pancakes. I don't usually mind what she reads, pero... -___seeing my picture on the front page, and knowing the article is something about me... it makes me feel uneasy watching my sister read it..

Jean: Kuya.. (reading the article) Sabi dito, nag-multi-platinum nanaman daw ung CD mo.. It's safe to call you the Prince of the Music Industry for decades raw.. (giggles) Prince.. heehee Ako: What's so funny about that?? Jean: If only they know how "un-princely" you are.. I doubt they'd dub you that title..

Sabi na nga ba.. Kaya ayokong may naririnig tohng batang toh tungkol sa'kin eh.. Laging may pangontra... -___-

By the way, my name is Jerwin Santos. I'm 22 years old, and I've been working as a recording artist under a major record label for about two years now -- and yes, I can say I've been successful so far.. My songs often debut at the top -- which is good since it shows that people like hearing me sing (I guess).. I appear in TV shows, commercials, billboards, gigs.. Name it, I've done it.

It's been a rollercoaster ride of fame for two years since I've come back from the States... Two years now..

Ako: If you're done eating, shouldn't you be leaving? You're going to be late. Jean: Fine fine.. Seriously, kuya, learn to take a joke.. Masyado kang serious.. Panget ka na nga, mas lalo ka pang papanget.. Abah-Ako: Little brat. -___-

Tinawanan nya lang ako then went out of the dining room to look for the driver who'll take her to school.. I finished my breakfast and then stood up as well.. I might as well get this day done and over with...

Something that will change my life, huh... Won't that be interesting... Logged ::Chapter 2:: The Day We Met ?.~*~..~*~.?

(Jerwin's POV) ---------------- ?

Ughhh.. Long day.. long day... -___-

I just finished taping a music video (finally wrapped that one up after weeks of hard labor).. And before that, there was that meeting with the sponsors, a guest appearance for a talk show, and lunch with my manager, discussing work again.. Man, it's just work, work, work -- all day, every day.. Even now.. Well.. at least this is the final task for today...

Last trip before going home: the music arena, which is to be the venue for my concert next week.. The manager said they're supposed to be doing all the finishing touches sa set.. Pero syempre, dahil late na ko natapos sa lahat, nag-uwian na ung mga crew nung dumating ako..


Or so I thought..

Some of the lights are still on.. and there, at the center of the stage, a girl wearing a school uniform is standing, staring at the ceiling and at the production lights hanging up around the stage..

Ghost? Multo? -___- Should I run away now?

I probably should....... Ano naman magiging laban ko sa multo!??[/i][/color]


For some reason, I realized kung anong iniisip ko -- at kung gano ka-ridiculous ung iniisip ko.. I mean come on, why would a student haunt this music hall? Shouldn't she be haunting school grounds?

So, even as my heart pounded twice as hard sa dibdib ko, I still cautiously started to walk towards the stage to see what she is -- I mean, to see what she wants..

Ehto na.. konti na lang.. Ilang steps na lang, mahahawakan ko na ung stage--

Just then, the girl suddenly let out a huge sigh and then turned around, facing me.. O__O >__< o__o >__< O__O



Ghost: Hoy! Bakit mas malakas ka pa sa'kin sumigaw?!?!? Ako: Are you kidding me!??! You scared the hell out of me!! Ghost: Anoh!??!?! Anong tingin mo sa'kin!?!? Multo!??!?

Oh.. so she's human. O___O

Ako: What are you doing here anyway?? Pano ka nakapasok? Girl: (jumped off the stage) I have my connections. (tingin sa'kin) Sinoh ka ba?


Ako: You don't know who I am? Girl: Tatanungin ko ba naman kung sinoh ka kung kilala kita?! Gunggong. Ako: Aish.. You wanna die!?? Girl: Only if you die first.

What is wrong with this girl!??

Ako: (clears throat) Anyway, my name is--Girl: Nevermind. I don't really care who you are.

Really.... -__-

I should calm down.. Wala akong mapapala kung makikipagtalo ako dito.. I don't know her.. And as long as she's not a ghost, then I'm okay. I should just check everything as fast as I can and then leave. Yea, that's right.. Good plan.

Girl: I used to dream of performing on this very stage....

The ghost girl turned her gaze back at the stage with a serene look plastered on her face -- a far cry from the pasaway, carefree mask she was wearing just a few moments ago.. O_O

Ako: Eh? So you're a performer?

A back-up singer? or a dancer? Is she one of my crew? How come I've never seen her before? Is she new??

She let out a soft sigh, then umikot para tumingin uhlet sa'kin.. Ah! There's the carefree face again. O_O Ang galing.. It's like she can switch her idiotic expression on and off in moments....

Girl: A performer, ha... (smiles) Yea.. I guess you can say that..

She took a quick glance at the stage again.. pero this time, it was like she was staring at something more distant.. I wonder.... kung may nakikita na syang multo.. -___-

Girl: The stage used to be my life.... until my life was taken away on stage.. From then on, performing just wasn't the same anymore..

"Life taken away"?? HER life?!??

Could she be a real ghost after all? T-T

Bago pa ko makapag-process, she suddenly jumped after checking the time on her watch.

Girl: Whoy! It's late! I gotta go! (biglang tingin sa'kin) Nice meeting you,-- uh.. what's your name again?? er, nevermind! Bye!

I watched her run out of the hall.. Di man lang naghintay na mag-bye din ako, or mag-wave man lang.. And she didn't even introduce herself! Psh.. Creepy ghost.

Weird.. Rude..

I looked back at the stage, and the girl's contemplative face flashed in my mind again...

And now that I think about it.. Have we met before?? She looks so familiar...


--- ?? --(Venice's POV) ---------------- ?


And of course, dahil malayo pa lang, nakikita na ang beauty ko, tumigil naman ung tinatawag kong taxi.. I gave the driver my destination, and nung nalinaw na kung saan un, nilabas ko kagad ung cellphone ko -- ang naghihingalo kong cellphone -- and tinawagan si Ate Marian..


Ako: Ate! Haller! Ate Marian: Oh, Venice.. Napatawag ka.. Ako: Makikipag-chikkahan sana ako kaya lang low batt na ko.. So anyway, straight to the point na lang.. Napuntahan ko na ung pinapapuntahan mo.. It looks like the crew is pretty much done with everything.. Ate Marian: Ay talaga? Nako, buti naman.. Di kaseh ako nakapunta today dahil sa meeting.. Pati ba ung mga lights nakasabit na? Ako: Yep, yep.. At least, I think everything is all set up.. Pupunta ka naman bukas di ba? Ate Marian: Uhmmm.. Late afternoon pa siguro, after nung mga meeting at lunch dates..

Amazing na production assistant toh eh noh? Inuna pa ung lunch dates kesa dun sa concert project nung company nila..

Ako: Oh well, you can check na lang tomorrow kung may na-miss ako.. alam mo naman ako, malay ko ba kung anong ginagawa nyo dun sa stage na un.. Dami-dami mong alalay dyan, ako pa pinapunta mo para mag-check.. Ate Marian: Ehhhh, pagbigyan mo na ko, Venice.. Baka pag nag-utos ako sa mga minions ko, baka mahuli pa ko ni bossing eh.. Lab mo naman ako di vah? Ako: Che! Abusado! Anyway, I gotta go.. Ate Marian: Eh? Already? Ah.. Nandyan ka nanaman.... Ako: Syempre naman, ate.. Ma-mmiss ko ba naman ang pagpunta dito? hahaha And besides, anoh vah.. Mamamatay na nga cellpone kowh.. Kaya sige na.. bye bye, ate! Ate Marian: *sigh* Okay.. Ingat ka.

I hang up the phone and looked out of the window.. Just one more place to go bago ako umuwi..

It didn't take long bago lumitaw ang white-washed walls nung cemetery.. Binaba ako nung taxi dun mismo sa entrance, and after kong bayaran at mag-thank you kay manong, kinolekta ko na lahat ng gamit ko para makababa na.. The guards waved as I passed their booth dun sa entrance.. Suki na ko dito na kahit sinong guard at kahit anong shift pa yan, kilala na ko.. I continued to walk dun sa loob nung cemetery.. Even as the sun starts to set, ok lang din.. Sa tagal ko na ba namang naglalakad dito, pati ung mga multo at bangkay, kilala na rin ko.. and just like any other day, I stopped in front of the well-kept grave.. I sat on the grass, and gently touched the grave stone..

Ako: Sorry, I'm late.. Si Ate Mars kaseh eh, may pinadaanan pa.. But I'm here now... G... ::Chapter 3:: Just For One Night ?.~*~..~*~.?

(Jerwin's POV) ---------------- ?

Three hours.. She's three hours late...

After making sure that everything was going well in the concert venue, I drove straight to Seis, a bar-slashnightclub dyan sa Makati.. I was supposed to meet her here before she leaves early tomorrow morning for a fashion show in Paris.. but... Tatlong oras na kong nandito, and wala pa rin.. No text.. no call..

Maybe she's being held up at work again.......?

I looked through the one-way mirror nung window at the wall separating the VIP room from the rest of the nightclub.. The chaos outside is brightly lit by the laser-disco lights.. Samantalang ako, nandito, mag-isa, halos maubos na ung pang-ilan ko na bang bote ng beer kakahintay.. We always meet up in this place.. Aside from the fact na it's close to impossible to spot us among the number of heads that come in to party every night, Seis has one of the most private VIP rooms any nightclub can offer.. We don't have to worry about our "meeting" being leaked to the press -- which is just the way she wanted..


Napatalon ako nung biglang nagtutunog at nag-vibrate ung cellphone kong nakapatong dun sa maliit na table in front of me.. I reached for it, half knowing what the text message would say, and half hoping I'd be wrong..

"Jerwin, I'm sorry.. We just finished with the rehearsal and I'm so tired. I don't think I'd be able to meet you up tonight. I'll see you when I get back? xx, Geena."

Well... I knew she was gonna ditch me again..

I should've known better than to hope otherwise..

*sigh* Wala na kong dahilan mag-stay dito.. Sayang lang oras ko.. I threw a few bills on the table then sinalpak ung cellphone ko in my pocket.. but then, just as I stood up, the door to the VIP room suddenly swung open, and a girl literally stumbled inside..O_O

I froze on the spot as she squinted her beady, drunk eyes at me, and then looked around the room..

Girl: What? Izn't thizz the bathroom? =___= Ako: Uh, no.. The bathroom is on the other side of the building.. O_O Girl: Eh? That's weird.. I was so sure na dito un.. Ikaw! (pointed a shaky finger at me) Take me to the bathroommm!

O___O *gulp* Oh well.. I might as well walk her there since palabas na rin naman ako.. Oh gawd, I hope she doesn't throw up or anything..

Ako: O-okay...

I walked over to her carefully, watching her body as she sways dangerously from side to side.. and when I finally reached her, when her face was finally close enough to see in the poorly lit VIP room, mahulog-hulog ang puso ko! O_O

Ako: You! Weren't you the girl from the music arena?!?!?! Girl: (squints her eyes at me) Kuya.. Arena? Adik ka baaa? Nightclub toh! Bar! And the best bartenders and margaritas in townnn!

She doesn't remember me..

Which is not a surprise considering how much her breath reeks of alcohol.. Psh, alcoholic. Is she trying to kill herself?!?

Ako: Okay.. Wala ka bang kasama? Girl: Nope! I'm alone! Alone! All aloooonnneeee!! So let's go to the bathroom-room! Oh-kie!

I offered her my hand kaseh nga baka biglang bumagsak habang naglalakad kame.. Nakakahiya naman.. And that would attract a lot of attention..

I looked through her wallet searching for an ID... hehe malay ko bang babagsak syang paharap. I looked up at the door.. -___. Girl: Ooohhh!!! Ahyun pala ung kamay moh! I waz starting to wonder kung bakit ang damiiii mong kamay! Kuya. fainted.. and noticed a few people starting to look. And then. it would've been just my luck if that impact would wake her up).. are yoouu humann? Just then she looked up at my face again. and besides.much to HER luck. -__How the hell am I supposed to bring her to a place na hindi ko naman alam kung saan?!? Nasa Luzon pa ba un!?! Cellphone! That's right. I can call someone and tell them to pick her up. found it! It's off.... she passed out. I ignored the looks and the whispers hanggang sa makalabas ako nung building and dashed straight to my truck.. -___- Well.. still ajar from when she barged in. make sure she doesn't fall over and hit her head on the dashboard (for the second time. I would've dragged her to the booth instead of carrying her. collapsed.. Rummage through the purse again... she's not that heavy to carry -. . Guys who seem to have followed her drunken footsteps to this room. And before I could even react. HAAAAAyyyyy. A street name I've never seen before.much to HER luck again.... Guys who are emitting an aura of doing something not good. It took me at least half an hour to get my keys out.. After the third try.I can just imagine kung ilang kamay ang talagang nakikita nya as she grabs halos each and every space na malapit sa kamay ko. right there.. I reached out to the purse na naka-swung around her shoulder. there goes the plan of just leaving her in this room. I walked briskly out of the VIP room with the idiot ghost girl in my arms. figure out how to open the passenger door with her still in my arms... get her inside. T-T After catching my breath. and then swayed -. sitting myself in the driver seat. at ung barangay na I didn't even know existed.. an ID with her home address.only to fail..left and in SWAYED -. Who turns off their phones when they're in a bar? I tried to turn it on. Surprisingly. I found one.. although it's amusing to watch her trying to figure out where my hand is. Is this my unlucky night or something!!?!?? I caught her just a few inches before she hit the floor -... ako na ung kumuha nung kamay nya para lang mapadali kami. dahil kung mabigat sya.. repositioned her so that I can scoop her up without breaking my back. I took a deep breath and pagkatapos kong magdasal sa lahat ng santo na naaalala ko...She thrusts her hand in front of her. with me. trying to take my hand -. fasten her seatbelt.. and finally.

. Sinarado ni Jean ung main door. Jean: Why? O_O Is she a guest? Ako: Jean. I know.... Jean: (stared at the girl) You're picking up drunk girls now? O_O Ako: It's not like I wanted to! *sigh* Look. I got so hopeless that I ended up just taking the ghost girl back home with me. Ako: WHAT?!? NO! Jean: Why'd you bring her home then?!? We don't have a spare room! Unless you wanna put her in mom and dad's room... I should've just left her in that nightclub!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Kuya.O Something. I have a twin bed. Low batt... The screen flashed an image of a battery dying out. Ako: What?? Why not!? Jean: One.... Ako: You WOULDN'T! You know she'd freak out if she hears that! Jean: Well. Even if I sponge her down. I can't believe it..... speechless.Nothing. It's not what it looks like.. Ako: Ugh...... I'll tell you the whole story in a while. Put her in YOUR room! Your bed is big enough and you don't care for alcohol-smell. T-T Jean: You want me to tell mom that you refused a concert in the States last month..It signals my defeat. Something is definitely messing with my luck here.. Ako: Shut up. she is NOT going in my room. carrying her. She's a GIRL! It's only proper that she uses YOUR room since you're a GIRL too! Jean: No! You are not putting her in my room! Unless. Jean: Uh. but then she stopped to look at me nung sinabi kong sa kwarto nya dadalhin ung bitbit ko. okay? Now.. not knowing where to throw her out or who to call.. carrying a disheveled girl inside our house. don't even go there... O. a cunning smile. She smiled.. she'd still smell like some sort of drink. I hate it when she smiles like that. Maybe I'm pressing too lightly... Try it again. -___. just close the door and help me lie her down or something... will you just help me get her settled in your room? Coz it's tiring to just stand here. O_O Is this what you had in mind when your horoscope said something will change your life??!" I stared at my sister's shocked face as she absorbs the image of me in the doorway. We're not gonna fit kung magtatabi kami. I'm stuck with this drunk girl.. Two.. she smells like alcohol.. Look. your room it is then! ... I slumped on my seat..

. You look terrible. surely. And besides.. Ako: Oh.. Ako: WHAT?!? WHY!?? Jean: We can't just leave her with the same clothes on.. that was the one of the best sleep I've had in a while! -__- . you'll tell me why she's here. I'm gonna go get a face towel and a basin of water to clean her up. I bet she's been wearing that uniform the whooleeee day. passed out girl. then she went to the music hall in the afternoon. kuya.. she folded it and put it at the night table beside my bed.. afterwards. umaga ung klase nya. Well. They'd probably kill me for bringing home a drunk. That's just icky. one night of sleeping next to a stranger can't possibly hurt. Ako: What do you think are you doing? Jean: She's borrowing one of your shirts.. I'll be done by the time you get out of the shower. What Jean said might be true... All the while rattling on about how we should probably clean up the stranger and change her clothes.. I slowly put down the unconscious girl sa kama ko and then turned to look at Jean.Ako: Little brat. She examined the size.::Chapter 4:: Start of Something ?..? yaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn. kahit na gulo ko ung nililinis nya. -__Jean: heehee I'll change her clothes as well. Napatingin ako dun sa babaeng tulog sa kama ko..~*~.? (Venice's POV) ---------------.. You should get a shower.. *stretch* Man..... My clothes are too small for her.. Anyway. It's a good thing my parents aren't home. then nung naisip nya sigurong it's good enough. THEN..... Ha. It's hard to believe she's just 12. I watched as Jean left the room para kunin ung portable cleaning utensils nya. or else. ung uniform nya pa rin ang suot nya.. Jean has always been this responsible. Ako: Why can't she just borrow one of your clothes? Jean: Duh. and ngayon.. Tumawa lang si Jean as she led the way papunta sa kwarto ko.. I looked at the unconscious girl on my bed again. thanks.." Bumalik ung tingin ko kay Jean na nag-pull out nung isa sa mga red shirts ko.... she left but didn't go home. *sigh* Let's hope my bad luck stops here... na naghahalungkat naman sa closet ko.~*~.. "This would do. I mean.

. that's it......... -___- -___- >___< >___< O___O Arghhh!!!! I can't take it anymore! . at hindi ko talaga alam kung pano ako napunta dito... pero. Kelan pa naging light brown ang white walls ko!??! Kelan pa ko nagkaron ng mahogany-looking na study table dun sa may kama!?!? Kaninong kwarto toh?!?!?!?! O__O I must be dreaming...O__O Tao... *gulp* May hotdog pillow sa side ko.Now. white na uhlet ang walls ko. hindi ko talaga kwarto ito.. pero.. Bakit may ibang tao sa kama ko?!?!? Napatingin akong bigla sa paligid... at hindi ko rin alam kung kaninong ulo tohng nag-cconcert ng hilik sa tabi ko. time to roll out of bed and go to school-o__o ?__? Bakit iba ang kulay ng ceiling ng kwarto ko?? Bakit iba ang kulay ng kumot ko? Bakit may humihilik sa tabi ko?? OoO Dahan-dahan kong inukot ung mukha ko just to look kung anong nangyayari sa world. dahil kahit anong gawin ko.... -____- Siguro paggising ko.... light blue na uhlet ang kumot ko. at wala na tohng skandalosong tulog na toh sa tabi ko.. ung tingin ko napalipad kagad dun sa humihilik-hilik na creature sa other side nung hotdog pillow... at hindi ko rin ma-take ang boom-boom-pow ng veins ng head ko. Pinikit ko uhlet ung mata ko para bumalik sa pagkakatulog ko.

. gasping for breath. kahit tulog ako. Familiar ang face.. Skandaloso: What are you talking about?? Anong panaginip?? O.O Ako: But. dahil ung taong sinusuffocate ko ngayon eh biglang nag-iba ang ingay at lumipad ung mga kamay nya dun sa unan sa mukha nya. Iniisip mo ko kagabi bago ka matulog noh? Kaya siguro pati sa panaginip ko.. this. Well. Hmmmm..Bigla akong napaupo (whoa! the world is spinning. may scientific sense pa rin ung dreams ko. tapos eextra sya sa dreams ko di ba? Pero. dapat pag may nag-ssuffocate syo. and with all the power na kaya ng muscles ng thumb at index finger ko. O_O Isn't this a dream? I reached out to his face. Oh di vah.. hinablot ung unan ko at hinampas with all my might dun sa mukhang matutulog na nga lang. ang weird naman kung hindi familiar ang face nya. O__O ).. and then turned to glare at me. Tapos bigla syang tumayo. nakiki-extra ka.. ayaw mo pa kong patulugin!!! Sabi yata nung part of the brain ko na nag-ccontrol sa dreams. manahimik lang sya! Ako: Ikaw! Eextra ka na nga lang sa panaginip ko. Skandaloso: Are you trying to kill me!??!!? Ako: Ang ingay mo kaseh eh! Tinitigan kong mabuti si kuya. diniin ko pa talaga ung unan sa mukha nya.. tinanggal ko na ung kamay ko.. eh magsskandalo pa! At hindi pa ko natuwa sa pagkakahampas ko. magigising ka. san ko nga ba sya nakita? O__O WAH! Teka! Ako: (biglang turo sa kanya) Ikaw ung guy dun sa concert hall! Anong ginagawa mo dito!??!? Skandaloso: WHAT?!? AKO pa ang tinatanong mo kung anong ginagawa KO dito?!?! Ako: Ahsush. Nung na-realize ko na malamang eh either patay na sya or gising na sya.... kinurot ko ung pisngi nya.. ahihihihi Skandaloso: AWWW!!!! AWWWW!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!!? OoO ... and sya tinapon ung unan all the way duuunnn sa dulo nung kama..

Kasoh lang. nawindang. arogante si kuya. I didn't do anything.. Where am I?? Skandaloso: Ngayon mo lang na-realize?!? You're in my room... then went on with a whole paragraph of profanities as he rubbed his cheek na namumula sa kurot ko. wala.... tapos dinaig pa si Road Runner sa bilis ng takbo papunta sa pinto. Malakas ang wind.. Ako: Bakit di ka sa sahig natulog?!? Skandaloso: Babaliw ka ba?!? It's my bed! You should be thankful I didn't make YOU sleep on the floor! Ako: Ughh.. Ako: Eh bahket tayo nasa iisang kama!??!?! Skandaloso: Coz my sister didn't want some drunk stranger in her room. Long story short.. Sando at shorts.... and I realized na may damit naman pala sya.. when I can just have anyone else out there -. -__- "JERWIN!?! JERWIN?!?!" Wah! May sumisigaw!!! Biglang nanlaki ung mata ni kuya.. Ako: It's not a dream.. Ako naman.and have my way with her...... kaya lang nabunggo nya ung isang paa dun sa isang leg nung kama... After being so drunk last night.Tinulak nya palayo ung kamay ko.who's not drunk -.. biglang tumigil ang puso ko nang bumukas wiiiddeeee open ang pinto nung kwarto. you were so drunk last night that I had to take you with me.. But still. hindi naman mukhang kabastos-bastos. Skandaloso: M-MOM?!??!?! OoO "Mom"??!?!? .. Ako: And sure kang walang nangyari. natanggalan ng soul. kaya imbis na mapadali. rite? Skandaloso: As if I'd waste my time picking up some random drunk girl.... at isang middleaged woman ang sumulpot sa doorway. Ai.. T-T Skandaloso: Serves you right. OoO Inuwi ako ni kuya sa bahay nya?!?!?!?! Skandaloso: Stop looking dumb. eh nagtatalon si kuya sa sakit at sa panic. natulala.. holding a newspaper in her hands. Naaliw ako... Tumayo na si kuya from the bed. My head hurts. himala kung wala kang hang-over ngayon.

... Na-frozen si kuya dun sa gitna nung kwarto as his mom stared open-mouthed at me.. and upon seeing the ME with only her son's shirt on. nag-blur tuloy ang lahat.. at lamunin ng lupa ung sahig.~*~.... Pinakain kami ng very tensed at mabilisang almusal.. At hanggang ngayon. I lived a full life. mayamaya lang. So.. no shorts.Right then and there. nagdasal ako na lamunin na ko nung kama. Dahan-dahan kong tinignan ung sarili ko... Anyway. -__- Everything happened so fast. o siguro.. and then back at me... Ako: Uh. wala pa ring news kung anong nangyayari sa discussion nila. Pinaligo nya lang si Jerwin..... I'm wearing a shirt.. pasimpleng silip ba.. Anoh na bang nangyayari dun?!?! Anong pinag-uusapan nila!??! I paced back and forth dun sa living room kung san tinapon kame ni Jerwin ng mga nanay namen -. kaya sya naging fast eh dahel sa sobrang panic attack ko. and then halos kaladkarin kaming dalawa ni Jerwin to her car. a boy's naguusap naman dun sa dining room sa kabilang side nung bahay. pagsulpot nung nanay ni Jerwin sa kwarto.... and I'm still wearing my underwear..Nagpanic yata si mother. at ang anak nyang bagong gising rin. Bastah ang alam ko. hi? ________________________ To Be Continued..~*~. na kunwari eh calm sya. tapos lamunin nung sahig ung kama... kung anuman ung nangyayare.. Kahit na may I compose sya nung facade nya.::Chapter 5:: Collide ?... tapos pinaghilamos ako. that's one more sign na WALA talagang kalokahang nangyari. Ehwan ko ba talaga kung anong nangyayari sa world..? Arrghhhh.? (Venice's POV) ---------------.. Haaayyyyy..... nakahiga sa kama nung anak nya... She just looked at me and then at Jerwin.... papatayin na ko ng nanay ko. pag wala nang witness.... T-T "Will you sit down? You're giving me a headache!" . probably HIS shirt.. -___. no PJs.. although mahaba naman ung shirt para ma-cover ang dapat ma-cover. at dumiretso dito sa bahay para kausapin ang mother ko. ung mata nya naman eh halos mahulog hulog na sa kakatingin sa'min ni Jerwin.. But I don't think his mom realizes that..

na nakaupo dun sa isa sa mga sofa namen.. Ako: Hmmm anoh bang pinagkaka-serious serious mo dyan?? I walked dun sa likod nung inuupuan nya.Napatingin ako bigla kay Jerwin.... Although. Binato ko ung newspaper sa kanya.. I'm sure. Op corz. hehe. I can't believe this is happening. mukhang malaki ang megapixels nung camera dahel oh so clear ang picture! Buhat ang unconscious na ako ng so serious na si Jerwin! Kitang-kita ung face ni Jerwin. mapa-overtake ka lang ng 2nd time dun sa picture.. Ako: (sarcastic) Oh.. and let out a huge sigh. AKO talaga un!!! What is this? T^T Ako: Ako yan! Ikaw yan! Bahket mo ko buhat!??!?! Kelan toh?!? San toh?!?!?!? Jerwin: It was from last night. Then he held up the newspaper and pointed at the big bold letters of the title nung article: "Pop Superstar Jerwin Santos: Carrying Mystery Lady" . Ako: Why??! T-T Jerwin: Eh anong gusto mong gawin ko?? Just leave you there and let those other guys prey on you? Though it doesn't seem to be such a bad idea now. marrealize mong ako.. I guess the only consolation eh naka-bury ung mukha ko sa chest ni Jerwin kaya hindi masyadong kita ung face ko.FRONT PAGE!!! Dun sa picture.. lumapit ako para maki-tsismis kung anu bang tinitignan nya dun with all intent.. why are they even plastering other people's lives on the paper?!? At front page pa! Jerwin: Coz people are always interested in celebrities' personal lives. -___- OoO Ako: WAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Bigla kong hinablot ung newspaper sa kamay nya at napatitig sa picture -.. at talagang picture picture pa! Napaupo ako dun sa tabi ni Jerwin. Ako: Celebrity? Sinong celebrity? Napatingin sa'kin bigla si Jerwin with a big "ehhhh??" on his face. Ako: Anong newspaper ba yan!? And besides.dun sa front page -. although may pagkadilim.. you passed out.... Thanks for the concern.. kung nakikita mo ko so often.. nagbabasa nung newspaper na inabot sa kanya nung nanay nya kanina. Hmmm. which he barely caught.. Remember? You were so drunk. I had to carry you out.full-blown picture -.... ako naman si ever curious. then peered dun sa newspaper.

He rolled his eyes at me... why would I play a prank on you? At kasalanan ko bang you're so dense. Tinuro ko uhlet ung headline. then tinuro ko uhlet sya.o__o O__O *gulp* Tinuro ko ung headline. Wala pa rin ang mga magulang namen. Abah! Hinde ako pumasok sa school dahil dito sa chuchu nila. I'm really thankful na maganda ako noh. He nodded again. Ako: I know. baka sakaling magising yang brain cells mo. see this? . you didn't recognize me? Ako: Dense? -__Jerwin: Yep. Pasalamat ka. ha?!? Jerwin: Psshh. then tinuro ko sya. Ako: AKO?!? Dense?!!?? Jerwin: Would you rather I use the term "stupid" then? OoO "S-stupid"?!? Pak! Jerwin: Aw! What was that for?!?!?!? Ako: Anong "stupid"?!? Sinong stupid ha!??! Jerwin: Hey look! You don't even know me.... <'OoO'> Ako: WAAHHH!!! What is this!?!?!? Celebrity ka!?! "Pop Superstar"!?!? Bahket hinde kita nakilala!??! Joke ba toh?!?! Is this a prank!?!??! Jerwin: I don't even know you. binabatukan mo na ko!?? Ako: (smiles) Yeaa.. He nodded.. bumalik sa pag-ppace ko dun sa harap nya. tapos paghihintayin lang pala nila ako?! Ako: What's taking them so long?? Jerwin: I don't know.. babae ka. Di ba? Jerwin: Why you--! Ako: Oh anoh!? Magsabunutan tayo dito. -__Jerwin: Yea well. Ako: Namumuro ka na ha. at ako naman. Ako: Like? Jerwin: (shrugs) How am I supposed to know? Eh magkasama tayo dito. My mom is probably making some ridiculous deal with your mom..

. finally putting the newspaper aside. Sisilipin ko lang sana kayo. Pero tama ba namang sa'kin ilagay lahat lahat lahat ng sisi?!? Ako: Eh anong gusto mong gawin ko?! Hug gusto mo!? Jerwin: (chuckles) You dare to touch me? Ai. Jerwin: W-What--. Nag-slump sya dun sa couch. at buong dugo yata sa katawan nya ang nag-rush sa mukha ni Jerwin. It's annoying. All the while. kala mo di kita ma-ttouch dyan?! Dahan-dahan akong lumapit kay kuya..... O__O Mom: Sige lang. T-T Ako: M-M-Mom?!?! Mom: Venice... And it's all your fault. ... Oh di vah.. pero mukha namang ok na ok kayong dalawa.. then he looked at me like he was trying to explain something very complex to a little kid. As if naman di ko sya mahahawakan. then don't drink! Geez.O__O "AHEM.. maaga yata talaga akong ma-mmurder ng nanay ko." Napatalon kaming dalawa nung may biglang sumulpot dun sa doorway nung living room. Mukha ngang stressed out si kuya. papunta uhlet dun sa likod nung inuupuan nya. ginto!?? Don't touch: Fragile?!? Ako: Of course naman..Tinuro nya uhlet ung picture namen sa newspaper. Ako: At kasalanan ko pang nagpaka-hero effect ka dyan?? Jerwin: Yea! If you can't control your drink. imasahe kita? I slowly massaged his shoulders. may point sya. smiling at his bewildered expression.. he was watching me with a curious expression.. Napaikot kaming bigla dun sa pinanggalingan nung "ahem".. at josko... Anoh ba sya. I don't like any kind of scandal. Siguro nga.. slowly working my way papunta sa leeg nya.. kuya.. Ako pa ang naisipan nyang i-dare. Bahket? Sobrang demure mo ba na mahihiya ka pag hinawakan kita? I ran my finger slowly on his shoulder. Namumuro na tlaga... Porket may star power ka. (tingin kay Jerwin) See you later.. Ako: A-anoh. As in 10 feet away ang talon ko from the couch. enjoy~? Ako: Stressed out ka di ba? Gusto mo. Jerwin.. It's stressful.. alagaan mong mabuti ung bisita naten ha... -___- Jerwin: This is gonna cause some major scandal.

-__- o__o O__O Jerwin at Ako: WHAT?!?!?!?!::Chapter 6:: Diamond Ring ?... Natigilan lang ako nung nakita naming pumasok sa living room ung mga nanay namen. wala nang malice yan.... Naghihintay ng kung anong judgment. Ako: Ahsush. Kaw naman. Siguro nga.~*~. may kung sinong nang-ttrip sa'kin. Napapaghalataan talaga kung san ko namana ang kalandian ko. masama ang mga ganitong pangyayari sa puso... umupo na lang ako dun sa tabi nya. Ahyan.. Jerwin: Shut up. Santos: You two are going to get married. O___O She walked out of the room at bumalik dun sa meeting venue nila ng nanay ni Jerwin.. Napahawak ako sa dibdib ko. Mom: We've decided. May na-miss ba kame kanina? Jerwin: Decided what? Mrs.? There's got to be a mistake.. na hanggang ngayon eh namumula pa.Aii nag-wink. My golay..? (Venice's POV) ---------------...... kaming dalawa naman. What are you talking about? . If ever man! Anoh vah! Hindi pah ba time para lumabas?!?! Aatakihin na ko sa puso dito!!!! Jerwin: M-Marriage.... nag-wink ang nanay ko kay Jerwin.. pero this time.~*~. Syempre. nanahimik. Halos 5 minutes pang nagtuloy-tuloy ung panunukso ko sa kanya. Jerwin: Geez! Napalipat ung atensyon ko kay Jerwin. parang di ka pa nahuhuli na may nagmamasahe syo.. napatingin. Ako: Decided? Nagtinginan kame ni Jerwin.. M-Mom. Masama.. nahiya pa.. wahahaha Lumapit uhlet ako sa kanya...

.Old-fashioned na pervert ang utak ng mother ni Jerwin. at kung madalas ka nilang nakikita... now that's done and over with. but the fact is... Santos: Exactly. Jerwin: But.. Santos: Well.. Ako: Publicity? O_O So publicity stunt lang ako!? Ganon?!? Mom: Well..Mrs.. How about a long engagement? Di ba? Just think of it as an arranged marriage.... Ako: You are killing me! Jerwin: Oh... iikot sigurado un sa internet. This is all so sudden! I'm only 21.. di ba.. anak. sabi ni Mrs. . Naramdaman kong napasandal si Jerwin dun sa couch. May mga pangarap pa ko sa life... ayoko pa mag-asawa. a man and a woman... sa TV! Abah. let's go to the jewelry store. In other words... kanina pa namen sinasabi snyo. di ba kumare? Ai. Mahaba pa ang future ko... probably.. bahket nagrrelax na toh?!? Nag-ggive up na si kuya?!?!?! Nababaliw ba sya?!? Ako: (bulong kay Jerwin) What are you doing?!? Back me up here! Jerwin: (bulong pabalik) But they seem so determined about this engagement thing.. -__. Jerwin. you two shared a bed.. mom-Mrs. marriage is the perfect solution for everything that's going on. Ang--!!! O__O Ako: Eh kung sabunutan kaya kita dyan?!?!? Jerwin: They'll probably think it's a show of affection.. Venice. magtatanong ang mga tao! Baka may mga sumunod pa na ilabas. Santos: We may choose to believe that nothing happened. on the same bed the entire night.. Ang contradicting. they won't mob you as much.. Ako: Pero. what I saw and what my maternal instict tells me... kumare? K-Kumare?!? Kumare na ang tawag nya sa nanay ko?! Mag-kumare na sila?!?! Jerwin: Solution for what? If this is about the bed-sharing that happened last night. Haven't you heard? (smiles) Parents know best. napalipad ung tingin ko sa kanya.. You are doing this! Think of all the positive publicity you're gonna get the moment we annouce the engagement. hindi ba? T-T Mrs. if you think about it. Hindi ka matatahimik. Kahit anong sabihin nyo. T-T Mom: It's not like it's an instant marriage. mga things to see. Santos: No "buts". Santos: Well. hindi sila magiging ganon ka-curious syo. nothing happened! Mrs. Ang mga places to go. Santos. So.. Syempre... Hindi naman kami ganun ka-cruel. kung kilala ka ng mga tao.. Ang old-fashioned. Mom: And the pictures! Nako. Ako: Eh!? Mrs. it'll be okay.

as we try to look like a couple para dun sa mga ogling na salesclerks and other people around. "Sweetheart"?!! Ewww. syempre. We're lucky they didn't propose an immediate wedding. I'm a recording artist.. Ako: But we're getting engaged! I don't even know you! Jerwin: Oh. Mrs.. sweetheart. para after naten kumuha ng ring. Something's probably wrong with my eyes.. Nice to meet you. Iha.. actually.Ako: J-Jewelry store? Mom: Abah.. It's just an engagement. .. they're picking out the ring. holding a camera. kumare! Oh josko... -__- Mom: Ok lang un.. Santos and my mom dragged me and Jerwin to this really chic jewelry store para mag-pick out ng engagement ring. Mabubuhay pa kaya sya? -__- Anyway.. Anoh ako? Kasama bah ko? I should probably step out of the way....... Ipalamon ko kaya sa kanya lahat ng singsing dito sa harap namen. -_- "Uh. We'll be done before noon. Santos: Bakit hindi ka na lang magshower na at magpalit ng uniform... we need to pick out your engagement ring! Ako: B-but I have class to go to! And-. maaga pa para mawalan ng klaseh ah.. makakahabol ka pa sa dalawa mong klase. T^T -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ako: I can't believe na nakikisali ka dito! Jerwin: Oh relax. excuse me poh?" Napatigil kaming dalawa nang may nag-approach na teenager sa'min. Jerwin: Yes? Teenager: Pwede poh bang magpa-picture? Jerwin: Sure. Props lang kame ni Jerwin. Venice. Inabot sa'kin ung camera. Okay. I can't believe he's this famous.. Mrs. (tingin sa'kin) Jerwin Santos.. Well. Teenager: Ate. and I didn't even recognize him.And. at naka-uniform pa.. we can just drop you off at your school? Mom: Ai! Perfect plan. High school uniform. pakuha naman nung picture oh! Ay.. I cleared out my entire morning schedule just for you... 22 years old. Jerwin! Wala ka bang klase? Work? Whatever?! Jerwin: Nope.

ate ha.... 3. -__- Ako: Ah. kakilabot! Hinde ko kaya~ T-T Maya-maya... feel na feel ang pagiging star. anoh. Mabait na celebrity. 2... Smile. Sasabihin nya talaga! . pero tuloy pa rin naman ung pag-smile nya dun sa bata. Teenager: Thank you. Ready? 1.. I took one more picture. Jerwin just shrugged at me as the bubbly little teenager ran to his side -.kulang na lang eh mag-bounce bounce sa sobrang excitement. kinuha na ung camera sa'kin.. nyahahaha Finally. Flash! Teenager: Ate.. kaano-ano mo si Jerwin Santos? Ako: Ha?!? Kaano-ano ko si Jerwin??! O_O Napatingin ako bigla kay Jerwin... Ehto na.... Oh my golay. Napalakas yata ung exclamation ko.. Abusado kang bata ka ha.. as if by reflex na pag "bulong" ibig sabihin eh "latest chikka".. Sasabihin nya... Teenager: Ate. *gulp* Si Jerwin. So syempre ako naman.... Lumapit sya sa'kin ng konti tapos nag-signal na may ibubulong sya.. Ako: You're welcome.. pwede isa pa? Ako: Uh. Ako: Okay... lumapit naman kagad ako. and then pulled me close to him. Napapansin ko ngang medyo na-aawkward na si Jerwin. Pati ung ibang taong nakapaligid sa'min eh nakatingin rin. sure.. may naramdaman na lang ako bigla na braso na nag-wrap around sa shoulder ko. and another. Syempre ako naman.. Anoh naman sasabihin ko?! Fiancé? Josko. kinuha ko naman. nagsawa na rin ung bata.. Jerwin put his arm around the fan's shoulders and then pareho silang ngumiti dun sa camerang hawak ko. Kuya naman.. Jerwin: Ikaw siguro unang makakaalam nito.. who's looking naman sa'min with an amused look on his face. but this girl right here..Ako namang si mabait.. and another... napatingin kung sinoh bah tong bulgaran ang chansing sa'kin..

The Ring. he wrapped his arm around my shoulder again and pulled me a little closer to him. kaya lang biglang may isa pang ate na biglang lumapit sa'min -. OoO Sinabi nya! Sinabi nya talaga! At nakangiti pa si kuya! Nakangiti pa talaga sya! Ai josko ang puso ko! Ang dugo ko! Ang mukha ko! Mag-ccommentary sana si teenager.. eh hinde nya na natiis na hinde lumapit. napagod na. Hindi ung smile na pang-encourage... The little high schooler took about 2 or 3 pictures namin ni Jerwin.. feel na feel ko naman ang pagpapapicture. sige. nag-photo op kami nung bata -. He nodded his head over kung nasan ung mga nanay namen na busy pa rin sa pagpili nila ng engagement ring.. Bubwit talaga. Pero unlike kay Jerwin.Jerwin: This is Venice. ate. Ako: (bulong sa kanya) Talagang kailangan mong sabihin sa kanilang lahat noh?! Jerwin: (bulong pabalik) But it's the truth. Tapos kinuha nya ung camera uhlet nung high schooler.. at ehto pa ang parting words nya: Teenager: I can't wait na ipakita toh sa mga kaklase ko! *Sigh* Wala na talaga akong takas. Now. ung smile pa na pang-asar. dalawang picture lang ung sa'min ni batang nagccutting ng klase. Syempre. my fiancée. smile. kayo namang dalawa! Lumapit sa'kin si Jerwin. instead. -__Nagsimula na ang bulungan sa store.. Our mothers are pretty much going crazy over the rings right now. kumakalat na ang balita.. hanggang finally. Ate: Fiancée?!? Jerwin: Yes.mukhang sa sobrang shock ni ate.. Teenager: (kinuha ung camera kay Jerwin) Ok.kunwari di labag sa kalooban ko ang mga nangyayari. . nag-thank you na sya at tinago na ung camera nya.. and lumapit naman sa'kin si high schooler. We're here to pick out an engagement ring. and katulad nung ginawa nya kanina. Pwede pa-picture uhlet? Tayong dalawa naman? Ai! Picture! Napatingin ako kay Jerwin who just smiled at me. Ahyan naaaaaa!!! Teenager: Eh di. Ahyan na. You are my fiancée.

. eh susugurin na kame ng tanong. Malamang kaseh ung mga tao dun sa paligid namen eh parang konting-konti na lang. Ako: But look how pretty that is. may pagka-ninja! Ako: Not really. Jerwin: Are you done yet? Mrs. wahahaha *Sigh* "You don't want a diamond ring?" Napatalon akong bigla nung may bumulong sa tabi ko.. those aren't really engagement rings.. It's so pretty~ Jerwin stepped beside me.. It's a white-gold ring with a center heart-shaped. Josko naman tohng si Jerwin. diamonds are a girl's best friend di ba? Mom: And engagement rings should be diamonds! I gave a short laugh and then stepped back. Tumingin-tingin ako dun sa kabilang case ng mga rings para pakalmahin ang nagulantang kong puso. ... we narrowed it to three. anak. aquamarine stone and an outline of little diamond accents around the heart. hinde ako natutuwa sa engagement. parang naiisip ko kagad: pwet ng baso. nakikitingin din.. hinde ko bff ang diamond. Nilapit nya rin ung mukha nya dun sa ring na tinitignan ko. Napatigil ako bigla dun sa isang case display...After matapos ang impromptu pictorial. Ako: Three? Mom: Oo... Sumunod naman sa'kin si Jerwin as I browse through the expensive displays. at halos idikit ko na ung mukha ko dun sa glass para lang matitigan ung isang ring. Para madali kang makapili ng diamong ring mo. pero for some reason........ Siguro kaseh pag nakakakita ako ng diamond. Pinapakuha na lang namen dun sa saleslady ung last one.. hinaltak na ko ni Jerwin papunta dun sa case na tinitignan nung mga nanay namen. pero sinong hinde maaaliw pag ganitong binibili ka ng mamahalin na singsing? Whooaaaa. Ako: Diamond?? O_O Diamonds?! Bakit diamond? Di ba pwedeng pearl? sapphire? ruby? emerald? amethyst? o kung anoh mang may kulay na bato dyan sa kalsada?!? Bakit kailangan diamond?? Mrs... I know. Santos: But of course. Wait... Santos: Well. Bigyan ba naman ako ng diamond? Siguro betrayal toh to all the females in the world. Jerwin: You know..

pag sinabe ko bang "oo!" bibilhin nya?!? . ung white gold na band eh may nakadikit rin na maliliit na diamonds. parang kagat lang ng lamok ung singsing.. The center diamond is round.. haha Kaw talaga....(tingin uhlet sa mga nanay namen) I'll take the third one. and ung center diamond. Ako: H-Hinde ah! I'm just saying it's pretty.. Pero syempre... Siguro ehto na ung pinaka-simple... But we can always go back. Tumayo na rin ng ayos si Jerwin. The classic engagement ring. and besides. Ung second naman... magkakaron ng butas ung sinuntok mo.. and the third one.. the last of the picked-out rings was being laid out sa harap nila. Ako: I think I'll take the third one.. Siguro pag nanuntok ako ng tao. bastah ahyun ung sabi nung nagbebenta).. tama naman na kakatigil lang ni Jerwin sa paglalakad papunta sa likod ko. dapat diamond ang center stone ng engagement ring.. Ehto lang kaseh ung nakita namen na pwedeng bilhin kagad.. complemented by "pave-set of diamonds" (ehwan ko ibig sabihin nun. ayyyy asa! Just in time nung na-reach ko ung nanay ko... Mom: Gusto mo. Jerwin: I'm asking if you want that ring.. Although may diamonds pa rin ung white-gold band.. josko. -__. diamond-knuckles ang dating ng singsing na toh. at nakausli ung center diamond.. shocking. so I might as well stop the dream.Jerwin: Do you want that ring? Ako: Ha?!? Ay nagising akong bigla dun sa lust ko for the ring! But it's so preeettttyyyy~ T-T Sigh. Ako: No!! O_O I mean. three stone.. -__.. Pag nanuntok. it's fine.. Bahket. pero he's still looking at the ring.. One is a three-stone ring... . tumingin ka muna ng iba. then it's fine with me. hahahahaha Halika na nga dun sa mga nanay naten at nang makalayas na tayo dito. hinde naman kaya ng budget ko yan.. Mrs. Di ba...baka nga. Santos: Sigurado ka? Isn't it the simplest one? Ako: Yea. I immediately walked over pabalik dun sa mga nanay namen...... that's why I like it. maliit lang naman ung center diamond. di ba nga.. as in three major diamonds with an outline of little diamonds pa! The metal is white-gold. Haaayyyy. What do you think? Jerwin: If that's the one you want. And my golay! Anoh ba namang pinagpipili ng mga nanay na toh?!?! Gusto ba nila akong ma-hold up dyan sa tabi-tabi dahel sa singsing?!? A saleslady proceeded to describe each ring to me. Tumayo na lang ako ng ayos and quickly looked somewhere else. O_O Ehto ung tipo na pag nanuntok ka.. Jerwin? Umikot ako. parang naman hindi pa enough na nag-ssparkle sparkle sila sa harap ko.Bigla ba naman akong tanungin ng ganon.. Hindi ka nakikinig.. wala nang kung anu-anong arte. Anoh bang pinaggagawa ng taong toh at ang bagal naman sumunod!? Jerwin: What? Tapos na ba kayo? Ako: (pointed at the ring I chose) I'm picking the third one.. Si kuya talaga.. Ako: How helpful you are..

Half wanting to throw it out of the window. baka bigla akong mag-walk out dito.. And then... kailangan talagang hanggang sa kadulu-duluhan ng araw ko. Jerwin squished beside me sa backseat and carelessly threw the plastic bag nung singsing sa'kin..? (Venice's POV) ---------------.....? Haayyy. Lokong toh. Tinignan ko lang uhlet ung singsing sandali. A silver wrap ring with pearls on both ends and little diamonds on the band. tapos di mo rin pala lulubus-lubusin... A very special ring.. they eventually agreed to take the ring na pinili ko. Mga engkanto. as if by reflex.. Ako: Anoh? Di ka man lang luluhod?! Wala man lang. Ai shosyal.. maki-extra tohng taong toh. Binayaran na ni Jerwin ung singsing. Dun sa ring na I always wear. don't worry about it.::Chapter 7:: Family Affair ?. Is it "shock-Venice-out-of-her-mind" day today? -__I looked over at Jerwin... blah blah blah.... pero half knowing na. Jerwin: No.. mom.......~*~. T-T . kilabot. talagang wa care sa ilang thousand pesos na merchandise! Abah! Ingatan nya naman! Pwede ko pang isangla toh! Jerwin: Here. we all walked out of the store pabalik sa parking lot para makapasok na ko sa school. I took out the small navy blue box from the bag and opened it.~*~. and. napahawak naman ako dun sa other ring na suot ko sa right hand ko.. akala ko matatahimik na ang buhay ko kahit hanggang mamayang gabi na lang. finally. The saleslady took the ring. engagement ring. Weh. Parang kanina lang. It's just one thing after another. I'll pay for it. Wa care kung ilang libo ang bayaran ni kuya... if I do that. put it on. and told us to wait. -___- Sigh. put it in a box.. at malamang eh makapag-vent out sa mga taong kailangang pag-vent out-an ko ng mga nangyayari.. Takot lang nila. I slid my new diamond engagement ring on the appropriate finger.. na tahimik na nag-ddrive sa tabi ko. Jerwin: How much is it? Mrs. "Will you marry me?" Jerwin: Babaliw ka ba? O_O Ako: Wala ka talagang ka-romance romance dyan sa buto mo noh? Papayag-payag ka dito.Although nag-hhesitate ung dalawang atat maghanap ng singsing.. Pagpasok namen sa kotse. Santos: Oh honey. Pero hindeeee. malamang eh ipapahanap lang sa'kin ng nanay ko o ni Jerwin ung singsing hanggang sa makita ko uhlet.

At hinde nyo ba nakikita kung nasaang finger sya nakasuot!?? Sheena: Oh. mauuna pa talaga syo noh. Ako: Anoh ba?!? Diamond ring nga yan. As in sparkly shimmering diamonds.. Pero bago pa ko makasagot. "Venice.. Pero! AKO?!?! (biglang tingin sa'kin) Naunahan mo pa AKO?!?! Kenny: At sinoh naman yang lalakeng yan na bigla-bigla na lang nag-aappear!??! We stepped out of the school gates just as I was summing up all my courage to blurt out Jerwin's name. nahagilap ko pa ang dalawa sa support systematics ko: ang long-time best friend kong si Sheena... Tumingin uhlet ako kay Jerwin.... where have you been? Kanina pa ko naghihintay dito.. kahit sinoh naman. I know.. Though I can't blame them for getting distracted. So.Anyway. hindi naniwala ung dalawa...real diamond sya. at lalo pang nawala ang atensyon nila sa'kin nung nag-step out ang driver nung mamahaling sasakyan. at ang malanding baklang breast friend ko na si Kenny. Pero syempre. anoh.... it's true. I guess. after ng engagement ring shopping.. nakakalaglag underwear na si kuya driver... I can't blame my friends for reacting the way they did nung nakita nila si Jerwin.ay.. may ADD ang mga kaibigan ko.. naka-attend pa ko ng dalawang klase ko. who's still silently driving. tensed pa rin. biglang lumipad ung atensyon nung dalawa dun sa shiny. tulad ng napag-usapan kanina." Ay! Kinakausap ako nung langaw?!?!? .. ----. pagtayo pa lang. black expensive-looking pick-up truck na naka-park sa may tabi.. Kahit na natatakpan ng mala-langaw nyang sunglasses ung mukha ni kuya.? flashback ? ----- Sheena: Anoh yan?? Nakaw mo?? Kenny: Pwet ng baso? Nilapit nila ung mga mukha nila dun sa singsing ko as I tried to explain na it's the real thing -.. you're engaged? -___Brrrrr!!! Nakakakilabot talaga marinig ung term na "engaged"!! Ever! Napansin yata nung dalawa ung sudden silence ko at bigla silang napatigil sa paglalakad. knowing me at ang kawawang wallet ko... binaba ako sa school ni Mrs. Although hinde naman masyadong tensed ung atmosphere.. Haayyy. TITA Merryl na raw pala ang itawag ko sa kanya. with their faces like this ? OoO Ako: *sigh* Yes. Santos -. at paglabas ko ng last class ko.. Sheena: Oh my golay!!! Kelan pa?!? Saan?!? KANINO?!?!? Kenny: Naunahan mo pa ko?!?! Sheena: (tingin kay Kenny) Bakla.

dun ko lang na-realize na malamang lang talaga. Ako: Feel na feel mo talaga tohng gulo na toh noh?!? Jerwin: Relax ka lang dyan.... Feeling ko lang. malayo kame sa kalsada papunta sa bahay ko. Ako: Uh. Jerwin. baka makapatay ako ng tao nang wala sa oras. O.O Kenny: Sinoh yan?? O_O Tumigil sa harap namen si Kuya. -___- ----. bobombahin nila ng tawag ang telepono ko mamaya. (T-T) fiancé. we eventually ended up in the house I woke up in that morning... Bumaba kaming dalawa ni Jerwin.THE Jerwin Santos -. starstruck to the bone cells sina Sheena at Kenny.Naramdaman kong bumalik sa'kin ung tingin nung dalawa. talagang tinanggal nya pa ung sunglasses nya at dinazzle pa ng mukha nya ung dalawa! Syempre.. tulala at hinde pa rin nakapag-construct ng buong sentence sina Sheena at Kenny. and he gave the car keys to the man. nag-hyperventilate nung nakita nilang si Jerwin Santos -. na parang nanunukso na: "Sige naa~ Pakilala mo na ko~ " Bubwit. looking at me. Napatingin ako sa labas and dun ko lang na-realize (alam ko... Hindi na ko nagsalita dahel natakot ako na pag nag-react pa ko.. This is my. Sinoh ba toh at feeling close? Kanina nya pa raw ako hinihintay.. Kenny. My fiancée should meet my manager and my sister. Sheena.ang nakatayo sa harap nila. hinde nag-ddrive si Jerwin papunta sa bahay ko... -___Nung sobrang lapit na ni kuya. Jerwin: Hi! Ang mokong. O_O On the contrary.. and I saw a middle aged man immediatey running towards him.. as I watch kuya driver walk towards me. Hanggang sa nag-bye bye na kame ni Jerwin. you really won't see the irony and amusement of this situation. . Ako: WEH?!? AT BAHKET?!??! Jerwin: But of course. Kasumpa-sumpa dahel dito nagsimula ang lahat! T-T Jerwin parked in front of the main door. Abah! Hinde bagay ang beauty ko sa kulungan noh! At pano na lang ako mabubuhay kung papatayin ko si Jerwin habang nag-ddrive?!? Hinde naman ako marunong mag-drive! After ilang minutes....? end of flashback ? ----- Haaayyyy.. Ako: San tayo pupunta? Jerwin: We're going to my house. m-my. Kung masyado kang stressed. He smiled.. and then at Kenny and Sheena. may pagka-slow ako).... hinde pa natuwa sa shocked expressions ng mga kaibigan ko. may kung sinong engkanto dyan na gustong makita kung gano ako katagal bago atakihin ng panic attack..

Syempre. paghila ni Jerwin sa'kin -. I completely forgot about the girl standing dun sa doorway -. Now c'mon. of him. trying hard not to scream and yell. Jerwin: Wha-!? What are you?!? Six?!? . T_T Jerwin: Sira ka ba? Eh ikaw nga ang hinihintay ng mga tao. >__< O.and talagang hinila nya ko with force! -... Ako: But I don't want tooooo~ T-T He suddenly grabbed my hand and practically dragged me papasok nung bahay. nung nawala ung opposing pull.O Jerwin fell on his rear.and she's now hysterically laughing at us. I stuck out my tongue.. tell your adrenaline to cut it out coz we have to go inside! Ako: Ayokooooo~!!! "Aren't you two a picture of energy?" Sa pagkagulantang ko nung may biglang nag-appear sa doorway.Ako: Sinoh un? Jerwin: That's the family driver. -__Lalo tuloy akong napapahiya. I couldn't resist lang naman. on top. Anoh ba namang araw toh?!? I slowly helped myself up.lumipad kaming dalawa! Ako: Aw Aw Aw.. and I landed. napatigil ako bigla sa pag-oppose ko kay Jerwin.. Let's go inside.... Ako: Do I have to? Hintayin na lang kita dito. right. the same time na tumayo si Jerwin at pinagpag ung pantalon nya. when he looked up to look at me. Jerwin: (hila sa'kin) Seriously! How can someone with your size have so much strength!??! Ako: (hila pabalik) It's called adrenaline rush! Jerwin: Well.. so. =__= PAK! Jerwin: AW! What did you do that for?!?!?! Ako: What in the world were you thinking?!?! Jerwin: You were the one who suddenly stopped pulling! Ako: Eh bahket ka pa nanghila?!? Jerwin: How was I supposed to know you were gonna stop resisting!??! "Hahahahahaha!! " Oh geez. At. kinokontra ko ung paghila nya.. talagang with all my might.. lightning speed din ang pag-rolyo ko away from Jerwin. He's gonna put my truck in the back.. At parang daga na nahuli ng pusang naglalaro sa living room. Mang Ponce..

... and walked me papasok nung bahay nila.. Tita Merryl: Ay.. Ako: Oh. Ray. dad. T-T Mr. But you can call me Jean. We walked straight to the dining room where I saw Tita Merryl setting out what looks like expensive plates. Jean. Don't scare her off like that. My name is Jeanette. nakaupo ang isang middle-aged man. look! She's here! "Dad"!?! Wait!!! Akala ko ba "manager and sister" ang makikilala ko tonight?! The middle-aged man turned to look at us. So you're the girl my wife decided to marry my son off. (turned to the young girl) Jean! When will you stop laughing!? Jean: Hahahahaha!!! Sorry. He seems busy looking at his laptop. She walked over to where me and Jerwin were standing.Ako: BEHHH!!! Jerwin: Aishh. It's just. kuya.. and on the counter. Jean: Hey. ai my golay.. "Sister-in-law"?!?!? Jean immediately linked her arm around mine. and kahit anong gentle nung features nya.. panakot pa rin kaseh ang stern nung expression nya nung tinignan nya ko! Ako: (b Ako: (bulong kay Jerwin) I thought you said I was meeting your manager??! Jerwin: Yea. anoh ka ba naman. Jerwin followed us with an unmistakable amused look on his face. The girl stopped laughing. Santos: I see.. I knew this can still get worse.. nakaka-intimidate na.. hanggang sa narinig nya nang pumasok kame. . na aura pa lang. hi.. Didn't you know?? My manager is my father. You two looked so ridiculous! -__- Ako: Who is she and why is she still laughing at me? -__Jean: Oh! Sorry. ate. Jean: I'm your future sister-in-law.. Ngumiti ka naman. pero malaki pa rin ung ngiti sa mukha nya..

Wag mong kontrahin ang dasal ko! Mr... Santos...IF -. ma-bbreak ang engagement na itoh?!? I looked at Mr. examining my every feature. he SMILED!!! He actually smiled! Na-feel kong biglang nag-crack ang light of hope ko! Mr. Santos: I'm not scaring her off..... He might actually come to my advantage! Jean: What do you think. dad? Doesn't Venice look perfect for kuya? Manahimik kang bata ka. Santos: I'm actually grateful to you. T-T Wait. T^T Teka lang!!! If -. Santos again. I knew it!!! There it goes. After more pictures came out from that night..Oo nga! Wag ka naman manakot! Mr. So you've won over Jean. Mukha syang strict businessman.. Ako: Eh? And then. I can't think of any better way to cover Jerwin's reputation from the harsh speculation of the media.. more pictures?!? .hinde ako magustuhan ni father.. Santos: I see.... at hindi raw sya nananakot... ang kaisa-isang ilaw ng pag-asa ko. namatay dahel lang dun sa sinabi na un ni Mr. hinde ba ibig sabihin nun. walang nonsense-nonsense. And then. He looked at me up and down..

.. it looks like Jerwin and I were kissing. Pictures.. are you going to sleep here again tonight? O_O Baliw ba lahat ng tao sa pamilyang toh?!?! ::Chapter 8:: My Boo ♫. I can see that. Adik ba sya?!? Bakit ang calmado nya pa rin!? Tita Merryl: Di ba. sure. Mr. More pictures from the night before. kissing mystery lady. Oo O Ako: (pointed at one photo) What were you doing?!?!? In one of the picture. Jerwin Santos.. nasa parking lot na. ha. from the angle nung camera. Jerwin: Hey! It's not what it looks like.. Santos: You haven't seen them yet? He faced the laptop towards me and Jerwin. okay?!? This was probably when I was trying to open the door.... Kame naman. or something like that. Santos: Yes... it really does look like I'm kissing you..~*~. Although. this time. ate. and yep.~*~... it looks like. napatakbo to look kung anoh pa bang skandalo ang lumabas naman ngayon. Jean: (talon sa tabi ko) So.Ako: More pictures po? Mr...♫ . there.. Ako: "Ha"?!? Anong "ha"?!? Do you understand what people will think when they see this?! Jerwin: Yea... Ray? I told you they get along well.

♥ 9:10 AM...(Venice's POV) ---------------. actually. All calm. pang-boombox naman ang lakas ng volume.... Although.. Ginagawa lang ng nanay ko na radyo ang TV. Ang aga ko talaga gumising. Jean seems to be ecstatic to have an "older sister". buti na lang masarap ka-- "VENICE! VENICE! VENICE! VENICE!!!!" Wah! *cough* *cough* Tubig! *cough* Mom: Well.. nice. diretso collapse na ko sa kama. hinde naman ganon kasama ung dinner with Jerwin's family.. kaya di man namen makita kung anong palabas. Kasalanan ko ba!?!? Haaayyyy. Pero look at me now. It was kinda. french toast......... kumakain-kain lang ng almusal. Santos or Tito Ray seems to be pleased na hinde ako social-climber. I tried to catch my breath.. Nakatunganga dun sa TV na hinde ko naman talaga makita dahel nasa kabilang kwarto sya.. ganitong oras.. pag-uwi na pag-uwi ko... Mukhang nandyan na ang mga suki ng telepono kagabi. trying to stop myself from further choking on the piece of . Sa sobrang windang ko yata kagabi. Haayyy. at the same time. and Mr. and lalo pa syang na-amused nung narinig nyang hinde ko nakilala si Jerwin the first time I met him... Usually.. nagpapaka-hurricane pa lang ako sa kwarto ko sa pagmamadali para lang hinde ako ma-late. -__Ang aga.

ang epitome ng taong may Attention Deficit Disorder.. Mabilis naman syang tumakbo at talagang nilapit ung kamay ko sa mata nya. at tatlong mokong ang madapadapang tumakbo papunta sa dining room kung san kani-kanina lang eh tahimik akong kumakain.D nga ung loko. Tita Mel! (tingin uhlet sa'kin) Venice! Is it true!??!? Meet Anthony.. bigla syang naging overprotective. daig pa si Double 07 sa pagbantay sa'kin.. I held up my left hand and showed him the diamond ring.. what did you expect? Tinulugan mo ung mga tawag nila kagabi? At alam mo naman si Kenny.. Anthony: Wow.french toast na nag-dire-diretso sa lalamunan ko. And syempre... upo na muna kayo. Lumipad na pabukas ang pinto ng bahay namen. Anthony: Venice! Venice! Is it true!?!? (biglang tingin sa nanay ko) Good morning. At mag-ttoast pa ko ng tinapay. Ako: Ang aga naman! Mom: Well.... ahyan na nga. Anthony: Totoo nga! Why?!?! Buntis ka ba?!? Ni-rape ka ba?!? Sheena: *gasp!* Buntis ka?!?? Kenny: Na-rape ka?!?!?! OoO Ako: Mga gunggong! Mukha ba kong na-rape!??! Anthony: Then why?!? Kelan pa!? Why!??! T-T Biglang nalipat ung tingin nya sa tabi ko nung nagsimulang tumawa si mommy. pero for the past two years.. 180-degrees bigla ang turn ng mood nya.... Knowing what exactly he was talking about. Just then. pano na lang matatahimik ang buhay nya kung wala syang sagap? Maya-maya lang. Ehwan ko ba dyan sa taong yan. biglang napunta ung atensyon ko sa TV nang narinig ko ang three magic words: "Jerwin Santos' Fiancée?" . tita! French toast? Penge? Mom: Sige lang.D. dahil A.

. Mom: Wow... sumugod ako kagad sa living room para tignan kung anong nangyayare. anak.. narinig rin yata nila. at ung nanay ko... Kenny.for some reason hinde pinakita ung picture na kasama namen ung pasaway na high schooler na un. close enough.. Never did they expect raw na ikakasal na pala ang "Prince of the Music Industry". may pagka-hyper ang mga hosts na itoh.. Ung 3 pictures naming dalawa -. si Jerwin daw mismo ang tumawag sa'kin na "soon-to-be bride" nya.. The morning show hosts relay their speculation about the photos naman.. tignan mo nga naman. Ang bilis naman ng balita! Kahapon lang yan ah! Sheena: Kahapon?! That little high school brat! Anong kalokohan itoh!??! The pictures from when Jerwin and I were at the jewelry shop continue to appear dun sa screen... Ni hinde nga raw nila alam na may girlfriend toh. tignan ko lang kung lalo silang hinde maloka. nakatunganga na rin sila sa TV as new photos of Jerwin and I linger dun sa screen.. sinoh ba itong mystery girl na ito? Oh my golay.. Nag-sspread daw like wildfire ung mga pictures from one online site to another.At wala nang hinga-hinga. Morning Show Host: Now the main question is. Although di naman un ung exact words ni Jerwin.. Pero either way. T-T Kenny: WAH!!! Breast friend! Sikat ka na! .... At in fairness. -__They even went on to add ung quote sa isa sa mga blog na quote-unquote. o baka nawindang sila kaseh bigla akong lumipad.. Nilabas na ba nina Tito Ray ung balita? Bakit di ko alam?!? Sumunod sa living room sina Sheena.. Kung alam lang nila ang totoo. they want to know who I am. Anton. pero....

. lalo silang dumadami! Lalong kumakalat ang news. May 12 hours ka pa uhlet bago makakita ng mga nagbubulungan tungkol syo. Anthony: Anoh pa bang bago sa mga taong pinagbubulungan ka? Ako: Haller?!? Ang pinagbubulungan kaya nila ngayon-Sheena: eh ang lovey-dovey engagement mo sa isang superstar na walang nakakaalam na lovey-dovey mo? Ako: I was gonna say something like.. Lantaran ang mukha ko sa picture na un... Wala pa naman kaming sinisira na classroom ah! O_O Manong Guard: Nako. it's none of their business.. And as the day progresses..... -__- Naglalakad palang kami malapit sa gate nang bigla na kaming hinarangan ni Manong Guard.. pagtapak na pagtapak ko pa lang sa school grounds.. Wala ka bang sundo ngayon? Ako: Eh? bahket poh? .Sheena: Nasa TV ang picture mo! Nasa TV!!! Kenny: At gusto pa nilang malaman kung sinoh ka! WAH! Dadami ang stalker mo! Ako: Che! Tigilan nyo nga ako! *sigh* But it's probably true. sorry na... At ung mukha pa ni manong! Napatigil talaga kaming apat... the media will try to find out kung sinoh ung girl sa tabi ng "Prince" nila. Venice. And being the unknown.. nagbubulungan. T-T Ako: Haayyy. Eventually. Venice. This day is just horrible.. Later this afternoon.. I tell you! This morning. they'll find me. Ehto na siguro ang karma ko sa lahat ng beses na ako ang nagkakalat ng tsismis. -__Kenny: Ai.. Pauwi na tayo. depressed? Sheena: Relax ka lang dyan.. HORRIBLE.. may mga tao nang nagtitinginan. T^T Lord...

. Kung may paparazzi man. So syempre. sumilip muna ako sa labas.. wham! Nagsimula silang lahat na magtutok sa'kin ng mga camera! As in more than kalahati pala sa mga taong nandun eh may dalang camera! 20?!? 30?!? At hinde pa sila natuwa sa flashing lights.... magsuot ba naman kaseh ng uniform sa pagpapa-picture.. malakas ang loob ko na makakatakbo ako. parang lahat naman sila eh minding their own business. ay sige! Nag-step out ako sa gate. flash. then slowly.Kelan ba ko nagkaron ng sundo? Manong Guard: Kanina pa naghihintay ung mga reporters syo... and very carefully. nagtakbuhan pa sila papunta sa'kin with their tape recorders at notebooks at sandamakmak na mga tanong! Everywhere I look. At dinudumog nila ako!!!! Just then... and then. Nakita ko na lang si Manong Guard na mabilis sinasarado uhlet ung gates. Anthony: Pano yan.. Nadagdagan na nga ng nadagdagan habang tumatagal. Mas marami ngang tao than usual. parang bilang lang sa kamay ang nakikita ko. Baka matabunan ka habang naglalakad.. Ako: Hinde kayo nakakatulong ha... Anthony: Venice?! Ok ka lang?!? Sheena: Anoh namang kalokahan mo at lantaran kang lumabas?!?!? Kenny: Nakakakita ka pa ba?!? . I felt somebody grab my arm and pulled me back papasok nung schoolgates. O_O Kenny: Ahyan. Nginitian ko si Manong Guard.. Nasundan ka tuloy.. Venice? Dito ka na lang matulog? Sheena: Dalhan ka na lang namen ng sleeping bag. Although.

sa dami nung camera flash sa harap ko. at nararamdaman ko nang nagsisimula ang hyperventilation ko.... ang hirap mag-adjust ng mata! Pano ako uuwi?!?!? Without thinking...and-.. -__- Jerwin: Listen.. They found you already!?? For some reason. at hahayaan ko silang kumuha ng pictures... At dots talaga! Flashing dots...I see dots.... Please answer. Di ko alam kung magpapaka-amazona ako sa mga photographer sa labas. But. and kahit na trembling ung kamay ko sa sobrang shock at panic..Jerwin. parang nag-ssink in lahat ng nangyayari.. o magpapaka-media's sweetheart.. I know! Abnormal.... na-manage ko naman maka-scroll down sa letter J sa phonebook ko.. Pero all of a sudden..and-.. "Hello?" Ako: Jerwin!! I felt all my panic go to another level nung sinagot ni Jerwin ung tawag ko. Jerwin: Crap.. It's ringing. naiiyak ako sa sobrang gulo ng emotions ko. . I can't go out. and yell at them to leave me alone.. ringing. Are your friends with you? Ako: Y-Yea. I'm in the middle of a meeting right now. Jerwin: Venice? What's wrong?!? You sound-Ako: They're everywhere! I can't go out! They have these big cameras and-. Parang mabubulag yata ako sa latter choice. nilabas ko ung cellphone ko..

Sheena: Kausapin ka raw nya. You'll be alright. at last... and when I saw it was Jerwin.. Jerwin's coming.. but it'd better be alright when he arrives. I'll be there in 15 minutes... Naubos ko na yata ung oxygen sa paligid ko.Waaahhh mas pipiliin mo pa yang meeting mo kesa sa fiancée mong nag-ppanic attack?! Jerwin: Let me talk to one of them... Run to the car as fast as you can.. Well. Ako: Okay.... halos magtatalon ako sa tuwa! -.... She looked surprised but she took the phone and listened to whatever Jerwin was saying. I took a number of deep breaths to calm my nerves down. Pati nga si Manong Guard. Umupo sa tabi ko sina Kenny. then after a few quick seconds. makakauwi na ko.... Ako: Hello? Jerwin: I'm outside. They try to figure out how to get me out of the school grounds to the pick-up truck pagdating ni Jerwin... Magplano ba naman na mag-fire ng baril nya?!? O__O Honestly. I tried to block out ang kilig na si Sheena na pinagmamalaki kay Kenny na nakausap nya si Jerwin Santos... Sheena at Anton. I don't know where that came from. Ako: (took the phone) H-Hello? Jerwin: Hey.... and then did what he told me.... Pero rejected naman ung idea nya.. I thrust the phone to Sheena.. I told her to stay with you for a while. she handed me back the phone. nakiki-plano. . It's gonna be okay. I'll meet you halfway.. . na nagkataon lang na pinakamalapit sa tabi ko. it felt like the longest 15 minutes ever! At nung nag-ring uhlet ung cellphone ko. Understand? Ako: Okay. Okay? Just take a deep breath. yata.. I hang up.hinde dahil sya ang tumatawag noh! Dahil lang sa.

nagtakbuhan kagad kami. and ung iba naman napatingin kay Kenny. Ang lokong superstar naman kaseh.. finally..... He held my hand as tight as he can. I can see the black pick-up truck... 1.. Jerwin: (smiles) Let's go. Anthony tried to push the people out of my way. Sya raw ung magiging quarterback na mag-ppart ng red sea.. I looked straight ahead. "Venice!" Ako: Jerwin? I scanned the crowd pushing all around me. pero parang ganun... Ehto na.. Lalong nagkagulo ang mga photographers. until at last. baka sakaling mahati ung atensyon nung mga paparazzi. 2. tumabi na sa'kin.. 3!!! Takbo! As soon as bumukas ung gate. nahati nga ung atensyon.. tatakbuhin ko ung sea of cameras.. And tulad ng inaasahan namen.. as we fought our way pabalik dun sa sasakyan nya. Si Anton naman. @__@ Pumusisyon na sina Sheena at Kenny para makisabay sa pagtakbo. I saw him running towards me. Manong Guard: Okay. Parang lightning ang bilis ng lahat. and I ran as fast as I could. Manong Guard: Ready na kayo? We all nodded. Di ko masyadong naintindihan. Josko. kahit papano.. and. as some tried to follow Sheena.. . hinde man lang nag-suot nung langaw nyang sunglasses! Pero adrenaline rush na itoh! I ran faster towards him... At least... I was able to grab Jerwin's hand......Nag-hang up na ko.

As soon as napaggitnaan kami nung mga paparazzi.. we were driving away. It felt like we went through a stampede hanggang sa we reached the pick-up truck at last.. Ako: I think I'm gonna be sick.. Jerwin: Just don't throw up in my car. he immediately wrapped a protective arm around me as he tried to shoulder our way out of the crowd of over-ecstatic photographers. -__.. then crawled towards the passenger seat sa harap. Binuksan kagad ni Jerwin ung backseat door.. Jerwin: Are you okay? Ako: I was just mobbed! Do you think I'm okay?!? Natahimik si Jerwin. na-lowbat bigla dahel naubusan na ng adrenaline rush.. Hopefully.. -__- I slumped dun sa backseat. Everybody was yelling questions and calling him to look. madapa-dapa naman ako sa pagsakay. Jerwin: What are you doing?!? Ako: Lumilipat ng upuan.. then tumalon na rin sya sa driver's side. eh sya na nga naman itohng naging escape car ko. .. Alam mo ung ginagawa nung mga bata na tatawid over from the backseat papunta sa harap? Oo. at naging shield ko from all the pushing and pulling kanina... After getting myself comfortable. He slammed the door behind me....It made me feel kinda bad for barking at him. nakatakas na rin sina Anthony pauwi.. and we're all good. I fastened my seatbelt and started taking deep breaths to completely calm myself down. pinagsiksikan ko ang sarili ko habang nag-ddrive si Jerwin.. and halos. And finally. I threw my book bag sa isang tabi. Ako: Pwede mo naman ipalinis eh.

Ako: Sorry.. Jerwin: Your life is going to change now. Ako: *sigh* Pansin ko nga.. T-T I just don't understand.. Why are they following ME?!?! Eh ikaw ung celebrity!! Jerwin: After years of being mobbed, nakahanap na ko ng ways para makapagtago.. now on.. Ako: Eh?! Jerwin: Well, they'd go into frenzy after that little incident of me showing up to save you from a herd of hungry tabloid photographers. Ako: I don't believe this... T-T And besides, people

are always curious about the "unknown factor" -- which, in this case, is you. People will be more curious from

Jerwin drove for a few more minutes, and then he entered into a busy restaurant's parking lot.. Ngayon pa nya naisipang kumain?!? At sa lantaran na McDo pa! Gusto nya bang pareho kaming masagasaan ng mga taong curious?!?

He parked in the far back, and then turned off the engine.. May balak yata talagang kumain si kuya!?!

Ako: Anong--?! Jerwin: Listen..

Ay, teka.. serious mode ang aura.. O_O

Jerwin: We got ourselves in this situation.. and quite honestly, it's not really that bad.. Ako: Not that bad?!? We're engaged! (I held up my left hand) ENGAGED! Jerwin: I know.. But at least our parents aren't rushing us into marriage.. You know, a lot of engagements break up over time.. Ako: Are you saying...? Jerwin: Yes.. Of course, hindi pa pwede ngayon, since we just "started".. But.... Venice, won't you spare me a little part of your life?

O__O >__< O__O

Jerwin: Be my fiancée.. We'll get through this together.. as partners..

Well.. that makes sense.. I mean, it's not like may takas pa ko..

Ako: (smiles) Partners sound nice.. Jerwin: So we're in this together? Ako: Better than being in this alone.. So, yep! We're in this together. Jerwin: Great! And Venice..

Really, he's not that bad naman pala eh..

Ako: Yea? Jerwin: Don't worry... When the time comes, I'll let you go.


I nodded.. kinda hesitant.. kaseh naman, ang lungkot naman.. namen.... nyahahaha

Kakasimula pa nga lang ng engagement

Jerwin: But for now -- No, from now on.. I'll take care of you. ::Chapter 9:: If You Can Dream ♫.~*~..~*~.♫

(Venice's POV) ---------------- ♥

It's been two days since all the hype started.. At tulad ng sinabi ni Jerwin, the media (lalo na ung mga tabloids!!!) just throws random things out there! Nag-rrange na ang profession ko from mail-order bride, to a bar hostess, to a golddigger, at ang pinakafavorite ko, to a prostitute.. Oh di bah?!?! Alam kong malandi ako, pero hinde pa naman ako ganun ka-landi noh!

At porket graduating college student ako, akala ba nila ganun na ko ka-desperada makakuha ng pangtuition!?!? Mga ass-u-mers sila!

At ang pinaka-widespread na rumor na kumakalat, kaya lang ako papakasalan eh dahil sa pregnant ako.. eh mga adik ba sila?!? Ahyon na lang ba ang dahilan ng mga tao ngayon para magpakasal?! And besides, mukha bang malaki ang tyan ko!? Alam kong may bilbil ako, pero hinde naman sya condensed sa harap noh!

Oo, nakaka-high blood talaga.. Buti na lang at nag-truce na kami ni Jerwin... Hatid-sundo nya na ko from school dahel baka masagasaan ako ng mga taong may galit o may kung anong amusement sa existence ko.. And at least, kahit anong kalokahan ang nangyayari pag lumalabas man ako mag-isa o with my friendships, kahit anong rant and rave ko, nakikinig sya..

But he'll never be able to calm me down like you did...

I sat on the freshly cut grass, just in front of the gravestone.. Matagal-tagal na rin since nakadaan ako dito.. Kaseh naman, ang hirap lumabas noh! Tignan mo, tulad ngayon, kaya lang ako nakalabas dahel tulog na ang halos lahat ng tao sa Pilipinas! 11:00 na ng gabi.

Ako: But I'm here now.. and if you're watching me from wherever you are, you should know how crazy my life is right now.. Imagine, halos buong bayan yata ang nag-ttry na mang-istalk sa'kin! Abah! Na-bbuild up na ang muscles ko kakatakbo noh!

I ran a finger on the cold stone bearing Gerard's name.. his name.. and the date of his death.. Two years na ang nakakalipas, and I still can't get over the feeling na ang unfair that he never told me.... bastah na lang sya nag-poof out of my life..

Ako: Bubwit ka talaga, G.... If you were here, none of this would have happened.. You would've taken care of me.. If you were here......

The next day, masakit man sa puso at sa ulo kong gumising ng maaga, anoh pang choice ko? Eh tinawagan ako ni Mr. Santos at on the way na raw ung driver nila para sunduin ako.. -___-

Sabado.. Sabado ngayon.. it's the only day of the week na pwede akong matulog hanggang hapon.... Why are they taking this away from me?! WHYYY?!?

"Ma'am? Ok lang poh ba kayo?"

Eh? -___-

Ako: Ok lang naman poh, Mang Ponce.. Bakit poh? Mang Ponce: Mukha ho kasi kayong pagod na pagod.. May sakit poh ba kayo? Ako: Nako, wala poh.. late lang nakatulog kagabi. Ako: Eh?? Bakit naman? Mang Ponce: Hindi ko poh alam eh. San poh ba tayo pupunta?

Mang Ponce: Ay, sabi poh ni sir, dalhin ko raw kayo dun sa venue nung concert ni Sir Jerwin.

Mga bubwit na Santos yan.. Hindi dahel mga morning person sila, kailangan na nila gimbalain ang pagiging night owl ko noh! Haaayyy..

After getting through a horrible traffic jam, nakarating na rin kami sa wakas dun sa music arena.. Binaba ako ni Manong Ponce sa front entrance.. After he drove off to park the family van, nilabas ko kagad ung compact mirror ko.. Abah! Syempre, dapat maganda ako for my fiancé..... Yak! wahahahaha

Well.. Di ko naman kasalanan na may eyebags ako.. at mukhang bloodshot ung mata ko.. Haaayyy.. Binalik ko ung salamin ko sa bag ko, then walked papasok sa loob..

Seems like nag-ssoundcheck ang mga people.. I saw Jerwin on stage, nakikinig dun sa isang manong na siguro eh part ng sound crew or production crew..... kung ano mang crew yan!


Oh my golay! I completely forgot this girl works here! Biglang nagising lahat ng cells ng katawan ko nang tinapon ni Ate Marian ung katawan nya sa'kin --- her way of saying hello..

Ako: Ate! Hello! Ate Marian: Uyy, binibisita mo boylet mo? Ako: Updated ka rin sa chikka? -__Ate Marian: Duh.. Besides sa almost every entertainment news, subukan mong maging kapatid si Anthony, So, visit the boyprend ba itoh?

tignan ko lang kung hinde ka ma-shock sa mga tsismis na nalalaman nun..

Pinapunta ako dito! Bahket ko naman bibisitahin yan?!? Kabisi-bisita ba yan?!? Anoh yan, preso!?

"Venice, iha!"

Ehto pa ang isang hinde kabisi-bisita..

I slowly plastered a smile on my face as the elder Santos waved me over dun sa kinatatayuan nya sa harap nung stage.. Kinuha kagad ni Ate Marian ung braso ko, and parang the all-loyal employee, brought me sa harap ni Mr. Santos..

Tito Ray: Magkakilala kayo ni Marian? Ako: Ah, opo.. We went to the same college together.. Mas matanda nga lang poh sya ng one... two?.. years.. Tito Ray: Well, what a small world! Anyway..

Nag-turn si Tito Ray towards dun sa taas nung stage and called Jerwin na busy-busyhan naman sa pagkakapopstar nya.. Upon seeing me, Jerwin's face lit up -- feel na feel talaga mag-act na "happy boyfriend seeing pretty girlfriend" May sinabi lang sya dun sa kausap nya, then he finally jumped off the stage papunta sa'min.. Upon reaching me, akbay kagad si kuya sa balikat ko and then flashed me his toothpaste-commercial smile.. -__- All-out performance talaga si kuya, tapod dinagdagan pa ng:

Jerwin: Hi, honey..

"Honey"?!?!? "HONEY"?!?! Kakilabot!!!

Ako: Hello..

Napatingin ako kay Ate Marian.. na for some reason, eh abot kilay ang ngiti sa'kin.. Naniwala naman ang loka sa mga kalokohan nitong si Jerwin... -___-

Tito Ray: Well, now that you're here.. We can talk about the announcement.. Ako: Announcement? Jerwin: Dad thinks it's about time to tell the public about me and you.

I should have known.. -__- Di na dapat ako gumising nang araw na toh..

Tito Ray: Yes, you see.. I think this concert will be a perfect event.. We're just trying to figure out how to squeeze in your appearance for a more dramatic effect. Ako: Appearance?!? Tito Ray: Don't you think it's a good idea? Ate Marian: (thoughtfully) A duet would be nice...

Napatingin ako kay Ate Marian.. teka! teka! Bahket sya kumakampi sa kalaban?!?!?

Tito Ray: A duet? Venice can sing? Ate Marian: Oh yes, sir! I attest to her talent. One of the most captivating voices I've ever heard.


Anong ginagawa nya?!? Alam nya ba ang ginagawa nya?!?

Tito Ray: I see... I'll trust you on that.. (napaisip) A duet would be good. Perhaps right before the final number.. We wouldn't need too much choreography or things like that. Just a simple ballad, maybe?

Ate Marian: Ay opo! I'll personally take care of the transition! Ako: W-wa--Jerwin: That's it then.


Kuya, pati ba naman ikaw?!?

Ako: But--

Before I can speak any further, biglang kinuha ni Jerwin ung arm ko, and led me away from the discussion, papunta dun sa small table with drinks and snacks..

Ako: What are you doing?!? O__O Jerwin: What? I'm thirsty.

I looked back at Mr. Santos and Ate Marian, and they're walking towards the production manager.. Gagawin talaga nila!!! Tama ba naman un!??!

I grabbed Jerwin's arm, and slightly, firmly, desperately shook him.. wa care na ko kung umiinom sya.. at lalong wa care ako nung nag-choke sya sa tubig..

Jerwin: What?! What?!? Ako: Stop them!!! OoO Jerwin: Geez, Venice.. Don't kill me over something like that.. Ako: Sira! Hinde ka pa mamamatay sa tubig! Jerwin: People die from choking you know? Ako: You're missing the point here! Jerwin: Eh? I am? Ako: Hello?!? They are making me sing on stage with you! on a major concert! Jerwin: Uh-huh? Ako: Me! On that stage!

Inubos ni Jerwin ung tubig nya and threw away the bottle, and finally, he looked at me.. To my surprise, he's smiling.. He gently put his hand on top of me head, and nilapit ung mukha nya sa'kin.. O_O It took all of me not to smack him right then and there.

Jerwin: Yes, I know. But, isn't it your dream to perform "on that stage"?

Nag-flash sa mind ko ung first time I met him.. Nung pinasilip ni Ate Marian ung current project nila, which coincidentally was actually the stage for Jerwin's concert.. It was just a few minutes of short conversation.. and I didn't even recognize him..

But he... O_O He remembered?

Jerwin: If you dared to dream about something like that, then I'm sure, you have what it takes to perform there, on that stage.

Tumalikod sya sa'kin and started to walk pabalik dun sa stage to finish whatever they were doing when I came in..

Jerwin: I'll be done in a little bit.. Then we'll pick out a song for tomorrow, okay? Just relax.. I got you.

Well.. I guess I won't smack him after all..
::Chapter 10:: Laughter In The Rain ♫.~*~..~*~.♫

(Venice's POV) ---------------- ♥

Wow... People really do love him... O___O

After a night of tiring last minute rehearsal between Jerwin and moi, an early morning production meeting, an afternoon of final rehearsals, ehto na.. ehto na talaga! The major concert that has been the most awaited event of the year -- daw -- has finally arrived!

..kahit kakasimula pa lang ng year....

I carefully stepped dun sa hidden side nung stage to watch quietly as Jerwin finished up another highpowered number -- which made the crowd go wild.. In fairness, kahit anong kontra ko kay kuya, di ko naman ma-deny na all-out performer talaga sya..

Halos tatlong oras na syang nagkakanta at nagsasayaw dun, pero all smiles pa rin sya.. basang-basa man ung mukha nya ng pawis (ewwww.. dun sa mga kanta nya.. ).. The crowd loves him. It's really a magical feeling pag sumasabay pa sila

"Miss Venice, it's time to go."

Oh my golay of golays... Ehto na.. T-T

The concert is down to its last two numbers.. Meaning, ehto na ung stint ng concert na ilalabas nila ako.. I know the rehearsals went well from the time we started hanggang kaninang hapon.. Surprisingly, our voices blended quite well.. Pero......... ilalabas na nila ako.. T-T

I let the crewmember lead me to the entrance point, as I listen to Jerwin's voice on stage, working up the crowd again.. and then I heard the cue..

Jerwin: Ladies and gentlemen, here to sing one of my most favorite ballads of all time.. I'm sure, kilala nyo rin sya.. Please welcome, Venice Zhao!

WAAAHHHHH Teka! hinde pa ko nakakahinga!!!

The gigantic stage prop divided in half right in front of me, and next thing I knew, lights were everywhere, there are thousands of people in front of me -- going wild.. Jerwin stretched out his hand to me.. as if saying it's alright, come on..

Okay Venice! Mas mapapahiya ka kung ngayon ka pa tatakbo, eh nakatingin na silang lahat syo.. Aja!

I took a deep breath and then plastered a bright smile on my face.. then I walked towards Jerwin as if I belong right there on that stage with him.

--- ♥♥ ---

(Jerwin's POV) --------------- ♥

The back of the stage opened, and it revealed the slender girl whose identity everybody could only speculate about -- until now.. The big screen at the side of the stage started the slideshow of the pictures of me and Venice that were leaked to the press.. and some others that were taken the night before and kaninang umaga lang for the purpose of a "couple's slideshow" during this segment of the concert.. Para kunwari tagal na namen magkasama, di ba?

Paglabas ni Venice, the audience went wild! Ahyan na ang mga instincts nila na may masasagap silang balita dahel sa pagsulpot ni Venice..

I watch Venice as she takes in the sight in front of her. She looks pretty.. Beautiful, even.. shoulders.. And her eyes! Her eyes are sparkling from either fear or excitement, who knows..

The light blue

cocktail dress is hugging her body in all the right curves.. Her hair is styled to fall loosely around her

Was she this beautiful when I first met her?

I reached out my hand to her, and as if thankful for some sign of support, her face lit up with a smile and she started to walk towards me.. All of a sudden, the anxiety disappeared, and a facade of belonging washed over her whole body..

Ako: (to her) Well, you don't look too bad.. Venice: Ilang oras akong nagpaganda, tapos "you don't look too bad" lang masasabi mo?

I laughed as I slowly led her to the X mark on stage, where she's supposed to stand.. And then the music started.. The cheers gradually decreased at the same time that the stage lights dimmed.. Natira na lang ung spotlight na nakatutok pa rin sa'min ni Venice.. I guess this is Marian's idea of romantic..

{music: I Finally Found Someone} Ako: (sings) I finally found someone That knocks me off my feet I finally found the one That makes me feel complete Venice: (sings) It started over coffee We started out as friends It's funny how from simple things The best things begin...

The audience was captivated... I know that reaction.. The first time I heard Venice sing, I was enchanted by her voice too.. She has this certain way of making any song sound like she's singing it directly to you and only for you.. Ilang beses man kami nag-practice since last night with the same song, I never got tired of hearing her sing.. Kahit ngayon..

Ako: Did I keep you waiting? Venice: I didn't mind Ako: I apologize Venice: Baby, that's fine Ako: I would wait forever just to know Together: You were mine.. Ako: You know, I love your hair Venice: Are you sure it looks right? Ako: I love what you wear

Jerwin!" ....Venice: Isn't it too tight? Ako: You're exceptional Together: I can't wait for the rest of my life. Ako: Ladies and gentlemen.. I want all of you to meet my fiancée. the audience is going wild again.. She herself was perfect... She went through the motions perfectly... The concert has finally ended.. my soon-to-be wife. Just like that. the whole world will know she's my fiancée. I loveeee how she freaks out whenever she hears those words. I felt Venice's grasp tighten.. But I barely noticed coz all I could do was hold her close to me and smile at her with pride. before I finally took Venice's hand and presented her to the thousands of people gathered in the arena... I gave my final bow to the audience and finally ran out of the stage to the closing music of the band and the last bit of applause. my future bride. By the time the last note has finally played.. I waited for the crowd to hush down a bit. Venice: (grins) I thought so too.. Ako: You did wonderful... Venice was welcomed with a warm.. "Good job.. thunderous applause and whistles and cheers. She sang the song perfectly. Ako: Miss Venice Zhao! And just like that.

Mag-taxi ka na lang then. Ako: What? You didn't like the dress? And I thought you actually looked human.. I closed the door behind me and looked at Venice who's quietly sitting on one of the plush couches. iniwan na nila ako. Venice: Alam mo bang sobrang itchy nung tela nun?! I changed as soon as I got off the stage! And what do you mean I actually looked human?! Anong tingin mo sa'kin?! Dog?!? I laughed to myself as I wiped my face with the face towel hanging on my seat. that's too bad.. She's changed to her usual shirt and jeans attire. Venice: Hala! Alam mo ba kung gano kalakas ang ulan sa labas?!? Ako: Bakit? Matutunaw ka ba pag nabasa ka? Venice: Anong tingin mo sa'kin?!? Witch?!? Pikon talaga kahit kelan. Mr.. oo nga pala. until I finally reached my dressing room..... Ako: Oh. How about you? Bakit nandito ka pa? Venice: Wellll... Paglabas ko ng changing room.. . T-T Ako: Awwww.. sumabay na raw sya sa mga magulang mo pauwi.. I got up from my chair and then threw the sweaty face towel aside..... Dog talaga? Venice: Ay. Santos!" I waved to each and every crew member that greeted me backstage... "That wasn't too bad. kaya lang.."Good concert!" "Congratulations... Sabi ni Jean." Linya ko un eh.. Ang original plan is ihahatid din ako ng mother mo pauwi..

. So are you ready? Payong? . Anoh bang tagalog ng "Arena"? I watched the crew members cleaning up the stage props from afar. ok? Mahirap nang biglang mawala ang fiancée ko. --..♥♥ --- (Venice's POV) --------------..Ako: I'll just take a quick shower. O_O Hm? Umbrella? Jerwin: I was looking around for an extra umbrella so we won't get soaked. and then tumingin uhlet ako dun sa labas.. Ang lakas pa rin ng ulan. "Yo! So you managed not to melt?" -___Mukha ba kong Wicked Witch of the West at matutunaw ako pag naulanan?!!? Ako: (viciously turned around) At talagang ikaw naman eh inenjoy ang shower mo?! Ang tagal mo-Jerwin: Here. arena.♥ Pumapatak ang ulan sa bubong ng. At wag kang magpapakabasa. I'll meet you up in the front door...

Jerwin: Venice! Are you ok?!?! .. while he fumbled to open the umbrella. Let's run. Jerwin suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me under the umbrella with him. Napaatras tuloy bigla si Jerwin sa pagtakbo nya nung namalayan nyang bigla nawala ung hawak-hawak nyang tao.Himala talaga na marami pa ring tao na pumunta dito amidst the weather. takboooo!!! Ako: Gano kalayo ka ba nagpark?!? Ang layo naman! Jerwin: We just reached the parking lot! Ako: Dapat ikaw na lang--- O__O Shwoosh! OoO >__< SPLASH! ARAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!! Sa sobrang pagmamadali namen... at full body down sa isang malaking puddle ng tubig ang kinagbagsakan ko. hinde ko napansin ang isang malaking butas sa daanan ko. nadapa ako...I opened the door for him. At dahel magaling ang balance at coordination ko.. This rain is crazy!! Mahangin na nga.. yes. uulanan pa ng ganito. -___. Jerwin: Ok. got it. para sana eh di kame masyadong mabasa. and then.

.. Ako: Not so funny now. Splash! And down down down Jerwin fell... ang kapal ng mukha..Ikaw kaya ang lunurin ko sa tubig dyan sa parking lot?! I pulled myself up and looked at the basang-basa na ako. ehwan ko lang kung napansin nya ko. nakita mo nang malakas ang ulan. ung payong na dala nya eh nag-fly fly fly away. -__.. there goes my chances of getting home dry... And dahil malakas ung hangin. o pinili nya lang na hinde ako pansinin. eh ako na nga tohng basang-basa na ng ulan?!?! Ako: (stands up) Oh.. Yes. at dahel busy sya sa kakatawa nya.I don't know kung dahil ba ang lakas at ang laki ng mga raindrops. tinulak ko sya nang makapagswimming rin sya sa maputik na puddle. right in the middle of the puddle na pinagbagsakan ko. Jerwin: Eh kaseh naman.. and there's a lot of puddles around... And thennnn. -__.. Tatawa tawa ka pa dyan..(biglang tingin kay Jerwin) At hindi ako natutunaw! Jerwin blinked about once or twice -.Is he the devil?! Nadapa na nga ako't lahat?!? I walked over behind him. so you think this is funny ha. -___- Ako: Buo pa naman ako. with all my willpower and arm muscles. ha? .. talagang nagswimming ka pa sa isa. bigla ba namang humagakhak ng tawa! Pinagtawanan pa ko. nanunulak ako. Well.. and then.

Nakakakilabot nga eh. o__o >__< o__o Ako: Yea. *gulp* Teka. may law bang nakasulat na bawal manulak ng mga artista?!? O___O Ako: I'm sorry.. @__@ Ako: Jerwin Santos! Porket hinde ako nag-shower after the show. Jerwin: You. O_O Jerwin: You pushed me. Ok ka lang ba? Hindi naman ganun kalakas ung tulak ko-- SPLASH! O__O >__< Oh no he did-int!!! Yes he did!!!! OoO Ang mokong!!! Nangolekta ng tubig nung puddle sa kamay nya..Jerwin slowly picked himself up.. mabango naman ako!! Bahket mo ko ... and then he very slowly turned and looked at me. pushed me. and he actually had the nerve to throw the water at my face!!! Paliguan ba ko!??!?! And then he got up and started running away. Akala ko sya ung biglang mag-mmelt.. all the while laughing at perhaps my very surprised expression.

Him. Ako: Oh I'll help you clean it tomorrow. Jerwin: I wish I brought some bath towels with me...kame biglang na-conscious ni Jerwin and we silently trudged Jerwin: Geez.. dun nagsimula ang late night pagtatampisaw namen sa malakas na ulan... Ako: Hey you started it! Jerwin: Ako ba ang nadapa? Ako: Shut up...~*~. nung pinagtitinginan lang nila kame -. half-dreading kung sinong makikita ko.. " I slowly looked up from my Psychology assigned reading. towards his truck.dry and safe under their umbrellas -. We didn't stop hanggang sa nahuli na kami ng mga pauwi nang mga stage workers. pero halfknowing na si Sheena lang naman un. which he gladly responded with his own splash of water towards me.. ::Chapter 11:: Fever ♫. singing along with the radio. at sa paghahabulan sa halos empty na parking lot ng arena...pinapaliguan?!!? I kicked a puddle of water towards him. mababasa lang din pala ako ng ulan. on to the night as he drove me back to my house.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.. .♥ "SOOO. Sana pala hinde na ko nag-shower kanina.and both of us still dripping wet from our little playtime under the rain.~*~.. may tweet-tweet akong narinig kanina tungkol sa most awaited announcement kagabi ah.. And yes.. Mukhang magbabaha pa sa loob ng truck ko nito.. And finally. we pulled out of the parking lot. sa maduming mga puddles ng water. Me trying to get water out of my hair -..

As usual. Ako: Loka. Sheena: (natawa) So anong reaction ni fafa Jerwin? Biglang nag-flash sa utak ko ung events after the concert. back to the current time...... may tinatago. Jerwin's popularity is rising through the roof. Santos hoped they would be.. Papers are printing out Jerwin's public announcement of our "engagement"....... nagising pa rin ako nang maaga.. can this be love?!? Anoh yan?? May happening ba kagabi? Ay. nakita pa rin ako ni Sheena. Anyway. imbis na ung truck ni Jerwin ang nasa harap ng bahay.. The whole day had been a buzz. Himala nga na kahit anong late ko na natulog. kahit anong tago ko... nawindang sila.... O_O Anoh ba namang kalandian itoh?? Kung anu-ano kaseng iniisip! Sheena: (pressed herself closer to me) Uyyyy. In other words..The day after the major concert is a school day. The little duet clip is played by various TV talk shows.. nagtatago ako sa library to avoid the people who seem to suddenly "appear" out of nowhere to ask for pictures o kaya naman makipagchikkahan -. ang smile??! Anong meron? Biglang napalipad ung kamay ko sa face ko to hide the blush na nag-ccreep papunta sa cheeks ko. ang landi. Just like Mr. ay. with all the rain and the puddles and the habulan.kahit di ko naman sila kilala. ung family van nila at si Manong Ponce ang naghatid sa'kin sa school. Ako: And anoh naman sinabi ng tweet-tweet mo? Sheena: (sits next to me) Shosyal ka na.. At lalo pang himala dahel after kong mag-ready. Ako: Anong "love" ka dyan?!?! Sinoh naman ma-iinlove dun sa taong un noh?! Haller!? Ka-love-love ba un?! Hahaha! Sheena: Defensive much? . Sheena: Ay.. Tulog pa raw kaseh si Jerwin... And mukha naman masaya si Jerwin....

.Napa-shrink ako sa upuan ko... ate. then I buried my face sa libro to somehow muffle the sound.. Ehwan ko ba dun. baka naman gusto mo dumaan sa bahay after ng school mo? Bantayan mo lang si kuya. my mind racing to find a neutral answer na walang kahit anong bahid ng chikka... oo nga pala! Kaseh. Gumising kaninang umaga. masama ang pakiramdam... kapatid mo tohng pinag-uusapan naten di ba? -___- . hay nako.. Ehhh walang mag-aalaga...... Just then biglang nagskandalo ung cellphone sa bulsa nung uniform ko.. at least matatawagan mo kame pag hinde na sya humihinga? Ako: Iha. Ako: Uh-huh? Jean: Ate.. Baka bukas na ng umaga kami makabalik.. Jean: Ay. sorry. malamig na corpse na sya. Si dad naman. Si Jean? Tumingin muna ako sa paligid to make sure na hinde malapit ung librarian. And you know naman ang nangyayari pag biglang may nag-vvibrate-vibrate sa pocket mo. anoh ba? Wag kang sumigaw. Eh di ba mabuti nang nandun ka. ate. Ako: Bantayan? Watchdog na ko ngayon??! Jean: Oo. Napatalon akong bigla at madaliang inisda ng cellphone. ganito yan eh. Baka pag-uwi namen. lagi namang early morning na kung umuwi un. Bakit ka tumawag? Jean: Ay. Bakit ka bumubulong? Ako: Nasa library ako.. May pupuntahan kami ni mommy mamaya after school na social gathering. Ako: Hello? Jean: ATEEEEE!!!!! O_O Ai josko! Sigawan ang cellphone!?!??! Ako: Jean.. Na-cancel tuloy ung mga lakad nya today.

. After school. Charing! Inuwi muna ako ni Manong Ponce para naman makapagbihis ako into something more comfortable than my school uniform noh. his family is too busy to take care of him just for one night. nagsisilipan na kayo... Di ba nga. -___Pano ka ba naman makakakontra sa bilis ng bibig nung batang un?!? Tumutungga yata ng isang litro ng kape sa sobrang pagkahyper! Sheena: Anoh un? Ako: Kapatid ni Jerwin... kaseh sabihin ko man un. san ka pupunta? Ako: Sisilipin ung son-in-law mo kung humihinga pa... Apparently. Venice. I doubt naman na talagang ma-ddead si kuya. di vah. magiging asong bantay ako mamaya.. . then she slowly walked up to me and grabbed my shoulders gently. at flip-flops. casual. ate. I trust you. Kaya ahyun. matagal mamatay ang masamang damo? So dadaan ka mamaya ha! Papasundo kita kay Manong Ponce! Ok? Byeeee!!! Ako: What?! Wait--! Binabaan ako. but firmly. So until then. Napagod ba sya dahel dun sa concert kagabi? Ako: (shrugs) Siguro. naka-cotton shorts ako. Relax ka lang. And apparently.. Mom: Awww.. ang sweet nyo namang dalawa. Mom: Walang tao sa bahay nila? Ako: Late na raw umuuwi si Tito Ray. casual na Mom: Oh.... at red t-shirt. umuwi kagad ako. Natahimik sandali si mommy. at ako.Patayin ba?!? Jean: Yes. O_O Mom: Remember... walang tao sa bahay nila kundi sya.

Wala nang tao. I trust you. Venice?! Nanay ko talaga. nasa bahay. Di ko nga alam kung parang gusto nya ring sabihin na: "I trust you. wala na nga talaga ung maingay na si Jean. Ung housekeeper daw. totoo nga.. Well si Aling Ligaya... pero hanggang 8:00 PM lang. ung housekeeper. okay. Sumakay na ko dun sa family van ng mga Santos. . Venice! I trust you!" When we reached the house.. Then I took the stairs up to Jerwin's room.... -___- Ako: Anoh ba naman yang mga pinag-iisip mo. nandun sa kitchen. tapos magugulantang bigla. as usual.. and Manong Ponce drove me to the Santos' residence. Ako: (gently katok sa door) Knock knock knock.. para naman malaman nya bago sya magluto ng dinner na nandito ako at malamang eh dito ako kakain. talagang hinabol nya pa ko hanggang sa pinto.. I'm coming in~ . Binati ko lang si Aling Ligaya sandali. late at night pa dadating dahil na rin sa work. and I know may mga natural hormones na mahirap macontrol.. at talagang pinahabulan pa ng isang nakakawindang na paalala: Mom: I trust you. Pero dahel may pagka-stubborn ang nanay ko...Ako: Eh?? Mom: I know you're still somewhat of a teenager. Pero other than her.... Pinapaliwanag nya na nakaalis na nga raw sina Tita Merryl at si Jean papuntang Subic for a social party chuchu. . mommy?! Magpapaka-watchdog lang ako dun noh! Geez! I wriggled out of her grasp and started to walk out of the house. Ai my golay.... Pinasok-pasok ako sa ganitong sitwasyon... But just remember. Si Tito Ray daw.

. Teka nga. .. and well.. at ni isang lampshade o ilaw. nakasarado ung curtains nung bintana kaya hindi makapasok ang afternoon sun. @_@ Jerwin: What? Venice? Ako: Hi. I tiptoed over to the bed where I can hear ragged breathing. Jerwin: Oh.. and then umupo ako dun sa kama and gently tugged the blanket off of his face.? Jerwin: Yea. walang nakabukas. ang lamig-lamig dun sa kwarto.. I actually feel kinda cold. Sorry I couldn't pick you up. It's dark.. I cautiously reached out my hand. Ganito ba sya huminga nung last time na natutulog sya? Binuksan ko ung lampshade na nandun sa bedside table nya (let there be light!). Don't you have class? Ako: I'm done for the day.. pinagpapawisan si kuya.. Ako: Ai suz naman. Ok ka lang ba? Now na nakaharap sya sa'kin.... ok lang un noh. I suddenly noticed how pale he looks... and then sinilip ko ung supposedly sleeping Jerwin.. Binibisita lang kita.. kaseh bigla syang nagising.. Jerwin! You're burning up! Jerwin: Weird. O___O Ako: Oh my gosh. who has his back turned from me. I guess may pagka-light sleeper si kuya. I'm okay. and then hinawakan ko ung noo nya. Sa sobrang pagka-bother ko dahel sa unusual appearance nya..Dahan-dahan kong binuksan ung pinto....

. I gazed at the digital alarm clock on my nightstand: 11:36 PM. at isa na ring maliit na basin ng tubig. I can't imagine how she managed to sleep on such tight space. from the time Venice woke me up for a soup dinner up to now. You never know when somebody could die. I've been sleeping for about almost five hours. don't panic.Ai josko! Ang taas ng lagnat ni kuya!!! Napatayo akong bigla.. o-- Jerwin: (smiled weakly) Hey. instant nurse pala. ever had. and the only source of light in my room is the one lampshade at the other side of my bed. It's dark outside.♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. di ko alam kung anong uunahin ko: kukuha ba muna ako ng face towel at tubig.... @_@ I wonder how long she's been there.~*~. So... ::Chapter 12:: You Are My Sunshine ♫. Bumaba ako nung hagdan to ask Aling Ligaya for a face towel to mop up Jerwin's sweat and another one to cool down his forehead. o dapat ko bang i-adjust ung room temperature. Tumingin-tingin pa ko sa paligid ko. I turned around and went out of the room.~*~.. I turned to my other side..♥ Naalimpungatan ako after what seems to be the longest sleep I've ever. Nobody dies from a slight fever.. and almost jumped (if only I wasn't feeling so weak) nung nakita ko si Venice. -___Ako: Stupid.. and positioned it beside the bed...... There's a small basin of water on a small stool right beside the night . She pulled up the office chair from the corner of the room..... It seems like hinde pala ako asong bantay tonight.

I just managed to get my legs out of the bed when Venice suddenly stirred and then glanced at me under droopy eyelids. coz she suddenly perked up and before I knew it.. I don't feel as hellish as I was feeling earlier. . If I wasn't kinda dizzy.table. Venice: Abno ka ba? As if naman kaya mo kong buhatin nang ganyan ang condition mo. ililipat sana kita sa kama. moist towel sliding off of my forehead. Ako: Hey. She's been taking care of me all this time.. *blink* *blink* Ako: Ha? Venice abruptly stopped with her pushing. and if I only knew what was going on. It was then that I felt the warm.. Dapat sa kama na lang din sya natulog... Na-realize nya yata bigla na gumagalaw-galaw na ko.. Silly girl. it would have seemed cute... she was on her feet trying to make me lie down again.. and her face suddenly turned a color of pale pink.. Venice: Jerwin! What do you think are you doing?!? Ako: Well.. (tried to push me gently back to bed) Pwede ba mahiga ka na uhlet? Ako: Will you lie down with me. -__. I carefully sat myself up -.Pero at least. then? Venice: O__O Sabi ng nanay ko. That chair doesn't look very comfortable.very much aware of the spots appearing right before my eyes... she trusts me raw...

.. I shifted myself. Venice looked at me first. and finally climbed up.. Venice: What? Ako: Do I still need that? Venice: Well. It's not like you have the energy to do anything weird.Venice: N-Nothing! Anoh ba! Matulog ka na nga! Ako: I'm not going back to sleep until you leave that chair and just accept my proposal of sleeping in this same bed.. don't tell me na ngayon ka pa nahiya... Ako: Ehhhh. to one side of the bed. right? Ako: But I don't feel so warm anymore... It's not like we didn't do it before. And it feels weird having something wet on my forehead while I'm sleeping. I guess she didn't mean to stay this late. you know? Napatingin bigla sya dun sa orasan. Miss Pure. Binabad nya uhlet ung towel dun sa basin..... Then she let out a huge Venice: Oh well. Yeaaa.. you have a fever. and then at the empty side of the bed again. As if I'll really do anything weird to her. I creeped Ako: Now... and then pulled the covers off the other side to invite her in... . and she groaned. squeezed out most of the water. It's almost midnight and you're still in my room.. and watched as Venice take the towel that slid off my forehead from the pillow.. okay. Venice: H-H-Hoy! It's not like I had a choice noh! O__O Ako: Oh. She pouts her lips as if debating in her mind and continued to stare at the warm~ inviting~ soft~ comfortable~ bed. Venice: You weren't having any problem with it earlier.. then turned to put it back on my forehead. I'm not gonna do anything to you. sigh.. c'mon.

I just need a good night's sleep... Venice: Okay. Ako: I don't mind. She looked at me.. hesitating. Venice: Are you sure? Ako: Yea.. Venice: Jerwin? Ako: Hm? Venice: .. Di ko na pinatay ung ilaw ha. curious to what's bothering her.? . patients have rights too. right? Ako: Uh. She lowered her hand and frowned at me. I laid down and closed my eyes too....Pinatong ni Venice ung kamay nya sa noo ko to feel my temperature. Venice: Anoh.. She was playing with a loose thread nung kumot. and tried to make herself comfortable.. Lie down.. Uhmm. and go to sleep then. right? Ako: Uh-huh? Venice: And partners don't really keep secrets from each other. . tapos parang nag-pause to think sandali.. and I'll be back on my feet.. Of course. Venice: Jerwin? Ako: Yea? I heard her take a deep breath. You said we're partners now..... After she stopped squirming.. kaya napabukas tuloy ung mata ko.. but then she eventually turned and hang the towel on the side of the basin.. Venice just looked at me again. I think the fever went down. sure... She carefully slid under the covers..

but mostly because of the mention of the other girl's name. and. Ako: Geena was my very first friend here...... Ako: You can ask me anything.. It's the middle of the night.. sabi ni Kenny wala naman daw na-confirm kahit isa dun sa mga rumors tungkol snyo. What is she to you? I blinked in surprise. I spent almost all my whole life in the States.. if people asks or if I see her. I shifted my gaze up the ceiling. and. she kinda needs to know. and you're asking me a very stressful question.. thinking to myself.. There's a picture on your desk of you and her.. I don't really know how to answer though... well.. Venice.. (took a deep breath) and then. Georgina.... Venice: First friend? Ako: Yea.. I . so I didn't really know any people when I arrived. she went back to staring at the thread.. Mas gusto nya pang tignan ung sinulid kesa sa'kin. Geena and I. I just want to know kung anong sasabihin ko. Anyway. I never really knew what we really were. I see.. and when she saw I was staring at her. Ako: Why are you asking me this? Venice: Well.. you two look. I guess. So it's because of that picture... Venice: (took a deep breath) Okay... *sigh* I'm sorry. I was just looking around in your room. anoh. anoh..She glanced at me quickly. and.. She started to twirl the thread around her fingers faster. just a few sightings na madalas kayong magkasama... kanina. Georgina Schmitz. close. Venice: Kenny mentioned before about constant rumors about you and Georgina Schmitz.. Kaseh anoh... Venice: I didn't mean to pry! Promise! I'm just curious. Tell me about it.. ung model. my fever just went down. I heard she's really successful.. This is probably a bad time to ask such a question. not just because of her question..

and. and then smiled. Ako: She's special to me. that means may nag-second the motion na. and her face turned pink again.. Venice: Kilabutan ka nga dyan sa pinagsasabi mo. baby??! Ako: I can be your babe. @__@ . But we're just friends. Then she slowly lowered her gaze and moved a little bit away from me. Venice: "M-My fiancée" ka dyan! Geez.met her in a party my mom threw for me. How can she be so curious about something that doesn't really concern her? I turned to my side to face her.. listening intently.. Hay nako. Venice: Oh.. right? Venice: (turned to me again) Sing you to sleep?? Anoh ka..... Now that's cute. Ako: (natawa) Has anyone ever told you how fun it is to tease you? She suddenly froze and seems to blink in surprise. She was thrust in the fashion industry out of nowhere.. She was all alone. What kind of reaction is that? Venice: Yes.and I don't think I want that. Okay. Venice: Same as you? Ako: Yea. the same as me back then. and akoh tong all serious sa pakikinig. She was... then..I turned to face Venice who has her face up to me. my fiancée? She jumped from the sound of my little endearment.. Someone has told me that before... How about you sing me to sleep now? You don't want me to still be sick tomorrow. actually. I caught myself to telling the whole story -. What's up with the solemn atmosphere? Ako: Well.

O___O Napabukas ung mata ko. Venice: What? Ako: May sakit lang ako. I'll be the one to sing you a lullabye... Then.. hindi pa ko patay. I was actually kinda feeling tired. Venice: (sings) Di kita malilimutan.. the singing will wipe off the solemn look off her face... Ako: Don't you know that lullabies can bring relaxing sleep to someone? And since I'm sick..I laughed again. closed my eyes.. Kokontra pa toh. Parang naman ang taas pa rin ng lagnat mo. okay. Di kita pababayaan. asa ka pa.. just like she said. started to massage the side of my head... I'll sing you something na matino. Bibigay rin pala. I smiled inspite of myself and... She propped the pillow behind her and then gently put a hand on top of my head... and go to sleep now. Just kidding.. Hinde ako katulad mo na naulanan lang.. pero she propped herself up naman. Ako: A fever is still a fever. Close your eyes... And next time that you are not feeling well. I just really like hearing her voice. inatake na ng lagnat noh.. Truth is. Venice: Okay.. I need a relaxing sleep right? Venice: Suz naman. she started singing. just as she turned to face me as well. I turned towards her again and closed my eyes...... She laughed and then she pulled herself up. noh? Sige naaa. . and I stared at her. and maybe. okay? Venice: Hay nako. and then for some effect.

I felt myself drift off to sleep. and then the real lullabye started. when skies are gray You never know.. Where is it?!?! . How much I love you Please don't take my sunshine away.♥ Bzzztttt Bzzzzzzztttt What? What? -___- With eyes still closed..~*~.Ako: Hey. Venice.? Ako: *yawwnnn* I hope you are. siguro....♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. Venice: Yea? Ako: Are you still gonna be here when I wake up? Venice: Hm? Uh..~*~. In less than five minutes.. I never realized how pretty that song is.. I felt her fingers gently twirling my hair... {song: You Are My Sunshine} Venice: (sings) You are my sunshine. dear.. until now. My only sunshine You make me happy... ::Chapter 13:: Fly Away ♫.. kinapa-kapa ko ung nightstand para hablutin ung cellphone kong malamang eh nagaalarm na kaya ganyan na lang kung makapag-vibrate.

.. -___- Nahablot ko na rin sa wakas ung cellphone ko. the best na panggising ang mahulog sa kama. Ako: Yea. He looks a lot better now. Pinanood ko lang sya as he stretches for a little bit. Then. You're still here. Nice to see you're not suffocating me with a pillow this time. He rolled over and managed to barely miss me when he swung his legs out of the bed. if it's you.. I don't think I'd be surprised.. Ako: What's that supposed to mean?!?? He just laughed and picked up the basin of water dun sa stool na katabi nung nightstand.. I'm still here. Energetic na si kuya uhlet.Kapa-kapa uhlet-- Whoopsss! o_o Dahil sa sobrang kaka-reach out ko for my phone. "Hey. and finally turned the alarm off.. Yes..... Di mo ba alam." I turned my head and saw Jerwin peering at me from the bed. -__Jerwin: (smiles) Good morning... I literally rolled out of bed and bumagsak sa sabig with a BOOG! Ako: Awww........ sumandal ako dun sa kama. Good morning. one by one. Thank God. Sunshine. feeling my brain cells wake up one by one.. Sumunod ako . Jerwin: Was that you who fell earlier? Ako: Yea... Jerwin: So you do that everyday? Ako: Do you think I fall off the bed every single day?!? Jerwin: Well.. trying to wake myself up. I yawned.

. at ahyan. Ilang beses nya na rin akong pinipilit isama. combing my hair with my fingers. nakilala nya si Tito Remy. Kaya sige. let's go ask.. and trying to fix myself para kung sinoh man makasalubong namen. Just before we turned to go to the kitchen.. aside from Jerwin's mom's voice. gusto ko matapos muna ung schooling ko chuchu. Tita Merryl: Aba.. nagulantang ako dun sa isa pang boses. Patawag-tawag na lang sya. parang silang teenager . She wants to go back to the States? Ilang taon na ring nakatira and nagttrabaho si Mommy sa Amerika... "Ay. I meant my mom! Jerwin: I don't know. matandang binata na nain-love kay mother. kahit papano. pero dahel mabait akong anak.." I suddenly grabbed Jerwin. Ako: I don't mean your mom.palabas nung kwarto. at sabi naman nya... nandun si mommy. Merryl.. I refused. Kausap ko nga si Remy kagabi. handa naman raw ung bahay na tutuluyan namen dun. Nasabi kong gusto ko nang bumalik ng States. we suddenly heard two voices talking... Palusot ko na lang. mukha naman akong tao kahit bagong gising. Ang nanay ko!!! Ako: What's she doing here!?? Jerwin: My mom lives here. Napatigil kaming bigla kaseh. Busy na tinatago si Jerwin with me dun sa likod nung wall separating the formal dining room and the kitchen. na muntik-muntikan nang matapon ung tubig na dala nya sa bigla kong paghaltak pabalik sa katawan nya.... Jerwin: What are you doing?!? Ako: Ssshhh! I turned my ear towards the kitchen again. bakit hindi ka pa lumipad pabalik? Mom: I would love to go back to the States.. At sa sobrang tagal nya na dun.. nandito ako sa Pinas. oo.

. She’s saying na she wants to go back there. di ko rin alam kung bahket sila biglang napadpad dito.. Nako...... Totoo lang.. And now... -__- . "Parang pinagsakluban ng langit at lupa". kumare. Pero ahyan na nga sila. alagang-alaga ka ng nanay mo ah. A real father figure. nakakakilabot mang isipin. Oh di vah? Ang landi! talaga si mother.. Ako: Oh shut up.. ang tagal na kong hinihintay ng boyfriend ko dun! Ay! Sana makilala mo si Remy minsan! Nalipat ung topic nung dalawang nanay sa boyprend ni mother.. Ayoko naman kaseh maiwan nanaman syang mag-isa. Alam kong loka-loka at daig nya pa ang may sugar rush na bata ngayon. Mom: Kaya nga nagdadalawang isip tuloy ako bumalik ng States. Is that how you talk to your sunshine? Ako: Anoh?!? Jerwin: (sings) I am your sunshine Your only sunshine-- Pak! Jerwin: Kidding.. kung alam mo lang. palovey-dovey.. pero dati. Naiwan si mommy. Mom: Pero. lantutay yang batang yan! Tita Merryl: Really? Venice? Mom: Oo. I'm worried about Venice. It was about one and half year ago nung umuwi si mom at si Tito Remy dito sa Pinas.. Nagkasundo naman kame ni Tito Remy. kumare. Kung alam nya lang... After 6 months.. lalo na't di ko naman nakilala ang father ko.... Jerwin: Kaw naman.. Feeling teenager Jerwin: Wow.. he had to go back to the States para kumayod na uhlet. parang pinagsakluban ng langit at lupa! Buti na nga lang at matino na uhlet sya ngayon... nung una kong uwi two years ago.. Kinikilig pa habang nag-kkwento tungkol sa fafa nya.

smiled at the older ladies. looking for a bath towel. Ako: Okay. thanks.. wala nang tulog-tulog. Kawawang bata. walang narinig. Jerwin~ Jerwin: Good morning po.. who just finished pouring the water from the basin dun sa sink. Kunwari bagong dating lang kami.. Jerwin. and he walked straight to the closet... (looked at his mom) Good morning. just wondering lang poh. give Venice a fresh bath towel. as if they're really wondering kung bakit ko hinahanap si Jean. Ako: Uh. and then following me up the stairs. Ako: Mom!?? Anong ginagawa mo dito?? Mom: Ay nako. We went in his room again. mom.... What time did you guys arrive? Tita Merryl: Around 3 AM.I took a deep breath and then grabbed Jerwin para pumasok na dun sa kitchen kasama ko. Bakit? Pumasok na?!?! Hinde man lang pinatulog?!? Nakatingin sa'kin si Tita Merryl at si Jerwin. Ako: 3 AM? Then. Kinuha ko ung bag ng damit na dala ng nanay ko.. pwede poh ba makigamit ng bathroom? Tita Merryl: Ay sure! Jerwin.. Jerwin: Hey... looked at me and then frowned. Jerwin: Can't you just use my towel? Ako: Abno ka ba?!? Anoh pang virus makuha ko syo noh! (tingin kay Tita Merryl) No offense. (tingin kay Jerwin) Good morning. and then stomped pabalik sa taas. bagong gising. at pakita mo na rin kung nasan ung banyo... where's Jean? Tita Merryl: Ay.. I'd rather use a fresh one. . tita.. nakapasok na. hinde ka na umuwi kagabi kaya I brought you a change of clothes para dito ka na manggaling papasok ng school. As if normal lang na pumasok na talaga sya. buti nga pinapagamit ko ung tuwalya ko syo! Ako: No. I heard Jerwin putting the basin sa sink.. chuchu. Anoh. Jerwin: Hoy. Ako: Yea? Jerwin: I'll take you to school today.

you should just put it with our toothbrushes since parang napapadalas na ang overnight mo dito. I don't know how. get dressed. opened the medicine cabinet. and all that in less than 20 minutes. wait. kaseh ganitong oras pala nagppour in ang sandamakmak na students.. Anoh nanaman kaya ang hirit ni kuya? Jerwin: You know. and I'm kinda thankful for the tinted windows. Oh the luck of being a man. Maaga silang gumigising.. -___Kaya when we left the house... and I'm not sure what he did. and pagdating sa harap ng school..... Ako: Okie. Jerwin: You can use this one... Thanks for the ride. and I turned to look at Jerwin. and walked out of the bathroom to eat breakfast while I closed the door to start my morning rituals. Jerwin managed to finish his shower. -__>__< O__O ... Jerwin: Venice. we even had time to drop off my mom sa bahay.. Siguro. pero by some miracle. Ako: Che! It's not like I drop by and make plans to spend the night here noh! He laughed at me again.You can live with me.. and gave me a new toothbrush. he handed me the towel.After that. He parked on the curb again. I have enough time before my first class. If it gets to the point that she really wants to go and live her life. Then he walked me to the bathroom at the other side of the hallway.. My hand stopped dun sa door handle. You-.. I was just thinking about your mom going to the States and all that.

Di ko na maalala kung anong pinag-uusapan namen... kulang sa tulog... .♥ I stared at Kenny and Sheena who are busy sa pag-ppreach nila kay Anthony. Ikaw. eh good luck na lang kung iwanan nya ko uhlet mag-isa.. at "Bakit ayaw mo sabihin kung sinoh?!" Kawawa naman. ::Chapter 14:: One Moment In Time ♫....~*~. Tinitigan ko si Jerwin. somewhat oblivious of the stares ng mga nakakita sa'kin get out of the shiny truck. if that's the only thing stopping you... seryoso ako.. Ehwan ko ba kung seryoso toh.. Tinotopak yatang bigla. "Kilala ko ba?". Jerwin: (smiles) Well... Anoh nga bang gagawin ko eh sa gusto na lumipad pabalik ng nanay ko sa States? I can just tell her to go. bastah. Ako: *sigh* Bahala ka. how sweet. I'll see you later.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. Haayyyy na koooo. na-over sa tulog.. Kaya ahyan. then don't worry..who would've thought. -__..At san mo naman ako papatulugin snyo ha?!? Geez. naulan tuloy sya ng "You should tell her!"... Ulol.. bigla na lang nilang nahuli na may unspoken infatuation pala itong si Anton sa isang girl na ayaw nya naman sabihin ang name.. I'm gonna go to my class now. eh may pagkatorpe pala. na. Bumaba na ko nung pick-up truck ni Jerwin.. Ako: Awww. Jerwin: Okay.~*~. "Maganda ba?". pero I doubt na ganun-ganun lang un. After nga naman ng mala-zombie kong aura two years ago. I'll find a way. o talagang nagevaporate ung utak nya kagabi sa sobrang taas nung lagnat nya..Ako: ANOH?!? Live with you?!? May lagnat ka pa ba o naluto na yang mga brain cells mo kagabi?!?! Jerwin: Anoh ba.. Didn't I tell you before? I'll take care of you. magtrabaho ka na.

ang loko! May pa-blush-blush pang nalalaman! Ako: Avah... nothing less. naghihintay.. Kaya nakakawindang pag lumalabas ang pagka-lalake nya. Avah. already... know KNOW? Sheena: Gusto mo ligawan na namen para syo? Anthony: NO! Ay?!? Napaatras kaming bigla sa sudden outburst ng usually la-la-la na si Anthony.. paglabas ko.. Nothing more.. seat and gave Jerwin a quick smile as he pulls out of the curb.. it's alright. O___O Bihira lang yan magkaganyang may pinaninindigan. Lalo kaming nagkatinginan nina Sheena at Kenny. At dahil dyan sa reaction na yan. You know her quite well. Anthony: I mean.Anthony: Ay nako! Tigilan nyo na nga ako! Sheena: Eh sabihin mo na kaseh kung sinoh! At bakit ba ayaw mo pang ligawan? Anthony suddenly blushed at napatingin dun sa sapatos nya. I jumped in the passenger . naintriga na rin ako. pusong sawi pala itong case na toh. Sinoh ba ang kilala nameng tatlo na pwedeng maging prospect ni Anthony? Kenny: As in. at nababawasan na rin ung mga paparazzi na umaasang makakuha ng stolen shot naming dalawa.... like always.. Abah. O__O That afternoon. nandun na si Jerwin sa pick-up nya.. Nagkatinginan kami nina Kenny. Anton! Kilala namen toh noh?!? Sino ang girl na itoh?!? Kailangan nang interviewhin! Anthony: She's.... Ako: Oh ba't why? Anthony: (smiles) Coz I know na kaibigan lang naman ang tingin nya sa'kin. She doesn't have to know.

Bahket ba ikaw pa ang tinatanong ko? Jerwin: Coz I'm your sunshine. Ako: Tignan mo lang kung may sense ung sinabi mo ha. I understand na it's inevitable na magkakagusto ka sa'kin. O_O Weird. Jerwin: Eh? Really? Ganon ka na lang ba ang level ng pagka-unlikable mo? Ako: Hay nako. you know Anthony. pero hindi nya masabi kaseh friend lang ung tingin sa kanya nung girl. but then he immediately turned to his driving again. his snoring. Ako: Hoy. Lumiko sya dun sa street and I started to strap my book bag around me.. -__- Tumawa lang sya and he lowered the volume nung radio before glancing at me again to smile. Jerwin: Who's the girl? Ako: Ayaw nga sabihin eh. Ako: What are you doing? Jerwin: Parking. we finally reached my neighborhood. Umiral nanaman yang pagka-electric fan mo.. startled na startled ang expression ni kuya. Jerwin: Yep? Ako: Have you ever been in a situation na hindi mo masabi sa isang tao na may gusto ka sa kanya? Napatingin bigla si Jerwin sa'kin. And I swear. ung friend ko? Sabi nya he likes this girl daw.. Jerwin: So why are you asking? Ako: Well. Mamamatay muna un bago nya ko pag-interesan noh. Jerwin.. when I realize na nag-ppark sya sa side nung bahay namen. my hair...Ako: Hey..and eventually. Parang adik. Ako: Bababa ka? . Ako: Tange...his hair. Affected much? Jerwin: Why are you asking? (smirks) May gusto ka na sa'kin noh? Okay lang naman kung gusto mong sabihin eh. my falling off the bed -. and I light up the truth. We moved to less serious subjects -.. Jerwin: Baka ikaw ung girl. Nevermind na nga lang.

One page lay-out lang poh na nagpapakita sa mga celebrities in their everyday lives. Ako: Whe?!? Nasaan!?! He closed the door behind me. he suddenly leaned over -. Mr. sir. or harmful. or mag-rrefuse dahil nasa harap kami ng bahay ko. and opened the door for me.. Kuya Reporter: Sorry to intrude on your private time. But can you make sure na walang makikitang significant sa background? I don't want other reporters loitering around my fiancée's house. bahala na sya. he was whispering something. Santos.Jerwin: Why. I just shrugged at Jerwin. In the end.and pretended to take my bag. and then talagang bumaba sya ng sasakyan. He went around to my side. sir! I promise. There's about one or two tabloid reporters who followed us. walang skandalo o kahit anong nakadikit sa picture na toh! Jerwin: Okay. Isn't it rude not to say hello to my mother-in-law? Ako: Never stopped you before. trying to think kung papayag ba dahel it's nothing naman talaga. Kaya pala nagpaka-gentleman effect si kuya. Pa-gentleman effect?? Na-food poisoning kaya toh? Nung bumababa na ko dahan-dahan. Mr. Nagkatinginan kami ni Jerwin. Jerwin: Be careful... okay. But can we take one or two quick picture for tomorrow's paper? Jerwin: For what story? Kuya Reporter: No story poh.. Jerwin: (still looking at me) Well.. one carrying a camera. two men approached us... Photographer: Yes sir. That doesn't sound so bad. pero in reality.pasimple lang naman -. Sya naman tohng professional pagdating sa mga ganyan.. and just in time to answer my question... and the other a notebook and a pen.... of course. Reporter: Thank you poh. He smiled.. Mr. may audience pala.. .

Mr. and syempre. Ako: Eh? Now na? Jerwin: Yea.. just act naturally.. last one! Just then.... Tumayo na rin si Jerwin and started to dust off his jeans. Venice. Hinila ako nung photographer. probably ecstatic to have such an "intimate" and "cute" moment in their film. Although I can't imagine sitting on the sidewalk as part of his "everyday life". and planted a soft kiss on the tip of my nose.. Kung alam nya lang kung pano ang "act naturally" sa'min ni Jerwin. Mr.. I stared at him. Jerwin: Hey. Santos. Reporter: Miss Venice.. Isip-isip ko lang. and the camera flashed. umupo na rin poh kayo.O Mr. Photographer: Okay. kwentuhan sa kalye? Di kaya madumog kami ng mga tao kung arawaraw naming gawin toh? After a while na mukha na siguro kaming natural. kunwari nag-rrelax. Just pretend lang raw na wala ung camera. Reporter: Opo. wide-eyed. . may bubulong ako syo. mag-appear daw na nag-uusap lang kame. and followed the photographer to the white wall dun sa side nung bahay namen. Ako: Eh? Kasama ako? Mr. kwentuhan ba. nag-lean forward din ako para makinig kung anoh naman tohng topak nya at ngayon pa sya may ibubulong. Reporter: That was perfect! Thank you for your time. Sabi nya. tapos inupo na rin dun sa tabi ni Jerwin. Come here.. Pinaupo sya dun sa sidewalk. Ms.. I watched as the two reporters walked away. Mr...Jerwin took off his langaw-sunglasses. nag-stepback na ung photographer and took a picture. Jerwin tilted my face up... O... Ung mga tipong nagbabatukan ba. He leaned forward na tipong may ibubulong talaga.

na nginitian ako pa-innocent effect chuchu. Ako: And you had to do that??! Jerwin: (smiles) Don't you know what a kiss on the nose means? Ako: May meaning pa ba un?!? Jerwin laughed and helped me up to my feet.. oversized t-shirt. sweetheart. nagtatanggal ng Ako: Oh. kasi dumadami na ung mga tao sa paligid. my mom trying to un-puff her puffy short hair... tita. then he walked me papasok dun sa gate nung bahay namen... Ako: Oh ahyan. and long shorts." I stopped my nagging and looked at my mom na picture perfect na housewife ang itsura: uncombed hair.. Eew. sige na. Natutuwa talaga si kuya sa pang-aasar sa'kin. O_O si Jerwin.Jerwin: What? Ako: What was that? Jerwin: A kiss on the nose. I'm just here to say hello. Jerwin: Yes.... -___Pumasok kaming dalawa. Mom: Venice! Anoh ka ba? Hindi pa nga nakakapasok ng bahay si Jerwin eh. sumunod na lang... Oh di vah. bahay na bahay. the nose means. I turned to look at Jerwin. tatanggalin mo pa ung sapatos mo?!? Jerwin: What? Isn't it proper to remove my shoes before going inside? Ako: Magtatagal ka ba dito?!? Jerwin: Yes.. Jerwin? Napadaan ka. uwi ka na. nakapag-hello ka na. mamahalin nyang rubber shoes.. O_O . still rambling what a kiss on "Oh. Ako naman si shocked.

-___.. And I was hoping na makausap kayo habang wala pa poh si Venice... but she led me to the kitchen anyways -.Pahamak talaga. Mabilis na lang toh.♥ I watched as Venice stalked off to her room.. Tita Mel: Oh. Makikain na rin kaya ako mamaya? . I heard na natawa si Jerwin sa likod ko. Parang bata talaga. Lokong un... and then stomped up the stairs para nga magbihis na. Nagluluto pa kaseh ako.. Tama ba namang batukan ako sa harap ng others?!? Mom: Anoh ba't kakarating nyo pa lang. Tita Mel looked at me all curious...where it smells like beef steak everywhere. Ako: It's okay. Actually.PAK! Ako: Ouch! What??! Napaikot ako sa nanay kong nakapamewang sa likod ko. Tita Mel: Sa'kin? Ako: Opo. Dadaan-daan dito para lang mang-trip! --. tita.. He probably thinks it's amusing na binabatukan ako at pinapagalitan pa ng nanay ko sa edad kong toh. eh inaaway mo na si Jerwin?! Umakyat ka na nga at magbihis ka na! Kakain na tayo sandali.♥♥ --- (Jerwin's POV) ---------------.. pumasok ka muna sa loob. I'm not in a hurry. I glared at him.. Jerwin. I'm here to talk to you..

. Pero dati. lalo na't may anak ako. Alam mo. At minsan sa buhay mo... Ako: Like now? Tita Mel: Oo. Tita Mel: Jerwin.. as if telling me to listen carefully. You want to go back to the States. O__O I guess totoo ung sinabi ni Venice na may pagka-"young at heart" pa ang nanay nya. maybe you two . naging magkaibigan na kayo -.. looked at me.. Bumalik sya dun sa niluluto nya. I do want to go back.. Maybe you two will eventually break up.. anoh ba toh? May ginawa ba si Venice? Ako: Nako. Ung lugar na gusto nyong puntahan eh sa Amerika? Tita Mel: Well. wala poh. Pero alam mo. and then smiled.. Tinakpan ni Tita Mel ung niluluto nya.pero magkaibigan lang. Tita Mel: To be honest. She smiled at me gently.. then walked over to where I was sitting. as soon as possible. So I guess it's not a big deal whether I heard or not... siguro nga... eh dalawang magkaibang lugar pala.. cautiously pa nga... right? Napatigil si Tita Mel sandali. Tumanda na si Venice without me. not really. maybe someday you'll find out ung mga reasons namin ng nanay mo kung bakit namin kayo pinagsama.. gusto ko na sana umuwi dito and spend time with Venice. Ako: So you're going to him instead? Tita Mel: (smiles) I know it sounds somewhat selfish. Eh?? She blushed. yes. dahel sa mga nangyayari.. Tita Mel: Nagkataon lang na nasa Amerika ung "person" na gusto kong puntahan. Ako: So... Jerwin. like now. I overheard you and my mom talking.Tita Mel: Oh. It's just that. alam kong hindi kayo magkakilala ng anak ko. and as much as I want him to come here. will work it out.. hindi nya naman maiiwan ung trabaho at buhay nya dun. dadating ung pagkakataon na ma-rrealize mo na ung isang lugar na dapat mong puntahan at ung lugar na sasaya ka. iniisip ko na.. Jerwin. pumunta lang ako sa States para magtrabaho. Siguro ngayon.

Where is this going? Tita Mel: Pero Jerwin.. Tita Mel: Take her in? Ako: Yes... katulad ko. I can tell you're an amazing guy. odd.♫ So. I smiled.. Pepsi. pero I hope someday.~*~. Venice should be the least of your problems.. eh di oo naman ako. don't let it go. dumiretso kami dito sa music studio. It will happen for just one moment in your life. I'll take care of her as if she's that person I'd be willing to sacrifice everything for. Sundo. sandali lang raw eh.♥ "Are you ready to go?" Hm? -__- Pinulot ko ung naka-slump kong ulo sa mesa and squinted at Jerwin who finally appeared before me. V-Cut. may tatapusin lang raw sila sandali. really wants to go back to her man.. handa mong i-sacrifice ang lahat para dun sa taong un. I'll take her in... ready na ready na kong mag-go! It was another ordinary day. when the time comes na kailangan mo na talagang umalis.. I guess she really. Ako: Tita. Dadating ang araw na may makikilala ka. so when you get it. Haayyyy kung alam nya lang. you'll think back on this instant and tell yourself. Ehto ba eh isa sa mga pamana ng older generation? It feels.. ::Chapter 15:: Eccentric ♫. sinundo ako ni Jerwin. really. But. so that's what she meant when I stared at her. do what you must. Then after school... may mamahalin ka na...~*~. don't worry about Venice.. klase. . she said to give up everything for that one person.. tita. tita." Maybe you won't understand my reasons for now.. "Oh.. but instead of taking me home. coming from someone else's mom. (Venice's POV) ---------------..

. Natapos ko na ung mga homework ko. -__At ngayon. ang "sandali" pala sa kanila. Syempre. nandun pa rin sila.. tapos na sila!!! T^T Jerwin: Are you ok? Ako: Are we going home? -__Jerwin: Yea. After 34879845 years. sunod kagad sa kanya -- POK Aw >.. Low batt na low batt na ang energy level ko. eh ung mga tipong isa o dalawang oras. Then. Ako: Great! Then I'm okay! Jerwin: You are being weird.apparently.. Titigil lang. maiikutan ko sya noh! Jerwin: We should hide. at limang juicebox na ang naubos ko. eh dun pa mismo sa doorway.< Ako: Why'd you stop all of a sudden?? Geez. again.. Finally... O_O Ako: Eh?? "Jerwwwiiiinnnn!!!" Jerwin: Oh no. ako naman si happy-happy. biinuksan nya ung pinto and stepped out.. it's too late! O__O We should run! .... Si kuya naman. bahket hinde sya dun sa hallway mismo mag-stop?!? at least sa hallway... halos nakibasado ko na ung pattern nung wall..... I rubbed my nose na nabunggo dun sa likod nyang bigla-biglang tumitigil. Pinulot nya ung book bag ko sa sahig.

isang girlaloo ang mabilis na lumipad at lumambitin sa leeg ni kuya.. She doesn't look like she's that much older than Jerwin. maganda si ate. Heavy eyeliner..pero syempre..BRIGHT red lipstick. in an edgy kind of way.. so galing photoshoot si ate. so I decided to drop by! Oh....... really.. and watched as Jerwin tried to disentangle the girl's arms from his neck.. Na-shock ako.O Cousin-in-law?!? Jerwin suddenly grabbed me and put a firm protective arm around my shoulders.Anoh bang pinagsasabi nito?? At sinoh ba ung skandalosang tumatawag sa kanya?? I tried to peek over his shoulder -. and red -. Probably 24 or 25. tight fitting jeans. raven black with red streaks. dahil nabiyayaan ako ng height. O_O Monster ba tohng si ate na kailangan ko bigla ng protection?? . Sinoh naman kaya toh?? O__O I closed the door behind me. I really.. purple high-heeled shoes. model? So that outfit.. tinakbo nya? O_O Nicole: And besides.. and then I heard na nandito ka with your girly.. wala akong makita... tinulak ko na lang sya pa-forward para makalabas na rin ako~ Kaya As soon as Jerwin stepped into the deserted hallway. In fairness. O_O at ang outfit ni ate! Purple corset-styled top.... Her hair is cut in a stylish bob. REALLY want to meet my adorable cousin-in-law! O. How can she walk in those shoes?!?! Jerwin: N-Nicole!?! What are you doing here?!? Nicole: I just finished a photoshoot in the other building.

. my.. He didn't step away though. Jean wasn't lying when she said how pretty you are. Jerwin. biglang toxic! Lumapit sa'kin si cousin-in-law. my.. Is that the way to talk to your "ate"? I felt Jerwin tensed up.. Ako: Thank--My. Jerwin immediately pulled me behind him. Jerwin's cousin! Ako: I'm Venice. She's interesting. T^T Jerwin: NICOLE!!! Nicole: What?? I was just seeing if they're real. It's nice to meet you. -___Nicole: (biglang serious) Hey. But c'mon. I heard a lot of good things about her from Jean. just wanted to see for myself. Jerwin: I don't trust you. I don't think I've ever been happier to be pulled so roughly away. I'm not gonna bite her.. Kaseh naman ang aura ni ate.. relax. Nicole grabbed ang boobs ko! And she started squeezing -. and Jerwin finally relaxed his protective stance and let the girl approach me. Ako: Y-Y-You could've just asked!!! T~T Jerwin: What were you thinking?!? Nicole: Hmmm. my.. (napatingin kay Jerwin) if feeling them! OoO Nicole: You have a pretty nice body too.Nicole: Oh. You're .O All of a sudden. Nicole: Oh the pleasure is mine. O. T-T S-S-Scary. Cousin-in-law s-scary. what's to fear? How can someone so pretty be scary? Nicole: Hi! I'm Nicole... as if he's waiting or expecting something freaky.. Kinabahan si kuya.. Jerwin... and then glared at his cousin..

.. I could feel the hair at the back of neck all stand up.... Work is so much more interesting compared to his stories about the stock exchange. shocked. panicked. And I think. Did you want to touch 'em too? Jerwin's face flared up to a shade of red I never thought was possible.... I'll call you later. and before we knew it. and kahit na nakangiti si ate.blushing. for directions to her house. didn't she? Completely ignored what I said! Nicole pivoted on her heel.. she already turned the corner towards the main hall.. so I left him in Greece.. Hindi ko kaya ang powers ni cousin-in-law!! Jerwin: Stop being such a perv! Why are you here anyway?!? Aren't you supposed to be in Greece or somewhere not here!??! Nicole: Yea. Nicole: Yo... at scared for my own life. I turned to Jerwin. I got tired of my boyfriend-of-the-week. and Venice.. let's hang out tonight! I'll pick you up at 9! Jerwin: What!?!? Nicole: What? You wanna come too? Jerwin: I have things to finish up tonight Nicole: Oh well. Ako: Am I going to be raped? T^T . (tingin uhlet sa'kin) It's gonna be a girls' night out then! Ako: I'm not sure I can go out tonight. Jerwin. that's too bad. Aalis na ba sya? Aalis na ba? T-T Nicole: I gotta go. She turned to look at me again.. She looked at her watch and then frowned. well. I'll see you later! Ciao! Oo O She just completely ignored what I said. Venice. I'm having a heart attack..

No one ever knows what she'll do next.. Just don't drink too much. just relax. then he took my hand. okay? Ako: But Nicole scary. Multitasking is the best! It's almost 9:00. I'll try to catch up with you guys.Jerwin: (laughed) Of course not. Jerwin: I have to do some work tonight. I doubt she'd rape you. O_O Jerwin: Okay. But if I get out early... person. I know. I know. You wouldn't want to get on her bad side. . T-T Jerwin: Oh. Really. she's here.. and stirred me towards the main hall so we can leave the building. habang iniipit ung cellphone between my ear and my shoulder.. I think I'm halfway done. You've gone clubbing before. Nicole is as straight as ruler... and I can't believe I'm actually dressed up for this! ding dong! Ako: Oh my god...~*~... Ako: Should I go with her? Jerwin: Well. Are you still nervous about going out with Nicole? Ako: You know I'm only doing this because you told me not to get on her bad side! I stared at my reflection as I tried to put on my earrings.. just kinda eccentric. she's a cool T-T Jerwin laughed at the "it's the end of the world" expression on my face....~*~.. Nicole scary..♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. ::Chapter 16:: Panic At The Disco ♫.♥ Ako: Aren't you done with work yet? T-T Jerwin: Well.. do you understand? Ako: Define "too much"....

She's really here. anak! Di mo naman sinabi na si Nicole Suarez pala ang kasama mo lumabas ngayon! (tingin kay Nicole) I'm a big fan of your mom's work! Nicole: Yep. I'm actually more concerned about the person you're with... T^T Ako: I gotta go. Nicole.. -___Ako: What's that supposed to mean!?? O.. nakiki-pose dun sa camerang hawak nya. Model na anak. one last shot. Fashion Designer na nanay.. pati ang nanay ko. naririnig ko na si mommy na kinakausap si Nicole. At one last shot talaga.. ...I grabbed my clutch purse and ran palabas ng kwarto.. Baka ung tatay ang mananahi. Hinde pa man ako nakakababa ng hagdan. Jerwin: Okay.. Ako: What's going on? Mom: Ay nako... Let's go....... Ako: Do I look like a troublemaker? Jerwin: Well. I walked over sa main hall kung san. Kamustah naman ang familya.. Bubwit na un. hello? Nicole: Oh Venice! Hi! Hold on. nag-ppicturan ang nanay ko at si Nicole...O Jerwin: Oh nothing! Have fun! Bye! Ako: What?!? Jerwin?! Jerwin?!? Hello?!? Binabaan ako. Jerwin. O_O Ako: Anyyywaaayy....... O_O Nagpapaka-teeny bop nanaman si mother. O__O Ako: Uh.... my mom designs the hippest clothes around.. And Venice?!? Don't get in trouble.

. sa bar kagad dumiretso si Nicole..... Hey." T-T Oh my golay. It's a high-end nightclub.Hinila ko na si Nicole palabas ng bahay.. Are you sure we're not gonna wait for Jerwin? Nicole: Oh it's alright. Kaya hello alcohol. Not that I should be surprised. . Only the most elite and the richest crowd goes here. I'll be enough to fend off unwanted guys.... I have a new appreciation for Sheena. tita!! I followed Nicole papunta dun sa black Toyota car nya. And ever since dumating kame.... Hindi man halata. ay! isang nobena ang tumatakbo sa utak ko.. at all those times na rin na pinipigilan nila ako tuwing nagiging best friends kame ng mga bartenders.. bago pa man makahirit uhlet ang nanay ko ng isa pang photoshoot. Nicole: Bye..... ha. I followed Nicole to the bar again.. Nicole: Your mom is so much fun! Ako: Ah ha ha. ha. may pagka-vain din yang si mother. Life of the party. Kenny.... Dyan ko namana ang pagiging adik sa camera eh.. Ako: Nicole. All the while na nag-ffasten ako ng seatbelt. are you sure you should get another drink? You're drunk already. T-T "Daaannnnn~ One more shot of Vodka please. This is like babysitting a drunk 24-year-old girl!! I can barely dance on the dance floor with her getting hit on by almost each and every crazy guy in the club! We've been here for about an hour and a half.. She seems pretty popular in this club. and Anthony for all those times na sila ang nanghaltak sa'kin paalis sa dance floor tuwing may pasimpleng nananching. Ha. She's one of them.

dahel mukhang mahirap na kung pareho pa kameng malasing. I mean..... Maybe not anymore. you know? beeeyaaattccchhh. meanwhile... Jerwin was so obsessed with her. I'm soooooo glad Jerwin ended up with you instead of that slut Geena. and then poked the ice with the little stirrer. that's what they It's the same thing. I would have punched her face every time I see her. and flirty. like. it was also a problem that Jerwin was so protective of his little whore.. Ako: Eh? Geena? She drinks from her glass again. you're normally loud. Nicole: Oh yea! I work with her often for magazine spreads or this and that. and yes. O__O Uh. I'm not drunk. Nicole: Well. that's what they used to do. doing naughty things? Nicole: (natawa) Oh you can say it. Tinutunaw pa yata ung yelo para madagdagan ung iniinom nya. I'm telling you. when she sleeps with him and they're not even together? Friends with benefits? crazy! Ako: They -. This is how I normally am. you're waaayyyy better than the . it's do. or at least. -__- Nicole: You know. You mean...... Ako: "His little whore"? First friend is his little whore? anoh?? Nicole: (drinks from her glass again) Oh. Nicole... and hyper? I ordered myself a virgin piña colada -.Nicole: Oh shush. is very much in love with her little shot glass.. Venice.sleep together? You mean.. if I am not such a professional.. I'm not little miss innocent. professional ha.. Ha.. and giggly. what chu ma call that then.

I was just anoh? Shocked? Irritated? SHOCKED? Jerwin lied to me.. maybe to drag Nicole out of the club and make her tell me everything. tsaka ko lang kinuha ung towel na patakbong inabot sa'kin nung bartender.. hurts.Astounded from everything na narinig ko. or maybe to get rid of the nauseating feeling na nag-rrise up from my stomach... For some reason. it's fiancé. I accidentally knocked over my drink. Pero dahil sa pagka-careless ko. actually. Ako: I-I'm so sorry! Girl: What were you doing?!? Ugh! How clumsy can you get?!?! And I just bought this dress too! She grabbed the towel from my hand and sya na mismo ung nagtatanggal ung mantsa.. We're done with the whole dating thing.. Ung katabi ko tuloy na babae.. nagtitili nung natapunan ng piña colada ung dress nya. considering ung foundation at history ng relationship namen. aren't you? Ako: Uh.. Anoh naman kaya ang iniisip nun at pumatol sya syo? ... napatayo akong bigla. Lumapit sya sa mukha ko... What's her problem? Girl: You're that girl Jerwin Santos is currently dating. and her hand stopped moving... and then. as if trying to see me better. ung baso pa ang una kong pinagbalingan ng atensyon.. and I know it's weird. I started to frantically wipe off the stain from her dress.. it kinda. Ako: I'm really sorry..... Pathetic. The girl suddenly faced me... but somehow.. Though it's not getting her anywhere either. Girl: Ha.. Parang bigla tuloy akong nahila pabalik sa here and now. I was just. I was.

Don't blame Venice for not recognizing you... influence kaya naabot nya whatever it is na naabot nya.. Ako: Don't talk about him that way! Jerwin is a talented performer and people love him because of the music he makes! Anong karapatan mo mang-degrade sa taong di mo naman kilala. or dahil ba sinampal ko sya? O_O Oh no. a no-talent guy like him needs all the publicity he can get.. suddenly stepped forward at gumitna sa'min nung girl na namumula na sa galit... you deserved that slap. He just used his family's SLAP! Oo O Oh my golay. I just slapped a stranger! And ung stranger pa na tinapunan ko na ng piña colada ung bago nyang dress! Girl: OoO How dare you?!! Oh well. na kanina lang eh nanononood lang sa likod ko. . may galit si ate!? Ang bitter! Girl: But then again. ganun ba kalakas ung pagkakasampal ko?!? Nicole: Hiya. And really.Ay. Angel.. lubus-lubusin na naten ang pang-aaway.. He's such a third-rate--- I'm not surprised he's stooped down this low para lang lokohin ang mga taong nag-ssupport sa kanya. ha?!? At sinoh ka ba?!? Girl: You don't know who I am?!? Nicole. she's not really a TV person.

Mga manggagamit! Nicole: Okay. they throw it away. listen. and when they don't need it anymore. nagsasampalan. Kakatalikod pa lang namen nang biglang nag-scream si very very angry girl sa likod namen. Nagsasabunutan.. I know you're really pitiable right now. Nasira na ang mood ko. They take what they want. But you better watch your mouth. HER!!!! Oh my gawd her nose is bleeding!!! Ako: W-We should go. We should really go.. should I be worried? What are you gonna do? Call the Mafia on me? Ask your grandfather to cancel my shows? See if I care! Ganyan naman ang pamilya mo eh. because I'm not gonna let you off talking crap about my family. and two more were trying to .. nagsisipaan. may mud wrestling na.. PUNCHED. Saludo ako sa mga security na gumitna sa wrestling match nung dalawa. O__O Nicole: I guess so... that does it.. I know you just got dumped by your cheap-ass boyfriend and movie offers aren't as great as they were back then. and she ran towards Nicole and grabbed Nicole by the hair! Next thing I knew they were going at it full force! lang ung mud. Nicole. Two of them pulled Angel and Nicole apart. Kulang na This is insane!!! Dumating na rin sa wakas ung security to break up the fight. huh? Nicole: Hey. what are you--?!? PUNCH! <'OoO'> She punched her!!! She punched her right on the nose!!! SHE."Angel"? They know each other? Angel: Your family really has a way of recruiting crazy people. Ako: Wait. Angel: Oh.

really.. and then we suddenly burst out laughing -. Promise...napatingin tuloy ung dalawa pang manong na nakakulong kasama namen.. You know. T-T Nicole: Well. Who would plan to end up here..... you were the one who punched her. Ako: Hey.. Nicole: You slapped her first. you were the one who started it anyways. Nagkatinginan kami ni Nicole. nanahimik kame. you big baboon! -____- Nicole: Heehee. Ako: Yea? -__Nicole: I didn't really plan for this to happen. Ako: And yet. here we are. Venice... T-T Nicole: No!!! Let go of me. Nicole: Oh that's good. Pero full of adrenaline and alcohol ung systems nung dalawa! Hawak na nga sila nung dalawang mala-bundok na security. Venice.. talagang nagpupumiglas pa! Nicole: Let go of me!!! That girl needs another foot up her humongous butt! Ako: Nicole! Tama na! Let's go! Nicole: I am not going anywhere until I beat the pulp out of her! Oh for crying out loud! Angel: Then come here! Ako: Let's just go..disperse the crowd that gathered. right? -__Nicole: Are you mad at me? Ako: Too tired to be angry. Ako: Oh I understand.. . I didn't expect us to end the night in a jail cell. Na-conscious kaming bigla.

and Nicole listening intently.. nasampal na. Who would've thought na mag-sspend ako ng oras sa kulungan?! Nasan na ba ung magppyansa sa'min? T_T ::Chapter 17:: No One Is There ♫.no offense. he took the bail money.. Uh. I ran up the filthy stairs. Santos? Uh... until I reached the inside of the station . O_O .. I hope no one's lurking in the shadows armed with a camera or anything like that. Nicole: I know! How can someone be so unlucky? Nagkatinginan uhlet kame nung pareho naming naalala kung nasan kame: Detention jail cell dito sa police station.. sandali lang poh.... Natapunan na nga ung dress nya. Sa dinami-dami naman ng station na pagtatapunan. He went through some papers.~*~..~*~. nasuntok pa.. Ako: Hi. Kawawa naman pala si ate.. taking two at a time. I'm here to bail out two ladies that were picked up from a club earlier? Policeman: Oh! Mr. and then finally.Ako: Now that I think about it. I walked up to the policeman stationed at the desk and gave him a small smile..♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------.♥ Police Station! Police Station! I hastily parked my truck in front of the two-story building. with its crumbling yellow paint and faded "District 9 Police Station" sign. discussed the offense charged to my cousin and my fiancée.. dito pa sila talaga pinatapon sa mukha ring patapon na presinto -. I walked to the jail cell and saw Venice talking to one of the detention prisoners. We both let out a huge sigh..

I quickly approached Venice just to make sure she's not traumatized by everything that happened. ahem. Venice has always. yea. So technically. Just come on and get out... Disturbing the peace daw. so now it's my fault? Ako: *sigh* Nevermind.. Binuksan ni Mr. but... Policeman ung jail cell and the two girls bounced out. She's still not looking at me..... Venice: But they do that in the movies all the time! Pano na lang ang romance?!? -___- "Romance"? Ako: Uh.. it was her who got us in trouble... And nakapag-bonding pa sila nung preso. It's good to see they're okay after spending one or two hours in jail... Nakakatraumatize talaga minsan ang pinsan ko. about that. what's up with that glance she's giving me? Ako: Are you okay? Venice: Yea. Venice: Oh.. She's not intimidated by the fact that there's about a thousand people . Napatingin silang lahat sa'kin. Venice: Hey! Ako: Venice? O_O Nicole: Yup. So what happened to the promise of not getting in trouble tonight? Nicole: Well. She doesn't look shaken. It's one of the reasons I'm so fascinated with her. Nicole: Cousinnn!!! Ako: Hello.. always looked into my eyes when we talk. and Nicole immediately flew over and grabbed the bars separating us. Ako: Are you hurt anywhere? Venice: No. Venice slapped her first. Ate..Venice: Really?!? Nakulong ka kaseh nagskandalo ka sa harap ng bahay ng ex mo?? Prisoner 1: Oo.

. Policeman gave me? Yea. I'm just Jerwin. She went pass me and said good bye to Nicole. . Ako: I know. Tell me about it. Nicole: Did you two have a fight? Ako: Not that I know of.. and under these circumstances. Ako: What are you doing? Get in. and I was just about to go the driver's side when I noticed Venice still standing on the sidewalk. Confused.. I stared at her.. I'm sober.. It's amusing how Venice won over Nicole that easily.. I can go home by myself. sumakay na sa kotse ko.. Venice: I. but to my surprise. Venice: Uhmmm. I think. dumiretso na sya dun sa may kalye and hailed a cab. Ako: Are you sober enough to drive? Nicole: Are you kidding me? After two hours in there and about two cups of coffee that Mr. Nicole: Why did Venice leave by herself? Ako: I don't know.out there who are screaming my name. without even looking back. just the boy she suddenly found herself engaged with. she jumped and pulled away.. I'll just drop off Nicole to her car... ako naman.. Nicole: Well.. Syempre. or taxi.. I moved to take her hand. Cmon. Mag-jjeep na lang ako. not knowing what to say or what to ask.. After that.. To her. Ako: Are you crazy? It's past midnight... Nicole helped herself in the backseat. let's go then. Odd.. and then I'll take you home. Ako: Well. Nicole: Yo. who was watching us from the truck's window. Jerwin! Can you drop me off at the club? I left my car there. I followed the two of them out of the police station.. That's weird.

Ako: Hi. he wanted to meet with the two as soon as possible.. tahimik lang ung cellphone ko. the next day was even weirder. Lalo pa syang na-high blood when he found out na kasama ni Nicole si Venice.not that I ever answer her calls unless I know I'll be more than 15 minutes late. hahaha Isn't that Venice's friend? I rolled down the window.. Usually. the other person won't be able to see me. and then turned off the engine. Sheena.. Manager hates waiting-- knock knock I almost jumped out of my skin nung biglang may nag-tap sa bintana sa side ko. bobombahin nya na ng tawag ang cellphone ko -.. Kung may itatanong ako. Even now na I'm running late. What are you doing here? ..... I peered dun sa window knowing na. I parked my truck in the usual spot. Halos atakihin si Manager sa sobrang galit dahel sa mga escapades kagabi ni Nicole -. even though I can see the other person. ako nanaman ang nasisi. by the way. sabi ni Manager. standing next to Anthony.. there she is. Kaya ehto ako. It doesn't even help na Venice has been acting weird the whole day. eh hawak nya rin as a talent... Preferably after class ni Venice. It's a safety issue. I picked her up that morning and she barely talked to me. running at least 10 minutes late dahel sa'kin nabaling ung long version nung sermon. if I remember right. Where's Venice? Sheena: That's what we're here for. ang sagot nya puro onesyllable lang..who... I hope she gets out soon.If last night was weird. huh.. Mukha ba kong babysitter? Bakit ko raw iniwan ung dalawa unaccompanied? Anyway. And as usual.. and yep. Instant pyesta raw sa media. one minute lang akong nalate. umaatake na kagad! Kaka-park ko lang at may Nung medyo napakalma ko na ung puso ko.

and a few feet to the right.. Sheena: Well. We thought na maaga mo sya susunduin.. I asked the guards for directions towards the Sheen burial plot. It's kinda near my house... which is totally unusual kaseh palengkera un eh. She's barely moving. we're not really sure. but.Anthony: Venice left school right after her last class. Nagtinginan uhlet sila. just like they said. there she is. Anyway. Venice... And if that's true. She has her back turned to me so I don't think she realized that I was there.... it's right by a big oak tree. And she seems to be pretty engrossed with whatever she's doing. I walked to the west.... But she's been quiet the whole day. obviously unsure kung anong nangyayari.. baka may nag-bbother sa isip nya. Ako: She left? Already? Where did she go? Nagtinginan silang dalawa.? Sheena: Well.. and I'm pretty sure she's broke so she won't go shopping.... Sheena and Anthony refused to say anything anymore.. she should be in that place right now. But. I know this place. right now. I doubt she'd go home so early. This cemetery. ...... I see the oak tree. Ok. why would she be here? After giving me directions.. Anthony: She might end up in a bar later on... I pass it almost every single day. So I don't think Venice mentioned the little escapade to the jail the night before. Anoh ba?? Psychic ba silang dalawa at nag-uusap sila through looks?!? Ako: Right now. Sabi nila I wouldn't miss it daw. just staring down at the piece of marble in front of her...

I slowly walked over to her. pero kasing surprising pa rin . The Memories ♫. What am I going to do now. Venice: I said whatever happens..... O__O I froze when I saw the person standing behind me.. NOT that I should complain. It's not even like I asked for this. I was doing okay... napalingon naman ako para lang manigurado na hinde pa tumatayo ung mga bangkay sa likod ko.~*~.. dahil nagpa-"padpad" din naman ako.. Being the other woman sucks. o ano ako ngayon? Extra sa buhay ng may buhay. it'll be over soon. intimate conversation.. Sigh. even when there's nobody else there.♥ Life sucks. Anoh ba naman talaga tohng pinasok ko? -__- Mag-mamarathon pa sana uhlet ako ng isa pang speech ng reklamo nang may narinig akong nag-rustle sa likod ko. careful not to make any noise. who cares if life wanted to toy with me by thrusting me in some bizarre situation with a guy I don't even know?? But.. Hinde. G? I froze. So. Talagang mahal lang ako ng tadhana kaya napadpad ang buhay ko sa ganito. I'll just go with the flow. ::Chapter 18:: The Past. I had school to keep me busy... hinde sya bangkay. Syempre. ahyan. I suddenly feel like I'm intruding on a private. Somehow. -__- Dapat kumontra ako! Magkamatayan na muna bago ko sinurrender ang daliri ko! Pero hindeeeee~ Dahil feel na feel ko ang pagiging feather in the wind..... and I came to visit you every day.... Even when this absurd engagement came up..♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.~*~.. Guys suck. The Love.. after what I heard. wa care kung san ako madala o kung anong mangyari. I thought it's okay.

.it's soooo unlike G na warm and. Jerwin: Uh... Uh. soft? heehee Well. kaya ahyan. G. narinig ko ung pagtakas nya. Ako: You don't have to wait for me. G. Well.. He slowly turned to face me. So. He kept glancing at the gravestone.Josko. I gotta go now. He looked at the gravestone for a few seconds. Ako: (whispers) I wonder if he'll break off the engagement. may natapakan yata syang patay na dahon o kumontra ung mga damo sa kanya...... I love you.. But I'll try to return as soon as possible. Jerwin: Well.and glanced one last time at the tombstone bearing Gerard's name. give me one more minute. Binalik ko ung tingin ko dun sa cold and hard na gravestone -... ang likod ko.. okay? I slowly stood up -. I can go home by myself.kung bangkay ung nakita ko. The Manager kinda wants to talk to you and Nicole.. Ako: Jerwin? What are you doing here? Nakatalikod si kuya. Ang hirap ng tumatanda -. Kaya lang. But I don't think he'd be as pissed off as he was this morning. . I won't get mobbed. Jerwin: If he'll what? Ako: Eh?? Nothing! Sige na. Ako: About last night? O_O Jerwin: Yea. mamatay na sa curiosity. ayaw pa magtanong.. Mukhang naghahandang tumakas. Sheena told me you might be here.. about that. See you later.... He was mad when he heard what happened. and then flashed me a discomfited smile. Si kuya naman. I don't know when I'll be back.

Ang fanget ng visual image. dark room. si Jerwin. Jerwin drove us to Tito Ray's office building. Can we just talk about something else? Something-.. Nakakapangilabot pag tinitignan kita tapos maririnig ko ung sinabi ni Nicole.... Masama ang mga ganitong na-iimagine! Jerwin: See? You're ignoring me again. breathless.. Parang ganito-- Tumingin ako kay Jerwin and Brrrrrr... Hinahabol ko muna kaseh ung puso ko.. shirtless. Dinaanan ko si Jerwin na nakatingin pa rin dun sa gravestone.. sweaty. so pinapansin mo na ba ko ngayon? Ako: Eh? Bahket? Jerwin: You've been ignoring me since last night... Let's go. sweaty. I waved to the guards dun sa booth nila and then jumped at the passenger seat nung truck ni Jerwin.... Jerwin: Uhmm. probably trying to read kung anong nakalagay... Eh kaseh naman.Ako: Okay........Anything! Matanggal lang ang nakakapangilabot na shirtless. Sinong binibisita mo dun sa cementeryo? . breathless na picture ni Jerwin sa utak ko! Jerwin: Okay.. Ako: I'm not ignoring you. at.... Ayaw pa kaseh lumapit.. So. Pero he reluctantly followed me after a while. AIIIII JOSKOOOO!!!!! Napatingin sa'kin si Jerwin sandali nung hinde ako sumagot. anyway....

well. I like talking about G. bumalik rin kagad ung atensyon nya sa road.At talagang un pa ung topic na napili nya.. He was -. I call him G. V... Sorry. Ako: Oh no.. No one has called me that in a while. Jerwin: How long has it been since he. And you still visit him? Ako: I try to come at least every single day. Ka-surprise-surprise ba na binisita ko si G hanggang ngayon?! Jerwin: So. Jerwin: Oh. Ako: Someone special.. He made me laugh. Jerwin glanced at me again with that surprised look on his face. Ako: Nah.... Jerwin: Tagal nyo siguro nagsama for you to be hang up on him like that. Anoh nga ba? Ang dami eh! He was an amazing guy. Ako: Sorry? Jerwin: I didn't mean to pry.. I silently laughed nung naalala kong bigla ung weirdness ever nung utak ni Gerard kaya I ended up calling him G. Jerwin: -. and he started calling me V. Jerwin: G? Ako: Gerard. Jerwin turned to me in surprise. passed away? Ako: Two years and one month.. He tried . Then as quickly as he turned. It's okay. uh.very special to me. boyfriend-kind-of-special.. Jerwin: How special? Ako: Like. We didn't even get to celebrate an anniversary... what did you like best about him? Ako: Best? Hmmmmm. Anoh naman ngayon kung hinde kami nagkasama ng ganon katagal? It doesn't mean I loved him any less.

That's all she ever wanted for us to be.. His eyes fixed on the road..♥ . Masyadong maka-concentrate sa pagmamaneho.. ang sad..~*~.~*~.. Jerwin: How did you know it was love? Ako: Anoh bah. Ako: Haven't you felt something like that before? Like.. Geena and I are just friends. Jerwin: Geena? Ako: Yea. O_O Nasa one-sided love si Kuya. He. Tahimik lang si Jerwin. Ako: How about you? Friends lang ba talaga ang gusto mo? Jerwin: It doesn't matter what I want. ::Chapter 19:: Sprung ♫. You just feel it right here. You can't explain things like that. take care of me. with Geena? I saw him clench his jaw..♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.. Ako: Are you sure? Jerwin: Yea.... He loved me very much. oh I don't know. Jerwin: There is nothing between Geena and me.. Love is love.. I think I hit a sore spot. (turo sa left side ng dibdib ko) If it's love. the heart will know it..

can we go? . Good thing Jerwin caught me.dapat katakutan. Siguro. uuwi na lang ako. T-T Jerwin turned off the engine and then hopped off the truck. And you don't have any scratches or bruises. Ako: I don't wanna go.. binaba ko uhlet ung lock. dapat iwasan. I wasn't fast enough. sinisigawan naman ako. Ako: Nicole was bruised?!? O_O Jerwin: Her arms and legs.. I locked the doors from the inside... Jerwin: Will you stop doing that?!? Ako: Will you stop forcing me to go?!? He pressed the unlock button again.. H. Jerwin: At least you didn't punch her. I stared at the building in front of us.. Parang bigla syang naging haunted building -. Pumosisyon naman kagad ako. O__O Jerwin: Uh.Ako: You know. nah.E. Hinde ako baba dito.. I still didn't move. T-T I slapped somebody.I. Nung umikot sya papunta sa side ko. na as soon as he pressed the unlock button. Now.. Now that I think about it. Jerwin parked the truck sa usual parking spot nya. careful na hinde masyadong rough sa uber-loved nyang truck.N... Jerwin: Venice?! Let's go! He started knocking on the window. wahahaha kala nya ba tatalab sa'kin yang sigaw-sigaw na yan?!? Pero Ako: NOO!! Ayoko! I saw him take out his keys. and this time.D. kaya nabuksan nya ung pinto. I almost landed on my face nung biglang nawala ung bintana sa harap ko.

..He grabbed my arm and tried to pull me out of the truck. maybe we should start going now.. T-T Ako: We shall be punished together. happy. He immediately slammed the door and locked it. Nicole? Nicole: If we manage to get out of this unscathed. At least. Ako: Should we start praying. Ikaw din? Nicole: Yea. T-T She suddenly grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes.being her usual fashionable self. We stopped in front of Mr. Jerwin tried to pry off my fingers... T-T I turned to glare at the newcomer na nang-distract sa'kin -. "Uh. some saints. Stick with me. Jerwin: Do you mind letting go?!? Mas lalo akong kumapit dun sa side nung truck.. and si Jerwin naman. Nicole: We'll get scolded together. taking advantage of the distraction. I'll offer novenas to.. Somehow.. Ang sanctuary ko.only to find Nicole standing there -. You two look. mahahati ang sermon ni Tito Ray. I assure you. Itsura na lang namen. hinaltak ako and offff I went out of the truck." Napatingin ako sa likod ni Jerwin. Santos' office as the secretary announced we're here. Sinundan na namin ni Nicole si Jerwin papasok nung building. T-T Jerwin: Kung ayaw nyong madagdagan ang sermon snyo. and I'll stick with you. -__- Nicole: Venice! You were called too? Ako: Yea. Jerwin: Oh for crying out loud. . medyo na-ccomfort akong nandito si Nicole.

Pinapasok kami nung secretary. Mr.just in case biglang may flying na kung ano na aimed at either one of us. It's not too late to run Nicole: He'll hunt us down.. T-T Nicole: Yes. Mr. Santos: What took you so long? Jerwin: Traffic. Santos: At naisip mo man lang ba kung anong impact nito sa career mo if ever the press decided to run the story?!? It's a good thing I was able to pull a few strings and prevented them from publishing anything! How irresponsible can you get?!? Wow that's harsh. Santos: At dinamay mo pa si Venice--! Venice: Hold on. don't be so harsh on Nicole. I know my sister is very lenient in raising you. Mr. and nagtago kagad kami ni Nicole sa likod ni Jerwin -. Venice just acted like . Mr. Ehto na. I slapped Angel first! Nicole: Venice! Venice: The fight wouldn't have happened if I didn't make Angel angry in the first place. Nicole: A LOT of traffic. Nicole and I dragged ourselves paupo. tito? -__Mr. Venice was just defending Jerwin. while Jerwin sat on the couch at the other side of the room. comfy chair when we walked in.Ako: Alam mo. Santos: You know why you're here. Trust me. tito.I mean. Angel was drunk and saying mean things. tito! Don't be so harsh on Nicole.. Nicole: Wait. O_O Mr. but to abuse that freedom and end up in jail?!? Did it occur to you how embarrassing this is for the entire family?!? Nicole: It will never happen again. he immediately pointed to the two chairs in front of his desk. Nicole. I started the whole thing. When he saw us. Santos: Very well. Yell at me. I've tried. So please. Santos was sitting in his big. Magsisimula na ang sermon. Jerwin: What? Me? Nicole: Angel was being a stupid b-.

Your family is highly respected.. I stopped talking and looked at him. Jerwin put his hand gently on my shoulder. He's staring at his fatherslash-manager. pero takot rin naman akong mapahamak.. breaking off the engagement because of what happened? Jerwin: What?! Napatayo bigla si Jerwin dun sa inuupuan nya and napatakbo palapit sa'min. which I think suits him better than the angry expression he had earlier. Ai. he smiled! The tensed atmosphere lifted. Santos: Nicole. Mr. and then he sighed. Ayoko naman mapahamak si Nicole. Kung ako nga poh na hinde naman talaga kasama sa pamilya nyo eh nag-ccause na ng ganitong kahihiyan. TT Ako: Are you.any other fiancée would have.. . It's not like Venice is engaged to you. tito.. Napatingin sa'ming tatlo si Tito Ray. Then.. Can't we just let this one go? Nicole: Venice didn't do anything wrong.. maybe. Mr. Jerwin: Nothing happened. Santos: And why would you think that? Venice: Kaseh poh. He smiled. Santos stared at us.. Please don't break off the engagement. I don't know what else to say.. His face looks thoughtful. Nicole looked at Tito Ray anxiously. Mr...

. Venice. I untangled myself from Nicole's grasp and turned to face Tito Ray again. Mr." I sank in the passenger seat of Jerwin's truck. I was so shaken by everything na hinayaan ko na lang si Nicole na i-suffocate ako.. Jerwin: (shrugs) Yea. Santos: Can you tell your mom that I found cheap tickets for her? Ako: Tickets? Mr. Nicole: Does that mean we're off the hook? Mr.. Santos: I didn't expect you to stand up for her.. Ako: I. pinauwi na kami ni Tito Ray. The tickets for her flight to the US. O_O She's leaving? "You didn't know. well. Santos: Yes. . Santos: Oh by the way. Venice. so it was somewhat difficult to find inexpensive tickets. Tito Ray looked at Jerwin and gave him a smile. After the final exchanges. Mr.Mr. Uh. Nicole: Yes. sir! Nalunod ako sa yakap ni Nicole. She asked me for help. Santos: I'm not breaking off the engagement between you and my son. Lutang na lutang ako na hinde ko na maalala kung anoh pa nangyari after sinabi ni Tito na may tickets na raw ang nanay ko papunta sa US. Hinayaan ko na lang si Jerwin na i-lead ako pabalik dun sa truck nya. She wanted to leave as soon as possible. Where else would my amusement come from? Mr.. Santos: Make sure it doesn't happen again. And I think you and Nicole have both realized your mistakes..

Your mom didn't tell you she's going back? Ako: I guess.~*~. She never had the chance. alone. right? Ako: Yea..... My mom is going back to the States. Jerwin pulled out of the parking lot as I fastened my seatbelt..~*~. Jerwin: Ayaw na ayaw? Ako: Sobrang ayaw na ayaw. She probably expects me to live in the house again. Jerwin: Hmm. Jerwin: Okayyy... I don't really want to be alone again in that big.. I need to think. empty house. who am I to hinder my mom's wishes? Arrrgggghh!!! ::Chapter 20:: Invitation To The Blues ♫. Jerwin: So anong pinoproblema mo? If you've done it before.. Jerwin: Then you won't mind living with me? Ako: Shut up. all aloooneee. But you used to live by yourself.. I can't believe my mom didn't tell me.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.Ako: That wasn't a question. But.. Madalas naman na wala ako sa bahay. Jerwin: Your face said it all. Ako: But I don't wanna live by myself again. you can do it again. Jerwin: What? I thought sobrang ayaw na ayaw mong mag-live dun sa bahay by yourself? Ako: Yea-ha! But I'm not squeezing myself in your parents' house noh! Jerwin: That's why I said live with me Ako: Anoh? What are you talking about? Hay nako! Manahimik ka nga muna dyan..♥ "MMMOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!" .

.. I know. Napatigil sa pag-ttype si mommy... Mom: Hello raw. Kamustah raw ang engagement? Ako: Very well. or natulala sya sa tuwa. I ran up the stairs papunta sa kwarto ng mother ko. And there she is.. nyahaha) She looks so happy just talking to him...I slammed the door behind me. Ako: Hey. Venice! Anoh ba!? Indoor voice! I slowly walked over to her and sinilip kung sinoh naman kaya ang ka-chat ng nanay ko. Sinoh pa nga ba? Ako: Oh. thank you. nasa harap ng computer. nag-cchat.. Either guilt-trip sya dahil di nya sinabi sa'kin na lilipad na pala sya.. Umupo ako dun sa kama and watched as my mom eagerly talks to her boyfriend (buti pa nanay ko. Ako: MOM!!! Mom: Ai. annnddd I should have known.. Si Tito Remy? I waved dun sa webcam. sa living room.. ang old-fashioned. -__- Sira ung mic.. at tumakbo papunta sa kusina. Mom: Oh? Ako: Tito Ray booked you a flight two weeks from now... pero bahket ba? Eh masaya na sila dun eh. and Tito Remy waved back. binagsak ung book bag ko sa sahig.. sa dining room. kaya hanggang type lang dun sa YM window sina mommy. and finally. mom. may boyprend.

Pati nanay ko.. Mom: Ai. Then I started to walk papunta sa pinto. baka mapagod na yang si Tito Remy kakahintay syo. Ako: I'll be alright. Mom: Venice. Mom: Hoy. wahahaha Ako: I know na noh. Sige ka. Graduating na ko. I've done it before.. I stood up and kunwari pinagpag ung uniform ko. I can wait. LDR? -___.Ako: He got you a ticket. Mom: Well. . Ako: *sigh* Mom. anong tingin mo sa'min?! Teenagers?! Yakang-yaka namen ang LDR noh. totoo naman.Na-oover na yata ang pagtambay nina Sheena dito sa bahay. I don't mind living here by myself.. Ako: Hm? Mom: You know you can always come with me to the States. naiimpluwensyahan na. Maybe someday. Liar. Drama-drama yan... Anak ng tipaklong! Anong kinalaman nun sa usapan namen?!?! Although.. Halos dalawang taon ka nang naghihintay.. anoh vah. I can do it again. oo nga pala.. Ako: Mother dear. biglang mag-evaporate yan. Tawagan mo na lang raw sya. Oh di vah?! Mom: Gumaganda ka yata. I know my mom would call me back. I can't just leave.

Kahit for a certain period of time lang..Mom: Well. 21 ka na! Abah. I can't wait to graduate. Ako: Yea yea. My only sunshine. Sunshine? Jerwin: Sunshine? Ako: Di ba. Pero alam mo. Puno ng drafts ng thesis kachuvahan. Jerwin's calling. kung ok ka lang after your talk with your mom.. I'm sure you'll be very well taken care of.. noh! kapitbahay eh either may anak na o may asawa na! Ako: Care ko naman?!? Eh di good for them! And besides-- Mom: Anong "kid"?! Iha. So. Oh I'm okay. I walked out of the room and diretso sa kwarto kong makalat. My mom is leaving in two weeks. Bzzzzzttttt Bzzzzzttttt Inisda ko ung cellphone ko dun sa bulsa nung uniform ko. ung iba ngang kaedad mo na anak nung mga Tinaas ko ung left hand kong kumikinang-kinang. Ako: Haller. I have two papers due on Monday. Ako: I'm engaged. Ako: At least engaged noh. sunshine? Jerwin: I just wanted to check up on you. you are my sunshine. baka nakakalimutan mo. parents don't normally just leave their kids. Magbibihis na ko. Bakit kaya? I fell on my bed at the same time na sinagot ko ung cellphone. I don't need to cheer you up then. Jerwin: I guess. Ako: Mag-usap na nga uhlet kayo nyang si Tito Remy. I'll be living by myself again. Mom: Sapilitan pa. bakit ka napatawag.. . Ako: Let's see.

I'll take you out on a date. Ulul. Ako: That's good.. come with me. I'll pick you up tomorrow at noon. I have a photo shoot in Batangas this weekend. saya-saya ko at pupunta ako sa beach. Jerwin: Okay then. Mang-inggit ba?!? Anong ka-cheer-up-cheer up dun?!? Jerwin: If you're not doing anything. I'll be going to the beach. tapos hihiritan pa ko ng date kachuchuhan nya. I hang up on Jerwin's laughter.. honey. Kilabutan ka nga... . Anong date ka dyan?!? Jerwin: But. O_O Napaupo akong bigla. hindi ba normal lang na I take my fiancée out on a date? Ako: Awwww Sunshine. Napa-desperate sabit yata ung sound ko. Maybe I'll even get a free day during the weekend. Tama ba ung narinig ko? Ako: Whe?! Di nga?! Sasama mo ko?! Jerwin: Ayaw mo? It's okay if you don't want to..Ako: At pano mo naman binabalak na i-cheer up ako? Jerwin: Welllll. I better start packing now. ahihihihihihi I jumped off the bed and kinadladkad ung malaking maleta ko out of my closet. Ako: Neknek mo.. Just bring your schoolwork. Ako: Ang saya saya! Sasama mo talaga ako sa beach? Three days tayo dun? Jerwin: Yep... We'll be there for three days kaya make sure you pack enough clothes. Adik un. I just thought you might need a little cheering up-Ako: WHAAA!! Sasama ako! I need cheering up! Sasama ako! Natawa si Jerwin dun sa kabilang line..

kumakain ng pandesal. Pa-bounce-bounce pa ko "GOOD MORNING.♥ This is one of those rare days in my life: maaga akong gumising at nasa good mood pa ko paggising ko. feeling at home.~*~. O_O Ako: Anong ginagawa nyo dito?!? and what are those?!? Minata ko ung mga duffel bags na naka-parada dun sa sahig sa may pinto. Please let it be na naglayas sila. as I drag my luggage pababa nung hagdan. at alive na alive. sila pa tong may ganang magpatalbog-talbog papunta sa'kin. My bags are packed.~*~. T_T . and it's almost time to go to the beaaccchhh. Nung napansin nila ako.Oh what to bring~ what to wear~ what to bring~ Tayo na sa beach Tayo nang magswimming~ ::Chapter 21:: La Villa ♫. Naglayas sila.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. VENICE!!!!!" O___O My "bouncing" suddenly came to a halt... Duuuunnn sa may living room. my hair is dry. ay ang best prend ko at si Anton.

biglang ngumit at nagretreat pabalik ng kusina! "KNOCK KNOCK??" Oh crap. they look so happy. This just keeps on getting better and better. may bitbit na isang pinggan ng pandesal.. Jerwin: Uhmm. Anthony suddenly jumped in front of Jerwin and gave him a HUGGGGEEE hug... Pinapasok ko si Jerwin as Sheena and Anthony continued to gush about going to the beach -. Sigh. Sorry. binigyan nya pa kame pandesal with coco jam oh. avah ang loka.. -__- I walked over to the door para pagbuksan ang kumakatok na Jerwin.... ha. Nginitian ko na lang si kuya as we follow the two papunta dun sa living room. He smiled when he saw me. but then biglang naging "whoaaaa what's going on?" ung mukha nya nung sumulpot sina Sheena at si Anton sa likod ko. I guess it's okay.. Sheena: Jerwin~ Anthony: We're going to the beach! Jerwin: Uh. ha. O_O Natulala tuloy ako kaseh hinde naman sila close. .Sheena: Aww c'mon! Syempre. eh di ung mga damit namen para sa Batangas escapade naten! Ako: N-Naten?!?! Anthony: Oo. my mom decided to invite some people.. Nung napansin nyang nandun na ko AT nakatitig ako sa kanya. Sabi nga ng nanay mo.mga sabik sa buhangin. pumunta kami dito as early as possible. I think I'm gonna feel a tad of guilt kung di ko pa sila isama... Napalipad ung tingin ko sa nanay ko na tamang-tama naman lumabas ng kusina.. Can I ask what's going on? Ako: Apparently.? Jerwin: (natawa) But. Ako: I can tell them na hinde sila pwedeng sumama. T_T Jerwin: Well.

Anthony: Sleepy?!? Kanina ka pa nga tulog. Jerwin: Tulungan? I absentmindedly glanced at my heavy-looking luggage. Well. is he. somehow... Jerwin: I did mention we're only gonna be staying for three days. we should get going. Anthony. Good. hinde man lang nag-deplete ung energy nung tatlo. Ako: Okie.♥♥ --(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Madaldal pa rin sila. you know. Jerwin: Uh. -__. Nanigas na ung balikat ko. and. Kenny. ginawa mong unan! Sheena: Anong klaseng unan ka naman ba?!? Nagising din ako ng paulit-ulit.. right? O_O Ako: Yea...We've been on the road for at least an hour. ok? -__- --. . Lemme just call Anton para tulungan kang magbitbit ng mga bag papunta sa truck mo.Anthony: I love the beach! and I love you. Anton is as straight as a ruler. binitawan nya si Jerwin and sumunod kay Sheena papunta sa kitchen para manghingi pa uhlet ng pandesal. @_@ Ako: Eh?!? Wahahahahaha Jerwin: Oh. uh. kaya napasunod naman ung tingin ni Jerwin. man! After that. Jerwin: Bakit parang pang-isang linggo na yang inimpake mo? O_O Ako: Buhatin mo na lang. ang galaw-galaw mo kaseh! Venice: Are we there yet? I can't believe I'm spending the entire weekend with these three. No..♥ Venice: Are we there yet? Sheena: I'm sleepy.

Pero di na nakapagreklamo ung tatlo. Dala na nga ni Anton lahat ng .. I handed Anthony his bag... Binuksan ko ung harang nung likod nung truck ko. and the cemented road has become a narrow.. Sheena: Talaga? Bahhh ang gentleman naman~ Anthony: Oo naman. We'll be staying there. we reached the villa that the management rented for me. Jacuzzi. Venice: Dun ba tayo titira?? Dun ba?!? She's pointing at the three-story white-washed building. Anthony and Sheena followed me para tumulong ibaba ung mga bags at ung maleta ni Venice.... Tapos.. Terrace. dinaig pa nung tatlo si Flash sa sobrang bilis nung pagbaba nila. and then slid the other one to Sheena. dusty path. the front is facing the beach.Ako: We're almost there. the manager &amp. it has a Balcony.. Anthony: Here. I'll take that for you. it's surrounded by coconut trees. his family.. Ako: Yep. Ha. I turned in one corner. I parked my truck in between two of the familiar vans. I drove a few more minutes and finally. but I guess everyone wants to soak up some sun before getting to work.. Venice: Kanina mo pa sinasabi yan eh. Baka mapagod ka pa pagbuhat nyan. I watch silently as Anthony and Sheena starts walking papunta dun sa villa. we were able to actually see the ocean! The Three Stooges were happy. There were two vans in the parking lot already. and the other crew members. Dalawang bahay kubo sa likod. Ako: This time I mean it. The shoot doesn't start til tomorrow.. coz soon enough. It's a pretty nice-looking villa. Shee.

Tagal ko na rin poh hinde nakapunta dito. Gordon. Gordon: Abah.. Ako: I hope you don't mind. Gordon: (tingin uhlet sa'kin) I don't mind the extra company. Venice smiled back and took his hand and shoot it. pero we might have some problems with . Venice: Ay! Thank you poh. Mr. Di man lang nila napansin. Venice carefully stepped beside me and then coiled her arms around my right arm.bags. and then slid Venice's luggage bag out of the truck. He smiled at Venice and extended his hand. I took my own duffel bag.. ung production manager. sir! Di man lang nagpaka-demure. Babae talaga. Venice: Huy! Anoh pang tinitingin-tingin mo dyan?! Let's go! Ako: (still looking at the two) That was pretty obvious. Ms. Venice.. Nag-practice yata kagabi maging believable fiancée.. Venice bounces with excitement beside me as she starts listing kung anong pwedeng gawin at kung san pwedeng pumunta. Mr.. Mr. I brought my fiancée and a couple of her friends with me. Gordon: Jerwin! I'm so glad you finally made it! Ako: Yea. inaalalayan nya pa si Sheena.. We stopped in front of the villa where Anthony and Sheena were already joined by Mr. Ganyan sya ka-free gumalaw kaseh ako ang may dala nitong mala-10 ton nyang gamit. It's nice to finally be here. Mr.. mas maganda ka pala sa personal. Venice: Eh? Napatingin ako kay Venice. I don't mind. Gordon: Oh no no.

the rooms. Venice: Why do I have to share a room with you?!? Jerwin: Because I'm your fiancé. (tingin kay Venice) I'll see you again later. kayo ni Anton dun sa kabila. sweetie. may dalawang single bed. Mr. Sheena and I will take the room na may queen size bed. then I paused sa may pinto para kausapin si Venice. Gordon: Okay then.. Pinauna ko nang pinapasok sa loob si Sheena tsaka si Anton. Sheena: Ay! Anton and I can take the room with the single bed chuchu! Di ba. I'll let the other people know. dun sa mga crew members. uh. at para syo. if looks could kill. mas malaki naman kaseh un. Veniiiceee? If looks could kill. nag-ddecompose na ko.. After that. Venice: What? Ako: Are you really gonna rob Anthony of his dream? . sure... (napatingin sya kay Sheena at Anthony) Dun sa side nyo. Jerwin: Well. Gordon: We can give you the other side of the villa. Yep. Venice and I don't really mind sharing one bed. two rooms un. The crewmembers can somehow squish themselves in the middle part of the villa. Gordon dun sa side nila nung villa.. bumalik na si Mr. MagBBQ kame para sa lunch. Sheena would probably be dead by now. Sakto lang kaseh ang kwarto dito sa villa para sa'kin at sa pamilya ko. come and join us. di ba? Venice: Eh?!?!? I mean.. at ung isang kwarto naman. Jerwin. tapos. may queensize na kama. ung isang kwarto. Venice: Bahket hinde na lang ganito? Uh. Venice: Eh? O_O Mr. Anthony and I turned para pulutin na ung mga bags at nang makalarga na rin kame sa kwarto namen. I guess that's that..

but at least. Anthony's a perv? Ha! I knew she was still pondering about that... May aircon naman.probably trying to figure out what I just meant. her lips pursed together -. It's kinda cramped. Venice: Sunshine.~*~. Pumasok kami dun sa magiging kwarto namen. Ako: Oh.. Napatingin ako kay Venice na nakaupo dun sa kama. Umakyat ako nung hagdan. may queen-sized bed. it's clean. c'mon.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. Yea. so I don't think we'll die from heat. Venice looked at me confused.Venice: Dream? Na anoh? Matulog sa twin-size bed?!? Ako: Of getting to sleep with Sheena in the same room. Don't tell me you haven't noticed it yet? Venice: Na? Ignorante ba o insenstive? Ako: Na Anthony likes Sheena! ::Chapter 22:: Hawak Kamay ♫. Venice: I don't get it. half-carrying Venice's luggage. half-pulling.♥ . It's not too bad. Venice just followed me.~*~.

. Napalipat ung titig ko na kanina lang eh naka-focus kina Anton at Sheena dun sa kabilang side nung table. tumayo na ko para hugasan ung pinggan ko.. nahiya ka pang aminin. Obvious na obvious nga naman na iba ang Nang napansin kong nawiwindang na ang brain ko.. . Ako: At feeling mo naman may care ako kung magselos ka? Jerwin: Feeling mo naman magseselos talaga ako? Ako: Ahsus. Ngayon.Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Should I tell Sheena na type sya ni Anton? Jerwin: Eh? Why would you do that? Ako: What should I do then? Jerwin: Hayaan mo lang sila. Nagluto si Anton at si Jerwin ng lunch. dahil sa sinabi ni Jerwin tungkol kay Anton. hindi tuloy ako matahimik tuwing nakikita kong magkadikit si Anthony at si Sheena. O___O Napabalikwas akong bigla... -___- HMMMMMMMMMMMMM. pinakilala ko na ung plato sa mukha nya. papunta kay Jerwin na may kung anong pang-asar na ngiti sa mukha nya. Jerwin: Keep staring at him like that and I'll start getting jealous. Bakit nga ba hinde ko napansin dati un? aura ni mokong pag inaasar sya ni Sheena.. habang tinatambak namen ni Sheena ung mga gamit dun sa mga closet sa mga kwarto namen... Jerwin: Bothered ka? Ako: Yea. Let Anthony handle his own affairs. Sumunod naman si Jerwin sa'kin. Kung di lang masyadong brutal. Ilang oras na kaming nasa villa.

wala pang 5 minutes.. I wish nandito si Kenny. It's the perfect time for insects to be out and crawling. We passed by a small town earlier. if ever. Jerwin: I'm just gonna go take a shower and then I'll go out.♥♥ --(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. It's wonderful. I'm walking through a dense forest.Ako: Haayy. Jerwin: Do what you want.♥ The sun is just about to set. unknown animal sounds piercing the silence. okay? Ako: Eh? San ka pupunta? Jerwin: Hmm. alam na ng buong bayan ang issue. I might go hiking. I'm sure. grass growing everywhere. Tinungga nya lang ung natitirang tubig dun sa baso nya then nilagay nya na rin un sa sink. dapat pala lagi kang stressed para lagi ka naghuhugas ng pinggan. It was right at the foot of a mountain. It's been a while since I was last able to venture into a wild setting with overgrown tree branches almost covering the sky. and focused my camera on a beetle peacefully chilling on the wood. Ako: Oh shut up. Kinuha ko ung plato nya as he laughed. Baka maistorbo ko pa ung pantasya ni Anton. (tingin kay Jerwin) Akin na nga yang plato mo at natutuwa akong maghugas ng pinggan pag stressed ako. But hindi kita hahabulin pag may nanghabol na tutubi syo ok?? --. "Why are you taking a picture of a cockroach?" . Ako: Hiking? Sama ako. I knelt in front of a tree's huge trunk. Jerwin: You? Ako: Yea-ha! Ayoko naman maiwan dito.. not so far from here.. So pag nasa iisang bahay na tayo. Jerwin: Wow.... all kinds of oddlooking bugs fluttering their wings in the air..

Without me. sir! She jumped off and pinagpag ung sweatpants nya. Yea. And Venice. She suddenly points at something beside her. Venice: Ai look! Ang colorful nung insect! Ako: Venice.. She's sitting on a fallen tree trunk. Venice: Okay! This way! Ako: Are you sure? Didn't we come from the other way? . and then studied the map. way. Ilang beses na sigurong nasabit. I took the picture and then stood up to glance at Venice. It's almost dark. and your lifeline. AND -- She held out the map I gave to her before we left. It's a butterfly. yea.Oh.. Cockroach. Why are you here again? Venice: Coz I was bored. get your butt off that tree and let's go back to town. I swung my camera around my neck and waited for her to figure out where we're going. and you wanted to go to this mountain instead of the beach. red shirt. and dirty white sneakers. Ako: Well. Ako: It's not a cockroach.. Same creepy family. truth. Picturan mo! Baka rare species! Venice: What? Hinde ba pwede maging rare ang butterfly?!? Ako: Haaayy. She looks very comfortable in her gray cotton sweat pants. It's a beetle. the truth. Venice: Yes. beetle. Venice: I am the way. you shall lose your way. at least she's not freaking out every single time na may lumilipad na kung ano na malapit sa kanya.. and lifeline. Ilang oras na rin kaming naglalakad kaya ung ponytail nyang buhok eh medyo magulo na. Venice: Yea. she pointed east. After a while. Oh well.

. I am getting exhausted and thirsty... 15 minutes later.. 50 minutes. or Venice would stop and start moving forward. That's why this time. I didn't really mind holding her hand. I helped Venice over a big moss rock boulder.. I grabbed her hand to make sure she won't fall down or trip over something again. Sumugod na kami dun sa direction na sabi nya eh shortcut daw.Venice: But the map said na may shortcut daw dito. pwedengpwedeng iwasan. I frantically dragged her away to escape a couple of snakes. . 5... We saw a few weird birds' nests. 45.. Aba.. talagang ipag-aacrobatic pa ni Venice ang pagkadapa. and I would gently take her hand in mine. Venice and I walked through an unfamiliar path. but. Going up the mountain with Venice made me realize that some people who are ridiculously clumsy do exist.. Venice would look at the map... I made sure I hold her hand.. 10. thought we're gonna run into lions or tigers. I feel like we're getting further away from where we parked. She held the map in one hand.. and the sky is almost completely dark by now. She gently pulled me toward the "right way". Ako: Are you sure we're going the right way? Venice: Of course! Shortcut nga raw! Ako: You keep on saying that but.. and held my hand in the other. Even though I was fascinated by all the wild creatures we had encountered. 30.. lost in her own thoughts... ang laki-laki na nga nung bato or a bulging tree root... 35 minutes... Ako: Okay. then she'd grab my hand again. You have the map. We'd pause for a while. 40...

.. Venice: Now I'm sure. I'm sure that we really are lost. at least may kuryente sila.... Well... The "roads" are almost enveloped by the darkness. and we both froze.....Venice suddenly slowed in her tracks. O___O Venice: Now.. . Tumingin sya dun sa hawak nyang map. Ako: That we're here? We exited from the trees. The houses are small and made of mostly wood. alright. There are no tall buildings. That's so weird.. There's a stray GOAT over there.....~*~.♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. I'm just not used to this kind of sight. the epitome of rural living.. It's so. and we ended up in another world. provincial....♥ Venice: Ha. We entered some sort of hole in the ground. I've never read the story.. Ako: This is like Venice in Wonderland. ::Chapter 23:: Strangers Like Me ♫. It's a somewhat small town. I can hear cars.. A smaller town..~*~.. I fished in my pockets for my keys so we can jump into my truck as soon as we're out of the wildlife environment. so. O__O Venice: Eh?? Ako: Honestly.. Venice: I wonder where we are. civilization.. But I'm thinking it'd be something like this. There are no cemented roads.. We ended up in a town. people.. I don't understand how the artificial sources of light in the houses are sufficient enough for a whole family to see in the dark......... I guess growing up in a brightly-lit city. I just stared at the place we ended up in... A different town..

. maybe we should make a run for it. Venice: Jerwin.. Terorista? May nakita ba syang may baril?!? O_O Oh crap.... Ako: Uh...... right now. My paparazzi ba? It doesn't look like may susulpot na paparazzi dito. Seryosong-seryoso ung mukha nya... Ako: Y-yea? Venice: Naiihi na ko.Venice: That's nice. I wonder what's going on. Ihavesomethingreallyimportanttotellyou... -___- Ako: Can't you hold it in? Venice: What do you think have I been doing the past few hours?!?! O___O . ..... Listen very carefully dahil matagal ko nang kinikimkim toh. Anoh raw? Her face is just a few inches away from mine.. But.. Are you going to apologize for getting us lost? Venice: Why would I do that? This is much more important... I nodded. Her eyes shine with intensity. ...

. and I admit.. O__O Napatingin kagad ako sa paligid. I know this is gonna sound really rude.. it was more of a stare than a look. pero anoh pa bang magagawa namen?!? I knocked on the door a couple of times. and a young kid -. not to mention embarrassing. Crap.... Dun! Sa likod nung puno na un! Dun na lang! Venice started doing the wee-wee dance.. he immediately ran over to the door and hid the little boy behind him. Ako: We're sooo sorry to intrude. Then his face went like this → OoO "Jose! Sino ba iyang nasa pinto?" An elder man appeared behind the boy. actually.. realization clouded his face. my girlfriend here. and one of them vigorously squirming.. Pero. looking like they just came tumbling out of the woods (which we kinda did. I know. we don't look very reliable.. ). Jose: Tay. Di ga si Jerwin Santos ya-an? The father squinted at me..about 6 or 7 -. Venice: Adik ka ba?!? I'm not peeing behind a tree! Ako: Ngayon ka pa umarte! I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards dun sa pinakamalapit na bahay. Upon seeing me and Venice.Oh.well.. kahit na medyo napapanic ako.. strangers who appear out of nowhere. Uh. Oh ang mga advantages ng kilala ...opened it. He looked at me -.. and after a while. alternating between her two feet.. May portable comfort room ba dito!?? Restaurant?!? Hotel?!? Gasolinahan?!? Ako: Uh. yea. kailangan nya poh kasi mag-CR. Ako: Well.. I find it amusing na nagtatalon sya..

Bukas na ulit ... It really is a small house. Binigay ko poh ung mapa kay Venice.ka ng halos lahat ng tao. Eh. dala-dala ung ilang branches ng malunggay na pinakuha sa kanya.. Sumunod naman si Manong. I felt Venice gently squeeze my shoulder. at halos tinungga ko un. Aling Marie: Okay ka na? Venice: Opo. Ako: Anoh. who's busy doing something dun sa living room. Venice emerged from the bathroom. Manong Ben.. Aling Marie put a glass of water in front of me. Maraming salamat poh... di ko naman akalain na artista pala ung kumakatok sa pinto! Aling Marie: Bakit naman ho kayo napadpad dito sa baryo namen. wag mong hahayaan na babae ang maghawak ng mapa? Aba'y. was just finishing up cooking their dinner. may jeep poh ba dito na pwede naming sakyan papunta sa La Plaiya? Manong Ben: Ah.. Aling Marie.. who introduced himself as Manong Ben. and stood behind where I was sitting. Aling Marie greeted her.. Everything was a few steps away from everything else. Dun sa isang side nung living room. led me to the small dining room. dun ga kayo nakatuloy? Aba'y may jeep papunta dun! Kaya nga lang. Venice walked over to the dining room. and then he sat in front of me. Tapos from where I was sitting.. He gave those to his wife. Naalala ko bigla kung gano na ko kauhaw.. Manong Ben: Iho. We ended up here. Uhmm. hindi ga naituro sa iyo... Manong Ben: Nako. She smiled at Jose.. umakyat poh kase kami nung bundok. showed Venice to the bathroom. ung girlfriend ko poh. gabi na. looking relieved and finally at ease. Napangiti ako sa sagutan nila. kitang-kita na rin ung maliit na TV in what seems to be the living room... may pinto. mawawala nga talaga kayo nyan! Aling Marie: At nagsalita naman ang taong laging nawawala. Katabi na mismo nung dining table ung stove at ref. He immediately ushered us papasok sa bahay nya. Inutusan ni Aling Marie ung asawa nya na kumuha pa ng malunggay dun daw sa puno sa likod ng bahay nila.. Pumasok na rin maya-maya si Manong Ben. The father. After a while.. at naiwan kami ni Aling Marie sa kusina-slash-dining room. May dalawang pinto dun sa kabilang side nung bahay.. Un siguro ung mga bedrooms. whose name is Jose. His wife. Mis-terr Santos? Ako: Jerwin na lang poh. I took the opportunity to look around. and the little boy. siguro un ung banyo kaseh dun pumasok si Venice.

May pagka-lamig dito tuwing gabi eh.bbyahe ang mga jeep. Jose went back to doing his homework. Aling Marie took out a bottle of something from the refrigerator. Manong Ben was poking fun at Venice because she got us really lost. Aling Marie: Ito. the entire time -. at bukas. Venice volunteered to wash the dishes. Venice: Eh tricycle poh? Aling Marie: Ay naku. sigurado poh ba kayo? Ayaw naman poh naming maka-istorbo. haha. oh. Manong Ben: Aba'y kung gusto ninyo.. iha. Ako: Anoh poh toh? Manong Ben: Lambanog! Nabili ng kumpare ko at binigay sa'kin nung makailan laang. makikigulo poh muna kami ngayong gabi. The husband and wife were constantly bantering with each other. makatulong man lang na mag-init ung katawan mo.until Venice started teasing him about it. gumising na lang kayo ng maaga para makasakay kayo dun sa unang byahe ng jeep papunta ng La Plaiya. Venice would defend herself with ridiculous excuses (really. The dinner was. kung ganun poh. Venice: Nako. ano gang istorbo? Hindi naman araw-araw na may nawawalang artista at sa bahay pa namen kumatok! Ako: Uh. eh bakit di muna kayo dito magpalipas ng gabi? Dito na rin kayo kumain ng hapunan! Masarap mag-tinola ang misis ko! Aling Marie: Oo nga! Wala naman kayong ibang tutuluyan na malapit dito. Mabuti nang dito na kayo matulog.. . Jose stared at me pretty much After dinner... Venice has a knack for making strangers feel oddly at ease. Manong Ben: Ay. ). Nagtinginan kami ni Venice. I think nag-ssink in na sa utak nya ung situation dahil nakita kong medyo nagaalala na rin ung mukha nya. Venice: Maraming salamat poh. I think hearing voices is a sign of some psychological defect. and set it in front of me and Manong Ben. grabbed a couple of small cups. fun. kalayo ng La Plaiya para sa tricycle.

She almost dropped a plate. Pati mga kapitbahay nyo. Hindi ako ganun kaskandalosa noh. Ayos lang poh kung magkatabi kaming matulog ni Venice... . Ako: Don't worry.. Venice watches me with an amused look on her face. ikaw? Gusto mo ga ng kaunti? Ako: Oh no! Wag nyo poh bigyan yan! At baka hindi na kayo makatulog sa sobrang gulo nyan paglasing. it's okay. It's really strong. Nagtinginan si Manong Ben tsaka si Aling Marie. I drank again from my glass. pero parang nakakaadik inumin.. Manong Ben: Di ga masyadong maliit ung kwarto na un? Aba'y magkakasya ga silang dalawa doon? Ako: No. Promise. masskandalo pa..He poured some in his glass.. Venice... coconut? I took a sip. Venice: Oh shoot. Aling Marie: Doon na lamang kayo sa kwarto ni Jose matulog. WHOA!!! Talk about having a high content of alcohol! O__O Nararamdaman kong gumuguhit sa lalamunan ko. Venice: Che! (tingin kay Aling Marie) Pero wag na poh. It smells of. Ako: Akala mo lang un. Grabeh! Nagtawanan silang mag-asawa. then a little bit in mine. Aling Marie: Oh.. Manong Ben: Oh ano? Nagustuhan mo ga? Ako: WHOA. Nagbabawas na ko sa pag-inom Ako: Good for you.. Venice: Shut up. Wala poh kaming gagawin na kalokohan. Mas malinis naman yong kwarto na yon kesa sa kwarto naming mag-asawa.

and then she went on to prepare our sleeping quarters. Marie.Venice almost dropped another plate. Ako: Sa altar nga naman poh. Hayaan mo na silang dalawa. smiling. Sadista talaga. daig pa ang lindol kung makahilik eh! Ako: Sana naman ay hindi maging ganon si Venice! Venice laughed good-naturedly as she walked papunta sa likod ko. Jerwin? Aling Marie shook her head. Manong Ben: Hahahaha Sige na nga. Venice finished up washing the dishes and was drying her hands already. Ako: Kailangan ko ang tulog ko-oowww!! AW! Venice: Kailangan mo ang tulog mo-oh-oh aw? Lumipad ung kamay ko sa likod nung left shoulder ko na kinurot nang pagkaaaa-lakas-lakas ni Venice. Biglang natawa si Manong Ben nung napansin nya yata na I could barely contain mylaughter dahel sa mga reaksyon ni Venice. Kaya ngayon pa lang siguro. I rubbed the spot where it hurts like hell dahel sa pamatay na kurot ni Venice. hilik ni Venice. Panggigilan ba ko?!? Ako: Geezus! Are you trying to pinch my skin off?!? Venice: Oh. Aba'y sa altar rin naman ang tuloy ng dalawang yaan eh. Di ga nga. -__- . it didn't work? Tumawa na ng tumawa si Manong Ben. tama nga naman na mag-praktis! Ayan ngang si Marie. dapat nang pagpraktisan na masanay sa mga Venice: Hoy. at sinoh naman kaya sa'ting dalawa ang humihilik!? Ako: Defensive? Manong Ben: Hahahahaha naku.

Venice: Gusto mo. nakatayo. ilalambitin na kita sa labas.... Rumami sana ang lahi nyo! I laughed.. Mahiyaing bata.. hindi ko naman maintindihan. Nandun si Jose.. Bisita ho kayo eh. Manong Ben: Nako. I think they're talking about verb agreement or something along those lines. Maganda na nga. huh. Manong Ben? Amazona talaga! Venice: Che! She went to the living room with Jose.. Ako: Huh.~*~. Venice: Wahsush. Patiently teaching the little kid. anak. Manong Ben: Ka-swerte mo naman..♫ . and she's trying to teach him kung pano malalaman kung ano ung subject. Jose: May assignment po ako sa English. Eh. Venice: (tingin sa kin) Jerwin. She's patiently teaching him tricks kung pano nya malalaman kung plural or singular ung subject.. sa'kin ka pa nahiya....."Anoh.. I wonder if she's going to be a good wife too. Ako: See. Manong Ben: Magiging magaling na ina yaang batang yan. Venice knelt down in front of Jose and smiled at him. ::Chapter 24:: Goodnight Goodnight ♫. dinaig ko pa ung mga unggoy dun sa zoo sa kahyperan. but I couldn't take my eyes off Venice.~*~. Ako: Oo nga.. I watch with fascination as the sadistic amazon turns to a more civilized picture of a caring woman... She's going to be a good mother.." Napatingin kami dun sa kabilang side nung table. ako pa ang tinanong mo sa English na yan. Eh wala rin namang hiya yan. holding a notebook. Parang nung nasa edad yata ako na ganyan. mabait pa.. namumuro ko na ha. Isa pa.. ako na lang ang magturo syo? Jose: Nakakahiya naman po. iho..

It's kinda cold. . After he turned to his side one more time.. Mr.. pero halata naman na pinipilit nya lang na isarado ung mata nya.... He's trying to find a comfortable position. and I found myself face to face with him... both eyes opened and even in the darkness. most comfortable mattress in the world.♥ I laid on the bed. I know. Jerwin: Hm? Ako: Di ka makatulog? This time. ok? Jerwin: Easy for you to say. pero.. Nakakaasar na kaseh kanina pa sya nag-ttwist and turn.. medyo nahihirapan kang mag-relax kaseh kamustah naman.. The bed is made from bamboo.. It's a little bit smaller than a queen-sized bed.(Venice's POV) ---------------. It sucks coz I'm exhausted and we have to wake up early tomorrow. may mga butas dun sa bintana -. Ang pride mo kuya. It also doesn't help na the room is really cramped. It's everything a rich kid like him has never imagined he would find himself into. He has his eyes shut closed.. Ako: Well. Jerwin: *sigh* Yea. You can almost feel the hardness of the bamboo beneath it. Well. I better make sure that I'm not late for the photoshoot daw. Gordon almost had a panic attack when I called him and said we'd be spending the night somewhere else. I guess I kinda understand. just stop thinking about tomorrow. why didn't you ask him to come and pick us up then? Jerwin: You crazy? And let him know we got lost. umikot na rin ako. We're sharing a blanket that's too small to be shared. Di ka naman sanay na matulog sa ganito katigas na kama. He opened one eye. The mattress is not the softest.we can even hear the wind whistling through the holes. silently counting the number of times na nag-tturn si Jerwin... Siguro iniisip nya baka sakaling makatulog rin sya kung pipikit nya ung mata nya.... Ako: Relax. The pillows are almost flat. at the same time. Ako: Jerwin. I could almost see him looking at me. But. Di mo naman kasalanan na nawala tayo.

halos mamatay ka na sa intensity ng pagtanggi mo. maybe I can help families like this one. Nahiya? Ako: Tapos. They can barely live through every day with the little pay Manong Ben gets from the farm.. it'd be really cool to stay here for a few more days.. Gusto mo nang maging philanthropist? Jerwin: Hmmmm. Jerwin: Hm? Ako: Sina Manong Ben. di ka pa nagreklamo nung binigyan tayo ni Aling Marie na pamalit na damit. Tapos. Ang profound ng mga pinagsasabi mo eh. then he shifted his position and faced me again. Samantalang nung dinalhan kita nung minsan ng kwek-kwek.. Jerwin: You know.Ako: Okay. He rolled over and looked at the ceiling.. you really interacted well with those people. Natulala ako. and then . lam mo? Pero tonight.. I just realized how blessed I am to be born into the "luckier" level of society. Jerwin: Weren't you tutoring Jose during that time? Ako: Kasalanan ko bang may tenga ako? Natawa si Jerwin. Si Jerwin ba itong kausap ko? O_O Bahket parang ang profound ng pinagsasabi ni kuya? Nalasing kaya sya dun sa kakapiranggot na lambanog na ininom nya? Nagiging profound sya pag lasing? O___O Jerwin: What? Why are you looking at me like that? Ako: Wala lang. That doesn't sound so bad. although di mo alam kung anong detergent ung ginamit panglaba. Ako: Really? Jerwin: Venice.. Well. You talked with Manong Ben na parang ka-level mo sya. Sabi naman ni Aling Marie. Kung pwede lang. sa hirap ng buhay. I mean. gigisingin nya tayo around 7 AM. I can put aside some of the money I make. tinikman mo pa ung lambanog. di ba? That's good enough. I would really want to know how their lives work. Tapos. Ako: You know. pinag-aaral pa nila si Jose.. at chuva-chuva. Jerwin: *sigh* I know. you listened patiently dun sa mga drunk rantings ni Manong Ben tungkol sa economy.. just don't worry about it. May sarili ka rin namang kaartehan sa buhay.

.. O__O At na-eexcite sya sa idea nyang maging santo. and brushed a stray strand of his hair to the side.. Then I felt him shift his position again. Who would've thought na may "good side" din pala tohng taong toh. Baka mabugbog pa ko ni Mr. I felt Jerwin shift.donate them to charities.. nagiging santo si kuya..... Ako: That'd be nice.. Ay. How come people always look so vulnerable and peaceful when they're sleeping? Kaya maraming pinapatay habang tulog eh. and again.pahiram ni Manong Ben -. parang ang stronglooking nung likod nya. He looked kinda taken aback by the sudden show of gentleness. I wriggled my hand out of the blanket. nyahahaha Ako: Just get some sleep. and lightly traced shapes on the part just below his shoulders..and it was a little loose kaya medyo naka-expose ung muscles dun sa arms nya and. I ignored it.. you don't think it's a good idea? Ako: Adik ka ba? I think it's the best idea you've ever had! Jerwin: What's that supposed to mean? -___- I smiled at him. Pero. or. and again. or. He shut his eyes. Pano ka ba naman matutulog ng ganito?!? Umikot ako and found myself looking at his back... Naka-sleeveless na shirt lang sya -. I'll listen.. .. Gordon pag umappear ka sa photoshoot na may mala-backpack na eyebags... Jerwin: Okay. maybe help poor kids get to school. how about you get some sleep. Ok? Jerwin: But. Baka trip nya lang humarap dun sa kabilang side. I rolled over on my side and closed my eyes too. then I slowly eased myself palapit dun sa likod nya para ipatong ung ulo ko dun sa likod nya. I stared at him for a few moments.. for now.. ok? If you still want to talk about that thing tomorrow...

baka asarin nya pa ko hanggang bukas tungkol sa pag-cchant ko. never mind na nga lang. Venice!?!? He turned around and faced me.. I think the walls are kinda thin. Jerwin: Sing the other one. Mas mabuti nang rebound toh. kamustah naman ang pula ng face ko. Anoh ba naman tohng pinaggagawa ko?!? Jerwin: If you really wanna help me go to sleep. -__- Umikot uhlet ako and faced him. Jerwin: Chant? What are you. kundi. Hay.. kantahan kita?!? Rereklamo ka pa dyan. Ako: O___O Uh. kung hinde. Jerwin: So. My golay.Jerwin: What are you doing? I stopped. Nag-cchant ng spell para makatulog ka na. Napabalik kagad ako dun sa dati kong pwesto. a witch? Ako: Bahket ba? You'll never know unless you tried noh.. sabay smile.. What kind of excuse is that. Ako: (sings softly) Rock-a-bye. How about a song? Ako: Anoh?!? Jerwin: Not too loud though. buti na lang at may pagka-madilim. baby-Jerwin: Anoh naman yan? Ako: Sabi mo. Ako: Anong "other one"? May iba pa bang rock-a-bye baby? . is that why you're drawing weird shapes on my back? Ako: Yea~ Hay nako. I turned over to the other side to hide my face from him.

dear How much I love you Please don't take my sunshine away. mahuhulog na sya sa kama..Jerwin: No. and realized na kaya pala malamig.. eh dahil nakahilata ako sa kama without a blanket. I tried to open my eyes from my slumber.♥♥ --(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Her legs are all over the place.. Sing "You Are My Sunshine" At may special request pa pala talaga. And is her mouth partly open? O_O How can a lady sleep like that? *yaawwwwwwnnnn* I wonder what time it is. when skies are gray You'll never know.♥ -___- Dammmnnn. . I stopped singing.. Angkinin ba naman ung kumot?? And really. -___- Ako: (sings softly again) You are my sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy. It looks like it's still pretty dark outside. konting ikot nya na lang. Pagdating ng second verse.. Jerwin was already snoring lightly. I pulled myself up and looked at Venice. --.. it's cold..

The sky is clear. I took her arm. She buried her face on my chest. khaki jacket. And I went back to my sleep.~*~. who is pedaling the bike through a narrow path in what seems to be a forest.. He's wearing faded jeans. Her weight shifted and she sleepily turned towards me... He's getting nearer now. I felt her wrap an arm around my waist. look! Birds! Tumingala ako dun sa langit where a flock of big birds (malalaking ibon. hinde ung Big Bird na yellow) are flying.. I have my arms around Jerwin. Ako: Who's that? I tried to squint para makita kung sinoh ung taong nakatayo dun sa side. It's a pretty nice day. and hair ruffled by the wind. The sun is out. and then gently pulled her closer to me.. Parang gusto kong batukan si Jerwin and tell him to pedal faster. . lumabas kami sa isang grassland. There's someone standing on the side of the path. ::Chapter 25:: Past The Point of No Return ♫... I'm riding on the backseat of a bicycle.♥ Ako: Hey. We went pass a few more trees and finally.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.. a red shirt. Then I scooped her up gently and inusog sya dun sa gitna nung kama. I don't know why I'm so focused on this person.. I slid back down the bed facing her.I tried to pull the blanket off of Venice para naman may protection din ako from the cold. pero baka lalo kaming bumagal. Just a few feet away now.. She looks like an angel deep in her sleep.. The birds are singing. and I buried my face in her hair... I can see him more clearly now.~*~.

The bike is still moving but I jumped off.. This very familiar guy. Syempre. This guy. He smiled at me as we pass. at least. hinulog ko sya sa kama. Good morning.... G... Gerard. I slowly opened my eyes para gumising sa isa nanamang araw sa mundong ibabaw--- O___O Ako: WAH!!! SHOVE -.. Buti na lang dun ako sa damo rumolyo.. dahil hindi naman ako si catwoman. How come G isn't running towards me? -___- Annnddddd I'm awake..with a very rewarding startled look on his face. O_O Napatalon tuloy akong bigla dun sa kabilang side and sinilip si Jerwin na nakahilata sa sahig -.... Ako: Hi.And then. I couldn't move. .. I knew it was a dream. He even waved to me. Darn. I tripped and landed on my face. I rolled over and found myself staring at the sky.. I could hear Jerwin running to me. dinaanan na namin sya.BOOG! Why am I hugging Jerwin?!?!? Oh my golay. I think it was Jerwin. pagtalon ko...

Jerwin: That's why I said we can go check if they're awake.. pwedeng sya.. He picked himself up and plopped himself back on the bed. nandun na si Aling Marie... di naman naten alam kung san sasakay ng jeep.. and was about to open the door nang may naalala akong bigla. -___- Jerwin: What time is it? Inisda ko ung cellphone kong nandun sa sahig sa other side nung kama. yak. Ako: 6:38 AM.. Tatayo na yata talaga si kuya.. Tatayo na tayo? I watched as Jerwin sat up and started stretching. Ako: Gising na kaya sila? Jerwin: (shrugs) We can check. I looked at Jerwin who had just finished grabbing his phone and swinging his camera around his neck. didn't you?!? Ako: *gasp* Sunshine! I will never do such a horrible thing... baka ako pala ung nangyakap. Kokontra sana ako sa sinabi nya. pakanta-kanta pa.. and fortunately for us. I wanna see G again--- Ako: Okie! Tumayo na tayo! I jumped off the bed din. magkasuyo buong gabi~ BRRRRR. Ohhh... pwedeng ako. Ang aga-aga-aga-aga pah. T-T I wanna go back to sleep..... Ako: Wouldn't it be rude kung bastah-bastah na lang tayo aalis? And besides. Sinasabi ko pa lang sa sarili ko. Parang sya inosente rin ah. kinikilabutan na ko. baka anoh pang isipin ni kuya pag sinabi kong magkayakap kami nung nagising ako.Jerwin: Anong good morning ka dyan?!? You just pushed me off the bed... I opened the door. Di bagay. . yakapin nya ba naman ako habang tulog ako! Kaya lang. nagpprito ng itlog. Jerwin: Wag ka nang pakainosente dyan....

may bitbit na kung anong bote ng gatas. nagkatinginan kami ni Jerwin. can hear Jerwin talking to Aling Marie..Aling Marie: Ay! Gising na kayo! Aba'y ka-aga pa! Bakit di muna kayo matulog ng konti pa? Ako: Ok lang poh.. Inaalok si Jerwin. eh pinakuha ko na itong si Ben. You wanna share a glass muna. Naisip namin na baka gusto nyo ng gatas para sa almusal... Jerwin: (bulong) Hinulog kaseh ako sa kama nung isang tao dyan. galing sa dodo ng cow? O_O Aling Marie: Ay. Sharing means I won't have to finish a whole glass of galing sa dodo ng cow. galing sa dodo ng cow. Ako: Well.. . Sharing is very good. Jerwin: I guess. O___O Fresh milk. uo! May alaga kami diyan sa likod... di na poh kame makatulog eh. After he filled the glass... Dumiretso kagad ako sa banyo para maghilamos man lang at para na rin mag-weewee. I'll try some. *gulp* In other words. Mamaya na lang sa villa ako talagang maliligo... I used the towel na binigay ni Aling Marie the night before to dry myself up. narinig ko na rin si Manong Ben. and yup. I Ako: Anoh poh yan? Manong Ben: Presh cow's milk. maya-maya.. go ahead. I glared at him. Jerwin: Ladies first. especially for us pa talaga. Manong Ben poured us some of the fresh milk dun sa glass na nasa harap ni Jerwin. ahyun nga si Manong Ben... iha.. Ako: Okay. Venice? Sharing is good... I stepped out of the bathroom. Gusto mo? Ako: Fresh? As in.

I'll just bury him in the sand and pretend to forget kung san ko sya nilibing.I looked at him and then at the glass. *gulp* Jerwin: Believe me. this is just too icky. Try it.. Jerwin: Wow... O_O Ang daming ininom. at dahil pinapanood kami ni Manong Ben. He gave me the glass. natuwa yata.. all smiles pa.. Mukha namang nagustuhan nya talaga.. Jerwin: I'll try it first then. He drank from the glass. I took the glass. pero. Di ko tuloy alam kung sarcastic ba sya o anoh. At paniwalaan ko pa raw sya. Napatingin ako kay kuya. Mukha namang honest ang mukha nya. Kung nagsisinungaling man sya.. .. Well. Here goes. Jerwin: Really... Hindi lang pala overnight ang pagiging santo ni kuya. it's good.. it's actually pretty good.. I'm willing to try anything. kicked out na kagad ako. At ehto ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit first round pa lang ng "Fear Factor". he took the liberty to take the glass.. Takot ako sa mga unknown things. at aba. T-T Na-sense yata ni Jerwin ang hesitation ko.. I guess it's okay.

I took a sip. Manong Ben: Mga batang ito. Jerwin: Well? Ako: Uyyy. Ako: Oo nga poh pala. Baka poh gusto nyong dumaan. heeeyyyyyy.. Kailangan magtrabaho. lalarga na kame.. Tumawa si Manong Ben na nakaupo dun sa sofa... Jerwin: Kayo poh.. -___- Nilipat ni Manong Ben ung topic dun sa jeep. Gatas lang eh pinagkakaguluhan nyo na... pumunta kayo sa La Plaiya. nagmadali na nga tuloy kami.. Nagtinginan kami ni Jerwin. and.. marami pang gagawin eh. Then we checked kung anoh pa ung mga nakakalimutan namin -. Naglagay sya ng tig-isa na plato ng itlog at pandesal sa harap naming dalawa ni Jerwin.not like we really brought anything with us. Last day na poh namin bukas. Here are people na sumasabak sa araw-araw na trabaho. baka hapunin kami kakahintay. Parang ang awkward bigla. gustong pumunta? Aling Marie: Nako.. iho. it really is good. Lumipat na rin si Manong Ben dun sa dining table para makikain.. gusto man namen eh. Ahyan. Aling Marie: Ay naku.. Manong Ben: Ay iha.. Tinuloy ko na ung pag-inom. Aling Marie? Baka poh si Jose. Jerwin: Galing sa dodo ng cow.. It's warm and mas lasang gatas kesa dun sa ibang pasteurized na milk. .. Samantalang kame.. Ganon pa ba.. nandun poh kami sa may beach nakatuloy.. We changed back into our own clothes na sinampay ni Aling Marie sa sampayan kagabi para matuyo ng pawis.. Agahan daw namen kaseh madaling mapuno ung jeep pag tanghali na.. kumain na nga kayo at nang maabutan nyo pa ung jeep na wala pang masyadong sakay. Masarap nga... Ako: Ah.. magtitinda pa kame sa palengke bukas. pinapanood kami. Kung gusto nyo poh.. Pagkatapos na pagkatapos kumain.

Hindi naman kami madalas nakakatanggap ng bisita eh. kayo rin poh! Tabi kayo. Jerwin did as I instructed. Ako naman. Then Jerwin took the camera from me. Ako: Aling Marie. Todo pose! Maya-maya. si Jerwin pa ang photographer. Jerwin: Hm? Ako: Give me the camera and go stand with them. ano ga? masaya na rin kami at dito kayo napadaan.. Aling Marie: Ano namang ginagawa mo diyan?? Jerwin: Aling Marie. family Ako: Jerwin. naiwan muna sa loob para tulungan sa paghuhugas ng pinggan si Aling Marie. Avah.. mag-iingat kayo ha. nakita na lang namen.. nagpapaka-model dun sa harap ng bahay nila.Lumabas na si Jerwin with Manong Ben.. Then. ppicturan ko kayo! Hinila ni Manong Ben si Aling Marie sa tabi nya. and I took a couple of shots of the family with Jerwin Santos.... at sinabihan na mag-smile sa camera. At aba. kaya I gave Aling Marie a quick hug. Aling Marie: Ay naku! Wala yun. finally. at lumakad naman ako papunta kay Jerwin.. At wag na ulit kayong maliligaw! . Jose: Aalis na kayo. Aling Marie: Naku. si Manong Ben. ate? Ako: Yea.. biglang lumabas ang bagong gising na si Jose.. lumayas na raw kame. May trabaho pa kasi tohng kuya mo eh. and then lumakad na kami palabas. bigla na lang pinulot ni Manong Ben. Smile naman ung bata! picture! Sige. and took a couple of shots of me and the family. naaliw ung mag-asawa at pinipicturan sila. Thank you poh talaga at pinatuloy nyo kami kagabi. Ang walang kamuwang-muwang na bata.

Jerwin: But they're happy. then sumunod kami kay Manong Ben papunta dun sa sakayan ng jeep. quiet life. They're living a simple. Mag-ingat kayong dalawa. We said our final farewell to Manong Ben and sumakay na kami nung jeep. Simple. and then fished for a pen dun pa uhlet sa kabila nyang bulsa -. wag nyo nang alalahanin un.. Pag napa-develop poh namin ung mga pictures. they're all together. at halos wala pang tao.I know. parang akong magnanakaw -. Mukhang hindi namin kailangan maghintay or makipagsiksikan. The jeep is there.. papadalhan poh namen kayo ng kopya. nagsimula na ang halos veinte minutos naming trip pabalik sa La Plaiya. They're. Manong Ben: Ay. Sinalpak ko ulit map and ung pen pabalik sa pocket ni Jerwin.. Ako: Paki sulat naman poh ng address nyo.... Nag-bye bye na kami kay Aling Marie at Jose. Lumapit si Manong Ben dun sa driver.. which is hindi naman pala ganun kalayo sa bahay nila.. sya nga? Oh sige! He scribbled their address dun sa mapa and then gave it back to me. kinausap nya sandali... Ako: Maraming salamat poh. Hindi ko na poh hahayaan si Venice ang mag-lead ng way. . Manong Ben: Sya. Jerwin: Salamat poh sa pagkupkop sa'min kagabi. Well. which left as soon as we got in. don't you think so? Ako: Hmmm.. Ako: Ay.. hanggang dito na lamang ako.. quiet life ha. happy. Hinabilin ko na duon sa driber na ibaba kayo sa La Plaiya.. oo nga poh pala.Jerwin: Don't worry. Jerwin: That was a nice little family they got there.. Manong Ben: Nako'y. at natuwa naman kami kagabi. Parang nakaka-bother lang kasi. Later. that's true.. Kinuha ko ung mapa dun sa bulsa ni Jerwin. ang hirap ng buhay nila. Manong Ben. then bumalik sa'min. I guess. Ako: Shut up.and then I handed both to Manong Ben..

Ha! With his schedule??! Ako: Sana nga. Gordon stalks back and forth in front of me. I guess. He's yelling at his phone na parang wala na syang chance magalit pa bukas. We're 15 minutes behind schedule. Inayos ni Jerwin ung baseball cap nya na nag-pprevent "daw" sa mga tao na makilala sya.. The photoshoot was gonna start in 10 minutes. nag-aabang na si Mr. Jerwin: We can visit them. This is great.. It was a fifteen-minute jeepney ride from the small. about 5 minutes pabalik ng villa. somehow. Gordon didn't say anything naman kaseh.. unknown town to the other little town where I left my truck. all fresh and ready to be prepped up. Mr.♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. I quickly parked the truck. ::Chapter 26:: Should've Been A Model ♫. Paglabas ko ng villa. Just astoundingly great. The crewmembers were carrying the photoshoot equipments papunta sa beach.♥ Sigh. Tapos. .. this little out-of-the-norm experience has been good for us. -___- I watch as Mr.~*~.Ako: I hope we'll see them again. ran upstairs. somehow. Jerwin took my hand and gave it a soft squeeze. Venice and I would have stayed a bit longer dun sa bahay nina Manong Ben.~*~. and jumped in the shower. I'm still on time. I just smiled at him and put my head on his shoulder. and then he shrugged. If I knew this was gonna happen. Gordon para sa'kin.

malamang manghahaltak na lang sya ng kung sinong ka-picture-picture dyan sa tabi-tabi. Her hair is still damp. Seems like my partner won't make it.. Kaya lang. na-late yata ng labas. What's going on? Ako: Uhmm... Venice: Ahhhh.. tapos hinarap sa'kin ung daliri nya. It's supposed to make me look good on pictures. Ako: It's oil. I glanced at her and noticed na nakatitig pala sya sa'kin. Kung wala pa ung model. Venice: Eh? Ako: May appointment daw kaseh kanina. She ran a finger on my arm... Gordon. paalis pa lang ng Manila.. and she's treading barefoot on the sand. Venice: Dinaig mo pa ang hito sa sobrang dulas mo. missing one pa kame -. She's wearing a black see-through tunic over a red one-piece swimsuit. pero. It looks like she just got out of the shower (and siguro. We're supposed to shoot a Guess Swimsuit ad with two models. If he said the shoot will start at this time... tulog pa rin sina Anthony at Sheena kaseh hinde pa umaaligid ung dalawa sa kanya). Venice: I thought you'd be starting the shoot by now.. Sunshine. "Yo! Jerwin!" I turned around and saw Venice walking towards my special chair -. That's what he's probably gonna do now.the one with "Jerwin Santos" taped on the back.ung important one pa. Venice: Magmumukha kang maganda sa picture kung parang kang hito? . Nakaka-distract sana ang mga biceps-triceps-abs mo dyan... Ahyan. the shoot should definitely start at that time.. ahyun eh ung pagiging extremely punctual nya.. Bakit? Dahil ba ngayon nya lang ako nakita na naka swimming trunks? Ako: What are you looking at? Venice: Lam mo.If there's one thing na kinasikatan ni Mr. Ung titig pa na parang nag-iisip ng malalim. besides sa amazing ability nya sa mga advertising photography nya..

Ako: Why are you here? -__Venice: (smiles) Manonood sana ako ng shooting nyo, pero parang wala naman nangyayare.. sooo..

She briskly turned around, may pa-sway-sway pa ng hips nya..

Venice: I'll just come back pag may kung anong compromise na kayo.. Maglalandi muna ako somewhere, ok dah-ling?

Papaka-catwalk pa sya kung maglakad, feeling may runway dun sa buhangin -- tapos biglang natalisod. wahahahaha

Venice: Aray ko!



Ako: Hey, Venice! Hold on!

She stopped and turned to face me -- namumula -- probably because she knows I saw her trip..

Venice: I'm ok! Wala kang nakita! Ako: Ok, I saw nothing.

I jumped up from my seat, and strode to where she was standing. She's a perfect height.. She's got a good body frame.. *grins* I grabbed her hand and pulled her papunta dun sa sumisigaw na Mr. Gordon. Binabaan nya na ung kausap nyang model, wag na raw mag-bother na pumunta dito.

Venice: (bulong) Anong ginagawa naten? O_O

I paused and then umikot para tumingin sa kanya. I grabbed her by the shoulders para hindi mag-wander ung mga mata nya kung saan-saan.

Ako: Venice.. Do you trust me? Venice: Eh?!? Ako: Well? Do you trust me? Venice: *gulp* I do.. but you don't look very trustworthy right now. O_O Ako: Oh well.. as long as you generally trust me... Now, just follow me and don't say a word.

I wanted to laugh so hard nung nanlaki ung mata nya -- pure terror. gotta do this first.

Pero, I'm kinda short on time, so I

Hinila ko sya papunta kay Mr. Gordon na nag-uutos na dun sa mga staff kung pano papaganahin ung concept using just one model (which is just impossible kung ako lang ang model), or maghanap na sila ng ma-bbribe nilang mag-model right here, right now.

Nanlalamig ung kamay ni Venice na hawak ko.

Ako: Sir? Mr. Gordon: We'll be done in a minute, Jerwin. Ako: Uh, yea.. May I suggest something?

They all stopped and looked at me. Sa ganitong mga pangyayari, they're open to ideas -- any kind of idea. Nanigas na ung hawak kong kamay.

Ako: I think Venice can take over the female model's place. Venice: An--?!?

Pinisil ko ung kamay ni Venice.

Ako: What do you think? Mr. Gordon: Nag-mmodel ba sya?

Ako: She'll be a natural. Venice: Eh?!? O__O Ako: Just tell her what you want her to do. Venice: Wha?! OoO

Mr. Gordon finally turned his full attention sa'min, tinitignan si Venice from head to foot. Inikutan nya pa si Venice, parang ineexamine thoroughly.

Mr. Gordon: She has a proportioned body. Tamang-tama naman ung height nya.. Maganda ang kutis.. Ngumiti ka nga, iha.

Venice smiled. Medyo pilit, pero okay na rin.

Mr. Gordon: Okay, she'll do! Bea! Nasan ka na ba?! Bea! Ihanap mo ng swimsuit size si Venice dun sa mga kahon sa villa! Paayusan mo na rin! I want something natural and yet sexy. Bilisan nyo! Go Go GO!!

Bago tangayin si Venice nung mga assistants, pinisil pa nya ng isang bone-cracking na pisil ung kamay ko. O_O

Venice: Make sure to remind to kill you after all this. Ako: Ah.. ha.. ha.. ha.. Yes, darling.

One little Two little Three little Indians.. Four little Five little Six little--


Napatigil ako sa pagbibilang ko ng mga Indians (in the form of big fluffy clouds sa sky) nang may dalawang tumalon sa tabi nung artist chair ko.. And lo and behold, gising na si Tweedledee at si Tweedledum, also known as Sheena and Anthony.

Ako: Good morning, guys.

Sheena: San kayo galing kagabi ni Venice~? Ako: Dyan lang.. Nothing happened, don't worry. Sheena: Ay, walang nangyari? Anoh ba naman un? Ang boring naman.

She wanted something to happen? -__-

Anthony: San si Venice?

I filled them in with what's happening.. Naaliw sila sa mga sinasabi ko.. Just then, dumating na -- SA WAKAS -- ung dalawang assistants, may mga bitbit na high heeled shoes.. And sa likod nila.....


Venice is all suit up for the shoot.. They put her in a halter bikini with leopard prints and black and gold accents. Gold dangling earrings hang from her ears. Her hair is in natural waves, and she's trying to walk in the black high-heeled shoes they made her wear. She looks like a model.

Sheena: Ay, best friend! Ang landi~

May cleavage ka!

Venice: I know! (turo sa chest nya) Parang lumaki ang future ko!


Ako: Uh, ahem. Venice: What?! You've never seen a cleavage before?!

Oh where was the Venice from earlier na papatayin ako dahil pinasok ko sya dito?

Ako: I think you're bipolar Venice: Anoh?!? Mr. Gordon: Kids! Kids! Kids! Mamaya na kayo maglambingan! Let's get going! We're already behind

schedule! And you look wonderful, Venice. Sheena: Oh, more like, fab-u-lous! ah-mazing! sexay~

I walked in front of the camera -- finally, magsisimula na rin kame, with all the oil na pinahid sa katawan ko, na-pprito na yata ako sa ilalim nung araw kakahintay. Venice stood next to me habang ina-adjust nung mga tao ung lighting, ung camera, at kung anu-ano pa.

Venice: You know... Now that I'm standing here... Ako: Yea? Venice: Sunshine, I don't think I can do this. T-T

Napatingin ako sa kanya. Oh, so that's why her eyes look different. Makapal na nga ung eyeliner, pinuruhan pa ng mascara ung eyelashes nya. It looks pretty though.. just different.

Ako: You know, you're the one who's really the "star" of this ad. Venice: Eh? Ako: Well, more girls shop in Guess, guys rarely go in unless they're with a girlfriend. toh.. I'm just here because I'm hot and I'm famous. Venice: In other words, props ka lang. -__Ako: You can put it that way, though I like my terminology better.. Venice: Great. Now I'm even more scared. Ako: You can do this. Just pretend this is a scene in a play... Mr. Gordon is the director, the camera is the audience.. Venice: And the whole world is a stage.. Ako: Exactly. Anyway, all the focus is going to be So, dito sa ad na

on you and how you model the swimwear. Look good, and you make the swimwear look good.

She let out a huge sigh. Ehto naman, ilang tao lang ba ang makikita nila ang sarili nila na nag-mmodel out of nowhere para sa isang ad na ipapaskil sa mga billboard kung saan-saan? Tapos sya, kulang na lang eh tumakbo pasakay ng bus at umuwi na ng Manila.

Ako: Venice, look at me.

Tumingin naman sya.

Ako: I know you can do this.. Just... Believe me.

She looked straight into my eyes. I tried to look as confident as I can, because I really think she can do this. And if not, they can always reject the photo and just do another shoot. I was gonna tell her this, but then, Venice smile and nodded.

Venice: I believe you. Ako: Good. Venice: But really, how can you stand this oil-thing on your body? It feels icky. -__Ako: Well, isipin mo na lang, pareho na tayong hito ngayon.

After that, the photoshoot started. It was hard work coz, let's face it, Venice is an amateur. But her pictures turned out better than most amateurs I've worked with. She listened to directions, she suggested things that might make the photos better, she would try to do whatever it is that Mr. Gordon asked of her: seductive, fun, flirty, aggressive, spaced out... She would constantly ask me for my opinion on her pose or her expression.. She was surprisingly very professional.. kahit na alam kong she'd rather be on the water than doing all this.. She actually did pretty well..

In the end, Mr. Gordon was happy with the results.

Mr. Gordon: We might actually have the perfect picture in this pile. And with the two of you in the ad! This will be huge! People will love this! Have you ever thought of modeling, Venice? Venice: Eh? -__- Hinde poh.. After this, I don't think I ever will..

Bagsak na sya dun sa chair na reserved para sa'kin. Low batt na yata.

Mr. Gordon: That's a shame. Jerwin is right. You're a natural. Venice: Thank you poh.

I think, nasa autopilot na sya ngayon.. She already has her eyes closed as she fans herself. Pagod na talaga. Mr. Gordon smiled at me nung na-realize nyang out there na ung brain ni Venice. He turned to the staff to tell them to wrap up. We're finally done.

Ako: Wanna go back to the villa? Venice: Yea. But these heels are killing me. I don't think I can walk anymore... -__Ako: You want a piggyback ride? Venice: Anoh ba yan? Ang cheap naman. Di ba pwedeng carry me in your arms na lang?? Paka-prince charming effect man lang. Ako: Hey, it's easier to carry things on my back. Buti nga di kita kinaladkad eh. I'm tired too. Venice: You do this all the time. You should be used to it by now. Damot. -___-

I turned around and knelt down so she can put herself on my back. She wrapped her arms loosely around my neck, and I supported her legs so she won't fall off.

"Jerwin! Venice! Smile!"

I felt Venice perk up, and I looked at the photographer, who took a candid shot of Venice and me.

"Great shot!"

After that, Venice rested her head on my shoulder. She's drained.

I started walking back to the villa.

Ako: You did a good job. Venice: Really? Ako: Yep. Venice: I'm glad. I tried my best para di ka naman mapahiya. Ako: (smiles) Thanks.

We quietly went back to the villa, and I gently put Venice on our bed. She held up her leg, and smiled. Di ko

alam kung pagod ba o tamad, pero sige na... Tinanggal ko na ung sapatos nya.. She went under the blankets. I turned the airconditioner a little bit higher and I went to bed as well. ::Chapter 27:: Starry Starry Night ♫.~*~..~*~.♫

(Venice's POV) ---------------- ♥

I should get up. Isang araw na lang kaming nandito, dapat lang na maglublob man lang ako bago kami lumayas...

I opened my eyes nung nag-sink ung thought na un.. I immediately looked at the clock.. 5:45... I've been sleeping for two hours and 45 minutes. Kakatayo ko pa lang nang biglang bumukas ung pinto at sumilip ang ulo ni Jerwin..

Jerwin: Hey, you're awake. Ako: *yaawwwnnn* Yea. -__- Akala ko humiga ka rin kanina? Jerwin: I woke up 30 minutes ago. Anyway, we're having a bonfire later. We gotta shop for a few things to BBQ and panggawa raw ng s'mores, sabi ni Mr. Gordon. C'mon, get dressed!

Get dressed?

Napasilip ako sa suot ko. O___O My golay. I'm still wearing the swimsuit. No wonder ganito na lang ang pagkapulupot ko sa kumot. Malameg ang aircon. Malamang kailangan ko rin ibalik toh noh?

Ako: Give me five minutes. Mag-sshower lang ako.


May nakita kaming maliit na store just less than 10 minutes away from the villa. Di naman sya kalakihan, pero parang may mabibili naman kame.. I took a basket and handed it to Jerwin. Hinde ako magpapakahirap magdala ng mabigat noh.

Jerwin: Hey, look, Venice..

Ehto nanaman kame.. -__-

Jerwin: They're selling chicken feet! feet??

Why are they selling chicken feet?? Can we get some chicken

I don't think Jerwin has ever gone grocery shopping before. Abah, dinaig pa ang six-year-old sa pagkaamused sa halos lahat ng "abnormal" na bagay eh!

Ako: No. We don't need it. Jerwin: But it's chicken feet! Ako: Uh-huh. And we. Don't. Need. It.

Ilang beses na yang exchange na yan.. Anoh kayang iniisip ni Mr. Gordon at ehto pang si Jerwin ang pinagshopping nya? Pano na lang kung hinde ako sumama? Eh di inuwian sila nitong unggoy na toh ng natto (mukha raw kasing dikit-dikit na tadpoles), dried shrimp (dahil mukha raw madaling kainin), tuyo (hindi ba raw na-BBQ un?), at ang chicken feet (simply because it's chicken feet).... -___-

Jerwin: Venice.. Ako: Hm? Jerwin: Tignan mo oh...

Tumingin ako dun sa tinitignan nya.. May pusa na natutulog dun sa ibabaw nung isang lamesa..

Ako: Oh? Pusa.. Anoh? Jerwin: Can we buy that?

Aray.. sumasakit yata ang ulo ko. T-T

Ako: At bakit naman? Anong gagawin mo sa pusa? Jerwin: Hindi ba gawa ang siopao sa pusa?

Hindi ko na-carry.. May kung anong sparkle ung eyes nya na parang nagsasabi na gusto nya talagang bilhin ung pusa para gawing siopao.. T^T Napatitig na lang ako sa kanya... If ever man, curiosity will really kill the cat.


Jerwin: Aw! Okay, fine... We're not buying the cat. -_- We don't need it.

Josko, Lord... T-T Ang reasoning skills ni kuya... T^T

Ako: Just carry the basket, okay? And don't--

Tumigil sya dun sa kinukuha nyang isang tali ng kangkong..

Ako: -- DON'T put anything in the basket.

Binalik nya ung kangkong na hawak nya..

Ako: Now, let's go and get the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.. Maloloka na ko syo pag nagtagal pa tayo.

Sumunod naman si Jerwin sa'kin.. He's still darting looks from one thing to another, pero at least, hinde na sya naglalagay ng kung anu-ano dun sa maliit na basket namen..

..or so I thought..

Pagpunta namin dun sa starstruck na cashier, at nung nilalabas ko na ung mga binibili namen, dun ko lang narealize na ang daming unnecessary items ang pinuslit nung mokong.

Ako: (sa cashier) Ah.. hahaha sorry ha, ung iba dito hindi naman namin kailangan..

Binibigay ko sa kanya ung mga kailangan lang namen, and then binabalik ko ung mga puslit dun sa basket..

Jerwin: What?? We're not buying the natto?? Ako: I told you, we don't need it. Jerwin: But... I wanna see what we can do with tadpole-looking ingredients..


Ako: You don't experiment with food!

Napahawak sya dun sa noo nyang hinampas ko nung pinuslit nyang pechay.

Jerwin: Okay. T_T Why are you so abusive of me today?

Natatawa na sa'min si Ms. Cashier. Pasimple pa sya sa pagtago nya..

Obvious naman..

Jerwin paid for our purchases -- kahit na wala ung mga mala-alien nyang gustong-gustong bilhin..

Much much later...

Mayaman sa stars ang sky ngayong gabi. Everybody is busy sa pag-BBQ or sa tsismisan nila habang nag-iinit nung marshmallows para sa s'mores nila..

.. Ako: Eh bahket ba? Nandyan ka naman. -__- Jerwin: So.. napapasok sya sa exclusive club ng stars in the nightsky. mag-isang nakaupo dun sa a few feet away from the fire. what more can a girl ask for? Ako: Thank you.. Bastah. "Yo!" Na-distract ako from my chain of thought nang tumabi sa'kin si Jerwin. ma-rrebuke ka na.Ako naman. I feel sorry for the guy who'll be your husband-slash-slave. I touched the silver ring na nandun sa ring finger nung right hand ko.. Jerwin: (smiles) You're gonna end up as an old maid. tingin mo. I can just imagine the horror of being married to you... Jerwin: You know. aren't you glad we'll break up eventually? Jerwin: Tell me about it.. Wala ka pang 24 hours. tatanggapin ako dun? Jerwin: (kagat sa s'more nya) That's what I thought. malay ko. Ako: At sinoh naman may sabi na magpapakasal ako? Jerwin took one of the s'mores dun sa plate and casually looked at me. Ang alam ko. I wonder if G is an honorary member of the stars now. Salbahe. Chocolate & marshmallow sandwiched between graham crackers. bakit di ka magpapakasal? Ako: Hmp! Magpapakasal lang ako sa kung sinong makakapag-arrange sa stars ng: "Marry Me. you should go and heat your own marshmallow. Jerwin: Anoh. carrying a plate of fresh s'mores. Jerwin: Geez.. ma-spell nya un sa nightsky.. . Ako: Aww. How are they gonna do that? Ako: Bah." Jerwin: Ohhh. na pag namatay raw ang isang tao. He carefully plopped himself down on the sand and handed me the plate. may kung anong belief. magmamadre ka? Ako: Hala. nag-sstargazing.. kasal na kame.

. Nandun lang tayo kanina eh! bakit kaseh isa lang kinuha mo?! Sheena: Eh gusto ko muna tikman eh.. biglang umusog sa tabi ko si Sheena... Nagtinginan si Anthony tsaka si Jerwin.. Napatingin ako sa plato nya.... sunod ng sunod. Sige na.. Anthony: Hala. Sarap utusan ni kuya.. Ako & Sheena: Pleaassseeee. nandun lang naman eh.. Sheena: I just haven't seen you smile like that in a while. BBQ. bigla nang tumalon sa tabi namin sina Anton tsaka si Sheena.. Mukhang bagong luto. Sheena: Anton. Sheena: Hello... Tinignan nya ko sa mata. . Ako: Sunshine. which usually means na may kasunod na best friend moment itoh. Biglang ngumiti si Sheena -. May sariling mga bitbit na mga plato nila. young lovers! Long time no see! Ako: Haller. -__.. Sheena: Uy. and then.ung sincere smile talaga na hinde nang-aasar. Nung wala na sila.with matching one paragraph of reklamo pa yan.. best prend... ako rin. Pakuha rin ng isa pang stick... dahil hinde nila na-take ang aming charm.. you're smiling~ Ako: Eh bahket??! Masama ba ngumiti eh sa naaliw ako.. Jerwin: Anong "sunshine" ka nanaman dyan?? Kakakuha ko lang ng s'mores mo ah! Ako: Kuha mo rin ako ng BBQ~ Sige naaa~ Jerwin: Eh kung tumayo ka kaya to get it yourself? Ako: Yabang nito. Jerwin's doing a good job. tumayo na sila para kumuha ng BBQ -.Bago ako makasagot..Mukhang masarap... Ahihihi.

.. but he's a nice guy.. nonetheless....Huh.. So I guess. I look genuinely happy.. BBQ.. I gazed up at the stars. Sheena: Best prend. that's impossible. pano ka naman magtataksil? Eh wala na nga ung pinagtataksilan mo. There's no one else here who would have called me by that nickname... Gordon...nag-pplot yata ng kung anong revenge. black sky. I looked at her and then back at Jerwin na naglalakad na pabalik sa'min. what Sheena means is.. It's been two years since I felt something like that. isn't it? I looked around.. I feel like I'm cheating.... I looked at Jerwin na nanghihingi ng BBQ kay Mrs. those little speckles of light in the vast. I thought I heard Gerard's voice.. I know she's right. But I'm sure Gerard would have wanted you to be happy." O__O I froze. This is the last time I'm getting up to get you something.. No one. as if naman may makikita talaga ako. Jerwin's been a pain. Naglolokohan pa sila ni Anton -.. That should be good.... Deep inside.... Why do I suddenly feel guilty? .. "V.. but. He makes me laugh and smile. No offense. Ako: Shee. Sheena: Cheating? Kanino? Ako: Parang akong nagtataksil kay G. Jerwin: O.. I forced a smile as I took the plate.

. Anthony and Sheena are preparing our things for our trip back home later.~*~.~*~. -__?__? O__O She's crying?!? Why is she crying?!? Napatakbo akong bigla sa tabi nya.. Eh last day na namen toh. trying to finish a paper due the next day. She looked up. Nung natapos kami ni Mr. Anong iniiyakan nya?!? Ako: What's wrong? Na-sstressed ka na ba sa ginagawa mo? .♥ The next day started a little busier than we all would have wanted.. the duffel bags are already by the door. Gordon and I discussed a few other projects for the following month..♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Ako: Hey. Titig na titig sya dun sa screen...::Chapter 28:: Talk To Me ♫. balik sa real world nanaman kami bukas. I slowly opened the door and peeked inside. Venice.nagpapaka-dakilang estudyante. Dinidibdib talaga ang pag-aaral. So I decided to see if she needs anything or kung patapos na sya. Venice stayed in our room. pero anong magagawa namen. Venice is sitting on the bed with the laptop on her lap.. Mr... at nasa beach na sina Sheena at si Anthony. Susunod na sana ako nung naalala kong nasa kwarto pa yata si Venice -. Gordon.

.Kiss"... *sniff*Ang miserable nilang dalawa. ibibigay mo rin sa'kin ung mata mo? Ako: Adik ka ba? -__Venice: Eh pag na-amputate ung legs ko. Hinihingi mo na kagad ung mga body parts ko. I'm still alive.... hindi YouTube.. weird.. ang sad nung story..... It's a total chick flick... Na-realize nya ung nangyari. Sunshine. Venice: Ang damot mo. look mo oh. The title says "Because I'm A Girl -.. Maghanap ka na lang sa Body Parts Bank or whatever.. kung kaninong mata ung na-donate sa kanya. Sunshine... Tapos nakita nung girl ulit ung guy after some time... pag ako ba nabulag. Lumipat ung tingin ko dun sa screen.. Ako: It's just. tapos tapos... Nabulag ung girl.... And this is coming from someone whose boyfriend died. Tinuro nya ung video. you know? . sa screen na supposedly eh MS Word..Venice: *sniff* Kasi. He finally decided to give her his eyes. Kasi. Tapos sobrang na-guilty ung guy.. Sunshine. i-ddonate mo ba ung legs mo para sa'kin? Ako: I'm pretty sure that's not how things work.. Pak! Ako: AW! What?!? Venice: Wala ka man lang i-ssacrifice na body part para sa'kin?!? Ako: I love my body parts. Ako: Bakit ka umiiyak? Venice: Kasi nga ang sad! Ikaw ba. What am I looking at here? -__- Venice: They were so happy together. I looked at the video. Inikot nya ung laptop para iharap sa'kin... Ako: Aren't you supposed to be doing homework? -__Venice: *sniff* I finished kanina.. Tapos.. Sunshine.

.than I ...... and it was then I realized what's going on. oblivious to the stifled laughter na nanggagaling kina Sheena and Anton dun sa katabing beach blanket. Ako: Are you still ignoring me? I followed Venice out to the beach. her eyes are shut. She's sleeping. but just in case. Dinedma na ko. Sheena eventually came and helped her put sunblock on her back.. I'll buy you a mechanical leg if you want -. Ako: Venice?? Huy. STILL not saying anything. Now..Sinarado nya ung laptop and put it back dun sa bag.. Then she went to her luggage and pulled out a swimsuit.I mean not that I have to. O__O Later.. I'm guessing they realized this sooner -... Nagtawanan bigla sina Sheena at si Anthony..way sooner -. She hasn't spoken a single word since we went out of the villa.. I carefully slid the sunglasses off her face. Sheena: What's going on? Ako: She's ignoring me coz I won't give her my leg. she's quietly lying on the beach blanket.. Pinatong ko ung ulo ko dun sa shoulder nya... She's breathing slowly. then dire-diretso lang sya na lumabas. Anthony: Nanghihingi na si Venice ng binti ngayon? Ako: Honestly. I don't understand it either... and yep. Gumapang ako sa tabi ni Venice.... Kahit nung nahihirapan syang maglagay ng sunblock sa likod nya.. her eyes covered by sunglasses. deeply. di pa rin ako pinansin. Silence.

. Kumaway ung dalawa sa'min -. Eh talaga namang magkakakilala ung noo ko at . -___Eh syempre. pwede mo na maging nanay un eh! FINALLY. nagsimula nanaman ako sa pagsunod-sunod ko.did. Avah-- BUMP! Aw. Kung kelan dire-diretso ang lakad ko. he stopped moving.♥♥ --(Venice's POV) ---------------. why are you avoiding me ba??! Sinundan ko si Jerwin papunta dun sa truck nya. I stood up and started stretching. anyway? Ako: Eh kaseh. and then went back inside the villa to pick up more things. Then I walked away. Tuloy-tuloy sya dun sa pag-lload nya nung mga gamit namen sa truck. Sunod uhlet ako. kanina ka pa lakad ng lakad. napatingin sya kina Sheena and Anthony na nakaupo dun sa living room. Ako: Eh bakit kanina mo pa ko hindi matignan?? May ginawa kang kalokohan noh! Ung lifeguard?!? Nilandi mo ung lifeguard?! Sunshine naman. --. Jerwin: I'm not avoiding you. Jerwin: Why are you following me. Tinilapon nya ung mga bags dun sa likod nung truck.and nagsimula nanaman si Jerwin sa kaloka nyang paggalaw-galaw. Di ko naman ma-getz kung bahket di mo ko tinitignan.♥ Ako: Sunshine. Pero instead of looking at me or voicing out his usual retorts. tsaka naman sya titigil.

ok? Nag-flashback sa utak ko ung conversation namin kanina. Bilang lang naman ung beses na may sinabi sya sa'kin nung palabas kami sa villa.. "I'm still alive. kahit no idea ako kung anong dinadrama nya sa buhay nya.. just tell me.ung likod nya. Ako: Okay. Next time. Jerwin: Venice. -___- Anoh bang pinagsasabi nitong si kuya? Na-sobrahan ba sya sa araw? sa buhangin? napasok ba ng alimango ung utak nya? Di ko naman sya dinedma... He said that and parang nagulantang ako... Tinulog ko na lang. Now.. Jerwin: Great.. Uhmm. Bakit nya naman naisip na hinde ko sya kinakausap? Jerwin: Ok? Napangiti na lang ako...♫ . ::Chapter 29:: Celebration ♫. kaseh di ko lam isasagot ko.. It gives me a weird feeling pag nakakarinig ako ng mga ganyang ka-simple na sentence na nag-bborder sa topic ng life and death.~*~. Ako: Uh-huh?? Jerwin: If you're mad or if I offended you in some way. you know?"... Jerwin: It feels.. Kaya di na ko nagsalita... Just.~*~.. It doesn't feel right when you're not talking to me. Let's go home. c'mon.

Mom: Kamustah ang beach? Bakit parang di ka naman umitim? Ako: Next time. mom. Napatigil akong bigla. at sa pagsaway kay Sheena at Anton.. So. itlog? Ay oo nga pala.. Umakyat ng ko ng hagdan papunta sa kwarto ko -. Hello na lang daw kay mommy. When I finally reached my room. I'm going to take a nap. mother... No energy na para magpaka-paranoid pa dahel sa tumatawag sa'kin ang troublemaker nyang sarili. good luck na lang sa kanya... Hindi na bumaba si Jerwin this time.. iniwan ko na ung pagkabigat-bigat na maleta sa may pinto at nag-collapse sa kama ko... We dropped off Sheena and Anthony sa mga bahay-bahay nila. "Venice. Bahala na si Nicole sa buhay nya. Ako: Well. nandito ka na?" Ako: Yep. off to dreamland.para raw busog kame at hinde na kami patigil-tigil sa kung saan saan para lang bumili ng mangunguya. I dragged my suitcase papasok. I'll make sure I'll turn golden brown. Now. sumalubong kagad ang nanay ko. and finally.(Venice's POV) ---------------.pahirapan pang kaladkarin ung maleta.. binaba na rin ako ni Jerwin sa bahay ko.. Mom: Golden Brown? Anoh ka. O_O Si cousin-in-law tumatawag? Bahket?! May balak nanaman syang ikulong kaming dalawa?!?! Ako: Bakit daw? Mom: Tatawag na lang daw uhlet sya mamaya. pag nag-beach ako.... at pagbukas na pagbukas ko ng pinto.. Hello. Na-low batt na ko sa pagbilad sa araw. sa traffic.♥ We left Batangas right after lunch -. 1:35 PM ako na kami nakarating sa bahay. Gusto nya na rin daw kaseh umuwi. kanina pa tumatawag si Nicole. Magaling rin ang logic nyang si Jerwin paminsan-minsan eh. makanakaw man lang ng konti pang tulog. ..

Is this a dream? a nightmare?! Ako: Nicole!?! What are you doing here?!? Nicole: Your mom let me in. dahel nahihilo na ko kakatalon nya.Tumilapon sana sya sa sahig.. I took the initiative to drop by and wake you up. at solid black pa.. Nicole? -__- . So I called your house phone. and grabbed a black dress bag na nakasabit dun sa hook sa likod nung door ko.. your mom said you're sleeping. Ako: Oh bat why? T-T Nicole: Are you awake now? Gising na ko. "Venice! Venice! Venice!!!!! Why is it so hard to wake you up?!?" -_____- Sinoh ba tohng istorbo sa beauty sleep ko?!? I felt somebody bounce up and down my bed..A couple of hours later. but you're not answering... Ako: Oh. Finally.... Is that a dead person? Did you kill somebody. I was calling your cellphone. Feel na feel ang panggising sa'kin.. Gising na gising. I opened one eye para sabihing lumayas sya dahil natutulog ako--- O___O Oo O Napaupo akong bigla.. -___. Bitbit nya? Dahel I don't remember owning a dress bag. T^T Tumayo bigla si Nicole.

. It has a black pleated sash just below the bust na natatali sa likod. but cute. Parang pinag-isipan nya na talaga dati un. I won't chop it all up and put it in a perfectly good dress bag. Ako: Especially for me? T^T An expensive. It's cute... and black halter straps na tinatali rin sa likod. It also has a trimming of black lace dun sa edges nung skirt. signature-branded cocktail dress made especially for me. I'd just burn the corpse. Ako: You're giving it to me? Nicole: Of course! My mom tailored this one especially for you. -___- Binuksan nya ung zipper nung bag and nilabas ang isang ivory-colored cocktail dress. There must be a catch.... . Simple. Don't have to know?!? Eh ako tohng kinikidnap mo?!? Nicole: Just go take a shower. It's not even released to the market yet. -__- Nicole: Yep! You're wearing this tonight! I knew IT! Ako: Tonight? What's going on tonight? Nicole: Oh. you don't have to know.Nicole: (natawa) Of course not. Ako: What's that? Nicole: This is one my mother's latest creations. so I think it should fit you too. If I'm gonna kill somebody. It fits me.

6:24 PM. Jean and my parents went inside the hotel already. Nicole: Your mom was cooking something that smells really good when I arrived. Who wears a tux para lang maghintay sa pinto? -___- Sigh.. Holler at me when you're out. and thennn at the dress. Sigh. mag-demand na iuwi nya na ung pinsan nya (pero iwan na ung dress noh. Jean woke me up from my nap to stand here in this hotel's entrance waiting for who knows what.a ringtone he won't be able to ignore. lumabas na ng kwarto ko si Nicole. -_).. Ciao! After saying all that.♥♥ --(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. rawr. I stared open-mouthed at her.. Let's get this done and over with. bam. at kung pwede lang Anak ng tokwa. mag-demand na sagutin nya ung phone. tumayo lang ako dito sa pinto .. One of these days.. And I'm wearing an ivory-colored tux. I looked at the dress again. I dialled Jerwin's number para mag-demand ng information.Sinabit nya uhlet ung dress sa likod ng door.♥ I looked at my watch. and then at the door. may gagawin akong ringtone sa cellphone nun -. Ang bilin lang sa'kin. What's going on?!? Nag-dive ung kamay ko sa ilalim nung unan and grabbed my phone.. I'll come back here and create a masterpiece out of you. so I'll be downstairs while you shower.. T^T --. Di nanaman sinasagot ang tawag ko.

) and ran to give me a hug. and I don't even know what to do kapag dumating na ung hinihintay ko. Ako: Ok. Ako: Venice.. Nicole got out of the car. perfection with a small silver clip on one side. May family reunion ba today na nakalimutan ko? O__O Crap. Well... Nicole's car. and then turned to look behind her. Nicole. you look nice. I've been waiting here for almost 15 minutes. primo! .. short dark blue dress with crystals beaded on the shoulder straps. @__@ I took a deep breath and completely forgot to exhale.. Ako: You don't look too shabby yourself. she's wearing a body- fitting. I guess that's why she became a model.. I just realized that her car is still there. -__- Iikot na sana ako para hanapin ung magaling kong pamilyang nang-iwan. She immediately saw me (I'm sure dahel nag-sstand out naman ako sa lahat ng tao sa paligid ko -__. Some would whisper amongst themselves.and wait.. Nicole: Cousin! Hello! My. my. when a car stopped in front of the main door. Wait for what? I'll know daw. Well. What's the occasion? Is Grams coming? Nicole just laughed.. and threw her keys to the waiting's just not right. and someone else is stepping out. Take care of my masterpiece? Hasta luego.. Right now. Nakaka-paranoid na. Nicole: I'll go inside first. Nicole always looks good. People are looking at me (a couple of passerbys asked for a photo op). Her hair is straightened to She looks so prim and proper -.

Ako: Yes!!! *ahem* I mean.. Ako: At least you're not blond. Mr. made me take a shower. ate pretty much half ng merienda ko.. Venice. Jerwin. high-heeled shoes would allow her -.and allowed me to see every inch of her regal form.. She just appeared out of nowhere sa kwarto ko.... Venice: Banquet hall? Anong meron? . kaseh lumapit sya sa'min. Venice: (smiles) Wow is good. She's wearing an ivory-colored dress that falls just above her knees. I was too preoccupied watching Venice as she cautiously walks toward me. Nagising uhlet bigla lahat nung maliliit na neurons sa utak ko. Venice: Naging instant Barbie nya ko... and they're all screaming. Please follow me to the banquet hall. cascading a few inches past her shoulders.. Ms. anyway.. Her make-up is soft and flawless --everything about her looks flawless. Her hair is in loose curls. Anoh na mangyayari ngayon?? Just then.. right? I blinked. and then tada! She took a quick spin -. "Stop ogling at her!" I complied to their command.. Well. Venice: So what's the occasion? Wow is a compliment. Hotel Emp: Good evening poh..Halos di ko na napansin na naglakad papasok nung hotel si Nicole. Ako: Nicole didn't tell you? Venice: Nope. one of the hotel employees seemed to have noticed my looking around.. Napatingin ako sa paligid. truth be told. She looks breathtakingly beautiful.. I don't know what going on either. quick as her peep-toe... yes. Ako: You look. No one would know you just became my cousin's Barbie..

She's starting look more and more anxious.The employee didn't answer. Siguro kung di ko lang hawak ung kamay nya.. everything here feels like it's been planned. I hope they're not setting us up for an Right?!? O__O Hotel Emp: Well.. Just. kanina pa kumaripas ng Venice: Okay. trying to ponder what I just said. okay? Ako: Okay. Venice: You think we'll be murdered in there? impromptu marriage ceremony. I'll be here. The doors are closed and there's not one sound coming from inside. Venice: Promise? Ako: I promise. Venice and I glanced at each other... .. Somehow. Oh my god. Venice looked up at me. Our guide stopped in front a double-door room. and may kung anong mystery na kagad na bumubulaga sa'kin. eh? takbo toh. Don't leave me alone.. Venice: We just got back. We followed the hotel employee papunta dun sa "banquet hall" daw. here you go.... shall we go? I offered her my arm.O Ako: Of course they're not! . and she reluctantly took it.. O. Mukhang on the verge of panic na sya sa mga nangyayari. Whatever might be waiting for us in there. so I just shrugged. Fear of the unknown. señorita. T-T Ako: It'll be okay. Ako: Well..

. It's not an impromptu marriage ceremony. Apparently. There are even a couple of newspaper photographers and writers walking around. The room they rented is HUGE! Not that I should be surprised.. are you surprised?? " I turned to look at Nicole na nakaupo sa other side ko (syempre. producers. directors. "So. I still feel like I should run away.. She looks ecstatic to be able to keep something like this a secret. but somehow. Ako: Oh yes. musicians. Our guide knocked on the door three times. well. "SURPRIISEEEEE!!!!" ::Chapter 30:: The Other Woman ♫. are important to his career: sponsors.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. Should we run while we still have a chance? All of a sudden. It's a rich-people. business-socializing party. Ang daming tao eh.. VERY surprised. Jerwin and I already made the quick greetings to most of the people present nung pumasok kami. composers. Napapagod . nandito. I'm very. si Jerwin ung nakaupo dun sa kabila).♥ It's a party. being invited to a Santos' social event is like being invited sa Malacañang.but. marketing agents.. I was kinda waiting for him to say. one can hope.. artists. every kind of important people in the entertainment industry.. Why? Because it's Jerwin Santos' Surprise Engagement Party. the doors burst wide open -.I felt Venice clutch my arm tighter.~*~.. People... "Open Sesame!" -...revealing a crowd lauding in front of us..~*~. na sabi ni Jerwin. We just stood there for a few seconds wondering what going on.

Wala man lang nag-rereklamo sa kanila. considering ung mga edad ng mga apo nya. dessert ang dating nya -.... She looks approachable though.. Grams looks good even for her age... There is a pleasant.... And by "serve ng dinner". Kausap ni Nicole si Jean. abah. aka designer ng dress na suot ko). Jerwin... hinde sya buffet. si lola! Ang tagal-tagal nya nang tinatanong kung kelan ka nya makikilala. At sa totoo lang.. that's Grams.. Though. how come may isa pang vacant seat dito sa table natin? Dustin: I invited someone.formal dinner ba. Kausap ni Jerwin si Dustin (a long-time family friend na kaedad lang nya). Jerwin: Oh? I know her? . kuya? Dustin: Oh she's just a friend. T-T Jean: Ate Venice. Nicole: And? Dustin: She's on her way. soup. Ako: Ung kausap ng mom mo? Nicole: Yep. old woman na nakaupo at kausap si Tita Lina (mom ni Nicole. Jean: Ooohhh. Jean: By the way. maupo na raw kami kaseh magsisimula nang i-serve ung dinner. salad. Hindi ung mga tipong panakot na lola. Jerwin: I'll bring you to her after we eat if you want. Nasa main course na kami ngayon. have you talked to Grams yet? Ako: Grams? Jean: Yup. no wonder payat ang mayayaman. (tumingin kay Jerwin) I hope you remember her. Sinundan ko ung tingin ni Nicole dun sa kabilang table. Halatang maganda sya nung nga ako about halfway through the introductions and hand-shaking and salutations. kaya tahimik ko na ring kinain ung nasa harap ko. Ako: That'd be nice. which I assume is pretty old. main course. Buti na lang. eh sinoh ba naman mabubusog sa kakapiranggot na entree na toh?!? I looked around the table. Nicole: She's the one sitting between my mom and Tito Ray over there. "She"?? May girlfriend ka na. Talagang appetizer..

Nag-rrecede na ung mga ubo ko. Venice." PAK . parang isang sakayan lang ng bus ang mga pupuntahan. -__-*cough* Jerwin: Nicole! Nicole: What? I'm just asking! Jean: Kuya. and kinukuha na nung mga waiter ung mga plates. Nicole: Oh... nakaka-OP kaseh. They try to include me sa conversation. ang usapan nila. you're blushing! Nicole: *gasp* You two! Don't tell me you've been trying to-Jerwin: NICK! Nicole: Kidding. or bakit hindi na lang daw sa Bahamas..big time.. Jerwin is still gently hitting my back.. pero.. "What a fun table we have here.. I took my glass of water. sasagot ako.ung ginagawa ng mga tao pag may nag-cchoke. In other words. when are you going to give me a nephew? NAGTULOOOOYYY-TULOOOYYYY sa wind pipe ko ung tubig.They started talking about taking a vacation sa summer. or Italy... by the way. Ang pinakamalayo ko na ngang napuntahan eh Subic -.. and I'm starting to feel myself being able to breathe again. and started to drink slowly nang biglang humirit si Nicole..partida. maybe sa Boracay daw. Oh di vah.. Nakikinig lang ako. We finished the main course. while glaring at his cousin and his sister.. I started choking -. syempre.. Jerwin started striking my back -. I've never been to New York or Greece or Rome or Mexico. field trip namen nung 3rd year high school. Nilalasap ang bawat subo ko ng maliit na steak.. or Florida..

♥ Well. and then he froze.. That's why. Our once cheerful little table ay biglang napaligiran ng oh-so-tensed na atmosphere. They're staring at the person who spoke behind me.O Oh. I slowly turned para tignan kung sinoh ba ung nakapagpatulala sa kanilang lahat.. I'm here for Jerwin's engagement party.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. The color drained from Jerwin's face.. Nicole... -__- Nicole: What the heeeyyyllll are you doing here?!? Geena: Why. ::Chapter 31:: Song For Someone ♫.... Jerwin: Geena. I looked at all of them.. Jean: Who invited you?!?!? Dustin: I did. And hello to you too. O.Ako: Aw! What the hell? Napalakas ung palo ni Jerwin sa likod ko. this is awkward. I bet... I noticed the WHOLE table froze.~*~. I could almost feel my heart stopping when I saw the girl standing lusciously behind me... Dustin stood up and led Geena to the empty chair na nandun sa gitna nya tsaka ni Jean.~*~. Actually. kung hindi lang .

Sinundan ko si Jerwin papunta dun sa table ng mga elders -. Jerwin: Grams.a couple of tables away from ours. What agency or station do you work for? Or are you a recording artist too? Jean: Venice is not in the industry. Jerwin threw his napkin on the table and pushed back his chair. who immediately turned to look at the both of us.. You're Venice? *gulp* Ako: Y-Yes. so you finally bring your fiancée here. .. pinaghahampas na sana nina Nicole at Jean si Dustin ng silya. may dessert pa. Ako: Where are you going? Jerwin: You're done eating. and siguro kaseh baka madumihan ung mga dresses nila. Geena: So. and slowly stood up. But. T^T Pinatong ko na rin ung napkin ko dun sa table. and I felt a tiny prick in my chest. Geena: I've never seen you before. Nicole: She's a student. let's go to Grams' table. Jerwin and I stopped behind the old woman. He's staring wide-eyed at Geena.. Grams: Jerwin. Hello. Ang toxic ng tingin! O_O I glanced at Jerwin. Geena: A student? Bakit parang tunog sa'kin ng conversation nila eh: student = alien? -___- All of a sudden. right? C'mon..... At chocolate cake ung nilalabas nila. But. Oh..nakakalat ang mga paparazzis around.

Grams: Good evening. Venice has an incredible voice. this is Venice. at may kung anong aura pa sya na nag-ddemand ng full attention.. mayaman din sa rings ang hands ni lola. I feel like I'm being interrogated. Anyway. what do your parents do? Ako: My mom was working as a nurse in the US. Venice. Jerwin: You have always said better late than never. but she's flying back to the US next week. O___O Her face. Grams: And your father? Ako: He died when I was young. and diamond necklace around her neck.. Grams: So.. kahit na mukha na syang 70? 80?. Grams: Hmm. Grams: Oh.*gulp* Ngayon na natitigan ko si lola. Regal beauty. Grams: "Was"? Ako: She's been staying here for about a year and a half now.. have you modeled before? Did some acting? Ako: I. She's wearing a maroon dress. Wala poh akong ganong experience.he's on the other table talking to some other business people. is she now? Then. "head" of the Santos family. Gretchen Santos. Grams... Mrs. uh. this is the Eh?!? Kailangan pa ba yan? T^T I sat down on the empty chair na inuupuan kanina ni Tito Ray -. is a portrait of sophisticated beauty. ung maliit na spotlight. Tita Merryl: Suegra. (sips from her teacup) A Santos engaged to a nobody..... Venice: Good evening poh. let's talk. Venice is focusing on her studies. I never thought I'd see this day come. with diamond earrings hanging from her ears. may pagka-intimidating pala sya.. Come here. Venice.. . Grams: And how about you? What do you do for a living? Jerwin: Grams... Grams: I see. sit down... Ang ganda siguro ni lola nung bata sya. tell me. Kulang na lang....

and almost dragged me papunta dun sa band dun sa sulok na nag-pplay ng kung anong soothing music. Oh my golay. syempre sunod naman si Mr. sinalpak ko na ung uneaten cake dun sa mesa sa face nya -. Grams. O__O I know this feeling of terror. Grams motioned for the host to come over.tignan ko lang kung maka-bungisngis pa daig pa ang clown sa laki ng ngiti nya! @_@ Kung di lang ako napapaligiran ng angkan nya.O Jerwin just shrugged -. I knew it! Jerwin: Okay. Listen. Meanwhile.. Host.. mga gunggong. Ako: Who cares about their complaints?! What about my complaints?! Jerwin: You have any? Ako: DUh! I'm being pushed into the spotlight again! And I don't like this spotlight! At isa pa. "Okay"?!?!? Jerwin pulled me from my seat.Grams: Hm? Does she now? Oo O Napatingin ako bigla kay Jerwin. I knew this was coming! Ako: HMMM?!?!? O.. kung gusto nyong mag-soothe ng soul. Grams: My grandson and his fiancée will be singing a song for everybody.. wala naman . nanlalaki ang mga mata sa na-ffeel kong mangyayari. and be amazed. bigyan nyo ng vodka! vodka lang ang katapat nyan men! Ako: Why are we doing this?!? Jerwin: So people won't have any more complaints about you being a "nobody".

T^T Mr.. Host: Ladies and gentlemen.. may dalawang staff na naglalagay na ng tatlong mic stands sa gitna... Ako: Adik ka ba? @__@ That was supposed to be for your concert. Eh?!?! He went to the band and borrowed the guitar. inayos ko na rin ung mic stand ko. then adjusted the other one for him. has decided to serenade you with one of their favorite songs. Jerwin Santos and his fiancée. Kung alam ko lang. Let's go? Ako: Why do you always do this to me? T-T Jerwin: Coz I know you shine best when you're singing.... uh. di ba?! Sabi mo. Masakit man sa loob ko. Jerwin stepped beside me -.. it doesn't "fit" us! Jerwin: That was then. Eh anoh pa nga bang magagawa ko? Eh halos lahat ng people naka-tingin na sa'min. As if naman. this is now. Ako: And besides. Venice Zhao. Ako: What?!? He took my hand and pulled my hand papunta dun sa gitna nung dance floor.tayong na-practice na kahit anoh! Jerwin: Hmmm we were able to rehearse "Lucky". Then. to show their gratitude for this wonderful surprise. He fixed one of the mic stands para dun sa guitar.. Ako: Anoh yan?? Nag-gigitara ka? Jerwin: Of course. Please give them a warm round of applause. 5000 years ago! Ang announcement of my existence. Mr. T-T Jerwin then nodded to the host to signal we're ready. you rejected that song. I looked over dun sa dancefloor.may hawak na syang gitara.... Favorite song?!? Anong kalokohan yan?!? . I dunno.

.. He turned away again. right now. dapat masaya ang face. Ako: Boy I hear you in my dreams I feel your whisper across the sea I keep you with me in my heart You make it easier when life gets hard.. lalo na't ganito pa sya kalapit sa'kin. This isn't so bad. masaya ung kanta. enjoying the song. ung table na upuan namin. or at least. I glanced back at Jerwin. Even Grams looks pleased. Ako: Though the breezes through trees Move so pretty you're all I see As the world keeps spinning 'round You hold me right here. I put a smile on my face.... oh my. He's glancing around the room.. I'm sure.... I looked at the table in front of us.... I'm not blind.. They seem happy.. but. then it was gone.. kaseh syempre.. "Aja!" hahaha {song: Lucky} Jerwin: (sings) Do you hear me? I'm talking to you Across the water across the deep blue ocean Under the open sky..he even smiled.. Jerwin started plucking the strings of his guitar. This will be on tomorrow's newspaper. I smiled back. and I can almost hear him say.... and almost choked on my words. He looked at me. I guess. .Before I knew it. I saw Jerwin glance at me real quick -. His attention back to her again... that's what he's trying to make it look like.. baby I'm trying. I looked at the people around us. Jerwin: (sings) And so I'm sailing through the sea To an island where we'll meet You'll hear the music fill the air I'll put a flower in your hair..

.. promising couple. baka ipaluto nya ko sa malaking kawali. Okay. ::Chapter 32:: I Choose You ♫. ladies don't answer like that. na parang kinikilig. Natuwa yata si lola.. na parang we're this really talented. he's singing the song for someone else.. Jerwin: Well. -__.Pag kumontra siguro ako. and people are giving us a deafening applause. I'll accept you into the family. Someone took the guitar from Jerwin.... but. I bet they just can't see. Jerwin might be singing with me.. She looks very pleased. they just don't notice. but still scary.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. What the quack is this?? Pinagtutulungan nanaman nila ako. suegra? Grams: You see hijita often. Tumingin ako kay Grams.. wahahaha Nag-bow kami sa audience a couple of times. yes? You should correct her way of talking.. but I will point out her mistakes whenever we meet. I sighed in defeat. Grams? What did you think? Umupo na uhlet ako dun sa upuan sa tabi ni Grams..~*~. Jerwin and I walked back sa table ni Lola. suegra.♥ "See? That wasn't so bad. Tita Merryl: Not so often...... Ako: Ehh?!? Grams: Hijita. Grams beamed at me. Grams: You have potential. Balik na pala sa'kin ung atensyon nya...~*~. Merryl? Tita Merryl: Yes. We just finished our little impromptu show. I guess they liked it... ..Everybody has this look of admiration. and after waving to the audience one more time.." Napatingin ako kay Jerwin.

Grams: Next time I see her. posture ko naman ang topic?!? Jerwin: Okay. Na-interrogate na nga ako't lahat. ngayon. I immediately straightened my back. Grams: Very well. What am I supposed to do?! Baka mapuna nanaman ako.I curtsied! CURTSIED! C-U-R-T-S-I-E-D!!! CURTSIED!! ndhvaerjlkajicf!!!!! Who curtsies in this day and age!?!??!?! <'OoO'> Nung na-realize ko ung ginawa ko. Straight ba ang posture ko? Masama yata pag sinabi kong "Ok. Ai..making sure na straight ang vertebrae ko -. lumipad sa mukha ko! . Grams! Vavush!" She's still staring at me like a queen waiting for one of her subjects to do something. I want her to be able to answer properly.. and-- She swatted my back with her fan. ma'am? Grams: Call me Grams. Grams: Hijita? Sa sobrang panic ko -. we'll be going back to our table now. lola. Lumipat ung tingin sa'kin ni Grams. Grams: Proper posture. hijita. I'll see you soon. Don't hunch. kahit wag na uhlet tayo magkita. Oh. Jerwin slightly bowed his head to his grandmother. I can feel my face heating up! Lahat na yata ng dugo ko. Grams. I immediately grabbed Jerwin's hand and dragged him away. T_T I stood up -. hijita? Ako: *gulp* Yes. I started to feel myself panic.and walked next to Jerwin.

There are people walking around us.Napahiya na nga ako. pero busy sila sa pag-uusap at pagpunta dun sa dance floor para magsayaw. Jerwin: It's Spanish for "little girl". -__- Ako: Haayy. Naturingan pa namang "fiancé" ko. Pero ang laki pa rin naman ng ngiti nya. I can't believe I did that! Jerwin: You kidding me? She loved you! Ako: -__. and I'm just about to show him my mad ninja skills.. I don't think they notice na Jerwin is laughing like a maniac. and I don't reply with "eh?!" T_T Jerwin threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer so that he can whisper something without anyone else having to hear it.Weh!? Jerwin: She called you "hijita". "little dear" or something like that. ...And it's not helping na mamatay na sa kakatawa tohng kinakaladkad ko! Jerwin: HAHAHAHAHAHA What was that?!?! Ako: Shut up! I panicked. Probably to make sure I keep my posture straight. HAHAHAHAHA you curtsied Ako: Will you stop laughing already?!?! O gusto mong makita sa front page ng mga dyaryo bukas ang pagngudngod ko ng mukha mo sa sahig!?! Jerwin glance at my expression and then cleared his throat. Ako: What does that mean? You're grandma probably thinks I'm stupid.. AND! She even wants to see you soon! Ako: Haayyy. tumigil na sya sa kakatawa.. pinagtatawanan pa ko!? Ako: Mabulunan ka sana... -__. Finally. okay?!? Jerwin: So you curtsied? We were just a few feet away from our table when I turned to glare at him.. Jerwin: But.. It's a term of endearment.

or both... yea.. Grams isn't that cold-hearted. --.. Geena. and when I came back. My cousins and I absolutely love.. Ako: Hmm.Jerwin: You'll be alright.. Jerwin smiled and gave me a quick pat on the head. His arm slowly dropped back to his side. right? I'll go bother Nicole or Jean. ..♥ I grabbed a small cup from the buffet table and walked over to where the punch bowl is. her.... Geena: Same old... Ako: How was Paris? She glanced up at me. It's either Geena or the big bowl of punch na katabi ni Geena. How about you? I was just gone for a month.. Sinundan ko ung tinitignan nya. Ako: You should go. Jerwin: (napatingin sa'kin) Huh? Ako: You want to talk to her..... and I should have known. Napatingin ako when Jerwin's voice trailed by the end of his sentence.♥♥ --(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. you're engaged already. and smiled.. Jerwin: I'll come back soon. where Geena is quietly sipping from her own cup.. same old.

Nicole is sitting beside her. ha? Nothing. She's funny. so easy to read. Geena peered at me under her heavy eyelashes. Geena: You sound pretty fond of her... She's crazy. may I say..... . You think she's a good girl. I started chuckling. not a model. I'm surprised your parents allowed you date her. I know that look.. and in spite of myself. not a business tycoon. I blinked and reverted my attention back to Geena. Ako: And you'll never know what she's gonna do next. She's honest. Yea.. Ako: (chuckled) Everything is mom's idea. Lopez kay Venice. I know.. She's impatient. Nadulas lang ako. Naalala kong bigla ung pag-curtsy nya kay Grams kanina. But I guess. after all.Geena: And to someone who's not Santos material at that. She's talking to Mr... She's not an actress.. She's staring at me sharply. and I turned my eyes to watch Venice. Geena: Your mom's idea? Ako: Oh... Geena: And you? What attracted you to her? Sumandal ako dun sa dingding. one of the big bosses in a TV network I often work with. She's completely unexplainable. but when you get to know her. isn't it? Ako: What? Geena: Dustin told me that this girl just appeared out of nowhere. Lopez. not a singer. she's actually everything. She's caring. she chose to just let it go. She. I can tell by Nicole's excited exclamations..... parang may kung anong ino-offer si Mr.. and Venice's horrified reactions. She's Ako: Venice. Geena: This is a set-up.. She uses it when she's not happy about something.. NOT the ideal heiress to the Santos dynasty. Is she pregnant? Ako: What?!? No! Geena: So what.

it somehow feels "right".. Wala nang bawian. pero halata namang konti na lang. turned to look at me too. Everything just to get to me? I sighed.. and even more gently. I feel lucky I didn't end up with you..She stepped closer to me and ran her hand over my arm.. I never thought I'd say something like that either.. I looked at Venice. Ako: But. Ako: I have to go-Geena: Jerwin-- She suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me back.. I found her. I met Geena's astonished gaze. Kunwari seryoso ung pakikinig nya.. Geena: Lucky? Ako: Yea.. She smiled. Instead. I pushed it away.. who just then. She turned away to pay more attention to whatever Nicole was blabbering. But now that it's out there. I don't know why. kakaripas na sya ng takbo. I can tell she didn't expect me to say that. Ako: Geena. Geena: Are you using her to make me jealous? Isn't this a bit too much? Being engaged and all. She smiled. Geena: Why are you leaving me? Is it because I didn't want us to be official? I'll change that! I'll make us .. You'll always be special to me. Ako: I'm lucky. I gently stopped her hand from traveling anywhere else. She's holding on quite tightly. Fame scares her. and I smiled back.

buti na lang may loveseat sa labas nung banquet hall. Ako: I'm engaged now... as a friend.. anytime you'll need me.. Ako: I would have given anything to hear you say that before. those intense brown eyes. But it's different now... Just leave that.. She just let me make her let go. I let go of Geena's hand. at si Jean naman. I'll always be here for you..... Naaliw kaseh si Nicole dun sa kinukwento nung kung sinoh mang manong un.. and ehto na nga.. I never thought I'd turn my back on Geena.. I'm so glad. I took the opportunity to sneak out of the party. I looked back at the table and found that Venice left her spot. I turned my back on Geena and walked away to look for Venice.. kausap si Grams.. Geena. I never thought I'd be engaged to a "nobody" either. She didn't try to hold on.. but then again. you know you can always give me a call.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------..~*~. that.. may hahawak syo. . I met her eyes. I wonder where she went. Buti na lang nakatakas ako unnoticed. ::Chapter 33:: Hiram ♫...♥ I found a comfortable-looking loveseat dun sa labas nung dance hall. Ang taas-taas naman kaseh ng heels! Masaket sa paa! Ehto ung mga tipo ng shoes na dapat lagi kang may katabi para mag-sway ka man side to side.. Ahyun lang naman ang papel ni Jerwin kaya ako tumatabi sa kanya. T^T nyahaha Pinatong ko ung mga tumitibok-tibok kong legs dun sa upuan and bent down to massage my calves.official! You and me.~*~........ that nobody! I pried her fingers off my arm.. and gave her a small smile.

Isa akong KABET! "Oh here you are. I wonder kung anong pinag-uusapan nila." O.. *inhale* *exhale* *inhale* Lumapit sa'kin si Jerwin. Lalo na nung nakahawak si Geena sa arm nya. tsaka naman sya lumabas ng pinto! Eh kamustah nga naman ang airways ko!? Nagulat tuloy! Jerwin: What are you doing?? I took a few deep breaths. PAK! Hinampas ko ung tyan-slash-abs nya -.O Ehto naman kasing si Jerwin. They were looking so intently at each other.. Haayyyy... Bumabalik na ang abilities ng lungs kong huminga...Jerwin. Ako: Kabet..O *cough!* *cough!!* I'm choking on my own oxygen.. O. It was really awkward seeing him and Geena together... hindi ko tuloy mabatukan... Jerwin: Aray! What?!? .nakatayo kaseh si kuya.. kung kelan nag-eemote ako sa pagiging kabet ko. I feel like the other woman...

and incidentally. He placed my legs on his lap naman. Good story. He's doing such a good job na lalo ko na tuloy ayaw tumayo.. I was just worried na baka tumakbo ka na pauwi. -__. "Yes. and I didn't know who you were. of course. lumabas na lang muna ako.." Jerwin: That's just creepy. you somehow ended up bringing me to your house the same night coz I was wasted.. It's the truth. you didn't have to tell them about the latter part. Anoh na lang ang sasabihin ko sa mga tao pag bigla kang nag-poof? Ako: You know. I was kinda avoiding talking to other people. Jerwin: Why are you avoiding them? Ako: Kaseh naman. Ako: Bakit ka ba nandito? Jerwin: Kaseh bigla kang nawala dun sa loob. you could have just said... "Where did you two meet?".And besides..... Is this your way of asking me to go on a date with you? . iba na yan. and sat down dun sa inuupuan kanina ng aking tired legs. iniiba ko ung topic! Jerwin: You can just tell them we met at the music hall. Baka makahalata na sila pag every time na tinatanong nila ako ng ganon. Geez. Jerwin started to massage my calves gently. Jerwin: Well.Ako: Adik ka! Bakit ka ba nanggugulat!? Jerwin: Kasalanan ko bang magugulatin ka?!? Tinaas nya ung mga paa ko. I can't stand being away from you. Venice.. bakit ba nakataas ang paa mo sa silya? Ako: Eh sa nag-rerebolusyon na sila eh! Masakit kaya sa paa ung heels na yan! Jerwin: Is that why you went out? Para lang mataas mo ung paa mo? Ako: Well. "What did you do for your first date?". Ako: *gasp* I poked his arm. Ako: And how do I answer questions about our "first date"? We haven't even had a single date! Jerwin: Ohhhh. Ako: Na-miss mo na kagad ako? Jerwin: You crazy? Uyyyy.. kaya di na ko nag-reklamo. *sigh* Kaya ehto. Ako: Uh-huh.. They'd ask me questions like. and "When's the wedding?" Ay josko! It's a miracle na hinde nga ako kumaripas ng takbo.

then he turned to look at me. ha! Good luck na lang kung makatakbo ka.. Jerwin: Okay..Ako: Laseng ka ba? -__. okay! I'm coming. Parang haggard si ate. .Bakit naman kita yayayain?? Ka-date-date ka ba!? Jerwin: Ahsuz. "Jerwin. Jerwin. nang bigla nanamang bumukas ung door. Halos tinapon pa nga ni Jerwin ung mga paa ko dun sa sahig. lumipad nanaman ang feet ko pababa sa floor.. Pumasok na uhlet si Nicole sa loob -. Jerwin: You sure? Ako: Don't worry. Perez has been looking for you! Get your butt inside! Ako: Mr. Perez? Jerwin: He's a topnotch music producer. All you have to say is." . Kanina pa nya siguro hina-hunting si Jerwin. Anak ng tokwa! Bakit ba hinde na lang sila manahimik sa loob?!? "Venice.. Jerwin: Yo.P Kakataas ko pa lang uhlet nung paa ko dun sa upuan. Jerwin: Let's go. Nicole: Jerwin. O_O Napalingon kaming bigla nang bumukas ung pinto nung dance hall namin. Kilabutan ka nga. Tapos sasabihin nyang i-ddate ko raw sya?!? "Oh my gosh. will you go out with me?" Ako: Ewww.. cousin" me! Mr. cousin! Nicole: Don't "yo. Eh di syempre. there you are!" It's Nicole. Tumayo na si Jerwin (waahhh ang massage ko!! T^T ) and straightened his tux. He probably wants to talk about a new album or something.kinakaladkad ung pinsan nyang wanted. Ako: I'll stay here muna. Jerwin: With those heels. Hindi ako kakaripas ng takbo pauwi. nagpakipot ka pa. Salbahe.

He mentioned you once. and advertisements in more times than I can count. I know. Geena: Mind if I join you? Ako: Uh. Geena: Well.. I fought the urge to shrink dun sa opposite side nung couch... My name is Georgina. no. or twice.. Geena closed the door behind her and walked over to where I was sitting.? Umupo si ate sa tabi ko. ate. Bakit naman sa dinami-dami ng taong lalabas. We were both looking at the wall in front of us. I've graced billboards. Ako: Oh.O_O Oh crap. . At hindi "vague" ang pagkaka-kwento ni cousin-in-law. Geena: I see. Halos mapatalon ako sa takot.. Bigla syang tumingin sa'kin. Confidence ba itoh o arrogance? -__- Geena: But.. Ako: Relationship? Ung "friends with benefits" thing nyo? Ay nako. Talking about relationships isn't Jerwin's forte. O_O Geena: Have you ever heard about me from Jerwin? Ako: Uh. of course you do. Then you must have a very vague knowledge of our relationship. si Nicole ang nag-tsismis sa'kin nun. tell me. ehto pa? T-T Geena: I don't think I've properly introduced myself. magazine covers. Pumasok na pala dapat ako.

I know she's trying to tell me na may mga kalokohan sila ni Jerwin (at naughty-naughty na kalokohan pa). because. He asked me to be his girlfriend so many times.. pero naman. We had private. She's staring at me. He wanted me.. Do you understand what I'm saying? Ako: You were sleeping with each other.. Ako: Oh. impressive? I turned him down repeatedly.Geena: Jerwin and I have this special bond.. Di ko getz. you see. But I was focusing on my career. But I didn't want to commit. Dangerous ang toxicity level ng stare ni ate. I don't want to be bothered by a relationship. and my hand flew to my mouth. Tumingin ako kay Geena.. si ate tuloy ang nagulat. Martyr si kuya. Geena: And still. O_O I mean. Having a boyfriend would have been a distraction. shall I say.... sensual nights in hotels out of town. We were lovers. Geena: You knew everything? Ako: Well. We had secret meetings... like I said. but less than a relationship. That's why. I totally did not plan to say that out loud. He only had eyes for me. and I already know naman ang mga perverted actions nila bago nya pa sinabi sa'kin. o baka near-sighted. Napa-blink si Geena.. -___- Geena: Jerwin courted me. at ganun pa ka-straight. Geena: I acknowledged this fact.. .. I see... We were sort-of going out. it was.. careful so our activities wouldn't leak to the press. and I wanted him.... you're marrying him. Her eyes are practically burning through me.. he didn't date other girls. brain! Di mo man lang inisip na umarte na kunwari in denial ka! o kaya contemplative! o surprised man lang! Ahyan.... out of the country. he didn't look at other girls.. But. O_O Geena: We settled for something more than friends. kinda.

Ako: Excuse me? Geena: Mrs. Wag mo naman sabihin na ikakasal na kame.. ate.. Ako: Buti naman. Napangiti na lang ako. wag raw pala ganon ang sagot. oh well. Nauuhaw na rin ako. didn't she? Jerwin had a little slip of the tongue earlier. Ayoko nang patagalin pa ang alone moments ko with Geena.Nagtatagalog ka ba? Geena: I understand it.. It's the only logical explanation for everything. hinde kasal.. Nakaka-stress sa heart at sa brain! Kakahawak ko pa lang dun sa door handle. -__- Ako: But we're making the most out of it. Santos pay you? Ako: Eh?!?! Ay. Engaged lang. If it works out. Wag ka na nga masyadong serious dyan. Ako naman si stupid. pumasok na nga tayo. then. An arranged marriage.. arranged lang ng mga nanay namen toh. S-Siguro nga.. then great. nang biglang tumayo si Geena. Alam mo..BOINK Ate.-___. Di ko alam kung pano pa ko hihirit eh. Jerwin and I. Ako: Ay! Anoh ba?!?-. Mga loka-lokang nanay. Baka hinahanap na tayo sa loob. matikman na nga lang! Mabilis akong naglakad papunta dun sa pinto. tumingin pa .. masaya naman kame eh. Thiz iz it! Time to escape! Ako: Ai. di vaahhh? Tumayo akong bigla.. Nandun ka sa may punchbowl kanina di ba? Masarap ba ung punch? Ai. Geena: How much did Mrs. If not. Santos arranged this. sabi ni Grams.

. And I'm taking him back... ang taray. So anoh ako? Spare tire na clown?! Entertainer nya?! At kelan pa nahihiram ang lalake?!? Anoh yan. Whooohh! Ako: (bulong sa sarili ko) Baahhh.. may library card ba yan?! Geena: So don't get too comfortable with him. Coz I'm here now. Ako: Ah. Okay.. I'll see you around. . Pumasok ka na! Pumasok ka na lang! Dedmahin mo! Venice: Yes? Anoh pa ang silbi ng brain kung hinde ka rin naman makikinig? -__- Geena: I'll be leaving now. unable to move sakali man maisipian nyang sampalin ako or whatever. I know Jerwin. ha. Eh sabi na ngang time to escape.. He needed a spare tire to keep him entertained... though..ha. But Geena stopped just a foot away from me. I just loaned him to you. nakakataas ng balahibo. titingin ka pa! Geena: Venice. It was only then na na-realize kong I was holding my breath.. I followed her with my eyes hanggang sa mawala na sya dun sa corner.. O_O Geena: And by the way.. The only reason he agreed to this engagement is because I wasn't around..talaga.. Geena sashayed off pass me to the main lobby... *gulp* After saying that. She stepped towards me. Na-frozen na ko dun sa harap nung pinto. Nakaka-intimidate ang aura ni ate.

Jerwin: Oh my god! Are you okay?!? PAK! Jerwin: Aw! Binatukan ko nga sya. Masakit pala pag bumubukas sa mukha mo ang pinto. naka-cover sa ilong ko..."Veni--" BAM! Bumukas bigla ung pinto. his eyes got wide. X__X Kanina pa namumuro tohng si Jerwin. Suddenly. ako tohng nakatayo dun mismo sa harap. Ung isang kamay ko. T^T Ako: Bakit ba di ka muna kumakatok?!? Jerwin: Coz I was already inside! It's usually the people outside the room who knocks! Bakit ka kaseh dyan nakatayo?! Napatingin sya sa mukha ko. at syempre. pagbukas nya. diretso kagad sa mukha ko. @_@ Ako: What? Jerwin: Your nose is bleeding! O_O Ako: WHAT?!?!? WHERE?!?!? WHAT?!?! Ang make-up ko! Ang dress ko! Ang nose ko! .

who suddenly perked up and dragged me to the dance floor. He spun me in his arms.Jerwin: pft.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.. Oh di vah. and we spent most of the night in the dance floor. BWAHAHAHAHA Just kidding! Just kidding! You should've seen your face! PAK! Ako: Let's go inside. laughing..~*~. Parang batang nasigawan.~*~... Geena's face flashed in my mind. picking on the oldies' sense of style. It suddenly felt like we really were celebrating our engagement.♥ "WHAAA?? Really?!? Sumulpot sya?!?" ... na nakahawak sa ulo nyang binatukan ko. tahimik na sya ngayon. The DJ just started spinning "Something Stupid" by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman. followed by Jerwin.... Jerwin: I love this song! Let's dance! Oh di ba. dancing. ma'am. How can someone not get "too comfortable" with him? ::Chapter 34:: Prince Charming ♫... Bi-polar. I glimpsed at Jerwin. Jerwin: Yes. T-T I opened the door and walked in..

Konti lang naman kaseh ung mga umaaligid na camera. Sheena and Anthony are walking behind us. Sa totoo lang. Kinuwento ko sa kanila ung sudden appearance ni Geena sa so-called "Engagement Party" namin ni Jerwin (minus the "I'll take him back" speech bago umalis si girlaloo. eh anoh na lang sya?!? 5 times pa ang ganda ni ate! Breast friend. at hindi ko rin naman alam kung ex na talaga sya. sa sobrang pagod ng brain ko. dahil ayokong mabomba ng mga delikadong tanong. After ng mga last classes namen.. hinde ako dyosa? O_O Ang sakit naman! Kenny: Ay! Dramahan ba ako!??! Sige. Sheena: *gasp* You mean. -___Kaya today. Kenny: Che! Wag kang magulo dyan.umaga na. sabay-sabay na kaming naglalakad papunta dun sa school gates. Pero syempre. di ko sasabihin un. baka ex-ex-an lang... kahit lunchtime. halos wala akong maalala sa mga lectures. Kenny: So anoh? Anong verdict natin kay ex? Ex? Ayaw magpaka-ex ni ex. maganda naman ako di ba? Kenny: Gusto mo bang sumagot ako ng "oo"? Ako: Bahket?! May iba pa bang sagot dun?! Kenny: Ay! Oo nga noh! tayo! Ako: Friend! Kung dyosa tayo.I trudged slowly sa tabi ni Kenny -. ). di ko maalala ang kinain ko. pasimpleng landi yang si Anton eh. tinalbugan tayo! Kenny: *gasp* Bounced?! Ako: Bounced na bounced. Sheena: Di ba na-llink kay Jerwin un dati? Eh di nag-pyesta ang mga fafarazzis? Ako: Hmmm. Ako: Breast friend. breastie. classes.. Usapan toh ng mga dyosa.. Extreme case of floating above the atmosphere itoh...low batt na ang energy level ko. Siguro dahil ang aga-aga namen nakauwi kagabi from the party -. amazingly lutang ang utak ko the whole day.. kaya sapilitan pa yang paglalakad na yan.. oo! Maganda ka! Patok sa masa ang beauty naten! Mga dyosa . di naman.. T-T Sheena: Ang gulo nyo mag-usap.

.. pero instead na ung black pick-up truck ang nakita ko. Then.ngayon nya lang yata na-realize na may kasama pala ako. galing pa yata sa school nila. at wag na natin simulan kung bakit hinde pwedeng maging si Kenny Sinoh pa bang tao sa likod ko? . It couldn't be.. anoh nanamang event itoh? T-T Bumukas ung pinto nung van. ganda ng topic? Bakit raw hinde Tumingin ako sa paligid para hanapin ang Sunshine kong driver. as usual.. napansin kong natulala ang bata. Sheena: Sinoh yan? Punta ka sa bahay! Napatingin si Jean dun sa mga people sa likod ko -. Eh!? Tama ba ung rinig ko?? un.. Ako: Jean??! Anong ginagawa mo dito? Jean: May meeting si kuya with some producers. right? Sinoh naman ang tatawagin nya nun? Si Anton? Eh mas appropriate kung sinabi nya: "Frog Prince".Lumabas kami ng schoolgates na. all of a sudden. Jean: (bulong) Prince Charming. with matching lambitin sa leeg ko. Oh Lord.. ung silver na family van ng mga Santos ang naka-park. at lumipad si Jean na diretso kagad sa usual greeting nya sa'kin: Flying Hug.. debate nanaman ang ginagawa nung dalawa.. Sabi nya sunduin daw kita. Naka-uniform pa ang bata.. dyosa si Sheena? Di vah..

mukha ba kong nang-ttrip? This is love at first sight! . humagalpak ng tawa ang mokong! Kenny: Uh. avah. Kenny! Hinila ko bigla si Jean sa tabi ko -. but... already. O_O Jean: Prince Charming! Kenny: Ay! Where? Oh di vah. excuseeeee me! (tingin sa'kin) Sinoh ba tohng bubwit na toh at bakit sya nakalambitin sa'kin?! Jean: Oh..Jean untangled her arms from around my neck and sprung papunta sa mga kaibigan ko -. na-realize ni Anthony ang nangyayari. Pero wala pa yatang 1 minute. "where" kagad ang reaction. Kenny: Ay! Bruhilda ka! I know we just met.far away from Kenny na parang konti na lang eh ilalambitin na sya patiwarik. ang vakla. O. Jean: You! Biglang niyakap ni Jean si Kenny -. O_O Jean: Ate naman.all-smiles pa ang loka. Hinde ko kinakaya ang powers ni sister-in-law! Hinde ako makapagsalita! Jean: My name is Jeanette. Prince Charming. I love you Anthony: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love you daw.O Na-shock din sina Sheena at si Anton. Tinanggal ni Jean ung arms nya and stared giddily at Kenny.and halos mahulog-hulog ang puso ko. O_O Ako: J-Jean! Anoh ka ba?! Wag mo ngang pag-tripan ung kaibigan ko. You can call me Jean.

wag mong sayangin ang puso mo kay Kenny. Mali talaga..Brrr. right? I'm Sheena. wahahahaha Di na yata nakatiis ang mind ni Sheena. alalay ng dyosa. Sheena: Jean. Maganda ako. Tama na nga yan. Kenny. Tumingin ako kay Anthony na halos mangiyak-ngiyak na sa sobrang kakatawa. O_O Lumapit sya kay Jean. may patutunguhan ba yang sinasabi mo?! Sheena: Manahimik ka nga dyan... Ako: My golay. Kenny: Maganda. mapapagkamalan talaga syang fafable. Jean. kahit anong gayuma pa ang ipainom mo dyan.. or kahit sinoh pa gusto mong maging. I understand naman na gwapo si Kenny. the only way na magkakasundo kayo.. Anton. may balak ka bang mabulunan kakatawa dyan?! Anthony: But-... Sheena: At siguro.. kahit anong ganda mo.. O_O . Prince Charming. friend ako ni Kenny tsaka ni Venice. Si. dahil kahit anong pilit mo. sister! At hinde ako Prince Charming! Ako. eh kung mag-eexchange kayo ng mga tips sa paglalandi ng mga fafa.. Jean: Manang... Kakilabot pakinggan. Anyway. I accept you for whatever you are. Jean: It's okay. (balik tingin kay Jean) Kaya lang. ang girl na magkagusto kay Kenny.. ew.. Kenny: Hoy! Anong love at first sight ka dyan?!? Hinde tayo compatible.wahahaha si Kenny raw. Kenny: Uh. Sheena: And as long as hinde sya magsalita. basta hinde na rin sya huminga... Boy na boy... Alam mo. hinde sya gumalaw. Ako: Hoy.. di ba? Kenny: Hoy. Tumingin kaming tatlo kay Kenny. dahil alam nyang wrong. Cinderella...

Shee. T-T Pumasok kami sa loob. Syempre naman.. pero di nakaya ng powers ko ang combined forces ni Sheena at ni Kenny"? Ako: Sige ha. sinong di magugutom dun?) Ako: Hello.. Prince Charming! Manang! T^T I'm sure. ayaw paawat. Pasensya na... may last hirit pa.laking pasasalamat ko na lang kaseh nagpakaladkad sya. Bagyo ng tawag at text ng mga reklamo ang matatanggap ko mamaya. hinde ko na kaya kung dalawa na ang maglalambitin sa kanya patiwarik. pagkatapos ba naman nung energy outpour nya kanina. alis na kami.... medyo sensitive si Sheena sa edad nya.. Avah. "ate" lang dapat.. May gagawin pa yata kame eh. T-T Pero ang bata talaga... -__Hinila ko si Jean patago sa likod ko. Jean: (balik tingin kina Sheena at Kenny) Bye. Di ko na natanong kung bakit kailangan akong pumunta dun eh pwede naman akong ibaba sa sarili kong bahay di ba? Tuloy-tuloy ang dakdak nung bata tungkol kay Kenny.Oo O Sheena: M-M-Manang?!?! M-Mukha ba kong "Manang"?!?! "Ate"! "Ate" ang dapat na tinatawag mo sa'kin! Ako: Ah hahaha... Bye! Kinaladkad ko si Jean pabalik sa family van nila -. T-T Dumating kami sa bahay nina Jean. hinde na ko nakasingit hanggang sa nakarating na kami dito. Batang-bata ka pa eh. Aling Ligaya... Anoh na lang sasabihin ko sa kuya nya? "Sorry. Papasok na nga lang ng van. Namumuro na sya eh.. . sabay diretso sa kitchen kaseh gutom na raw si Jean (dapat lang.

Ako: Weh?!? Talaga?!? Aling Ligaya: Syempre... Aling Ligaya: Aba'y bakit hindi mo na lang ipagluto ng Valentine dinner? Jean: Hey. hindi ka marunong magluto? Ako: Aling Ligaya naman.Jean: Hi. Get him the latest one. relationships? Di ba dapat ako ang binibigyan nya ng regalo? Syempre. T-T Jean: Anoh ba yan? How about a custom-made photo album nyong dalawa? Ako: I won't have time to do something like that. Sige... Pano na lang ako matatahimik kung ang napangasawa nya eh puro prito ang ipakin sa kanya? Dumaan ka dito tuwing hapon. uu. Jean: Oo nga pala..O Aling Ligaya: (natawa) Mag-aasawa ka. you're so cheap. Malapit na Valentines day. muntik nang masunog ung bahay namen.. Anong regalo mo? Ako: Regalo? Para sa Valentines? Jean: Anoh bah. Alam mo bang magaan ang loob ko dyan kay Sir Jerwin. at tuturuan kitang magluto. . Happy! Merienda time! Aling Ligaya: Ay. Jean: Ate. Jean: Hmm. Relationship-kuno lang naman kame.. Di ba dapat give and take ang Eh. sandali lang. Last time na nagluto ako. dapat may gawin ka ring special for him.. ate.. an ipod? Ako: Doesn't he have one already? Jean: He has the old version.. What can you do? O. that's a good idea! Ako: Uh huh.. Ako: Eh anong bibigay ko? Di ba pwedeng hug na lang? Jean: Ate naman. bata ka. Umikot si Aling Ligaya and then put two plates ng grilled cheese sandwiches sa harap namen. Naupo kami ni Jean dun sa counter habang nag-pprepare si Aling Ligaya ng kakainin namin. Ako: But I'm broke. Kasalanan ko bang hinde kame nagkakasundo ng stove? -___Aling Ligaya: Ay..

::Chapter 35:: Kiss ♫. clean. takot ako. but at least. It's spacious. I can lie down and roll all over the floor.. Kahit prito. --. may magtuturo na sa'kin magluto..♥ I surveyed the last room the building's owner is showing me.~*~.. Aling Ligaya. I'll take it. GAY! Member ng federasyon! Honorary member! .♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. -___- Oh well. tapos sabay na sabay pa silang nagtawanan.♥♥ --(Venice's POV) ---------------... and it would probably take me 5 minutes before I run into a wall -.. Ibang klase talaga ang bait ng mga tao ngayong araw na itoh.~*~.. Ako: This is good. Nagkatinginan silang dalawa ni Jean.and the walls are thick enough so people from the other side wouldn't even hear anything... Very nice. Kenny is gay! As in.Ako: Truth is.♥ "Aiya! Why are you so mean to me??" O_O Ako: Ako?!? Ako pa ang mean?! Sabi ko naman syo..

Hinihingi kasi ni Jean ung number ni Kenny -... as in. Sa wakas! Umuwi na rin toh! Jean: Kuya!! Ate Venice won't give me Kenny's phone number! Jerwin: Kenny? Bakit mo naman hinihingi? Jean: Because I love him. .para raw masimulan na ang fairy tale romance nila... Halos 30 minutes na kaming ganyan. "Uh. Kenny. I immediately stretched my arm out of her reach. Jean: ATEEEEE!!! Sige naaaaa!!! Ako: No! And besides! If ever man macho nga si Kenny. and iwas nanaman ung kamay ko sa kamay nya.. No...Love.. Jerwin: Jean. love as in I'm in love with him.. how should I say this? But. you see.. nababaliw ka ba?!? Ang laki-laki ng age gap nyo noh! Child abuse un! Jean: It's not child abuse kung consenting naman ung child! Eh? Ganun ba un? Jean tried to reach for my phone again. Jerwin: Love? -___. What are you guys doing?" Napaikot kaming dalawa. and saw Jerwin coming in from the main door. Natulala si Jerwin. See?!? See?!? Kahit si kuya nya nawindang! Biglang tumingin sa'kin si Jerwin.. "I love my phone"? Jean: Kuya. Neknek nya! As if naman papatahimikin ako nung bakla kung binigay ko ung number nya sa isang girl na stalker.. You're not exactly his type.Jean tried to reach for my cellphone one more time. uh.

Okay fine. as usual. palabas dun sa street... And tell Kenny I said hi. I have the right to ask for gifts. Talagang sineseryoso mo yang pagiging future Mrs. Venice. I jumped in the passenger seat. Jerwin Santos ha. Jean: I have chromosomes! Ako: But you don't have a Y chromosome. Ako: Sunshine? Jerwin: Hm? Ako: Anong regalo mo sa'kin sa Valentines day? Jerwin swerved off the road nung narinig nya ung tanong ko..Jean: hm? What's his type then? Ako: People with muscles.. Jean: Why are you so mean to me? Ako: I'm not mean. and then lumabas na kami ni Jerwin to go to his truck. ok? Ako: I'll try. Jean gave me a quick hug. ate. are you ready to go home? Ako: Oh yes.... dimples. Nung napasok ko na lahat ng gamit ko sa bag ko. drop by again tomorrow. cropped short hair. I walked over to Jerwin. Gumagawa kaseh kami ng homework kanina ni Jean bago nagsimula ang cellphone war. Jerwin: Abah. . O_O Buti na lang wala pa kami sa highway! My golay! Ako: Anoh ba yan?!? Ayusin mo naman ang pag-ddrive mo! Jerwin: Eh anoh ba naman kaseng klaseng tanong yan?!? Ako: Bahket!? I'm your fiancée. And the person should have a Y chromosome.. At least 6 feet tall. Tumayo ako and gathered my things from the coffee table. Jerwin: *sigh* Tama na yan. preferably.... Jean: Bye-bye. Ako: -___. Jean: Ate.. Jerwin pulled out of their driveway..

dahil nakasanayan nya na yata. Sa totoo lang. Nevermind?!? Di man lang nya tatanungin kung kelan birthday ko?!? Ako: Hmpf. manghula ka ng date. Pero di alam ni Jerwin un.. Kaya honey. na nagkataon lang din naman na Valentines day pala. Ako: Eh bahket. They want me to take part. Jerwin: Buti nga may regalo pa eh! Ako: Birthday mo? Jerwin: What? You didn't know? Bakit ikaw? Anong regalo mo sa birthday ko? Ako: Ang alin? Jerwin: Ang galing mo rin na fiancée noh. Sa 365 days in a year. hindi mo alam. bwahahaha Jerwin: Oh well. Nag-iisip yata.Ako: Oo na. sige. Nevermind. and as usual.. Ako: Ang cheap mo naman. Shosyal. pwede ba ung tig-pipiso na lang na candy? Recession ngayon eh. anong regalo mo sa'kin sa Valentines day? Jerwin: Hmmm. kunwari innocent ako. Fine~ Nakauwi kami ng bahay. Pano ko nalaman? May director kasi na lumapit sa'kin nung party. ikaw?! Alam mo ba kung kelan birthday ko?!? Natahimik si Jerwin. pero dahil dapat hindi ko alam. May surprise segment daw sila for Jerwin dun sa Sunday show -.the weekend before Jerwin's birthday. .... alam ko naman na two days after ng V-day ang birthday nya. bumaba si Jerwin para mag-hello kay mother dear ko. Birthday ng future husband mo.

Ang weird. Excited nanaman ang gestures ni mom. Ako: What's going on? Mom: Ay. Ako: Oh. feeling ko. Drama. Nagmamadali ako kaseh every time na iniiwan ko ang nanay ko at si Jerwin mag-isa. Tomorrow's my day off.Secret? bakit? Jerwin: Coz this is something between your mom and I..Hindi na rin ako kumokontra. I ran upstairs to change out of my uniform. Ako: Psh.. really wanna kiss me. *sniff* T-T Yak.. Jerwin: My fiancée's home is my home. Mom: Ay talaga?! Kelan ko makikita? Jerwin: If you want. I ran down the stairs. kaseh binabatukan ako ng nanay ko pag inaaway ko si Jerwin. mas favored nya si Jerwin kesa sa'kin. Mom: Mamimili na rin ba tayo? Jerwin: Sure. we can go tomorrow. may kung anong out-of-this-world twinkle na sa mata ang mother ko pagbalik ko. at nakita ko na nag-uusap sina mother at si Jerwin sa dining room. Parang ngayon. Minsan nga. so I have plenty of time. right? Ako: Home-home ka dyan?!? Jerwin: Oh don't look at me like that.. Feel at home na feel at home ka ha. . like what? like I'm shooting daggers at you with my eyes? like I wish you'd burst into flames right now? Jerwin: Like you really. I'll pick you up. It's an exclusive club. Venice! Secret! Ako: -___. Umupo ako sa tabi ni Jerwin.

~*~. tita. Dapat pala sinipa ko na lang sya kesa sa binatukan. Ako: Halikan mo yang sarili mo! ::Chapter 36:: Brewing Up A Storm ♫. Jerwin: But we'll get there soon. Jerwin: So would you like to kiss me now? PAK! Binatukan ko sya and then I hastily stood up. Mom: Oh! That's good! That's good! Kwento nyo kagad sa'kin ha! <'O. I turned to stalk out of the dining room habang naririnig kong tumatawa si Jerwin. Binenta nanaman ako ng nanay ko! Kulang na lang yata eh paskilan ako ng "50% OFF" na sign! My mom went back in the kitchen para silipin ung niluluto nya.O'> I felt my face burn up.♫ . rawr. have you two kissed already? Ako: Mom!!!! Jerwin: Hindi pa poh.Oo O Ako: A-A-A-Ano?!?!?!?!? Mom: Oh my.~*~. Mom: Ahhh I see.. Jerwin turned to grin at me.

good day. Buti na lang malambot ang hair ko. maganda pa rin ako. Tinaasan tuloy ako ng kilay nung batang katabi ko. Tinignan ako ng masama nung katabi nyang manang. I turned by face dun sa bintana.. miss makipagsiksikan noh! Mabuti nga un! Tagal-tagal ko nang di nakakasakay ng jeep.. Minsan talaga. Avah. I know. Buti pa ung nanay ko. as usual. lumalabas ang pagka-"Lucifer's underling" ko. pero this time. nakakuha na ng date kasama fiancé ko.ung nanay ko. wahahaha Hayyy. I have a feeling. dumating si Jerwin sa bahay. Today's gonna be a good. that today's gonna be a good day.♥ Oh jeep~ Jeep~ Jeep~ Jeep~ I missed you. Ako: Anong tingin-tingin mo dyan?!? The kid quickly turned away.(Venice's POV) ---------------. hinde ako ang sinusundo nya -. The next morning. nakaka- Ako: Bayad pohhhhhh~ All smiles at talagang cheery-cheery pa ang pagkaka-abot ko nung bayad ko... Magulo man sya. Not that I have any complaints. feeling amazing kahit na nalulunod na ko sa hangin. Na parang ang weird-weird ko. .

at parang bodyguard na rin na sunod ng sunod..♥ "Oh Jerwin! How about this?!? Or maybe that one over there looks better??!" -___- I watch Tita Mel walk through the aisles bounce from one display to another... ako rin ang magbabayad ng kung anoh man ang bibilhin nya. Let's look around first.. nandito lang ako para ipag-drive si tita. Should we get it then? Tita Mel: Hmmm. I looked around the store and the handful of people walking around. Ang feeling ko.. T-T Oh for crying out loud.♥♥ --- (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. and credit card. Tumingin ako sa relo ko. So. Syempre.. Venice should be in school by now.. Gano katagal pa ba kami mag-iikot?? Can't we just buy something? "Jerwin?" . Sigh.. I knew there was a reason I hate shopping. Tita Mel: Jerwin! Tignan mo toh! This will be perfect for Venice! Ako: Ah! Okay. ako ay: driver. hanggang sunod lang.--.. bodyguard. They all look like newlywed couples or just really old couples.

She squeezed my hand and flashed the smile that has enchanted her male fans for years. really. she smiled and took my hand in hers. I'm releasing an album soon. and I have no idea what's going on in her mind right now. Ako: I'd be busy with work the coming months. What are you doing here? Napatingin akong bigla kay Tita Mel na busy sa pag-eexamine nung table lamp. Suddenly. Geena followed my gaze. Geena: Would you like to take your fiancée? I took a deep breath. You're accompanying her mom while she's in school. It's disconcerting. I couldn't really read her expression. Geena: That's nice. "Jerwin?" . Geena stared at Tita Mel. That's poison right there laced in her voice. right? Ako: Actually--Geena: Your birthday is coming up. Geena: Oh. Geena immediately perked up after hearing that.Hm? Napaikot ako sa likod ko nung narinig ko ung boses na tumawag sa'kin. Do you want to go with me to Boracay? Ako: Sorry. Geena: Who is she? Ako: Venice's mom. Ako: Geena! What are you doing here? Geena: I'm looking for something for my bedroom.. I can't. the smile that has enchanted me the first time I saw it. And I was completely shocked to find myself face to face with Geena.

She winked and then strutted away. -. With the way things are going. I can't believe he's actually socializing with these people.. Ako: Tita Mel. That little minx. He hated dealing with his own parents -.. Sigh. Tita Mel: I see. pretending he gives a damn to whatever the old lady is . Lalo yata akong pinagpapawisan. Tita Mel walked over to where I was. -__- Tita Mel: Who was that? Ako: Geena. Whoo! I jammed my hands in my pockets. Commoners. Ako: Uhmm so. Jerwin hated dealing with parents. he's still here. And yet. I wiped my forehead with my arm.. Are you ready to buy things now? Tita Mel: Ay oo! Ako: Of course... I'm sure I'd be with tita the whole day.♣♣ --(Geena's POV) I watch silently as Venice's mom took Jerwin's hand and led him further down the aisle. Geena flashed her a quick smile before turning to look at me. and threw glances at me and Geena. She even got him to shop with her mom.. has Jerwin wrapped around her little finger.. This is kinda awkward. Well. halika! I have to show you something! I'm sure you'll like it! --.what more other people's.I let Tita Mel drag me to the display that caught her eyes just before she approached me and Geena earlier. pretending to pay attention.. Nakoo. Venice.I pulled my hand out of Geena's grasp. I think I'm sweating. She's a close friend of mine..

.. I need to start moving.♥ "I Will Always Love You". Jerwin? Di kaya ako batukan ni . trip na trip maging special ung segment na un. ::Chapter 37:: Panic Attack ♫.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. maybe not. hmmm parang napaka-R-rated naman nung kantang un. ka-love-love ba ung si Jerwin?! at "always" pa! "2 Become 1". Ang hirap naman pumili ng kanta! I buried my face dun sa sinusulatan ko na notebook. Ung broadcasting network kasi na nag-hhandle ng mga publicity at mga once-in-a-while TV guesting ni Jerwin.pointing at.. kaya lang naman nila ako gusto pakantahin dahil mag-aattract ng viewers kapag nag-appear ang . I've been sitting here sa school cafeteria for almost an hour now.... at.. Venice might actually be a worthy foe.@_@ -___- Anak ng tokwa.... ay ang taray!! Magpapaka-Whitney Houston ako! . nag-iisip ng "appropriate" song para dun sa surprise birthday segment na dedicated to Jerwin sa Sunday TV show.~*~....~*~.... Tapos mini-dress at kasing high na platform shoes nung Spice Girls ang isusuot ko..but then again. baka lalo pa kame ma-tsismis. If I know...

. ang cheesy! Sheena: Ai! May suggestion ako! Ako: Anoh? Sheena: "Come On Over" Ako: Huh? Sheena: (sings) All I want is you.... you know you make me go crazy All I want is you. Special rendition ba itoh? Ako: Anong kinikilig-kilig mo dyan? ni Nicole. come over here baby All I want is you.. just in time to see Sheena na binaba ung bag nya sa lamesa.. talagang especially for him talaga ung song. Ako: Bakit ba hindi pwedeng simpleng "Happy Birthday" na lang ang kantahin ko?!?! "Anong 'Happy Birthday'?" Napatingin ako sa harap ko.. It's not like I want to do this. Napasubo lang ako dahil sa kakadakdak Ang mga consequences ng mga nag-sspace out at oo na lang ng oo. unknown fiancé" sa show nila."mysterious. Yak. -___- Sheena: Anong napili mo? Ako: Di ko pa nga alam. now baby don't be shy You better cross the line I'm gonna love you right 'Cause-- ... alam mo un? Ung parang. Gusto ko kasi ung tama.... Sheena: Awwwwwwww. Ako: I'm trying to choose a song to sing for Jerwin's birthday. uhmm. and then sat down across from me.

. In other words.." PAK! Ako: ANOH BA YANG PINAGSASABI MO?!?! Sheena: Aray naman! Joke-Joke lang noh! Kailangan bang batukan ako?!? Ako: Yea-ha! Nang magising yang mga brain cells mo! =__= Sheena: Ahsus. O__O Saksakan na nga ng pag-aalaga si Anton. Pa-blush-blush ka naman..aka Anthony? Sheena: Huh? Si Anton? *blink* *blink* Ai. Landiin mo na ko.. -__- Ako: Anoh ba yan. Long. Shee. ung mga .. Sheena: "Jerwin. Ako: Oy. Night.. Sya tohng bigla-biglang sumusulpot.. Di ba lagi kayo magkasama? Sheena: Avah. oblivious pa rin siya sa feelings ni guy. you better cross the line.. di ba crush mo si Anton dati? Sheena: H-Hoy! Wag kang maingay! Ako: Defensive much? Anoh ka vah?! Crush mo pa rin ba ngayon? Sheena: Hinde noh! Anoh ka ba?! Ahyun ung mga panahon na hindi ko pa sya kilala..Ako: Adik ka ba? Anoh ba yang pinagkakanta mo? Sheena: Bakit?? Para naman ma-get na ni Fafa J ang message mo. Ako: Anong message?? Sheena: Message! She leaned in towards me. lumapit din naman ako para makinig sa kung anong ibubulong nya. All.. Ako: At ikaw?? Nasaan ung personal bodyguard mo -. malay ko dun. unnoticed pa rin the efforts! Ang manhid ng best friend ko..

.. I should probably tell Jerwin to stop picking me up since safe naman ako sa jeep. Pero sige... at ahyan din ang reaction ko nung nabasa ko ung text na un... matakaw. I stopped in front of my house gate. deadma ang beauty ko.. Samantalang dati. tamad. all the while listening intently sa mga kwento ni Sheena.. nang biglang may flying ipis na lumipad papunta sa kanya! Ay nakita mo sana kung pano sya kumaripas ng takbo! Pasimple kong sinarado ung notebook ko... nakilala ko na sya... Bubuksan ko na sana nang bigla akong napatigil at napatakbo dun sa side nung gate. pasaway. nung naglalakad na ko sa kalye namen. takot sa ipis.. nalaman ko na rin na makulit sya.. Kaya nakasakay nanaman ako ng jeep pag-uwi.. ok lang un. Napapangiti na lang ako sa mga kwento nya. napansin ko na mas maraming nag-hhello sa'kin... .. Malay ko ba kung anong oras ka pa matatapos dyan! Ahyan ang tinext ni Jerwin sa'kin nung uwian ko na... Ako: Takot sya sa ipis? Sheena: (natawa) Ay oo! Naglalakad kami nung minsan sa may snyo.panahon na cute pa sya! Ako: Di na sya cute ngayon? Sheena: Cute pa rin naman... mga moments~ nyahahaha "I'm kinda caught up at work. Uyyyy. Pero syempre.. bastah walang nanunugod. Although. " Neknek mo. unless you wanna wait for me. Hindi naman ako nadumog or what-so-ever... and nung nakilala ko na sya nang todo-todo. ma-kontra. I don't think I'll be able to pick you up. mga maleta ko ba ung naka-park dun sa may hagdan?!?!?!?! Narinig kong tumatakbo ang nanay ko upstairs. aalis na ko in three days.. may mga taklob na!! . and in a few moments. Venice! Akala ko naman kung anong nangyayari! Ako: EHHH?!?! Mom: Hindi mo ba nakita ung sign sa labas? I'm selling the house.. at in BIG... There are boxes everywhere! At ung mga furniture. Sino na lang titira dito? Ako: Uh. Ako: WHY?!?! Mom: Abah. RED letters nakasulat ang: "HOUSE FOR SALE" Oo O Napasugod ako bigla sa loob! Ako: MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!!!!!!! <'OoO'> Wha?!?! Wha?!? Lalong nanlaki ang mata ko nung pumasok ako ng bahay.@_@ What!? What?! What!? May nakasabit na wooden sign sa gate. Mom: ANOH?!? MAY SUNOG BA?!?! ANONG NANGYAYARI?!?! Ako: (turo sa left) What??! (turo sa right) What?!? (turo sa harap) What is going on!?!? Mom: Ai josko naman. tinalon nya na ung last two steps nung hagdan. hello?!?!? (turo sa sarili) Pano ako?! Patitirahin mo ko sa kahon??! Patutulugin sa ilalim ng tulay?! Papaliguin sa Pasig River?!? Pano ako magsusuklay nang walang salamin?!? Mom: Ay anoh ka ba naman? Ako: MOM!!! Huminga ka nga muna! Nag-hhyperventilate ka na oh! .

~*~. and then went straight to my destination. I stormed out of the house bago pa man makahabol si was complete panic. but-- Na-block out nung brain ko ung mga sinasabi ni mother.. I need to get some air. I jumped out of my truck. @. Ako: I can't believe this.. Panic attack yata itoh! Pinaypayan ko ung sarili ko. I'm feeling a little light-headed. in fairness. Mom: . And that's why I'm selling the house. Lalo yatang tumataas ang blood pressure ko... ... That girl is really troublesome. Biglang uminit at.♥ Man.@ Mom: Hay.. and this feeling in my chest. dahil parang tumataas ang blood pressure ko.Oo nga. it's supposed to be a surprise.. I don't know how to explain it except. I can't leave.~*~. ::Chapter 38:: Run To Me ♫... I don't want to leave.. .. but I continued running. Hahayaan pa ba naman kitang tumira dito mag-isa? Abah! Hindi na noh! Mas gugustuhin ko pang isama ka kesa--Ako: WHAT?!?! Mom: Well. Kinawayan ko ung mga guards dun sa booth. just running. Venice..♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. naaaliw sa paghinga ng oxygen ang lungs ko. That's not fair. Na-focus na lang dun sa idea na: Isasama ako ni mother sa States...

. hindi sumasagot. dinedeadma. I promised I'd live my life here. Tinawagan na ni Tita Mel sina Sheena. All this because the house is being sold? I tried calling Venice. I've seen those eyes before. hindi raw kasama nung tatlo si Venice. nagmumukmok nanaman sa harap nung libingan ni Gerard. ahyun nga si Venice. nataranta din ako nung narinig ko un...five hours ago.. . Exaggeration. expressionless. Ako: Are you. When I checked my phone. I thought that'd be reasonable... Tita Mel ran up to me as soon as I opened the gate... there was a voicemail from Tita Mel. She told me to try searching in the cemetery.. even though the intensity in her whole aura makes me want to step back. Venice rushed out of the house daw -. Let's go-- I paused when she turned to look at me.It was about an hour ago when I got out of a meeting with the manager and some of the album staff people. I drove as fast as I could to their house. And just like Sheena said. I feel like it's one of those times when I shouldn't move. Anton. Tinatawagan. Syempre. okay? Venice: I'm not leaving. lifeless. is she talking about? I held my place. Pumunta raw ako sa kanila as soon as possible dahil nawawala si Venice.. She has those eyes. I can't leave him behind. One move and it will cause a shift in the whole galaxy. I called Sheena. but she didn't seem to notice me.. Jerwin! I can't! What. but it feels that way. at si Kenny. I can't leave. so here I am. I promised G.. Nag-aalala na si Tita.. blank. pero kahit ako.. I walked up to her. Ako: Venice..

you didn't know? My mom wants to take me with her! Ako: Whoa! Hold on.. I sat down beside her. Jerwin. Ako: What are you worried about? Venice: Weren't you listening?? I told you. My life is here. Back up a little. Ako: Let's go.. dahil just looking at those eyes... I didn't meet her eyes... -____- Ako: Did you really hear your mom say she's taking you to the States? Venice: Eh what else could she have meant? Uh.. Venice's usual dumb self. I can't leave this place! I don't want to go to the States! Ako: States? Venice: You mean. Just thinking about it makes me feel so alone. hold on. Just thinking about it. They were the same eyes. Binebenta nya na nga ung bahay...... I have a feeling she's misunderstanding something here..Venice: I'm scared.. Kelan sinabi ng mom mo toh? Venice: This afternoon... I remember now. Ako: Gerard is this important to you? She nodded. . I don't know what will happen to me if I leave. I don't know how I'll survive.. Two years ago.. Tapos balot na lahat ng gamit namin. She's obviously freaking out. Frozen and lifeless..

I'll be right behind you. probably saying her "See you later" words. I offered my hand to Venice. and then at me. Maybe it will shed some light on this whole thing. and finally. Ako: Nope. I think you'd wanna go to where I'm taking you. Ako: I'll make everything okay... .. Venice looked at my outstretched hand. all gone from her eyes. After a few minutes. I pulled her to her feet. Venice: Huh? I got up and brushed the grass off my jeans... The panic. Ako: Go on ahead. Ako: Believe me. Pinagpag nya ung palda nya...Venice: Go? I don't think I wanna go back yet. Venice: Ohh-kay? She whirled around to leave.... I will make everything okay. I'll take care of her.. I can tell she's curious kung bakit ako nagpaiwan.. She just walked away. I would give anything to keep that mask off her face. she faced me... pero di naman sya nangulit... took my hand. I like her confused face better than the "lifeless" mask she was wearing moments ago. the loneliness. Venice: I believe you. She looks confused. the fear.. Venice: Let's go. Her face looks like it's back to normal. and then turned to look at the tombstone. She forced a smile on her lips.

. two years after. I stared at the stone.. That's harsh..~*~. He died just a few days before Christmas. with so much magnitude na parang talagang pinaparinig ko ung sinasabi ko dun sa lalaking hindi ko naman nakilala kahit kailan. Bigla lang akong natauhan nang nakita kong nag-swoosh din ung kalye papunta sa bahay ko...♥ Sumasabay sa pagkanta si Jerwin dun sa music sa radio. Pero dahil nababagabag ang kaluluwa ko ngayon... Next time. because she's afraid to be alone? I looked at the tombstone sa paahan ko..I watched her hanggang sa malayo-layo na ung nalalakad nya. naaliw ako pag naririnig kong kumakanta si Jerwin habang nagdrrive... If you've been watching Venice from wherever you're floating.... It just occurred to me... Ako: Venice might have ran to you this time. Gerard..... I'm sure you know who I am. But next time she feels alone. Talking to this. stone. She's been here for five hours.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. @_@ . Gerard Sheen. I'll make sure she runs to me. Ako: Gerard. masyado akong absent-minded para i-mind ung pagkanta nya. ::Chapter 39:: Be With Me ♫....~*~. Feeling ko may singing-driver ako. Usually. But to still be able to affect Venice to this extent.. Pinapanood ko ang ung mga nag-sswoosh by dun sa bintana as we drive through the late night streets..

pinagbigyan ko na. and then he winked. Ako: May binibisita tayo?? Nang ganitong oras?? Jerwin just laughed. Baka ma-offend. itapon akong bigla sa ilog.. I looked around... Let's go. Tinignan ko ung building na nasa harap namin. white walls. It's a house. We drove for about 20 more minutes. Jerwin: C'mon. until finally. and di ko alam kung anong ginagawa namin dito. Ay si kuya! Pa-cute! Dahil mukhang nasa good mood si kuya.Ako: Sunshine.. Ako: Anong "no I didn't"? Eh ahyun na nga ung kalye pauwi oh! O_O Jerwin: Who said anything about going to your house? Ako: Eh san tayo pupunta? He suddenly turned to glance at me. O_O Jerwin: It's a surprise. decent-looking yard. It's dark and quiet.. Jerwin: No.. He jumped out of the truck.- . lumagpas ka na. nag-park na si Jerwin dun sa curb. Anoh naman kaya katawa-tawa sa tanong ko? -. Light blue gate.. and sumunod naman ako. I didn't. He winked at me...

. .. Narinig ko na medyo nag-rattle ung keys. it's a surprise.. He punched some numbers dun sa numeric keypad na nakadikit sa poste nung gate.. Now.. ung pinto lang pala ang iilawan. Madilim. Isang porch light na nandun sa may front door ang automatic na nag-turn on. but before opening the door. close your eyes. and then silence. Ang drama naman nito. Jerwin: Do you really want to ruin this for me? Ay ma-drama. He grabbed my hand and naglakad kami papunta dun sa gate. Ako: Eh?! Jerwin: I told you. Naglagay pa ng ilaw. When we got there. Susi. Jerwin: You sure wala ka nang nakikita? Ako: Yes. May susi pa si kuya nung pinto. he let go of my hand and fished something out of his pocket. I shut my eyes closed. Buksan mo na lang kaya. Pinasok nya ung susi. Anoh bang nakain nito ngayong araw na toh at sagad-sagad ang topak?!? Ako: Fine. Jerwin led me sa narrow path papunta sa door. -__The gate opened and we walked in.Jerwin: Just follow me. Jerwin: Close your eyes. he turned around and looked at me. Can we just get this done and over with? Some kind of malamig ang wind noh.. I'm sure. close friend nya ung nakatira dun kaya alam nya pati ung security code nung gate. Ako: Psh. Siguro.

.. he focused his ..buti na lang nahawakan ako ni Jerwin sa braso. bumagsak na ko dun sa damo... isaaang maliit na silip-Bigla akong napamulat WIDE OPEN nang nakita ko ang nasa harap ko! Ako: W-W-W-W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! Jerwin's face was just inches away from mine! I stumbled backwards sa sobrang gulat -. Then. Anoh vah?! May kung anong surprise party ba sa loob?!? *gasp!* Or could it be na binebenta nya ko sa friend nya?!?! ABAH! I need to know. otherwise. Wala pa ring nangyayari..kung gwapo ba ung pinagbebentahan nya sa'kin! nyahahaha I cracked open one eye.-__- >__< What's going on na?! Hintay pa uhlet ako sandali.. Jerwin: Be careful! Ako: Eh kaseh naman!!! Anoh bang ginagawa mo?!? Binitawan ako bigla ni Jerwin nung napansin nyang bumalik na ang sense of balance ko.

Relax ka lang. I wasn't gonna kiss you! Ako: Eh "get back" to what?!? Jerwin: To closing your eyes! The surprise isn't gonna wait forever. It's not like I was gonna kiss you. Jerwin: Oh relax. Madilim.. Akala mo naman.eyes somewhere else. silip kagad sa loob kung anong meron. Walang party? .. can we get back to what we were doing!? Ako: You want to get back to kissing me?!?! Jerwin: I told you. Jerwin: Ha. Ako: *gasp* You were gonna kiss me. Suit yourself. baka ma-rape mo na ko noh. Ako: Ayoko na..O Jerwin: W-What?!? Ako: Then anong ginagawa nung face mo dito?!? dito?!? dito oh!!! I held up my hand again dun sa kung gano kalayo ung face nya kanina. rape material ka? Ako: What's that supposed to mean? -__Jerwin: Aish. Kaseh naman. Baka pag sinarado ko nanaman ung mata ko.. He turned his back tapos.. And is his face flaming red or what?!?! O__O Jerwin: I-. and finally.. Ako naman si curious. binuksan nya na ung door.. weren't you?!?! O. you know?!? Ako: Oh.I was just checking kung wala ka na talagang nakikita! Ako: Ch-Ch-Checking?!? Nandito na ung mukha mo! Dito! Dito! Don't get the wrong idea! Nilagay ko ung kamay ko a few inches from my face para bigyan ng emphasis ung distance ("distance" pa ba ang tawag kung hinde naman distant ung layo nya?!?!) na sinasabi ko. hahaha Ahyan. Anyway. Venice. Fine. Jerwin: I told you! Tinitignan ko lang kung nakapikit talaga ung mata mo.

... . Wait. The place is huge.. Ako: Huh? Jerwin: Your mom doesn't want you to live alone anymore. And since I'm your very responsible and sensible fiancé. He stepped out again and stood beside me. Jerwin: Don't you get it yet? This is the surprise. So anong ginagawa natin dito? You'll be living here from now! O____O Napatingin ako bigla dun sa bahay sa harap ko. That house is in plain view of the public. Walang security dun sa neighborhood. Wala talagang tao. Bakit sya pasok ng pasok?! Jerwin: Anoh pang tinatayo mo dyan? Pumasok ka na.. He turned on the lights... staring at the inside of the house. kahit walang laman... and pretty. Ako: Uh-huh.. I promised her I'd take care of you... -___Jerwin: Ayoko ka na rin naman tumira dun sa bahay na yun mag-isa. Oooohhh. Ako: Aren't we trespassing?? Di ba tayo makukulong nito!?? Jerwin: Geez..? Pumasok si Jerwin sa loob.Ako: And.. Pano na lang kung may biglang mang-stalk syo? Ako: Bakit naman may mang-iistalk sa'kin? O__O Jerwin: Are you forgetting who your fiancé is? Ako: Iba rin ang hangin mo ngayon noh? Jerwin: *sigh* Really..

And the fans? I don't think they'd mind... I'm just renting the house.. right? Your mom went wild when she saw this place. It's a charming house. Ako: My mom knows?!? . right? Jerwin: Of course not! This house has two bedrooms. Ako: But what would your fans think?? And your parents? Jerwin: My parents are okay with it. I'm sure we can work something out. Spacious and may homey na aura. Anoh ba naman yang pinagtatanong mo.Ako?!? Ditoh?!?! House?!? Bahay?!? Ako: You bought me a house!?!? Jerwin: No. Ako: *gulp* We... anyways. mas malaki ang possibility na mag-eend sa divorce ang mga couples na nag-co-cohabitate bago magpakasal? Jerwin: (chuckles) Ahh. so you're worried about what would happen when we get married? Ako: I didn't say we're getting married! Nagtatanong lang ako noh. Unless. Ako: Ulol! Di na noh! Pumasok ako dun sa loob ng bahay para mag-explore -. We're engaged. you want to sleep in the same bed. Jerwin: It's a nice house. I started walking around the place. O__O Di ba nga.. We wouldn't be sleeping in the same bed. takasan na rin ang smirk sa mukha ni Jerwin. kasunod si Jerwin na sinasabi ung plano nyang gawin dun sa mga kwarto na nilalakaran namin. Sabit ka lang.. Venice? Mapapahamak ka nyan eh. "Us"!?? Ako: Dito ka rin titira?!? Jerwin: Abah syempre! Ang tagal-tagal ko nang tinitignan tong bahay na toh noh.. Ako: You rented me a house?!!? Jerwin: I rented us a house.. Ako: But.

and across from that is a closet para sa mga jacket or something. She's leaving you here. maglalagay raw sya ng swing chair dun).. When are you planning to move in? Jerwin: As soon as possible. Hmmm.ginawa akong gardener.. which is to be my bedroom. My mom wasn't really planning on taking me to the States..*sigh* Ay. -___- Nakaikot na kami sa first floor. parang nag-rreminisce ng masakit na past si kuya.) There's a half bathroom dun sa may hallway. With me. Wanna go see? I nodded. Look at the size of this thing! closet! And a walk-in . pero maraming flowers (alagaan ko raw mabuti -. Ako: Sounds good.. Ako: Oh. was she? Jerwin: Nope. A storage closet.Jerwin: Yep. One full bathroom. okay. She even picked out the furniture. That'd be reasonable. Ako: Nasan na ung mga furniture? Jerwin: They'll deliver most of it tomorrow. The backyard isn't that large.... The dining room is pretty big too. the more na nag-bbuilt up ung excitement ko.. I looked around the room. Ako: What's upstairs? Jerwin: The bedrooms. What do you think? The day after tomorrow. -__... I wonder if that was a good idea. The more we roamed in the place. Maybe the day after tomorrow. The living room is vast. The kitchen is fully equipped. ahyun ung araw bago umalis si mom.. So. Took her time choosing everything too.. here.. There's a patio in the back (sabi ni Jerwin.. I'll be living Ako: Sunshine.

♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. Mag-jjeep na lang ako. He promised me I can go back tomorrow to order the movers around.. Jerwin: That's good. I'll see you sometime tomorrow then. Ako: Okie.. Jerwin parked his truck sa tapat nung gate nung bahay ko. Ako: Kuripot. I was so ecstatic about the new house na halos kaladkarin na ko ni Jerwin palabas. di ko na kailangan bayaran ung gas nung van... here we are.. Do you want me to ask Mang Ponce kung pwede ka nyang i-drive around? Ako: Naaaahhhh. ::Chapter 40:: Start The Fire ♫. I heard the truck drive away as I opened the main door-- "VENICEEEE!!!" .Jerwin: So. what time dadating ung mga furnitures? And are you sure na pwedeng-pwede ko silang utus-utusan kung san at pano nila aayusin ung rooms? Jerwin: Oo nga. Ako: So.~*~. yea.. I have to be in the studio pretty much the whole day tomorrow. At least.. Good night! I jumped out of the truck and nag-glide papasok nung gate..~*~. Ako: I shall do my best.. Jerwin: And by the way.♥ Jerwin: Well. Just make sure the house looks presentable. you're really moving in with me? Ako: Yea-ha! I was feeling ecstatic then. I never imagined the mess that single move can create.. -__Jerwin: Yea.

Mom: San ka ba galing? Kanina pa kita hinahanap? T^T Ako: I'm sorry for the wa-poise na exit kanina.. motherr. He rented a house for him -..O_O And kakabukas ko pa lang ng pinto.. Kunwari delusional si Sheena. tapos biglang flash ng smile sa mga tao sa paligid namin. dinaig pa ang level ng excitement ko. My mom led me up to my room para ilabas lahat ng excitement nya dun sa bahay. Mom: Kasi naman! Assuming ka naman masyado! San ka ba galing!?? Ako: Jerwin brought me to the house -.. Mom: Ay! Nakita mo na?? Ang ganda di ba?! And just like that. Ako: Aloha. Nag-wwindow shopping ni best friend sa tabi-tabi. . Sheena: He bought you a house?!?!?!? Ako: No. and nung all clear na. wala silang narinig! I dragged Sheena out of the store. considering lahat ng kalat sa sahig)..sabit lang ako. kahit pareho kaming walang pera.. Di na mauulit. tsaka ko lang tinanggal ung kamay ko from her mouth. Maaga akong nakalabas from school dahil may kung anong family emergency ung prof ko sa last class. lumipad na kagad ang nanay ko papunta sa'kin (which wasn't very easy to do. Sheena: BUT YOU'RE MOVING IN TOGETHER!!! Ako: SSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I immediately clamped a hand over Sheena's mouth. In fairness. The next day. parang sya ang lilipat ah. So here we are. all was forgiven.our house.

.. Sheena: *gasp* Tingin mo.baka raw makita namin si fafa Piolo nya. Anoh nga ba? Hmmm... After ng byahe at pangungulit dun sa tindera ng banana cue... halata. manggugulo tayo sa kung anong ni-rrecord ni Jerwin..... Kaya ahyan. -__. pumasok na kami ni Sheena sa all-important building. magdala tayo ng merienda. Ang hirap kasama ni Sheena! Gustong pasukin lahat ng kwarto -. Dun na lang tayo bumili. Ako: It's still too early. para di masyadong Napaisip ako. Kaseh naman! Walang directory at "You Are Here" tohng building na toh noh! . Jerwin should still be in the recording studio. You wanna go to the recording studio with me? Sheena: Eh? Anong gagawin natin dun? Ako: Hmmm. lam mo un? -__..Ang hirap pa naman kaladkarin sa tamang direction ng mga may adrenaline rush. Sheena: AYYYY!! Sali ako! Tumingin ako sa relo ko. Ako: May tindahan ng banana-Q at sago at gulaman sa may harap nung building..Dadaan lang tayo. I'm going there later. naligaw pa tuloy kame.. gusto mo sumama? Sheena: Ay! Really? Anong gagawin natin dun? Ako: Magpapaka-interior designer. and I still have two hours bago ako expected dun sa bahay...Ako: Wag ka ngang maingay! Pano na lang kung may makarinig!??! Sheena: Eh kaseh naman si fafa J! Na-sshock ako! Pero. papakantahin nila ako dun? O_O Ako: Adik ka ba? -___.Anong merienda dadalhin naten? Pero syempre. Hinde. anong itsura nung bahay? Mansion ba? Ako: Loka. Sheena: Panira ka ng pantasya... Naaliw si Sheena dahil halos naikot na yata namin ung building kakahanap nung recording studio.

all the while nagdadasal na sana nga. Nasa loob ng recording booth si Jerwin. Kuya Pao: Oh Venice! Bumibisita ka? Ako: Nanggugulo lang. Nakilala ko nung minsang dumaan ako dito. we finally asked a wandering security guard. tama bang lumandi? Ngumiti lang si Sheena. kuya~ Ay. Ako: Ay. or kayo? Napatingin sya kay Sheena.. this is it na! The door opened and sumilip ang mukha ni Kuya Pao. si Sheena.. kuya. Note to self: Wag nang isama si Sheena dito next time. -__Buti naman dahel napapagod na ko sa pagkatok sa door #1.Nung ready na kong mag-give up.. #3. at naituro na rin kami sa wakas sa tamang daan. He looked up and waved nung nakita nyang dumating ako. Isa sa mga nag-mmix ng music ni Jerwin si Kuya Pao. Sheena: Hell-oh.. hinampas ko kagad si best friend. Ako: Mag-behave ka nga! Sheena: Bakit ba?! Eh ang cute ni kuya eh! I gave her one last warning glance bago kami pumasok sa loob. best friend ko poh. #2. Busy ba? Kuya Pao: Di naman. Pasok ka. and so on. si Kuya Pao. . and nung tumalikod na si kuya para papasukin kami. Kumatok ako dun sa door na tinuro nung guard -. Nasa loob si Kuya Pao at si Kuya Trey (isa sa mga composers). Mukhang kasya ung binili kong banana cue. Sheena. Buti na lang..

Gutom yata sila. tapos pinatong na rin ni Sheena ung tatlong malalaking baso ng sago't gulaman (parang sakto lang sa kanila ung tatlo.Kuya Trey: Baahhhh.. Bribe itoh para sa lahat ng trabaho nyo sa bagong album ni Jerwin.. He leaned forward and took a small bite -- . Kokontra pa sana si Jerwin.. Ayaw ng mga food na galing sa street. Anoh yang dala mo? May share ba kami dyan? Ako: Syempre naman. Nag-dive kagad ang mga kuya para makikain. isasalpak ko toh sa bunganga mo. wala pala kaming inumin ni Sheena).. Try it. I took one stick tapos nilapit sa reluctant na bibig ni Jerwin. may dalang merienda ung asawa mo! Labas ka muna dyan! Sheena: (bulong) Pffft. Promise. With extra flavor. -__- Nilagay ko ung bag ng banana cue dun sa maliit na table.. pero pinanglakihan ko na sya ng mata. Ako: It's okay. Lumabas si Jerwin ng booth and dumiretso kagad sa'kin.. Asawa ka na raw. Kumagat ka na dahil kung hinde. kuya. Ako: Shut up. *_* Jerwin: Okay. Masyadong malandi... Fine. Ako: This is fresh from the streets. Kuya Trey: Jerwin. Jerwin: Ahhh!! Food! (silip sa banana-Q) Where'd you get it? It looks different from how Aling Ligaya makes it. walang Hepa toh or kahit anoh. Kuya Trey: Woohoo! Banana cue! He bent down tapos nagsalita dun sa mic sa harap nya.

.. Sheena: (bulong) That's her?!? Oh Em Gee! She's hot! I shot her a warning look.. na nakatayo dun sa may pinto ng studio. and I swear. and what I saw made me suddenly shove the banana in Jerwin's mouth -. Jerwin followed where I was looking at.All of a sudden.. I turned my head para tignan kung sinoh ung dumating..? Geena: I was in the building. or am I imagining the little glint of mockery in her eyes? Jerwin: Uh... Buti na lang. . then turned again to the new arrival. mabilis si Sheena... Jerwin: What the hell are you doing!?? I flashed an apologetic smile. So I brought your favorite croissant. then eyed the banana-Q dun sa mesa. before she leaned over to whisper something. "Favorite"? Jerwin likes croissants? She handed Jerwin the bag. thanks. I thought you might be hungry by now. and I heard you're here too.. and I think.. What are you doing here? O__O I felt Sheena nudge me vigorously.. She immediately offered him one of the cups ng sago at gulaman nung naguubo si Jerwin. Geena walked over to where out little group was standing.. While still holding the stick to Jerwin's mouth. Tumaas nanaman ang tsismis radar ng loka. May dala rin syang paper bag. the door opened.. she scoffed at me.which I only realized kasi he started choking.. Dinadalhan nya rin ng merienda si Jerwin. Jerwin: Geena. biglang naging understandable ung pag-shove ko nung saging sa bibig nya.

Kuya Trey. I kinda felt better kahit nung lumakad Sheena: Bakit natin iniiwan si kabet dun!?!? Baka ahasin nya si Fafa J!!! Ako: Ssshhh!!! Relax ka lang ok?!? Let's just go.. Jerwin accepted Geena's bag and placed it on the table. di ba? Dadating ung mga furniture.. Nakaka-choke ang atmosphere! Ako: Uh. natuwa sya sa banana-Q ko. and gave him a quick nod... afternoon.. Right. you just got here.... this banana-Q actually tastes good! Wag nyo kong uubusan.. pag-uuntugin ko kayong dalawa! Napangiti ako kahit papano. Kuya Pao! Alis na poh kami! Kuya Pao: Ha? Oh sige! Salamat uhlet sa merienda! Ako: Sige poh! I glanced back at Jerwin. Does she know? Does she know Jerwin and I are moving in together? Is she gonna kill me? T^T Jerwin: Oh. Sheena: Whe?! Aalis na tayo?!?! Ako: YES Sheena: But we just got here.I looked around the room.masyado silang busy sa mga saging nila. Napatingin ako kay Geena... Ako: So. I think we should go now.. Before completely shutting the door. Okay. Ako: Pupunta pa ko sa bahay. At least... Oblivious sa awkward atmosphere ung dalawang kuya -.. nanonood lang. Jerwin: Hey. T-T Jerwin: Yea. na kami paalis ni Sheena.this. Uh. Si Sheena naman. narinig ko pang may pahabol si Jerwin. .... I grabbed Sheena's arm and dragged her out of the room.

---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------..... much less. She never visited me. Venice is in charge of putting the rooms in order. Geena: You're moving in. A bunch of words ran through my mind to try to explain.. I walked her to her car. well. what's there to explain? Isn't it normal for couples these days to co-habitate? Especially when they're in the "engaged" stage? .♥ The recording session lasted a few more hours after Venice left. but I guess not. stay throughout one of my recording sessions before. I don't think there's any way of avoiding this.... interrogated.. Geena: Oh? You gave her that much power over your property? Ako: Uh... but I also thought. with her?! Ako: Yea. For some reason.. Hindi naman si Geena ang extra sa love story eh.Kung alam lang ni Sheena. Ako: She'll be staying in the same house anyway.. I looked down at my shoes and counted to ten before lifting my head up to face her again -.. just because I'm a nice gentleman. Geena decided to stay hanggang sa katapusan.. Her face clearly shows she's flabbergasted by what I just revealed.. Ako ang kabet.... I thought I'd be able to leave without being Geena: So.which I kinda wish I didn't.. what's this talk about furniture arriving today? Ako: I rented a house.

taga-utos lang ako at second opinion naman si Sheena.slamming the door with brute force too. Sheena: Yea.~*~. ::Chapter 41:: Slip of the Tongue ♫.. She's waiting for me right now. Uh.. I like it. but-Geena: I won't take "no" for an answer. and I guess. okay naman..well.. no. pero spacious.I better run.. Venice too.. Ako: This Friday? I'm sorry. At 8 PM. Crap.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.~*~. Ako: Look. Won't you come? For old times' sake? Okay! I'll see you there! Before I can respond.. she was already in her car -. I told you I should run.♥ Ako: It looks... Ako: What? Geena: We reserved a banquet hall in the Manila Hotel.... You should come. I didn't even get to tell her that this Friday. Jerwin hired some strong arms to carry the furniture around. So. and then sped out of the parking lot just like that. di ba? Sheena and I stood by the main door and stared at our finish "design". Venice's mom is flying back to the States.. Actually. uhmm. Geena: This Friday.. Wait. okay? See you around-Geena: Jerwin! I froze. It looks comfy. Dustin and I arranged a birthday party for you. di naman exactly "kami" ung nag-move. She just waved a quick bye.. I'll go ahead. .. I demand for Venice to come.. We spent hours and hours moving furniture around -.

May usapan kami na dito mag-mmeet eh. We thanked them one last time and then watched as they disappeared down the road. Ay buti naman dahil wala akong ipangbabayad snyo. lalayas na lang ako! She hailed a tricycle na tamang-tama naman na dumadaan.Wait. Bakit vah. baka makaistorbo-. I walked around the house to survey what we've accomplished.... . Inasikaso na poh ni Mr. I'm going home then. pumasok na uhlet ako sa loob nung bahay... Ako: What!? Kung kasama nya pala si Geena. and nilakad namin ni Sheena ung anim na tagabuhat sa mga trucks nila. Pwedeng-pwede nang manood ng TV dito buong araw. After mawala nung tricycle. Santos ung bayad. Uhmm.. Pano poh ba ang bayaran? Strong Arm #1: Wag nyo na poh isipin un.. Tara na. Nagtayuan na sila.. Nasanay na ko sa ka-"baitan" ng best friend ko eh. Ako: I have to wait for Jerwin.. Sheena: Well.Strong Arm #1: Tapos na poh ba tayo? Napatingin kami ni Sheena dun sa anim na lalaki na nakaupo sa labas. Kasama nya kaya si Geena? Ako: I doubt it. Sheena: I'll see you tomorrow! I waved goodbye na lang... Kawawa naman sina kuya. The living room looks cozy. Gustuhin ko man. at masaya ka pa rin. Uwi na tayo. -__Sheena: Oh well. Binigyan ko naman sila ng malamig na tubig. You wanna stay a little bit longer? Sheena: Haaayyyy na ko. opo. Ako: Ay.. Tapos na poh tayo.. mag-sstay ka?!?! Sheena: Syempre! 1st hand tsismis un! Pero dahil wala naman akong masasagap. na-overwork sa kakabuhat.

pumasok na si Jerwin.. heeheehee. pero the medium-sized round table? PRETTY! and matching pa ung four chairs. That's what I paid them to do.. I quickly stood up para di na sya makasabat uhlet.The dining room is kinda lacking some ornaments. and I saw Jerwin's truck na pumapasok dun sa driveway. Aakyat sana ako sa second floor nang narinig kong bumukas ung gate sa labas.. di naman talaga ganun kalamig sa labas. I'm particularly proud of what I did to his room. Kaseh nga naman. Grabeh. anoh ba yan. Jerwin looked at me all weird.. Jerwin: Well. I like it. Kaseh bago pa nila maakyat ung mga kama tsaka ung vanity table ko.. Jerwin: Why'd you close the door? Ako: Malamig eh... I immediately opened the door para hintayin Yakk. . From his expression.. Sumilip kagad ako sa bintana. Maybe we can buy some paintings to put on the walls para di masyadong bare. mukha namang satisfied sya sa nakikita nya... Did you do the bedrooms too? Ako: Yea! Naawa nga ako dun sa mga movers.. Eh bakit ba!? Ako: So?? Anong rating mo sa interior designing skills ko? Jerwin looked around the room.... dapat lang noh! Ang hirap-hirap kaya mag-arrange! Avah.O Sinarado ko uhlet ung pinto. tapos naupo na lang dun sa new couch. Maya-maya.. O. ung study table mo. Umakyat kami sa second floor and went straight dun sa kwarto nya.. sya. Not bad. Jerwin: Heyy. Ew. Parang akong housewife na i-wwelcome ung husband nya.. I grabbed the doorknob and then flashed a big smile at Jerwin..

VERYYY BIGG hearts. pumasok bigla sa magaling kong brain ang concept ng room nya.complete with the "ta-da!" sound pa! And then I looked at Jerwin para lasapin ang reaction nya...1. Binili ko lahat ng parapernalias..... sinimulan ko naman ung paliwanag ko as to why his room looks like this. And habang naghihintay dun sa mga movers. Main Parapernalia #1: Red na Cartolina. Jerwin: Are you sure this isn't your room? O_O Ako: Duh! I specifically made everything here for you! I glanced around my handy work.. Kaya kailangan. Looking at the walls. Ako: So? What do you think? He cautiously stepped inside... 3!! I pushed open the door -. dumaan muna kami sa store para bumili ng makakain. And then I taped them all over the walls tapos nag-lagay pa ko ng tatlo dun sa kama nya! Oh! Oh! And his bed! . mapagmahal ang kwarto nya.. I'm so proud.. Malapit na ang Valentines. 2. at his bed. at his study table. Dahil nagutom kami ni Sheena kanina.. I cut out all sizes of hearts: small hearts. big hearts.. Dahil sa mga Valentine designs na nakalagay. nyahahaha Habang umiikot ang tingin ni Jerwin around the room. medium hearts..

.. Nilagay ko sa penholder Match na match sa concept ko.. It's.. soft to the touch! nya ung dalawang fluffy ballpen.O__O . Di ko na nakaya! dread! Si kuya! Trying hard not to hurt my feelings. Kaya binili ko rin.. pero ung face naman nya: absolute Tumawa na ko nang tumawa.. Ang cute cute talaga nila. Jerwin just looked at me as if I've gone crazy.and I immediately pulled my "oh-so-hurt" expression.. It was so cute and it was just screaming: "TAKE MEEE" design na hearts. Jerwin: Are you mad at me or something? Ako: Di naman. kaya nagsettle na lang ako sa ballpen. Happy Valentines talaga. heart-y... ung furniture lang ang inayos ko... Wala akong makita na notebook na may hearts dun sa sari-sari store eh. *gasp* Y-You don't like the room? T_T He quickly looked at me -.. Fluffy Ballpen.. Jerwin: No! I mean! It's not that I don't like it.. Jerwin: Do you mind explaining what's going on? Ako: Sunshine naman kaseh! Seryosong-seryoso ka sa pag-consider nitong kwarto mo! Syempre naman. It's pink na may And then his study table.. Main Parapernalia #3: Red & Pink Fluffy Ballpen Ehto ung mga ballpen na may fluff feather ball sa other end.. Tingin mo ba papatulugin talaga kita with all these hearts around? hahahaha Jerwin: You little--! Akala ko pa naman seryoso ka sa mga pinaglalagay mong "design" dito! Ako: Wahahahahaha Sunshine! You're so funny! I love you! --. It's very...Main Parapernalia #2: Hearty-Heart Bedsheet I saw this bedsheet on sale.

Joke.. .At!! Kay Jerwin pa! Kay Jerwin pa talaga! T__T Lumakad ako papunta dun sa wall katabi ng pinto. I'll take you home. WTQuack?!? Where the hell did that come from?!? Jerwin blinked twice. dahil hindi ako maka-recover sa ka-stupidan na un! I haven't said I love you in years! At-. Jerwin: Come on. I'll help you take them out right now-Jerwin: No.. Jerwin smirked. (hit hit hit hit) "Am I interrupting something?" I slowly turned my head dun sa door. He turned around and left the room. but I can't think of any.Napatigil akong bigla sa pagtawa nung narinig ko ung sinabi ko. so is that why you put hearts all over the room? Coz you love me? Ako: Che! Hinde noh! It was a joke! A. I can feel my face burning up. and I started hitting my head -.. Jerwin: Oh. Tumingin sya sa relo nya.. Nakasilip si Jerwin -.with an amused look on his face. Ako: You're (hit) so (hit) stupid. We can put them down tomorrow. Naiwan lang ako sandali to take deep breaths. to try to regain composure.di naman masyadong malakas dahil ayoko rin naman masaktan. All of a sudden. Leave them. I tried to open my mouth para maghanap ng pangontra sa sinabi ko.

. Jerwin: Venice.. Ako: Huh? Jerwin: I think it's completely healthy for engaged couples to say "I love you" to each other. after school.. and from there. *sigh* Let's just go. I was dumbfounded.. Napansin yata ni Jerwin na kulang na lang eh pagulungin ko ung sarili ko. or ang starting to become a ritual of taking the jeep home. forever remember your courage in saying it first. coz he suddenly turned to me and then said. still mentally hitting myself. sinundo ako ni Manong Ponce.♥ The next day.. pumunta kami sa bahay para naman sunduin si mother at ang mga last-minute gamit ko. and today rin ang flight ni mother.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. O_O Ako: W-W-What?!? YAH!!! JERWIN! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!?! ::Chapter 42:: Stuck Inside ♫. Today is D-Day: The Moving Day. it's okay. Sinundo ako ni Manong Ponce from school.Strike two naaa! Ako: No.~*~. I will Oo O He laughed out loud bago nya ni-lock ung main door behind us and jumped in his truck.. .. I followed Jerwin down the stairs. Although mamaya pang 11 PM ang airplane nya.~*~. instead of Jerwin picking me up.

. kinuha ko na ung mga maleta na kaya kong dalhin. we're not even related to Tita Laura. Eh?? Ako: San tayo pupunta? Mom: Ay.. Anong "final hours"?!? Mamatay na ba ko ha?!? Ako: You know what I mean. sya sa paghatid syo?? Mom: Anoh ba? Tight kami ng tita mo noh. either nadonate na sa kung saang shelter or nahingi na ng mga kapitbahay.. until finally.. napatingin kagad ako sa paligid... I looked back at the house na siguro eh never ko na uhlet mapapasok. Bahala na ang real estate agent syo... I suddenly feel sad leaving this home. Anong tinatayo-tayo mo dyan? Ako: Bakit ba? Illegal na bang mag-emote ngayon?? Mom: Sira... tapos i-bburden pa natin -___- . Inisa-isa namin ung mga gamit and tinambak dun sa van. TIGHT! And besides.As soon as I stepped inside the house. T-T Mom: Hoy. wala na talagang laman ung bahay.. sa mga Tita Laura mo muna ako tatambay hanggang mamayang gabi.. Tulungan mo na nga lang ako dito.. And sya na rin daw maghahatid sa'kin sa airport. Lahat ng furnitures namin. anak. and pumasok na sa van. waahhhh!!! ToT Ni-lock na namin ung gate. T-T Mom: Manong Ponce.. Gusto ko nang lubus-lubusin... Malinis na ung mga sahig at bintana. di mo man lang i-sspend ang final hours mo with me!? Mom: Hoy... Panira naman ng moment.... Matagal nanaman bago kami magkita ulit. Ako: Eh pano ako?!? Ako ang anak mo.. -__Pero dahil masunurin akong anak.. wala na. Ako: EH?! At bakit?!? Mom: Eh kasi naman.. mag-right ka dyan.

. which means. and then he left. nag-bye bye na rin si Manong Ponce. After half an hour ng pag-akyat... Oh well.. ikaw lang tohng may ayaw eh. And besides.. malapit na rin manundo si Manong Ponce. syempre... kaseh malapit na mag-uwian si Jean. Siguraduhin ko raw na naka-lock ung pinto. pwedeng-pwede ka naman lumipad sa US kahit kelan. ok? Ako: Fine. Pati ung asawa ni Tita. Kaya pagbigyan mo na Hinayaan kong ituro ni mom kay Manong Ponce ung daan papunta sa bahay ni Tita Laura... Ang tahimik.. ."TIGHT" raw sila.. TIGHT! Ai josko! Ang mga teenage slang na ginagamit ng nanay ko! O_O Ako: But what about me?! Mom: Eh ayusin mo na lang ung bahay nyo ni Jerwin. amazingly tahimik..... Anoh pa nga bang magagawa ko. At naiwan na kong mag-isa sa bahay. Mabilisan naming inakyat sa kwarto ko ung mga gamit ko... Pero.. nag-bye bye na ko kay mom para naman pumunta dun sa bahay namin ni Jerwin. The house was dead quiet nung pumasok kami ni Manong Ponce.. what did I expect nga naman? Eh nasa work pa si Jerwin. Magkita na lang tayo sa airport. Nung napasok na lahat.. -___- Okay! Let's get busy! Sinimulan ko na ung paglabas nung mga gamit ko. eh sa ehto ang gusto ng nanay ko? Pinagpalit ako sa "tight-ness" nila? Tama ba un!? When we reached Tita Laura's house. ikaw. tinulungan na namin si mommy na ibaba lahat ng gamit nya..... lumabas na para maki-haul ng mga maleta at boxes. kami ni Tita Laura mo...

.. Nakakapagluto na ko ng mga simpleng dishes! Wahaha be proud! Jerwin made sure na may fully loaded ang aming ref today. tama lang ang lahat. Naligo ka na ba? -____- . Ganyan ang sikreto ng sinigang. sa vanity table School props.. and I started cooking. wala syang choice kung hindi sagutin! I went downstairs para magluto ng dinner namin. dapat raw... Oh di vah? Eh di organized na! I wonder kung ilang araw bago magkagulo ang lahat? 5:00 na. Ako: Halllerrr?!? Jerwin: Hey. and then I took my phone to call Jerwin. hindi nanaman sya sumasagot. Sabi ni Aling Ligaya.Talaga naman! Gagawan ko nga ng paraan ung taong un para pag tumawag ako. I turned on the TV para di ako mabingi sa katahimikan... sa study table My last picture with Gerard. I smiled as I surveyed what I've accomplished. sa night stand. nyahaha After a while.. Pauwi na ko.. sa walk-in closet Kalandian things... pero wag rin masyadong walang lasa... -__. Si Jerwin.... As soon as pinatay ko ung stove. wag masyadong maasim. Kaya it wasn't hard to look for meat at ingredients.. Sa wakas. may fruition na ang mga afternoon cooking lessons ko with Aling Ligaya. biglang nag-ring ang cellphone kong nakapatong sa counter.. Oh yes. Tinambak ko ung mga empty luggages sa sulok nung closet. Jerwin should be coming home soon...Clothes and shoes..pero as usual. natapos na ko sa cooking project ko. .

. It's almost 6:40.. I'll be home in an hour. honey" dyan? Jerwin: Ahh.. nyahaha ... Oo O I felt my blood rush up to my head... though. He's right. sabay tapon nung cellphone sa kabilang ibayo nung couch. naligo ka na ba? Jerwin: Mabango din ako! Ako: Ang labo mong kausap.ung MISTAKE na un!?!?!? Ako: Che! Umuwi ka na nga! =__= Jerwin: Ohh. Binabaan ko na sya.. mabango pa rin ako! Jerwin: Oh?? Ako: Bakit ikaw. Just because you admitted to loving me doesn't mean I have to say it back. Josko..ung-. now you sound like a wife--- I didn't let him finish. High ka ba? -___Jerwin: Ay bastah.Ako: Anoh naman tingin mo sa'kin!? Mabango pa ko noh! At di man ako maligo.. Dapat nga maligo na ko. and I'm so glad na nasa telepono lang si Jerwin. Jerwin: Bye? Ako: Anoh? Wala man lang. Ako: Okay.. "I love you.. . nakooo lalo akong mapapahiya sa kung gano ka-pula ang mukha ko ngayon! Tama bang i-bring up ung--. dahil kung hinde.

Ako: Ahhh. kasya pa rin ako! I'm so slim.. nyahahaha Ako: I am now a sardine. sya ung small can ng Ligo Sardines.. Ganito pala ang feeling ng mga sardinas ng Ligo... binuksan ko ung pinto..... Kumbaga sa sizes ng lata ng sardinas. Anoh nga ba tohng pinto na toh?? Syempre.. Madilim.. Ako: I wonder kung kasya ako dito.... I reached for the doorknob and shut the closet door... I wonder if I can close the door. bam! .. I stepped inside the cramped closet to try it out. dahil ako ang type ng tao na kailangan na mabilisang curiosity satisfaction.I turned off the TV and stood up from the couch.. Pero waaahhh. closet? coat closet?? It doesn't look that big para maging storage closet. Naglalakad na ko papunta sa stairs nang napatingin ako dun sa door kaharap nung 1/2 bathroom.. Ako: Waahhh kasya nga ako! Nag-rotate pa ko 360-degrees...

Tumingin-tingin ako sa paligid ko (baka sakaling may makita akong kapwa sardinas). Dahil gusto kong maging sardinas...~*~.~*~. Ako: Uh... O_O It won't budge. I tried pushing the door.. I'm stuck......O I tried to rattle it to see kung may na-stuck bang kung ano dun sa loob.. And isang oras pa bago umuwi si Jerwin..♥ .♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Napaupo ako in surprise. Nung wa-epek ang pag-rattle. Sa loob ng closet.. Anoh ba tohng ginagawa ko? Maliligo pa nga pala ako. Ako: Aish. I turned the doorknob to get out-- Ako: Eh?! O_O The doorknob WON'T turn! Ako: W-What is this?!?! O... Ako: WAAAHHHHH!!!!! ::Chapter 43:: Let's Go Party ♫.

Ako: I must be imagining things. Sinigang? Ako: Ha... and then gently closed the door behind me.. -__- Babalik na sana ako sa pagsandok nung ulam. sa tabi ng bahay...... pero nawala na uhlet ung ingay. That's weird. "May inuwi si nanay. I froze.. I wonder if her mom made this.. I was just about to dip it in the pot nang may narinig akong biglang kumalabog sa may hallway. nang may kumalabog ulit. umikot-ikot. right? Is this edible? -___- It looks edible.After what felt like 100 hours of being stuck in rush hour traffic.. Bakit tahimik? Where's Venice? Pumasok ako sa loob nung bahay.. I'm not imagining it. This time.... Binaba ko ung mga maleta ko sa may hagdan. Sinabit nya.. si nanay. I looked around. What's this? Tinanggal ko ung takip and saw normal-looking food.. Awhoooo~~" . Aba.. @__@ I paused to listen. nakarating na rin ako sa bahay. Kinuha ko ung sandok na nakapatong dun sa counter. Venice doesn't cook.. sinabit nya.. Did she go somewhere with her mom? She didn't even leave a message? I walked to the kitchen and found a pot on the stove. sa bahay. Otherwise...

..@ .... I can feel my heart beating hard against my chest. sinabi nya. Wouldn't it be more realistic to think it might be an intruder? What the hell? We just moved in and may magnanakaw na kagad?!? "May inuwi si nanay. I took a deep breath -....... May kung anong kumaluskos sa loob. sa tabi ng bahay.and then biglang bukas nung closet door. Is it a ghost? I hate ghosts. GRAB! @. I hope it's a mouse...... si nanay.. a singing mouse? God. But. not that I've ever seen one.. sa bahay~ Sinabit nya." It's coming from the closet. there's nothing inside..... All of a sudden.. @_@ Maybe it's a mouse. Tingin kagad ako sa loob while holding the sandok up for defense.O___O I cautiously walked over to where the muffled song is coming from.

puro buhok ang nandun.. Kamukha ni Cousin It. It's me.. Argh.. kaya naupo na lang ako.. groaning. -_____Ako: Venice?!?! Venice: Yea..Ako: (screams) aaAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Something-.Something grabbed my leg! Nagkadapa-dapa ako sa paglayo sa kung ano man ung nasa loob nung closet! Ako: W-Wha?!? W-Who's in there?!?!?! Someone slowly crawled out of the closet.. Ako: What were you doing inside?!? Aish! Are you trying to give me a heart attack!??! Venice: (groans) Na-lock ako sa loob. argh... and why is she crawling on the floor!?! Venice: Argh... Did I hear that right or na-apektuhan na ba ng panic attack ko ang pangrinig ko?!? Isn't a "sardine" a fish? .. I can still feel my heart beating twice its normal rate! I waved the sandok sa kanya.. I couldn't move around. I'm not exactly sure if it's a "someone".. Where the face is supposed to be.. -___- I blinked in surprise. T^T Ako: Pano ka naman na-lock sa loob?!? Venice: I tried to be a sardine.... Sunshine.. and confusion.... I can't even feel my legs anymoreeeeee...... -__- She crawled out of the closet and then collapsed on the floor.

Ako: How stupid are you?!? Tinuro ko uhlet ung sandok sa kanya.. and binalik ung sandok sa kitchen counter. Tumayo ako from where I staggered earlier. Ako: Maligo ka na... It's already 6.. where I left the things I was carrying when I came in. . Medyo bumabalik na rin sa normal ung heartbeat ko. Ako: What are you gonna do kung hindi kagad ako nakauwi?! Venice: I'll cryyyy. Aish.... Saan ba nanggagaling ang mga thoughts na pumapasok sa isip nya?!? Nararamdaman ko nang bumabalik sa normal ang naalog kong brain.. I really heard her right.. Kinuha ko ung isang paper bag.. tapos.. and then bumalik kung nasan si Venice.. Venice: Sardinas. Ako: Eh ano pang makukuha ko?! You took me by surprise! Napatingin ako sa relo.. Venice: Eh?? Anoh yan?? Ako: We're going to a party. and go change in this. The closet reminded me of a Ligo Sardines can. She started massaging her legs.. tapos sumandal dun sa wall. -__- Hindi ko talaga yata maaabot kahit kailan ang ka-abnormalan ng utak ng taong toh. lumakad ako dun sa may hagdan... sandok pa ang kinuha mo. T-T And bakit ba kanina mo pa winawagayway yang sandok sa'kin? Kukuha ka lang ng weapon..Ako: What? She pulled herself up from the wooden floor.. Naputol yata talaga ung daloy ng dugo sa legs nya.

.. and a purple satin sash around the waist. It fits perfectly pa! Sabi nya. mag-ayos ka ha.. How do I look? Jerwin: For the tenth time. impromptu buying.. Ako: Tumingin ka naman muna! . And really. Venice: Cousin It?? Ako: The hair guy -. Ayokong dalhin si Cousin It sa party na un..or thing.. In other words... Umakyat na ko ng hagdan to get ready for the party. satin tube dress that falls mid-thigh. But the dress is gorgeous! It's a cute.. Ako: Nevermind...♥ Ako: Are we late? Whose party is this anyway? Are we late? Jerwin: Aish. --. I have to be at the airport by 9:30! Ako: We'll leave before your mom's flight. nyahaha especially for tonight... It has a poufy. Adams Family... you look fine... Be quiet. I heard Venice drag herself up the stairs kasunod ko. he bought the dress Ako: Heeyyy. mumbling in every step. I didn't know Jerwin would have such a good sense of style. bubble skirt with pull-ups. Hello? She stared at me confused.Venice: Party?!? Jerwin...♥♥ --(Venice's POV) ---------------.. I tried to smooth the red cocktail dress Jerwin bought for me as we hurriedly walk towards the hotel entrance.

high-heeled pumps. But then again. grabbed the first matching silver jewelry I could find. somehow. doesn't look old. they burst into hoots and applause... and biglang nanikip ang dibdib . lumapit ako kay Jerwin para bumulong. and then slipped in my black. and still.. -__Nakaligo na sya.. -__- Jerwin: Let's go... or advance birthday party. Nung medyo na-disperse na ung attenstion. and then. Ako: It's your birthday? Who threw the party? Pero bago pa man makasagot si Jerwin. put on light make-up. nakapag-cologne pa.. Jerwin acknowledged the crowd with smiles and waves and nods...Kaya. It's a birthday party.. all of a sudden.I didn't have much time to get ready after that little incident with the closet.O As soon as pumasok kami ni Jerwin. The crowd. nauna pa rin sa'kin si Jerwin. this time. kaseh naman. We finally stopped in front of a banquet hall's doors... nalipat ung atensyon ng lahat ng tao sa'min. nakapag-gel ng buhok.... People: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh.. I saw a flash of gold walking up to us. He grabbed my hand and then he opened the door. I just straightened my hair. and OMG isn't that Papa Piolo!? O.. pants and red polo lang ang kailangan nyang alalahanin. I immediately scanned the place. Ehto nanaman kami sa mga fancy hotel parties.. -___. They actually look like they're around my age.

.. And with that...swinging her hips from side to side.. -__::Chapter 44:: Lady In Red ♫.. Aish! PAK! Jerwin: Hey. Then.. although. Help yourself. Didn't you hear them greet me happy birthday?...~*~. she suddenly turned to me and smiled.. she's so pretty. yes. Ako: Uh. Isang tao lang ang kilala kong mukhang dyosang bumaba sa lupa.. well. O_O Geena: Oh..~*~. I was starting to think I threw the party for nothing.. to my surprise. it's free food! PAK! Jerwin: We'll leave as soon as we can.. she walked away -...♫ .. Geena: You're late. Jerwin: Aw! What?!? Ako: You brought me to Geena's party?!? Jerwin: It's my party.. Geena threw it for me. It's Geena. Venice.. As usual. She SMILED at ME! O_O Geena: It's so nice that you can come. yea. I hit Jerwin's arm.ko. I'll see you guys later... The refreshments and the food are over there.

sa dinami-dami ng mga taong pwedeng kumausap sa'kin. yea.. Whoo! *sweat* Farrah: So tell me. Geena looked up and met my eyes. does he serenade you with his songs? (biglang tingin kay Geena)Doesn't he used to do that for you.. katapat ko mismo si Geena. Honey: Not to mention. Dinala nya ko dun sa table nya at ng mga superstar nyang friends. then she smiled...... si Geena -. I wanna cry.. I'm really starting to hate that stupid smirk of hers.♥ Why am I here.. Supermodel. Jerwin is really a great guy... Geena? Napatingin ako bigla sa kaharap ko... Actresses.. have you seen his abs!?? Ako: Ha? Oh. -__- Geena: Oh yes. At dahil sa sobrang swerte ko. Venice. like a private concert. Nag-flash bigla sa utak ko picture nung "abs" nya nung nag-photoshoot kami sa beach..SI GEENA -. T^T Krystal: You're so lucky.. At ang pinakamasakit pa.. They're all famed faces..(Venice's POV) ---------------. -__- Tumingin-tingin ako sa mga mukha ng mga girlaloos na nakapaligid sa'kin. . -___- I have no idea how it came to this... who's calmly stirring the martini in front of her... Naaliw yata dun sa little huddle nilang mga lalaki sa likod. Hindi na bumalik si kuya. *gulp* His abs. Jerwin and I were looking at the finger food laid out dun sa table when Dustin came by and "took" Jerwin..... *sigh* Bakit nga ba ko sumama? Ang favorite subject pa nila: ang talagang dumating. hot! I mean.. VJ.

And you two weren't even dating! Farrah: (chuckles) But you two were together often. "company advertisements".. .Krystal: Awww. I forced a smile on my face as they all started laughing.. Mr.. don't do those things? Ako: Uhmm. Anong laban ko sa "promotional posters". "Greece pictorial". yea. we went to Greece to do a photoshoot. that's so sweet. I've never really thought about it like that. bosses. at mga kachuchuhan nila?? Isa lamang akong hamak na dyosa ng kagandahan..(looked around the table) And we all know Mr... I saw Mr. even call himself a "model". I can't blame him though.. I mean.. Syempre..... Nag-ssink in talaga. na-out of place ako. staff. nyahaha I looked over kung san nakatayo si Jerwin with his friends.. Venice. It was kind of sudden. Krystal: Oh. right? Honey: Oh yea... He mentioned you did a photoshoot with him and Jerwin? Honey: Oh? I thought you. Surprisingly.. especially at night.. Gordon last week. Geena: So are you planning on entering the modeling world now? Ako: Eh?? No. you're looking at your fiancé... Ang mga bruha! Di man lang ba sila nahiya na sa mukha ko pa talaga nila pinagkakalandakan ang kalandian ng ka-tribo nila?!?! Farrah: By the way. How cute. This is his world.. I just can't fit in. He looks so at ease. Gordon was really pleased with your work.... mga bagay na di ako makaka-relate. Farrah: Maybe you should.. he was ready to kill the amateur model I was working with... Gordon and his high standards. Geena: Oh my god! I know! Once. They're probably talking about "showbiz stuff" too.. I have no idea how that amateur could The started blabbing about their "experiences" with co-workers.. I swear.

. "Excuse me.. kontra pa rin sa buhay ko ang babaeng toh! -___- I want to get out of here. Farrah: Don't worry about him.. Dahil ba alam kong plastic ang mga ngiti nila.. For some reason.. and they're all looking at me as if may bitbit akong supeeerrr cute na puppy.. The other girls snickered at Geena's remark.. -___- Farrah: You know.. at kanina ko pa nahahalata na they've been trying to make me feel as uncomfortable as possible? Some party hostess. Pfftt.. you're a nobody.Napabalik ung tingin ko sa kanila.. in her school... feel na feel ko pa rin ang pressure. Anoh kaya un? Ako: Huh? Oh. kahit anong daldal nila.. it's really cool that you managed to snag one of the hottest bachelors in the business considering that.. well...Ung mga tipong sapilitan na pa-awwwww." . Pinagtatanggol ako? Geena: I heard she's famous. He's in good company. Is it time for diretsuhang paninira na? Geena: What are you girls talking about? She's not a nobody. Ininom ko ung iced tea sa harap ko.. girls. Oh.. -___. but... I knew it. I looked up in surprise.. no offense. Ako: Of course. Mahuhulog na ang langit at lahat.

. baka sakaling maglabasan na ang mga langgam. which I very gladly took. and then hinayaan ko nang i-lead ako ni Jerwin away from the table -. and I saw you looking extremely uncomfortable around those girls..... Ako: Bakit? Jerwin: Well.and the awestruck girls (plus one death glare from a certain someone ).Napalingon akong bigla at the sound of that voice. if you girls don't mind. Jerwin. Jerwin nung tumingin sya sa'kin. Ako: You're done talking with your boys? Jerwin: Ha. Are you here to join our little party? Sige lang. Jerwin finally came. I must have looked reallyhappy kasi napangiti rin si Geena: Oh.... Ngumiti ka pa nang ganyan. Psh. -__- Jerwin: Actually. Halos mapatalon pa ko sa tuwa. I flashed a smile at the girls. Ako: Ooohhh. Napa-blink ang mga fake eyelashes nung mga Mean Girls.. Is that why you escaped and came to me? Jerwin: Yea. I thought you might need a little saving.. Di ko napigilan ung ngiti ko nung humarap ako sa kanya... no. Sunud-sunod pa nga ang paalam kung pwede ka raw isayaw. I'm here to borrow my fiancée. Bwahahahahaha What?! Ha?! What!? Kala nyo makiki-upo sya para makipag-flirting fest snyo?!? Chaka nyo! Jerwin offered me his hand. and how I should introduce them to you.... they're all gushing about how pretty you are tonight. They're acting like fanboys. Ako: So nagpapaka-Superman ka? Kinda. Nakakabanas na silang kausap eh. That.. hello.

That's harsh..AKA me? And you're saying it while dancing with me too! Ako: (natawa) Ahsush. don't you think it's time to dance with the birthday boy? He twirled me around once before pulling me close to him for a slow dance. Lasing ka na ba? Jerwin: What?!? Of course not! I only had one shot.How can you look for a suitor while you're engaged to the hottest singer in the country -. then placed his hands on my waist. Dramahan ba ko? Jerwin: I'm not. -____. squeezing ourselves through the other couples who are already there. He gently put my arms on his shoulders. at least I didn't think na maging sardinas noh! Ako: -_____. Jerwin: Coz you're wonderful. We walked to the center of the dancefloor. Jerwin: And..... Ako: Hmm. Ako: Are you doing this to make your friends-slash-my fanboys jealous? Jerwin: (laughs) That's a good idea. . pero Jerwin stopped me and held me tighter. Ako: Eh anong nginingiti-ngiti mo? Jerwin's smile got wider as he pulled me even closer to him. besides. May potential suitor ba ko dun sa mga fanboys na un? Jerwin: Hey..Shut up. Anoh raw? I tried to step back a little para tignan ung mukha nya.. Ako: Nasa good mood ka yata? Kanina ka pa nakangiti ah.Jerwin: Hey.. So close na it must be sinful to have other people see us like this.

wahahaha But I had to let go dahil Jerwin let go. Venice. Ako: Huh? We're going?!?! Sayaw pa tayoooo~ ToT ... I can even feel the steady beating of his heart.. Now.. ang manyak. Ako: Moment?? Jerwin: Just dance with me.. Jerwin: (sings) The lady in red is dancing with me There's nobody here.. One dance lang. I hear him softly singing in my ear... I relaxed in his arms and pinatong ung face ko on his chest. T-T He took my hand and led me out of the dancefloor. halos ayokong bitawan ung sabit ko kay Jerwin.Jerwin: Don't ruin the moment. and then when the song came to its chorus. it feels like it's just me and him.. I don't get it.. being like this in his arms makes me feel like all the hell I've been through since I stepped in this party never happened.. letting him sway me in tune with the music.. it's just you and me It's where I wanna be But I hardly know this beauty by my side I'll never forget The way you look tonight. Let this be our time. pero tumahimik na ko. Somehow.. When the song finished. I took in the subtle smell of his cologne.. T^T Jerwin: We should go. I know.

I completely forgot. We gotta catch up with your mom.. I would have ignored them. but Jerwin got really possessive. I sat down on the empty table in front nung mini-bar. Look at the people in this room! Only the most successful of celebrities and business heirs and heiresses are here. Jerwin: Yep. completely unaware na ako ung babaeng nakatalikod sa kanila.. Ako: 9:15 na ba? Ha. Guy 1: Ha! You're right! The two of them laughed.. Guy 1: Man. He gave me a pat on the head and then off he went palabas nung banquet hall.. She hasn't done any sort of showbiz work... @_@ Dang. right? Oh. don't pretend you don't know. Jerwin's family is like the entertainment industry's monarchy. Mag-CCR lang ako.. narinig ko kagad ung pangalan ko. man... I didn't even realize na ganun na pala ka-late. Binaba ko ung baso .Jerwin: It's 9:15. pero right after they ordered their drinks. Guys 2: What's so bad about that? Oo nga! Anong masama dun?!? Guy 1: C'mon.. Guy 1: Hey! But seriously. I'd be all up your case too. sipping my drink. ok? I'll be back and then we'll leave. I was hoping to dance with Venice. and then he went himself and took her. I went to the mini-bar and smiled at the server who handed me a punch. I was really surprised the Santos clan let Jerwin end up with a commoner. Uhmm. at least she's hot.. you manwhore. Don't tell me you actually think Venice will survive this world without any experience under her belt? Guy 2: Hey. Guy 2: (laughs) Dude. my mom. if you were after my fiancée. Aliw aliw pa ko sa panonood sa mga people nang may lumakad na dalawang guys dun sa bar. Psh.. He told me to back off..

.. Totoo naman. He immediately scanned the room looking for me.. Just in time.. I saw Jerwin come back inside. Habang naglalakad sya papunta sa'kin.ko on the table. he immediately gently tapped my head. He's mine. pero at least for now. lahat ng kaaliwan ko kanina biglang nag-evaporate.. They all accomplished so much in the short time they've been living. O_O ... Natulala ako. lahat ng tao dito prominent figures.. When he finally got to where I was. trying to catch his attention. Tama ba ung rinig kong tinawag nya sa'kin?!? Ako: "S-S-Sardines"?!? Jerwin: Di ba pangarap mo un? Ako: What?! Jerwin: Don't worry. Napangiti ako nung naisip ko un.. Maybe it won't be true forever. dinaig nya pa ang kandidato sa dami ng mga kinawayan and kinamusta. He saw me and smiled. let's go. People must really think he's amazing.. I won't tell other people the reason I'm calling you that. it's real. Ganun na lang ba ako kaliit sa mga taong toh? I looked around again. kaya napataas tuloy ung kamay ko and waved. Jerwin: Sardines. Sigh... And he's mine...

o Anong fair dun?!? At least ako cute ung tawag ko sa kanya!! Eh sya?!?!? Tama bang gawin akong isda?!? Before I can counterattack. pero I didn't find her in the room.. Masyadong napuno ang brain ko nung pagtawag nya sa'kin ng sardinas. I still didn't catch a glimpse of the girl. pero Jerwin just laughed at their attempts. Neknek nya. Jerwin immediately grabbed my hand and started dragging me around the room to say goodbye to the guests.. Akala nya naman mag-bback down ako kahit na ganun sya kalapit..Ako: Eh?! So you're planning to actually call me that?!?!? He bent down para malapit ung mukha nya sa mukha ko. wala nang brain cells na available para magprocess pa ng hiya noh! Jerwin: You call me "Sunshine". Ako: Okay. I'll get the truck.. don't you? See? Now we're fair.♥ .... I tried looking for Geena. People were trying to stop him from leaving.♥♥ --(Geena's POV) ---------------. which is good. nyaha. --. Hanggang sa paglabas namin. O. We stopped sa entrance nung hotel. Jerwin: Wait here.

Me: I talked to Jerwin earlier. I'll ruin her! I'll break her! I don't care if I get my hands dirty. alone somewhere. The perfect couple. it's always been Dustin who looks for me... Venice stood there.. If making Venice realize her place didn't work.. Acting like the perfect couple..... Jerwin ran to the driver's side. and then he strode away to the parking lot. And do you know what he told me? He said he's spending his birthday with that nobody! I turned to Dustin.. "Geena.. It's sickening. What are you doing here?" I didn't have to turn to know who it was... Me: I tried to make him meet me for his birthday. just like how we did it the past year. He stood next to me and watched the scene outside.. Venice smiled at him before getting inside.. Me. Him..~*~.. Jerwin finally pulled up his truck. Dustin. Me: But I'll make him see. then I'll make sure to destroy her. her arms wrapped around herself.. Me: Look at them. and then hurriedly got out to open the door for his "fiancée". Me: He chose her over me! And then he walked away! He's playing me! Dustin: Geena. ::Chapter 45:: Simple Plan ♫.I watch the two of them walk out of the hotel.♫ ... Dustin: Let's go back inside. Geena. and the "oh-so-happy" couple finally drove away.~*~. Lately. fuming with anger. Jerwin whispered something to that red dress she claimed Jerwin bought for her. I will get Jerwin back.

happy valentines day na rin....... lalo na kung Sabado di ba? surprise birthday segment ni Jerwin... pumunta naman ako sa ABS para sa rehearsal for tomorrow's semi- Everybody was really friendly. starving..♥ The next day. sabay tukso na kaya lang ako lalabas eh dahil. pero baka pwede pa kong makatambay sa bahay and watch some cooking shows. Natapos kami three hours later. -__I'm hungry. Maaga na ung 10:00 AM. Gano kaliit naman ba ang mundo?!? At sa dinami-dami ng taong makikita ko. Tinuro lang sa'kin kung kailan ako lalabas. Venice??" NOOOOO!!!!! I slowly looked up.(Venice's POV) ---------------. famished.. kung pano ako iikot dun sa upuan ni Jerwin. bukod sa birthday segment ni Jerwin un.. slowly.. maaga-aga akong gumising. Di ako sure kung anong oras uuwi si Jerwin. talaga ehtong bruhilda pang toh!??! Maybe if I tiptoe back. and masaya sila dahil pumayag ako na mag-appear sa show.. And syempre. dalawang beses na rin na practice nung song with the band. T-T After saying goodbye and thank you. kung san ako tatayo. Habang nasa kung anong music session si Jerwin. Syempre. sabay plaster ng surprised smile sa face... nagmamadali na kong tumakbo paalis. I turned in one corner and halos marinig ko ung SCREEECCHH sa sobrang bigla nang pagtigil ko. "Oh.. . baka di nya ko mapansin...

It's nice seeing you. O__O Just being around that girl.. Geena: I didn't expect to find you here. I need to go now.....Ako: Geena.♥ "Sya ba un?" . I didn't even see you.. ay my golay! Daig pa ang pure taba ng baboy sa pagpapasikip ng dibdib ko.. casually lakad lang ako. the annual birthday show segment. tumingin ako dun sa kasama nyang girl. After making sure na hindi na nila ako nakikita.. Geena: Oh. hindi naman talaga ako nagmamadali. pero hindi naman talaga alam ni Geena un. I gave her a slight nod. ---♥♥--(Geena's POV) ---------------. They kinda asked me to... Para naman may poise. I know.. Hay nako. I went to this rehearsal thing for Jerwin's birthday tomorrow.. Not.. Tumingin ako sa relo ko. bwahaha Ako: Uhmm.. Jerwin is filming something? Ako: Uh. Ako: I'll see you around. ano... Nung una. Hanggang dun sa corner palabas ng building.. no. You're making an appearance? Ako: Yea.. Hello. I made a run for it. and then.... and nodded a little bit din to excuse myself...

.. That's her. She's pretty in a way. make sponsors. The extremities of her ignorance still escapes me. the harder you'll crash. Artie. he'll realize that too. It's going to hurt her. why are you helping her? Me: Artie. directors.. her being ignorant makes it so much easier for me to manipulate her. Oh and this plan is perfect. but then again. She's also one of the very few people who knew about my real relationship with Jerwin Santos.I watch as Venice briskly disappears around the corner. Jerwin belongs to me. Uh. Artie: Hmm. I smiled when I heard her that. Me: Yea.. she'll run away and never come back. Of course. Artie: Hay nako.. And soon. Me: Of course. Artie is a successful newspaper gossip columnist. Her career has always been helpful to me when I need to get a few things done. Artie: Okay okay. and then I looked at my companion. Of course she has to be pretty for everything to work. she didn't disclose the details because I told her not to.. haven't you heard? The higher you fly. who can resist the spotlight? her even knowing it. Artie: What?? Career? I thought she's not doing the whole showbiz thing?? Me: Oh.. It will be epic. I came up with the perfect plan to take that little nobody down. That sounds so mean. Me: I want you to help build her career. composers or whoever notice her. Write good things about her. if you're trying to get her out of the picture.♥ . Are you sure Jerwin is worth all of this trouble ha? The little show tomorrow will suck her into the business without I glanced at my little friend. Her life is gonna get so messed up. But. ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------..

Naaliw yata sa lakwatsa nya.. Dumating ako sa bahay. But since magsisimula na ang lahat ng new albums activities soon. Maya-maya lang. Are you ok? She let out a heavy sigh. I threw my car keys on the table and then collapsed on the couch. I might as well get as much rest as possible. Sardines! She just stood there. So..I finished early from my meeting with the composers.. Ako: Yo. and sat down beside me. eerily quiet.. And pag naririnig nyang tinatawag ko syang "sardines". she's all hyper and ready maki-gulo. talagang umusog pa sya at sumiksik sa tabi ko. So... Hindi pa natuwa... Venice did say na may lakad sya.. only to find it empty. but she's just staring at the TV.. uhmm.. what am I supposed to do? I decided to just let her be for a while. lumakad sya to where I'm sitting.. naglalakad na si Venice papasok. I turned on the TV since there's nothing else better to do. It wasn't even ten minutes later when I heard the front door open and then gently close... Usually. Umiral nanaman ang pagnanasa nyang maging sardinas? -__- I looked at her. ganitong oras. Why does she look so blank right now? Ako: Uh. laging ready na ung pangontra nya. Baka time of the month? panahon na? Di ba nagiging moody raw ang mga babae pag ganung . Usually.. ?__? Then. nag-vvocal practice ako or dance practice.

dapat maliit lang ung movements nya. -__Ako: Eh ano? Venice: Ano. ~__~ All of a sudden. I thought may daga sa bag ko. Nararamdaman kong umaakyat lahat ng dugo sa ulo ko.. Just tell me what happened. and-.. clutched close to me. may naramdaman akong gumagalaw. Ako: Uh-huh? Venice: I had my huge purse on my lap. turned the TV off. *gulp* Medyo tinaas ko ung bag ko. kung daga un... the guy sitting next to me. di ba dapat nag-ssqueak squeak sya? Tsaka.. She pouts her lips and started tracing shapes on the couch.She started to squirm a little bit. Venice: But then I realized. Venice: *sigh* Sumakay ako ng FX pauwi. at talagang kinakarir nya na ang pagsiksik sa tabi ko.. Ako: Just talk. will you?! You're creeping me out..*sniff* Sunshine. Ako: Na-hold up ka?!? Venice: No..... Ako: Okay? Venice: So I looked. I finally gave up..and-.. I grabbed the remote.. Ako: WHAT?!?!?! I bolted up from the couch and towered over the startled Venice. and then turned to face her.. Ako: Okay... He had his hand hand on ME. She pointed at her tummy. Punong-puno ng pasahero. I felt something na gumagalaw dito oh..... ...

Ako: Minanyak ka?!?!? Venice reluctantly nodded her head. Ako nga ba nagsabi nun? O. Sunshine. O__O Ako: Why didn't you beat the hell out of him?!? ARGH! Do you remember his face?! I'm gonna bring you to a sketch artist right now! Venice: Eh?!? W-Why? O_O Ako: I'm going to hunt that bastard down! him.. Ako: Then. and for a few moments. -__.. there was some sort of shocked silence in the room. how can she tell me to relax in a time like this?!?! Ako: Let's go to the police station right now. Ako: Nababaliw ka na ba? Venice: Aish.Alam mo ba kung gano karaming FX meron sa Pinas?!? Ako: I don't care! That little--!! How dare he touch my girl?!?! Venice blinked in surprise. Just leave it to Venice to ruin the moment. Ang corny kaseh eh! . I'm gonna kill him! I'm gonna f---Venice: WHOAAA!! Sunshine! Relax ka lang! O_O Mas hot ka pa sa'kin ah! I'm gonna broadcast his face all over the news! When I find May kung anong amused expression na sa mukha nya si Venice as she watches me pace back and forth dun sa living room.. O_O Hindi ako nakakaalala ng mga panget.She started laughing and laughing and laughing. -__.. hinampas ko ung bag ko sa kanya. Seriously. we'll track him down! Venice: Oh for crying out loud... Napatigil rin ako nung narinig ko ung sinabi ko. I'm gonna f*cking kill that guy! Ako: What did you do?!? Did you punch the hell out of him?!? Venice: Tinignan ko lang sya nang masama.O Then. and then.. Venice: Eh?!? Abno ka ba? I don't even remember the dude's face.

Sya na nga tohng na-manyak. pero nakangiti pa rin sya as she looked at the dumbfounded me. pero sumunod naman sya palabas ng bahay.. Venice: San nga tayo pupunta? I grabbed her hand and pulled her up to her feet. ::Chapter 46:: Precious Moments . let's go. sya pa tohng may lakas ng loob magpakabaliw sa kakatawa. Ako: Let's go. I grabbed my keys from where I threw them..unless you wear 2 layers of armor. Now. Thiz iz it na noh! Namumula ka na! bwahahahaha I walked out on her peals of laughter. Psh.. Venice: Ang exagge mo.She stopped laughing after a while. Ibang klase talaga ang utak. Venice: Huh? Where are we going? Ako: I won't let you ride any sort of public transportation again -. -__Ako: Better safe than sorry. She looks confused. and then went back to the living room. Ako: I'm teaching you how to drive.. Venice was just finishing her laugh parade. Venice: Is this it? Ako: Is this what? Venice: Is this when you're going to say you've fallen in love with me? Ako: What?!? You're nuts! Venice: Ahsusss.

O . Nung naayos nya na ung posisyon ng truck sa labas ng bahay namin.♫. tinaasan ko nanaman sya ng kilay... and step on the gas very slowly Very.~*~. Step on the brake.~*~.. Kasama pa ung mga lectures kung anong tatapakan. Let's go..♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.. and then put the car on drive. kung pano i-adjust ung mga mirrors. and then nagpalit kami ng upuan. pinababa nya ko..♥ "Okay. slowly... Ok... kung anong pwedeng pindutin. stepp--- Vroom!! Jerwin: BRAKEEEE!!! O. Jerwin: Now take your foot off the brake.. Ang taas ng confidence sa'kin ni kuya~ Hinayaan nya kong maupo sa driver's seat! wahahaha Jerwin: Okay." For the 100th time since lumabas kami. Sure na kaya talaga sya sa ginagawa nya? He'll let me drive his oh-so-precious truck? Pero sige lang~ Go Go Go! Jerwin let me watch as he took his Ford truck out of the driveway. kung alin ung speedometer.

Sunshine. may aso yatang nag-suicide!" "Ubos na ung gas. Isang libong excuse kagad ang tumakbo sa utak ko! "Sunshine.. Napatingin kagad ako kay Jerwin.... I put the truck in reverse (just like how he showed it to me) and then.O'> My foot immediately stepped on the brake." .. Jerwin: Ang sabi ko.. and my hands flew to my mouth (napamura pa tuloy nang wala sa oras ). May bumunggo sa'kin. <'O.Screech! Kung di kami naka-seatbelt. Umatras ka ulit..?" "Hinimatay ung truck mo. May BUMUNGGO sa'kin!!! Nasaktan ko ang oh-so-precious truck! Jerwin is going to kill me.. siguro lumipad na kami sa windshield ngayon. "slowly"! Step on the pedals slowly! Ako: Eh kaseh naman! Jerwin: Geez... May naatrasan ako. as sloowwwly as I can.. umatras ako-- BOOM! Oo O Ako: Oh sshhht.

Jerwin: Why are your eyes so big? *gulp* Jerwin: Your face is red too. dahan-dahan kong sinarado ung pinto as I nervously wait for Jerwin to finish inspecting the back of his truck. Then he paused and really stared at my burning face -. the garbage can didn't leave any mark. and step out...o .and to my surprise.. Na-shock talaga sya! O_O He opened his mouth na parang magsisimula na syang mag-freak out.Nanlalaki ung mata ni Jerwin. Halos madapa-dapa pa sa pagmamadali -.. Jerwin: I-shift mo sa 'park' ung kambyo.. Lucky for you. Are you okay? I nodded..wag lang akong masigawan. Sumunod kagad ako. Ahhh di pala suicidal na aso ang natamaan ko. With all the feminine gentleness na kaya ko. wala namang gasgas.. Kamustah na kaya ung nag-suicide na aso? -__- Jerwin: Well. he just shook his head and laughed to himself. O.

kahit ibunggo mo. and watched him jump inside the truck. Ako: Bakit? Jerwin: My mom has an old car we rarely use..... examining.. I don't think anyone would mind. he laughed again. At least un. -__- "Ate Veniceeeee!!!" . Psh.Inikutan nya ko ng isang beses.. We're driving over to my parents' house. Jerwin: Anoh pang tinatayo-tayo mo dyan? Get inside. O_o I handed him the keys. I was going to. And thus. the torture continues. give me the keys.. Jerwin: You're scared! Ako: Hindi ba? Akala mo papagalitan kita noh? Jerwin: Well. and namula ka pa! He stepped closer to me and pinched my cheek. Tama bang panggigilan ako? -__- Kung di ko lang nabunggo ung truck mo. I rubbed the cheek na pinisil nya. Ako: What? Tapos na ang driving lessons natin? Jerwin: No.. But when I heard you curse. and then finally. then cover your mouth. Jerwin: Ang cuuuttte mo! Now.

. Magaling na teacher si Aling Ligaya sa pagluluto eh. anoh. Gagawa pa raw sya ng homework. and I'm borrowing mom's old car. So. Jean: I don't care.. -__. sumalubong kagad sa'kin si Jean."Princess".. Jean: Anong ginagawa nyo dito? Kamustah ung bagong bahay? (biglang silip sa liko ko) Kasama nyo ba si Prince Charming ko? Ako: Jean. . As usual. Jean: Hm? Why? Ako: Dahil ayaw nya nang ipahamak ulit ung mahal nyang truck.. ilang beses ko bang sasabihin syo. seems like Ako: It's not a performance. mas posible pa kung princess. Jean: Eh ang Valentine dinner? Okay na ba? Ako: Well. Nagpaalam na si Jean.. As usual. kuya? May naiwan ka pang mga gamit? Jerwin: Yea.As soon as Jerwin dropped me off the front. Guest appearance lang sya. never magiging "Prince" si Kenny. Jerwin: I'm teaching your ate how to drive. And since mag-isa lang si Jean sa bahay. Keep the secret from the receiver. Jerwin took the car keys. I told Aling Ligaya na dun na kami kakain ng dinner.. Anyway. everything's going to be okay. Maarte. Why did you suddenly drop by nga pala? Napatingin ako kay Jerwin.. hyper nanaman sya. Jerwin: Where's mom and dad? Jean: Tinatanong pa ba un. Natahimik kaming bigla nang nakita namin si Jerwin naglalakad palapit. they're at work. okay na ba ung performance mo bukas? I went to the rehearsal kanina. I need to get a few more things. maglakwatsa na lang tayong dalawa without Mang Ponce! Ako: Di ka ba makalabas nang wala si Mang Ponce? Jean: Mom doesn't like me taking public transportation. Tawagin na lang namin sya pagbalik namin. Jean: Ohhhh! Ate. magiging ok naman siguro. nyahaha He gave Jean a playful hug before walking with us papasok ng bahay.. May pinagmanahan naman pala tohng taong toh. that's good! Para next time.

. I nodded.. Walang mga taong kalye. Jerwin: Dahan-dahannn!!! Ako: Sorry poh. I shifted to 'drive'. Luma na nga ung kotse. and ahyan na! umaandar na kami. . Both hands gripping the wheel tightly... Jerwin: Ipatong mo kasi ung paa mo sa sahig... anoh pa nga ba ang expected ko. Sunod naman ako sa instructions.Kaya yata hyper si Jean pag nakikita ako. eh high breed ang mga tao sa neighborhood na toh.syempre. And remember! Slowly lang ang pagtapak sa gas. then slowly step on the gas. Just drive straight. Jerwin: Okay. Jerwin put me in the driver's seat again.. Jerwin drove the old car hanggang sa labas nung gate nila.. pero parang kasing edad ko na yata. Hindi naman sa kalawang. Deserted ung street nung bahay nila -. Step on the pedal slowwwllyyy VRoom! Napahawak bigla si Jerwin dun sa handle... sabik sa tao. I can do this! Just drive straight! ..

. nakatunganga sa TV na hindi naman bukas.♫ WAH! Stop the car!!! I DON'T WANNA DIE STOP THE CAR!!! I'M GETTING OFF!! STOP THE (Venice's POV) ---------------.o Jerwin: Aish! Are you driving with your eyes closed!?!? YET!! Let me outtt~~ ToT ::Chapter 47:: Trick for Treat ♫. Hindi ako sanay nang hindi ako nagmamadali. Completely flawless ang pagkaka-apply ng medyo subtle na make-up. Lagi akong late kaya lagi akong nagmamadali. na-lalate pa rin.. Sa klase. Sa mga lakwatsa. late pa rin ako... sobrang aga kong nagising nung umaga. Dahan-dahan pa nga ung pag-plantsa ko ng buhok ko dahil alam kong maaga pa.♥ The next day: Happy Valentines~! Hindi ko alam kung anong multo ang sumanib sa'kin. -__. Kakaiba pala ang feeling ng maagang natatapos..~*~.. Nakakabato! . late pa rin. late. *sigh* Hanggang sa naubusan na ko ng gagawin at ang haba pa rin ng oras. Kaya halos dalawang oras pa bago kami lumarga papunta sa shooting nung show.~*~. Sa pagpasa ng projects.20 minutes later.... Jerwin: HOW CAN YOU KEEP ON SWERVING IN A STRAIGHT ROAD?!?!? GANO BA KAHIRAP MAGDRIVE NG DIRETSO?!?!? Ako: Eh ung kotse ang ayaw dumiretso eh!! Jerwin: (screams) AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! CAAAAARRRRRR!!!! Ako: Hey! Mas diretso na ung pag-ddrive ko ngayon kesa kanina noh! *gasp* Oh no! Suicidal na askal ba un? O... Jerwin has started gripping the door handle with both hands. all set na ko..Nakaupo na lang ako sa living room.. Nagpalit ako ng outfit nang ilang beses.. Kahit anong gawin ko.

. Ako: Knock~ Knock~ I cautiously opened the door to his room.. sabay upo sa kama nyang hindi nanaman inayos pagkagising. Sinipa ko sya. Naliligo pa rin si kuya. sabay tingin sa paligid..joke. Oh. Wala pa rin sa loob si Jerwin. wala pa rin sya.. Wala pa ring sagot. Anak ng tutubi.. hanggang sa nahulog sya sa sahig. .. Kinaladkad ko na rin pababa nung kama nya -. ang tagal nya pa rin! Ilang dust particles na ang nagpalipad-lipad sa paligid ko. -_- I walked around. Nalamon na yata nung shower. -___- Ako: JERWIN SANTOSSSSS!!!! .At ang tagal tagal tagal tagal pa ni Jerwin! Inabot na nga ako ng syam-syam bago sya magising kanina.. and trudged up the stairs para magsimula ng skandalo sa kwarto nya. Inikot ko ung ulo ko paharap sa hagdan.. eh di gising kagad! Pero... dahil tinatamad akong tumayo at umakyat para katukin sya. Ako: (sigaw) JERWIN!! HALIKA NAA!! . Sapilitan kong tinayo ung sarili ko from the couch.

-. and dun nya lang na-realize na nakaupo ako sa kama nya.... keeping my calm kahit na gusto ko nang humagakhak ng tawa. and. diretso tingin sa bagong pasok na si Jerwin. He dropped the towel he was using on his hair. pakanta-kanta pa.I hate waiting..rough love para lang matuyo ang buhok.- I collapsed on the bed.. and biglang lumipad ung mga kamay nya dun sa towel sa lower portion of his body para higpitan ung pagkakatali -. @_@ Finally. O__O Talagan pinandigan nya ang pagiging FRESH out of the shower.. All of a sudden. he's not wearing anything but another towel wrapped around his hips -. I really hate waiting. burying my face in the pillow... pasayaw-sayaw. Napaupo akong bigla.. Ayoko naman magkagulo ang mga kapitbahay. he turned around. O__O Jerwin casually strolled in. bow) Jerwin: V-Venice!?!?!! Nung narinig ko ung nag-ppanic nyang boses. I made sure na ung mga sounds are muffled by the pillow dahil may tendency akong mag-scream pagkatapos ng total rants ko... Hindi pala ako pwede mag-stay sa kwarto nya. dun lang ako medyo natauhan. *gulp* Kinukuskos nya ung isa nyang hawak na tuwalya sa dripping wet hair nya -. narinig kong bumukas ung pinto. habang nasa kalagitnaan ako ng pang-aaway dun sa unan.and para na rin takpaannn ang dapat takpaaannn (for the sake of both our eyes and pride..a very loose towel. and started the rain of complaints. I slowly stood up from his bed.. . Staring at him.

Ako: Uhmm I should probably wait downstairs. Lumingon ulit ako at the still wide-eyed Jerwin. His mouth dropped open.. and then I winked at him. I walked past him para lumabas.. I think I heard him drop on the floor.. making sure na pinapakita ang pagiging pleased with the muscles and the lack of cloth.. I stepped out of the room.. ang katangi-tanging salita lang na sinabi sa'kin ni Sunshine is: "Let's go. Ever since bumaba sya ng hagdan. tinamaan ako ng isang mala-topak na kalokohan na kinaaliwan naman ng malalandi kong brain cells. Ako: Sunshine~ Jerwin: @___@ I made a quick flirty glance at his half-naked body. Ako: Sunshine!!! Hindi mo pa rin ba ko kakausapin?!? Jerwin and I finally left the house to go to the studio para dun sa TV show na may guest birthday appearance si Jerwin (and ang still secret surprise pagsulpot ko later). at hindi nya ko tinitignan! . and gently closed the door behind me. Pero bago ko tuluyang isarado ung pinto. hindi na sya nagsalita. An hour later. sabay ngiti.." After nun.

ate. Ate Li. wahaha Ako: Wala poh akong nakita. -___.Silence. Ate Li: Oh sige.. She looks astounded nung narinig nya ung sinabi ko.. Naaliw lang ako dahil hindi araw- araw nangyayari ang makita kitang naglalakad nang tuwalya lang ang suot mo... can you leave us alone for a minute? I just need to get Venice's brain back in its place.Nakarating na kami't lahat sa dressing room nya. Promise. Ako: I just couldn't resist. You're hot! THAT made him look at me -. Ako: Okay.finally! nyahaha Jerwin: When did you become such a pervert? Ako: Ay kinakausap mo na ko! WAHAHAHA And I'm not a perv. Tama ba naman un? Di ba dapat binibigyan mo ko ng chocolates? flowers? . Girls just wanna have fun! Ako: Valentines na Valentines. I'm starting to love this day... Jerwin: Aish. pero anoh bang magagawa ko? High ako from nervousness at lack of sleep... dinedeadma mo ko. Sorry na about what happened earlier. dinedeadma pa rin ako... Jerwin: Ssh! Napatingin kaming dalawa dun sa hairstylist na nasa kwarto. fine. I know I should feel awkward (maybe a little bit guilty?) after that little thing kanina.. Umupo ako dun sa chair na katabi nya. .. malapit na magsimula ung shooting. Just hurry up.

. loving care. You should have seen your face! And you were even singing and dancing... ... It's a free country. Ako: B-Bakit ka lumalapit ng ganyan? Uh. Possessive ka na ha. understand? Ako: But it's funny. personal space please?! O_O Jerwin: Personal space? You think that still applies here? You already saw me naked. Jerwin: I think you're forgetting something.. Nasa good mood na sya? Ako: Anoh ako.As soon as the hairstylist stepped out of the room. hubarin ko muna? Jerwin: You wanna die? Ako: Uuuyyy. He suddenly got up from his chair. umikot kagad paharap sa'kin si Jerwin. I need to take good care of what's mine. he bent over and nilapit nya ung mukha nya sa mukha ko. At ang nakakawindang pa. and tumayo sa harap ko. If I know.. hindi nakagalaw.. Jerwin: Sinoh ba naman kasing may sabing sumama ka dito? Ako: Eh vahket ba!? Gusto kong makita si fafa Piolo! Jerwin: Piolo isn't even here.. Jerwin: That diamond ring on your finger means you're engaged to me.. He pointed at my left hand. Jerwin: Don't ever talk about that incident again. Ako: Eh di maghahanap ako ng ibang fafa-hin. pet? Kailangan ng "good care"? Jerwin: Tender. Kanina pa ko naghihintay. nagcconcert ka sa banyo noh! Jerwin: Why were you in my room anyway?!? Ako: Eh ang tagal mo kasi eh. Ay? Nakiki-ride na si kuya. Jerwin: Of course. Ako: Gusto mo. O__O Ako naman si shocked.

O Jerwin: Nope. What do you want then? Josko poh. Pinagpapawisan na rin ang likod ko... Swimming trunks is different from a towel.. I should get something back. And I don't keep myself in shape para lang basta-basta masilipan... half-fearing what he's gonna do. totally imprisoning me in that small little space. Jerwin: How about a kiss? Ako: EHHH?!?! Ahyan na! Nagputukan na ang mga veins ng puso ko! I can feel my face burning in a way na may lumalabas na yata na steam sa tenga ko. na I can feel his breath on my skin. Jerwin started to inch his face even closer.. of course... I just stared at his face... err. half-naked. It's still the same... fearing. Ako: W-What are you saying? Jerwin: I need to charge a viewing fee. >___< .O He moved closer to me again. His face is so close to mine. okay. Parang kanina lang. naked. Nag-aalarm na ang all kinds of panic alarm sa brain ko.... Jerwin: Who says I'm gonna ask for money? Ako: Uh.. O.. That can still be considered halfnaked. pero hinde talaga ako makagalaw. right? To make us even? Ako: *gulp* B-But I've seen you in your swimming trunks before. Ako: Wala akong pera. That's different. and all I could do was close my eyes shut.Ako: HALF! HALF-naked! O. ako ang nang-ttrip dito ah! O. half-anticipating if he has the guts to do it.O Jerwin placed his hands on the chair's armrests. Jerwin: Hmm. 200 miles a minute na ang tibok ng puso ko.

. -__- Jerwin: Ha! I've never seen anyone turn that shade of red before. It can't possibly take him that long to. I fell for the little jerk's trick. -___- Nakatayo si Jerwin far from me.... resting his back on the dressing table in front. 6. Ako: You--!!! You lizard! What the hell was that for!?!? You almost gave me a heart attack! Jerwin: Oh? Are you disappointed na hindi ko tinuloy? O_O Ako: N-No! Bakit naman ako ma-ddisappoint!? Kung tinuloy mo un.. Pagdating ng 10 at wala pa rin ung "kiss".do it right? >_o o_o I knew it. He's watching me with a teasing grin on his face.What to do?! What to do?! What to do?!!?!?! 5 seconds.. I would've smacked your face right then and there! .. 7. I cracked one eye open na. 8.

. Venice? If you want a kiss.. pero bago pa sya completely lumabas. he turned to face me again.. Ako: Dear-dear-in mo yang mukha mo! You looked adorable kahit na may tiny bit of pagka- Tumawa lang si Jerwin amidst my panic scoldings. trying to make my heart go back to its normal beating rate. Ako: Lokong un. I slumped in the chair. After checking himself one last time at the huge mirror. Jerwin: Well. we're even now. Ako: W-What?! Jerwin: And with this. so I have to go.. Binuksan nya na nang konti ung door. he walked past me papunta sa pinto.. my dear. Jerwin: And. ::Chapter 48:: A Song For You ♫.~*~. and went out of the room laughing. Maloloka pa ko nang wala sa oras.Jerwin: But you should have seen your face! ridiculous. Oo O I grabbed the small pillow behind me and threw it with all my might papunta kay Jerwin! Ako: Shut UP! He gracefully dodged the bullet. all you have to do is ask..♫ .~*~. the show is going to start in a minute.

WTH? Tumingin kagad ako dun teleprompter para tignan kung may sasabihin ba ko or what. Parang ang tagal ng oras. pero wala naman akong linya na lumalabas. Carlo: And now.. I'm not supposed to go up til later. What's he talkin' about? Direk: Jerwin! Ako: Yea?!? Before I knew it.. Ano na kaya nangyari dun?? "Jerwin! Get on stage!" Stage? What? Napatingin ako kay direk. We're on air. and the camera was already focused on us. ... Jerwin ha. I've performed.♥ The show has been going on for almost an hour now. I was being dragged on stage by two of the hosts. And I haven't seen Venice since we started.. ehto na ang special segment para sa current prince of songs. Special segment? Mark: Mukhang confused na confused ka.(Jerwin's POV) ---------------.. I co-hosted. Naalala ko na kung bakit hindi ako pumirma ng kontrata to host a noontime show.

. Nung natapos ung message ni manager.. mawawala pa ba ang pangaral ni manager... Where could she have gone? Di naman siguro sya na-kidnap. not paying attention dun sa mga sinasabi nung dalawang hosts. right? Carlo: Let's listen to the heartfelt greetings ng mga taong malapit sa puso ni Jerwin! Napatingin lang ulit ako dun sa dalawa nung naramdaman ko ung kamay ni Carlo sa balikat ko. I listened to the usual birthday greetings from the usual people. Lagi kasing si manager ang huling message.. akala ko tapos na. Dustin. kailangan nating i-celebrate ang araw mo..Ako: Ay. Hayyy.. next time. obvious na obvious ba? What's going on? The two sat me down on the stool at the center of the stage... .. Si Nicole.. Sabi ko na nga ba.. bro! Ako: Ahh... and syempre.. Valentines day na ba ang araw ko ngayon? Mark: (natawa) Pwede rin.. so I guess it's the "recorded birthday greetings" part na.. Jean. I looked around the studio. They're looking at the screen.. alam mo namang weekend show tayo.. and dun na nag-sink in sa'kin ung nangyayari. I wonder what they have in store for me this time. "Kuyaaa~! " And of course. Anoh ba. Is it that time na ba? Carlo: Syempre. a few co-workers. sabihin mo sa birthday mo tumapat naman sya sa weekend. But to my surprise.. Ang walang kamatayang celebration ng birthday ko. Venice still isn't here. si Jean ang magsisimula ng greetings... may isa pang recorded message na lumabas.

" It's Venice. They still can't get enough of seeing her.. "Uhmm.. but I could barely hear them.. eh saan ka pa ba nakakita ng "heartfelt" na message tapos biglang ganun-ganun ang hirit? Venice talaga. She WOULD ask that.. -___- Kaya pala sumama ung babaeng un. Gusto nyang makita sarili nya sa screen noh! The audience got restless nung nakita nila ung tao sa screen. You're a wonderful person to your family. It's been great. It's weird that they didn't edit that out. I know na hindi tayo masyadong nag-uusap tungkol sa mga ganitong "sweet" na bagay.. Tumatawa silang dalawa ni Mark.."Jerwin..." Lumipat ung focus ng mata nya dun sa kung sinoh man ung may hawak nung camera. I just wanna say how proud I am of you. "Wala na bang take-two toh?" Oh wow. "Ano... Natuwa yata si direk. I was focusing on the video. Natural na tsismoso na yata talaga ang mga tao.. "Happy Birthday and Happy Valentines! Uhmm. Kaya lubuslubusin mo na ang pakikinig dito ok?!" I felt Carlo slap my back. napatingin tuloy ako sa kanya. friends and even to strangers... Nagtawanan ung mga tao.... .. Pano nga namang hinde." Oh.. The longer I watch you and the longer we've been together.... seryoso na sya ngayon.

"So."Hmm I don't really know what to say.. She's going to sing live. More importantly. bigla-bigla lang sumusulpot tapos sasabihin na lang na i-record ko toh--" Napatingin ulit dun sa kung saan (I'm guessing eh kung san nakatayo si direk guess I'll just sing you a song. Kakanta si Venice dun sa video?? Carlo and Mark suddenly left the stage.... She's wearing a different outfit from the one she wore when we came. and she has make-up on... .. " The music started and the people erupted in a round of applause.... I turned around to look... she's holding a mic. Alam ko naman how much you love hearing me sing. Her hair has been loosely curled. It was moving to the side. The blue dress looks good on her. Kelan ko sinabi un?!? I mean. I Hala. it's true. kasi naman si direk. Venice: (sings) I pinch myself Sometimes to make sure I'm not in a dream That's how it seems I close my eyes and breathe in the sweetest moments I've ever known It feels like home And here I am I want to be your everything There you are Turning winter into spring." ). and then narinig kong gumalaw ung stage set sa likod ko. revealing Venice.. kelan ko sinabi un?!? "Kaya makinig kang mabuti ha! I chose this song especially for you.. Pero.

I didn't care about the audience or the cameras. But here she is. but then she met my eyes and she smiled.. which she gladly took. Venice: Advance happy birthday. I know she doesn't want to perform in front of an audience anymore.. She lowered the mic bago sya nagsalita ulit.. She's not freaking out. nung commercial break . Ako: You're the best. Syempre. The song wasn't that long. pero wala nang tigil-tigil.. Finally. Singing a song just for me. and then. and I couldn't help but smile at her. She looks nervous... I took her face in my hands. Suddenly. When Venice finished. pinutol na nila para di makasakop ng masyadong mahabang oras. -.much to the delight of everybody watching. I reached out my hand to her. The sudden noise in the studio somewhat woke me up from what I was about to do. and then I leaned in... there it is. I know how she feels about singing in front of the camera. Carlo: Yihheeeee! Tama bang mang-inggit sa harap ng mga singles dito?!? Mark: Oo nga! Ako: Anong "singles"?!? May mga girlfriend kayo ah! I wrapped an arm around Venice as the other two proceeded with their script. Her voice even becomes more spectacular when she's confident. Venice looked startled at first. I landed a soft peck at the tip of Venice's nose...She walked towards me.. that transformation.. Sunshine.. But it was alright. she gave my hand a quick squeeze.. I smiled at her to tell her she's doing great.

. I closed the door behind Kaya nga surprise eh. Venice: Maannn. I thought I was going to die~ T-T Ako: Yea right.. Thank you for the song. Mood swings ba itoh? Time of the month? -___- . Venice: What? I smiled at her and then pulled her in my arms. You're amazing. and then walked over to where Venice was standing.. . You little sneak. should I be hugging you back? Iiyak ka ba? Ako: (chuckles) No.. Parang kanina lang pinag-ttripan mo ko ah... Venice: Sunshine. .. I just want to thank you. I didn't know you were gonna perform today! Venice: Duh. I never had anyone sing for me. I never thought it would happen... Venice and I went back to the dressing room.... She was surprised by the gesture. Venice: Ang cheesy mo naman... Venice: Errr. but she didn't push me away. Venice: Kailangan talaga may hug pa? Ako: I've always thought it'd be nice to have someone sing a song especially for me. Ako: So. checking her reflection in the mirror... She looked at me nung nakita nyang nakatayo na ko sa tabi nya.

Sunshine.. sabay tingin sa kanya.. Moment-moment ka dyan. I can describe him clearly -... Ako: Okay. para pag pumunta tayo sa sketch artist. after I remember his face... Ako: Wala na! Ayoko na! Hinde na ko magpapaka-sweet syo ever again! Venice: Wah. May gagawin pa ko eh. I'll make sure to beat him up. I don't think things like that would happen everyday.. I still have to go to the music studio to do a quick revision of a song. Ako: It won't take long. Well. Tampo na? Sunshine.~*~.... gusto nang umuwi. Then. Venice: Eh?! At bakit naman?? Ako: Pano kung may mangmanyak nanaman syo?!?! Venice: -__. Ako: Kahit na ba! Venice: Okay.~*~..*sigh* I let her go.. Pero. Venice and I walked to the main lobby -. Okay? -_____- Kailangan talagang ipaalala ang pag-ooverreact ko last time noh? .. hahatid na kita.making sure na wala nang umaaligidaligid na fans. Bakit di mo na lang ako hintayin? Venice: Uwi na ko. si Venice. Time of the month mo ba talaga? O_O Ako: nang ma-hunting mo sya afterwards..♥ After mag-wrap up nung show. Ahsssuuuusss.. Ako: You--! You really know how to ruin a moment! Venice: Pssh... Ehwan ko syo! ::Chapter 49:: Turning Point ♫.♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Na-touch ka sa song ko noh! You loovvveeee me na noh? Uuuyyyyy.

.tumalon na sya sa loob nung taxi.May "compromise-compromise" ka pang nalalaman dyan. -__- Lumakad kami palabas ng building para mag-abang ng taxi... na-realize nya na wala nang patutunguhan kung makikipagtalo pa sya.. I handed Venice a few cash.or.. Pumayag ka na. Pumayag naman si kuya na ihatid si Venice. It didn't take long since mayaman naman sa dumadaan na taxi ung lugar na toh. my dear Sardines? Venice: Oh shut up. pero siguro. ha. I don't know what she's thinking.. When a cab finally stopped in front of us. . I stood there smiling sheepishly.. display of randomness? -. she jumped in front of me and threw her arms around my neck. Ako: I'll give you money. Venice: Taxi? Simula dito hanggang sa bahay? O_O Ako: Yea. why not? Venice: Hello? (turo sa sarili) Broke. Tinitigan ako sandali ni Venice in disbelief. Venice: Uwi ka kagad. uh. Sunshine. I gave the destination to the driver. Pero mag-taxi ka.. but to my surprise. tapos I opened the back door for her. O_O Natulala tuloy ako sa gulat.Ako: *sigh* Fine. and then waved as they drove away. Ako: Syempre. I closed the door after her. Parang kaming bagong kasal. Isn't that how relationships work. Venice: Fine.. This is the only compromise I'm willing to make. Ako: Call me when you get home. After that unexpected display of affection -.. Akala ko papasok na si Venice sa loob. -__.

. Akala ko nga may makikita na kong rainbow-colored. but what can I do? I'm a perfectionist. violet.. Hindi pa full song ung ni-record namin.. ung receptionist. tatawagin na lang kita.. Bumaba na ko to the main lobby.. For Valentines day. pink. I just need to wait for the producers to hear the new sample. puto ang binebenta mo ah. and this is the only day I can try it out. Roses of all colors. all set to go home. white. In the end. Pag may napili ako. yellow.. . I've been toying with idea of tweaking a few lines and verses. sabakin mo! Ako: Magkano naman tohng mga toh.. Puno ng flower baskets. May red.. Ate Cha: Abah syempre naman! Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon. checking out the merchandise na naka-display. ate. Tignan mo. ate? Ate Cha: Murang-mura lang..... nang nakita ko ung desk ni Ate Cha. kinarir mo na yata ang pagbebenta? Parang nung isang araw lang. Artificially dyed syempre ung iba. I know. Anoh bang favorite color ni Venice? Lahat ng kulay meron ako! Oo nga. Ako: Sige. blue. Ako: Ate Cha. Napansin ko nga. Anoh ba naman tohng pinag-iisip ko?!? The recording took three hours to do. lahat na dapat ng negosyo. Balik trabaho ka muna. mas nagustuhan ko ung second version. pero hindi yata ganun ka-dali mag-dye ng rose na iba-iba ang kulay. Lumapit ako dun sa receptionist. small part lang nung isang track... I guess.-___- Aish. ang tagal.

Busy-busyhan pa ko sa pagtingin-tingin nang may biglang tumayo sa tabi ko. Dustin: I know the truth about that engagement. I'm engaged to Venice.. Dustin. You didn't choose to be engaged to that girl! Sumandal ako dun sa dingding sa likod ko. bumalik nga sya dun sa mga papeles na inaayos nya. He's one of the most laidback person I know. Sa laki ba naman nung sahig. joke lang pala. dumikit sya sa'kin. natulala talaga ako sa kanya... I feel like I'm being interrogated. I was taken by surprise dahil hindi naman violent person si Dustin. again. For Venice? Ako: Of course. Kaya nung halos madapa-dapa ako sa paghila nya sa'kin papunta sa sulok nung building. asked me to bring her some food. Jerwin. Geena called me earlier.. Dustin: You're getting flowers? For Geena? Ako: What? No. Dustin: . napatingin ako. Ako: Oh. Man. Naligaw ka yata ng building? Dustin: Yea.Sumunod naman si Ate Cha. -__Ilang tao pa ba ang nakakaalam tungkol sa simula ng engagement na toh? Do they also know na seryoso naman ung commitment namin ni Venice? . Ako: Oh... But then.. Syempre.. ok ka lang? Dustin: Why are you doing this?! Ako: Doing what? Buying flowers? Masyado bang corny? Isn't that what people do for Valentines? Dustin: Why are you giving it to Venice?!? What about Geena?!? Ako: It's different now. What did I do? Ako: Bro. Dustin. kailangan talaga. Tumingin sya dun sa mga tinitignan kong bulaklak. He suddenly grabbed my arm.

Or maybe. I guess it is absurd how things are going right now. I know.. Dustin: You're in love with her? Ako: Huh?? O_O Nanlaki ung mga mata ko dun sa simpleng tanong na un. Ako: I know.. Ang corny palang pakinggan. ..Ako: You're right. with Venice. But.. She's amazing. Is that weird? Nagkamot ako ng ulo sa mga pinagsasabi ko. I'm falling for my fiancée. I can tell he's feeling frustrated or something. Dustin: Then why are you being like this? You're practically ignoring Geena! While. I doubt na magpapatayan kami.. pwede na ring gamitin para pagselosin si Geena.. Ako: At first. I would wake up every morning with a smile on my face because I know I'll get to see her later on. while. It's weird. He never messes with his hair unless he's hearing something that baffles him. The more time I spend with Venice. Bro. man. Ako: Would it be too cliché if I say that. We're comfortable with each other.. But what can I do? She's.. I guess I've been too busy with things that I never really got to thinking about this issue.. I thought I can use Venice for entertainment habang wala si Geena. I'm completely happy with Venice. Dustin ran his hand through his hair.. man. I didn't choose to be engaged. Ang layo na ng narating namin since the first time we met.. Tumingin ako sa kanya.. Dustin: It's absolutely working-Ako: Kaya lang. Venice and I.. the more I enjoy being in her presence... This is the first time I said those things out loud. I think I'm falling for her already? Dustin: J... Ako: Considering the way this all started. Maliit na ang possibility na magpapatayan kami.. I can't even imagine myself with anyone else.

Remember? You bought me one last year..I. I found my rightful place. I would have proudly declared her mine.. Hmm Well. But...away from people's eyes. talagang Power of Two pa ang pinadala sa'kin. wouldn't even give me a chance. and I'm happy with where I am right now. She would flirt with other guys openly.. you moved on? Just like that? Ako: I didn't expect this to happen. Dustin: So.. pero syempre.. Dustin: And Geena? What are you going to do about Geena? Ako: Geena and I are friends. on the other hand. -__- Ako: Oh. Venice. she quickly hid her distaste with a smile. Geena: Hi! What are you two doing hiding in the corner? Dustin: Nothing.. Jerwin is just asking me about my opinion on those flowers over there. Dustin: She doesn't think so. C'mon. Geena: Ohh!! I--Dustin: He's giving them to Venice. why don't you get her flowers from the floral shop at the mall? They have gorgeous bouquets. she wants her "friend" back.. We've always been friends. man. Hi. Ako: What? Dustin: Geena wants you back -. while she was seeing me on the side -. but she didn't want me to. Ako: You know everything about it.and I don't mean. What the hell. feel like a high school boy gushing on about his crush. di mo man lang ba ko susuportahan? "Support for what?" Napaikot kaming bigla ni Dustin nang may sumulpot out of nowhere sa tabi namin. Geena. trained international model. And as if hindi pa sapat ung tension na bigay ni Dustin. Geena: Oh. . I met Dustin's gaze. Ako: What are you talking about? Geena was the one who clearly told me she didn't want a relationship. either. D. Geena's mouth dropped open in surprise.

Jerwin. I thought Dustin just brought her food??! Kakain nanaman sya?!? Ako: Can't we just do the dinner thing some other time? I kinda have something planned for tonight.. But the other side knows how Geena gets really persistent when she wants to do something.. okay. yea. Of course.. He shouldn't disappoint. -__- Ako: Yea. Geena: And. It's their first Valentines day... right? of hours~! Comeonnnn!!! Just for a couple Nagkatinginan kami ni Dustin. don't we have somewhere else to go to? Geena: Oh. Ako: Oh. Maannnnnnn.. But just for a couple of hours.. I'm helping a friend pick flowers for his girlfriend. but Jerwin needs me more. One side of me wants to seriously decline the invitation.. let's go get dinner first. Geena: Great! Then.. ::Chapter 50:: End of the Night ...... and Venice is expecting me home early. Geena: I'll go with you. Geena: I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you eat dinner with a friend. I hope you remember that you still owe me dinner. What?!? Dustin: But Geena. -__- Ako: *sigh* Okay..Man. Ako: Uh.. then we'll go to the floral shop..

~*~. Yan. Onion... and tinabi sa other ingredients..... thing na ipang-mmarinate ko.. Bastah sabi nung recipe ganun daw. . pero what's the difference kung mag-isa na lang ako ngayon? Kaya ko toh! *__* Tumingin ako dun sa bowl sa harap ko.. Sana lang di ko masunog ung bahay bago sya umuwi. I'm pretty sure it's not that hard to cook beef steak.. Kinuha ko ung beef from the other side of the counter. check. -__- Oh yea! The beef! Hello.. kumpleto na sila.♫.. I'm sure matutuwa si Jerwin pag-uwi nya. Kalamansi. susunod na lang ako.. Oil. parang may kulang pa. Don't ask kung alam ko ba ung ginagawa ko..♥ Hmmm. Soy sauce.. then dun sa mga ingredients na nilabas ko as soon as I got home. kasama si Aling Ligaya. check.. I tried it once before. Let's get this party started! I rolled up my sleeves and started working on the.. -___- I stared at the recipe in front of me.. Let's see. Ground pepper...♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. Garlic.. Lalo na since favorite nya ang bistek.~*~....

dito pa talaga sa maraming tao.. Sa dinami-dami naman ng mas private na pwedeng puntahan.♥ I looked around the restaurant.. people want to celebrate Valentines. in the end. She looked around the place. No worries.. as if looking for something.. "Sorry to keep you waiting.This is awkward. Geena: Oh! .. Waiter? Is she expecting to see someone? Pero that's impossible.. wala.---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Geena: Oh yea.... I wonder why Geena chose this restaurant.. Ako: It's okay. nasan na ba sya? She left in the middle of eating para sagutin ung cellphone nya. He still bailed out on me.. kanina pa sya may ka-text. (took a bite of my food) I guess.. Sino or ano naman ang hahanapin nya? Ako: Are you okay? Napabalik ung tingin nya sa'kin. I didn't expect it to be this crowded. I'm just. Valentines people going on dates. Speaking of Geena. It's packed." I looked up and saw Geena bouncing back to her chair. Si Dustin kaseh eh! Halos maglabas na nga ako ng laser sa mata sa kakatitig sa kanya para sumama sya.. Simula nung dumating kami. This restaurant is really packed.. -___. Ako: Oh yea.

It can't be helped.... ice cream. I can't believe we've only been here for an hour.. . Ako: Thanks.Ako: What? Geena: You have something stuck on your cheek. sure. pero parang unsuccessful yata ako. let me do it. Geena: Hmmm I think I'm craving for something sweet. after two hours in the restaurant. Do you want some dessert. WTH? It's already this late?!? Geena: Sorry. She wiped the spot tenderly.. Ako: Oh really? Where? I tried to wipe off whatever it is. Uh.. I didn't mean to keep you for so long.. we finally left. -___- Finally. Damn the waiter who took forever bringing us the desserts and the check!!!! Haayyy. Tumingin ako sa relo ko... sweet things. you know.. Jerwin? Ako: Huh? Dessert? Geena: Yea. Why does it feel like it's been far. cake. 9:00 PM.. reached for my face. Ako: Oh. Geena leaned in towards me and Geena: Here.. Haayyyyy. This is really getting awkward.. far longer than that? T-T I wanna get out of here. I know what you mean. I guess. Something she's never done before.. I checked my watch again.... Ako: It's okay.

.. yea... Do you think I can reschedule? . 6 missed calls.. I listened to the person in the other line talk.... Yea... I saw Geena already looking at the display in the flower shop. The place won't be available til Tuesday. I left Geena in front of the flower shop across the restaurant.. How can things get out of hand one after another?!? I'll just get Venice the flowers and then speed back home. all from Venice. right? Maannnn.. Napatingin ako sa screen. They only have these things.... while I went to one corner to use my phone. This night sucks. How may I help you?" Ako: Hello... "Good evening! Calliope Music Hall.. Ako: Did you find one? Geena: Hmm. I'll be back... The 16th.. it seems like most of their merchandise are already gone... This is Jerwin Santos. I'll take Tuesday night. That should work for now.. I walked over to where she was... Uhmm..... -___- Ako: *sigh* That's alright then.. Thank you. But better late than never. ......... I dialed another number and waited for someone to pick up. She must be furious by now.. Something came up. Hindi ko siguro narinig ung phone since medyo maingay sa restaurant... I want to wring someone's neck. I hang up and jammed the phone back in my pocket. I'll still pay for tonight..Ako: I just need to make a phone call. Hindi na Valentine gift un if ever. Yes.. I don't care if I need to pay extra to reserve the place for another night... my birthday. I don't think I'll be able to come in tonight... about that.

They have a few bouquets left. girls do it all the time when they receive a bouquet or something.. I counted to 5 before slowly taking a step back. With people's probing minds these days. Ako: I think I'll just take this one. and watched expectantly as she took a sniff. I took the bouquet from her and almost ran to the cashier.... Damn.. -__- I looked up to speak to Geena. Bright red roses with a few Angel's Breath around the edges. But I guess.Can this night get any worse?!? I looked around the store. Ako: How about this one? The roses still look alive. *sigh* Yea. It looks good. I mean... -__... They're pretty. I hope no one saw that. trying not to jump 10 feet away and act like a moron. who knows what kind of speculations . Geena: I guess.. They stink. I completely froze.. but to my surprise. Let me smell them. They're nothing special. Ako: Uh... I don't really get the point of smelling flowers. they don't stink. But at least they're not wilted yet.. I handed her the bouquet. Smell it. I found her face just inches away from mine. Ako: Well? Geena: I think they smell nice.I grabbed the prettiest one I can find. I just never liked the smell of roses. sure. I bent down while she holds the flowers and I smelled the roses.

.♥ Traffic was horrible. Then I stood up and put the bottle of wine back to the cupboard.they'll make.... ganyan ako ka-shosyal. Yes.. Naisip ko lang na hindi yata masarap ang bistek at orange Lumalamig na ung rice at ung specially made kong beef steak. I swear. the bouquet of roses in one hand. . -__- I blew out the candles na sinindihan ko para sa dinner namin. What else could it be? Dahan-dahan kong pinatong ung cellphone ko sa mesa. after another unsuccessful attempt of calling him. kaya wine na lang..♥ Where is he?? He must have gotten caught up with work. kukunin ko talaga ung cellphone nun and make a ringtone na mawawalan sya ng choice kundi sagutin. Nabubusog na rin ako sa kakapapak ng kung anu-anong supposedly eh pampalipas gutom lang. It was almost 11 PM nung nakarating ako sa bahay. I hurriedly got out of the truck.. juice together.. -__- Where is he? ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. and the keys on the other.. ---♥♥--(Venice's POV) ---------------.

. I walked inside cautiously.... Great. I bent down on the couch and scooped her up in my arms. She must've waited for hours. She didn't even get to finish her sentence. na ba? I cooked.. Kumain ka. Binuhat ko sya papunta sa kwarto nya and gently laid her on her bed.. But instead.... There were a plate of beef steak and a bowl of rice also laid out.. This is probably the reason she told me to come home early. Then. She must be tired. Oh man. dapat pala . Venice: Sunshine..I slowly opened the door. Inayos ko ng konti ung pagkakabuhat ko sa kanya para di ko sya mabitawan..... Venice: *yaaawwwwnnnn* It's okay. I turned to the dining room para ipatong ung mga bulaklak... Talking while half-asleep.. and that was when I saw it.. The dining table had two candles in the center. I'm sorry. Two wine glasses were also out. Now that I think about it...... Pinatay ko ung TV... one of her talents. I can just die from too much guilt now.. She wanted to eat dinner with me. nagdadasal sa mga santo in every step I take.. I heard the TV kaya dumiretso ako sa living room -. -__Ako: Yes..ready to take the "Where have you been-I told you to come home early!" lecture... You're finally home. kinda expecting a good cold stare from Venice. -__- Pinatong ko ung bouquet on the table and then walked back to the living room.. I found her sprawled on the couch... I stared at Venice's sleeping face for a while.. She cooked a special dinner for me. She nuzzled her face on my chest and then fell asleep again. sleeping.. I guess I rattled a little bit too much coz her eyes fluttered open..

making sure she's all covered up. I'll make it up to you. pero anong magagawa ko? It's Monday. Saan naman kami pupunta? Napatingin ulit ako dun sa niluto ni Venice. but.gising na gising. di ko gagawin un. It's a bouquet of red roses... I walked out of the room.. next time.♥ I woke up the next day nung naramdaman kong nasusunog na ang balat ko sa matinding sikat ng araw..~*~.- Umikot ako ng kama para gumulong sana pababa nang nakita ko ang mapupulang bulaklak sa nightstand ko. gently closing the door behind me..tinanggal ko muna ung kumot para mas madali ang buhay namin di ba? Sige. "Sorry for coming home so late. -__. I tucked her in. Pero syempre. I put the flowers on her nightstand..... I'm not really hungry. -. How can anyone say 'no' to beef steak? ::Chapter 51:: Picture To Burn ♫. one dozen red roses for moi? May post-it note na nakadikit dun sa plastic.." .I hate waking up in the mornings.. attaching a small post-it note where she can easily see it..~*~. fighting the urge to wake her up and drag her somewhere nice so I can make it up to her. napatayo akong bigla -.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. O_O Of course. I stood outside her room for a few moments. After doing that. Kailangan magpaka-estudyante. and then I walked back to the dining room and got the flowers.

. at isa pang post-it note.... May ganun-ganun pang nalalaman ang mokong. Bumalik na ko ng kwarto ko to get ready for school. Hee hee hee~ Natuwa si kuya sa beef steak ko. I finally found a vase duuunnnn sa pinakataas nung isang cupboard.. nyahahaha Nilapit ko ung mukha ko dun sa bulaklak and took a quick sniff.. Pero naaliw naman ako. tapos nilagay ko ung vase dun sa coffee table sa living room.. ... I took the bouquet to the kitchen at naghanap ng vase na paglalagyan." Avahhh. .. -__Abnormal ba ko o talagang masakit sa ilong ung amoy? Hay nako. Touched naman ako.. "It was delicious.. magpasalamat ka na nga lang at binilihan ka pa ng bulaklak noh.Avaaaahhh.... Halos kalahati pa ung nakain nya. Umaarriba si kuya.. Thank you for the meal.. Nakailang ikot na ko when I noticed ung plato dun sa dining table na may cover. I arranged the roses the best I can...

I looked around the room for a while. As quietly as I'm capable of doing... Stalker. Mukhang basta-basta na lang tumalon sa kama after nya mag-shower. Nagdadasal na sana. at naisipan nyang mag-shed ng mga dapat eh naka-cover sa katawan nya. Jerwin is sprawled on the bed -. and then dahan-dahan kinuha ang cellphone. Iniwan lang sa sahig ung suot nya kahapon--- Oohh. he's covered with his blanket (Thank God). I bounced on my bed.Ehto lang yata ang kaisa-isang Monday na nagising ako in a good mood. I'm all dressed and pretty.pero tulog pa rin si Jerwin.. nawa'y may kumot sya ngayon.snoring.. all set to go to school -. Hindi ba sya ang morning person sa'ming dalawa? Bakit tulog pa rin sya? Wala ba syang trabaho?? kung hindi sya kakayod? Ano na lang ipapakain namin sa mga anak namen? Pano kami mabubuhay YAK! wahahahaha I tiptoed to his room.. cellphone.wearing a Tulog na tulog si kuya. Two hours later. @__@ Hm. Jerwin's phone in hand. -. -__- I slowly opened the door and peeked inside.. Kelan toh?!? ... When I got what I want. kung nainitan sya kagabi. as usual loose sando shirt. I tiptoed ulit palabas ng kwarto. and at least. Nung nasa safety na ko ng sarili kong kwarto. I tiptoed to the nightstand right next to his bed.

"skipped". Ma-llate pa ko. Ako: Tulog ka ng tulog dyan. Parang wala kang trabaho ah! Still no answer. Sunshine. At anong idadahilan ko? "Teacher." Avah. since I wasn't looking at the camera. anyway.yes. Nagiging stalker ko na. baka batukan ako ng teacher ko! I skipped out of the house -. Ako: Hoy. It's my picture.. kinakausap ko po ung tulog. Tinapat ko ung kamay ko sa harap ng ilong nya. bakit ba?! eh sa masaya ako. Buti naman. sasagutin nya na! bwahahahaha I'm sure next time na tumawag ako sa kanya. Nagpipindot ulit ako sa cellphone nya and went dun sa settings para sa ringtone. Hay nako. MY picture. hindi ko pa rin sila naaabutan?!? . wahahaha Ay. Kakalabas ko pa lang ng gate Bampira ba ang mga nagdedeliver ng mga dyaryo!?? Bakit ba kahit anong aga ng gising ko. Humihinga pa pala. Five minutes kong pinaghirapan ung ringtone ko.I stared at the wallpaper nung phone ni Sunshine. papasok na ko. Oh. okay. Wala yatang balak gumising si Jerwin. isang ring I tiptoed back to his room and put the cellphone back in its place. pa lang. back to the task at hand.. Was this during his birthday party? -___- Lokong un. makalayas na nga.. nang nakita kong may nakasaksak nang bundle ng newspaper sa mailbox namin.. Stolen shot? Siguro. No answer.

. Geena is gently touching Jerwin's face.. But no. pero ung dyaryo naman ang nahulog... all except for that section of the paper. speechless... Maybe my eyes are deceiving me.. having a seemingly intimate dinner together. Shocked. . may nahulog na brown envelope. As soon as I shut the main door behind me. I dropped everything else I was holding. Fortunately.. baka ako pa ang sumunod sa front page bukas. I immediately ran back inside the house. Totoo ung nakita ko. And Jerwin.. I think 5 seconds akong natulala before I decided to pick up the newspaper. I can't let people see me like this.. I felt myself trembling as I stared at the picture. baka hindi pa sila gising. I bent down to pick it up. Anak ng tinapa... Ang aga pa kaseh eh. Dun ko lang nabasa ung malaking headline sa taas nung picture: "Jerwin and Georgina: Valentine Fling?" He wouldn't. Parang high schooler in front of his ultimate crush. It was Jerwin and Geena.. Napatingin kagad ako sa paligid. Pero nung natanggal ko na ung bundle. except for a couple of cars parked on the street.. I stared hard at the front page of the Entertainment Section of the newspaper. the street is deserted. May butas ba ang kamay ko?!? And that was when I saw it..I tugged the bundle out of the box para itapon sana papasok ng gate. I unfolded the newspaper and almost collapsed at the full-blown picture on the front page. Jerwin looking down bashfully.

The lump of flesh in that skull of his shouldn't be shrinking so fast! My gaze shifted to the brown envelope that came with the newspaper. "Venice" lang ang nakalagay. wala.. but I couldn't really grasp everything I was reading. I finally lost all will to remain standing. Only a few of the most important phrases registered in my already overloaded brain: "Jerwin Santos and Georgina Schmitz were seen frolicking together in a high-end shopping mall yesterday.. I dropped on my knees. I stared at the envelope. I was startled to find my name written on it. What got me even more confused. "He bought a bouquet of flowers for the model.. "The two seem to be in a date" . I knew it was coming... this level of stupidity is just absurd.. I know Jerwin can be stupid sometimes... He's still young. or jealousy? I scanned the article.. My vision is getting blurry. feeling a sense of apprehension kahit na wala pa kong ginagawa. but it still hit me pretty hard when I saw it: "People can't help but wonder: where could Jerwin's fiancée be?" .I can feel the heat rising up to my face.. No way..... Walang return address. walang stamp. Kahit nga ung address ko. "They dined in a restaurant famous among couples" . But I chose to look ..." But.. I don't know whether it's from shock or anger. Buti na lang nakasandal ako sa pinto sa likod ko. but. staring in disbelief at the empty space in front of me. And then finally... I wonder how it managed to get in the right mailbox. otherwise I would have fallen flat on my back. he bought flowers for me too." Valentine's Day....

I grabbed my phone from my nightstand to check the time. I slowly opened the envelope and took out the contents.. The third. Venice might have left for school already. Pictures.~*~. As if intentionally. I stared at the last picture. but I couldn't.. -____- . .. The second one was the two of them laughing in the restaurant.~*~. talagang pinahuli ung picture na un. The first one was the same picture on the newspaper. ehtong picture na toh ang sili. That picture.. Pagkatapos ng asin at paminta na pinaligo sa puso ko.and I started to wish I left it alone.anyway. I was so numb that I didn't even care when the pictures all fell from my hands and scattered on the floor around me. I should probably stop.♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. It was designed to be the finale. Until finally. Geena gently caressing Jerwin's arm. Considering how quiet the house is.. I can feel my chest tightening as I went through the pictures one after another.. I looked at each and every one of the eight pictures. with their faces only inches apart. It was Jerwin and Geena. with Geena touching Jerwin's face. ::Chapter 52:: Hide and Seek ♫. Jerwin and Geena's pictures. finally feeling the numbness spreading all over my body..♥ -____- I think I overslept. I reached the last one.

right? I stepped out of my room. tried to punch in the bulge appearing on my stomach (I need to start hitting the gym). I was grabbing my keys from the keyholder when my phone started ringing in my pocket.Oh. it's Sheena. Today is the album jacket's photoshoot. ready to leave. I jumped out of bed and started my morning rituals. Anton! Anthony: Sheenaaaa-HOY! JERWIN! . cut my chin from shaving. I couldn't help but smile. I can also hear Anthony talking in the background. I noticed the bouquet of flowers arranged in a vase dun sa living room. Ako: Hello? Sheena: JERWIN SANTOS!!!!!!!! O___O WTF?!? I cringed in pain as Sheena yelled full blast from the other line. Sheena never calls me. Whoever said being a man is easy? I grabbed a white shirt and a pair of faded jeans from my closet. Aish. So. Venice must've loved it. pero baka mamayang gabi na ko magising.. I wanted to go back to sleep... I fished it out and looked at the caller ID.. since iibahin lang rin naman nila ung damit ko. I took a shower.. hey.. shaved. Anthony: Sheena! Wag mong sigawan! Relax ka muna! Sheena: Manahimik ka dyan. I have time.. I didn't know na masarap pala matulog pagkatapos mong kumain ng kumain. To my surprise. Pagbaba ko ng hagdan.. it's not that bad. as if pleading for Sheena to calm down. eh I might as well wear something comfortable on my way there.

. O_O Sheena sounds furious at ME. Kung anumang dahilan nyang magalit.. I would have hang up.. ha!?? ha?!? ANOH?!?! Ako: I don't know! I can't think! You're scaring me! O. ... That's weird.. Ayoko pang mamatay. It's enough to make my hair stand in fear.. I frantically checked the kitchen counters.wala na kong pakielam kung sugurin nya ko. O_O Mabuti nang bingi kesa patay di ba? Sheena: JERWIN SANTOS! Ako: Yes. the dining table.. I ran back inside.. I ran out of the house towards the mailbox. Huh? Sheena: Anong "huh"!??! Don't tell me you haven't seen the papers yet!? Anak ng tokwa!! I can't believe na nilabas mo ung impaktang malandi na un! On Valentines day pa! . Oh my god. I'm not sure if it's Anthony's neck or my eardrums. ma'am" ka dyan!??!? What were you thinking... . the coffee table. Baka bigla akong sugurin. I suddenly hang up on Sheena -..... even the bathroom.*gulp* I think I heard something breaking. .O Sheena: You little punk! How could you do that to Venice!?! At talagang ibinalandra mo pa sa buong madla!! Ako: Uh. The newspapers should be delivered early in the morning. only to find it empty. ma'am?!? O_O Sheena: Anong "yes-yes. Mas mabuti nang saluhin ng tenga ko lahat ng galit nya.. pero mas natatakot ako. but there's still no sign of today's newspaper.

? Napatingin ako bigla sa hagdan. What the hell are these pictures!?!? If I didn't know what really happened. it would seem like I really was out on a date. If Venice saw this. The object of Sheena's fury immediately caught my eyes. Lalong kumulo ang dugo ko nung nakita ko ung last picture. Who would miss this full-blown picture? I scanned the article.. Then. How can they publish stupid speculations like this?!?! What "date"?!? Napatingin ako dun sa brown envelope na katabi nung mga dyaryo. Oh damn.. There are only the bedrooms and one more bathroom upstairs. Were our faces that close?!? Aishtt... binaba ko ung hawak kong dyaryo.. on the stack of papers scattered on her table. Curious.. The room is empty. feeling my own rage mounting at every word I read. Venice.. and grabbed the envelope to have a look..Maybe they didn't deliver it today.. a sense of dread started to creep in my system as I sort of realized what happened. Aish. my gaze fell on her study table.. Could she. Napatingin ulit ako dun sa uniform sa kama.. I ran up the stairs and barged in Venice's room.. Doesn't she have class today? Then. Her school uniform is laid out on the bed.. particularly. I slowly walked over to the desk.. . The envelope had been opened and a few edges of the contents are sticking out.. There's the bundle of newspaper I was looking for.

as lumabas nanaman ang natural personality nya. nakoooo!!!! Kahit na mahal na mahal ka ng buong puso't kaluluwa ko. I'll look for her. Sheena: You hang up on me tapos ngayon tatawag-tawag ka!?!? Ako: Sheena! Sheena: Eh? Oh? She must have sensed the sudden urgency in my voice cause she quickly piped down. I'll call you back. So we assumed na nag-stay sya sa bahay nyo.I immediately took out my phone and called Sheena back. I heard some noise from the other line as Sheena tries to fend off someone from grabbing the phone. Crap. babalatan kita ng buhay at pupulbusin at ikakalat sa Pasig River! I think I'm starting to understand kung bakit sadista si Venice. Biglang nag-180 degree turn ang boses ni Kenny. I swear. and she sounds an itsy bitsy bit calmer than she was earlier.. But it seemed like she failed dahil ung susunod na boses na narinig ko is si Kenny na. Kenny: Oh okay~ ♥ Call me. -__- Ako: Don't worry. Fafa J? Sheena: Bruha! Lumandi ka nanaman! Akin na nga yan! I heard Sheena grabbing the phone again. Kenny: JERWIN SANTOS! Pag may nangyari kay Venice. Ako: Where's Venice? Sheena: What do you mean where's Venice? Wala ba sya dyan snyo? Kanina pa namin hinahanap dito sa school. okay. pero we couldn't find her. .

. And I don't mean just that one picture on the paper..and this better be a good one. Ako: .. But. Manager: JERWIN! You--! Ako: Yes I know. After that. pero parang walang papasa. I'm really dead. Why wouldn't she be worried? Her best friend's fiancé was caught cheating. the manager's voice already boomed on the other line.Sheena: Jerwin. Jerwin. She sounds worried. Kahit anong tingin ko.I really need this day off. Can you clear all my schedule for today? Manager: What?!? Alam mo ba yang sinasabi mo?! You have an album jacket photoshoot. Pangalawang ring pa lang nung telepono.. I don't know what's going on. Manager: What?? Ako: Someone sent the whole package to our house. But I'm in a hurry right now. I don't know who. I have a lot of explaining to do. Manager: Give me a reason -. Ako: This is Jerwin.. and now. her best friend is missing in action. I just called because. I was immediately transferred to the manager's direct line.. you idiot! Ako: I'll look for her... Venice saw the pictures. There's a thousand of excuses running through my mind. I hang up and called another number... How may I help you?" Man. I'm really the one to blame.. But . T-T "Good morning! Ray Santos' office. Don't worry. Do you have any idea how hard it is to reschedule that kind of thing?!? Ako: Yes I know. -___. I'm sure the manager will kill me. As soon as the secretary found out na ako ung tumatawag.

Find Venice and make sure you fix it. Ako: Thank you. then he can do whatever he wants. I didn't really need to him to come with me in this so-called mission of mine. Manager: Jerwin. making him drive saves me from wasting gas. They said Venice didn't go to school. I know exactly where to go.. I don't know why I'm still waiting for his decision. Ehwan ko kung paalala ba un as a father or as a manager. Ahyan na. .like I normally would.~*~. Manager: *sigh* Okay. nagtuloy-tuloy na ang labas ng mga katotohanan. Oh well.. as long as he doesn't do anything stupid.. There was silence on the other line as the manager ponders on what to do. I just hope Venice is really there. but he insisted to tag along. I didn't even bother to cover up my mistake -. Of course I'll fix everything..~*~. ::Chapter 53:: Trump Card ♫. I ran out of the house and jumped in my truck. This is annoying as hell.♥ "What are we doing here?" I looked innocently at Dustin and flashed him a small smile.Venice's friends called earlier. It's the only non-work related advice I've heard from him in a long while. Besides. Me: I'm here to inquire about some classes Dustin: You're going back to school? Me: Maybe. I'd still go even if he doesn't give me the permission to look for Venice. But. This is your mess. I'll try my best to reschedule the photoshoot for a later but still reasonable date.♫ (Geena's POV) ---------------. He hang up after that. Oh well.

someone finally had the guts to come to me.. We finally reached the office.. What luck I have. I have no problem with that.. then I should drop to these people's level right? After a few moments. Uh. The other girl suddenly nudged her companion with an "I told you so" look. College girls. Girl 2: Are you enrolling in this school? Me: I'm thinking about it. Dustin grabbed a magazine.after I directly dropped off a little gift for Venice at her house. I saw that newspaper article too -.Dustin: But. Sigh. Dustin and I sat down in the waiting lounge. doesn't she? . Me: Yes? Girl 1: You're Georgina Schmitz. It's a good school. If you don't really mind being around Venice--Dustin: Venice? Me: Oh. I had to wait before a counselor can accommodate me. since I didn't call prior to my arrival.. Me: I heard a lot of interesting things about this school. Girls tend to be more talkative than guys. This will be easy. yea! Venice goes here.. while I tried my best to look as approachable as possible. If I want my plan to work.. I know very well what they're whispering about. ignoring the whispers and the stares the other students are giving us.. Dustin just looked at me all weird.. why here? He looked around the ordinary-looking college campus as we strode towards the Admission Office. but he didn't say anything. "Excuse me.. where a few other students are also waiting. right? Me: I am. Do you think I should? Girl 1: Well." Two female students stand in front of me. but of course.

Me: Oh. but who can refuse my offer? Me: So. I think we should go. But people eventually warmed up to the two of them. Yes. Me: And. But everyone in this school knows her. So what? Did he really think I was going back to school when my portfolio is still cramped with fashion shows and photoshoots? Yea right.. it's okay. Venice had a boyfriend? Girl 1: Yea. I turned back to the two girls and motioned for them to sit next to me. We were really surprised when she and Gerard hooked up. This is where the good part begins. Who would've thought it'd be this soon? I didn't even need to manipulate these girls! Girl 1: Uh well. Me: Why? Girl 2: Venice wasn't the type of person to settle down. Me: Are you acquainted with her? Girl 1: We're not exactly close friends. No one expected Venice to have a real boyfriend. I can still remember the hype it created when people first found out. I can just get a cab to take me to work later. getting engaged to one of the hottest celebrities right now..I shot Dustin a look. Although.. he should learn to just stay quiet and not bother my gathering of information here. She's a year ahead of us. They looked really happy together. People still mention it to I turned to Dustin in annoyance. Really. she had a boyfriend? Dustin: Geena. Her relationship with Gerard Sheen.. why? I still need to wait for the counselor. Everyone knows about it. Venice goes here. Why is he being such a pain today? Me: What. If you have to go.. this day once in a while. where is this Gerard guy now? . Me: What "thing" happened two years ago? The two girls looked at each other. The two were reluctant at first. this is Venice's school... especially after that thing that happened two years go. this is her last semester. She's been the topic of conversations. of course. Girl 2: Yes. That shut him up. and well.

They looked at each other again. Girl 1: That's why almost every student in this school was happy when Venice and Jerwin Santos got together. Dustin suddenly stood up and grabbed me by the hand. ha. About two years ago.. Just the way they looked at each other. Protect your own. It's just nice seeing Venice smiling and laughing again. She walks around campus with the same aura she used to have when Gerard was still alive. whatever. Who do they think they are? I looked at the girls mockingly. and then hurriedly pulled me out of the office. She looks really happy.. Little girls trying to beat me in my own game.. Me: My. What?? That's pathetic. What is wrong with him!? He nodded a quick farewell to the two little witches. they're looking at me intently. .... They suddenly leaned towards me. It was like she died along with him. as if they're willing lasers to shoot out of their eyes. Instead. The two of them. Girl 2: Yea. they look a little fidgety as well. We really had no idea.. Let's go. This guy. I have what I need. my.. Isn't that such a pre-historic idea? Dustin: That's enough. Girl 1: Gerard died. Oh I see. I'm so glad I came. I didn't know happy ever afters still exist in this world. I don't need to play nice anymore. So this is they're real intentions.. Girl 1: I think it's about time Venice receives her happy every after. Seeing them together.. Girl 1: So. When Gerard passed away. it was like they share the most wonderful secret in the world. Me: She must have really liked him then? Girl 1: They were in love. This time. Girl 2: But. The nervous glimmer was gone from their eyes. She wasn't as sociable as she used to. Venice wasn't the same girl anymore..

I can't go to battle without knowing about the enemy.Me: Aw! Dustin! What the heck are you doing!?! He ignored my complaints and continued to drag me through the hallways. His story will be my trump card. It was only when we reached his car that he decided to let go of my hand. Dustin: I don't even know what you consider "heartless" anymore. ::Chapter 54:: Truth Be Told ♫. I can't help but play a small smile on my lips. . I really don't know what's gotten into him. He's really bent on getting me out of here. Dustin: Don't tell me you're actually going to use Venice's own heartbreak against her?! Me: Oh. Me: What has gotten into you!? Dustin: Me?!? What has gotten into you?!? You were going to start a fight with those girlsl! Me: I wasn't going to "fight". He used to be so much more supportive than this. Do I look that heartless to you? Dustin looked at me with suspicion.. I slammed the car door as I jumped in the passenger's seat... I was merely responding to their stupidity. before returning his attention to the car. Dustin: Why are you being like this? Me: Like what? I'm being resourceful. his hand was tightly clasped on my wrist. All the while.♫ He'll come around later on. Dustin was shaking his head in disbelief over what I said. Gerard. of course not. Dustin drove in silence as I ponder on my newly acquired knowledge.~*~.~*~. He probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I chose to ignore that..

Guard 2: Kaninang umaga pa po ako nandito. That's weird. The older guy wheeled his chair towards the door. but for some reason. she didn't pick up. Ako: Really? O_O Guard 2: Opo. I know I can just walk inside and look for Venice. Half of me was somewhat happy that Venice didn't run to Gerard again. Where else could she be? . I just jumped out and made my way towards the booth where the security guards were happily playing cards... ano po un? Ako: Uhmm. you know the girl who frequently comes here. Wala pa nga po bumibisita ngayong araw na 'to. Bakit po? Ako: Nandito po ba sya ngayon? Nagtinginan silang dalawa as they try to think kung nakita ba nilang pumasok si Venice. I decided to ask first... I wonder if they would have noticed her walking in kung sobrang focused sila dun sa card game nila. Hindi naman po sya dumaan.. Venice. And just like the last four times. I took out my phone and tried calling Venice's number for the fifth time since I left the house... this time.♥ I halted the truck to a screech in front of the cemetery. I didn't even bother to check kung diretso ba ung pagkaka-park ko. Guard 1: Ahhh opo. But half of me is starting to panic cause I don't know where she is. I thanked the two guards and then walked back to my truck. where I was standing.(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Guard 1: Sir Jerwin.." Both of them looked up. "Excuse me. I was feeling torn.

I was sure people will make a big deal out of this. When I got hungry. black mid-high boots.♥ Late that afternoon. I got a black and white striped corset-inspired blouse.. nagsimula na ang mga tinginan ng mga tao. Dahil. tight-fitting jeans. -__- After somewhat recovering from the shock of seeing the article and the pictures. alam ko.for emergency purposes only. I trudged back to my bedroom. I didn't want to deal with their curious and pitying glances. tapos I slumped on the chair. I ate in one of those fancy restaurants na never kong kinainan before. tumitingin sila dahil. annoying days. As soon as tumapak ako sa mall. -___Blessing in disguise siguro na nakilala nila ako. I was kinda expecting it to drag along like those other gloomy.. people were still looking at me. Tinambak ko dun sa study table ko ung mga dyaryo at pictures. . I changed out of my uniform and put on casual clothes...---♥♥--(Venice's POV) ---------------... and a black Peter Grimm cadet hat. which I later on. I just needed to think for a while. I decided wasn't a good idea. walang pumapasok sa utak ko. All purchases were covered by a credit card given by Jerwin -. Bakit. ang mahirap lang. di ba emergency toh?! When i walked out of the store. maganda ako.. Nanood pa ko ng sine. pumunta ako sa stores na hindi ko naman usually pinupuntahan *cough*expensive stores *cough*. That was when I decided I'd rather ditch school and magliwaliw na lang to clear my mind. just to get out of the possibility of getting mobbed. The whole day went by surprisingly fast. and bought me a whole ensemble of outrageously expensive outfit. But it didn't. which I tilted to cover my face. I went from one mall to another. But this time. bwahaha Buong araw akong nagpalaboy-laboy.

Mukhang nalantang gulay. eh pano naman ako? Sya na nga tohng nakipag-date sa iba nung Valentines Day. ganyan kami ka-close. at sumasakit na rin ang paa ko. I helped myself na papasok. nakita ko si Sheena nakahilata sa kama nya. susugurin na namin talaga yang Georgina na yan eh! Ako: "Namin"? Sheena: Ako tsaka si Kenny. Manugod ba. kanina pa ko hinahanap nung mokong. Nag-hi sa mommy nya (na nagulat nung nakita ako Sheena's room. I ended up leaving the malls. . Kung sya.. three from Anton and Kenny.Before I knew it. Abah! Ang lakas ng loob kumapit sa punong may nakakapit na! Mukha ba kong tarsier na nakakapit sa puno? -__- Ako: Mga bruha. Dahil feel at home naman ako sa bahay nila. diretso pa ko sa loob. Dagdag gulo lang un noh. Dire- ). -__Sheena: Ay! Oo nga! Alam mo. and about a gazillion from Jerwin. halos 4:00 na. then I took the stairs up to Pagbukas ko nung kwarto.. She Sheena: Anak ng! Venice!!!! Dinaig pa ni best prend ang bilis ni Flash sa pagtakbo sa'kin at pagkaladkad sa'kin paupo sa kama nya. She should really tell her parents to re-paint their gate. I finally checked my phone. Sheena: Saan ka ba nanggaling!?!?! Alam mo bang mamatay-matay na si Jerwin kakahanap syo?!?!?! Ako: Weh? Talaga? Sheena: Oo noh! Kawawa naman si Fafa J. suddenly bolted up when she saw me. Akala nya ba basta-basta na lang ako uuwi? Pero dahil naubusan ako ng pupuntahan. Ako: Hoy. Apparently. I had four messages from Sheena. nakatayo sa harap ng rusty gate ng bahay ni Sheena. Ehto ako ngayon. Yes. kawawa. Chuchu nya.

Ako: And that is how it goes. really need to rant. Isa lamang akong tao na minsan eh kailangan din ng advice noh! So. Sheena: What's going on? This is gonna go against the contract. Then. not Kenny. Ako: Sheena. in everything -. Seryoso toh. Pero I really.. Sheena's eyes were literally like this --> O_O as she listens to the facts.. Anong klaseng sikreto ba itoh? Ung mga tipong pag nalantad ay gyera? or--Ako: Anoh vah. She sat down next to me. I think na-sense na ni Sheena ang seriousness ko. Not Anthony. di ba? If I think about it like this.Sheena: Eh sya tohng nang-aagaw eh! Those words. Can you keep a secret? Sheena: It depends. I told Sheena how we got "engaged". Sheena: Wow.. I know I'm not supposed to tell anybody about the real situation. right? -__Sheena: You and your lucky drunkass self! .. isn't only right na sya ang kasama ni Jerwin nung Valentines? Sheena: Huy. Ako: I know. I started the story of how Jerwin and I met.. akala ko mahuhulog na talaga ung mga mata nya.. and how we're deliberately just playing the role of a perfect couple.that has anything to do with Jerwin and our so-called relationship. Natutulala ka dyan.. When I got to the part of how Geena and Jerwin used to secretly kind of date. I didn't leave anything out . dahil biglang lumabas ang "Uh-oh I hope I won't have to visit you in jail" expression sa mukha nya. parang malamig na tubig na pinaligo sa mukha ko. I told her everything -. Si Geena? Nag-aagaw? Eh sya naman talaga ang original. Promise you won't tell anyone.

Anyway. Ako: Ganyan talaga. dahil halata namang hindi gumagana ang utak mo.. Sheena: I know.. Finito. Ako pa ang tinawag na stupid?!? Sinoh kaya sa'min ang nagpapakamanhid sa mga sobrang straightforward na "actions of love" ng isang tao dyan sa tabi nya?!? *ahem* Anthony..? Sheena: Na Geena is the past.. I think so.. Nakaraan na.. best friend. I'm charming. best friend! Tignan mo naman. ako na ang Si Geena? Ung past quote-unquote relationship Anoh bang pinagsasabi ng babaeng toh? High ba sya? Ako: Your point? Sheena: Iba talaga ang level ng ka-stupidan mo minsan.. Anoh bang inaalala mo? nila ni Jerwin? Ay suz! Bulag ka ba?!? Ako: . best friend -. Closed case na. What?!?!? Ako: Lucky?!?! Anong lucky?!?! Nakinig ka ba?!? I've been in a continuous loop of "unlucky-ness" ever since I met Jerwin! Sheena: Pero. tapos na un. . dahil hindi ko alam kung bakit sa dami-dami ng rational na tao sa mundo. Nalasing ka lang at lahat... wahahaha Sheena: Hay nako. End. nahawa na ko syo eh. na-engage ka na kagad sa isa sa pinaka-fafable na fafa! Di ba lucky un?!? Ako: Eh kung batukan kaya kita?!? Sheena: Hay ito ay sa point of view ng taong nakakawitness sa mga interactions nyo at mga nakakawindang nyong sagutan.. Ang sinasabi ko lang naman. magsasabi syo ng obvious. ikaw pa ang best friend ko. Ibig sabihin. Venice.. Ako: Obvious na.

I left Sheena's house after much persuasion from mi best prend na it's time to talk and face Jerwin na raw. this is FATE! Ako: Fate-fate ka dyan. malamang. ikaw na rin ang magiging future.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. . Tumalon ako palabas nung taxi. Ako: Thank you.." Tumigil ung taxi sa tabi nung gate ng broadcasting building. past na un.Ako: Uh-huh? Sheena: Kahit na anoh pang nangyari sa kanila ni Geena sa past. At kung bibigyan mo pa ng pagkakataon. sa lahat ng ayoko..♥ "Dito na lang poh muna. o__O Ang corny. manong. Kinawayan ko ung mga guards. Nakilala naman nila ako. ikaw na ngayon ang present. Totoo kaya ung sinasabi nya? ::Chapter 55:: Coming Home ♫. Mag-ppark po muna ako dito.~*~. Mga manhid! Di ba nilang masakit na ang mga paa ko?!?! Ako: Paki hintay na lang poh ako. Hindi kaseh nagpapapasok ng taxi ung mga guards.~*~. Sheena: Di vah!? Ang sweet! magpakalasing! At lahat ng yan. Though I wonder. Manong Driver: Sige po. dahil lang sa isang gabi ng kalokahan mong Best friend. kaya pinapasok na nila ako nang wala nang hingi-hingi pa ng ID chuchu. Kailangan ko tuloy maglakad. Undeniably. . Sabihin mo dyan sa fate na yan. eh ung pinapasakit ang ulo ko. alam na rin naman siguro nilang si Jerwin ang hanap ko..

Ayoko na ngang kumapit kay Jerwin! Kung ano-ano nang hayop ang . Alangan namang magskandalo pa ko. Venice.Baka raw may dahilan ang katangahan ni Jerwin. Ako: Oh? Receptionist: Oo! Kasi pag nakikita ko kayong dalawa. may pagka-tsismosa ka rin noh.. kaya lang pina-cancel nya... nung nakita ko ung balita na un.. Eh anoh pang magagawa ko? Pinagtulakan nya na ko palabas ng bahay nya. Ako: Eh?! Bakit raw?! Receptionist: Di ko alam. Baka may kailangan lang syang gawin. Receptionist: Venice? Anong ginagawa mo dito? Ako: Ahh.? Receptionist: Ganun? Alam mo. hello po. Pakinggan ko raw.... Hinahanap ko poh sana si Jerwin. Receptionist: Dahil ba dun sa balita dun sa dyaryo? Kaya ba hindi sya sumipot tapos hindi mo pa alam kung nasan sya? Ate. Tumawag ako ng taxi and told the driver to bring me to this building. May photoshoot sya dapat today... -___- Ako: Ahhh hindi naman siguro. ngayon naman tuko. Personal reasons daw. Ung manager nya ang tumawag eh.. Kanina tarsier. siguro nandito sya? Pero pagkapasok na pagkapasok ko. He can't just cancel that. hinde ako makapaniwalang magagawa ni Jerwin un. Receptionist: Ay nako. Tulad ng pagpa-ikot-ikot sa buong Manila kakahanap sa'kin... Lumapit sya sa'kin bigla. I assumed na may schedule si Jerwin today para sa album nya.. Ako: Ahhh. sinalubong kagad ako nung receptionist. Venice.. na parang naninigurado na walang makakarinig sa mga sasabihin nya.. ang cute-cute nyong tignan! Para kayong tuko. right? So. -__- Langya..

para hindi rin ako masyadong affected much. pero talagang mataas ang adrenaline rush ng mga reporters na itoh! Ayaw matinag! . thank you na lang poh. Receptionist: Sya. Nagsisimula na ang mga tanong nila. -__.. -__- Ako: Anyway. feeling kinda guilty na Jerwin canceled his photoshoot for me. Miss Venice! Reporter 2: Pinuntahan nyo po ba si Jerwin Santos kaya kayo nandito? Ahyan na. I absentmindedly waved at the guards.. Can this day get any worse? -__- Ako: Uh.. oh sige. excuse me. O_O Ako: No comment. pero hindi pa man ako completely nakaka-step out from the compound.. -__. Naalala ko ung ginawa ko sa cellphone nya. Parang ang awkward yata kung tatawagan ko sya ngayon. naghihintay ung taxi sa labas. Pero syempre. I really wish na hindi ako bumibili ng hiya.. deadma sila sa personal space ko dahil nakasalalay ang evening entertainment news nila dito. excuse me..Minsan lang talaga. Mag-ingat ka. Please. tatlong camera at tatlong mic na kagad ang bigla-biglang sumulpot and shoved right in front of my face.. O_O Reporters.Anak ng sa'kin! Receptionist: Gusto mo ba syang tawagan? Ako: Gusto ko sanang i-surprise eh. I walked out of the building. Gusto na yata nilang ipakain ung mga mic sa'kin eh! Reporter 1: Just a few questions lang po. Alis na ko... I tried to squeeze myself out of their great wall of pushing bodies.

Reporter 1: Sorry po.and he will never -. I'm not a celebrity.. O___O I guess I really can't ask them to calm down. isang hirit lang. They tried to push the reporters away from me. regarding to my opinion about that article. and turned to face the cameras again.Fortunately. hinay-hinay lang poh. Reporter 3: Miss Venice! Isang comment lang about Jerwin Santos cheating on you! O_O I know I shouldn't say anything. the guards loosened up a bit. nagmamadaling lumakad pabalik sa taxi. hindi ako sanay sa mga ganitong dinudumog. I stopped in my tracks. ehto na ang mga security guards to the rescue! Mukhang nakahalata yata na na-haharass na ko dito. Nung medyo kalmado na sila.. At least this time. Now. okay na ko.. Ako: Don't talk about Jerwin having an affair as if it's a fact.. It can make or break Jerwin's career and reputation. -__I gathered up all my determination and courage. Bumalik nanaman sa mga mata nila ung mga nakakatakot na pagkasabik sa balita. hindi na sila mga mukhang bulldozer na sasagasaan ako. We didn't mean to scare you like that. I tried to give them a small smile.cheat on . I know I'm not in the place to talk. samantalang ako naman. Ako: (chuckles) Thank you. Pero promise. Miss Venice. Jerwin did not -. I know everything that comes out of my mouth right now will be analyzed. Ako: I'll just say one thing--- Lalong nagkagulo ung tatlo! Mga sabik sa tsismis! O_O Ako: Please. Lumapit ung tatlong reporters sa'kin. I have to be careful of what I'll say. Tito Ray.

Ako: Georgina Schmitz is one of Jerwin's closest friends.. Eh tatlong camera ba naman ang nakatutok sa'kin... I have all these things to worry about.. Are these speculations true? *gulp* Okay. di nga lang sa schoolwork. araw-arawin sana ni Jerwin ang pagbigay ng mga bulaklak sa'kin. That wasn't a complete lie. February 14 is just another day of the year. Kung pwede lang. Nagkataon lang na nung Valentines Day... Kapani-paniwala the sound of the voice ah. Reporter 1: Then what can you say about the newspaper article and the picture? Reporter 2: Before Jerwin introduced you as his girlfriend... Whoy! Mukhang may left-over braincells pa nga ako! Good script! Good script! Ako: I'm a graduating college student. So. I go out with my guy friends too. To me.. there were speculations that he and Georgina were dating. Busy naman talaga ako nung V-day. I don't see anything wrong with having a friendly Avaahh. kasi.. So what do I say now? -__-' Okay lang yan.. sa tingin mo may left-over braincells pa kong ready magpaka-scriptwriter!?? Ako: Uhmm. Easy for you to say. Do you know the amount of schoolwork graduating students have to do? Essays. I was extremely busy. Journals.. He's not that kind of person. I mean. Reporter 3: Hindi ba big deal na nakita silang dalawa na magkasama during Valentines Day? Ako: I'm not a big celebrator of Valentines Day. All the world is a stage! Gumawa ka ng sarili mong script! Yea.. of course I still like getting flowers and chocolates -. Venice. Reports.. .but what do you expect? I'm a girl. alam nyo kung anong problema sa mga pictures at ung panandalian lang na sightings? Those things can't tell you the whole story.

Bawas kasalanan~ Ako: This is an example of how the newspaper reporter didn't see the whole story. Ahhh. Hindi na kaya ng brain ko kung ma-prolong pa ang stress. Ang sarap pala ng feeling I immediately jumped inside the waiting cab. Jerwin actually gave them to me. Jerwin was seen buying flowers for Georgina. About those The reporters seem to be pleased with what they're hearing. Akala ba nila nagbibiro ako? Gusto ko talaga ng flowers arawaraw noh! Reporter 1: Speaking of flowers. rumored flowers. Ok na ko. nyahaha Talagang pinagkahabol-habol pa nila ako. A dozen of beautiful red roses. bago umikot to escape their "one last question. ma'am. it was also rumored that they were spotted in a floral shop. Liar. Akala ko matatabunan kayo.The reporters laughed at this little remark. Ako: . I hope I managed to clear up some issues. which. Reporter 2: Oh! So you received them? Ako: Yes. It's not a big deal to me. Miss Venice!". At least ito.. bigla-bigla . I've said all I had to say.. ng may bodyguard. drove away. hindi ko na kailangan mag-isip pa ng palusot. It was just two friends eating dinner together. Thank you..So it shouldn't be a big deal to anyone else. Ako: This whole "date" thing was really just blown out of proportion. I gave a quick nod of goodbye. Lalayas na ko. as soon as I shut the door. dinumog pa kayo nung mga reporters.. Manong Driver: Nako. buti na lang pinigilan na uhlet sila nung mga guards.

♥ As soon as I got Venice's text that she's coming home. I was driving around the .." Will you be waiting for me? Pero syempre. Ako: I think. watching the blur of passing cars and buildings.. Jerwin left me a couple more messages... nagmadali kagad ako umuwi. I would have answered kung narinig ko lang ung phone ko. Uuwi na lang ako. Pero. "I'm on my way home.. ::Chapter 56:: What Should I Do ♫. So. I just decided to finally break my silence and send him a text message.~*~.I'm just really exhausted from everything na nangyari nitong araw na toh.silang sumugod eh. instead. Manong Driver: San na po tayo ngayon? Ay.. Oo nga poh eh...♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Saan nga ba? I don't know where Jerwin might be. After making sure na alam ni manong kung san ung bahay.. Ako: Ha. I slumped in the backseat. I took out my phone.~*~. I gave the house address to the driver. -__. I just feel like crawling somewhere and hibernate for a week. hindi ko itatanong un.

hoping to check the nightclubs and bars -. anger. Patiently. I practically ran para tignan kung sino ung dumating. "Venice!!" I frantically ran around the dead quiet house. stylish before. masyado pa palang maaga para magbukas ung mga un. I heard the front door opening. If I didn't see her face before she turned around to close the door. I could have sworn it was a stranger. Amusement. Jerwin. She finally turned around and almost jumped when she saw me.. dahil I was already on the verge of having a panic attack. There's nobody here. I hastily parked the truck in the driveway...then I realized. Madapa-dapa pa ko sa pagtakbo papasok ng bahay. I felt a whole range of emotions rushing in my system. Then I froze.. and I just had to start pacing back and forth. What's taking her so long?! Is she messing with my mind here?!? Doesn't she know how worried people are because of her?!? Why didn't she at least tell somebody where she's going?! Those are the kind of things running through my mind as I grow more and more frustrated.. If it turns out na magnanakaw ung pumasok... Sabi nya pauwi na sya. She should be here any minute.. hanggang sa tuluyan na kong nabato sa paghihintay. relief. I decided to patiently wait in the living room. Okay. I can't even . Relax ka lang. I've never seen Venice look so.. I swear I'd beat the pulp out of him! Nanadya ba sya?!? Ngayon pa sya magnanakaw kung kailan may hinihintay ako!?!? Fortunately.. I watch the woman reluctantly come in.. it wasn't a thief. It was a good thing she finally texted me when she did.

I even canceled a photoshoot just to look for you! I can almost feel my heart pumping double time habang nag-vvent out ako. her voice is dripped with acid. Her eyes are blazing fires of fury. Why isn't she looking at me? Is it because of the pictures? The news? Why isn't she looking at me?? Nagsimula nanaman ang marathon ng panic attack ko. She's not looking at me. you idiot?!?! Venice just stared at me for a few seconds. I don't know what to say! Ako: You could have told me where you were going. I tried again. All the built-up energy from the past few hours just continuously poured out of my mouth. I wanted to start explaining about the pictures. When I was somewhat calmer. heck. But. . Kahit sina Sheena hindi alam kung nasan ka. O_O Ako: Where the hell have you been?!? Aish! Why are you yelling at her. I opened my mouth to tell her how relieved I am to see her safe. then she shrugged and walked past me. but I don't want her to think na nagiging defensive ako. Napatigil ako sa pagsalita nung nakita ko ung mukha nya. Venice: I'm sorry. but you never answered! Do you know--- Venice suddenly whipped around to face me. I took a deep breath and followed her inside the house. trying to calm my nerves. and although she's speaking calmly. to my suprise. Ayoko ng gulo. Ako: I was calling your phone. iba ang lumabas sa bibig ko. make sure everything's okay. I just want to talk to her. Ako: I've been looking everywhere for you. I clenched my jaw.start explaining the reasons those emotions suddenly appeared. even though I want to stop. It's like. pero. my mouth continues talking.

but it's not okay when I do it? Ako: What-Venice: At pag ako ang tumatawag. I can't cover for you all the time. It may be just a source of entertainment -. At least. In my defense. Venice: You are engaged to me. She held up her left hand to my face.. I didn't ask you to look for me. and I'm sorry you have to drive all over the place. that's what people think. So it's okay for you to go out and not tell me. Ako: Venice! Venice: I'm going to bed! Don't talk to me! . in case you've forgotten.. listen here. then at least. it scares me. Pero pag ikaw ang tumatawag.a game -. cause this will be the one and only time I'm gonna say this. Ako: Say what? Venice: I understand na this "thing" between us is nothing but some stupid parental agreement. I couldn't speak after she said all that.. Pero-Ako: Hold on! Venice: No! You listen! She stepped towards me.Venice: Ahh. Venice: If you want to go on a date with Geena. I've never seen Venice this mad before. okay lang na hindi mo sagutin ung phone. I can almost feel her anger burning my skin.. I should immediately answer? Ganun ba un? Ako: I didn't say--Venice: Ohh so you're gonna deny it now?!? What just happened here? O_O Venice: I'm sorry I made you miss your very important photoshoot. do it somewhere na walang makakakita snyo! Because. Ako: Hey! Did you really think I'm just gonna sit quietly after knowing that you saw that stupid article?!? Venice: Who knows?!? Jerwin. Venice just looked at me for a few more seconds before she finally turned around and pushed past me.for you. Honestly.

I could only hear her bedroom door slamming from upstairs. my cousin loves to overreact. pero ung huli nyang voicemail. you dumbass!" -___- Ako: Yes. -__. How many times have I said THAT before? It's been a couple of hours since Venice walked out on me. but. I've been dying to talk to her and clear things up.. she was gone. I am Nicole: ARGGHHHH!!! I can't believe I'm related to you! Wow. and anoh pa nga bang inaasahan ko? Of course. -__- Nicole: Did you patch things up with Venice now? Ako: I'm going to..Knowing Nicole.. I probably shouldn't tell her that Venice and I ended up bickering as soon as she got home. . So I finally decided to answer her call. nag-threaten na sya na pag hindi ko sinagot ung telepono. I don't want to wake her up. "Jerwin Santos.And with that.. she said she was going to bed and not to talk to her. I was intentionally ignoring the calls. I'm sure she would follow through with the threat kapag hindi ko pa sya kinausap. What if she wakes up at the wrong side of the bed and we start fighting again? Did we really just have our first fight? O_O Nicole bombarded my phone with calls an hour ago. pupunta sya dito sa bahay. Nicole: What!? What?!? WHAT?!?! She's finally home and you haven't done anything AT ALL?!?! Hmmm... Nicole in this house is definitely the last thing I need right now.

I gently brushed stray strands of her hair away from her face. She's sprawled on her bed. I'll see you tomorrow.. -__Nicole: Hell yea you will! Seriously! What were you thinking?!?! And with all people.. there she is.unless you want to be clobbered next. Nic.. it'd be a shame to disturb such heavenly peace. I paused in front of her door. though I can't figure out why.Nicole: Boy. but it's not as important as you. and I really wish you wouldn't think I'd pick Geena over you dahil that's simply not true. It's quiet inside. I got up from the couch and made my way upstairs..... Maybe she really is sleeping. you have to be spotted out with that witch! I clamped my mouth shut.. She looks so peaceful. Yep.. Ako: The photoshoot was important. Ako: Venice? Dahan-dahan kong binuksan ung pinto and peeked inside. it is best not to say anything -. Napatingin uhlet ako sa orasan. Based on my experience. She didn't stir. I wonder if Venice is really sleeping. where is your brain?!?! Ako: I shall do something about it now... Ako: Venice. I walked inside and sat on the bed. Ako: Sige na. I think my eardrum just declared malfunction after those few minutes of listening to Nicole's exaggerated screams and threats of bodyslamming me next time we see each other. careful not to wake her up. She's clutching a pillow close to her as she sleeps soundly. usual selves? Has she seen us together? Kailan pa kami naging "sweet"? -___- Nicole finally hang up. when Nicole starts dissing. . I'm hanging up noww~ Nicole: Fine. Nicole hates Geena's guts. Make sure you two are back to your sweet usual selves by then! Sweet.. Pagod siguro.

. anong magagawa ko? Aish! I furiously scratched my head. Venice.I took a deep breath. Maybe things would have been a lot easier if we met under different circumstances. Just don't hate me. You should wake up and start hitting me hanggang sa mapagod ka... I wonder if we still would have gotten together if she didn't stumble in front of me that one night. You should've cursed at me.. I let out a sigh. Ako: Those things you said a while back. Nung sinabi mong I'm with you only for entertainment. She's beautiful. Man. You said this thing between us is just an agreement between our parents. Wala naman akong mapapala kung itutuloy ko pa ang pagkausap sa tulog noh? . you amused me kaya pumayag ako sa engagement na toh. ang layo na nang narating namin since then. Bakit ba mas madaling kausap ang tulog? Mabuti na rin un. siguro nung una.... I mean. watching her sleeping face intently. Naghahalo-halo na lahat ng iniisip ko.. To think. maybe that's true. what am I supposed to do?? I can't help but worry about you. What can I say to make you forgive my stupidity? Siguro dapat sinigaw-sigawan mo ko at the top of your lungs. I wonder why I never saw that before.. Ang sakit sa ulo! Ako: Venice. when did I learn to sprout cheesy things like this?!? =__= Ako: And.. just being with you makes me genuinely happy. But. I hate complicated things. But. Ayoko nang ganitong mga bagay na mahirap isipin. In a way. I admit. you know things change. I softly ran my hand over Venice's hair. A fragile beauty. Maybe you think I don't have the right to meddle with your business. We started out on the wrong foot. that was unfair. Now. Natawa ako nung naalala ko ung gabing un. Nakakapag-vent out ako dahil hindi ako nakakontra kanina. And I was stupid enough to bring nothing but headache to her..

I immediately opened my eyes. Kung alam lang ni Jerwin kung gano ko ka-gustong silipin kung anong expression nya sa mukha. Yak! wahahaha Pano na lang ako mag-ccontinue ng anger act ko pagkatapos akong hiritan ng mga ganon? ::Chapter 57:: Rushing Back ♫. Kaya hindi na lang ako sumagot.. I stood up and silently sneaked out of the room again..♥♥ --(Venice's POV) ---------------. Sardines. I sat up on the bed and threw the pillow aside.. After that. O_O When I heard him call my name from outside the door. Kunwari tulog nga ako.. Kaya lang si kuya! Biglang binuksan ung pinto! Abah! Syempre na-panic ako! Ang unang pumasok sa utak ko: "Tulog! Tulog ka!" OoO Sumunod naman si body. kaya ahyun. natulala ako. Ayaw ko na makipag-away. I should just let her rest. She's had a long day. All he had to say was "I'm sorry".~*~. Kung papasok sya. My golay.. Psh.~*~. for some reason. mahirap ba un?!? Pero napangiti ako nung naalala ko ung ka-cornihan ng mga lines nya.♫ . Ang dami pang sinabi. Let there be peace on earth. baka mag-away nanaman kami bigla. Jerwin na un. Haayyyy.Ako: I'll make it up to you. --.♥ As soon as narinig kong sumarado ung pinto. Kunwari lang. I thought mamatay ako sa atake sa puso nung biglang nagpaka-mellow si kuya sa tabi ko....

. Tulog pa kaya si Jerwin? Napatingin ako dun sa relo sa likod ko. See you later. I opened it slowly.Jerwin" -_____- Tama bang sardinas ang itawag sa'kin?!? Sa ganda kong toh.. I'll be back as soon as possible.. -____- I rolled out of bed and halos gumapang papunta sa pinto ko. and peered inside... "Sardines. Wala talaga sya.. -. San nanaman kaya pumunta un?? I went downstairs para tignan kung baka sakaling nakahilata sya dun sa living room. Kung anumang trip nya sa buhay. anong mukhang sardinas. Dahan-dahan kong binuksan ung pinto. hindi nga pala ako nakakain ng hapunan.. ha?!? . Don't forget to eat since you didn't eat last night. I had to go and have lunch with my family. the bathroom. 11:30 na. May trabaho ba sya ngayon? Di ba birthday nya? I tiptoed to his room and pressed my ear dun sa pinto.. I stumbled in the kitchen. nakapatong sa counter. There's a stick-it note. I checked the living room. Tahimik.(Venice's POV) ---------------. I hope you're not mad anymore. Anyway. Walang nahilik. I cooked you some scrambled eggs and may tinapay pa dyan. Wala. pero tulog na tulog ka.♥ Nagising ako kinabukasan nang halos mamilipit na ko sa gutom. Walang tao. the dining room. Pasimpleng tingin-tingin sa labas. Finally. Then I stopped. No wonder nag-wewelga na ang mga alaga ko sa tyan. the patio. I wanted you to come. or sa patio sa labas. I felt bad waking you up. Dun ko nakita ung plate na may cover. Dahil sa mga drama kagabi.

Binasa ko uhlet ung note. The tensed atmosphere broke and everyone turned to look at the old woman sitting at the end of the table. ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------.. Grams: Did someone die? Why is everyone so quiet? Nicole: I'm ready to kill somebody right now. most of the Santos clan gather in a fine restaurant for lunch. Tawagan natin para mabawasan naman ang stress ni kuya kakaisip kung nagpaplano ba kong sagasaan sya ng truck o lalagyan ko ba ng thumbtacks ung kama nya.♥ This must have been one of the most awkward lunch I've had in a while. I won't be able to make it. Sometimes. and hinalughog ung buong kama para sa cellphone ko. My aunt and my uncle are shooting me questioning glances. I raced up the stairs papunta sa kwarto ko. Grandmother has her own business most of the time. Not everyone is able to make it all the time though. My parents are looking like they'd wring my neck as soon as we finish dessert. -___Nicole is looking at me as if she's going to start biting my head off in a minute. Tita Lina: Nicole. Dapat pala inaaway nang mas madalas tohng taong toh. With the line of work we ventured into. tapos sinilip ko ung scrambled eggs na sinasabi nya. Nagiging sweet pag feeling guilty eh. Nicole and her parents won't be there.. Sometimes. Everyone's here. one of my parents won't be able to make it.. But. Grams cleared her throat. Jean is trying to kick my leg under the table. Sometimes.. . today is different.. this family is always too busy for little gatherings like this. I don't think I've ever wished so hard for the floor to swallow me whole. Suddenly. constantly nagging me about Venice. Every time someone in the family celebrates a birthday. It's an annual thing.

why don't we talk about it right now? Napatingin akong bigla kay Grams. People just blew it out of proportion. Jean: Exhausted? From what.Nicole mumbled something to her mom. . Jerwin? Oh. Nicole: -. right now. close na kagad sila?!? Dad: Why did you go out with Georgina Schmitz. kuya. She's a little bit exhausted from yesterday so I decided not to wake her up. aren't I? Ako: She's at home.. Mom: We didn't expect her to speak out either. You didn't see the interview? Ako: What interview? Nicole: The interview where she covered up for your dumb-She suddenly looked at Grams. Jerwin? Ako: It was just a friendly dinner. Jean: It was all over the news last night. O___O Ako: Grams. She ran away from home. Jean: Oh! That's what Ate Venice said too! Ako: You talked to Venice? Jean: No. then she went back to murdering the poor chicken on her plate.. Bakit ba sobrang affected sya sa mga nangyayari?! Nagkasama lang silang dalawa sa kulungan. Her eyes are ready to drill holes on my forehead. kuya? Nicole: Coz Venice saw the article and got really upset. Grams: Where is Venice.self. She can't possibly mean to put me in the spotlight right here. I don't know why she's so pissed. Grams: *sigh* Since everybody seems to be preoccupied with the issue. I shot Nicole a look. But she did good. At least hindi na lalong kakalat tohng scandalo na toh. O_O I'm in trouble.

Jean: Oohhh kuya~ Is it because you loovvveeee her na~? Ako: S-S-Shut up! Nicole: WAH! You're blushing! Ai. Grams! My little cousin is in la la love! What's this?!? 360-degree mood change nanaman?! Nicole really needs to get her brain checked up by a therapist. are you absolutely positive na walang namamagitan snyo ni Georgina? Ako: Yes. are you having an affair with this Georgina? Ako: What?! No! We're just friends. If Nicole wasn't sitting all the way at the other side. Lucky chicken. Jerwin. Excuses. she's not murdering the chicken anymore. Mainit lang dito noh kaya ako pinagpapawisan noh. Jean: And that you love her already? Ako: Yes--.. And why are they ganging up on me anyway?! Ako: Tigilan nyo nga ako...So she covered up for my mess. How was I supposed to know Venice did that for me? This birthday sucks.. Nicole: Sorry. stop teasing your cousin. My little cousin is just too cutteeeee! Ako: Grams just told you to stop it! Nicole just laughed at me. Dad: So. Grams: And this scandal was just blown out of proportion? Ako: Yes. -__. Mom: And you'll never cheat on Venice? Ako: Yes. pinag-untog ko na silang dalawa! . Nicole: Uh-huh. She's actually eating it now.. Lalong lumalaki ang kasalanan ko.. and I wouldn't dare cheat on Venice.. Grams: Jerwin.Hey! Nagtawanan sina Nicole tsaka si Jean. at least. This time. She focused her attention back on her plate.I knew I'd be all over the news that I just didn't want to watch TV last night. Grams: Hijita.

. Sunshine? Oh. I looked around the restaurant searching for her. I could hear Nicole and Jean cracking up again. Halos mabitaw-bitawan ko pa ung cellphone sa sobrang pagmamadali kong makuha sya. What the hell was Venice thinking changing my ringtone to something like that?!?! Ako: Hello?!?!?! Venice: Hurray! You answered your phone! Ako: How can I NOT answer my phone!?!? Venice: Oh.. I jumped out of my seat and practically ran out of the restaurant. Sunshine! It's me! Answer your phone! Phone?!!? OoO I frantically jammed my hand in my pocket. so my personalized ringtone worked? Ako: You were practically yelling "Sunshine"!!!! .All of a sudden. Sunshine!! Anak ng--- Ako: Excuse me. Sunshiiineee~ WTF?!?! Venice?!? The table got quiet nang narinig din nila ung boses ni Venice.

I was about to yell at her again. Ako: Does that mean I'm forgiven? Venice: You will be.or rather. I couldn't help but smile. I heard it's bad for someone's health to remain angry for a long time. Ako: Consider it done. That means she's not angry anymore. but I'm glad I did dahil as soon as the words were out of her mouth. when I realized something: She's laughing. she whispered something.. Nicole clammed her lips at the sound of Grams' warning voice. All eyes were on me since there's probably this ridiculous grin still plastered on my face. she hang up. but I have to go now. Kung may makakakita siguro sa'kin ngayon.. Grams then looked at me and smiled. I barely caught it. Nicole: *sigh* It must be so nice to be in love.. Grams: Hijita. Who knows? But then. She paused for a while. you're not mad anymore? Venice: Hmmm. I waltzed back inside the restaurant.Venice started laughing on the other line. .. Ako: Grams. Nicole: Ooohh~ Coming home to the missus eh? Ako: I'm gonna ignore that just because I'm in a good mood now.. I hope you don't mind. But I still have a few things to do. mapapagkamalan akong baliw sa laki ng ngiti sa mukha ko. finally.. My birthday is just improving more and more by the minute. Bahala sila sa buhay nila. and I have to -. as if looking for the right words or calming her nerves down. Jean: Eh?! We haven't even had dessert yet! Ako: I know. in one condition. right? Ako: Sardines. I want to go home as early as possible.

.. uuwi talaga ako kagad. "VENICE?!?!?" Sunog?!? May sunog?!? . "Umuwi ka kagad ha. ::Chapter 58:: Birthday Cake ♫." Those were Venice's last words before she hung up. It's the smoke alarm. Of course. Patch things up with your fiancée. I froze from shock.. I gave Grams a quick kiss on the forehead and then I ran out of the restaurant. Naglalakad na ko papunta sa pinto nang bigla kong narinig na may malakas na alarm na nagsskandalo. They actually looked surprised. Kinakantahan ko pa ung sarili ko ng "Happy Birthday" habang nagsasarado ng gate.♥ After two hours of driving from one place to another. If she said so.. Grams. When I reach Nicole.even my parents. hijo. time. And then I realized the alarm is coming from inside. I just need to drop by somewhere real quick and then I'll go home.Grams: Go ahead and go home. I did promise I'll make it up to her. nakauwi na rin ako sa wakas. she practically jumped in my arms. And this is the same girl who was on the verge of killing me just a while ago.♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------.~*~. I jumped out of the truck and walked over to the gate para isarado..~*~. Ako: Thanks. whom I've always felt awkward hugging. Tell hijita I'll visit her some I gave a quick hug to everybody in the table -.

. She's sitting on the floor in front of the oven. Konti na lang. I'm not even sure kung anoh ung itim na bilog na nilagay nya sa loob nung oven.. I opened the windows para palabasin ung usok.. T^T . although the house is probably going to smell like smoke for one or two days.. I did everything fine. I'm just relieved to see that she's fine and there's no fire or anything. Tinignan ko kung anoh ung tinitignan nya. and then I just barged inside. I finally found her. I burst into the kitchen. Hanggang sa finally. I don't think she's even aware that all smoke detectors in the house are alarming. iiyak na.. I knelt down next to her on the floor. Ako: Venice?!! Where is she?! Did she lose consciousness?! Ako: Venice!? I ran from one room to another. staring. -___- Ako: Are you okay? What happened here? She suddenly turned to me. I followed the recipe to a T. O___O Venice: I wanted to bake a cake for you.. and I was caught in surprise to see tears brimming in her eyes.. The house seems fire-free. Venice: Sunshine. Ako: Venice. just staring at whatever is inside the appliance.I hastily jammed the key to unlock the door.. where all the smoke is coming from. although there is smoke everywhere.

lumabas na lang tayo. So. Don't cry. *sniff* I didn't mean to fall asleep. but.. While she has her face buried on my shoulder. in which she could have been seriously hurt. She looks like a little kid. Sinong hindi matatawa? But I need to keep a straight face. Then.. her Winnie the Pooh apron. I took a deep breath. I should probably be aggravated that she almost caused a fire. looking at her right now.. those tears dangerously brimming in her eyes. I went out to the patio to get some sun. okay? . tumawa na ko ng tumawa as silently as Ako: Why don't you go wash up? I'll clean up the mess here. I gently took her in my arms and gave her a hug -. her face stained with soot.. No one's ever baked a cake for my birthday. It's ridiculously cute.. Pano na lang kung ako ang isunod nyang ipasok dun sa oven? Ako: It's okay. with her messy ponytail... Cake pala un. She tried to bake a cake for my birthday. Baka bigla ngang umiyak pag nakita nyang upset na nga sya.simply because I can't stop myself from laughing anymore. Nagising na lang ako nung nag-aalarm na ung buong bahay and smoke was coming out of the oveennnn~ ToT Ohh. And kahit na pumalpak. Sardines. trying to control myself. possible. it's the thought that counts. I bit my lip to stop myself from smiling. She stared at me. natatawa pa ko.I looked at the black object inside the oven again.. Venice: Tapos nung nilagay ko na sa oven..

A. A thousand pesos?!?!? . Ako: We can go shopping? Venice: Shopping? Are you sure? Ako: Yea. wiping her tears away as she did so..She pulled away from me. I spent about 1000 pesos on clothes. Venice: Okay. Sunshine! Oo O As soon as she finished her little confession.... It's still too early. And I used your card.. nope. Should I tell her? Hmmm... why not? I pulled her up to her feet. Venice: Where are we going? I looked at the clock. Di nya alam na kumalat din ung itim sa mukha nya. Yesterday... She turned around and was just about to leave the room nang umikot ulit sya para tumingin sa'kin.. she immediately ran up the stairs.. hahahaha Mukha syang taong grasa.. Thank you for taking me shopping again today. I'll go wash up then. Venice: I think this is the proper time to tell you this.

The oven looks like it's gonna need some major cleaning (We're probably gonna need to buy a new one -__-). The smoke is starting to clear up. shades. I walked back in the kitchen and tumingin sa paligid ko.. though the house still smells like something's burning.~*~. ::Chapter 59:: Moments Like This ♫. nyahahahaha joke! walang kokontra! Anoh bah. kinakarir nya ang pagiging celebrity-undercover nya. That girl. Complete sa headgear.. -____- I started to turn off the smoke detectors. Even the counters near the oven are stained. she'll choose to ignore me.Ako: (sigaw) YAH!!! Did you buy the entire store?!?!?! Of course. pag ganitong lumalabas kami at pupunta sa malls or sa kahit saan na maraming tao... Ridiculously cute... The funny thing is. Naglalandian. minsan nga may scarf pa.. .~*~. -___Aish. I picked up the black object inside the oven -. How can one person create this much chaos? Naalala ko ulit ung itsura ni Venice when I walked in. How long was she asleep for the cake to be burnt to this degree?!? This does not resemble a cake in any way AT ALL.only to have it crumble into pieces. When everything is quiet. demure ako noh.. Just like he said. that girl. Usually.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.. he took me shopping. hindi nagbalot ng mukha nya si kuya.....♥ Jerwin and I spent the whole day outside.

jewelries. pero he stepped out of the truck without his usual paraphernalias. Pumunta rin naman kami sa mga stores ng mga lalaki. Hindi nagrereklamo. sapatos.. Lumayo kayo sa Sunshine ko! RAWR! Mga Jerwin: What are you glaring at? Ako: Eh? O_O He looked behind him para tignan kung anoh ba ung tinitignan ko. May iba pa nga na pasimpleng kumukuha ng pictures. I think may apat na babae ang sumusunod-sunod sa kanya. Nung napagod kami.. Na-shock nga ako eh. Jerwin really almost went out of his mind sa sobrang pagtanggi. and a couple of new hats. Ang bait nga ni birthday boy. pero sabi ni Jerwin. pasimpleng sumusunod-sunod. we went up to the 4th floor para lang umupo. As soon as we stepped inside the mall. a pair of new shoes. -___. Be back in five minutes.. clueless pa rin si kuya. Lutang yata ang utak nya. I still bought him the shirt. Nakaka-bother. hindi ko alam kung nananadya ba sya o ano.. Hindi lang ako ang nag-shopping. dahil pagbalik ng tingin nya sa'kin.I know. kahit na dumadami na ung mga bitbit nya. "Out of my mind. this time. Parang hindi nya yata napansin ung apat na nakabuntot sa kanya. just pretend lang raw na hindi ko nakikita ung mga taong un." Yes. Yes. engkantong toh. At dahil mabait ako. Ako: Talaga bang hindi mo nakikita ang mga people na sumusunod-sunod syo?? @_@ Sunshine.. Mainit sa Pilipinas. hahaha Don't get me wrong. may problema ba yang mga mata mo?! . And yes. pano kong hindi makikita?!? Pinasok namin halos lahat ng stores na may mga damit. pinagtitinginan na tuloy kami.Adik ba sya??! Eh may mata ako. We bought Jerwin a few shirts. I got him a bright pink shirt that says. purses. Anyway. it's bright pink. He bought us something to drink habang nagpapahinga. When he got back.

Obviously... hahaha I quietly sipped my melon shake. baka makalbo na sya nyan! Ako: You wanna leave soon? Jerwin: Bakit? Are you done shopping? Ako: Yea. Akala ko magtatalon pa sa kilig ung dalawa. Can't you just carry me on your back? T__T . "JERWIN SANTOS!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" Napatingin kaming dalawa dun sa dalawang lalaki na dumadaan sa likod namin. Jerwin: I see them. watching Jerwin as he constantly runs his hand through his hair. I don't think I'll ever get used to people following me to this degree. He looked at his watch. Mukhang abnormal. You wanna go now? Ako: Eh?!? Now na??! Jerwin: Why not? Ako: I'm too lazy to get up and start walking again. Ako: Duh. Ilang oras na rin pala tayong nandito.. okay. Kailangan talaga nilang isigaw ung pangalan ni Jerwin para lang mangbati noh? Jerwin: Ah! THANK YOU!! The two guys waved at him tapos umalis na sila. the stares and the people are making him uncomfortable. This little liar.. Jerwin: Hmmm. I learned to ignore them.He sat down on the chair next to me. Seryosong-seryoso sya dun sa pag-sstir nya nung straw nung watermelon shake nya. I don't want people invading my privacy noh. I got used to it. Ako: Maannnn. -__Jerwin: That's probably because you don't want people giving you this much attention. Pero sa tagal ba naman na sinusundan ako nga mga tao. pero mukhang hindi naman. kung itutuloy nya yang ginagawa nya sa buhok nya. Abah. Eventually.

.Jerwin: . parang naman ganun ka-lakas ung pagkakapitik ko..gamit ung truck nya.. .. Ang exagge. Ako: WHAT?!? Jerwin: They usually do car shows in this floor.. There must be a way those cars managed to get inside... Avah.. Ako: Ulol! Bibigyan mo pa ng problema ung management ng mall! Gusto mo bang ma-ban tayo dito?!? Jerwin: Dork! I was just kidding! Bakit kailangan mo pa kong pitikin?!? Ako: Eh gunggong ka pala eh! Seryosong-seryoso ung mukha mo. Ako: "I AM Jerwin Santos". right? Tumingin-tingin sa paligid si kuya.. akala ko naman talagang gagawin mo! He's holding his forehead and wincing in pain. O_O Seryoso yata sa pag-consider na dito nya ko susunduin -.. . talagang feel na feel nya ang pagtakip. trying to peel it off his forehead. nababaliw ba sya?!? Ako: Hoy. Pero malakas si kuya. bakit ayaw mong tanggalin!? Jerwin: Eh sa gusto kong hawakan ang noo ko eh! It's a free country! Ako: Aish! Hinablot kong bigla ung kamay nya. Jerwin Santos. special?!? Jerwin: I AM Jerwin Santos. .. di ba? Ako: Masakit ba? O_O Jerwin: Hindi! Ako: Eh bakit hawak mo pa yang noo mo?!? Tanggalin mo nga ung kamay mo! Jerwin: Ayoko nga! Bakit ba?! Ako: Eh kung hindi naman pala masakit.. adik ka ba?!? Ipapasok mo ung truck mo dito?! Anoh ka. hindi naman.... Tapos biglang pitik sa noo nya. I can ask them if I can drive the truck inside. Then I'll pick you up right here. I mimicked his answer..

. .. Sunshine!OoO Jerwin: It didn't hurt. may small red spot. Ang sweet nyo namang dalawa. Napatingin kaming dalawa ni Jerwin. Oo O I suddenly grabbed his face and hinila sya palapit sa'kin para mas makita ko ung noo nya. I stared in horror at that tiny spot.. Dun ko na-realize na amazingly close pala ang mukha ko sa mukha ni Jerwin -. smiling and nodding as they watch the little scene between Jerwin and me. dun sa pinitik ko. yep. Kahit na hawak ko ung mukha nya. Jerwin managed to crane his neck and look at the old couple. Ako: WAAHHH!! Napalakas ba ung pitik ko?!? It hurt.O An old couple walked past us. papahirapan pa ko! O____O Hm?? There's a small red hawak ko pa with both hands ang face nya! I literally jumped and halos mahulog ako sa upuan ko sa sobrang pagmamadali kong makalayo." O.Jerwin: Stop it! Ako: You stop it! Jerwin: Are you trying to rape me?!? Ako: What the hell are you talking about?!? Anoh naman ang ka-rape-rape sa noo mo?!? Jerwin: Why are you all over me then?!? Ako: Let me see your forehead! Jerwin: Bakit ba?!? Araw-araw mo nang nakikita ang noo ko! Ako: Anak ng tinapa! Patingin mo na kaseh! Jerwin: Haven't you heard that curiosity killed the cat?!? Ako: Mukha ba kong pusa?!? Jerwin: AHHH!! Ang kulit mo! I finally managed to pry his hand off his forehead! Bibigay rin pala. didn't it?!? WAH I'm sorry. W-Will you stop crushing my face!? Ako: But it's red! It's red! Jerwin: Stop panicking! Ako: But it's red!!! "Aww.

nagsimula pang dumami ung mga tao. As soon as malayo na sila. recording videos. Pero iba ung nangyari. I bit my lip in worry. ). I was getting so anxious na naubos ko yata ung iniinom kong shake in one sip. Promise. ::Chapter 60:: Trapped ♫. I suggest never to try that dahil it causes brain freeze. naging 15..♥ After that little incident. =___= Jerwin: I think we better leave. and then he wrapped a . O__O Ung kaninang sampu. O__O I slumped on the table right next to Jerwin's head.. They were all watching us. there's at least ten people surrounding us -. How are we supposed to get through all that?! Kayang-kaya kaming pisatin ng mga taong yan eh! O_O Jerwin: You ready? I nodded reluctantly.~*~.Jerwin gave an awkward smile to the old couple. tapos dumami pa sila nang dumami. Jerwin: That was embarrassing. Ako: Wha--- And it was then that I realized.~*~. Baka sakaling magsialisan rin ung mga tao. He carried all the bags in one hand (much to my amazement protective arm around my shoulder.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.. Jerwin and I waited for a bit... Jerwin started grabbing all our shopping bags. taking pictures. Instead na mabawasan.all armed with their cameras and phones... I looked at the number of people around us.. he suddenly slumped on the table. Then we can peacefully leave.

I can feel some touching my hair. photo ops.. Pero wala talaga akong makita. my arms. We tried to walk past the increasing number of spectators. Before I knew it. hoping to see kung nasan na ba si Jerwin...Jerwin: Just keep your head down. like something grazing my skin. Jerwin tries to shield me from all the shoving and pushing. I can feel panic rising up in my system. OoO Everywhere I look I see these unknown faces. Why are these people pushing too much?!? I need to get out of here.." Hindi yata ma-gets ng people na ang ibig nyang sabihin is: private time = no work related activities (ie autographs. Kahit ung tuktok man lang ng ulo nya.. Some are trying to take pictures. Sunshine!! NASAN KA NA?!? . pero what can he do kung napapaligiran kami ng mga kalaban? People aren't making it any easier for us to get through. Some are blocking Jerwin's way.. I was pulled out of Jerwin's arm and thrown into a sea of strangers. I'm sorry. Jerwin had to repeatedly say. my shoulders. I can hear my name and these questions. Some are shoving pens and notebooks in every direction. Close ba kami at ganon na lang sila kung makatawag at kung makapagtanong!?? I frantically looked around. It stings.. "It's my private time. -__- We were halfway through when I suddenly felt someone grabbing one of my arms. "Venice! Take a picture with me!" "Venice! Hindi ka ba talaga naapektuhan nung lumabas si Jerwin tsaka si Georgina?!?" Venice! Venice! Venice! All around me. fans) Good luck na lang.

His jaw is clenched tightly as he forcefully pushed his way out of the cluster of people. I finally called out to Jerwin. Make them stop! Ako: JERWIN!!! I suddenly felt someone wrap an arm around me and hurriedly stirred me away from the mob. When I looked up. iiyak na ko dito. from one person's face to another. I tried to push my way out. Dahil kung hindi. Nung medyo nakalabas na kami. I feel like I'm suffocating sa sobrang panic at takot. . T^T Ako: Jerwin!?!! "Nag-ddate ba kayo lagi ni Jerwin dito?" "Can I have an autograph?" "Anong birthday gift mo kay Jerwin?" People are pushing against me even harder now.. Apat na security guards ung humarang kagad dun sa mga tao. dun lang nagdatingan ung mga security..Ako: Please let me through. feeling ko lang. Nawa'y marinig nya ko. tapos nagmadali na kaming umalis. I'm getting pushed from one place to another.. Jerwin and I nodded a quick thank you. It was Jerwin. pero anoh pa nga bang inaasahan ko? Anoh naman ang laban ng sexy kong katawan sa sandamakmak na katawan sa paligid ko? Feeling desperate. I almost cried.

If I could. And I'm thankful for that.All the while na mabilis kaming naglalakad pabalik sa parking. Di ba nakita nung mga tao na mahihimatay na sa takot si Venice?! She's not a celebrity.just to delay time?!? WTF?!? Pinatong ko ung ulo ko sa steering wheel. and then I jumped in the driver's seat.?" I turned my head and saw Venice looking worriedly at me. Dahil kung hindi. ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. That mob was rough. she's too kind for her own good. What annoyed me even more was that someone actually dared to grab Venice and throw her back in the middle of all those people -. I'm afraid I'm gonna burst out in tears. I know she was scared half to death when we got separated.♥ We finally reached the truck. Why would they do that to her? . trying to cool off my head. she looked like she was about to cry. Venice: Are you okay? Are you kidding me?? Ikaw na nga tohng muntik nang malibing ng buhay. I would have yelled at all those people to leave me and Venice alone.. She looked pale with fright. I threw the shopping bags in the back. Jerwin was tightly holding my hand. Is it so wrong that we want to spend some time together doing normal activities? Is that so wrong?!? "Sunshine. When I found her in the middle of the crowd.. ikaw pa ang nagtatanong kung okay ako? Sometimes.

Medyo nagsisimula nang gumana ulit ung utak ko. Hindi ba amazona ka? O_O Venice: Eh kung tadyakan kaya kita dyan?!?!? I started laughing. bukod sa paa ko? Napaupo akong bigla. This crazy girl.Ako: I'm okay. Nababaliw ka na ba??! Do you know how worried I was na bigla kang nawala?!? Venice: Abah. leaned in to the radio para maghanap ng . boxingera?! Ako: Ay. @.. Masakit ang paa ko. she already grabbed my shirt and pulled me straight up.. eh sa may humaltak sa'kin?!? Ako: You should have punched him straight in the face! Venice: Gunggong! Hindi mo ba nakita ung dami ng tao kanina?!? Sa tingin mo ba. We better go. eh talaga namang violent person sya. I guess. How about you? May masakit ba syo? Venice: You mean.. kasalanan ko ba. I turned on the engine and started to drive away. I-ddeny pa. Venice. and panicky. Sunshine! I'm not injured or anything. as usual. confused.. I stared at her wide-eyed. malalaman ko pa kung sino ung humaltak sa'kin!? At anong tingin mo sa'kin. Medyo nag-calm down ung puso ko. I looked at my watch again. pero bago pa ko makapangisda. medyo nabawasan ung init ng ulo ko. dahil baka nakakalimutan mo. Ako: Hoy.@ Venice: WAHAHAHAHA Relax ka lang. anxious. Did somebody accidentally step on her foot?! or maybe kicked her leg?!? What if more than one person stepped on her feet?! Ako: Where??! Which one?!? Halos mag-dive ako dun sa sahig ng truck para lang makuha ung paa nya.. @_@ Pero seeing that she's okay. ilang oras tayong nagpaikot-ikot sa mall noh! I can only stare at her as she laughs like crazy dun sa tabi ko. Parang ayaw mag-register sa utak ko kung bakit sya tumatawa.

.station na nag-pplay ng kantang alam nya. Ako: Give it to me. That's too bad kung magpapaka-celebrity undercover ka na lang lagi. Ako: Where did you get those?!? Venice suddenly snapped out of her dazed state and tried to cover her arm.. Someone must have had really long nails to make those scratches on her skin! Venice: It's nothing. Napasilip ako kay Venice when I noticed na she's absentmindedly running her hand on her left arm. I turned to completely look at her to see why she's so preoccupied with that arm. but it's too late.and I learned it's better not argue with her. Venice didn't argue. I shouldn't step out without some sort of disguise. Scratches. Venice: Why? Ako: Coz things like this happen when people go crazy Venice: Hmmm. really. Ako: Bakit? Venice: It's a free country. Three red claw marks from her elbow to her wrist. he's dead. next time. The light turned green so I had to turn back to driving. I don't know if it really eases the pain. If I ever see that person who left marks on Venice's arm. Hinayaan nya lang ako. It's sort of like a habit now. Venice: Eh?? I reached over to her arm and started to lightly run my hand on the scratches. then I might as well do it for her. Ako: I guess. Dapat nakakapagliwaliw ka nang hindi na kailangan magtago. It used to be irritating as hell. but if it does. I already saw the injury. pero I got used to it -. It's a good thing na hindi pa nag-bbuild up ang traffic. Nung tumigil kami sa stoplight. she always spends at least five minutes jumping from one radio station to another. huh. I clenched my jaw as I looked at her. I can see Venice going back to gently caressing her arm. I noticed three red lines on her milky white skin. Every time na aandar na kami. She's probably trying to soothe the stinging pain. We're driving sa highway. Doesn't walking .

Ako: That tiny bit of freedom is nothing compared to your safety. It was scary. I threw a glance at Venice.. I never knew people can actually be so. Anong ka-cornihan nanaman ito? Venice: Oh! Sunshine! O_O She jumped from her seat. She's smiling brightly at me. but just hearing her say that she likes being with me. Venice: Yeah. Venice: But it's okay. Baka naman kung anong kababalaghan nanaman ang plano mo! Ako: Anong kababalaghan?!? When did I ever do anything weird?! Venice: Gusto mo ba talagang isa-isahin ko pa? -__. Ni hindi ko nga rin alam kung bakit. Coz I like being with you. brutal. I took her hand and held it firmly. as if she doesn't know the impact of her words to me.. Yep. don't change the subject! Where are we going?!? Ako: Relax ka lang dyan. Venice: Secret-secret ka pang nalalaman.. inabot sya ng 30 minutes bago nya na-iprocess na hindi ito ang daan pauwi. and parang ngayon lang sya natauhan.. I'd rather give up that feeling of liberty than to have people mobbing Venice when we're together.. Man. . frantically looking around.. I don't want you to experience something like that ever again.Ah. Ako: Okay? Venice: If it's part of being with you. Venice: Nasan na tayo?!? San tayo pupunta? Ako: It's a secret. She shouldn't go through anything like that. Ako: Yea. We've been on the road for 30 minutes.around without a disguise give you a sense of freedom? I guess freedom comes with a price. it's enough to make my heart swell up with happiness.. then it's okay.

So stop complaining. it will be a moment to remember. wag mo nang asahan na mabubuhay ka pa Jerwin: Pag ikaw nadapa. muntik madapa. too late na kami dumating (that's impossible dahil 8:45 PM pa lang). Pero ayaw nya talagang tanggalin ung takip ko sa mata. Kaya since then. I mumbled a few more complaints under my breath.yep. Bubwit. Papahirapan pa ko para lang sa drama nya?!? Nung hindi ako sumunod. everything's okay raw. pinalakad nya ko nang wala akong nakikita. Dahan-dahan ka lang dyan..~*~. the lot is empty. talagang feel na feel ni kuya na takpan ang vision ko. biglang sinabi ni Jerwin na isarado ko raw ung mga mata ko dahil "surprise ito. Parang ang layo na nga ng nilalakad namin eh! Ilang beses na kong muntik mabunggo. So I followed him pababa nung truck. besides three other cars... Anak ng tokwa. -___- Jerwin and I arrived in the music hall where he had his latest concert some time ago -.. So it's either maaga kaming dumating. Pero sabi ni Jerwin. after what felt like forever. sinabi ni Jerwin na almost there na raw kami. This is just getting more absurd by the minute.~*~. he took the initiative to just cover my eyes with his huge hands. the one where I was officially "introduced" to the public as the soon-to-be Mrs. Finally. but. Jerwin Santos. ::Chapter 61:: Two Less Lonely People ♫. I'll catch you. at ganito ang ginagawa sa mga romatic movies" . Jerwin: Malapit na tayo. Kawawa naman. Ako: Papaakyatin mo ko ng hagdan?!?! . I looked around the parking lot.♥ Ako: Pag ako nadapa.. may hagdan.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. At kahit anong palag ko.Ako: I can assure you. Iniisip ko na manonood kami ng concert. Nung pumasok kami sa main hall. or walang bumili ng ticket nung kung sinoman ang mag-cconcert.

.. actually. Limited lang tuloy ang nakikita ko. There are tiny twinkling lights above us. the lights turned on... It's dark. Well.. then after that. Jerwin: Not as beautiful as you. I realized na nasa flat surface na ulit ako. He carefully took off his hands from my face. ta-tumbling-an kita! Jerwin: Yea. Just when I thought I've seen it all. The whole stage looks like a romantic. As soon as the table was revealed.. Jerwin: I know it's not much. it's more like the stage lights turned on. May dapat ba kong makita? Nakapikit pa ba ko??! Suddenly. May magandang results pala ang pamimilit kay Jerwin na manood ng mga cheesy romantic comedy movies. Ako: It's beautiful. yea. Huge cut-outs ng mga buildings. Sobrang ikli naman nung hagdan na un.. Bilang lang sa isang kamay ung mga ilaw na nakabukas dun sa sides ng stage. city night scene from a musical. We're standing on the stage. this is the best I can come up with. I was left speechless. but.. biglang may nag-turn on na spotlight. Ingat-ingat lang sa mga steps. the rest of the music hall is still dark. Na-realize kong bigla na ang pinasukan pala namin ni Jerwin is ung backstage door. Jerwin: We're here. It's beautiful. may mga stage props na nakalambitin. The bright light revealed an intimate table for two at the center of the stage. kaya pala may hagdan. Hmmm.. I had to squint my eyes para ma-adjust ung eyesight ko.Jerwin: Oh relax. Hindi naman mahaba ung hagdan noh. dun sa likod nung stage. They look like stars. I went up five steps. mellow music filled the hall. Jerwin led me about ten more steps. Ako: Wag mo kong bibitawan. then he told me to stop. *__* Tapos. May mga scattered rose petals dun sa floor.

naapektuhan na yata ng romantic atmosphere ang brain cells ni kuya. pero baka hindi ka mabusog sa ganun eh. Ako: Oh. he even pulled out the chair for me bago sya umupo sa sarili nyang upuan. Lumalabas nanaman ang pagka-corny nya. patis. Well. He took my hand and led me to the table. sinigang at kanin ang nasa plato namin.. Naglagay pa sya ng patis dun sa maliit na bowl sa gitna ng table.. Jerwin smiled back at me. O_O I watch in awe as the server laid out the food in front of us. Talagang planado ni kuya lahat. SINIGANG!!! Lumalangoy-langoy pa nga ung kanin sa Jerwin: I was gonna order some formal dining. you know what happened. talagang inalam mo pa ang favorite ulam ko. Kaya I thought it's better na lang kung favorite food mo ung ipalabas ko. so although it's late. ahhh!! I can't believe she made me miss all this! This could have been our Valentine dinner! Jerwin: Uhmm. Jerwin: I was supposed to take you here for Valentines. Pinanood ko ung server as he filled our glasses with cold water. Kinarir nya na talaga ang pa-good shot nya. sobrang dami nung sabaw sa pinggan ko. I don't think I've ever had the feeling of wanting to strangle Geena before. In fairness. Ako: (smiles) I love it. Ako: Ohhh.YAK! Anu ba un?!?! Napatingin ako kay Jerwin. then he straightened up and signaled at something or someone from behind me. instead sa usual na formal dinner. Talagang nakangiti pa sya. kaya lang. Lalo akong namangha dahil. . Pero ngayon... I hope you like it. Yes. Nagulat ako nung may biglang lumabas na server. pushing a tray of food.

Oo O *cough* *cough* *cough* WAH! I'm choking! *cough* Jerwin: Are you okay?!? Ngumuya ka kasi muna bago ka lumunok! I took the glass of water he was handing me.Sinoh ba namang hindi matatawa sa ganitong setting!?? Ako: I prefer this over formal dinner. tapos sinigang The server finally left. and halos tinungga ko ung buong baso. and Jerwin and I were left alone to eat. it's okay. Ako: I can't believe you rented the entire music hall. . Ako pa ang sinisi nya?!? Eh sya tohng nangbibigla! Batuhan ba naman ako ng "first date" chuchu nya! Ako: F-F-First date?!?!? Jerwin: Yea. Hindi ba mahal toh? Jerwin: No. ang kakainin? Jerwin: Right?!? San ka pa makakakita ng romantic dinner for two.. It IS the first time we have an official date. I wanted this place especially for our first date. So I thought it'd be good to finally take you out. right? *blink* *blink* Jerwin: I mean. we've been engaged for a while.

Ako: Ohhhh!!! Yea! You screamed like a little girl! Jerwin: I DID NOT! Ako: wahahaha Yea right. syempre.*blink* *blink* Jerwin: Oh for crying out loud! Will you just say something?!? Ako: Uh. being the crazy moms that they are.of all people. Ako: And. that was you! Ako: Sira! Dinaig mo pa nga ako! Jerwin: Eh siguro kaseh mukha kang multong nakatayo sa stage. I can't believe it's only been two months. Jerwin: But this place is special. don't you remember? This is where we first met. It feels like I've known him for years. Ako: Anong multo?!? Eh ikaw tohng bigla-biglang sumusulpot! Jerwin: It was my concert! May karapatan akong sumulpot! The dinner went on like that.. why did you choose this place then? Kung magsisinigang lang tayo.. Jerwin: What?!? I did NOT scream like a little girl. engaging us to one another. Ako: Special? Jerwin: Yea. We laughed about the insane turn of events that brought us together. I know what he's saying makes sense. We were having so much fun talking na hindi namin na-realize na ubos na pala ung kinakain namin. The many times I tried to kill him with my psychic powers. Our mothers. Tapos nung bigla kang sumigaw. See? We lived happy lives. But I did not scream like a little girl. eh di sana. There are at least a hundred things running through my mind right now. Jerwin . Me being drunk and passing out on him -. The many times he wishes he can dump me in the Pasig River. sa turo-turo na lang tayo kumain. pero parang nag-panic alarm ang brain ko nung na-process nyang "we're on a date".. The both of us reminiscing about the past. napasigaw rin ako...

I mean. After a few minutes. T^T Ako: Isn't he gonna bring out a cake? Jerwin: For what? You don't like the ice cream? Masarap naman ah.. I don't mind Tumigil ung spoon ni Jerwin dun sa ice cream nya. I can't place the expression on his face.. right? Jerwin: So you want to break up before my birthday next year? Ako: Uh. he smiled back at me.. Jerwin: Why would you say that? Ako: Errr.. what are you talking about? not having a cake. . and obediently. Ako: Next year? You think we'll still be together next year? I meant. Besides. we did talk about breaking up eventually. He looked at me in surprise. Jerwin: I told you this was planned for Valentines day. I think I just ruined the mood here. I'd like that. He looks upset. He doesn't look mad. There's just something grave about his expression. Ako: I wish I didn't burn the cake earlier. He took the empty dishes out and wheeled them back inside. Banana foster over vanilla ice cream. It's heaven. He doesn't look surprised.. T_T Jerwin: (chuckles) You can make me one next year. he came out with dessert.. Jerwin: Yea. then he went back to digging in his ice cream.. He looked up at me. it's not like you're doing this Whoo! Pinagpapawisan yata akong bigla! Jerwin just looked at me for one more second. -____- I reached over to the other side of the table and held his other hand. Ako: How about we just focus on the present for now and worry about the future some other time? He nodded and then finally.. right? engagement thing because you want to..signaled for the server again.. well. I haven't really thought about it. a birthday cake for you. the server came out.. The menu was already fixed.. Ako: It's heavenly.

I can smell the subtle smell of her shampoo in her hair.♥ I don't think I've ever spent this much attention to a girl I'm dancing with.A new song just started playing... This must be what heaven feels like. good music in the background and an amazing girl in your arms. while the other one remains in his other hand. I felt Venice resting her head on my shoulder. Renaissance style. ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. I can't help but think how appropriate the song is right now. I put the napkin on the seat and took his hand. I'm so aware of her presence that I'm afraid I'm going to start tripping over my own feet. I put my hand on his shoulder. and as I watch him in wonder. I can almost feel her heartbeat. Venice: Start of what? . I pulled her gently closer to me. he walked to my side and bowed down while offering his hand to me. He led me to an ample space on the stage and twirled me around once before catching me and putting his hand on my waist. Ako: This is the start. When did a girl ever make me this nervous? We swayed in time with the music. Jerwin stood up. haha Jerwin: Would you like to dance with me? Ako: I would love to dance with you. The song "Two Less Lonely People In The World" continues to play around us. it certainly feels the both of us can finally stop being alone and lonely. Coz being in each other's arms like this.

How can I not fall for her? . I can't believe I'm finally accepting this reality in my mind.. Who am I kidding? I know exactly how that sentence ends. Buti na lang.. But what am I supposed to say? This is the start.. dahil I didn't really mean to say it out loud. So should I also consider saying that it's the start of me being afraid to lose you? Psh.She didn't stir or anything as she waits for my answer. I planted a light kiss at the top of her head -.. of me not wanting to let you go... of me unable to imagine my life without you... of me just wanting to be with you. Watching Venice. This amazing girl.. but that's she'd probably wouldn't even feel... who knows how she'll react when I tell her those things? What if she runs away? No one really knows. Now I need to come up with a safe response. getting to know every little thing about her. Two less lonely people in the world And it's gonna be fine Out of all the people in the world I just can't believe you're mine In my life where everything was wrong Something finally went right Now there's two less lonely people In the world tonight.. This is the start of me falling in love with you. I should have seen this coming. of me wanting to protect you..

♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. o_O Anthony: Hala?!? Anong ginagawa ko syo dyan?! Sheena: Ahyun nga ang problema syo. ahyun ung tatlo. Nagmamadali na sana akong umuwi para makaiwas sa mga probing questions nina Sheena about "their favorite star's birthday"...♥ "Really?!? Ginawa nya un?!?" Classes just ended. bawing-bawi naman sa pag-rent nya ng entire venue! Shosyal! Sheena: May mga ganun pa palang lalake. Wala kang ginagawa. then let out a huge sigh. Ako: The start of the inevitable. ::Chapter 62:: Sleep Well ♫.~*~. pero dahil mahal talaga ako ng tadhana. paglabas na paglabas ko sa huling klase ko. nag-aabang na sa'kin. Bigla syang tumingin kay Anthony.~*~... -___Anthony: What's that supposed to mean?!? . -___Anoh pa bang choice ko kung hindi ikwento sa kanila ang mga events of last night? Sheena: Ang sweet naman ni fafa J! Kenny: Oo nga! Kahit na sinigang lang ang pinakain nya syo.Venice: Sunshine? Start of what? I hugged her closer to me.

Napansin nya rin yata na may umaaligid-aligid. Ang sarap pag-untugin.. Halos magkandarapa pa kami sa pagsakay. never pa rin magiging prinsipe yan noh! Anthony: Yabang nito. -___Mukha ba kong bulag na akala nila hindi ko sila mapapansin?! At isa pa. amazing? Mabilis nakatawag si Sheena ng jeep... . photographers. just in case na biglang sumugod ung mga cameras. As soon as all four of us were inside. Kenny: Graveh ha. Isang pakipot at isang torpe. I already said my piece about the issue nung Valentines. bakla. Pero may lumalabas pa rin na tsismis na on the verge of break-up raw kami ni Jerwin. sinugod ko si Geena at nagsimula ng WWIII... bibingo ka na.. excuse me lang noh! Kahit halikan ko yang palaka na yan. Palpak ang sense ng pagtatago nila. Kala mo dyan! If I know. O_O Oh di vah. patay na patay ka naman sa'kin! Sheena: Eh kung patayin na kaya kita ngayon?! Ako: Ay tama na nga kayong dalawa! Bahket ba sobra kayong mag-away lately?! Kenny: Mga pakipot pa kaseh. Nagmadali kami sa paglalakad namin. Anoh na lang ang mangyayari sa mga buhay nila nyan?!? Kenny: Kayong dalawa! Ang landi nyo! Maghalikan na nga kayo! Sheena: Hoy. di ba? But I still don't understand kung bakit sinusundan pa rin ako ng mga un. or better yet. nag-drive na kagad si manong driver. vakla. Mabuti nang safe kesa madumog. ang una ko kagad napansin ay ung mga pasimpleng nakatagong Kenny: Bakit may mga paparazzi dito? Sheena: May bagong chikka ba? Ako: Not that I know of. When we stepped out of the gate. Sheena: Isa na lang. na-distract ako. Ipagtatanggol ko sana si Kenny kaya lang ayoko rin namang masabunutan ni Sheena.Hay nako tohng dalawang toh.

They understood. O_O May utang ba toh sa mafia?!? Sheena: Anong na-realize mo?? Anthony: Hindi pala ako nakapagsuklay! T^T @___@ Sheena: Pigilan nyo ko! Ihuhulog ko talaga toh palabas ng jeep! --. and jumping repeatedly. and nagulantang namin kaming tatlo dahil mukhang nag-ppanic talaga sya. Bigla syang tumingin sa'min. Actually. Ako: Uh-huh? Anthony: Na-realize ko ngayon lang. What made it worse was that I had to do a lot of moving shots -. o_O Anthony: They were taking pictures.. Ang sakit tuloy ng katawan ko.♥ I'm so tired. Good thing mabait sila.But I couldn't complain dahil may kasalanan na nga ako dun sa crew nung bigla kong pinalipat ung araw ng shoot. that took most of the day to do.♥♥ --(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. mukhang nalantang gulay.Ako: Napansin mo rin? Sheena: Anthony? Anong nangyari syo? Napatingin kaming lahat kay Anton. they were even telling me that I should get more .which meant running.. -___. twirling. As usual. -___- We did the rescheduled album photoshoot today. na nakaupo dun sa dulo.

right? Maybe I should've picked her up. Hello. tapos naglakad papunta sa living room. Ako: What?!? What?!? Venice: Oh. -__- Although Venice and I managed to get home by midnight last night.Crap. I hastily threw the keys on the counter. I hope they managed to take good pictures.. I guess halatang-halata na puyat ako. -____. Halos nag-ssway na nga yata ako side to side sa sobrang antok... Maybe that's why the shoot wrapped up earlier than expected. But I haven't been thinking straight this whole day--- "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" O_O WTF?!? I bolted up from the couch and ran towards the door as fast as my hurting muscles would let me. She gets out of school around this time. In the end. worrying about the new album. I can just sleep right here. turning in my bed. That's probably Venice. -____- Kakapikit ko pa lang ng mata ko nang narinig ko ung main door na nagsarado. .. I dragged myself papasok nung bahay. hindi naman ako kagad nakatulog.. I collapsed on the I spent hours and hours walking around my room. Sunshine. I completely forgot about my exhaustion. and even peeking at Venice's sleeping figure bago ako nakatulog. I only had three hours of sleep.

. After taking her all jewelries off. Dahil nasa kabilang side ung closet. wala lang un. throwing her book bag on one corner. Ako: Vent out? About what? Venice: Haaayyyy nako! She trudged upstairs and I followed behind her. she then went inside her walk-in closet. Venice: Pinapalaki pa talaga nila ung issue. Ung "thing" between them. yang si Sheena at si Anton! Ako: What about them? Venice: You know. Naghahanap siguro ng pangbahay na susuotin. pero parang ine-expect yata ni Venice na sumunod ako sa kanya at makinig sa kung anumang reklamo nya sa buhay. Better safe than sorry. -__- Venice: Would you believe na may mga reporters nanaman kanina sa labas ng school?!? Ako: For what? Venice: Dahil pa rin siguro dun sa incident nung Valentines.. . Inayos ko pa talaga ung unan just so I can lay down comfortably. I don't think a bed has ever felt this heavenly before. She went in her room. Or maybe sleep after listening to Venice's rants. I can't see inside.. I can go to sleep right now~ Venice: Sunshine. Ako: Oh. I crawled on her bed as she then went to the vanity table to take off her jewelries. Anoh pa bang pwede nyang gawin dun sa loob di ba? Venice: Isa pang sobrang nakaka-frustrate. Vent out lang.@___@ Ako: Anong "hello"?!? Why were you screaming?!? Venice: Ah. I just followed her with my eyes until she disappeared inside. I would've went straight to my room and just throw myself on my bed.

Naalog tuloy ung mga nag-rrelax kong muscles. eh kinarir na nilang dalawa ang pagiging denial king and queen. Ah basta! I'm not a pervert! She suddenly stopped and stared at me.. Ako: What? Venice: Dude. she looks puzzled. Talagang dun sya nagbihis. I was short on sleep and did a shoot full of running. For some reason.kahit hindi ko naman talaga balak gawin dahil alam kong nagbibihis sya sa loob. Pano naman mangyayari un.Ako: Oh. She stepped out of the closet wearing a loose shirt and cotton shorts.. jumping. You look like a corpse. and all sorts of highenergy action. Venice: Eh?!? She suddenly jerked her hand away and looked at me in shock. Sunshine. What is she doing? Venice: Gusto mo ng masahe~? Ako: Yea. bigla ba namang talunan ung kama. di man lang nag-alala na baka bigla akong sumilip---NOT that sisilip talaga ako! O_O Sinasabi ko lang na BAKA sumilip ako -. Venice: Kawawa ka naman. O_O Ako: I've been up since 5:30 this morning. I know she was just messing with me. ni hindi man lang sinarado ung pinto. so they're still not going out? Venice: Psh. hindi ko sinabing bangkay ka. I winced when the bed bounced.You can't blame me for being tired.. Anyway. She suddenly started running her finger over my arm. tama bang tawagin mong "bangkay" She jumped on the bed. -___. Venice: Anoh pang ginagawa mo today? Bakit daig mo pa ang 90-year-old kung makahilata ka dyan? Ako: I did a photoshoot.... Ang sarap na ng higa ko. ang husband-to-be mo?!? Venice: Sabi ko mukha lang. I looked at her confused. and .... I had a long day..

Hindi yata talaga gagalaw tohng taong toh. Venice: Ah. Talagang hinarangan nya pa ung daanan ko. mamasahihin kita! Ha. Venice: You have massage oil in your room? o_O Ako: Well. You can just use that lotion over there at your nightstand kung ayaw mong kunin ung oil sa kwarto ko. Nabuhayan ng loob at mukhang determined na sya ngayon na bigyan ako ng . Ako: Okay... A massage actually sounds wonderful right now. Last time she threatened me with a massage. But what did she do? Binigyan nya kagad ako ng masahe. I dared her to touch me because I honestly thought she wouldn't dare. Tapos ngayong seryoso ako na talagang gusto kong magpamasahe. She blinked at me in confusion. O_O Ako: I said I'll just go to a spa to get a massage Venice: At bakit naman?!? Fine! Dumapa ka dun sa kama. My muscles tend to tighten when I'm stressed.. Wala. I'll just go to a spa or something--Venice: What?!?!? O_O Nagulat ako nang bigla syang tumalon pababa nung kama. masakit talaga ang katawan ko. pero right now.. .. Ako: What? Venice: Di nga?!? Ako: Sardines. -___I slowly rolled out of her bed.... Baliktad ba talaga ginawa ang utak ng babaeng toh?! Ako: C'mon. na-mental breakdown naman sya.normally. Tignan mo tohng taong toh. I would have rejected her offer. If you don't want to give me a massage. fine. There's always a physical trainer in the backroom to massage my legs or back to prevent cramping. a massage sounds really good.. Sudden change of heart. yea? I take it with me tuwing may concert or a show. I turned to look at her again.

but--Venice: Anong "but" ka pa dyan?!? Tinulak nya ko pabalik nung kama. Venice: Hindi nga.O Ako: Coz that's how they do it.or lotion ung likod ko kung may T-shirt ako? Venice: Eh b-bakit kailangan pa ng lotion?!? O. ayaw mo pang sabihin.masahe.. okay okay..... I'll massage your back. Venice: Good... Ako: Sardines. Amusing~ Ako: Di na. Ako: Nagseselos ka lang dun sa mga masseuse. I give good massages. sige na.. I get it.. Venice: Eh bakit ka naghuhubad?!??! O.O Ako: I just answered that question! . Ung argument ba na hindi sya mapapahiya. Kung makasugod. Promise.. Parang nag-iisip yata ng kasunod na argument na related sa pagiging fiancé at sa pagmamasahe. I started taking off my shirt-- Venice: H-H-HOYYYY!!!!! Ako: What? Bakit ka naghuhubad?!?!?!?!?!? Eh pano mo lalagyan ng oil-. Venice: Bakit kailangan mo pa pumunta dun. ako ang fiancée mo! . Di nya ba alam na kayang-kaya ko sya ibato sa balikat ko at itali sa kama? Yang liit nyang yan.. Ikaw na nga ang magmasahe sa'kin. magpamasahe pa dun sa mga masseuse na nasa spa noh! Ako: Hmmm. Napipilitan ka lang yata eh..I mean. Venice: OoO A-A-Anong nagseselos?!? Nababaliw ka ba?!? Bakit naman ako magseselos ha?!? Ako: Yea-yea. Tohng babaeng toh. Di mo na kailangan magpahawak-. eh nag-ooffer na nga akong masahihin kita??! And besides. wag na. Bumalik ka dun sa kama. -____- She stopped talking.

she jumped on the bed as well. pumping lotion on her hands.. ganun kasama? Tama bang tignan ako ng Venice: Sinong nagpapasalamat ha?!? After grabbing the bottle of lotion from her nightstand. she sat on my lower back. I jumped on the bed again. may yakap na kong unan. Bumukas bigla ung mata nya. Nakadapa na ko. and is she praying under her breath?! Crazy. I turned to look at her and almost burst out laughing nung nakita ko sya. mukha na syang Ako: I can just go to the spa-Venice: NO!! Fine! Take off your shirt! Pero shirt lang! Ako: (chuckles) Shirt lang naman talaga. I can hear her taking deep breaths sa tabi ko. Pero di na ko nag-comment. you can start the massage. I closed my eyes to relax.Her face is flaming red. Pinindot-pindot nya pa ung likod ko. After a few moments. I heard her . Akala ko ibabato nya sa'kin ung buong nightstand. What else were you expecting me to take off? Venice: S-Shut up! I finally slid the shirt off my head.. I haven't even completely taken off my shirt yet. hihimatayin. She has her eyes shut closed. Ako: When you're done thanking all the angels and saints for the opportunity to touch my back.. Ready na sa masahe ko. and then she finally started rubbing my shoulders. Baka bigla akong i-suffocate ng unan habang nakahilata ako dito sa kama eh.

Aish. Otherwise. Nanginginig-nginig pa ung kamay ko as I massage his tight muscles. Ako: *gulp* Hm? Jerwin: Stressed ka rin. A massage after a long day of work.♥ I can feel my heart beating four times its normal beating rate.. This is definitely not good for the health. ay hinde na! Hinde na talaga! . Halos atakihin na nga ako sa puso kanina nung nakita kong tatanggalin nya ung T-shirt nya. Anoh ba naman tohng napasok ko?!? I can't help but stare at Jerwin's bare wide back..♥♥ --(Venice's POV) ---------------. I can definitely get used to this. Eh anoh pa ngayon na hinahawakan ko na ung katawan under that shirt?! Ay josko! Buti na lang nakasubsob ung mukha nya dun sa unan. nakakahiya ever ang kapulahan ng mukha ko! Jerwin: Sardines.Ahhhhh~ I can almost feel my muscles rejoicing. ^_^ --. di ba? O__O Kung balak mong mag-propose na i-massage ang likod ko.. I don't think it's healthy.

Sunshine. Later tonight. . Mukhang talagang pinag-acrobatic nila kanina. Parang hindi ko kase masyadong natitigan nung last time na nasa beach kami. Ako: Okay... Pero in fairness. Huhubad-hubad I grabbed my school bag and dragged it with me palabas ng kwarto. Ha.. I carefully got off him tapos sumilip sa mukha nya.. Kawawa naman tohng taong toh.. pagbutihin mo ang trabaho nang may makain tayo. After that... parang isda na binebenta sa palengke. ha? wahihi.. Kawawa naman si kuya.. ahyan sya. Pero mabuti na rin na nakakapagpahinga sya.. Ilang minutes later. Gustong makipag-bonding moments ni kuya. Sige lang. I somehow managed to cover him up with the other side of the blanket. Buti nang sushi kesa naman lamigin ung likod nya.. Tulog na sya... Mukha syang sushi. Fascinated ako. pa kasing nalalaman. tumahimik na uhlet sya. Lalo yatang na-sstressed dahil nag-wwrap up na ung new album nya. But. If they're not busy. napansin kong iba na ung paghinga nya.Ako: B-Bakit? Jerwin: I'm just thinking. careful na hindi sya magising. I slowly crawled out of bed. I know it's a school night and all. Jerwin: Great. do you want to invite your friends for a quick night out? Ako: Really? Jerwin: Yea. I'll do my homework habang umiidlip sya. except for the occasional moans pag may minamasahe akong sensitive spot. But now. ngayon ko lang na-notice na ang laki pala ng likod nya. I want to spend some time with your friends too.

.~*~. I gently closed the door behind me. Wala na yatang balak gumising.♥ tiptoe tiptoe tiptoe Hmmm. ::Chapter 63:: In The Club ♫. Kainggit. Samantalang ako. Kelan pa ko naging manyak?! Tsk tsk.~*~. katabi nung naghihilik na tao. I AM a real student. Ako: Sleep well. Ang sarap ng tulog. pero iba pa rin Tinignan ko ulit si Jerwin.. o_O Umupo ako dun sa kama. ilang oras nakatutok sa mga I mean..♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.. tapos pinindot-pindot ung pisngi nya. Sunshine~ And with that. homework at libro ko. I feel like a real student! ang feeling pag kinarir ang pag-aaral. I better get out of here. In fairness. tulog pa rin? Binalik ko sa sulok ng kwarto ko ung schoolbag ko pagkatapos kong silipin si Jerwin na nagpapaka-Sleeping Beauty pa rin sa kama ko.Parang ang sarap hawak-hawakan ng malapad nyang likod~ *__* O__O Aish....

. ginising kita by normal means. 5 seconds! Tada! Nag-papanic na bumukas ang mga mata ni Sunshine! bwahahahaha Jerwin: What in the world are you doing?!?! Ako: Yehey~! Tulog mantika. Lokong un. ... And in 1. Huy~ -___Tama bang deadmahin ang pagiging good samaritan ko dito?? At humihilik pa habang dinedeadma ang beauty ko?!? Tinakpan ko nga ung ilong nya... Ganyan ba ang nanggigising?! Are you trying to kill me!? Ako: Hoy. but I guess my best wasn't good enough...Ako: Sunshine. Baka hindi ka na makatulog mamayang gabi. Bagong gising na nga't lahat. 2. bwahaha Ako: I did my best.. 3. Geez. nyahahaha jowk! Tama ba namang ngitian ako nang may kung anong bahid ng pang-aasar?! Jerwin: Oh yea.. Jerwin: Aish.. baka hindi ka na makatulog mamaya! Jerwin: Ah. ang gwapo pa rin.. gumising ka na dyan. 4.. Jerwin: -__. Tumayo na ko and went inside my walk-in closet. Gising na. so nag-aalala ka pala sa'kin? Ako: Don't flatter yourself.... Isang beses na subok. Sabi ko paggising mo. Apat na oras ka nang tulog. aalis tayo. Gising na. did you call Sheena and them already? Ako: Yea..What? Ako: Ay nako! Tumayo ka na nga dyan! Tulog ka ng tulog. hinde ka tumayo! Jerwin: Talaga lang?! Well..

.? Kundi. lumabas na sya ng kwarto ko.Narinig ko syang bumaba ng kama. Ako: Eh? Jerwin: Just trust me. Jerwin drove to a high-class nightclub -. Jerwin: Okay. Anton. After a few moments lang. Malakas na techno music kagad ang sumalubong sa'min. . tsaka nya ko tinignan. And kahit na school night.. at Kenny sa bahay ni Sheena.and for some reason.. nagtipon-tipon sina Sheena. Ako: San ba tayo pupunta? Jerwin: Basta.. nung unang silip nya. Tell them we'll pick them up in an hour. Mas mahal ang cover fee. Sana naman binibihisan nya na ang mga abs at likod nya noh. Mukhang mas tighter a security. baka hawak-hawakan ko nanaman ang oh-so-wide-and-muscular nyang likod. Sumilip sya sa loob nung walk-in closet ko -.. Dun na namin sila sinundo. Nung parang na- realize nyang the coast is clear. Pumasok kami sa loob. eh baka makulong ako bigla ng sexual harassment. and make sure na kasama sina Anthony and si Sheena. tsaka nya binuksan ung isang mata nya. After that. Let me just take a shower real quick. o_O Ang weird...Buti na lang si Jerwin ang nagbayad para sa'ming lahat..iba pa dun sa very memorable na club na pinuntahan namin ni Nicole. Topak nanaman nito? Jerwin: Uh. Posible bang gising na ang isang tao. parang nakapikit pa ung dalawang mata nya. -___. pero ung utak nya eh naiwan sa kama? An hour later. May advantages talaga minsan ang may fafa na may makapal na wallet. This club looks more chic..

bakit? Kenny: (squeals) I can just go to heaven right now! Anthony: Aba. hindi kami masipa palabas -__-) (Nawa'y Umakyat kami sa 2nd floor. O___O It's not very hard to find her.. tapos onward na ulit kami papunta sa table namin. models ng country. Relax. baka biglang may ma-rape nang wala sa oras. Jerwin would stop once in a while para mag-hello sa mga ka-close nya.. Ken. She's really successful. "COUSIN IN LAWWWW!!! " Oh crap. At ang pag-wave ng kamay! Matatanggal na yata ang buto nya sa sobrang excited ng kaway nya! O.. I hope. Kailangan hawakan nang maigi si Kenny.. it's still a puzzle to the whole family kung pano nya na-mmaintain ung mga clients nya. isa si Nicole Suarez sa mga top She won't cause any trouble. . @__@ Nakaka-starstruck.O Ako: What is Nicole doing here?!? Jerwin: I invited her. Ako: "I hope"?!?? Kenny: Oh my vegetables! Si Nicole Suarez ba yan?!?! Ako: Yea.punong-puno ng tao ung club. And kung anu-anong world-renowed companies ang kumuha sa kanya para mag-model ng mga products nila. pero di ko alam na ganun sya ka-big! Ako: EH?!?! Jerwin: Yep.. Idol ko yan~ Kung hindi mo alam. Na-papanic nga si Kenny kasi ang dami raw masusungkit na papa.. She's a goddess. may mga artista at kung sinu-sino pang celebrities ang nakakalat. I know na model si Nic. I know that voice. lalo na at nagtinginan rin ang mga people sa direction nya. With her attitude. Ako: Eh!?? Napatingin ako kay Jerwin to confirm. All around. lalake ka na? Kenny: Che! Wag kang magulo dyan. kung nasaan ung VIP section nila.

Ngayon ko lang yata nakitang nag-starry starry eyes si Kenny sa isang babae.. Hot pala ha. -_____Hindi ko tuloy makita ang sophisticated. Anthony: Bakit affected ka? Gusto mo na ko noh? Sheena: Gustong ihulog sa balcony. She said you're her prince charming.. konti lang. Mabuhay ka pa kaya? Hayy. Jerwin: Have you guys eaten yet? Sheena: Ay. Inintroduce ko ang mga friendships ko kay Nicole. Kenny: Yes~ Nicole: Jean mentioned you to me some time ago. She's hot.. Lumapit kami dun sa table na kinuha ni Nicole for all of us.Anthony: Ahhh. Biglang umikot ung tingin sa'kin ni Kenny. For some reason.. Ako: Real food? Jerwin: Yep. *__* Sheena: Ohh.. -__Ako: Yes. world-class model na sinasabi ng ibang tao. Napalitan ng kutsilyo at daggers. Anthony: What?!? What?!? Masama bang umappreciate ng maganda?!? Sheena: Oo na nga eh. Nawala ang mga stars sa mata ng bakla.. Nicole: Oh let's order some food then. Kenny: Wah shosyal~ . nakakulong. Scary~ Kenny: Wag mong ipapakita sa'kin ung batang un. ang naaalala ko eh ung babaeng nagbagsak sa'ming dalawa sa detention center. pag nakikita ko si Nicole. Ilalambitin ko patiwarik un... naghihintay ng piansa. ma'am. That's one reason I like going here. umariba nanaman tohng dalawa.. Nicole: Oh. They serve real entrees to VIP guests. So you're Kenny..

they're both gonna kill Geena! OoO . I won't be surprised kung someday. Nicole: Aw! what? Dustin: Magkasama kasi kami kanina when I got your call. talagang pagkain nga.We took our seats. actually I do mind. Oh. @_@ Anak ng tinapa at dilis! Pati ba naman tohng dalawang toh inimbitahan nya?!? Okay na sana si Dustin eh. Hinati namin ung ilang menus na nakapatong na dun sa table. Geena: Of course they don't mind. I hope you don't mind. Naaaliw ako dahil mukhang nag-click ung dalawa. pero si Geena?!? SI GEENA?!? Gusto nya bang magka-gyera dito?!? Nicole: Dustin! Uh. Ehto na. Tanungin mo rin kami. why do you have a witch behind you? I nudged Nicole under the table. Biglang napatingin si Nicole kay Kenny... right Jerwin? Kenny: Ay.. silang dalawa na ang nasa detention cell dahil sa kung anong kalokohan na ginawa nila. halos mabato ko ung menung hawak ko sa mukha ni Jerwin.. Nicole: Oh my gosh! I like you! Kenny: Ay! I like you too~! Oh my gosh... Si Dustin lang pala talaga ang invited. I love this club na rin! Magkatabi si Nicole at si Kenny sa right ko. Hindi ung pinapapak-papak lang... Reading the list.. Ay.. She wanted to come. nagsisimula na ang starting shots ng war. -___- "Hi! Are we too late?" Napaikot kaming lahat -.

Ako: You two. if you want..I shot a warning glance dun sa dalawang potential murderers.. Anthony looks confused (kelan ba hindi naging confused tohng taong toh? -__-). as usual. -___. pero parang feeling ko pinagpapawisan dahil sa sobrang tension. Ay anak ng tinapa talaga! Ako: You guys can sit here. Jerwin leaned over to me para bumulong.. I just want to make sure na okay lang talaga syo na dito sila nakaupo...Wala syang balak maging hospitable!? I wiped my hands on the fitted jeans I was wearing. They gave an innocent smile.. They're my friends. Jerwin: Venice? Nicole & Kenny: Nooo~ O__O I looked at Nicole and Kenny. Dustin: Uhmm. Naramdaman kong biglang hinawakan ni Jerwin ung kamay ko under the table.. . Don't tell me. Jerwin: Are you sure this is okay? Ako: Na-bbother ka ba? Jerwin: Not at all. -__.As if naman maniniwala akong inosente sila. Dustin looks awkward. Affected much pa rin ba sya na nasa iisang table sila ni Geena? Geena and Dustin took seats at the other end of the table. behave. Sheena looks worried.. while Geena. Hindi naman pawis ung kamay ko... Kenny and Nicole both look as if they're about to start throwing things. looks like her usual arrogant self. we can just get another table. Tumingin tuloy ako sa kanya. Sumulyap-sulyap ako kay Jerwin.. Mukhang ang straight ng mukha nya.

Jerwin is supposed to be glancing at me.. Titingin naman si Geena sa kanila. Tama ba namang itapat bigla sa'min ang spotlight?! Ako: Wala.♥ Me: Why are they sitting so close to each other? Dustin: Coz that's how couples usually are. then I'm okay too.Ako: If you're okay with it. as if trying to divert my attention away from the so-called "couple" on the other side of the table. Kaya let's eat! Napapansin kong panay ang tinginan nung dalawang opposing teams sa isa't isa. Kenny: Hay nako. This is not what I planned. oorder sana talaga ako kaya lang parang na-ruin ang appetite ko--- Pinanglakihan ko ng mata ung bakla. this is gonna be a long nite. Dustin let out a soft sigh. Me: They're NOT a couple. Wag sya magkakalat dito! Baka talagang itilapon kami palabas! Pano na lang ang dinner ko?!? Kenny: --buuttiiiii na lang bumalik sya at nagugutom na ulit ako. . He pushed the menu to my hands. Umorder na nga kayo. T_____T Kung walang himalang mangyayari. tapos titingin rin sya dun sa menu. I'm pretty sure. ---♥♥--(Geena's POV) ---------------. Venice is supposed to look hopeless. Titingin sina Kenny at Nicole tapos babalik sa menu. Kenny: Hoy kayong dalawa dyan! Anoh bang pinagbubulungan nyo? I-share naman! Umayos kami bigla ng upo ni Jerwin. tapos sa'min ni Jerwin.

Jerwin and Venice are sharing a menu. but he's not showy. I have something to attend to... All eyes switched over to me. How are you supposed to get home? Jerwin: He can squish in my truck. He whispered something in Venice's ear.. Jerwin can be affectionate. you should really give it up. I suddenly noticed that their other hands are tucked under the table. Sorry to leave so quickly. I followed his gaze. It's okay. Dustin: Or I can get a cab. Me: I'm planning to have fun -. Me: You don't know that. He's actually choosing to stay with these lowlife people over me!? Me: What are you talking about? I drove us here. I can't believe this.. which she checks out. we don't mind. Dustin: Uh. . Dustin: Can't you see it yet? It's not gonna work. Jerwin: We'll figure something out. I took you here to have fun. you little wench. Dustin: Look how natural they seem together. Dustin. look at them.. I suddenly turned to him in surprise.Why does it seem like the both of them don't even care that I'm here?! Dustin: Geena. Dustin: Geena. He then points at something on the menu. Me: I forgot. They're just pretending because there's a lot of people in here. Nicole: Oh. I'll stay. They maneuver the menu without moving those hidden hands. Are you telling me that they're still pretending? I suddenly stood up. Me: Let's go. Jerwin's attention is entirely focused on Venice. That's impossible. Venice smiled and nodded. Could it be they're holding hands? No. Of course you don't.with Jerwin next to me.

Anthony: Should you be drinking? Di ba mag-ddrive ka pa mamaya? Ako: This is my last one. Anthony: Oh..♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------... pero tama si Venice. He didn't even spare me one glance.. she won't be able to look at Jerwin in the same way again.. drinking and watching over the little group.. I trust him. Obvious na . He's really staying?!? What in the world is he trying to do!? Me: Fine..~*~. Sheena.Dustin: Yea. What more can you ask for? I keep my eyes focused on the dancefloor below us. Geena. and Nicole are in the middle of the rowdy crowd downstairs.. I'll deal with her tomorrow. Anthony and I stayed in the VIP lounge.~*~. Ehwan ko ba naman kung anong klaseng utak meron toh. I shot one last glance at Dustin before grabbing my purse and stomping away.♥ The night is young and people are happily partying. I told Dustin to make sure no one will touch Venice. Don't worry about me. ::Chapter 64:: Be My Girl ♫. Kenny. This guy. Look how natural they seem together huh. And when we're done. Don't make me laugh. Passing by Venice and Jerwin's side. I couldn't help but see how Jerwin has casually draped his arm on the back of Venice's chair. Bonding moment daw sabi ni Venice. Dustin. I'll be going then. Venice..

Ako: You didn't have to react like that. Posible naman palang matanggal ung mata nya kay Sheena eh. Kanina pa ko dito sa harap nya.. Parang napapabilis ang pagtungga nya nung iniinom nya ah.. Buti na lang nahaltak kagad ni Dustin kaya umalis ung lalake. Natahimik ulit si Anton. Ako: I'm sure a lot of guys are vying for her attention.. ni isang minuto man lang. Anthony: Huh? Ako: Bakit hindi mo pa ligawan si Sheena? Anthony: PFFFTTTT!!!!! Aish.finally. Looks very pretty too. Anthony: Si Sheena?! Liligawan ko?! Ha! W-We're just friends! Ako: Oh? But you know. bro?!? Wag kang magpapasabog ng mga ganyan. Anthony: Of course. Nakatitig lang sya kay Sheena. @_@ Ako: I'm just curious... lalo na pag umiinom ako. Tatalon na nga yata kanina sa balcony nung nakita nyang may lumapit kay Sheena para sumayaw.obvious naman na may kung anong interest sya kay Sheena. Ako: I don't understand you. ayaw pang gumawa ng move. Pati kasi si Venice na-sstress snyong dalawa.. nagbabantay. He wiped his chin and looked at me -. Ako: She seems to be a nice girl. Anthony: Anoh ba naman kasi yang sinasabi mo. hindi nya ko tinignan. Of course. . I made him look back on the dancing floor again. O_O He almost sprayed whatever he's drinking on me! It's a good thing I was able to dodge! Aish..

. eh di lahat na tayo close! Off-limits na ang lahat! @_@ Anong klaseng reasoning ba meron tohng magkakabarkadang toh!?!? Ako: Dude.. If you're not careful. Anthony: San ka pupunta? . Pumapasok na yata sa utak nya lahat ng sinasabi ko. He continues to watch Sheena with a thoughtful expression on his face. Anthony: Dustin? Ano si Dustin? Ako: Well. hehe Pero di naman alam ni Anton un. wala naman talagang sinasabi si Dustin tungkol kay Sheena. Anthony begins his 3rd or 4th.. In reality. Baka gagawa na sya ng move. Anthony: Eh di gagawin ko na lang din syang close friend! Kung close kayo at close kami.. I stood up and took off my jacket. He wouldn't betray me like that. I guess I was able to influence him after all. maybe that's why he's dancing with her. -___- I finished my last bottle. Do you really think he'll hit on my girl? Tinungga nya nanaman ung bote nya. Anthony: He's dancing with Venice too! Ako: Bro. you're killing me here! Anthony: Gusto mo ng CPR? Ako: No thank you. Ako: Tulad na lang ni Dustin. Dustin and I are close friends. baka maagaw pa syo si Sheena. he was telling me how cute Sheena is. Ako: Hmm. Ako: Off-limits si Venice sa kanya.... Heh.Anthony: Uh-huh.

I could feel his heavy breathing malapit sa mukha ko. +__+ Whooh!! Hotness overload! Kenny: Hoy. That's a good idea. cannot be talaga. Mainit lang sa loob noh! .♥ It was already quarter to two nang maisipan naming umalis. Anthony: Oh. We were able to dance for at least a couple of hours. yea. Kanina ko pa nga napapansin ung mga umaaligid-aligid sa likod ni Venice. I know. He was dancing behind me. Jerwin.Ako: San pa ba? I'm gonna go bump and grind with my fiancée. and sneakers.. Boohoo. It's okay. yea. his hands wrapped around my waist possessively. *gulp* Medyo nagugulantang pa rin ako pag naaalala ko how close Jerwin was nung nagsasayaw kami... -___Hmmm. ---♥♥--(Venice's POV) ---------------. May mga pasok pa kami bukas at may mga work pa sina Nic. I'll make sure Venice wears an oversized shirt. Anton. I-deny man namin at gustuhin man naming magtagal pa. at Dustin. Maybe next time we go clubbing. I have to do something about that pretty face of hers too.. bakla. -__Oh well. Ako: Bumaba ka na rin mamaya.. loose jeans. Nahihirapan na yatang magtaboy si Dustin. Bahket nag-bblush-blush ka dyan?? PAK! Kenny: Ouch! What chu make batok-batok me for?!? Ako: Manahimik ka dyan. You probably should.

Nicole: Cousin-in-law. Nakipagpalitan ng number si Nicole kay Kenny (bffs na yata sila @_@). pilit kagad na tinatanggal ni Jerwin ung braso from his neck. let's hang out again soon. Dahil as soon as lumambitin si Nicole. Let's go. Nicole: Fine. Ako: Of course. Sheena: --but I guess matagal-tagal mag-adjust ang katawan sa temperature? We're all piling up in the parking lot. Tapos si Dustin. Stop harassing Jerwin. Binitawan na ni Nicole si Jerwin. Kami nina Kenny. who immediately ran to my side.Sheena: Pero nasa parking lot na tayo--- Tinignan ko nang masama si best friend. at Anton nakasunod kay Driver Jerwin. Cousin love~ ♥ wahahaha Kahit na parang one-sided lang. Shee. I'm still waiting for a little baby cousin. sumabit na sya sa leeg ng pinsan nya. Maya-maya.. Ganyan na lang yata ang pagmamahalan between Jerwin and Nicole.. Akala nya naman mapagtatanggol ko sya if ever biglang talunin nanaman sya ng pinsan nya... Jerwin: NICOLE!!! . Neknek nya.. napag-usapan na ihahatid na lang ni Nicole. Nicole: And and and. Jerwin: What is wrong with you?!? Nicole: Aren't you gonna miss me~? Jerwin: Magkikita pa tayo bukas or the day after that! Nicole: Why are you so mean to your ate? Jerwin: Because my "ate" doesn't act like one! Dustin: Nicole. We stopped in front of Nicole's car. Nicole moved on to me and gave me a quick hug.

yea. we'll be going now. It's nice meeting all of you.... Jerwin: Sardines? Buhay ka pa ba? I nodded.@ Kenny: Ay. To my surprise. Dustin gave me a hug. =__= O_O . Ako: Uh. Sheena. I can see why Jerwin chose you. My brain is not capable of handling too many events in a span of five minutes. Sheena: O-of course. nice meeting you. I just stood there frozen.@. best friend? Ako: W-W-What are you guys talking about?!? We're not even married yet! @o@ Nicole: Weeeh!! You're so cute when you're embarrassed! She gave a quick peck on my cheek before jumping inside her car to start the engine.niyakap ako! @_@ Am I drunk? Bakit parang ang daming nangyayari!?? Dustin: Let's get together again sometime. yea. O_O He let me go and then turned to Sheena. @_@ I felt Jerwin wiping something on my cheek. can I be the godmother? Sheena: Che! I'll be the godmother! Di ba. Dustin: Oh well. Let's hang out again. Probably lipstick. Give me a call.. Dustin. Ang ever-so-loyal minion ni Geena -. Dustin: Hey..

nanonood lang sa likod. Jerwin: Sheena! What do you think of Dustin? Oo O What is he doing?!?! . Ako: What did you do!?? Jerwin: I got rid of one of your stressors. Nakasunod si Anthony dun sa dalawa.Nagising akong bigla from my dazed state. Ako: Eh? Dustin jumped inside Nicole's car. Jerwin: This is gonna be epic. Kami naman ni Jerwin. Nanlalaki rin ang mata ni Anton. Naglakad na kaming lahat papunta naman sa truck ni Jerwin. Biglang tinawag ni Jerwin si Sheena. Sheena and Kenny are walking in the front. Jerwin: Watch this. Ako: What? Napatingin ako kay Jerwin na may kung anong ngiti sa mukha nya as he watches the little exchange between the trio. Oh is this true!?? Nag-bblush si Sheena?!? Could it be na naapektuhan ng killer smile ni Dustin ang brain ni best friend?!? Napatingin akong bigla kay Anthony. they drove away. Maya-maya lang.

Ako: Oo nga. As soon as hindi na sila nakatingin. I guess so.. Pano na lang kung talagang ligawan ni Dustin si Sheena? Anthony: He wouldn't! Jerwin: You never know.. Wala naman akong nagawa kundi manood dahil hindi ko alam kung anong kalokohan nanaman ang pumasok sa utak ng taong toh! Jerwin: Anton... samantalang ako. Jerwin: What are so worried about? Baka maagawan ka talagang bigla nyan.. Ohhh. Umabot na kami dun sa truck. Bigla nya kong hinila para sumabay kay Anthony.. Ako: What in the world are you doing!? Jerwin: Basta.. I told you so. Ako: Anton.. what are you doing? Get in.Sheena: Eh?!?! B-Bakit?!? Jerwin: Hmm just wondering. Anton. right? Sheena: Uh. . pinauna sina Sheena at Kenny para sumakay dun sa likod. Napatingin ako in surprise nung nakita kong tumigil si Anthony dun sa harap ng truck.. Jerwin walked over to the driver's side. I nudged Jerwin's side.. Trust me. He's a nice guy... Kenny started teasing Sheena kaya nawala sa'min ung atensyon. She looked back in confusion. I see. Make your move now. Anthony: But. Ohhhh. Napatigil rin tuloy si Sheena sa pagsakay nya.

. My mouth dropped open. I heard Jerwin chuckle on the other side of the vehicle. =__= I leaned towards Kenny para bumulong..I can tell na ganun din si Kenny.Sheena: Nahihilo ka na ba? Ang dami mo kasing ininom eh.♥ The next day.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. All of a sudden.. "I'm so tired." -__- Naglalakad kami ni Kenny palabas ng school grounds. parang biglang naging makulay ang buhay nung dalawa. The four of us decided to eat lunch sa nearby KFC. Anthony fell on his knees... I just want to sit down and space out for the whole hour and a half na break ko.~*~... Unlike itong dalawang toh sa harap namin.O Biglang inistretch out ni Anthony ung mga kamay nya.. just in case na marinig ako at mag-all out denial nanaman si best friend . And Sheena's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. sabay sigaw: Anthony: SHEENA!!! WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND!!?!?! ::Chapter 65:: Invited ♫. Kanina pa naglalandian sina Sheena at si Anthony.~*~. Halos madapa-dapa sa paglabas uhlet si Kenny. Unusually quiet ang bakla... -___.. pero parang nagbabago na yata ang isip ko. After what happened last night. Sheena: Anton--? O...

di ba? Kenny: Di ba sabi ni Sheena.. Napalingon kaming lahat dun sa kotse na naka-park sa may tabi. panong hindi mo makikilala ung ganda nyang yan?! Kenny: Should we run? Baka sagasaan pa tayo nyan! Ako: Hindi naman siguro. We stepped out of the school gates at liliko na sana papunta dun sa sakayan ng jeep..and ang newfound semi-boylet nya. Ako: Eh bahket parang kagabi pa sila nilalanggam? Kenny: Ay I know! Katabi ko silang dalawa kagabi sa likod pauwi noh. Dito lang kayo. Oh well.. .. pareho kaming lutang.Parang hindi na take ng katawan ko ang mag-clubbing sa gabi tapos pumasok nang maaga the next day. Hindi ba? Sabi naman snyo.. nang may biglang tumawag sa'kin. Maraming witnesses! @_@ Binitawan ko ung hawak ko kay Kenny. Ako: Tignan ko lang kung anong gusto nya. -__- .. . magtrabaho raw muna si Anton? Ako: Di ba ibig sabihin nun manligaw muna? Kenny: Oo yata. Ako: Hindi pa sila. Lumakad kami palapit dun sa kotse. -__. Sheena: Sinoh yan? Ako: I dunno. Samantalang dati. And then BAM! Nawindang ang lahat ng brain cells ko nang nakilala ko kung sinoh ung nakasilip sa bintana. Anthony: Sure ka? Ayaw mo kaming isama? Ako: Di na... Alam mo bang kulang na lang eh kumuha ako ng insecticide para patayin ang mga langgam sa sobrang lagkit ng tinginan nila?!? Ako: Nakakapatay ng langgam ang insecticide? Kenny: . O_O Kahit na may suot syang mala-bubuyog na sunglasses.

Bakit kaya parang nagiging mabait toh? Geena: Well. Tumigil ako dun sa tapat nung bintana. Maybe he's right. I really want to talk to you. What are you doing here? Geena: I was waiting for you.. just talk over coffee? Anong kababalaghan ba itoh? Is she giving up on Jerwin? Na-impluwensyahan na kaya sya ni Dustin? . Geena lowered the window completely. Oh? Oh? O_O Geena: How about after school? Are you free then? Ako: Uh. Dustin was telling me how I should try to get to know you better. Ako: Geena... Geena: We don't have to bond immediately. Tumingin sya sandali sa likod ko then looked back at me smiling... actually. of course.baka kung anong unwelcomed paragraph pa ang biglang lumabas dyan sa bibig nung isang bakla dyan na parang nagbabalak nang magpasabog ng isang certain car.. Do you want to join me for lunch? @__@ Is it the end of the world?!? Ako: Uh. I'm already going somewhere with my friends. Maybe. so I dropped by.. Geena: Oh I see. I walked over to the car trying to calm my nerves down in every step I take.. I heard you have your lunchbreak around this time..

Ako: Anong "hello-hello" ka dyan?!? Narinig mo ba ung nilagay mo?!?! Narinig mo ba kung gano ka-corny!??! .... I don't think my mind can even wrap on the thought na baka may kung anong negative reaction nga si girl. Anong kalokohan itoh??!? I grabbed the phone na muntik pang mahulog sa sobrang panginginig nung kamay ko. Ako: Anak ng tinapa! What did you do to my ringtone?!?! Jerwin: Hello to you too. Sardines.. sabay sagot nung phone.Bati na kami? Ako: I guess. okay? Geena: Oh great! Ako: Uh--There's a Starbucks around the corner. Ako: Starbucks? Okay! I'll be there! I gotta go! See you later! Tumakbo kagad ako palayo. MAHAAAALLLLL~ I looked at the caller ID. si Jerwin toh~ Sagutin mo naman ung phone~ Inisda ko kagad ung purse ko.. I can't see kung anong reaksyon nya behind those huge sunglasses. do you want to meet up there? Should I go? Or should I not go? I was about to answer nang biglang. MAHAL?? MAHAALL?? What the H?!? O_O Mahal. that's. OoO Si Jerwin nga! Napatingin ako kay Geena.

Mahal daw eh. walang magulo! In reality.. Sige na. Ay! Sunshine? Jerwin: Yeah? I know... May nangyayari ba? Tinignan ko nang masama si Sheena... Jerwin: And besides.. sinoh ba naman ang magtatagal kasama nung babaeng un? -__- Ako: I'll be home as soon as I can.. cmon. Jerwin: Okay. Jerwin: Sardines.. Hindi naman siguro kami magtatagal ni Geena noh? I mean. naaliw ako sa ringtone. Ako: Byeee. Kaya sumunod na lang sila without asking or kahit anoh. Bruhang toh. . Ako: Hm? Jerwin: Umuwi ka kagad ha? Napaisip akong bigla.. Jerwin: Okay. this is going to be embarrassing. Ako: Yea yea. she immediately flashed me an innocent smile.. pinalitan mo rin naman ung ringtone ko ah! Ako: That's different! Ako lang ang may karapatan magpalit ng ringtone! At bakit ka nga pala tumatawag?!? Hindi ba dapat nagttrabaho ka?!? Jerwin: Sheena texted me. I guess nasanay na sila na kapag kausap ko si Jerwin sa cellphone. Ako: Wala.. would you prefer na "Sardines" ang sumigaw every time na tumawag ako syo? Err. Nung nakita nyang tinitignan ko sya. Tawagan raw kita.NARINIG MO BAAAA?!?!?!? Jerwin: Oh... I stalked pass my friends na automatically followed me papunta sa aming destination kanina. Bye. at siguro isang malaking hammer sa aking pride pero.. bumalik ka na sa trabaho mo. I'll see you later pag-uwi ko then. nawiwindang ang utak ko..

I saw her sitting in one corner. ang lakas ng ulan sa labas.~*~. A small voice inside my head says na it's a bad idea to meet up with Geena. At isa pa. Ano kayang pinapanood nya dun sa laptop? Parang sobra maka-concentrate sa palabas eh.Ako: Pwede. 4:30 pa lang. mag-sacrifice na ng ilang barya para sa tricycle.♥ My last class ended a few minutes late. hindi pa. She immediately looked up nung tumigil ako sa harap nya. Buong hapon na ko hindi mapakali. I wonder kung may bagyo ngayon? It seems like it. Mukha namang normal pa ang lahat. at kahit na intense ung tingin nya dun sa laptop sa harap nya. Kahit na natatakpan ng hoodie nya ung mukha nya. Geena: You know this is really amusing. pero madilim-dilim na dahil sa rainclouds at todo bagsak ng ulan. I'll be right back.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. -__- Tumawag ako ng tricycle kahit na walking distance lang sana ung Starbucks. kaya syempre late na rin ako nakalabas. I went back to the table and sat across from her. I went to the counter para umorder ng kape ko. magpa-ring ka ulit isang beses pa? ::Chapter 66:: The Meeting ♫. Ako: Sorry I'm late. I kept myself busy. Ganun ba talaga pag celebrity? I slowly walked over to her table.. parang she still stands out. I looked around searching for Geena. Ako: Hmm? . Anime? After getting my cup. I noticed na medyo konti lang ung mga tao.~*~. Did you order your coffee yet? Ako: Ah. Kanina ka pa? Geena: Oh it's okay. Pero dahil ayoko naman mag-show up na mukha akong nag-swimming with all my clothes on. I stole glances at her. When I got there.

You used to star in almost every musical production? Ako: Oh. And what did you find out? Geena: Well. I heard. . That was a long time ago. I realized something. Ako: Realized what? At anong story? Geena: You. after hearing your story. Hmm. I found out that you're really famous in your school. yea.. and suddenly everything seems perfect? Anoh bang pinagsasabi nito? Ako: That's. huh... I don't do those things anymore. so I asked around -. people can just immediately tell that the two of you are in love.. "Asked around"?? Ako: And. Something like the two of you would look at each other. Geena: Yes. nice. Ako: Ahh. Venice? Ako: I guess? I wonder kung pinaparinggan nya pa rin ako tungkol kay Jerwin? Geena: So no matter what the two of you do. it just radiated throughout your entire being. Gusto ko nang tunggain ung kape kung hindi lang sya mainit.Geena: I really wanted to know more about you..... Geena: It must be really magical.. Uminom ulit ako dun sa kape ko..I hope you don't mind. When you fell in love.. Parang kinakabahan na yata ako. Geena: But you know.

... I felt the need to tear my eyes away from the screen pero my body won't listen. Gerard..She suddenly cleared away the table... It's the last musical I did for the school. I can hear Geena talking in front of me. Geena: From what I heard. But here he is right now in front of me. That's me delivering my lines. My hand flew to my mouth. I just stared at the screen. inikot nya ung laptop para humarap sa'kin. pero parang hindi na nag-rregister ung sinasabi nya. they also said he's sick? Some sort of heart problem? Is that why you looked for someone else? Ako: N-No. singing.. and then I realized what I'm watching. Geena: Hmm. I just sat there staring at the video.. Tapos.. My heart started to pound hard on my chest. putting her cup on the other side. It's been two years.... since I last heard his voice. frozen in my seat... I stumbled on this video. This must be what it's like to love. I didn't get to hear the last part of the story.. G. alive.. Is he still in the hospital. Binaba ko ung cup ko sa table para mag-focus dun sa kung anuman ung hinarap nya sa'kin... dancing....and that's Gerard getting ready for his final song. hasn't it? Two years since I last saw Gerard's face... right? People kept mentioning him when I asked about you.. he's really in love with you.. . I got curious so I looked him up.... Geena: His name is Gerard. I've never watched a recorded video of that play. huh? I can totally feel something whenever the two of you look at each other. I squinted at the screen. Venice? . But. Geena: Just like this. The Christmas special Ate Marian herself directed and wrote.

I didn't know. In just a few minutes. I.. How could I miss that he was unusually pale? Or that beads of sweat were profusely appearing on his forehead? But I did notice those things.. I suddenly stood up. I can remember it all now. was it that easy to forget about Gerard? Ako: W-What? Geena: When was the last time you visited him. It's the final scene.. accidentally knocking down my cup of coffee... His cold hands. When was the last time I visited him? The video is showing the curtain call now.. Gerard leaned towards me as the curtain is coming down. His shaking body.. the final words. The curtain has completely covered the stage now. But I didn't care. Gerard will suddenly collapse. In just a few minutes.. This is it. the curtain will come down.. the camera was zoomed in on Gerard and me. Geena: So. I have to leave..I wanted to reply.. but my mind has fully zoned in on the video now. Ako: I. The camera didn't see the final seconds. In just a few minutes. As if by some horrible twist of fate. NOW. Venice. I have to go. he'll be gone forever. In just a few minutes. Here. I just didn't know. Venice? Ako: I.. It's coming to me like a wave of unwanted memories. . he'll finally whisper that he loves me.. But I remember it all.. when you met Jerwin..

. Then. The way his hand slipped from mine. His final words.. The way he muttered those final words. I just got here and she already left? And in I went back to Geena's table and sat down on the chair Venice was sitting on earlier.. all of a sudden. I remember it all.. but I may be wrong. only to hit something hard behind me.. somewhat blurring my vision. The way his eyes closed. The way he collapsed. Me: That was weird.... I called the first taxi na dumaan sa'kin and frantically gave the driver my destination. .. I think I can hear someone calling after me. V. "I love you. It's a streaming video from some site. Dustin: Whoa. I felt the rain hitting me.. Yes.. napatingin ako dun sa laptop sa harap ko. A waitress is picking up the broken pieces of the cup that fell earlier. I can almost see it as if it's happening right in front of me. What was that? such a state too. Soon enough. Venice? Are you okay? Inikutan ko ung nabunggo ko and ran out of the cafe." ---♥♥--(Dustin's POV) ---------------.I hastily turned around to leave..♥ I watch in shock as Venice jumped in a cab.

Me: You know Gerard is dead! Geena: But she doesn't know I know. I hope Jerwin is wrapping up with his schedule today.~*~. And then it hit me. Maybe I can still follow the cab Venice jumped in earlier.. Me: You didn't lose Jerwin.The video already finished playing. I just reminded her what it feels like to lose someone -. Me: Geena! What did you do?!? Geena: I didn't do anything.~*~. I just hope he answers his phone. I ran out of the cafe to my car. God. The other line kept ringing. I'm sure he'll storm out of there anyways. and I saw a satisfied smirk on her face. It's her fault! She made Jerwin leave me. Geena. ::Chapter 67:: What About Me ♫. how can you use this tragedy against her?!? Geena: Use what?! I just asked her when was the last time she saw Gerard. actually. I got up from the table and hurriedly took out my phone. Dustin: No. It doesn't matter whether he's done or not. Well. "Hello?" Me: Jerwin. Gerard. We have trouble.just like the way I lost Jerwin. Gerard was the name of that guy Venice dated.♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. What is wrong with this woman? When did she become so cruel? Geena: Don't look at me like that. but the title immediately caught my eyes: "Venice Zhao & Gerard Sheen: Forever Remembered" Gerard? Why does that name sound so familiar? I looked up at Geena.♥ . Dustin.. You made Jerwin leave you.

She slowly turned around to look at me. I'll be okay by myself. I can barely see dahil sa sobrang lakas ng ulan.... Her voice sounds shaky.. Sa dinami-dami naman ng araw.. or nung na-realize kong nagiging pabigat ako sa mga tao sa paligid ko.. Ako: What? Venice: Tuwing New Year.. I immediately recognized the shadow of a figure hunched over a particular gravestone. I told myself I'll make sure not to make them go through that again. It's alright. then I'm fine.The truck skid to a stop in front of the cemetery.... silently cursing the heavy downpour of rain.. Aish. She's been crying or she's been holding it all in too long. She's really here. I took one more step towards her.... How long has she been here? Her hair and her whole body is already soaking wet. Tumakbo ako papasok nung entrance...... I'll be better. now that I think about it. Ako: Sardines.. I'll make a resolution na I'll start studying harder. I really suck at following through with resolutions. I opened the door and jumped out of the truck. {background music?} Venice: You know.. from what Dustin told me. I slowed down until I was just a few steps away from her... I didn't even bother to check kung direcho ung pagkakatigil ko... this is the first place that popped in my mind na pupuntahan nya. Ako: Sardines.. as long as hindi ako mahagip nung mga dumadaan na sasakyan. Venice: I don't need anyone to take care of me. But after a while. . I'm not even sure kung nandito nga si Venice. pero.. She has her back on me so I couldn't really tell whether she noticed that I came. or that I should go on a diet.

I still eat a lot most of the time. It was Venice. She smiled bitterly. When I heard his voice..... She seems to be staring at them intently... I couldn't lie to myself anymore!! Ako: Venice.... Venice: And now. When I saw his face again... in the same hopeless state I was in years ago.t.. but I don't think she can really see anything. Kahit na hindi ko na ulit sya makakasama. The girl whose life seems to have been snatched away from her.. here I am again. The burial. . Venice: But really. Kahit na hindi ko na ulit sya makakausap. I always end up breaking those resolutions anyway. Even in this heavy rain..... Images from two years ago flashed in my mind. It was all a lie! She started crying.... I'll be okay. but. She's lost in her own whirlpool of thoughts.. The crying people. Her hands are tightly balled on her lap. but. She buried her face in her hands as she let out all the vent up pain from the past two years. Venice: Even though I tried to deny na naaalala ko pa rin sya.. I can almost see her tears. and it hurts..... I thought I was moving on.... I don't study any harder than I used to. Venice: Bu. In this same place. I really hate being alone! She finally broke down.. Kahit na I pretended I forgot how his voice sounded like.. Venice: I can still see his face every time I close my eyes! I can still hear his voice sa tuwing mag-isa ako! I thought I'll be okay by myself...It was then that I realized: I've seen her before. That certain girl........

I miss you.. There's so many questions running through my mind.. hoping.. praying she'll finally see me. Ako: Venice. see me. . hindi pa rin ba sapat? I tightened my grip on her shoulders.. Hindi pa rin ba nya napansin? After everything I've done.. Isn't she supposed to be mine? Ako: Venice... Gerard!! She cried harder.. What am I to you? Can't you forget him for me? Won't I be able to take his place? All those things we went through together. the question that escaped my lips was: Ako: Am I. I knelt down in front of her and put my hands on her shoulders. She shakes violently as she sheds tears for the love forcefully taken away from her.. playing a small hopeful and pained smile on my face.Venice: I miss you... not good enough? Her eyes grew wide in surprise upon hearing what I said... as if finally realizing that I was there. I gazed at her gently.. I couldn't help it anymore. She looked up at me. She cried as if her whole life depended on it.. Maybe she'll finally. don't they matter? Can't you see that I love you too? But in the end.

Wala ka nanaman magagawa.. "breakdown". Marian: Don't worry about it. magpahinga... Anthony: She'll probably stay here for a few days.. Anthony lent me a dry shirt. and "cemetery" were enough for them to understand what's going on. Marian: Of course .. . She never went out of that room again..~*~. she told me to take her here.. in Marian and Anthony's apartment. I thanked them for the dry clothes..Ako: Am I not good enough? ::Chapter 68:: Heart to Heart ♫. I never saw Venice again after they closed the door.. was it also just a few days na nagkaganito si Venice? Ako: Okay... Paki alagaan na lang muna sya.. while Marian took Venice to help her change out of her wet clothes. We all stood up. Marian handed me an umbrella para raw hindi na ko lalong mabasa.♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Ako: I'll drop by again tomorrow to bring her some clothes.♥ "I wish I was able to do more." I was finally able to persuade Venice to leave the cemetery.~*~. Marian and Anthony scrambled all over the place when Venice and I showed up in their doorstep drenched with rain. I guess just the words "Gerard"...and as I later on found out.... Siguro mabuti pang umuwi ka na. I told them bits and pieces of what happened. So last time this happened. then nilakad na nila ako sa pinto.. But as soon as we got in the truck. Gerard's old apartment as well. bro. A few days ha. The atmosphere in the living room is heavy. Gerard's former room.. Jerwin..

Anthony: Ingat sa pag-ddrive.. I guess any place is better than the silence that will greet me kung umuwi ako sa bahay... Probably to nag me about the way I ran out of the meeting with producers earlier. or i-lock ako sa labas ng bahay for who knows what reason... the one Venice disappeared to earlier. Thank you ulit.. She doesn't have the right to do that. What time does the meeting start again tomorrow? Is it around lunch time? And Dustin.. I should probably go back home early tomorrow to grab some things for Venice. bro. Dustin said Venice left her bag in the cafe so he took it with him. I should take care of Geena. I opened the door and looked around my old room. I parked the truck in front of the main door. I should meet up with him to get that too. I just trudged up the stairs to my room. Alam ko namang si mom lang ung pumasok. I'll drop it off before I go to work. Instead of driving back to our own house.. She asked me something pero hindi ko naman masyadong naintindihan... I suddenly feel completely drained of energy that I didn't even bother to look around. She's not even gonna see me off? Ako: Sige.. I don't usually run to my parents when something frustrating or bad happens. .. When I moved to the other house.. I didn't bother turning on the lights since the darkness helps me think more clearly.. I sat on the edge of my bed and stared at the darkness in front of me. I never would have thought na babalik ako dito under a whole different league of circumstances. "Jerwin?" I heard the door open. What was she thinking anyway? Tomorrow. I think I walked past Aling Ligaya. I found myself going to my parents' place. But. I looked at the door behind them. I handed the keys to Manong Ponce na halatang gulat na gulat na makita ako. I thought I'd leave my bed and a few clothes behind just in case bigla akong sipain ni Venice palabas. Some of my things are still here... alis na ko..

. mom. Don't worry about it. I heard he really loved Venice and was ready to do anything for her. Ako: It's been two years since he passed away. That'd be a shame dahil balak kong dito matulog.. I'm afraid that without any support. did you know that Venice had a boyfriend? Mom: Hmmm I think her mom mentioned it before.. wasn't it? I finally buried my face in my hands. mom? She's still in love with him. Jean? I didn't even see her. He used to go to the same school as Venice.. Nag-away ba kayo? Ako: Nag-away. I know na magbabati rin kami in an hour or so. But. It's out of character. They were probably inseparable by human means. Mom: They're worried. .. at least. But with this situation? How do you deal with this? Ako: Mom. Really? If it's not for work. He starred in a school play with Venice. didn't he pass away a long time ago? Ako: Tell me. but Venice still never fails to visit his grave. I thought I'll be able to take his place. I'm gonna start trashing this place. I don't even care. It would have been better kung nag-away nga kame. Coz then..? Hindi naman. how do I compete with memories? Mom: What are you talking about? Ako: His name was Gerard.. then why else would she be talking to me? Mom: Jean and Aling Ligaya saw you come in a while ago. but that was just a foolish thought. Ako: What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do. I grabbed a handful of the blanket in my hands. Sabi nila you look miserable daw... Mom: That's not why I'm here. Jean is freaking out downstairs dahil hindi mo kasama si Venice.. But right now. This is probably the first time in many years that I allowed my mom to see me this vulnerable. He used to live in an apartment in a small neighborhood..Ako: I'll make sure to catch up with work tomorrow..

.. Ako: Didn't you just say it was fate? daughter to a total stranger? Mom: Oh we're not "total" strangers. or maybe say something like I should pull myself together. you were both lonely... considered a stranger.. People were intimidated by my name. so Mel and I were talking.. you really achieved a lot in a short amount of time.. "geniuses" right? came to the same conclusion. I didn't expect her to sympathize.. I thought to myself. -___.. "Ah this might be fate"..I suddenly felt her sitting next to me. but the two of you. Mom: Jerwin. but me? Why would I be lonely? My career was going great. Geena never genuinely cared about me. di ba? But an idol you see only onscreen. Not in the same situations. I was too busy to have real friends. Mom: Looking at your career. when I saw you with Venice. what about Venice? Why did Tita Mel agree to give her This is probably what they call "a fan and an idol isn't such a bad combination. She said she was a fan when I was still an active actress.. did it? I could see how you yearn for companionship. right? and we both Did I hear her right? I mean.. be a "mom". alam mo ba kung bakit namin kayo pinagsamang dalawa ni Venice? Ako: Coz you and her mom are both clinically insane? Mom: You mean. Hindi ba un ang dahilan kung bakit ganon na lang ang pagkakapit mo kay Georgina no matter how many times she messed up? She even knows about Geena?!? @_@ Mom: That's why. much more. I turned around in surprise. A Anyway. isn't it? -__- . Who am I kidding? My life sucked.. But that didn't really matter.. And I was right! mother's instinct". anyway. That's still. My parents were constantly nagging about doing better.. Hay nako. Ako: Which is? Mom: You and Venice were the same.even though it was a scandalous first meeting.. I understand Venice being lonely and all. I thought she'd run out of the room screaming for dear life.

I know I should probably get pissed because she's treating me like a kid here. Ako: I see. I went through that whole stupid stage thing myself. .. You two are perfect for each other. Jerwin... -__- Mom: Don't beat yourself too hard.Mom: Anyway.the same way she does back when I was five. Jerwin.... Mom: Mel was actually reluctant to do this whole engagement thing at first. trust me. She ruffled my hair -. dear. and you're you. She finally stood up and looked around the dark room.. thinking straight right now. she's still young. she was really worried. Just give it time. Ako: What's that got to do with things? Mom: Being young is usually synonymous to being stupid. I guess I should have turned on some lights. I thought I was going to die of a heart attack. Hindi nya pa na-rrealize na she's moving on well. Sabi nya.. Venice just isn't You look a whole lot better. Gerard is Gerard.. In a sense. Venice will realize this too. Ako: You really think she's happy? Mom: Of course! I'm a good judge of character. So what if you're competing with old memories? Just make new ones. O_O Mom: So the engagement was decided. It's kinda weird talking to my mother in the dark like this.. it's a comforting thought. Mel told me na kahit na Venice seems like the cheerful person she once was. but isn't that how mothers are like? They'll treat their children as kids even if their children are already way above 50 years old. Pero nung nakita nya kayong dalawa ni Venice dun sa living room. Ano bang ginagawa nyo nun? Ako: What?!? N-Nothing. But well.. Oh. Remembering it now. Venice's smile never reached her eyes. Ako: Mom! Mom: Oh. Sooner or later. for some reason. Venice smiles from her heart when she's with you. Mom: She came back to me with this huge smile on her face. there might be something there daw.. of course. As a mother. +__+ That time. Venice wouldn't talk to her about what happened. and Venice looks genuinely happier.

Oh. alam kong stressed out ka dahil malapit nang mag-wrap up ung album. I guess she was seeing shadows and stuff. It's just a tiny portion of the song. Kuya Troy: Jerwin. and you should probably talk to your sister too.~*~. bumaba ka pagkatapos mo.. Last time na nabasa ka ng ulan. This is perhaps the first time in my life that I had a heart-to-heart conversation with my mom. nagkasakit ka.. I'll try again. She flicked the switch on just before she stepped out of my room... Let's finish this as soon as possible. if that's what you want. I'm getting frustrated too.♥ The next day.. Okay ka lang ba?" I looked at the music director who's watching me anxiously from the other side of the mirror. It's been a while since we had a family dinner. kuya. He's probably getting frustrated. Try singing the first line again.. This is the fourth time I'm recording the same part of the song... I nodded and concentrated on the music streaming out of the headphones. Your father should be home soon.. ::Chapter 69:: Fix You ♫. I'll be out of this recording booth in a little bit. . heavily complaining on why I didn't turn on the lights.~*~. It's kinda. nice. How are you going to take care of Venice kung pati ikaw may sakit? Ako: Okay.. it's okay. If you want to take a break. "Your voice sounds husky. Kuya Troy: *sigh* Okay. Ako: Sorry.. This shouldn't take long. I'm thiiiss close to giving her little bouncing self a tranquilizer. Ako: No. It usually doesn't take me this long to hit the notes or to get the rhythm.♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. -__- I watch her as she walks toward the door.Mom: Go take a shower. Mom: Then.

Anthony.. -___. Sheena. Ahhh~ Kung nakatulog lang sana ako nang maaga kagabi!! Kamusta na kaya si Venice? Rush hour traffic was horrible. Seriously. He told me Venice is staying here for a few days. . no matter what I do. but at least we didn't stay more than that. Aish. Ako: How did you know she was here? Dustin: Well. bumukas na kagad ung pinto. I figured she'd be at school. Marian: Oh.. got out of work late. Kenny.. I ran into Anthony. and wala pang limang minuto. So I went there nung uwian na. I was finally out. this day. Dahil na-late ako sa paggising. It's already 5:00 PM. Pumasok kami sa loob and dun ko nakita ang madlang people..again. Jerwin. I'm running late -. O_O . Geez. I wasn't able to drop by Marian's apartment to bring Venice her clothes.Not exactly the amount of time I expected. Ehto ung mga tipo ng panahon na I really wish may mag-imbento na ng lumilipad na kotse.. Baka sakaling mabawasan ang traffic! I got to the apartment after an hour and a half. I rang the doorbell. you're here too. I can't seem to catch up with time.. hello. I woke up late. I brought Venice some clothes.Three hours later. Everybody was cramped up in the living room. Ako: Yea.Dustin and Jean?!?! Dustin: Hey. Jerwin. and now driving to Marian's apartment still late. I wasn't able to meet up with Dustin to get Venice's bag. Ako: Anong "hey"?? Anong ginagawa nyo dito? Dustin: I figured you're gonna be busy so I took the liberty to deliver Venice's bag to her. wala sa mga plano ko ang natuloy. got to work late. I grabbed the bag of clothes sitting on the passenger's seat and walked towards the apartment door. "too"? Who else is here? Marian took the bag I was carrying and set it on the table.

sumama sya. I want my clumsy sister-in-law back. Jean: I don't understand. Sheena: Nag-text sa'kin si Jean. Kenny: Ay! Bruha! Wag mo kong chansingan! Jean: But.. Bigla syang tumingin kay Kenny.. Jean: Prince Charming. Jean: *sigh* Kuya.. Sinabi ko sa kanya na pupunta kami dito kaya ahyan. Kenny: Sheena. If we tell her. Prince. will she be able to understand? Jean has never had a loved one pass away before.Tinuro ko si Jean na nakaupo sa tabi nya. Ako: And you?! What are you doing here?! Jean: I was worried about Ate Venice. Sheena: Oh? Kenny: Pigilan mo ko. She's just going through a rough time right now. hug me. +__+ Sheena: Ay. ang pinakamabuting gamot is mag-shopping? Venice will say that. won't she? Sheena: I guess this is one of those things na hindi magagamot ng retail therapy. reyna ako! Jean: Why do you keep on pushing me away? Alam ko namang gusto mo na rin ako. Ako: Jean. . Why is Ate Venice locking herself in that room? Nagtinginan kaming lahat. isn't it your job to comfort the princess? Kenny: Excuse me noh! Kung prinsesa ka. Jean: I want to go shopping with her again. tumigil ka nga.... Ako: Who drove you here? Dustin: We picked her up from your house. Ilalambitin ko na yang batang yan. and I want to play with her. Jean: Hindi ba lagi nyang sinasabi na pag depressed daw..

What is that girl thinking?!? Hindi ba isa ang matulog sa mga favorite hobbies nya?!? Ako: Is it okay if I go inside? Marian: Yea sure.. Ako: How's Venice? Marian: Well... Putting Kenny and Jean in the same room. Ako: Hm? Marian: I kept checking up on her last night.. Hopefully. It won't be good for her kung hindi sya matutulog tuwing gabi.There's something else that worries me though. So she's playing the sleeping card ha... we practically had to shove the food in her mouth..... She can't afford to miss classes. Tumingin ako dun sa pinto nung kwarto kung nasan si Venice.This is like a recipe for disaster. Just like Marian said.. Marian: Oh. Ako: Okay. Kumain naman ba sya? Marian: A little. she'll be back by Monday. isang araw lang ng school ang mamimiss nya.. Ayaw nyang kumain ng kahit anong mabigay sa tyan. Wala raw syang gana. lying on her side with her back to me.♥ . she barely had any sleep. Ako: I see. But she might still be resting right now.. She was constantly moving.. -__. Ako: That's not good.. Ha. but. The room is dark. she didn't go to school today. at least she's eating. ---♥♥--(Venice's POV) ---------------.. except for a tiny lamp at the side of the bed. who's standing next to me with an amused look at her face. Naaliw yata sa kapatid ko. Venice is on the bed. I left the living room and silently went inside the bedroom.. It's lucky na Saturday bukas. Malapit na ang finals. If ever.. Last time na pumasok kami. maybe that's good? At least she's not staring into space or things like that. Last time. I turned to Marian. I mean. she was lying on the bed..

But no matter what I did. Sleeping was just impossible. I have my back turned to him..I heard the door creak open. He finally came. I couldn't keep my eyes closed. Jerwin: Marian said you stayed up all night. Jerwin: No? It's the truth. But. I feel so tired that I'm not even the mood to talk to anyone. I stiffened up a little bit nung umupo sya sa kama. "I've watched you sleep numerous times. I was too aware that I'm not in my own room.. this time is different. The person didn't leave. Truth is.. I almost didn't recognize him. Not that I've been waiting for him all this time! O_O Uh. All these thoughts and memories kept on seeping in my brain. I tried my best to go to sleep dahil maaga pa ang pasok ko sa school the next day. . pati si Dustin at si Jean dumating na rin. Akala nila tulog ako. I don't know kung sino nanaman un. But it's not like I wanted to. Nasilip na ko nina Sheena and Kenny. really.. They all left after seeing me on the bed. maybe it's just that I know he's coming sooner or later. That's all.. I was expecting him to show up anytime soon.. I'm just pretending I'm sleeping. Did he get sick again from the rain? Ako: I just feel really tired. But this time. I couldn't fall asleep. I heard the door close and muffled footsteps walking towards me... He looks like he's aged 10 years overnight. The bed isn't as comfortable as I remember it to be either. How did he know na hindi ako tulog? I slowly turned to my other side para humarap sa kanya.. Do you really think you can fool me to think na natutulog ka ngayon?" O_O It's Jerwin. Ako: Yea..

. I just continued to lay on the bed.... Sunshine. I constantly played with the ring on my right hand as I stare into space. and he probably doesn't even realize what he's doing -.In the end. Jerwin: You don't want a song then? Ako: No-. I was too tired to go to school or do anything today. how much I love you. Ako: Wala naman akong's such a small act..I mean. I felt him shift to a more comfortable sitting position. ako naman ang kakanta syo.but. yes. Makatulog man ako... dear.. uhh. the lullaby started. He didn't stop stroking my hair -. imagining this room the way it was two years ago with Gerard walking to and fro. Jerwin: Why? Ako: I don't know. =__= Jerwin: Ano ba talaga? I cuddled closer to him and closed my eyes... the final memento from the invisible man walking around the room. I don't know why -. I'll wake up after 10 or 15 minutes. that tiny gesture is really comforting to the heart. Jerwin started to stroke my hair. Jerwin: Do you want me to sing to you? Ako: Huh? Jerwin: Didn't I say it last time? Pag ikaw naman ang nagkasakit.. After a few seconds.. Jerwin: You are my sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy When skies are gray You never know. Ako: Please sing me a song.. Jerwin: Silly girl. Ako: I couldn't sleep last night... the silver ring.I was glad.

Right now.. or at least.. His hand stopped caressing my hair. I guess he really did get a little bit sick from the rain yesterday. Nakatingin sa'kin si Jerwin. he's just looking at me with so much warmth. Jerwin's voice is soothing and gentle. okay? I'll be waiting for you. He didn't move. Nothing seems to be registering in my mind. I know it's not my place to say this.. I can feel the fatigue and the lethargy creeping in just before the song ended. I wanted to hold him back for a few more minutes... I finally cracked my eyes open to look at him. Jerwin: Venice. he just sat there stroking my hair. It almost feels like I'm being cradled to sleep.. Jerwin: Sardines.. I didn't answer... but I couldn't even open my eyes anymore... but. I have to go now since I still have to take Jean home. and he's trusting that knowledge. There isn't any sign of the desperation and hopelessness na nakita ko back then in the cemetery. For just a few moments. Fortunately.. A singer is always a singer no matter what he sings in whatever condition he's in. I think it already fell asleep. maybe you don't even want to hear it right now. Ako: Sunshine. when you're ready. Jerwin: Sardines. Just come back home. Can you sing me one last song? . it doesn't sound bad. opening my eyes was really hard to do.. Trust me..6 I wish my brain is still functioning. like he knows something I don't. I was finally feeling extremely sleepy. Ako: Now? Jerwin: Yeah. Jerwin leaned over to me a little bit. I think it did. My heart just skipped a beat.His voice sounds a bit different than usual. Jerwin: Hmmm? Ako: Before you go.... speaking in a soft voice.

. I don't think he finished the song either. I wonder if he'd like that. I just really want to get that sleep.~*~. It was good enough. he stopped singing.~*~. alam ko namang gagawin nya rin kung anong gusto ko. Why am I thinking of giving him a hug anyways? Jerwin: You're becoming spoiled.. I don't think I even heard the 2nd half of the song.I closed my eyes again. Magrereklamo pa.? *yaawwnnnnn* Maybe I'll find out next time. My fiancé has given me a good night kiss.. Jerwin: (sings) When you try your best but you don't succeed When you get what you want but not what you need When you feel so tired but you can't sleep Stuck in reverse. But for now... . Ako: I know.. I drifted to sleep no problem.. And the tears come streaming down your face When you lose something you can't replace When you love someone but it goes to waste Could it be worse? Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones And I will try to fix you.. I heard him chuckle. I would have given him a hug. If I wasn't so exhausted. ::Chapter 70:: Hurry Home ♫.♥ .♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.but not before I felt something light touch my forehead. When he realized that I was already about 95% asleep.

. Nilagay ko naman sila sa plastic bag para hindi mahalo dun sa malinis na damit. Sinalpak ko ung maduduming damit dun sa bag. She looks confused as she watches me pack up. Mahirap maglaba noh! "Venice?" I looked up and saw Ate Marian peeking from the door. Kahit na ung mga tipong tanghali ka na gumising. Tipong moodswings ng mga nasa mental hospital. Mababawasan ang mga kailangan kong labahan at ibalik kay Ate Mars. mga tao sa mundo ay gumagalaw-galaw na. Amazing~ After stepping out of the bathroom. ate. bumalik ako dun sa dating kwarto ni Gerard. slow motion pa rin sa pag-sshower. I'm wearing a loose white shirt. ate. cropped jeans. ate. Pagkatapos ba naman ng gloomy episode ko. mangbati ba naman ako with all smiles and happiness. That made her even more befuddled. di ba? Ate Marian: Uh. Thanks for taking me in kahit sandali lang.? Napatingin ako sa damit ko. Ako: I'm going home. and flat gladiator sandals. I have my hair loosely tied in a side ponytail. . good morning. Mukhang may lakad ka ah. Ate Marian: Eh?! Ako: Yep. Nilagay ni Ate Marian ung dinalang bag ni Jerwin dun sa may sulok ng kwarto.Nothing beats a cold shower after waking up. Baka bigla ko pa syang kantahan ng "What A Wonderful World". It's a good thing Jerwin brought me some clothes... Ako: Good morning. Feel na feel ko ang comfort.. at lahat ng Ikaw.

No one tried to take me out. It was the only place where Gerard's scent still lingered. pero as soon as she realized what I meant. Ako: Ate. ang mangyayari. ngumiti kagad sya -. ate. suffocation na Ate Marian: Ingat sa byahe! Ako: Bye-bye. half-making sure na wala na kong nakakalimutan. I don't have a reason to stay here. halos ipagtulakan nya na ko palabas ng apartment nila. Ate Marian: Sure ka na ba? B-Bakit naman parang biglaan? She's probably thinking of that time in the past.ngiting konti na lang eh aabot na sa hairline nya. probably because I know I won't spend a lonesome time in this room ever again.. the other half.kailangang magmakaawa na bitawan dahil konti na lang. She looked surprised for a minute.. Tumingin ulit ako sa paligid. . Gerard isn't coming back.. After that. I don't have a reason to hold on to any memory this room might give me. O_O Tama ba namang halos sipain na ko paalis?!? What are prends por kung papalayasin nya pala ako nang ganito?! Ibang klase talaga magmahal si ate! She threw her arms around my neck sa sobrang tuwa. Ganun sya kasaya.I stood up and swung the backpack over my shoulder. No one dared to approach me and tell me I was not alone. It's different now. Ilang buwan akong hindi umalis sa kwarto na toh. Ang kanyang signature show of affection -. Ate Marian: You don't? Ako: I have someone waiting for me back home. Paki sabi na lang kay Anton na umalis na ko paggising nya..

-__I stopped by the little storage building a few feet away from the entrance to talk to the caretaker.. in fairness ha. I stared at the box.. Hindi na kita iiwan.. actually..he left it. manong. I've always wondered if he would have given the ring to me kung umabot lang sana sya nung Pasko... I stand in front of the very familiar gravestone. I rummaged through my bag and took out a tiny box. Ilang taon kong tinitigan. I know I should have rushed home and told Jerwin. Mabigat sya.. It feels weird knowing na matagal-tagal na bago ko ulit makikita toh.. he didn't give it to me -. at kinausap tohng batong toh. adjusting the bag as I go along. . Ako: But you know it's different now. right? I sat on the grass and took out the trowel I borrowed from the caretaker. -___- One last peek~ I opened the box and looked at the ring inside.. Nakakapanghinayang naman. I have to do this before anything else. well. When I decided that it's deep enough. I finally reached my destination. The silver ring Gerard gave me two years ago.."Dito na lang poh. I dug a tiny hole sa tabi nung gravestone. ~__~ yak! wahahaha Pero this stop is important for me. After exchanging a few words... Anthony discovered the ring hidden in Gerard's drawers a few days after Gerard passed away. then jumped out of the cab. Who knows when I'll be back? Sa araw ng patay? Sa death anniversary nya? Those days are months away. Hmm.. I used to never let a whole week pass by without dropping by. I walked inside. This is the best thing I can come up with. Inabot ko sa driver ung bayad... hinawak-hawakan.. I remember the letter that came along with it too. I went along my way. Ako: I'm sorry I have to do this." ." The taxi rolled into a stop in front of cemetery's entrance... "Nandito na ko.

. Ako: I don't think it'd be bad.. It's very refreshing. )and stuck the Ako: Jerwin is a great guy.. tumaas . but. I'm letting you go and I'm moving on. sana naman hindi ka nagmumukmok dyan sa langit. Bigla ka na lang nag-poof! I put the box in the hole na hinukay ko. Adik. It all happened so suddenly.. maghanap ka na rin ng girlfriend dyan. boboto ka rin sa kanya. Kung gusto mo.. burying the ring.. =___= I know. Ako: This will be my closure now... then I started filling the hole up with dirt. I was holding on to you so much because I never really got to say goodbye. I wish I can stay longer and enjoy the breeze. Pero sisiguraduhin mong mas maganda sa'kin ha. I just can't believe I'm considering it.. He really cares about me. end up together.. G... Avah.. The breeze feels really good today. but I didn't come here to do that.... X marks the spot. I'm sure.... When he and I *gulp* "When".? Hindi "if"? My face is definitely burning up. right? I completely covered the hole. parang akong tanga. There are things I'll never know.. Weird. Ako: I wonder. I am actually considering a future with Jerwin.. nasa langit ka na nga at lahat.. Ako: Maybe. covering the box.... I took an artificial flower (kupit from Ate Marian's vase flower on the freshly covered soil. Ni hindi ko nga inaasahan.*sigh* I closed the lid again.. Nag-bblush sa sarili kong thoughts. It's a couple of years late. you're happy for me. it probably won't be bad at all.

It's time to go.. Pano kung umuwi sya tapos wala ako? . Walang bigla-biglang sumisigaw dahil nasusunog na ung niluluto nya. I smiled. I looked around one last time -. I walked away and I didn't look back. the stones. -___But. Gerard. I turned around and took my first step away from Gerard's shadow. Di ba ganun ung madalas nangyayari Despite the solitude.parang naghihintay na biglang may sumulpot na multo at magbigay sa'kin ng thumbs-up sign. pero I did tell her I'll be waiting for her. ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. what if she comes home? I know it's hopeless thinking na baka sakaling umuwi nga sya.♥ Maybe.tipong maririnig hanggang sa kapitbahay. it was a wrong idea to come home after all.. and the wind. Ako: Goodbye. This time. unlike the previous times I've been here. Walang kumakanta-kanta -.. -___- Just as I expected. syempre. the house is dead quiet without Venice. Walang TV na nagsskandalo pagkapasok na pagkapasok ko -. there's nothing here except the grass. -___- I finally stood up and swung the bag on my shoulder.naman sana ang standards ng mga pagpipilian mo.kala mo may kung anong major concert sa bahay. Ang sagwa namang isipin kung panget na anghel ang girlfriend mo. I should have stayed another night at my parents' house.. sa movies? Pero.

.. I can feel the anticipation and the anxiety build up inside me. And I don't think I'm hallucinating... She's here. she smiled... She looked at the kitchen first. I'm hungry. There's something different with the way she smiles. Could it be. She looked at me confused.. then she turned around... Venice? May himala nga ba talaga sa mundo?? I slowly stood up. I don't know what it is... =___= I should start cooking or heating up something. O_O Who could that be?!? I heard something shuffling in the hallway. Napaupo tuloy akong bigla. then I trudged to the living room. probably because I have a really stupid bewildered expression on my face right now. Did my parents decide to drop by? Could it be one of family members checking up on me? Pano naman sila nagkaron ng susi? Then. more beautiful.. para lang maghintay sa wala? *sigh* I'm really going crazy. more genuine.. . Somehow..Minadali ko pa lahat ng trabaho ko para lang makauwi kagad. maybe after a nap? I just plopped myself down on the couch when I suddenly heard the front door open. the person walked in and carefully placed her bag on the table.. Ako: Venice. just in time. or nag-hhallucinate na ba ko sa sobrang gutom? I took one step forward. That was when she saw me. But then. it just looks brighter.... She's really here.. I turned on a couple of lights..

♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. That broke the ice. Seeing him in an apron at naghuhugas ng pinggan.. I ran up to her and immediately enveloped her in a tight hug.. Sardines.. It took a few slashes to the heart.. nasaniban na yata ng kung anong engkanto si kuya.~*~. Pagkatapos naming kumain ng hapunan kanina.♥ I randomly surf through the TV channels. to me. My attention is solely focused on Domestic Jerwin in the kitchen... talagang all-out volunteer syang linisin ung lamesa. not really minding kung anong palabas. And for some reason. . Let me squish her for a few more minutes. She came home. it feels like she'll never leave again.Venice: Sunshine. a river of tears. but she came back. and whirlpool of worries. I'll rush her to the hospital. She's really here. I'm home. -___- Jerwin: You know you're gonna break the TV if you continue to switch channels like that. Ay~ Nakahalata~ I threw the remote sa kabilang side nung couch. If any of her bones break. Feel na feel nya talaga ang housechores tonight.. I don't care if I'm squishing her. ::Chapter 71:: Three Little Words ♫. I continued watching Jerwin as he puts away the clean dishes. Bawal sirain.~*~. Mahal ang TV. Ako: Welcome back.

it only means na may kung ano kang iniisip. Tinuro ko ung noo nya. Sige fine. Ako: Wala ka namang nabasag na pinggan? Jerwin: Uh. tapos pumunta na sya sa living room. For a few moments. Serious much? Jerwin: What wrinkles?!? Namamalikmata ka lang! He averted his gaze. Feeling ko may gustong sabihin si kuya. Ako: You wanna talk? Jerwin: Huh? What? Ako: (shrugs) Just asking. wag pilitin. You sure you're okay? Jerwin: Yea. kung ayaw pag-usapan. . This spoiled little rich brat. Ako: Usually pag lumalabas yang mga wrinkles mo sa noo.maghugas ng plato. Maupo lang daw ako at mag-relax. Naglagay pa sya ng lotion. Pano ako mag-rrelax eh kinakarir nya ang pagiging housewife!? Ako: Sunshine. Hay nako. Ayaw maging rough ang hands~ He turned off the lights ng kusina at nung dining room.. muntik na.. Ako: Won't your mom kill me for making you wash the dishes? Jerwin: We won't tell her. pero either nahihiya sya or hindi nya alam kung pano sasabihin. he just stared at the TV. at ilagay sa ref ang konting tira. Malandi rin pala tohng si Jerwin. I see him drying his hands on the apron.... Akala ko ako lang ang may karapatang magmalandi pagkatapos maghugas ng pinggan. He plopped down next to me.

he doesn't mind dahil tumuloy lang sya sa paglipat sa mga channel nung TV. Tapos ngayon.. Matulog na tayo? Jerwin: What?!? Now?! Ako: Why not? Jerwin: Wala lang. Dito ka muna. I took the liberty na sumiksik sa kanya and use his arm as my pillow.. Pag nakatulog ka. naging domestic housewife (houseband?) sya. It's better than dragging you up the stairs.. Ako: Bridal style ba itoh?! Jerwin: You're not my bride yet. First. -___- He just laughed at me. ang saya sigurong magpaka-lost at sea. I plopped down on the seat next to him again. he settled on HBO. Eventually. Okay. Tapos maghahanap ng treasure chests sa kung saansaan. Talaga? O_O Jerwin: Yea. May nakain bang kung anong damo tohng taong toh?!? Jerwin: Just watch TV with me sandali. I'll carry you to your room. Ako: Sadista. but I still use Jerwin's arm as a pillow. I'm getting sleepy. Tapos magkakaron ako ng Wanted poster.fireman-style. I stood up from the couch and stretched. Ako: Wala ka talagang ka-romance romance noh? Jerwin: Hey.. uber naman sa pagka-clingy. Mukha namang Ako: Posible pa kayang magpaka-pirate sa panahon ngayon? Jerwin: Huh? Ako: Imagine... Ay shosyal~! Iisipin ng mga tao. Ako: Oh well.In denial pa sa worry wrinkles nya. Si fafa Jack Sparrow. I shift positions once in a while dahil nag-ccramp na ung legs ko. Ako: Whoa.. ang ganda ko masyado para . I'll just carry you -. "But why is the rum gone?" We watch the movie in silence. Nakapatong ung braso nya dun sa sandalan nung couch. Re-run ng Pirates of the Caribbean.

Oy. Dahil feeling ko lang magiging seasick ako. It's either one of those things. Ako: Oooh. Pero ang mas kinagulantang ko eh ung sinabi nya.. Jerwin saying... If you want to live under a bridge. I love you. or maybe I'm dreaming? . dapat siguro may doctor sa crew ko. I'll live under a bridge. -__. right? Ako: W-Wha? O.. If you want to live in a ship... O_O His hands feel warm against my skin. sasama ka pa rin? Jerwin: If you're gonna be a pirate. Living on a ship is probably gonna be tough. di ba? Jerwin: Sure. I'll live in a ship.. imagination pag inaantok na! Magiging pirates kami ni in our next lives~ wahahaha Iba talaga ang level ng Ako: Sunshine.. Kailangan ko pala muna mag-imbento ng gamot pangontra seasickness! Ugh. Jerwin: What are you saying? Ako: Pero. Naaaliw ako sa mga thoughts ko. This must be one of the most random times to blurt it out but. or maybe he's high. really. I mean. "But why is the rum gone?!?" wahahahahaha epic! I looked up at Jerwin. sasamahan mo pa rin naman ako kahit na sa bangka tayo titira.. I think naapektuhan na yata ng antok ko ang ability to hear ko. Kung gusto mong magpaka-squatter sa Hollywood sign. Venice. or sleepy. you're the best! Nagulat ako when Jerwin suddenly cupped my face with both his hands.Ay.. flashing a bright smile.O Jerwin: I love you. *blink* *blink* He must be drunk (from the orange juice kanina?)..maging pirate.. Sunshine. I'll even build us the house. Teka. then I'll be a pirate too... at kahit na magpaka-pirate ako... He wouldn't say something like that.

Ako: Eh? Realize what? Sumandal ulit sya dun sa couch and focused his eyes on the TV. Ako: You're annoying. tatalon na ang puso ko. *blink* *blink* Jerwin: I can wait until you realize it for yourself.Shouldn't I be dreaming about pirates since ahyun ang pinapanood namin?!? Jerwin suddenly smiled. As if that's gonna help.Talagang may pagka-arogante sya noh?!? Wala man lang hiyahiya sa system nya! Sumandal ulit ako. Tinotopak nanaman yata talaga sya.Konting-konti na lang. I'm not asking you to say it back. A small smile is playing on his lips. Anong realize-realize pinagsasabi nya?!? Ako: Hoyyyy. I suddenly snapped out of my daze. He pats my head as if trying to calm my nerves down. Is that how you talk to someone who just told you he loves you? I feel my blood rushing to my face. -___. Mukmok time. I just felt the need to say it.Pero mabuti na sigurong magmukmok kuno. Jerwin: Oh. . realize what? Jerwin: Secret. -__. Talagang-. Jerwin: You don't have to say anything.

After much trouble getting her bedsheets out of the way...But how can you disturb a sleeping angel? Oh well. Man.. Mahirap ang tumatanda... Ahhhh~ My muscles are going numb. I slowly pulled my arm out. making sure I don't wake her up. -___- . Nakatapos pa ng isang movie! I peered at her sleeping face. Maka-ilang beses na muntik tumama ung ulo nya sa dingding. But around the time she falls asleep. calm.. -____. Time to keep my end of the bargain. Na-strain na yata ang lahat ng leg. at back muscles ko..Really. Sabi nya inaantok na sya kanina... I carefully gathered her in my arms. She looks so beautiful. I can barely feel my arm anymore. how do you respond to something straightforward like that? ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------.. Ang hirap pala magtanggal ng kumot ng kama habang may buhatbuhat ka. so does my left arm. arm. I finally laid her down on her bed. I gently kicked her bedroom door open.. So she wants me to carry her bridal-style ha? Hindi ba dapat gising ung bride pag binubuhat sya? I turned off the TV and then I knelt down in front of Venice. Ehtong si Venice. Geez..♥ Two hours later. I carried her up the stairs. parang exercise ko na tohng for a whole week! I collapsed on the floor next to her bed.

I look at Venice who's deeply asleep in her bed. Ako: Good night. I almost couldn't believe she really came home to me.. "I love you.♥ The next night. Joyous? Exuberantly glad? I wish had better words to explain the rush of emotions. Those three little words summed it all up perfectly... huh.. Nagiging corny ako dahil syo." Ako: You're really something.. Dustin and I met up in a nearby club for a few drinks.. -___Maybe I was? She didn't really say anything. Venice and her moments of naivete.~*~. After making sure she's all comfy.. ung tipong pag walang ginawa. Something welled up inside me... I haven't told anyone that since. ::Chapter 72:: Confrontation ♫.. I wanted to tell her I was happy -. Ako: "I love you". sasabog. I stood up and tucked Venice in.but that sounded like an understatement. I . Sardines.. after a hard day's worth of work. Looking at her face earlier.. what? 2nd grade? when my mom bought me the new Street Fighter action figure? What possessed me to say that to her now? Pwedeng-pwede akong ma-basted kanina. Venice. I reached out my hand to gently caress her face. She's so fascinating.. I bent down and gave her soft peck on the forehead.. I love you. did she? She just blinked at me in astonishment.~*~. but maybe.♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------..

Dustin: No way. or cars. I even told him I finally confessed. talaga namang may pagkachismoso tohng si Dustin. Dustin: What did she say? Ako: Nothing.invited him to celebrate dahil halos tapos na ung album ko and Venice and I are doing well again.tapos sabay na sabay kaming biglang tumungga nung mga beer sa harap namin. Dustin is a really close friend. Hindi man kasi halata sa itsura nya. on the other hand. call her right now and tell her to come here! Bakit ba kasi hindi mo sinama?!? Ako: I asked her to come. or sports. We haven't done this in a while. kaya siguro. He. Pareho silang may mga kung anong "curiosity" sa mga buhay ng mga tao sa paligid nila. I guess he didn't invite her. we sound like a couple of girls talking about their boyfriends. -__Dustin: Dude. Dustin: We should be talking about work. Dustin: How am I supposed to interrogate her then? Ako: Why would you do that? Dustin: Why not? Pano natin malalaman kung mahal ka rin nya? Nagtinginan kaming dalawa -. ganun na lang kadali madulas sa mga pinagsasabi ko. accepted the invite dahil na-sstress nanaman sya sa trabaho.. it's good to catch up with a few beers in hand.and almost choked sa nakita ko. Ikaw kaseh eh! Ako: Hala! Ikaw ang namilit eh! Tumungga ulit kami. Ako: Dude.. Oh well. but she said she has to study. Finals na raw kasi nila. Kaya siguro sila nagkakasundo ni Nicole. Dustin: Na-basted ka? Ako: I don't think so. man! You told her?!?? Ako: Yea. It doesn't seem like na-basted ako.? . O_O I frantically turned to Dustin. "Jerwin! Dustin!" I turned around -.. na nanlalaki rin ang mga mata... Kahit anong reason pa namen. napunta ang usapang trabaho namin sa usapang Venice. For some reason..

Geena: Hi! What are you two doing here? I didn't get a call. Geena. I'm just gonna go. Geena: I heard you and Venice are having a rough time right now.. I think I might have mentioned something about meeting you here tonight... Wala man lang suporta?!? Geena took one of the bottles on the table and opened it for herself.. Oh well. Geena bounced on the stool next to me. How can she say something like that when she was the main reason things went downhill anyways?!? .+__+ Oh. That's just. he turned around and left the table. Ako: Yea.Dustin: I swear I didn't invite her! Ako: How did she find us!? Dustin: How am I supposed to--.. As usual.. We can't possibly bolt up and start running. coz the bar is packed and mahirap tumakbo? I let out a huge sigh. I might as well talk to her. Before I can stop.. Tapos na-realize nya yatang may bombang sasabog. Dustin: Uh. to the washroom. Ako: You. -___. It's too late to do anything now. drinking. Dustin looked at Geena and then me. Geena: My... Geena is here. Old times.. Ako: That's because we didn't call you....bakit nga ba hindi? Ah. she looks all prepped up. He downed his final bottle and then stood up. since she's here.. Isn't this like the old times? You and I alone together.. my... Iniwanan talaga ako.. Is that why you're sulking in this cheap bar? I gripped my bottle as I watch her drink.

I don't care what she thinks or what she says. Even when she started to run her fingers on my arm. but this is just too much! . Jerwin: Geena.. tonight. Did I just hear her right? Did she really just say that? Ako: You knew Gerard was dead? Geena: Of course! That's what makes her so stupid-- That did it. how long are you gonna play with that commoner? She's not even worth all this trouble. I know you. I won't let her have the satisfaction of thinking she still has the same effect on me. The smile on her face disappeared in a matter of seconds. The thing between us.. Geena: Are you insane?!? You're choosing that bimbo over me?!?! Ako: She's not a "bimbo". Geena: She's just an attention-seeking whore! Why else would she stay with you?! She doesn't love you! Not when she's still hang up on that dead boyfriend of hers! I whirled around to face her so fast I thought my neck would break. then I subtly pulled my arm our of her reach. I grabbed her arm.. I took out my wallet and grabbed a few bills to pay for my share. I don't hit girls. we do a little something at my place. I didn't budge. I'm gonna grab her by the neck and fling her across the room. Jerwin. Well.. Jerwin: Then you should know that I'm serious when I say this: Stop messing with me and Venice. He must be thinking that I'm really gonna hurt Geena. how many times do I have to tell you? I'm already engaged. he's right. Jerwin.. She froze on her seat. It won't happen again. I finished my beer in one gulp. She flinched in pain and looked at me in shock.. I pretended I don't feel anything.Geena: Really. How about. I saw Dustin scurrying towards us. I should leave. Geena: Stop being all noble. I'm afraid that if I stay here any longer. I'm an inch closer to actually hitting this girl. just you and I. She suddenly leaned closer towards me.. From behind her.

You can't be. Ako: Just stop. if I start yelling. She reluctantly let go. A scandal is the last thing I need right now. and then I looked at her. Geena has swiped all the bottles off the table in her anger. probably to escort her out as well. . Georgina! You don't! A few of the tables around us are starting to notice the outburst. but he chose to stand behind Geena for now. . Venice is at home. I looked back surprised. Dustin is barely stopping her from turning the table over. Geena: Are you falling for her? Ako: . I think I already love her. I saw Dustin approach Geena. trying to calm my nerves. and we're doing fine-. I took a deep breath. I heard bottles crashing on the floor. I've already found the place I belong to. I was only able to take a few steps when. Dustin finally reached us. That's impossible! Ako: Move on with your life. For the sake of both our careers. At this rate. I'll never come back to you.. Geena: No. Geena. I roughly let go of her arm. Geena. And just so you know. I nodded my goodbye to Dustin.actually. I have to avoid that. I'm sure Geena will start yelling too. Geena: IT'S JUST AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE!!! IT'S ALL FAKE!!! YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY MAKE ME BELIEVE WHAT YOU JUST SAID!! JERWIN!! . With that. I looked at her hand. You should find yours too. Geena: She's manipulating you! Ako: No... we're doing great. all of a sudden. she's not. I turned around to leave. I was about to turn to leave when Geena suddenly grabbed my arm.Ako: You knew Gerard was dead and you still used that against Venice?!? Are you out of your mind?!? What is wrong with you?!? Geena: Me?!? What is wrong with YOU!??! Why are you choosing her over me?!? I knew you before you got famous! I'm the one who's in the same social circle as you are! THAT GIRL IS A NOBODY! Ako: At least "that girl" is not covered head to toe with issues! Geena: She's foolishly mourning her dead boyfriend for years! She even drove you to this drinking escapade! Ako: I came here to celebrate for my album! Stop acting like you know everything. Geena looks beyond furious and bewildered.

I silently walked inside the house and was surprised to see Venice on the dining table. Dustin: I got this. It was a 30-minute drive from the bar to the house. he will BEHEAD me! I dragged myself out of the truck and to the door.. At this rate. this will only get worse. my mind almost went crazy thinking of the scandals that little incident will create. How are we gonna clean up this mess?!? Nagpuputukan na yata ang mga blood vessels ko sa ulo as I try to come up with effective ways to cover up for what Geena screamed for the entire bar to hear. What will they say? I hastily parked the truck in the driveway. I feel like I lost all my energy. If I don't leave. everything that happens will surely leak to the public. I don't know how to react. what to do. There are too many witnesses.. I briskly turned around and quickly walked out of the place. The whole bar's attention is already diverted to us. Dustin: Stop it. Geena: NO!!! NOT UNTIL HE TELLS ME THE TRUTH!! Nagkatinginan kami ni Dustin.. Geena! Let's just go. . Dustin: You should leave. Nagbubulungan na ung mga tao sa paligid namin.. Should I push back the album's release? What kind of damage control am I gonna do? People will talk. She seems to be concentrating really hard on something. Ako: I.I stared at her in alarm. In that length of time. He always does. I don't think she heard me come in. The euphoria I felt from the new album's nearing completion just vanished into thin air. Dustin will take care of it.. hunched over something. I looked at the rampaging girl in his arms. Dustin is right. The manager will undoubtedly behead me. O_O My mind completely went blank. even though it's not my fault. I can see some people taking out their camera phones. But those people...

Venice: Hoy. I looked over her head para tignan kung ano kayang subject ang binabasa nya. Mag-aattempt pang lumusot. Mukhang scholar ah. "latest hair ideas" pala ang binabasa! Talagang sobra pa ang pag-cconcentrate nya! Ang galing talaga ng taong toh. Akala ko kung anong galing na estudyante. mag-shampoo ka nang madalas para laging ganito kabango ang buhok mo. Sabi ko syo eh. Galing mong mag-aral ha.O She tried to cover the magazine with another textbook. If you say so.. Venice: Sunshine! O.I walked over to her and saw a bunch of textbooks and notes all over the table.. Ako: Too late. -____- What the--? Isn't that Vogue magazine?!? I looked at the top of her head in disbelief. Venice: S-Study break ko toh noh! Ako: Yea. hindi patungan ang ulo ko noh. and then. Kinakarir nya talaga ang pagaaral. I stepped closer to her and wrapped my arms around her shoulders from behind. Ako: But your hair smells good. yea. She turned around and was obviously startled to see me. I laughed to myself. I already saw what you're reading. I rested my chin on top of her head as she tries to organize the mess of schoolwork on the table. tingin mo sa'kin?! Nag-sshampoo ako every other day noh! Ako: Oh? Hindi ba once a week ka lang kung maligo? Venice: Huy! Anoh ka?!? . Venice: Alam mo. Napatalon sya sa gulat..

hindi pwedeng umorder ng beer to go. Nung na-realize nyang wala syang takas. You stink. Second. How can I smell like beer eh konti lang ang ininom ko--Oh. Pero magazine naman ung binabasa mo kanina. she just went back to cleaning up. Pero tuloy-tuloy pa rin naman ang reklamo nya under her breath. sya ang ayaw umalis kanina noh! Ako: Sinasama kita eh! Venice: Nag-aaral nga ako! Ako: Eh bakit ka iinom kung nag-aaral ka?!? Venice: Dahil na-sstress na ko! Sunshine. Venice: Ha? Para saan? Ako: For being weird. And of course. sabay amoy sa sarili ko. nageevaporate pa isa-isa! Ako: Talaga lang ha. talking. na-pprito na ang mga brain cells ko! Konti na nga lang sila.I laughed again as she tries to wiggle out of my arms para siguro batukan ako. I feel a whole lot better now. head. Amoy beer nga ako. annoying her. kung anu-ano pang sinasabi mo! Maligo ka na nga! Amoy beer ka! Di ka man lang nagdala! Eh?!? Binitawan ko syang bigla. Venice: Nakikipatong ka lang ng ulo. Just being like this. -__Oo nga. -__- . I chose to ignore her complaints. Venice: Shut up. I try not to press down too much though para hindi sya mabigatan. Amazing talaga ang talent ni Venice in cheering up people. Pero bakit sya nagrereklamong hindi ko sya dinalhan?!? First of all.. teasing... I still kept my arms around her and my chin on top of her Ako: Sardines? Venice: Hm? Ako: Thank you.

Mahirap na. you're the best! Venice: Shut up! I know! ::Chapter 73:: Sudden Realization ♫. Nakatingin sa'kin si Venice with a worried look on her face. Ako: Sardines. Ako: What? I can't hug my fiancée. Parang kanina lang. What's up with the hug? Okay ka lang ba? I smiled at her. So nakahalata pala sya na bothered ako? Well. Ipapalipad nya rin pala sa'kin. whom I loooveeee so much? Venice: Why do I even bother talking to you? -___Ako: Coz you looooveeee talking to me~ Venice: Shut up! You're drunk! I started laughing again. I was barely able to dodge her flying bullet.~*~. kuskusin ako hanggang sa mawala ang amoy ng beer sa katawan ko. Sunshine? I stopped in my tracks and turned around again.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------.♥ .~*~. Makaligo na nga. Venice: Hey.Ano kayang kinalaman nun sa pinag-uusapan namen? I laughed again before turning around to go upstairs. it's all okay now.. Baka biglang mag-decide si Venice na para sa susunod nyang "study break". Venice: Hmm.. pinagkatago-tago nya pa ung magazine na un. Baka gawin akong labahin nyan. Sumilip muna ako pabalik sa kanya bago ako tuluyang umakyat ng hagdan. lalo na nung binato nya sa'kin ung magazine nya.

Nagmamadali akong lumabas dahil may date-. Mataas pa rin yata adrenaline rush ko kaya feel na feel ko ang pag-rush muntik nang madapa. back to the main event. School was just let out. Naloloka ako. ehwan ko rin ba kung bakit ako nagmamadali. Anong nangyayari? Nung medyo kalmado na si bakla. I've been running from one class to another turning in papers.err. Nung tumigil lang sila sa harap ko napansin ang mga unusual aura nila. Masama pala ang bigla-biglang tumitigil pag nagmamadali kang naglalakad. When I turned around.. Anyway. Last time I texted him. lumalakad ako palabas ng campus nang may biglang tumawag sa'kin. tumingin ulit sya sa'kin. get-togetherkami ni Jerwin. projects. anoh vah?!? Nasa harap mo na ko! Wag kang sumigaw! Kenny: PERO PERO PERO!! Sheena: Ay.. Makarma sana sila. Sheena. He should still be in a meeting. May kung anong bewildered expression sa mukha ni Kenny. anoh bah yan?!? Huminga ka nga muna! Nag-hhyperventilate ka na! Pinanood ko si Sheena as she teaches Kenny how to breathe. Sheena looks anxious. nakita kong humahabol sa'kin ang three stooges ng buhay ko. they're still discussing pa raw some strategies to promote the new album. which was five minutes ago. So. at si Anton na forever na yatang bubuntot kay Shee. at kung anu-ano pang pakulo ng mga teacher na yan."VENICE! VENICE! VENICE! VENICE! WAAAIIIITTTTTT!!!!!" I whirled around -. . aka sina Kenny. Siguro kasi iba talaga ang pagkaprito ng utak ko today. nilubos-lubos ng mga professors ang pagpapahirap sa mga estudyante. Dahil magsisimula na ang finals. Anton looks more confused than usual. But. Anong meron? Kenny: VENICE! VENICEEEE!!!! Ako: Ay vakla.

No wonder she looks worried. Should I tell the truth? Should I lie? Di ba parang mas mahirap kung magsisinungaling ako? Pano kung magkabistuhan na nga talaga? Nag-papanic ung dalawa. may pagkachismoso.. No. pero marunong naman sya magtago ng mga sobrang BIG na secrets. Three days since Jerwin told me about the event in the bar.. pero takot nya lang pag tsinismis nya ko. Wala ba talagang himala sa world?!? Nagtinginan kami ni Sheena. malaman na lang namin. Ako: Relax nga lang kayong dalawa dyan.. parang hindi nga naman sakto sa timeline ng buhay mo ang engagement nyo.Kenny: NagtextangpinsankosabinyanabasanyarawnahinditalagakayoengagednifafaJ (deep breath) ARRANGED LANG DAW ANG LAHAT! O. So it finally came out. Hindi nga naman sya pwede basta-basta magsalita kahit na may alam sya.. In other words. Si Anton.. . Madaldal si Kenny.basta wag nyong ipagsasabi kahit kanino. She just shrugged.. I'll tell you everything -.. Three days na ang lumipas at akala ko never nang lalabas ang balita. Three days since Jerwin said I should be ready for anything that might happen. Papaalam mo naman sa'min kung nagkaron ka ng boyfriend. It's been three days. pero hinde. engaged na kayo. *gasp* Arranged marriage ba talaga toh?!?!? O_O I looked at Sheena. Anong sasabihin nya? Anong sasabihin ko? Kenny: Totooba Totooba Totooba Totooba?!?!? Anthony: Now that I think about it. it's up to me raw.O Oh.

. lasingin rin kaya kita? Baka sagutin mo na ko~ Sheena: Anoh?!? Gusto mo bang mamatay nang maaga ha?!?! Sadya bang abnormal ang mga kaibigan ko? Magkakapareho silang lahat! Sa haba-haba ng storya ko. napatigil ung dalawa dun sa gitna ng kalsada with astonished looks on their faces. Hindi kami compatible noh. may 15 minutes na lang ako para makapunta dun! .. i-matchmake nya rin ako. Kung pano ako napulot ni Jerwin. Gusto ko rin ng fafa~ Ako: Loka. may fafa ka na?!? Anak ng balyena! San ba yang club na pinuntahan mo!? Magpapakalasing din ako! Anthony: Sheena... sa pagkalasing ko pa rin na-focus ang atensyon nila! Haayyy. Ang bilin kasi sa'kin wag ipaalam sa kahit sino. Ako: I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys before. Ako: Ken-Kenny: Nalasing ka lang. Kung pano kami pinagkasundo ng mga loka naming nanay. Oh my golay.We started walking out of the campus para mabawasan ang mga tenga na makakarinig ng whole story. When I finished. Buti na rin siguro un. Gusto ko ung a la Jerwin Santos~ *gasp* Jerwin! Napatingin ako bigla sa relo ko. Di ba may Jean ka na? Kenny: Ew. As in lahat-lahat. I told them everything.... Don't be maaaddddd~ T^T Kenny: I can't believe it. Kenny: Venice~ Sabihin mo sa mommy mo.

.at dapat on the way na ko ngayon! Kenny: Anong okasyon? Sama kame! Ako: N-Next time na lang. pwede na silang magparty. Mukhang sermon nanaman ang aabutin ko kay Sunshine. two months na kasi since na-engaged kami.. Tama ba namang sa gitna pa talaga ng kalsada manukso??! Hindi ba nila nakita ang dami ng people na tumitingin sa'min?!? Tumawag ako ng taxi -. ---♥♥--(Geena's POV) ---------------. Hay. two. mukhang nagkalat sila sa kalsada today....... Anthony: Bakit hindi sya ang sumundo syo? Ako: Kasi nauna akong lumabas -. Sheena: Monthsary ba today ha!? Monthsary?! Kenny: Kelan ka pa naging ganyan ka-cheesy??! Ako: Mga bruha! Masama bang kumain sa labas at mag-celebrate?!? Sheena: Uy. ang walang kamatayang "be punctual" sermon nya. miss ko na sya~ Ako: Maghanap ka ng sariling boylet mo noh! Anthony: Woohhh! Possessive na! Iniwan ko ung tatlong mokong dun.♥ . uh.Kulang na lang confetti. Nagwala ung tatlo. celebrate daw~ Ako: Che! Lalayas na nga ako! Kenny: Sabihin mo kay fafa J. kasi anoh. I have about 10 minutes bago ako maging officially late. Anoh.thankfully.Ako: WAH! I have to go! Sheena: San ka pupunta? Ako: Dadaanan ko si Jerwin. -__.. Kakain kami sa labas tonight eh.

Actually.. so-Me: You--! You're blackmailing him. Me: What are you doing here?!? Venice: Uh. "Miss Venice! Is it true na pre-arranged ang engagement nyo ni Jerwin Santos?!?" "Is it true that you're pregnant?!" "Miss Venice! What can you say about the allegations that you're using Jerwin Santos for your own benefit??" "Miss Georgina! What is your relationship with Jerwin Santos?!" Me: Please. What is he talking about?! How can I just "let it go"?! Jerwin was just drunk last night. all of a sudden. mics."Geena! Please. I was about to ask for Jerwin's whereabouts when I caught sight of a figure running through the main door. stop pushing. and he'll tell me that it was a mistake. I took a step back in surprise. This commoner... I'm already running kind of late. aren't you?!? Why else is he staying with the likes of you?!? Venice: Why is he staying with me.. and fired up reporters. I stopped in front of the receptionist's desk. Probably. we were surrounded by cameras..? =__= She looked down as if she remembered something embarrassing.. that's why he was sprouting nonsense. the event from a few nights ago has finally leaked to . I can't believe it.. She doesn't have the right to walk in here! I stalked pass Dustin and headed to the little runt. just let it go!" I ignored Dustin's pleas and continued on my way inside the building. There's about ten or so reporters around us. I was blinded by flashing lights. She was obviously surprised when she bumped into me. that he still wants me. Before I knew it. I was about to grill her some more when. I saw Dustin pushed to the side. I'm meeting Jerwin. He should be sober now. I'll demand the truth from him today.

I froze in my spot as I watch them -. I saw someone grab her hand. She's trying hard not to show she's scared. The reporters will either admit defeat for now or just leave you alone altogether. I'm sure they'll trample us if we don't get out of here. But everywhere I turn. The person pulled her to him and immediately wrapped a protective arm around her. Jerwin. Venice is obviously trying to find a way out too.. he didn't take his arm off Venice. He's taking all the damage for her. I can't blame her though. they don't even care if we get hurt or not. All the while. The reporters are extremely rough. but I can see it in her eyes. I can't believe they've been lurking in this building. Jerwin shoulders their way out of the crazed mob of reporters.him. The security guards finally appeared and fended off the paparazzi.. looks panicked. Jerwin instantly led his fiancé out of the building. It made me nervous. Venice. They were probably waiting for Jerwin.. they spotted Venice and me instead. . all of a sudden. I can see a red gash appearing. This indifference.. Just their luck. These people. Years of experience taught me that it's better not to give out anything with your words nor your expressions.. there's a camera flashing or a mic being shoved in my face. Seeing the new person appear.the press. The cameraman didn't even apologize or even flinch. Then. how can they remain calm? It's the scoop of the year! Venice: Ouch! One of the cameras scraped her arm. I stepped even further back to avoid getting hit. Who am I kidding? With news like this. I immediately put on a poker face. When they got free from the obstacle.. the reporters quickly shifted their attention from me and Venice to the star couple. They're pushing and shoving their cameras and mics right at us. on the other hand.

I stayed rooted on the ground until they disappeared from my sight. I felt Dustin take my hand and steered me out of the scene.

He took me to the parking lot back to his car. I sat in the passenger's seat feeling dazed as he drove us out of there.

Dustin: Are you okay? Me: Dustin.. Dustin: Yea? Me: Is Jerwin.. happy? Dustin: What?

He looked at me for a second. I guess he realized I'm completely serious. We've been friends for years. He should know when I just want a clear-cut answer.

Dustin: Yes. He said he's never been happier. Me: I see. Dustin: Why are you asking this now? Me: Back there... He came.

I stared right in front of me as tears started falling from my eyes. I didn't wipe them away. I couldn't. Things are finally sinking in.

Me: But he didn't even glance at me. ::Chapter 74:: Little Moments ♫.~*~..~*~.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------- ♥

I know I should be shocked out of my skeletal system right now..... pero pag ganito ba naman ang driver mo, tignan ko lang kung may oras ka pang matulala. @_@

We turned into another corner again. I gripped my hands on the seatbelt so tight na halos mamuti na ung knuckles ko. I think konting ikot pa nung steering wheel, mag-ooverturn na ung truck.

Lasing ba tohng si Jerwin?!? Nag-inuman ba sila dun sa meeting kanina?!?

Ako: May hinahabol ba tayo? May hinahabol ba tayo?!?! OoO

I saw Jerwin clench his jaw -- a clear sign na pinipigilan nya ang sarili nyang magsisigaw ng isang nobela ng profanity. Kailangan yatang mag-anger management ni Sunshine... Masama yata sa dugo kung lagi syang nahhigh blood. We swerved into the other lane -- nabusinahan pa nung kotseng siningitan namin. Road rage itoh~ T_T

Lord, tinatapos Nyo na ba ang buhay ko? I've lived a full life, kaya sige, okay lang... Pero kung maaksidente naman po kami, sana hindi magasgasan ung mukha ko.

Ako: Gusto ko po maging maganda sa pink kong kabaong.

Napatingin sa'kin si Jerwin. Dun nya lang yata napansin na namumuti na ung buto-buto ko sa takot sa sobrang galing nyang mag-drive. He finally slowed down. Napabuntong hininga ako sa sobrang relief. I loosened my grip on the seatbelt. Mabubuhay pa yata ako.

Jerwin: What are you talking about? Ako: Eh?

Napalakas pala ang final sentence ng dasal ko. Kasi naman, may nakita akong truck sa harap namen! My golay! Truck un! Buti na lang at naisipan ni Jerwin na bumagal at magpaka-normal na driver... T^T

Ako: Wala. Jerwin: Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Ako: I really wish you wouldn't drive like that pag galit ka. Jerwin: Sorry. Ako: Pano na lang pag nag-away tayo in the future??! Avah! Eh kung ma-aksidente ka?! Ma-bbyuda ako nang maaga! At pano ung mga anak naten??!? Mawawalan sila ng tatay! Mahirap lumaki nang walang tatay ha!

Tumingin ako kay Jerwin para sana ituloy ung sermon-slash-drama ko. Pero nung nakita ko ung amused expression sa mukha nya, napatigil ako.

Ako: What? Jerwin: Naririnig mo ba yang sinasabi mo? Ako: Bakit, hindi ba? Mag-ppropose-propose ka, hindi mo pala ako papakasalan?! Anoh pa't nag-propose ka under a starry starry night at sinabihan ako ng, "You.. complete me"~? Jerwin: When did I do that?!? Nanaginip ka ba?!? Ako: Anoh ba? Bakit ba kumokontra ka sa pag-ddaydream ko? Jerwin: Ang corny naman kasi ng "daydream" mo. Ako: Ang killjoy mo.

He seems to be in a better mood now.

Konting tukso lang dyan kay Sunshine, mag-iiba na kagad ang aura

nya eh. Ganyan talaga pag simpleton. nyahahaha

I gently touched my arm -- ung ginasgasan nung cameraman kanina. Napansin pala ni Jerwin ung galaw ko. Akala ko busy-busyhan sya sa kalsada.

Jerwin: Does it hurt? Ako: Konti. It's okay.

Tumingin ako sa labas nung bintana para umiwas sa mga possible questions nya. Sa totoo lang, masakit talaga. Nagsugat kasi ung gasgas kaya mahapdi. Bubwit na cameraman yan. Mahulog sana ung camera nya at mahulog sa paa nya. -__-

After a few seconds, na-realize kong parang familiar na ung mga streets na dinadaanan namin. Ehto ung daan pauwi. May malapit bang restaurant sa bahay?

Ako: Saang restaurant ba tayo pupunta? Jerwin: We're not going to a restaurant. Ako: Eh?!? Why not? Jerwin: *sigh* I'm guessing na nagkakagulo ang mga reporters ngayon. We won't have a quiet dinner..... unless you and I both wear masks.

He sounds disappointed. He was really looking forward to this dinner. The past two nights, wala syang ginawa kundi magtatalon sa paligid ko at ipaalala na wag raw akong gagawa ng plano for tonight... Mag-aral na raw ako

at gawin ko na lahat ng homework ko dahil lalabas raw kami... Tapos di lang pala kami matutuloy. Kawawa naman si kuya. Sa bahay lang pala ang bagsak namin.

We went on driving for a few more minutes hanggang sa makarating na kami sa neighborhood namin. Ilang ikot pa and Jerwin parked the truck sa harap ng isang sari-sari store. I looked at him questioningly as he silently jumped out of the truck.

Mag-pa-Pancit Canton na lang yata kami. O_O
Not that I'm complaining, masarap naman ang Pancit Canton eh. Lalo na ung calamansi.

After a few minutes, he came back with a small plastic bag. He took out his purchases. Nanlaki ang mata ko nung nakita ko ung dala nya. OoO Ung bulak, carry ko pa... Pero ung anti-septic, hindi na!

Ako: A-Ano yan?! Jerwin: Para dyan sa braso mo.

I KNEW IT!!! <'OoO'>
Nilayo ko kagad ung injured arm ko! Mahapdi na nga, lalagyan nya pa ng ganon! Gusto nya bang magwala ako dito?!?

Ako: Ayoko. I refuse! Jerwin: Anong "I refuse" ka dyan? Baka ma-infect yan pag di natin nilinis. Ako: Hinde! Hindi yan ma-iinfect! Masipag ang mga white blood cells ko!

He turned off the truck's engine. May balak yata mag-stay dito hangga't hindi ako pumapayag sa gusto nya. He twisted the cap off nung bote ng antiseptic, tapos naglagay sya ng ilang patak sa bulak. Kung pwede lang, tinanggal ko na ung braso ko at tinapon palabas para lang hindi nya mailagay yang magic potion nya. T^T

Jerwin: Give me your arm.

I gave him my uninjured arm. Nagkapilipit pa ko sa pag-ikot, pero ok lang.

Baka sakaling di nya


Jerwin: Sardines, I'm not blind. -__- Give me your other arm.

Humarap ako sa kanya. I put on my "please have mercy on me" look. Jerwin just rolled his eyes. Tama ba naman un?!? Hindi man lang ba sya naawa sa'kin?!

Jerwin: We don't know kung san naka-store at kung san-san galing ung camera na humagip syo. We better disinfect that scratch as soon as possible. Ako: But.. But.. Hindi ba kasama sa civil rights ko ang freedom to refuse medication? T^T Jerwin: *sigh* We can do this all night.

He really looks determined. Reluctantly, pinaubaya ko ung braso ko sa kanya. Ayoko naman buong gabi dito noh. Hindi nakakatuwa matulog sa sasakyan.

Jerwin: I'll be gentle, I promise.

I just bit my lip. Hinahawakan nya pa lang ung braso ko, ni hindi pa nga lumalapit ung bulak, nangingiyak na ko. I know, mukha akong sira. -__-

Jerwin: Here I come... It won't hurt--

Kaboom! As soon as nilagay nya ung bulak dun sa gasgas sa braso ko, my other hand immediately went into action!

Ako: IT HURTS!!! You said you'll be gentle?!?!? Jerwin: Ouch! Ouch! Stop hitting me! Ako: Sunshine!! ToT Dahan-dahan lang!!! Sunshine!!!

Kahit na binubugbog na sya nung isang kamay ko at nagkaka-epilepsy ung hawak nyang braso ko para lang makataas, he ignored me and applied the treatment. Talagang mabilis pa ung pagpahid nya kaya feel na feel ko ang hapdi. My arm feels like it's burning. After ikalat ni Jerwin ung gamot dun sa buong sugat, he gently blew on the

wound para mabawasan ung hapdi. Too late. Naluluha na ko~ T^T I stopped hitting him. Na-drain na yata ang energy ko. Learned helplessness. Kahit anong bugbog ko sa kanya, hindi nya binitawan ung braso ko.

After a while, the pain receded and he stopped blowing.

Jerwin: See? It wasn't that bad. Ako: Sagasaan kaya kita ngayon tapos buhusan ko ng antiseptic ung mga sugat mo. Tignan ko lang kung ngingitingiti ka pa dyan. T_T Jerwin: Oh c'mon.. Pag sinagasaan mo ko, pano ka na lang? Baka maaga kang ma-byuda... Pano na lang ang mga anak natin? Mahirap lumaki nang walang tatay, di ba? Ako: Ulol! Hindi pa tayo kasal!

Geez. I can't believe na talagang uulit-ulitin nya pa un. Nakakahiya palang pakinggan. -__Napatingin ako sa labas para itago ung pula ng mukha ko. Dun ko lang na-realize: may mga taong nagkumpolkumpol dun sa may sidewalk. Nakatitig silang lahat dun sa truck namin.. parang may hinihintay.

Ako: What are they looking at? Jerwin: They probably think I'm raping you or something. You were screaming pretty loud.

Oo O

I turned to him in horror. He's calmly putting away the cotton and the bottle of anti-septic dun sa plastic bag. How can he be calm in this situation!?!?


Binatukan ko nga. Nag-papanic ako dito, tapos sya pa-easy-easy lang dyan?!?

Jerwin: Ouch! What?! Ako: Shouldn't we be escaping by now?!? Pano kung tumawag ng pulis ung mga taong un?!? Jerwin: We'll tell them we're engaged.

Ako: How is that gonna help!?? Jerwin: Ummm.. We can tell them that we're young adults? We have needs.

Oo O

Ako: You--!!!!

I continued hitting him. Baka sakaling magising ung mga brain cells nya! Anong "we have needs"?!? Naririnig nya ba ang sarili nya?!?

Jerwin: S-Stop! I was just kidding! How am I supposed to drive kung hinahampas mo ko?!?

I slumped in my seat. Oo nga naman. Kailangan makatakas kagad kami bago pa dumating sina Manong Policeman. Baka mag-celebrate pa kami ng monthsary sa kulungan. +_+

"Fishball! Squidball!"

Napatingin ulit ako sa labas. May tindero ng fishball....


Ako: Sunshine, stop!

Jerwin was just about to pull out of the sidewalk nung sumigaw ako. Napatapak tuloy syang bigla sa brake. He turned to me bewildered.

Jerwin: What?! Ako: Wait lang. May bibilhin lang ako.

I quickly jumped out of the truck. Kinawayan ko pa muna ung mga spectators namin.

Nung nakita nilang

napansin kong nakiki-tsismis sila, they immediately scurried in different directions. Tumakbo ako dun sa sari-sari store.

Ako: Ate! Pabiliii~! ::Chapter 75:: Worth Every Minute ♫.~*~..~*~.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------- ♥

After buying the things I needed from the sari-sari store, pinag-drive ko si Jerwin sa sinehan. Nung una akala nya, manonood kami ng sine. Pero nung sinabi kong wag syang baba at hintayin nya lang ako, na-confused si kuya. I ran inside the theater and asked for two black plastic 3D glasses. Tinanggal ko ung... uh.. salamin Basta. Ang kailangan ko lang naman eh ung rims

ba ang tawag dun kahit hindi naman talaga sya "salamin"? nya.

Nung nakuha ko na ung kailangan ko, I went back to where Jerwin was waiting. He looked at me all weird nung nakita nya ung dala ako. He didn't say anything though.

I told him to drive papunta sa dating neighborhood kung san ako nakatira -- ung malapit sa dating bahay namin ni mommy (kamusta na kaya ung mga bagong nakatira dun?). Sunod naman sya. When we got there, he parked the truck sa tapat nung basketball court. Nilabas ko lahat ng mga binili ko and inabot kay Jerwin ung para sa kanya, which is a red and white na sumbrero.

Jerwin: What's this? Why are we here? Ako: Basta, suotin mo na lang, okay?

I took out a dark blue bandana from my sari-sari store purchases. I rolled it once, tapos tinali ko sa ulo ko. Tada! Headband bandana!

Jerwin: What are we doing? Are we kidnapping somebody?

He threw the cap on his head. Ehtong si kuya, puro tanong, pero sunod naman nang sunod. the 3D glasses, which he reluctantly took.

I handed him

Ako: Di ba gusto mong kumain sa labas? Jerwin: Uh...? Ako: Papakainin kita sa labas! binibigay ko syo, ok? Jerwin: I feel like we're out to mug someone... -___Ako: No. We are out on a mission. Like ninjas. Jerwin: Ninjas? Ako: Maki-ride ka na lang. Ngayon, unless gusto mong madumog ng mga tao, suotin mo na yang mga

Sinuot nya ung 3D glasses nya. Natatakpan nung sumbrero nya ung mukha nya, and with the glasses, you can barely recognize him. Unless may lumapit sa kanya at tumitig ng bonggang-bongga, hindi na sya makikilala.

Tinignan ko ung sarili ko sa salamin. I look gangstah~ nyahahaha With the glasses, I look like a dork -- kaya hindi ko na lang sinuot. anyway. If they recognize me, I doubt na pagkakaguluhan nila ako. I don't think people will mind me

Bumaba na kami ni Jerwin. He keeps on adjusting the fake glasses and pulling down his cap. He looks nervous. I can't blame him though. Never in his life siguro sya lumabas ng ganito para lang tumambay.

Actually, never in his life siguro sya tumapak sa mga ganitong eskinita kung san nagkalat ang mga pawisin at mga hindi pa naliligo na mga tao.

He keeps on looking around habang naglalakad kami. Parang syang batang first time sa zoo. Pasilip-silip dun sa mga half-naked na naglalaro ng basketball... Tumitingin-tingin sa mga batang kalye na naghahabulan kahit lumulubog na ang araw... Napapatitig sa mga askal na palaboy-laboy... Pinanood ang mga tatay na gabi-gabi na lang kung mag-inuman dun sa may tindahan...

Ang hirap maging sheltered na mayaman. Ignorante.

Jerwin: Uh.. so.. may restaurant dito? Ako: Restaurant? Mukha bang may restaurant dito? Jerwin: No. Ako: Oh, alam mo naman pala eh.

Napatingin sya sa'kin.

Jerwin: Where are we going then? Ako: Bibinyagan ka. Jerwin: Huh?

I pulled him to walk faster. Nandun pa sa kabilang dulo ng kalye ang destination namin. Naaaliw naman ako dahil nagpapahila si kuya kahit na panay ang tingin nya sa paligid. Explorer mode yata sya ngayon.

After ilang minuto, nakita ko na ung lugar. Hinila ko lalo sya para magmadali.

Ako: Tada! Here we are! Street food heaven!

Lalong natulala si Jerwin. He looked from one push-cart to another. Street food heaven talaga tohng lugar na toh lalo na pag ganitong oras. Halos lahat ng street food na pangarap ko, naglalabasan pag ganitong oras at nag-ggather sila dito. Oh di vah~ Heaven~

Jerwin: We're eating here? Ako: Yep. Jerwin: Mabubusog ba tayo nyan? Ako: Bahala na! Basta, kumain na tayo!

Hinila ko sya papunta dun sa push-cart ni Manong Fishball.

Ako: Kuya! Sampung piso nga poh!

Binigyan kami ni manong ng dalawang stick. Jerwin glanced at me in confusion. Nagtataka siguro kung bakit stick lang ang binigay sa'min.

Ako: Sige na, Sunshine, tumusok ka na. Jerwin: Tumusok?

Pinakita ko sa kanya ung ibig kong sabihin. May kawali sa harap ni manong tindero.. Dun sa kawali, may nilulutong fishball at squidball. Bahala ka na tumusok ng gusto mo. Tumusok ako ng tatlo.

Ako: See? Ganito lang.

Jerwin nodded. Sinubukan nyang tumusok rin, pero ehwan ko ba naman dito. Kulang talaga sa practice. Kahit anong pilit nya, nag-bbounce pa rin ung fishball palayo sa stick nya.

Ako: Di ganyan. Ganito oh..

Kinuha ko ung kamay nya. I guided his hand kung pano nya successfully matutusok ung fishball. Pagkatusok nya sa isa, may maliit na alambre dun sa side nung kawali, ipasok nya ung stick nya dun para umusog ung fishball. Tapos, kuha ulit sya.

Parang akong nagtuturo mangisda.

Nung nakakuha na sya ng tatlo, tinuro ko sa kanya ung mga sauce na nasa bote. Sumawsaw na ko dun sa sweet n sour. Tumingin si Jerwin sa'kin, tapos dun sa bote, tapos sa'kin ulit.

Jerwin: Is this sanitary? Ako: Ay anak ng tinapa.. May street food bang "sanitary"? Sumawsaw ka na lang! Pag hindi kinaya ng sikmura mo, ako pa ang magdadala syo sa ospital.

Ako: Oh.. Ang scrambol ay mas masarap kung mas maraming gatas.. Ang "black box-like things" na un ay tinatawag na "betamax" at favorite food ng mga bampira dahil dugo un ng manok at baboy. .kumakain. Ang huling stop namin eh ung isaw stand. nilalagay nila sa maliit na clear plastic bag kaya siguraduhin mong walang butas ung bag. masama sa health ito dahil talagang maninikip ang dibdib mo.. dahan-dahan sa pagkagat. pumunta sa malapit na tindahan at bumili ng isang maliit na bote ng Coke o Royal -and yes.Nag-hehesitate pa sya nung una. Mainit nga.kahit hindi ko alam kung anong parte. Ang sago at gulaman ay magaling kapag nauuhaw ka na -. For at least 40 minutes. Ako: Sarap? Jerwin: Yeah. sumawsaw din sya sa sweet n sour. pero eventually.. (pareho naming di take kainin) Kapag uhaw na uhaw ka na. Tatakbo na ba? Hihimatayin? Iiyak?? Ako: Well? Jerwin: Mhmm. ang pinunta ko lang dun eh ung barbecue.. Tinuro ko ang pinagkaiba ng kwek-kwek sa tucneneng. Niluboslubos ko talaga ang introduction ko ng street food kay Jerwin. He nodded. dun lang kami sa area na un -. Ako: Di ba? Bagong luto kasi eh noh? He chomped on his fishball again while looking around.pero siguraduhin mo lang na hindi ka mabubulunan sa gulaman. Let's try the next one. mainit. Naghahanap pa yata ng tissue o plato kaseh tumutlo ung sauce. What's that orange thing? Binayaran namin si Manong Fishball tapos lumipat dun sa susunod na stall. Pinanood ko ung reaksyon nya. He bit a small part of the fishball. Ang proben ay parte ng manok -. Tinitigan nya ung mga fishball nya. Sa totoo lang. palipat-lipat sa mga push-cart. Masarap man kainin ang pure taba ng baboy.

Masaya na ko sa barbecue ko. Jerwin: But it's really good. dito naglalaro ung mga tambay. Do you want to watch first? Jerwin: Really?!?!? Ako: Uh. hahaha Malinis- . di ko alam. it's good! At nasarapan pa. tatlong stick na ng isaw ang hawak ni Jerwin. Iba ang powers ni kuya. Jerwin: Masarap? Ako: Errr. noh? Pumasok kami dun sa basketball court. Wala mang bubong. upuan. yea. may ilaw. Nagustuhan talaga ung isaw... napansin kong panay pa rin ang tingin ni Jerwin dun sa mga nag-babasketball. We're not really in a hurry. at fence naman. Jerwin: Sardines. @_@ Jerwin: Hey. Intestines ng baboy.. I'll take one then. Wala na kong nagawa nung inabutan sya ni manong ng isang stick ng isaw. you should try this! Ako: Eh. When we reached the truck.Jerwin: What are those? Ako: Isaw. Ako: Eh?!? Jerwin: What? Kinarir na talaga ni kuya ang pagka-explorer nya! O_O Feel na feel ang pag-discover ng new things. Ako: Oo na... Talagang napatitig na lang ako..... Connected ung court na un sa public elementary school sa tabi nya kaya madalas. Hindi naman masyadong obvious na tuwang-tuwa sya. I believe you. di ko kaya kainin. Nung naglalakad kami pabalik sa truck para umuwi.. Totoo lang.. Ako: You know. Jerwin: Oh. di na.

aren't they playing a game? Ako: Sunshine. Kung may foul eh di foul. katuwaan lang yang larong yan. Jerwin: Oh. napapangiti rin sya. Siguro mag-uuwian na rin sila--- Yan.. Mas gusto ko pang panoorin ung mga reaksyon ni Jerwin... Wala nang free throw-free throw. May isang player nga na aalis na -. Tahimik ulit syang nanood habang kinakain ung mga isaw nya. napatingin . Pano na lang ang buhay namen if ever.. pero usually. "Uy.. Pero wala namang reklamo si kuya. Sabik yata sa mga ganyang mala-bastos at nakakalokong kulitan.. Ilang minuto lang yata ang tinagal nung isaw. Pag nagkakalokohan ung mga players. Mahirap na.. basketball. Napatingin ako dun sa tinitignan nya. defense at offense lang ang ginagawa nila.. bro! Kanina ka pa dyan! Gusto mo maglaro?" Oo O Oh my golay.pinatawag na yata ng nanay. he's leaving. Si kuya. one player short na tuloy ung isang team. Tapos ung Royal naman. lumapit ung isang team sa'min. nyahahaha Pinapanood nya talaga ung laro. isang higop lang. they're talking to Jerwin! Pagkaalis nung isang player. Busy sa panonood nya nung I'm not really a sportsfan. Baka biglang may mapatitig kay Jerwin at ma-realize kung sino sya.linis pa. Jerwin: Who's the referee? Ako: Referee? Anong referee? Jerwin: Well. Swerte lang namin dahil walang masyadong tao ngayon gabi. As soon as Jerwin heard the invitation. Jerwin: I see.

Jerwin: I'll be back soon! Tumayo kagad sya tapos tinanggal ung fake glasses nya. Crap. In fairness. Lumalabas nanaman ang pagka-competitive side. Napangiti ako. All of a sudden. Napalipad ung kamay ko sa braso nya. Kinuha ko ung fake glasses nya and bumalik sa upuan ko. But most importantly. he looks like he's actually having fun. Nahagip ung sumbrero nya and nahulog sa sahig ung sumbrero. I'll wait. Go ahead. I immediately shot up to my feet. Hay nako. may hidden talent pala tohng si Sunshine.. O_O Ako: *sigh* Fine. See? Isn't this a good way to celebrate kesa dun sa high-class na restaurant na pupuntahan sana namin? Halos kalahating oras na sila naglalaro.and I swear. Wala na kong nagawa.. Kung hindi ka lang sabik sa playmates. Ako: But-Jerwin: If they find out who I am. nakakita yata ako ng stars sa mata nya.kagad sya sa'kin -. Ako: What are you doing?!? Jerwin: Relax. I'm keeping my cap on. Parang shooting machine sa mga two. Gusto ko na ngang magpaka-cheerleader at magpaka-"Go Sunshine! Go Sunshine!" dun sa stands. They started the game again. someone's arm brushed near Jerwin's three-pointer shots. . we'll run.. hinila na kita pauwi. He ran towards his "teammates" and I think pinakilala nya pa ang sarili nya as "Jay". kaya lang wala akong pom-poms eh.

but it was too late. He must've wanted to stay and continue playing. he quickly went and put the cap back on -.. Jerwin: Thanks for letting me play. I took Jerwin's hand.. Kung magbubulungan lang rin naman kayo eh siguraduhin nyo nang hindi namin maririnig. si Jerwin Santos ba yan?!" When I reached him. Alis na ko. . Napatakbo kagad ako sa kanya. Jerwin stopped in front of them and gave a weak smile. Jerwin: Yea. Ako: We better go.Nakita ko si Jerwin na napatigil sa posisyon nya. Nung na-realize nya ung nangyari. It's not everyday na nakakalabas at nakakapaglaro sya nang ganito.. He sounds really disappointed. nagbubulungan sa sobrang gulat. Nakita na sya nung mga kalaro nya.... Salamat ulit. nakalaro natin si Jerwin Santos!" You idiots. "Uy! Ayan ba ung girlfriend raw nya? Ung Venice?" "Sila nga un?!?" "Tol.. which was lying flatly on his side. "Jerwin?!? Jerwin Santos?!?" "Tol. nagtipon-tipon na ung mga kalaro nya sa isang likod ni Jerwin.

madumog pa sya. He held up his other hand and waved at the guys. Jerwin: Yes. walang pressure to win. maglaro ulit tayo! Player 2: Oo nga! Wag kang mag-alala. Ung basketball ba? O ung mga taong nakalaro mo na hindi nagtitili kahit na nalaman nila kung sino ka? . Player 1: Pag hindi ka ulit busy at napadpad ka ulit dito. Pagkatapos nyang marinig un. O_O Ako: You look happy. maganda raw ako~ nyahahahaha I waved at them too.. Pawis na pawis sya pero talagang nakangiti pa rin sya hanggang ngayon. Pano kami tatakas? Walang guardya dito. Player 1: Jay! Napaikot kaming dalawa. It was great. After that. Tinanggal nya ung sumbrero nya and threw it in the backseat. i-lolock pa namin ung court para walang manggugulo! Player 1: Di rin namin pagsasabi na nandito ka! Kaya bumalik ka ulit! Tayo naman ang teammates next time! I felt Jerwin's arm twitch. At ehtong basketball na toh pa. sure! Player 2: Dalin mo ulit si Venice! Ang ganda ng girlprend mo! Player 1: Gunggong! Wag kang maingay! Ay. Jerwin: Yea.Pero anong magagawa namin? Baka pag nag-stay pa kami. Na-bakla na yata dun sa mga kalaro nya. We were about to leave the court nang biglang may humabol na player... sumakay na kami ni Jerwin sa sasakyan para makauwi na. Nako. napangiti kagad sya. Pano na lang ako? Mahirap magkaron ng boyfriend na iba ang preference. I haven't played basketball in years.

I don't want that. and that's good enough. it'll be safer for both you and me if we stay away. Di ba? Ako: Yep. Ako: You're welcome. may mga camera na. Ako: Eh?! Why not? He pulled out of the sidewalk and started to drive. Sardines. I can see satisfaction in his features. Sunshine. Cheap man.. who'll mention it to someone else. I smiled as I playfully intertwined my fingers with his. . Magpapasa-pasa ung balita. do you honestly believe na walang makakaalam na pumunta ako dyan? At least one of them will mention it to someone. eh mabuti na rin.. nasa news na. I had fun tonight.. Ehto ang celebration namin for our 2nd monthsary.. kahit ngayong gabi lang. Ako: You're right. Memories of life~ wiihhh~ hahahaha Naputol ang pangungulit ko sa sarili ko when Jerwin suddenly reached over to my side and held my hand. Jerwin: But tonight was great. No wonder ignorante sya sa world. Nakatingin lang ako sa kanya dahil di ko getz. pero worth it naman ang every minute. Ako: But still. Kung nagenjoy sya.. Not having any privacy sucks. pag nag-enjoy. bumabalik-balik? Jerwin: Gustuhin ko mang bumalik. Next thing I know. Kung nag-enjoy naman sya. Jerwin: Thank you for tonight. Yet. kahit na hindi sya nakaharap sa'kin. -___.Kawawa naman si Sunshine. I looked up at him pero sa kalsada na sya nakatingin. -__- Man.Ako: So when will you come back? Jerwin: I won't be coming back.. bakit hindi sya babalik? Di ba ang normal na tao. Jerwin: Venice.

ha. Nag-ayos pa man din ako ng buhok dahil dalawang final exams ang kukunin ko today! Sabi nga nila. parang imposible. ma'am. Aba. malayo pa lang. Eh ung ako nga. T^T Gyera talaga ang sasabakin bago ako makapasok.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. ma'am. Wag kayong magpapakita..~*~. sa tingin nyo. Ako: Ahhh~ Sige po. Kukunin ko lang ung gwardya..♥ Oh you've got to be kidding me. May halos 15 na cameras and reporters ang nagkalat sa harap ng school gates. May stroke of a genius ba sya!? Sasagasaan nya na ung mga nakakalat na reporters? Papaliparin ung taxi over the gate? Sisigaw ng "DARNA!" or "Superman" ba dapat? Manong Driver: Hintay lang kayo dyan. alam ko na! Napatingin akong bigla kay manong. -___- Ako: Manong. I don't think they're here dahil finals na at malapit nang maglabasan ang mga new graduates -ang future ng ating bansa! Haayyyyy. di ba? Tumingin ulit ako sa labas nung bintana. manong! Salamat po! .~*~. Good morning to me. tinigil na nya ung metro kahit halos limang minuto na kong nakaupo dito.. Manong Driver: Ay.::Chapter 76:: Sparks ♫. makakalagpas kaya ako nang hindi nila napapasin? Manong Driver: Ay nako. sila pa kaya? I knew it. kung nag-aalala ka kung gano na kaya kagulo ang buhok mo.. nakilala ko na kayo. Buti na lang mabait si Manong Driver. connected ang ganda mo sa ability mong kumuha ng test.. eh di hindi nakapag-concentrate sa exam. Natulala ako sa labas ng bintana nung taxi.

In other words. Before opening the door. T^T Kinalkal ko ung bag ko para iwanan ung bayad dun sa front seat -.idagdag na rin ang malaking tip dahil santo si manong -. Kahit hindi pa naman talaga. Medyo nakahalata yata ung ibang reporters. Mahirap na nga na dalawa lang ang nag-eescort sa'kin. I'm ready. Samu't saring tanong ang binato sa'kin. *sniff* Ang bait ni manong. sorry. Eh kung ilantad ko kaya sa kanila ang tyan ko nang makita nilang walang kung anong lumalaki sa loob!?!? All-out war na talaga itoh. As soon as tumapak ako sa labas. Syempre. Sumbrero? -__- Manong Guard: Miss. Ako: Okay. "Miss Venice! Buntis ka ba?!" Ay anak ng tipaklong.. criminal ako na lalabas sa kulungan under suspicious circumstances. Kasama na nya si Manong Guard. tapos kinuha ko na rin ung bag ko. T^T Nagtulakan na ung mga reporters nung napansin nila ako. Pasimple pa sya sa paglakad-lakad nya papunta dun sa gate nung school. Parang feeling ko. Pasensya na sa abala. nakita ko nang bumabalik si Manong Driver. hindi ako natutuwa sa "feeling" ko. malaking tip ang iniwan ko kay manong. Pero suotin nyo ho ung sumbrero para hindi kayo masyadong makunan. Salamat po. Binuksan ko ng konti kasi may inaabot sya sa'kin. Nag-iba bigla ang titig nila dun sa dalawang naglalakad. Tinatamaan pa rin tuloy ako ng kung anu-anong mic at camera. ung dalawa pang un.Pinanood ko syang tumalon palabas nung taxi. okay. I took a couple of deep breaths. Maya-maya lang. mas focused dun sa mga reporters. Tumigil si Manong Guard sa harap ng bintana ko. tumabi kagad sa'kin si Manong Guard! Pati si Manong Driver. naki-eksena rin! Buti na lang talaga. I opened the door and stepped out.SANTO. Ako: Uh.. . Sinuot ko nga ung sumbrero. mawawala ba naman ang favoriiitteeee kong question. mag-isa lang akong naka-duty ngayong umaga eh.

. I collapsed on the bench na nandun sa may booth ng mga guards. Manong Guard: Walang anuman. willing mabugbog. lulubus-lubusin ko na ang pagtulong. Salamat po. nyahahaha Ako: Please let me through! I'm gonna be late for my exam! Pero syempre. Sinakay ko na rin naman kayo't lahat. Salamat po sa escort. Manong Driver: Ah. pag hindi pa tumayo.. Salamat po uhlet. Iniwan ko na po ung bayad dun sa loob ng taxi. Manong Driver: Ay. Kung Lumabas na ulit si manong para bumalik na sa taxi nya. nakarating na rin kami sa gate! Ang usual na 3 minutes papasok. Ako: Swerte ko na lang at kayo ang nasakyan ko. Ako: Thank you po. magiging ganito ba naman kahirap ang buhay ko? Finally.I want Jerwin to escort me next time. Baka sakaling may magawa sila para mamayang pag-uwi mo... Nung medyo acceptable na ung itsura nya. Na-drain ang energy ko. Ako: Sige po. Pati kayo nadamay pa. Ako: Sige po. At good luck sa mga test nyo. manong.. T^T At least si Sunshine. tumingin ako kay Manong Guard. kung nakikinig sila sa ganyang usapan. I-rreport ko na lang sa principal ung nangyari. snyo na lang po. Ako: Nako. sorry. okay lang ho un. papasok na po ako.. manong. naging 10 minutes! Nagusot pa ang uniform ko! At ang hair ko! Ilang beses nahila kung saan-saan! Dapat na siguro akong magpagupit. sige po. . anuman po ung sobra. Ako naman. talagang ma-llate na ko sa exam ko. I stood up and tried to smoothe out my uniform. -___- Sinarado kagad ni Manong Guard ung gate. Ang aga-aga ha! Tumingin ako kay Manong Driver.

-__- ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. I even saw the footage nung mga reporters na nag-aabang sa labas ng school ni Venice.♥ I came home late that afternoon feeling irritated. More importantly. baka napisat na sya.. Kung wala siguro ung guard and the other old guy. She's not safe anymore. The manager is right.. O_O I wonder if it's because of what's happening. She looked really upset and scared. She was almost trampled on by those reporters... Tapos nung pag-uwi nya naman. I left the manager's office after a very heated discussion about the current scandal and Venice. Ako: Anong ginagawa mo dyan? Venice: Nagbibilang ng dust particles.Umikot na ko para pumunta sa building ko. the more I notice them. she won't be able to go back to her old life. How can he suggest an escape route like that? There's gotta be another way to get rid of this problem. Nope. Now I'm bored. dahil maliit lang naman ung space.staring into space. They showed a short clip of when she arrived. may mga pulis na! Pero kahit anong barricade ang gawin nila. Ako: Aren't you supposed to be studying? Venice: *sigh* Yea. I tried to ignore the whispers and stares... Good morning talaga. But still. Not after this scandal.. Ako: And? Venice: I finished earlier. naiipit pa rin si Venice. right? I went inside the house and was surprised to see Venice on the couch -. There was even this one shot na close-up nung mukha ni Venice. pero the more I pretend to be oblivious. .

ahyun ung mga alikabok. She doesn't want her life to be broadcasted for the entire nation to see. Ako: I know it's hard right now. and turned to face her.. . I'm used to the constant stalking. She finally flashed a quick smile. She nodded as if assuring herself na totoo lahat ng sinasabi ko. I don't understand. Gano katagal magiging curious ang mga tao? Gano katagal bago mawala ang interest ng media? This issue hasn't even reached its peak yet. but I promise. Napatigil ako bigla sa pagbibilang ko. Venice: Really? Truth is. Mahirap na silang makita. nakinig naman ako at umupo nga sa tabi nya. Pero ehwan ko ba naman sa sarili ko..Huh? o_O Venice: Gusto mong maki-upo? Makibilang ka rin sa'kin. it'll get better soon. Believe me. Ako: Hm? Venice: There was a bunch of reporters outside school today. but I forgot na iba nga pala si Venice.. Pero dapat magaling ang mata mo kasi palubog na ang araw. Ako: That's what they do.. Venice: But. I don't really know. I think they stayed there for hours just waiting for me. I squinted my eyes at the ray of sun na pumapasok through the glass door. She looks frustrated. Ako: I'll take care of you. Yep. This is one of the most absurd ideas I've ever heard. Am I supposed to count all of them? Venice: Sunshine. I'm not a celebrity..

Ako: Hey.~*~.. Lahat nung songs maganda. sya mismo ang sumulat. Never Gonna Be Alone. Meron din alternative. May headbanging rock. ahyun ung kaisa-isang song sa album na revival lang. Nakaka-touch ung mga kanta. unlike the previous album. I'm actually going to the studio later to listen to the final product. Then I remembered something. most of the songs daw sa new album na toh. May sweet and mellow. Nakakahiya na nga kaseh pinagtitinginan kami nung mga taong nakakasalubong namin. . We just finished listeninig to Jerwin's final track list.~*~. Gusto mong sumama? Venice: Really?!? Kahit hindi pa sya na-rrelease!?!? Ako: Of course. It's only right na ang fiancée ko ang unang makarinig. Mas mabuti na kung isama ko sya.. Venice: Oh? Ako: Yea. you know. Pero ang pinaka-favorite kong kanta from the album is ung track #2. Kaya talagang dugo nya ang tumagaktak para lang ma-release ung album na un. Sabi nya. di ba? ::Chapter 77:: So Long So Long ♫.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. I finished the new CD the other day. talaga namang maluluha na ko dito. Ironically. I don't think I managed to cheer her up that much. Since tapos na naman syang mag-aral. I smiled. May R&B-ish na feel.Venice: I believe you.. Kumpleto sa rekados kaya na-enjoy ko talaga. at wala naman syang mapapala kung magbibilang sya ng mga dust particles nya.♥ "Will you stop crying already?!?" "I'm not crying!" Pero sa totoo lang..

dumireto sa mukha ko ung pinto! BAM! Hanggang ngayon. when all of a sudden. Hinila ako ni Jerwin sa likod nya -. nilagay nya raw ung kantang un dun especially for me. Small world. don't get me wrong. Kasi naman. lalabas na kami nung studio.kung kelan naman nabunggo na ko't lahat. San ka pa?!? May song na dedicated for me sa album nya~ wahahahaha Ang haba ng hair ko~ Pero. -__- "Oh. Ehto ako tohng si tanga. ung bruha pa ang hinarap sa'kin! . ehwan ko ba naman syo! Anong klaseng tao ka ba?! Pati pinto. Si Jerwin.T We just turned around the corner para makalabas ng building. Seriously. napalakas yata ung hila ko.. sinasalubong mo ng mukha mo! Ako: Eh malay ko bang didiretso sya! T. hindi un ang dahilan kung bakit ako umiiyak. -___- Ako: Sunshine. After naming makinig sa album. syempre. at tignan mo nga naman ang lupeeettt talaga ng tadhana.So. hindi ko rin maintindihan kung anong nangyari. Anoh bang meron sa mga solid barriers at sa mukha ko today?!? My hands quickly flew to my face. I ran into someone. hindi maintindihan kung tatawa ba o magagalit sa sobrang kagalingan ko. namumula pa rin ung noo at ilong ko. Sa dinamidami ng pwedeng bungguin. Pagbukas ko nung pinto. mapula pa rin ba? Jerwin: Konti na lang. bakit ko sya naging favorite? Kasi sabi ni Sunshine.. Ay. Wahsuuuusshhhhh." O_O Napatingin ako bigla dun sa binunggo ko.

Nagulat ako nang bigla syang tumingin sa'kin. hinila nya pala ako dahil sa nabunggo ko. . I gritted my teeth trying to calm myself down. Venice. And for the first time since I met her. She then turned to Jerwin. I'm giving up on you. when time comes. For the first time since I met her. I'll probably stay there for a while to work and to get my college degree. Nawindang ako nang bigla syang nag-reach out to gently touch his face. Anyway. Shosyal. Geena: I'm here for a photoshoot.O Jerwin: I won't. she actually looked at me straight in the eyes at walang bahid ng malisya ang ngiti nya. Jerwin.. So I guess hindi pala nya ko hinila dahil bubunggo ako (kahit too late na). Sa Eiffel Tower pa sya magpapaka-estudyante. "Giving up on you" daw.Jerwin: Geena. I have to go now. Take a deep breath. So.. I didn't feel intimidated. Geena: Good luck with everything. What are you doing here? Naramdaman kong humigpit ung hawak ni Jerwin sa kamay ko. don't go running after me and ask me to take you back. Geena: Yes.. I'm trying to finish everything tonight since I'll be leaving tomorrow. You're moving on. tapos biglang ganon ang banat! O. Geena: Good. Jerwin: This late? Geena: Well. Ohhhhh. you know? Ako: You're leaving? Where are you going? Geena: I'm going to Paris.. last moment nya na toh. Ay. I don't want to be sued for a breach of contract if I just leave without finishing my projects. Ako: Thanks. Jerwin: That's good. Pagbigyan na. Good luck to you too.

@ Inhale! Exhale! Inhale! Exhale! Inhale! Exhale! After that. Geena: Goodbye... Jerwin: Are you mad?!? Are you mad at me?!?! Why are you mad?!? Ako: Nakoooo hinde. Exhale. sunod naman sya. A b!tch all the way to the end. He frantically rubbed the cheek na hinalikan nung bruhildang un.. I would have stopped her! Ako: Yea yea. Mukhang iniwan na ng kaluluwa nya ung taong toh. Bakit naman ako magagalit. Ako: Anoh? Tititig ka na lang dyan!? He suddenly snapped back to reality and turned to me... Syempre. Okay na sana eh. Pero talaga namang hihirit pa! She suddenly tiptoed and landed a quick kiss on Jerwin's cheek! @. Napatingin ako kay Jerwin.Inhale. I stared at her in bewilderment hanggang sa sumakay sya ng elevator. Wipe that lipstick mark on your cheek. flinging her luscious locks sa mga shocked expressions namin ni Jerwin. Jerwin: I totally did not see that coming! If I did. she turned around. Baka kung ano pang isipin ng mga tao... di ba?!? Jerwin: Why are you walking so fast then?!? Ako: Maybe because you're walking too slow! . Jerwin.. She pulled back her hand... I pulled my hand out of his grasp and stalked away.

pero di naman pala. Na-amaze ako. dumiretso sya sa pag-ddrive. Jerwin insisted na ihatid ako for school. Venice-- I turned to glare at him. Jerwin: But. para maiwasan raw ang pagdumog sa'kin.♥ The next day. May pupuntahan pa kami nina Sheena. Pinapasok nung guard ung sasakyan ni Jerwin hanggang sa loob.~*~.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. Ni hindi ko nga rin alam kung bahket. Instead of stopping in front of the gates. Planado na pala lahat ni kuya. Little did I know na may usapan na pala sila nung principal. okay? Ako: Wag na. pero parang nakakahiya naman kung bigla-bigla na lang akong mag-give in pagkatapos ng effort kong magpaka-maldita sa kanya.. Jerwin: I'll pick you up later. Parang Cold War sa bahay dahil todo iwas ako kay Jerwin. Jerwin: Sardinessss!!! Magsskandalo pa! Jerwin: MAHAAALLLLL!!!! ::Chapter 78:: Tik Tok ♫. pero ehwan ko ba! Na-bbwiset pa rin ako! Jerwin: Venice! I ignored him. Sa totoo lang. di pa rin kami nagbabati from the event last night with Geena. .~*~. Akala ko nga sasagasaan nya ung mga reporters na nakatambay dun sa may gate. Alam ko namang hindi nya naman talaga kasalanan.Parang kaming timang naghahabulan dun sa hallway.

Time of the month na ba? "Bakla!!" I turned around and saw the Three Stooges approaching me. I couldn't help but notice na dumadami lalo ang mga nagbubulungan at mga tumititig nang masama. Ang mga ngiti pa nung dalawa habang nag-uusap! Ay my golay! Kelan pa naging ganito ka-corny ang best friend ko!?!? Ako: Langya! Anoh ba yan?!? Kayo na ba?!? Biglang tumutok ung ngiti nung dalawa sa'kin -. Just be careful. Nakaakbay si Anthony kay Sheena. Mapasok man lang namin ang library kahit ngayon lang na last day na ng klase..Jerwin: *sigh* Okay.and I swear. Call me if you need me. May study session kami today para sa mga huling exams namin.. All the while na naglalakad kami. dinukot ko na ung mga mata nila! Kenny: Hay nako. I watched him slowly back out para lumabas na uhlet. and true enough.. Anoh ba naman tohng ginagawa ko? Kawawa naman si Sunshine. kabulag! Isa lang ang ibig sabihin nito! . -___.. kagatin na nga sana sila ng mga langgam. Sumilip ako dun sa "dalawa sa likod namin". walking sina Anton at si Sheena oh~ Anoh yaaannn~ wahahahaha Holding hands while Kenny: Shosyal ang mga paparazzi sa labas! Pang-Britney Spears ang taray! Ako: Anong taray ka dyan?!? Pinapasakit nila ang ulo ko! We started walking papunta sa library. Di ko mapigilan ngumiti. I jumped out of the truck.. Kung hindi lang ako reformed person.. Inaaway ko nang walang dahilan.I wonder kung mood swings toh.. Kagatin na sana ng langgam ung dalawa sa likod naten. Haaayyy.

ang kailangan ko na lang gawin is maghintay for the release.. Ako: Kaya ba kayo biglang nagyaya na magshopping mamaya? Sheena: Syempre noh! Celebratory shopping itoh! Ako: Ay...Kenny: Ay malandi! Kayo na!?!? Kelan pa?!?! Sheena: Kagabi lang. Napatahimik tuloy kaming apat.I flipped through the channels one after another. sa lakas ng tilian naming tatlo. -__. wala pa ring mapanood? Since the album is already done. best friend! ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------.♥ Man. Doing nothing is boring. Ako: Ay! Ay! Ay! Hindi nga!?!? Hindi nga?!? Buti na lang at wala pa kami sa library dahil. Should I clean the house? . I love your celebrations. Wala pa ngang balak tumahimik si Kenny kung di lang sya binato ng pamatay na tingin nung librarian. I'm gonna do some pre-release promotions.. baka nasipa na kami nung librarian! Ang taray ng dalawa! Kaya pala iba na lang ang aura nila! Ako: Pano naging kayo?! Umepekto na ba talaga ang gayuma ni Anton?!? Anthony: Anong gayuma? Pure charm yan! Charm! Kenny: Charm-charmin mo mukha mo! Ay! Hindi ko kinaya! Sila na talaga! Ang ingay namin hanggang sa makarating kami sa library. Anoh pang sense ng cable kung sa dinami-dami ng channels. but that won't start til next month. I'm so booooreeeeeeedddddddddd.

. Ehhh but what choice do I have? -__If I'm lucky. and I can tell you now. maybe he'll give me something to do.~*~.. I hang up and stared at the phone for a few seconds before flinging it to the other side of the couch. Ako: Okay.♫ . I'm looking at some tabloid reports. I checked the caller ID and groaned. then I'll talk to her. I know. if we don't do something soon. . Ako: Yea? Manager: Have you talked to Venice yet? Oh. Maybe I should get a dog. okay? When I'm absolutely certain that it will be good for her. Manager: Jerwin-Ako: I know. Stupid tabloids and their insane speculations. Ako: No. I really don't want to talk to him. It's the manager. I'm still thinking about it. I was about to roll out of the couch to crawl around the house when my phone started ringing. ::Chapter 79:: Cry Baby Cry ♫. I can't buy a dog out of impulse. Should I go do some grocery shopping? We did that just last week. Ako: Hello? Manager: Jerwin..~*~. it's this again.But everything looks clean already. Manager: Don't think too long. this is gonna get ugly.

wala akong magustuhan. talagang dito pa sa sulok namin dumaan para lang magparinig.. diretso sa mall para mag-celebrate. This is like a tradition. Buti pa si Sheena. nakabawi kami ng bakla. pagkatapos ng isang taon. Kulang talaga sa pansin. Sheena: Bakit? Ako: Kahit anong tingin ko sa mga stores. Si Anton. graduation ceremony na. nag-settle na kaming apat sa Jollibee for merienda.. Although. we went straight to the mall. Kukupit pa ng superstar! Ambisyosa! Engagement for publicity stunt ang drama!" Napatigil ako bigla sa pag-murder sa palabok ko. pagkatapos ng mga pamatay naming mga exams.♥ That afternoon. may nabili na.(Venice's POV) ---------------. Mga tao nga naman ngayon. Gagawin ang lahat para lang sumikat. Ilang araw na lang. "Magkano kaya ang binayad sa kanya noh? Pulot siguro sa kung saang eskinita un! hahahaha" I took a deep breath to calm my nerves... this time. Buong Pilipinas pa ang lolokohin.. Pagalingan pa ng paglusot pass the mob of reporters outside school grounds. Pero okay lang! Toast to the future itoh! Para sa pagpasok namin sa society at sa kawindang-windang na official relationship nina Anton at Sheena! Ako: Naiinis ako. Nanahimik ung buong table namin. After halos dalawang oras ng pag-iikot. -__Kenny: Ang sakit sa heart na mag-mall nang walang nabibili noh? Ako: Oo nga. Hindi maganda kung gumawa ako ng skandalo dito--- . bittersweet sya. Every year. Taga-bitbit lang yan. Graduating na kaming lahat. Pero kami ni Kenny?!? Bahket walang nakaw atensyon sa'min?! Buti na lang masarap ang Jobee~ At least man lang sa merienda. Ehto na ang last time na mag-cecelebrate kami na tapos na ang school year. "Haayyyy. wag na yan. I didn't look up kahit na nakikita ko sa blindspot ko ung babaeng nagsasalita. Ang bruha.

Si Sheena rin nakakapit sa braso ni Anthony. Pero in fairness. Baka may galis yan. bakla! Ingat-ingatan mo yang sinasabi mo kung ayaw mong-Anthony: Kung ayaw nyang ma-ano ha?!? Bumilis na ang tibok ng puso ko. wag mong patulan yan. Ngayon ko lang na-realize na magkasama pala sila. Ako: Ken-Kenny: Ay.. tumigil rin sa paglalakad at nakatingin kay Kenny.. wag mo kong aawatin! Sinoh ba sya sa tingin nya?!? Kilala ka ba nya!? Insecuradorang kabayo sya! Mukha kasing aso ung boyprend nya! Napatingin ako dun sa kabayo at aso. Ung babaeng kabayo. masaya ka na?!? Napatayo na ko sa sobrang panic at pagpigil kay Kenny.. bigla nang tumalon sa upuan nya! @. Anton.. Tinitignan na kami nung mga nakapalibot na lamesa. Asong Boyprend: Hoy. parang pinatulan mo na rin ung girlfriend ko! Kaya wag kang magulo dyan! Asong Boyprend: Sapakan ba ang gusto mo ha?!? Ngayon na ha?!? Kenny: Hay nako. watch your mouth! Kenny: Ay naiinggit ka? Oh sige. kung sya may galis. hindi pa man ako nakaka-exhale. marami pang tao.@ Kenny: Hoy babaeng kabayo! Kung magpaparinig ka na lang din naman. Pati si Anthony ngayon tumayo na rin at humarap kay Asong Boyprend! Asong Boyprend: Oh anoh?! Boyprend ka nitong baklang toh?!? Anthony: Hinde! Boyprend ako ng kabarkada ng baklang toh! Kung sasapakin mo toh. naaliw na ko sa bangayan nila! . Wag naman sila mag-away dito. mahawa ka pa. Dahil ang bakla.Pero I guess. Buhat-buhat nga naman nung aso ung tray nila ng pagkain. Masikip na nga. hindi ganon ang naisip ni Kenny. eh lumapit-lapit ka na dito noh! Ingungungod ko yang mahaba mong nguso sa sahig! Pasimple kong hinila si Kenny para umupo uhlet. Kabayong Girlprend: Hoy. panalo ang mga insults ng bakla! Kung hindi lang ako masyadong concerned.. ikaw may fleas! Yan...

I didn't even see it happen. noh? Naaawa syo. stained with Pepsi na ung puti kong uniform. Magrereklamo pa sana sya. Parang kang muchacha! Kenny: Ay! Lumapit ka nga dito at nang makilala ng panget mong mukha ang maduming sahig! Biglang nakawala si Kenny sa hawak ko. lumipad naman ung contents ng tray na hawak ni Aso. Nagpaawa effect ka rin ba kay Jerwin Santos kaya ka pinulot sa kung saang eskinita? Kaya siguro di ka mabitawan ni Jerwin Santos. nabasa rin! Josko. nung nakita ni Asong Boyprend ung nangyayari. nahila ako ni Sheena patabi! Pero di man ako tinamaan nung katawan. Pagtingin ko sa blouse ko. pero ehwan ko ba naman sa babaeng un. Sumusunod na ung tatlo sa'kin palabas.Ako: Tama na. gusto na yata talagang malibing nang buhay. pero naramdaman ko na lang na may tumama sa mukha ko. hinagip na kagad ni Kenny ung buhok nung kabayo at hinila nya palikod to the the highest power! Napaupo talaga ung babae sa sahig! Syempre. hindi ko na nga tinignan sa mata ung kabayo nung dinaanan ko sya. at talagang sinugod nya ung kabayo! Before I realized what was happening. susugurin nya na si Kenny! Pero humarang kagad si Anthony! At bago pa man masipa nung aso si Ken. siguro nag-transform na ko sa werewolf at pinagpipisat tohng kabayo at aso na toh! Ako: I SAID STOP IT! . Pati ung buhok ko. Kung may full moon lang. and nahulog sa uniform ko. Tinignan ako ni Kenny. malagkit itoh! Sheena: Venice! Okay ka lang?! I shut my eyes dahil nangdidilim talaga ang paningin ko. umalis na tayo. Kabayong Girlprend: Pwede ka na rin palang best actress. nasuntok na sya ni Anthony! Lumipad si Aso papunta sa'kin! Buti na lang. pero nakita nya sigurong desperado na kong alisin sila sa gulo kaya nagpaawat na sya. Halika na.

eh pigilan mo na! Makaiwas man lang kayong dalawa sa kahihiyan! Ano pa't kasama ka nya kung saan-saan!?? ang ulo ko! Hay nako! Pinapaiinit nyo I turned around to leave. Kenny: Ay ang taray. After nyang mag-give up kay Ken. Tagal ko nang hindi nakitang nang-away si Venice eh. kabayo. Buhay pa pala ang malditang queenbee~ Sheena: Kenny. Takot lang nilang kumontra sa'kin pag ganitong mainit na ang ulo ko. Tumingin silang lahat sa'kin. Bagay syo-Ako: Hoy.Tumigil ung riot. lumakad naman ako kay Anthony and pulled him away from the dog. Natameme ung dalawa isang tingin lang ni Venice. Buti naman dahil kung paharang-harang sila. hindi ka pa nagiisip! Anoh na lang mangyayare sa buhay mo nyan?!? Tumingin naman ako dun sa boyprend nyang aso na natulala sa'kin. Sheena just shook her head. I walked over to where Kenny is and grabbed him by the collar. Kenny: What? Sinasabi ko lang. Kabayong Girlprend: Pssh. . sa'kin naman sya tumingin. They tried to keep up with my angry pace. baka sila pa ang sunod kong masigawan! Sumunod kagad sa'kin ung tatlo. Hinila ko sya palayo dun sa kabayo. Ung mga taong nagtipon-tipon para manood. Ako: Just because you hear things on TV or on the radio o kung anumang appliances meron sa bundok mo. Tapos nun. it doesn't mean na totoo un! Gamitin mo yang kakapiranggot mong utak ha?! Panget ka na nga. Ako: At ikaw naman! Kung nakikita mo nang tinotopak ng katangahan ung syota mo. biglang nahati para bigyan ako ng daan. She clammed her mouth shut.

♥ I was organizing Venice's magazines alphabetically when I heard the main door squeak open then close... looking at the floor or something. Ako: What are you-- Then I noticed it.. hate her even.. I got confused. Ako: What happened?!?! Who did this to you!?!? She didn't answer.. very gently. pero nung walang dumating. May kung anong malagkit pa sa dulo nung buhok nya. ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. I wrapped my arms around her. I saw Venice standing just in front of the door. Some people will go out their way to show that hatred. . I just wanna go home. I stood up and walked to the main hall. I walked over to her and. She just stood there.. What am I doing? Why would I even ask those questions when I already know the answer? The manager warned me about it. The stain on her uniform. This scandal will make people who don't know Venice doubt her.Sheena: Okay ka lang ba? Gusto mo bang bumili muna ng T-shirt at magpalit-Ako: No.. I waited for a few seconds for Venice to walk in. The deadpan expression on her face.

Sheena: Bakit? Ako: Kahit anong tingin ko sa mga stores. Taga-bitbit lang yan. Venice dropped her things on the floor. bawling her pretty eyes out. Every year. Even though it hurt.~*~. Ilang araw na lang. graduation ceremony na. Then she started crying. Ehto na ang last time na mag-cecelebrate kami na tapos na ang school year. bittersweet sya...♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. Buti pa si Sheena. -__Kenny: Ang sakit sa heart na mag-mall nang walang nabibili noh? Ako: Oo nga. I knew what I'm supposed to do. wag na yan. Pero kami ni Kenny?!? Bahket walang nakaw atensyon sa'min?! Buti na lang masarap ang Jobee~ At least man lang sa merienda. pagkatapos ng mga pamatay naming mga exams.Ako: It's okay. ::Chapter 79:: Cry Baby Cry ♫. Although. diretso sa mall para mag-celebrate. at that moment.♥ That afternoon. nakabawi kami ng bakla.. Graduating na kaming lahat.. we went straight to the mall. You can cry now. Pagalingan pa ng paglusot pass the mob of reporters outside school grounds. She threw her arms around my waist and tightly held on. This is like a tradition.. Si Anton.. pagkatapos ng isang taon. wala akong magustuhan. nag-settle na kaming apat sa Jollibee for merienda. this time. Pero okay lang! Toast to the future itoh! Para sa pagpasok namin sa society at sa kawindang-windang na official relationship nina Anton at Sheena! Ako: Naiinis ako. . may nabili na. And with that.. After halos dalawang oras ng pag-iikot.~*~.

. Mga tao nga naman ngayon. wag mo kong aawatin! Sinoh ba sya sa tingin nya?!? Kilala ka ba nya!? Insecuradorang kabayo sya! Mukha kasing aso ung boyprend nya! Napatingin ako dun sa kabayo at aso. Hindi maganda kung gumawa ako ng skandalo dito--Pero I guess. Dahil ang bakla.. Gagawin ang lahat para lang sumikat. Asong Boyprend: Hoy. "Magkano kaya ang binayad sa kanya noh? Pulot siguro sa kung saang eskinita un! hahahaha" I took a deep breath to calm my nerves.. Tinitignan na kami nung mga nakapalibot na lamesa. Buhat-buhat nga naman nung aso ung tray nila ng pagkain. I didn't look up kahit na nakikita ko sa blindspot ko ung babaeng nagsasalita. Ngayon ko lang na-realize na magkasama pala sila. bigla nang tumalon sa upuan nya! @. talagang dito pa sa sulok namin dumaan para lang magparinig. Ung babaeng kabayo. bakla! Ingat-ingatan mo yang sinasabi mo kung ayaw mong-Anthony: Kung ayaw nyang ma-ano ha?!? Bumilis na ang tibok ng puso ko. Buong Pilipinas pa ang lolokohin.. Kukupit pa ng superstar! Ambisyosa! Engagement for publicity stunt ang drama!" Napatigil ako bigla sa pag-murder sa palabok ko."Haayyyy. hindi ganon ang naisip ni Kenny.@ Kenny: Hoy babaeng kabayo! Kung magpaparinig ka na lang din naman. Ang bruha. Pati si Anthony ngayon tumayo na rin at humarap kay Asong Boyprend! Asong Boyprend: Oh anoh?! Boyprend ka nitong baklang toh?!? . Nanahimik ung buong table namin. hindi pa man ako nakaka-exhale. tumigil rin sa paglalakad at nakatingin kay Kenny.. eh lumapit-lapit ka na dito noh! Ingungungod ko yang mahaba mong nguso sa sahig! Pasimple kong hinila si Kenny para umupo uhlet. Ako: Ken-Kenny: Ay. Kulang talaga sa pansin.

umalis na tayo. Tinignan ako ni Kenny. panalo ang mga insults ng bakla! Kung hindi lang ako masyadong concerned. pero ehwan ko ba naman sa babaeng un. nung nakita ni Asong Boyprend ung nangyayari. ikaw may fleas! Yan.Anthony: Hinde! Boyprend ako ng kabarkada ng baklang toh! Kung sasapakin mo toh. noh? Naaawa syo. Kabayong Girlprend: Pwede ka na rin palang best actress.. Parang kang muchacha! Kenny: Ay! Lumapit ka nga dito at nang makilala ng panget mong mukha ang maduming sahig! Biglang nakawala si Kenny sa hawak ko. Anton. Masikip na nga. Baka may galis yan. Si Sheena rin nakakapit sa braso ni Anthony. nahila ako ni Sheena patabi! Pero di man ako tinamaan nung katawan. wag mong patulan yan. masaya ka na?!? Napatayo na ko sa sobrang panic at pagpigil kay Kenny. Halika na. hindi ko na nga tinignan sa mata ung kabayo nung dinaanan ko sya. Pero in fairness. hinagip na kagad ni Kenny ung buhok nung kabayo at hinila nya palikod to the the highest power! Napaupo talaga ung babae sa sahig! Syempre. lumipad naman ung contents ng tray na hawak ni Aso. I didn't even see it happen. Kabayong Girlprend: Hoy. gusto na yata talagang malibing nang buhay.. Magrereklamo pa sana sya. pero nakita nya sigurong desperado na kong alisin sila sa gulo kaya nagpaawat na sya. Nagpaawa effect ka rin ba kay Jerwin Santos kaya ka pinulot sa kung saang eskinita? Kaya siguro di ka mabitawan ni Jerwin Santos. susugurin nya na si Kenny! Pero humarang kagad si Anthony! At bago pa man masipa nung aso si Ken. and nahulog sa uniform ko. Wag naman sila mag-away dito. Pagtingin ko sa . nasuntok na sya ni Anthony! Lumipad si Aso papunta sa'kin! Buti na lang. watch your mouth! Kenny: Ay naiinggit ka? Oh sige. at talagang sinugod nya ung kabayo! Before I realized what was happening. mahawa ka pa. kung sya may galis. Sumusunod na ung tatlo sa'kin palabas. pero naramdaman ko na lang na may tumama sa mukha ko.. parang pinatulan mo na rin ung girlfriend ko! Kaya wag kang magulo dyan! Asong Boyprend: Sapakan ba ang gusto mo ha?!? Ngayon na ha?!? Kenny: Hay nako. naaliw na ko sa bangayan nila! Ako: Tama na. marami pang tao.

Ako: At ikaw naman! Kung nakikita mo nang tinotopak ng katangahan ung syota mo. siguro nag-transform na ko sa werewolf at pinagpipisat tohng kabayo at aso na toh! Ako: I SAID STOP IT! Tumigil ung riot. stained with Pepsi na ung puti kong uniform. Ako: Just because you hear things on TV or on the radio o kung anumang appliances meron sa bundok mo. it doesn't mean na totoo un! Gamitin mo yang kakapiranggot mong utak ha?! Panget ka na nga. biglang nahati para bigyan ako ng daan. Ung mga taong nagtipon-tipon para manood. I walked over to where Kenny is and grabbed him by the collar. Pati ung buhok ko. eh pigilan mo na! Makaiwas man lang kayong dalawa sa kahihiyan! Ano pa't kasama ka nya kung saan-saan!?? ang ulo ko! Hay nako! Pinapaiinit nyo I turned around to leave.blouse ko. Hinila ko sya palayo dun sa kabayo. hindi ka pa nagiisip! Anoh na lang mangyayare sa buhay mo nyan?!? Tumingin naman ako dun sa boyprend nyang aso na natulala sa'kin. kabayo. Kung may full moon lang. Takot lang nilang kumontra sa'kin pag ganitong mainit na ang ulo ko. nabasa rin! Josko. . malagkit itoh! Sheena: Venice! Okay ka lang?! I shut my eyes dahil nangdidilim talaga ang paningin ko. Bagay syo-Ako: Hoy. Tapos nun. Tumingin silang lahat sa'kin. She clammed her mouth shut. lumakad naman ako kay Anthony and pulled him away from the dog. Kabayong Girlprend: Pssh.

pero nung walang dumating.. Kenny: Ay ang taray. I just wanna go home.Buti naman dahil kung paharang-harang sila. Buhay pa pala ang malditang queenbee~ Sheena: Kenny. May kung anong malagkit pa sa dulo nung buhok nya. looking at the floor or something. Natameme ung dalawa isang tingin lang ni Venice. I got confused. sa'kin naman sya tumingin.. After nyang mag-give up kay Ken. The stain on her uniform. baka sila pa ang sunod kong masigawan! Sumunod kagad sa'kin ung tatlo. I waited for a few seconds for Venice to walk in. Tagal ko nang hindi nakitang nang-away si Venice eh. They tried to keep up with my angry pace. I saw Venice standing just in front of the door... Ako: What happened?!?! Who did this to you!?!? .. I stood up and walked to the main hall. The deadpan expression on her face. Kenny: What? Sinasabi ko lang. Ako: What are you-- Then I noticed it. Sheena: Okay ka lang ba? Gusto mo bang bumili muna ng T-shirt at magpalit-Ako: No. ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Sheena just shook her head.♥ I was organizing Venice's magazines alphabetically when I heard the main door squeak open then close.

I turned off the TV. I saw a note on the refrigerator na lumabas daw sya to get us dinner.. I eventually realized na pag ganitong oras pala. I walked over to her and. very gently. When I finished. After nung drama sa pinto kanina. wala na palang matitirang panoorin.♥ I mindlessly flipped through the TV channels -. ::Chapter 80:: The First or The Last ♫.~*~. Annoyed.. hate her even. Even though it hurt. he sent me upstairs to shower... Napatingin ako sa paligid ko. Then she started crying. Parang kanina ko pa hindi na-ffeel si Jerwin. I found the house empty.She didn't answer. Some people will go out their way to show that hatred. pag nilipatan mo ang lahat ng news channel. . I guess pareho kaming wala sa mood magluto. bawling her pretty eyes out. It's weird.. Ako: It's okay.~*~. Venice dropped her things on the floor. Pumayag naman ako dahil nanlalagkit na ung buhok at balat ko. And with that. A warm shower sounded necessary and nice. She threw her arms around my waist and tightly held on. This scandal will make people who don't know Venice doubt her. I knew what I'm supposed to do. You can cry now. at that moment.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. She just stood there. What am I doing? Why would I even ask those questions when I already know the answer? The manager warned me about it.making sure to skip lahat ng palabas na may kinalaman sa showbiz news. I wrapped my arms around her.

Now that I think about it. but in the end.? And just like that. What's going on? Ako: What are you trying to say? Jerwin: The manager proposed a plan.. He remained standing there a few feet away from me. Jerwin: We need to talk. Ako: Ano bang sinasabi mo? You're starting to scare me. Ang galing ng timing. I have to admit his plan is still the best way to keep you safe. Ako: What's going on? Jewin: Venice. He looks troubled. We barely spoke during dinner. kung san ka masaya. Akala ko lang pala.. suportahan ta ka. -__Jerwin: I can't be with you all the time. I was about to stand up when Jerwin suddenly appeared out of nowhere papasok naman nung living room. Things are crazy right now. Ako: Okay. and obviously. He's starting to look really frustrated and uncomfortable. I can see he's trying his best not to look at me. And I really am getting scared. Hindi ko alam kung kelan mawawala ung scandal. Weird~ O_O Okay. I can't imprison you in this house.. Is it a woman's intuition? Is it his apparent anguish? . Time na para mambulabog. I tried to come up with another way. Pero sige na. Hindi ko alam kung naisip nya ba na dadalawa lang kaming kakain o talagang gutom lang sya kaya feel nyang mag-large.He came back half an hour later with a large box of pizza. Ako: Yea. I'm not even sure kung matatahimik ulit ang buhay mo kahit na malipat na ang atensyon ng mga tao sa ibang bagay. the smile faded away. Niyakap ko ung throw pillow na nasa tabi ko since akala ko uupo sya. Napangiti ako. Tell me about it.. we barely spoke since I got home.

We'll cover your airfare. Then finally. .I don't know. You. Hindi kinaya ng brain ko ang shock nung sinabi nya. Jerwin: Venice. You just need to buy the tickets. right? It was just a few days ago when he said he loves me. He can't just suddenly decide to make me leave.. Why is he still blabbering?!? I threw the pillow at him.. but I really feel that something horrible is gonna come out of this "talk". Why is he making me leave? This must be a cruel joke. That shut him up. Jerwin: You have to leave... I can only pick out bits and pieces of whatever he's saying. It's not funny. just when he found his resolve. I must have heard him wrong... he looked at me. It hit him straight in the face.... Tumingin ako sa kanya and realized na may kung anoh pa pala syang sinasabi. I don't like it..... Ako: What? Jerwin: My parents talked to your mom already.. right? . I. He took a deep breath as he struggles to find the words. Ako: Stop messing with me. ..

kung bakit nya sinasabing umalis ako...Jerwin: I'm not messing with you. it's for your own good. Look at me and tell me you want me to leave. that he wants me. There's nowhere else you can go.. Ako: Look at me and tell me you don't want me here..really hard. or na he takes it all back. I took a step back keeping my eyes on his face. Nilapit ko ung mukha ko sa kanya para wala syang choice kung hindi tignan ako sa mata. pero hindi ko talaga ma-gets kung bakit kailangan ko umalis. I don't want that! I stood up and stalked to where he's standing.. I can feel my blood starting to boil.. Ung nangyari kanina. I feel my chest tightening as his eyes met mine. have to leave?!? Things will get better soon! Jerwin: Venice.. Jerwin: I'm sorry.. things like that will happen again and again everywhere you go as long people recognize you.. Medyo umasa pa ko na sasabihin nyang he's just joking. You have to go.. Ako: Why do I. Venice. Ako: You want me to go to the US?!? Jerwin: . Venice.. . He clenched his jaw. Is this what betrayal feels like? . Hell.. why do I have leave!?! I struggled to find some arguments. . You don't want that. Talagang seryoso sya! Ako: So things aren't working for us right now.. It feels like something grabbed my heart and squeezed it hard -.

. If that's what you want. na nung nagsalita ako.. Ako: Are you serious?!?! You do understand what will happen to us when I leave. then eventually break up.. We'll agree to the engagement. But isn't this what we originally planned? I took another step back. right? So.Ako: Fine. The tears finally decided to fall. They'll buy it for you. Jerwin: . So it's been planned out? He's just gonna push me away? Lalong tumataas ang attitude meter ko. Of course. Pupunta ako sa States. right?!? There won't even be an "us" anymore! Jerwin: We'll break up. I feel extremely pissed off. Go to sleep. I know. Ako: Is it that easy to let me go? Is it because I'm being a huge burden to you now? Jerwin: Venice.. I stared at him in disbelief.. desperate. sige. betrayed. I can feel tears burning my eyes already.. totoo naman eh. Venice. Ahyun naman talaga ung original plan namin. Ehwan ko ba naman. Ako: Just so you know. Jerwin: Just call my mom pag nakahanap ka na ng plane tickets. . .. There goes the heart squeezing again. frustrated. He kept his silence. I should have expected that this is going to happen sooner or later. I couldn't help the sarcasm that seeped through. . Jerwin: It's late. Me neither. I don't do long distance relationships. para man lang maka-save ng kahit konting dignity. I understand.... Tears always fall at the most inconvenient times. They just kept falling anyway.. But they're stubborn. why does it feel like this? I gently wiped my tears away.. it's not like that--Ako: Okay.

I just realized how true they are. Because I love you too. Lalo pa nung lumabas na ung three little words na un. He whirled around to look at me. I furiously wiped my tears away. Jerwin: Venice. this minute. In contrast to the meaning of his whispered words. then I think I love you. The anger somehow disappeared nung na-realize ko na if I mess up tonight. Ako: Jerwin. Maybe that's better. and it hurts na sa ganitong situation pa sila lumabas. . Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to tell you to go? Ako: Then stop telling me to leave. *sniff* If it hurts this much. why do you have to say it now? . He won't see me make a fool of myself. mag-ii love you pa? Epitome ng ka-martyran. It felt like forever before Jerwin finally stepped closer to me. I want to stay. this hour. but he didn't face me. Jerwin: You idiot. San ka pa ba nakakita ng tinaboy na nga't lahat. That's it. .... I think I'm afraid of how he's gonna react to what I said. he's trying to provide me comfort now. it'll really be over. I have to push you to leave. Jerwin: W-What? Ako: I love you. . but my sight is so blurry from the tears that I couldn't see his expression. Maybe he doesn't even care anymore.. Ako: Why?!?! Jerwin: . Jerwin: Sa dinami-dami ng panahon na mong pagsabihan nyan. .He turned around to leave. . He slowly wrapped his arms around me... Ako: I love you. Ayoko syang tignan. What am I going to do? He paused. Just like that and the conversation is over.

Ngayon lang yata ako lumabas na natakluban ng sumbrero ang mukha ko buong oras na naglalakad kami sa labas. ::Chapter 81:: Ticket To Ride ♫. His lips are firm and soft -. Sheena. I want to savor this moment. ..He tenderly tilted my face up. The kiss was somehow familiar yet different.~*~. It's weird. we decided na kumain sa KFC. hindi sila naaliw. -___- We just finished our graduation practice. sweet. I can almost feel all his affection in this kiss. Anyway.. As expected. I clamped a firm hand over Sheena's mouth.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. or our first and last kiss. habang nakain kami ng lunch. soft. I finally told them ang main event sa near future ko.♥ "He said WHAT?!?! You're going WHERE!??!" I flashed an apologetic smile sa mga tao sa paligid namin. Anu ka ba? Kenny: Eh bahket?!? Bahket?! Bahket ka aalis?!? Tinanggal ko ung kamay ko sa mukha ni Sheena to let her breathe. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I respond to his bold approach.~*~... Before I could grasp what he was doing.. This could either be our last first kiss. She continued to glare at me. Pero mas mabuti na un kesa naman madumog nanaman. Skandalosa talaga. Dahil gutom na kami. Ako: Hush. his lips gently crushed onto mine.. At the same time. It was unhurried.if that even makes any sense. I don't want to let go.

Ngayon pa kayo mag-bbreak?! Ako: I don't wanna deal with another long distance relationship. Kenny: Ay kung hindi naman pala kayo dalawa't kalahating tanga! Ako: Gee. Ako: It's okay. ganito naman talaga ang original plan ni mother. We both agreed na hindi kami bagay sa ganyang long distance chuchu na yan. mag-bbreak kayo?!? O_O I nodded... Sheena: Anoh ba! Iba naman ang sitwasyon nyo ni Jerwin sa sitwasyon nyo ni Gerard dati! Sheena suddenly clamped a hand over her own mouth. Nagkatinginan silang tatlo. Pag umalis ka.Ako: Like I said. feeling nila taboo ang name ni Gerard sa'kin. sinabunutan na kita. I'll come back someday. Besides. -___Kenny: Alam mo. Hindi ko naman sinabi na forever na ko sa States. Months? Years from now? Kenny: Ah basta! Naiinis pa rin ako! Pano na lang ang ambisyon kong magpaka-bride's maid sa kasal nyo ni Fafa J kung aalis ka?!? . Based from experience. pasimpleng iwas sa mga inquisitive stares nila.. I guess ngayon. Lalo na pag hindi ko alam kung anong nangyayari sa kanya. Sheena: *gasp* You mean. nagkataon lang na si Jerwin mismo ang nagpapadala sa'kin. Sheena: Eh bahket ka nga nya pinapadala?!? Anoh ba yan?! LDR?! Parang may tumusok sa puso ko nung sinabi nya un. susunod na ko sa kanya sa States. Nadulas yata. gusto nila akong ilayo sa gulo. Ehwan ko ba naman sa kanila kung bakit hanggang ngayon. Ako: No. mahirap noh. Thanks. Venice. I lowered my head. Sheena: Kailan? Ako: I don't know. As soon as maka-graduate ako. Naaliw talaga ako pag ganyang naiilang sila. I'm not gonna bawl my eyes out dahil lang binanggit mo ung name nya noh. kung hindi lang kita friend. Ang out of character! Ako: Relax nga lang kayo.

Ako: Magpaka-bride's maid ka sa kasal nina Sheena. Kenny: Chuchu. Walang mga fafable na artista sa kasal nyan! Sheena: Anak ng tipaklong! Bakit kasal ko na kagad ang pinag-uusapan naten?! Ni hindi pa nga nag-ppropose si Anton! Anthony: Gusto mo mag-propose na ko ngayon? Sheena: Che! Wag kang maingay, walang kumakausap syo.

Hindi ko pa rin talaga ma-gets ang relasyon ng dalawang toh. Daig pa nila ang mag-asawang 50 years nang kasal kung magbarahan eh. Pero sige lang. Basta masaya silang dalawa. Mukha naman masaya silang dalawa.

Kenny: Ay ay ay.. Alam ko na, vakla! Ako: Ang alin? Kenny: Para makabawi ka! Pagdating mo dun, ihanap mo kagad ako ng fafa ha~ Gusto ko ung blond at may blue eyes. Sheena: Ay gusto ko yan! Anthony: Sheena!

At balik nanaman sa dati ang mga utak nila. Inubos ko na ung kinakain ko habang nag-dedebate sina Anton at si Sheena kung bakit mas hamak na gwapo raw sya kesa sa blue eyes. Syempre, si Kenny ang referee, always -kahit na parang ang lumalabas eh Anthony vs. Sheena & Kenny.

I smiled. I'll miss this.

Napatingin ako sa relo ko. Ang bilis naman ng oras. Haayyy. Tumingin ulit ako dun sa tatlo. Finally, tinaas ko na ung kamay ko para tumigil sila sa kakadakdak nila.

Ako: I gotta go. Sheena: Already? Ako: Yep. May usapan pa kami ng mommy ni Jerwin eh. Anthony: Oh sige. Teka, itatawag na kita ng taxi.

I watched as Anthony walked out of the restaurant. Napatingin ulit ako kay Sheena and Kenny. Nanahimik na sila tungkol sa blue eyes, sa wakas. Ehwan ko ba naman. Anoh bang meron sa blue eyes?

Maya-maya, bumalik na si Anton. I hugged the three of them bago ako lumakad palabas. Nung pumasok ako sa taxi, naramdaman ko nanamang nag-plummet ang mood ko. I'm going to meet with Jerwin's mom para bumili ng plane ticket. I wonder... gano katagal pa kaya ako dito?

I went home that night feeling worse than I did in the afternoon. Nag-usap na pala si tita at si mom. Gusto nilang hanapin ung ticket na makakalipad ako as soon as possible. Sino ba naman ako para kumontra? -__Nakaka-depressed lang isipin kung gano ka-"soon" ung flight ko.

Dahan-dahan kong sinarado ung main door. I looked around and noticed na tahimik ang buong bahay. That's weird. Nasa driveway ung truck, so that means nandito si Jerwin.

Ako: Sunshine?

Sumilip ako sa kusina, sa living room, sa dining room... wala. I went upstairs and sumilip sa kwarto nya. Wala rin. Nakinig ako sa banyo, walang tao sa loob. o_O Nakulong kaya sya dun sa closet sa baba? ingay sa kwarto ko. I was about to go

back downstairs para i-check kung na-lock na rin ung sarili nya sa aking sardines closet, nang may narinig ako

Curious, I went to check it out.

Ako: What are you doing?

Nakita ko si Jerwin na may hinihilang maleta from my closet towards the door. He almost jumped nung narinig nya ung boses ko.

Jerwin: Oh Sardines. Hello.

I looked at the luggage bag questioningly. Anoh yan? Pinag-impake nya na ko? Di makapaghintay na palayasin


Ako: Uh. Gamit ko ba yan? Jerwin: Hmm... Yep.

I took a deep breath. Alam kong pinag-usapan na namin toh at lahat, pero I still can't help but feel bitter. Pinag-impake nya pa ko. Parang atat na atat na syang paalisin ako noh? mang-away. -__I chose to ignore the issue muna.

Mahirap na. Dahil masama ang araw ko, very prone ang attitude meter kong tumaas. Ayoko mang-away. Ayoko

Ako: I met up with your mom kanina. I got the plane ticket. Jerwin: I see. Ako: The flight's on-Jerwin: Venice.

Napatingin ako sa kanya nung tinawag nya ung pangalan ko with a hint of warning in his voice. Iniwan nya ung hinihila nyang maleta and plopped himself on my bed. He stared at the floor while I waited for him to speak. Ang awkward ng atmosphere.

Jerwin: You know... I agreed that you have to leave, but that doesn't mean I want you to. Just... Don't tell me when you're leaving. Ako: Why not? Jerwin: If you do, I'm afraid I won't be able to let you go.

I rolled my eyes. Bumalik ung sinabi ni Kenny kanina tungkol sa'min ni Jerwin. Kinarir na talaga naming dalawa ang pagka-stupid. I walked over to the bed and sat down next to him. Cautiously, pinatong ko ung ulo ko sa balikat nya.

Ako: Hindi ko na sasagutin yang sinabi mo, since alam ko na ang isasagot mo. Okay. I'll keep the date to myself.

He nodded. I felt his hand gently stroking my hair. I don't know how long we stayed like that, just enjoying each other's presence kahit na hindi kami nag-uusap. It was comfortable.

Jerwin: You should take a shower. Ako: Huh?

He finally pulled away and looked at me. He has a small smile on his lips. Ung ngiti na, after seeing it so many times, na-realize kong sinusuot nya lang pag may kung anong mischief sa utak nya.

Jerwin: Go take a shower. Ilalagay ko ung maleta sa truck, then wait for your downstairs. Ako: Bakit mo ilalagay sa truck ung maleta? Jerwin: We're going on a roadtrip, mahal.

He leaned in and landed a light kiss on the tip of my nose. Bago ako maka-recover, he already stood up and grabbed the luggage bag na iniwan nya sa sahig. He walked out of my room whistling.

Then, nag-sink in na ung sinabi nya sa'kin.

Ako: Roadtrip?? Anong roadtrip??

Tumakbo ako sa pinto ko, sabay pahabol na sigaw sa'kanya. Ako: At sinong may sabing tawagin mo kong "mahal"?!?

I heard him laugh habang bumababa sya sa hagdan.

Jerwin: Just go shower. Mahal.

I narrowed my eyes at the direction he disappeared to. Ka-cornihan. I smiled to myself and bounced papunta sa closet ko. I gaped at the sight of my once-organized closet. Tama bang halungkatin ang mga damit ko tapos hindi man lang inayos pabalik? +_+ Haayyy... I grabbed a pair of black sweatpants, a red tee, and my underwear. I bounced papunta sa bathroom to take a


Roadtrip daw. I wonder where we're going. ::Chapter 82:: The Promise ♫.~*~..~*~.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------- ♥

Ako: Oohhh follow that car next! Jerwin: Which one? Ako: Ung red! Ung reeeedddd!!!! Err.. nevermind. -__-

Pinanood ko ung red car na mag-bye-bye sa dinaanan naming exit. Oh well. Next victim na lang.

For hours now, nagpapaikot-ikot kami ni Jerwin sa kung saan-saang kalsada. Apparently, magaling magplano si Jerwin. Magyayaya mag-roadtrip, wala palang destination. Kaya ang kinatapusan, namili na lang kami ng mga I know.

kotse sa kalsada at sumunod sa mga chosen cars hanggang sa makahanap ng susunod na susundan. Ang galing namen.

Sumandal ako sa upuan ko. Malapit nang lumubog ang araw, wala pa rin kaming nararating. Enjoy nga ang pagddrive, pero hindi naman kami pwedeng matulog sa kalsada noh. At isa pa, nagugutom na ko. -__-

Ako: Sunshine, nasan na tayo? Jerwin: Honestly, I have no idea. Ako: Makakauwi pa ba tayo? Jerwin: Gusto mo nang umuwi? Ako: Nagugutom na ko. -.- Feeedddd meeeee!!! Jerwin: Maybe we'll turn sa susunod na exit.

It didn't take that long. Maya-maya lang, may kung anong exit nang sumulpot. Tulad ng plano, lumiko nga kami. Tumingin kagad ako sa paligid. Uh... I wonder if this is a good idea. Lumiliit na ung kalsada. Dumadami ang mga puno. Walang buildings kundi maliliit na bahay. Anong probinsya ba itoh?

Ako: Where are we going? Jerwin: We can look for a restaurant somewhere.


Tumingin ulit ako sa paligid. Anong restaurant naman kaya ang makikita namen dito? Eh puro bahay, sari-sari store, gasolinahan, at maliit vulcanizing shop ang nakikita ko. Oh hey, ahyun, kainan!

Ako: Sunshine, dun oh. Mag-park ka dito sa side. Jerwin: Why? Ako: Dahel gusto ko nang kumain!

Siguro natakot sya na baka sya na ang kagatin ko, or maybe trip nya lang maging mabait sa'kin ngayon. Either way, nag-park nga sya sa tabi nung kalsada, kung san may isa pang kotse na naka-park. After nyang patayin ung makina, hinalungkat ko ung compartment nya. Nakita ko ung sumbrero nya and tossed it to him.

Ako: Here. Wear this and let's go. Jerwin: May isaw ba dito? Ako: Ngayon ka pa naghanap ng isaw? Jerwin: Wala dito? Ako: Haayyy.. We'll go see.

Bumaba kami nung sasakyan. Jerwin took my hand as I led him dun sa maliit na turo-turo. I can smell the sinigang~ Haayyy heaven. T^T Nginitian ko ung manang na nasa likod nung hilera ng mga tinda nya. Tinignan namin ni Jerwin ung mga ulam. Mukhang mainit pa.

Ako: Manang, isang order nga poh ng sinigang at kanin. Tsaka isang bote ng tubig.(tumingin kay Jerwin) Anong gusto mo, Sunshine? Jerwin: Uh.. Ung beef steak poh.. tsaka kanin. At paki-dalawa na poh nung bote ng tubig.

After bayaran ni Jerwin ung pagkain namin, umupo kami dun sa isang sulok nung maliit na kainan -- ung pinakamalapit sa electric fan dahil napansin kong medyo pinagpapawisan na ung kasama ko. Ang hirap ng walang aircon noh?

Jerwin: Wow. This is all really cheap. Ako: The wonders ng turo-turo. Jerwin: Alam mo, Sardines, I think you're the cheapest girlfriend I've ever had. Ako: Nice to know.

We ate in silence. Dahil pag gutom, galit-galit muna. It's not until ubos na ang bawat butil ng kanin sa mga plato namin nang tumayo kami para bumalik na sa aming roadtrip.

Ako: So.. san tayo?

Jerwin pulled out of the roadside pabalik sa pagddrive sa kalsada.

Jerwin: I'm thinking.... just follow this road right here...? Ako: As long as makakauwi tayo eh, why not? I still have a graduation to attend to, you know? Jerwin: Yeah, yeah. Nasa compartment ung GPS. We'll manage.

We drove around for at least an hour more, singing with the radio or teasing each other or wondering where in the world we are. Madilim na. We have to look for a place to spend the night. I'm sure hindi papayag si Jerwin na matulog sa truck.. Takot nya lang mapapak ng lamok.

Kumokonti na ang mga bahay sa paligid namin. Feeling ko lang, walang hotel dito. Ngayon lang nag-ssink in: hindi pala masyadong matalino na hindi kame nag-plano noh?

Jerwin: Kunin mo ung GPS. Search mo kung saan may malapit na lodgings.

Sinunod ko naman ung instructions nya. May dalawang lumabas sa search na malapit sa iniikutan namin ngayon. I looked at the map -- and napataas ang kilay ko.

Ako: Alam mo bang malapit na tayo sa beach?

Jerwin: Beach? Ako: Uh-huh. Tignan mo.

Hinarap ko sa kanya ung GPS, and yep, ung map na may malaking tubig sa side ng lupa. Ibig sabihin, may beach, di vah? Binalik sa'kin ni Jerwin ung GPS as he returned his eyes back on the road.

Jerwin: May malapit ba na pwedeng tulugan dyan sa beach na yan? Ako: Yeah. You wanna go? Jerwin: Let's hope na may spare room sila.

I think, kinarir na namin ni Jerwin ang pagka-swerte ng gabing toh. Una, hindi kami napadpad sa middle of nowhere kahit na sumunod-sunod lang kami sa mga sasakyan. Pangalawa, walang nakakilala sa'min habang nagliliwaliw kami. Pangatlo, nakahanap kami ng matutulugan. Nakuha namin ung pinakahuling spare room na meron ung hotel -- swerte talaga. Maliit lang ung motel, simple, and affordable. Ung kwarto na nakuha namin -- as if naman may choice pa kami -- eh parang panandalian

lang talaga. May maliit na ref sa sulok, may lamesa at upuan, may mga drawers na lalagyan ng damit, may queen-sized bed, at maliit na banyo. Malinis naman, at may aircon, so hindi ko kailangan mag-alala na baka paggising ko bukas, tunaw na si Jerwin.

Jerwin: This isn't too bad.

Binaba nya ang kaisa-isang maletang bitbit namin sa tabi nung mga drawer. Sinarado ko ung pinto while he inspected the little room.

Ako: Yeah.. Pang-overnight talaga. Jerwin: And we're close to the beach. They should renovate this place. Mas kikita sila from tourists. Ako: Bakit sa'kin mo sinasabi? Jerwin: I'm just saying.

He plopped himself on the bed.

Jerwin: Mauna ka na sa shower. Ipapahinga ko muna mga mata ko. Ako: You brought clothes? Jerwin: Of course. Ano sa tingin mo laman ng maleta na yan? Bato? Ako: Ha. Ha. -__-

Jerwin lazily watched me from the bed. Si kuya, napagod kaka-drive. ang kailangan namen. Parang two-days worth ng damit ang dinala nya.

Binuksan ko ung maleta and nakita na

pinagsama nya pala dun sa maliit na space na un ung mga damit namin. Sa bagay, hindi nga naman ganon kadami

Hinalungkat ko ung mga gamit. Kumpleto. May toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, sabon, suklay... at... dark red na boxers. Dark red SILK na boxers. Before I knew it, I was fingering the material. Nung na-realize ko ang ginagawa ko (at naisip ko kung saang parte ng katawan ni Jerwin sinusuot ang boxers), I quickly withdrew my hand. Umiinit yata ang mukha ko. ~__~

Hinalungkat ko uhlet ung maleta. Parang akong timang dito, namumula eh anoh naman ngayon kung boxers nya un. It's not like first time kong makakita ng boxers. Geez. I grabbed a cotton shirt and a pair of shorts. Tapos kinalkal ko uhlet para maghanap ng underwear. I found one... then I found the other two he packed. Napataas ang kilay ko. Sa dinami-dami ng underwear sa drawer ko, ehto talagang tatlo ang pinili nyang dalhin? May boyshort underwear naman ako.. May cotton.. May mga demure na underwear, pero ang kinuha nya talaga ung lacy underwear ko noh? At red, black, and white pa!

I turned to look at Jerwin. Nung nakita kong nakatingin din sya sa'kin, I glared at him and held up a black panty.

Ako: Pervert. -__Jerwin: What?? They're pretty.... Ako: . . . Pervert. -__Jerwin: Geez, relax. It's not like I'm gonna see you wearing them!

Suddenly, he propped himself up on his arms. May kung anong nakakalokang sparkle sa mata nya.

Jerwin: ...unless, of course, you want me to see you wearing them.

Ako: *gasp!* Pervert!!

I can still hear him laughing hanggang sa pagbagsak ko nung pinto nung banyo.

---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------- ♥

Much, much later the same night, Venice and I decided to sneak out of our room and walk along the shore. Halos hatinggabi na kaya wala nang tao sa labas. It's not like they'll see us anyway. Wala namang poste ng ilaw sa beach. Unless lumapit sila sa'min, hindi nila makikita mga mukha namin.

After a few minutes of just walking along the shore, we sat down on the sand para panoorin ung tubig tsaka ung buwan. Sabi ni Venice, may pagka-romantic raw ung setting, kaya lubus-lubusin namin. Maybe she's right. I mean, it's not everyday na nakakaupo kami on the sand, watching the sea, with no sound or noise except the waves. The night sky is dotted with stars, and the moon is shining bright.

Ang cliche man, it's hard not to appreciate the scenery. Venice is sitting in front of me, with her back resting on my chest as she silently watches the waters.

This is perfection.

Venice: Sunshine? Ako: Hm? Venice: Sa tingin mo... ano na kaya mangyayari sa'tin five years from now? Ako: Five years from now? Hmmm... I don't know. Why? Venice: Wala lang. Naisip ko lang... I wonder if... we would have found someone else by then...

"Someone else"... Why would I want "someone else"?

I wrapped my arms tighter around her waist.

Ako: I...

hope not.

Ako: ...don't know.

There was a short silence after that. It wasn't awkward. It wasn't angry. It was just.... sad. Naalala namin bigla na bilang na nga pala ang mga araw "namin".

Venice: Jerwin. I know we've talked about na... pag-alis ko.. it'll be over between us. Ako: Uh-huh... Venice: I'm just thinking... I mean, I'm not going make you promise anything. I know things happen, you know? Pero... when that time comes... Kahit anong mangyari, I really, really hope we'd remain friends.

Umikot sya para tignan ako.

Venice: Don't forget about me.

There was a silent plea in her voice. Na parang inaasahan nya na as soon as wala na sya, I'd actually forget everything. Out of sight, out of mind, ganon? How do people do that?

I don't want to forget. I don't want to be with someone else. And I don't want her to be with someone else.

I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her tenderly. When we broke off, I stared deep into her eyes. Bilang na ang mga araw namin, but it doesn't mean everything has to end... right?

Ako: Venice... I'll let you go for now, but I promise, I'll come for you. I'll come for you. So... if you can... don't wrap your arms around someone else. Don't give your lips to someone else. I'll come for you, so... don't give your heart to someone else... okay?

otherwise. It's a good thing I'm wearing dark sunglasses and a baseball cap.~*~.♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. It's ten in the morning.. she kicked me out of the bed while I was in the middle of a good dream I can't even remember now... Pero kailangan ko po ng tulong. Yeah right. This is just plain embarrassing. I swear. Pano ko ba naman malalaman na may "wings". "ultra-thin". "panty liner". may katabi pang "tampons" ung mga tinitignan ko. The next time na maubusan or makalimutan ni Venice ang mga dapat nyang dalhin. . akala ko pag pumunta ako sa store. I can't believe I'm doing this. The sky is clear. Ako naman tohng ignorante. I sighed.. Ako: Uh. lumapit na ko dun sa manang na tinititigan ako simula nung tumambay ako sa harap ng shelf ng mga feminine needs. I don't think na makikilala ako ni manang. then she practically chased me out of the room para lang maghanap ng store to buy her urgent feminine needs. trying to figure out kung anong pinagkaiba nilang lahat. and then I'll be out. It's a good thing na maaga-aga pa at wala pang masyadong tao. all I have to do is grab a pack of feminine pads.~*~. I nervously looked around the small store.::Chapter 83:: The Day After ♫..♥ The next morning. Excuse me poh. There's a refreshing breeze outside.. at "regular" pa pala akong dapat pag-isipan? Tapos. Who am I kidding? Finally deciding na this is way out of my league.. I mean.. and anong ginagawa ko? Nakatitig sa iba't ibang brands ng tampons at napkin.. The sea looks inviting. I can't believe I let Venice talk me into doing this. I won't let her kick me out of the room without a fight..

Ako: Ang sabi lang po kasi ng girlfriend ko. in confusion. Pano nakakatigil ng menstruation yan? I looked at the thing Manang: Ito ang tampon... Kumuha sya ng isa at hinarap sa'kin. Parang the longer I stay here.. Mas ligtas na hindi matagusan--.. hindi ko naman alam na ganito pala karami ang. eh mas maliit ang chansa na matagusan ang babae pag ito ang gamit.Kasalanan ko bang hindi ko alam? Eh hindi naman ako nagamit nyan! Masama bang maging curious?! Manang: Pano pa ba sa tingin mo? Eh di pinapasok. Madalas.The old lady shot me an amused smile.. Manang: Oh sige. bumili raw ako ng napkin. Anoh bang kailangan mo? Lumakad kami papunta dun sa shelf na halos twenty minutes na sa harap ko. I gave her an apologetic smile nung tumingin sya sa'kin after nung tanong nya.O mas gusto ba ng girlfriend mo ang tampon? Ako: Anoh ho ba pinagkaiba? Manang: Hay naku. Kung ikukumpara mo ba sa napkin. Ako: Ahh. Ayun nga lang. hijo. hijo. -__. Uh. eh dapat sisiguraduhin nyang magpalit pagkatapos ng ilang oras. Pano ho ginagamit yan? Natawa si manang.. choices na pagpipilian ko. . Sabi na nga ba at pinapanood ako ni manang na titigan ung mga napkin at tampon eh. Uh. -__- Manang: Mas mabuti na siguro kung kunin mo ung may wings. Ano na lang po ba ang i-rrecommend nyo? The older woman snickered under her breath.. ayun ang binibili ng mga babae. the more na I wish I dragged Venice out of the room with me. dapat alam mo tong mga toh! Ako: Sorry. -__- Binuksan ni Manang ung isang box ng tampons.

. it's either you're coming with me or I'm not going at all! I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing. wouldn't hurt. normal. the thing na hawak nya.♥ "I am never doing that again!" I watched in amusement as Jerwin dropped the plastic bag on the bed.Oo O Ako: P-Pinapasok?!?! H-Hindi po ba masakit un!?? Safe po ba un?! Dito na talagang humalaghak ng tawa si manang. -.. Ako: At least these are safe. kailangan mo.... Si kuya naman. ---♥♥--(Venice's POV) ---------------.I think I'll just get the normal sanitary napkins... sabay tilapon sa sarili nya facedown sa unan... I grabbed one pack of "Whisper with Wings" before practically running towards the register. How can someone invent such a thing? Ako: I-. Parang walang kapatid . Ako: Anong nangyari syo? Jerwin: Next time na magpapabili ka ng. I think I can feel the blood draining from face as I stared in horror at the.- Tinawanan lang ulit ako ni manang as she takes the cash from my hand.. masyadong melodramatic.

naka-undercover get-up nanaman si Jerwin. Anoh ba naman ang mag-undergo sya ng mga embarrassing na situations once in a while? Ako: I love you too. I wonder where we are. I doubt na inuutusan syang mamili ng mga personal gamit ni Jean. Pano na lang pala kung sa susunod. with his cap and brand name sunglasses. pero hindi naman totally out of civilization.. bra at panty naman ang ipabili ko sa kanya? Baka himatayin na sya! Kinuha ko ung plastic bag and then walked towards the washroom. Jerwin: You're not even sorry for putting me through that torture. Mag-ayos ka na para makalayas na tayo. It's a small town. After ten minutes (and threats to beat his head). pumayag na syang tanggalin ung sunglasses nya. pero palaboy pa rin. I'm enjoying this way too much to feel sorry for him. sheltered ang buhay. babae~ Sa bagay. Sunshine. Dumadami na ang mga tao sa paligid. pero hindi ko na narinig dahil he completely buried his face na talaga sa unan. and a quick drop off of the luggage back sa truck. Too bad. As usual. At least. a quick clean up of the room. Siguro dapat maawa ako sa itsura nyang mukhang tinali sya sa labas ng Megamall sa harap ng maraming tao in nothing but his boxers. He mumbled something. Probinsyang-probinsya. After a quick shower. mukha na syang normal na palaboy -. Jerwin: I hate you. . are you? -__Ako: Dagdag mo na lang sa life's experiences mo.. Thank you.fafable na palaboy. Jerwin and I finally were able to make ikot-ikot. Masyadong Ako: Yeah. ~_~ Tinawanan ko lang sya.

o.. May malaking question mark pa sa mukha nya. After nyang tunggain ung tubig. binigay nya sa'kin ung bote. Dahan-dahan syang umikot para tignan ako.o Jerwin: That's it! Ako: Ha?! Nung nakita ko ung shop na tinatakbuhan namen. Jerwin: Should we just head back to Manila? Ako: Ikaw bahala.Kumakain kami ng pandesal fresh from the small bakery na nadaanan namin habang naglalakad.. nanlaki bigla mga mata ko. ehwan. Jerwin: How can you not know how to ride a bike? Ako: Ehwan ko! Kasalanan ko bang hindi ako nabiyayaan ng sense of balance?!? Jerwin: So. may nakita syang kung ano. Binigay nya sa'kin ung kalahati. He must be kidding me! O. while he nibbled on the other half. Uminom sya dun sa bitbit naming water bottle. Inubos ko na ung natitirang kalahati. Ako: Yep. Hinati nya ung last pandesal as he looks around. ayaw mong mag-bike? . Jerwin: Well.. Ahyan na ang breakfast namen. still looking around. Jerwin: What should we do now? Ako: Abah. Ayaw pa yata umuwi ni kuya. Bigla nya kong nginitian sabay hila patakbo sa kung ano man ung nakita nya. Just then. sabit lang ako. I don't think may makikita tayong souvenir shop dito.O Ako: Sunshine! We can't do that! Jerwin: Why not? It'll be fun! Ako: But I don't know how to ride a bike! Napatigil bigla si Jerwin. Ikaw ang nagyaya na magliwaliw. Palagay ko rin.

Don't you have things to prepare? I flinched at the reminder. tumalon ako sa likod ni Jerwin. Tapos. Haayyy. Inikutan din namin ung barangay hall. Ung bike na may passenger seat sa likod. . And I doubt na meron silang malaking bike na may training wheels. You can ride with me then.. Syempre.. hindi ko nanaman sya mapipigilan. Checking the time. graduation mo na tomorrow. tsaka kami bumalik dun sa rentahan ng bike.. Kumakain ng take out from McDo as lunch. Nginitian ko si manong. sakay ako. pero dahil. okie fine~ Baka biglang maglupasay pag pinigilan ko. May nadaanan kaming simbahan. na-realize naming dalawa na oras na para bumalik ng Manila. Nung napagod na si Jerwin. Patapos na ang no-destination na road trip namin. Jerwin: Oh well. After ilang ikot pa. Nakikinig sa GPS kung pano kami makakauwi nang hindi naliligaw. Otherwise. kung san tumigil si Jerwin sandali para pumasok. Sumakay na ulit kami sa truck ni Jerwin. sabay yakap sa likod nya habang nag-pedal sya paalis.. Weehhh~ libreng chansing! wahahahaha Halos isang oras din kami nagpaikot-ikot sa mga kalsada.. hindi nga ako marunong. Ibig sabihin. Kung gusto nya mag-bike. nasa highway nanaman kami. pinaalala nyang kailangan ko na nga pala mag-ayos ng mga gamit. Jerwin: Sardines. Hindi dahil sa graduation ko. unconsciously. and in no time at all. Bago pa man ako makasagot. Lumapit ulit ako sa kanya nung nakita kong may binibigay nang bike si manong.. nakita na ulit namin ung bakery na pinagbilhan namin ng pandesal.Ako: Gustuhin ko man. Binayaran ni Jerwin si Manong. baka gabihin kami sa daan. Jerwin: No? Sardines... let's go. -___I don't wanna go home yet~ T^T Ako: Ayoko pa umuwi. nakalakad na kagad si Jerwin papunta dun sa manong na nagbabantay nung maliit na rentahan.

. Naaliw lang si Jerwin sa mga paikot-ikot ng kalsada. and Roll?! Jerwin: I just wanted to know kung totoong may mangyayari pag tinusok ko ung manika.yes.. Ako: Argh~ -___. Kasunod kong pumasok si Jerwin. Jerwin: You okay? Ako: I'm tired. 7:00 ng gabi -. -__- Halos 7 PM -. a certain producer might be asking for the pain. sinarado ko rin ung mga mata ko. .. Para siguro ipahinga kahit sandali ung mga mata nya. Tinigilan na yata namin halos lahat ng maliliit at hindi masyadong maliit na baryo. Five minutes lang. Rattle. -__Jerwin: Why? Hindi naman ikaw ang nag-drive. You never know. Hindi dahil sa traffic.You're hopeless! He flopped down on the couch next to me. Inggit ako. Ako: Dahil nakakapagod pigilan kang bilhin lahat ng mga nakita mong "amusing to the eyes"! Anong balak mong gawin sa voodoo doll na binebenta syo nung manang na galing pa yata sa Shake. Hindi dahil sa nawala kami. Pagdating namin sa bahay. Kaya good luck naman. talagang hindi pwedeng hindi tigilan. I saw him close his eyes. Feeling ko lang. ... Naglagay sya ng unan sa likod ng ulo nya para mas maging comfortable ung sandal nya. Then ... I'll take a shower and crawl in my bed. hila-hila ang maleta namen at nagbukas ng mga ilaw habang lumalakad sya papunta sa living room. Five minutes. Pati ung mga sidestreet na tinadahan ng kung anu-anong makakain... napagod rin si kuya. city na dinaanan namin.. DING! DONG! . daig ko pa ang isdang naka-hilata sa palengke nang tinilapon ko ang sarili ko sa nang nakauwi kami ni Jerwin sa bahay.Sucks.

-__- Pareho kaming hindi gumalaw sa pagkakahiga namin. Ha. gigising ka rin! Jerwin: Whyyyyy? Ako: Coz I said so! Jerwin: Is this how it's going to be when we get married? -.- Tinaasan ko lang sya ng kilay as he pries himself off the couch. DING! DONG! Ako: Argh! Sinoh ba yang storbo na yan?!? I rolled out of the couch hanggang sa nakatayo na ko. may nag-ddoorbell. hindi ganon tumakbo ang mundo.. ~_~ . Hindi nya yata napansin ung sinabi nya dahil tuloy-tuloy lang sya sa pagsunod sa'kin papunta sa nagsskandalo na pinto. DING! DONG! Jerwin: Yeah yeah. -__Ako: Nanaginip ka lang. baka mawala nga ung ingay. Ako: Sunshine! Tumayo ka na dyan! Jerwin: Why? -..Ako: Kung gigising ako.. Baka sakaling pag tinuloy lang namin ang pag-deny. Married daw. Pero syempre..+___+ DING!! DONG!! Ugh. trying to rub sleep out of my eyes. We're coming. Jerwin: Sardines.

nag-sink in na na totoo talaga itoh! Hindi sya hallucination! Ako: MOM! ::Chapter 84:: Talk About It ♫. Jerwin DING! DONG! Jerwin: Yea?!?! Napatigil kaming dalawa pagbukas nung pinto at nakita namin kung sinong nakatayo sa labas. good luck na lang. After getting over the initial shock. Nagkatinginan kaming dalawa..~*~.He mumbled something under his breath as unlocks the door. I see her too.♥ If there's one reason I can come up with on why Tita Mel is here. She wouldn't dare miss her only child's college graduation. the fact na nag-appear sya out of nowhere doesn't trouble me. I don't think so. Venice: Kailan ka pa dumating? . I think I'm more tired than I realized. right? So. Kung magnanakaw un. Finally.. sabay tingin ulit dun sa tao sa labas. heehee Kung sinuman sya.. hindi naman siguro sya mag-ddoorbell noh? doesn't look very happy na nagising sya.~*~. The question kung kailan sya babalik ng States ang nakaka-bother. O. Jerwin: No. sure kami ni Jerwin na kakilala namin ang nambubulabog. pinapasok namin si Tita Mel and gave her a glass of juice. it would be dahil graduation ni Venice. Nag-hhallucinate yata ako. Considering na nabuksan nung tao sa labas ung gate at pumasok na hanggang sa pinto.O Ako: Sunshine.♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Isasama nya na ba si Venice pabalik? I casually sat on the couch habang nag-uusap ung magnanay sa kabilang couch.

noh? Ako ang nahihirapan syo eh. your mom. humarap kagad sa’kin si Tita Mel. Nung sure na kaming nakaakyat na si Venice. Sumandal ulit ako sa upuan. Parang kinabahan yata akong bigla.Tita Mel: Kaninang umaga lang. Venice: Bakit feeling ko pinapaalis mo lang ako para ma-interrogate mo si Jerwin? -_Tita Mel: Anong interrogate? Bakit ko naman gagawin un? Venice: Uh-huh. Tinignan ako ni Venice. Sila na nag-asikaso ng plane tickets namin. Sinusundo nya na nga si Venice. Nasundo ka sana namin. Pero mas comportable kung hindi maong ang suot mo. tumayo si Venice and dragged herself out of the room paakyat sa kwarto nya. My face must have mirrored my frustration dahil tinaasan ako ng kilay ni Tita Mel. I gave a nonchalant shrug nung tumingin ulit sya sa’kin. So alam nyang dadating ako. Dahil natulog kami as soon as we got back. hindi pa kami nakakapagpalit ng damit. Venice: Sana sinabi mo na dadating ka. akyat na. diretso tanong kagad si tita. And don't worry That's the confirmation right there. which Venice didn't fail to notice. Tita Mel: Venice. Tita Mel: Anong klaseng surprise naman un kung sasabihin ko rin lang naman pala syo? about it. trying to mask any unwanted expression. Ako: My mom? Tita Mel: Yes. They dropped me off sa hotel kanina. Tita Mel: Wala. Kaya sige na. binayaran ko na lang. She stole a quick glance at me. . Sina Tita Merryl mo ang sumundo sa'kin. That left me and her mom alone in the living room. then tumingin sya sa nanay nya. Wala nang paligoy-ligoy pa. Siguro nakaramdam na wala na syang magagawa. Bakit di ka muna umakyat at magpalit ng damit? Venice: What? What's wrong with my clothes? Napatingin din ako sa damit ni Venice. Not exactly the picture of homey clothes. Venice is still wearing a pair of denim jeans and a fitted shirt.

Ako: I asked Venice to wait for me. may mamahalin ako. I don’t do long distance relationships either. anong kinalaman nito sa advice ko syo? Ako: I’m just saying.Tita Mel: Anong balak mong gawin? Ako: Saan po? Tita Mel: Aalis na si Venice. wag kong papakawalan. I’m not giving her up unless she wants me . O_O No wonder nagkasundo sila ng mother ko. I’m positive that Venice is the one for me. so… mabuti na kung free syang gawin ang gusto nyang gawin. Hindi naman naming alam kung anong mangyayari. I understand her fears. Ako: Tita… Naaalala nyo ba nung sinabi nyo sa’kin na someday. I’ll give up everything and anything for her. Venice is worth everything I have to give. Tita Mel: Who cares kung anong gusto nyang gawin?!? -__. Tita Mel: Sinasabi mo bang hindi si Venice ung taong un? Ako: Oh no. so if she can.Gusto ko ikaw ang maging son-in-law ko. na i-ssacrifice ko ang lahat para lang sa taong un? Ang sabi nyo pa. Tita Mel: So ganon na lang? Hahayaan mo lang syang umalis? I sighed. Lasing ka ba? Nagkakaintindihan ba tayo? Natawa ako sa confused expression ni Tita Mel. it’s okay. Ako: For now. Tita Mel: Jerwin. Iba pareho ang takbo ng isip nila. I promised her that I’ll come for her. pag nakita ko na ung ganong relasyon. Tita Mel: Iba talaga ang topak ng batang yan kung minsan. I hope she waits for me. Ayaw pa kasi muna akong patapusin eh. Tita Mel: You’re her fiancé. Hindi mob a pipigilan? Ako: Wala naman po akong karapatan pigilan sya sa pag-alis. Tita Mel: Anong sabi nya? Ako: She… didn’t say anything. Ako: No. Itatali ko sya sa bahay hanggang dumating ka. ikulong ang anak nya? Tama ba namang isipin na Tita Mel: So.

When Venice finally gave me a peck on the forehead. center piece. Bumalik na si Venice. Tita Mel: Sinasabi mo lang yan. And I like that shirt. I found it in your closet~ Ako: When are you planning to give it back? Venice: Who says I’m giving it back? Ako: But… it’s too big for you. motif. wearing shorts and… T-shirt ko ba yang suot nya? Anak ng… Ilang linggo ko nang hinahanap ung T-shirt na Ginawa akong aso. So eloping doesn’t sound too bad after all. O_O If Venice and I are ever gonna get married. Don’t cry. para wala nang plano-plano! Ako: Tita naman. Venice: Jerwin! . I’ll make sure to do everything right. at kung anu-ano pa. Okay. Tita Mel: Naghalikan na ba kayong dalawa? Venice: Mom! Ako: Opo. Tignan ko lang ang tapang mo pag dumating ang araw na kailangan nyo nang mag-decide ng flowers. kinuha nya pala! Ako: Nice shirt. Napansin kong todo ang panonood ni Tita Mel sa’ming dalawa as Venice continued to treat me like a child na ninakawan ng laruan (which is somewhat true dahil ninakaw nya naman talaga ung T-shirt ko). dun na napangiti si Tita Mel. T^T Venice: I like it too. Tita Mel: Haaayyyy hindi ko naman talaga kayo maintindihang dalawa. Venice: I know. Lumakad sya sa’kin and patted the top of my head. -__- Venice: I’ll buy you another one. “Tapos na naman siguro kayong mag-usap noh?” Napatingin ako sa likod. Bakit hindi na lang kaya kayo magpakasal? Mag-Vegas tayo. Ako: I’m not crying.

Kung nakakamatay ang tingin. Venice: What?!? Kailan nangyari un ha?!? Tumawa lang si Tita Mel. Namumula ung mukha nya either from embarrassment or dahil naiinis na sya. After Venice finally calmed down. mag-ttaxi na lang ako. Venice? She crossed her arms over her chest. Ako: Coz every time I finally break off the kiss. maaga pa ang graduation ni Venice bukas. nagpaalam na si tita. Ako: Are you sure. sampung beses na kong namatay. tita? Tita Mel: Oo.Tita Mel: Ooohh did you like it? Venice: MOOOMMM! Jerwin: I definitely did. Parang gusto akong lamunin. We waited sa labas hanggang dumating ung taxi. Magpahinga na rin kayong dalawa. Tita Mel: Ay wag na. and nag-promise na rin sya na hindi nya ko sasakalin. Nung nakasakay na si tita. Sige na. Ako: Hold on. . I stopped and looked at her. gusto mo ba talagang mamatay nang maaga? Tita Mel: Pano mo naman nalaman na nagustuhan nya rin? I looked back at Venice. Tita Mel: Ikaw. tatalunin nya na ko. Venice: No comment. tsaka lang kami pumasok ni Venice pabalik sa loob ng bahay. I was about to go upstairs nang biglang hinawakan ni Venice ung kamay ko. Tumawag ng taxi si Venice. Babalik na raw sya sa hotel dahil inaantok na sya. Venice: Sunshine. Let me just grab my keys. -__Ako: I’m sure she liked it too. kalian ba naman ako napigilan ng galit nya? But then again. mukhang konti na lang. Ihahatid ko na kayo.

you smile at me as if I’m the best thing that happened in yours. You’re the best thing that ever happened in my life.~*~. Sheena: Eh kung nakikisama ba naman sila. lumayas ka na nga dyan. and just like that. and loved. You know exactly how I feel then.♥ “Argh! What is wrong with your hair?!” I sighed for the hundredth time since sinubukan ni Sheena na pa-“bonggahin” ang buhok ko. eh di hindi sana sila napapagod! Kenny: Anoh bang pinagkakaguluhan nyo dyang dalawa? Kanina pa kayo ha! Ako: Si Sheena kaseh! Tinotorture ang ulo ko! Kenny: Hay nako. nawindang. If yes. Funny. you know? Venice: Ha. I was hoping na you feel the same. Pati si Jerwin. Ako: Can’t you just tie it all up? -__. -__.Venice: Is that how I really look like pagkatapos kitang halikan? :| Ako: Sardines. It makes me feel special.~*~. Unless. then you don’t have to stop yourself. Ma-llate tayo sa ginagawa nyo eh! Tinulak ni Kenny si Sheena patabi. maaga silang nanggising.Napapagod na ang hair ko oh. I was just kidding. I mean… I like kissing you… I like you kissing me. After nila akong i-harass na magmadali maligo at magbihis. Venice: (smiles) Good. dahil kanina nya pa hinihila ang buhok ko in all directions. She looked down on the floor. ayaw nang sumunod ng buhok ko. I don’t kiss you because… you know. ibang kamay naman ang naghihila sa buhok ko. 6:30 AM pa lang. gusto mo talaga akong rape-in every time na hinahalikan kita. Ako: Of course I do. Sa totoo lang. nagiging numb na ung scalp ko. Hindi pa rin nya magawa ang gusto nyang gawin dahil pagkatapos ng successful na pagkulot. kinaladkad na nila ako palabas – not without isang matinding yakap muna sa nagmumuni-muni na . ::Chapter 85:: Emotions ♫. -__Maaga kami gumising – well. nambubulabog na sina Kenny at Anthony sa bahay namin..*sigh* I just don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I put my hands on her face and made her look at me. actually. And every time I look at you after we kiss..♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. Ha.

Jerwin Santos mula kay Kenny. Pumunta kaming lahat sa bahay ni Sheena para dun magpaganda. Si Anthony. mukha ko at ni Jerwin. Dakilang driver namin ngayon ang father ni Sheena. nilabas na nila ang advertisement! Ang ganda mo! Anthony: Parang natural na model ah! Ako: Syempre. sabit lang. best friend. Sige na nga. Sheena: Waaahh best friend. Okay na. Pwede na ba tayo umalis? Halika naaa~ Kinolekta namin ung mga gamit naming and then we all piled up sa van nina Sheena. isang malaking summer billboard ang nakabalandra.. .. Ahyun ang impromptu swimsuit modeling gig ko nung pumunta kami ni Jerwin sa beach. You know naman ang schedule nun. pero nandun pa rin ang mukha ko! Yep. Anyway. magpapaganda. si Sheena. Okay. Sheena: Di sya aattend ng graduation natin? Ako: Probably not. Kenny sa bintana! Nasa kalagitnaan na kami ng highway nang biglang sumalpak ang mukha ni Kenny: Ay! Ay! Ay! Ang taray!!! Venice!!! Napalingon kaming lahat bigla sa pinagkaka-panican nung bakla. Kumuha ng konting kaguluhan sa kabilang side. And my golay. At sa gitna ng napakalaking billboard ay ang mukha ko! OoO Okay. ganun kabilis si Kenny. nasan si Jerwin? Ako: Hmm may gagawin raw sya today eh. Oh di vah~ Kung anong tagal ni Sheena. Inayos nya ung buhok ko para maging side ponytail. Kenny: Ganito lang yan oh. tapos hinayaan nya ung loose strands na i-frame ung mukha ko. ako.. Sheena: Haayyy. at si Kenny. Anthony: Babawi rin un.. halos mahulog-hulog ang puso ko sa nakita ko. Dun sa kalagitnaan ng highway.. Itali sa side. and… tada! Dyosa! Tinignan ko sa salamin ang finished product ng bakla.

. Or siguro dahil madaldal ung katabi ko. kanya-kanyang trip lang yan. noh? Walang magulo. at hindi ko namalayan na lumipad na pala ang oras.. May bitbit na sariling camera at may malaking proud na ngiti sa mukha. Oh di vah. At parang nag-gglow ang skin ko (siguro dahil pinaliguan nila ako ng body oil nung photo shoot na un). Anyway. Parang elementary eh. Pero kasalanan ko bang sadyang maganda lang talaga ako? wahahahaha Nung nakarating na kami sa graduation venue. bakla? Pero. Mga bruhang toh. turn ko nang umakyat ng stage. Nung nakita nyang nakatingin ako na'ko sa kanya. sinalubong kagad kami ni mommy at ni Tita Merryl -. tuloy-tuloy lang sila sa mga commentaries nila tungkol sa mga "enhanced features" ko. Siguro dahil absentminded simula nung umupo ako hanggang sa mga speech-speech chuchu. Kinaladkad ako ni Sheena at ni Kenny papunta sa likod para makapagsimula na ng march..much to my surprise. At daig ko pa ang model ng shampoo sa ganda at shiny ng hair ko. Okay. so naging perfect shape ang katawan ko. and sure enough.. di ko akalain na aattend ang byenan ko. family affair if ever! After ng panandaliang chikkahan. syempre. before I know it. Ako: Gusto mo bang mamatay nang maaga. Syempre. weehhh~ Aattend rin daw sana si Jean at si Tito Ray. kasabay kong umakyat si mother para sabitan ako ng medal. humarap na kami dun sa photographer sa harap para sa picture. dahil mahal na mahal ako ng mga loka. In fairness.. Pagkatapos nyang isabit ung medal.. ahyun nga si Sunshine. Lumapit sa'kin si mommy ng konti para bumulong: Mom: Tinatawag ka ni Jerwin. kaya lang busy sa school at sa work.. Parang naman ganon na lang ka-over the top ang ginawa sa picture ko.Kenny: Ilang oras Phinotoshop yan. he .. The ceremony went by pretty fast. Ako: Jerwin? Tumuro sya sa may likod nung photographer. tinawag na ang mga estudents para makapagsimula na.

ako rin. Ako: Kailan sya dumating? Mommy: Kani-kanina lang. na nakaupo a few rows in front of ng row ko. Inabutan nya ko ng isang bouquet ng red roses.immediately snapped a photo. sinalubong kagad ako ng isang mahigpit na yakap ng Sunshine ko. Ni hindi ko napansin ang mga . bumalik ka na sa upuan mo. He gave me a peck on the cheek. you knooowww~ tingin ng ilang mga people sa paligid. Nakarating si fafa J. Nung nakababa na kami sa wakas. But I'm not giving it to you yet. I'll see you after the Jerwin: Yep. Ako: Gift? For me? Sige na. pero hindi bago madaanan si Sheena. Tumuloy ako papunta sa upuan ko. I got these for you. Lumakad na rin ako papunta sa assigned seat ko. Sheena: Oy. and then waved. then he slipped through the crowd para bumalik sa kung san man nakaupo sina mommy at si Tita Merryl. Kahit hanggang sa pag-upo ko. Jerwin: And I made sure to pick up your graduation gift. yakap din kagad. holding the bouquet and my diploma close to me. Ako: I thought you said may gagawin ka today! Jerwin: Yeah. ha~ Ako: I know. Halos kaladkarin ko si mommy pababa ng stage para lang magmadali sya. Nakita ko un. Syempre. This is the life. feel na feel ko ang ngiti sa mukha ko. Lumaki lalo ung ngiti ko. ceremony.

henyo ang kung sinoman nakaimbento ng waterproof na mascara. sa wakas. nakahabol pa ko. sino ba naman ako para pigilan pa sya? Pagkatapos ng sandamakmak ng pictures. Anton. pero may mga plano rin yata ung mga pamilya nila. and I still saw her march on stage to accept her diploma. Napapangiti pa rin ako pag nakikita ko ung advertisement na un ng swimsuit. natatawa at napapangiti pa rin ako pag naaalala ko un. San nga pala tayo pupunta? Tumingin sya sa sasakyan na nakasunod sa'min. at mas marami pang pictures kasama ung barkada nya. but it's more because of the memories na nangyari nung weekend ng photoshoot. I lightly fingered the small box in my pocket. I think it's one of those moments na I can never be more proud of her. Ako: Are you feeling better now? Venice: Yeah. kaya hindi ko masyadong nadama ang haba nya.♥ Venice's graduation finished in no time at all -. pumayag na rin sya na umalis na. o tears of sadness dahil hindi nya alam kung kailan nya ulit makikita ung mga kaibigan nya. di ba? Ako: I made reservations in a restaurant. nag-picture-picture muna si Venice kasama ng mga kaibigan nya. Syempre. Kahit anong tagal na. It's not because the ad turned out really good..---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Hanggang sa kotse. I still don't know kung tears of joy ba un dahil she finally graduated. Venice: Alam ba nina mommy kung san tayo pupunta? Ako: Yeah. . kung masaya si Venice na i-shock ang mga inosenteng tao. at si Kenny na mag-late lunch. Niyaya namin sina Sheena. naging official photographer ako.. I can't cry the whole afternoon. For some reason.or siguro dahil late ako. My mom knows where it is. Ang tagal bago natapos ang mga goodbyes nila sa isa't-isa. I think na-aamuse si Venice sa mukha ng mga kaibigan nya pag nakikita nila kung sino ako. Dun nakasakay ung mga nanay namin. Dinaanan namin ung newly put up na billboard ng Guess. I didn't have the heart to pry her away lalo na nung umiyak na sya. After ng official end ng ceremony. nagpapahid si Venice ng mga luha nya. Venice: Henyo. Dahil isa si Venice sa mga last students na tinawag. I wonder how she'll react once I give the gift to her.

. "--Lumabas ang isang billboard advertisement kung saan kasama ni Jerwin Santos na nag-model ng mamahaling brand ng swimsuit ang fiancée nyang si Venice Zhao. "Pagkatapos ng mga balitang publicity stunt lang ang relasyon ng dalawa. tapos iibahin nya nanaman ung station. umattend sa graduation ng fiancée nyang si Venice Zhao. masunurin pa rin ang hair nya? Ako: Tutulungan pa kitang mag-suklay. at ung billboard me eh slim and sexy? I stole a glance at her. Venice froze sa upuan nya." Natahimik kaming bigla. samantalang ung billboard me eh parang kahit may twister na. Venice: Kahit na hindi nag-gglow ang balat ko na parang may kung anong luminescent na ilaw sa balat ko? Kahit na may bilbil ako. She immediately switched the radio to another station.. She leaned forward para maghanap ng ibang station sa radio while I continued driving--"--All for show nga ba? Jerwin Santos. marami ang naghihinala na palabas lamang ang ka-sweetan ng dalawa habang nasa graduation--" Venice: Ha. Venice: Oh? Ako: Kahit na. but I think I like the real you better.Venice: What do you think of the billboard? Ako: It's good. Ako: You look luminous enough for me. Venice: I know. Venice: Kahit na minsan halos magkabuhol-buhol na ang buhok ko sa sobrang hangin. May titigilan sandali. and then smiled. May mga nagsaabi na ginamit raw ni . Venice: Weehhhh~ Kaya mahal kita eh! Pinapalaki mo ang ulo ko~ I laughed again. Ang ganda ko! Ako: (chuckles) Yeah. Ang bilis ng balita ah.

her mood totally pummeled down. This is getting out of hand. Venice immediately went upstairs to take a shower. I don't know how to fix the problem. I think halos dalawang oras na'kong nakahiga sa kama. Venice: Wow. ayaw talagang matulog ng utak ko. pondering silence after I spoke. There was a couple seconds of silence before Venice snapped back to reality. After ng another failed attempt na bumagsak sa dream world. There was a long. Kahit anong pilit kong matulog. Nung nakarating na kami sa bahay.♥ Later that night.. I sat up in frustration. She sighed before sya umikot para humarap sa bintana. She was spacing out during lunch. She barely talked nung nag-drive na kami pauwi. Nakakainis. I know. Muntik na nga akong mahulog sa kama sa kaka-paikot-ikot ko. I went to the living room and grabbed my phone. That was lame. Venice: Yeah. Manager: Are you sure about this? Ako: Yes.. Kapag inuntog ko ba .Venice si Jerwin para makapasok sa showbiz--" I finally turned off the radio. I called the manager's phone and told him what I wanted him to do. but I know I have to do something. They don't know anything. Ako: Don't let them bother you. Since then. I want to set the record straight. Dahil lang sa ilang mga tao na kung anu-anong ina-aassume tungkol sa kanya. She barely talked to her mom nung bumalik na sa hotel ung mom nya. Venice doesn't deserve this. ---♥♥--(Venice's POV) ---------------.

. Ako: Jerwin? I waited for a few seconds. I swung my legs out of the bed... I mean. and try to sleep again by myself. then I quietly asked him the one reason I can think of kung bakit ako pumunta sa kwarto nya in the middle of the night. anoh nga bang ginagawa ko dito? Parang akong timang. makakatulog ba ko? Tumingin ako sa kwarto ko. di ba? Pero. so malamang. I would have missed it kung hindi lang ever ang katahimikan sa house. may narinig ako biglang gumalaw sa kama. Madilim na ang kwarto nya.ang ulo ko sa dingding (oo. at isang bag. But to my surprise. Ako: Uh. I softly knocked on the door and then binuksan ko ng konti ung pinto. he extended his hand and smiled at me.. . I took a deep breath. Nung iikot na sana ako pabalik sa kwarto ko. Jerwin: Yea? Pumasok ako sa kwarto nya. Ako: Can I sleep here? He looked at my face as if he's searching for something.. anoh. halos hatinggabi na. He pulled himself up para makita nya ko nang mas maayos.. Bubwit na mga assumers kaseh yan! Anoh bang problema nila sa buhay?! Haayyyy. Not long after that. alam kong masakit). just in case na hinde. I know it's late. naka-impake nanaman ako. Halos wala nang laman. and. Siguro tulog na sya.. Akala ko. Dun ko lang na-realize. which would make me go back to my own room.. pero walang sumagot.. naaalala ko pa nung lumipat kami dito. Parang kailan lang. I stood sa tabi nung kama nya as he looked at me.. lakad kasi ng lakad. Ngayon. sumagot sya in barely audible voice.. I know this may sound really random.. and as quietly as I could. making sure to close the door behind me. he's gonna start teasing me.. I walked out of my room papunta sa kwarto ni Jerwin. Ung mga maleta ko na lang.

I opened my eyes. may interview ako late in the afternoon.. . May narinig akong umiikot-ikot sa kwarto. ::Chapter 86:: Promise ♫.~*~. He grabbed his phone and his wallet from the table then turned around to face me.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. I stared at him as he finished putting on his shoes.Si Jerwin na nagsusuot ng sapatos… at mukhang may pupuntahan. It’s 10:30 in the morning.~*~. lean body na ineexpect ko. Nung nakita kong lumalakad na sya palapit sa’kin.. Pero instead of the warm. Tapos. Argh. There he is. Ako: I see. May pupuntahan ka? Jerwin: Yea. Confused. I didn’t mean to wake you. -__.Jerwin: Sure. wala na nga ang taong supposedly eh katabi ko. Jerwin: Bye. Ako: It’s okay. I quickly plastered a smile on my face. Anong normal na tao ba ang gumigising nang ganito kaaga? Ako: Sunshine? Napatigil sya sa ginagawa nya nung na-realize nyang gumagalaw-galaw na pala ako. Assuming na ung umiikot at ung hinahanap ko eh iisa. I have to go to my manager's office. bumagsak ang kamay ko sa lumalamig at malambot na kumot. Tumingin ako sa orasan. Jerwin: Don’t forget to eat lunch. Jerwin: Oh. And. Jerwin: I’ll be back soon. Ako: Of course..♥ I turned to my side para sana yakapin ung katabi ko. I turned to my side para mas makakita nang maayos. I flinched sa sinabi nya. yep.

He gave me a quick kiss on the forehead before he straightened up again. and he was gone. kasama si Manong Ponce na driver at tagabitbit ng mga gamit. I wonder if they’ll recognize me… Bahala na. Jerwin: I love you too. he finally left. ng pagligo. kahit five minutes lang. pagpapaganda. ilang buwan. I remembered he didn’t want to know. Anyway.. Finally. Haayyy. Maya-maya.. I asked them na idaan muna ako dito. He gave me a quizzical look. dahil hapon na. Kakabukas nya lang nang pinto when I felt the need to call him again.. Ilang beses kaya ako umupo dito dati doing the very same thing? Ilang taon. Maybe I’ll even say hello to your parents. of course. bumukas na ung gate. Ako: I love you. I lightly traced the engravings on the smooth stone. I stayed in that position for a few more minutes. After saying that. Pag-alis namin. I forced myself to get out of bed. So. pagbihis. Syempre. I felt a sense of déjà vu nung ginawa ko un. Narinig ko ung truck na nag-start. bumalik ako after ten years. I still have things to do. Ako: G… Last time ko na yata makakadaan dito… Unless. ilang araw akong kumapit sa bato . Mataas na ang araw nung lumabas ako. I collapsed on the bed again and pulled the sheets closer to me.. sa harap ng very familiar na gravestone habang naghihintay sa labas ng very familiar na sementeryo ang mga matatandang kasama ko. I just smiled at him again. ehto ako ngayon… Naka-luhod sa very familiar na damuhan. memorizing his scent. He paused and turned to look at me. I’ll make sure na makakadaan ako sa totoong libingan mo sa States. pagkain at pag-space out ko? Kasalanan ko bang matagal ang process Anyway.. Amoy Jerwin pa rin. sinundo ako nina mommy at ni Tita Merryl from the house. I opened my mouth to tell him kung anong mangyayari mamaya… But then.. So instead. pero nawala rin kagad as his expression changed to something warmer.

Pag nakita mong may ginagawang kalokohan.♥ I watched in nervous anticipation as the talk show hosts wrap up the interview with the current guest. I’m leaving now. What are you doing here? . may permission kang pasukin ang mga panaginip nya at ipahabol sya sa monsters. The whole show is live. I finally found myself waiting in the dressing room of the weekend Celebrity Talk Show. tumatawang parang sadista. Ang cute naman~ Si Jerwin at si Gerard in one place… Ung isa hinahabol ng monster. magkakasundo sila ni Jerwin. kung buhay lang si G. After the talk with the manager on what I can say without giving away too much private information. paki bantayan na rin si Jerwin. what are you doing here? Nicole: I had a meeting with some sponsors. so there’s absolutely no place for mistakes. Napangiti ako sa picture. ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------. Parang ang tagal na… Ang dami nang nangyari… Ako: Continue to watch over me. Ako: Nic. I’m sure they’ll be fast toh na wala naman talagang koneksyon kay Gerard kundi ung pangalan nyang naka-engrave? It’s weird. Ako: Well. I’m sure. G. Pero mabuti na rin sigurong ganito. Kahit na madalas magtatalo sila dahil pareho silang matigas ang ulo. Pano na lang ang puso ko kung sabay silang nasa buhay ko? Ay shosyal! Mamangka sa dalawang ilog~ Ang ganda ko! I smiled one last time as I finally stood up and brushed the blades of grass off of my jeans. “Jerwin?” Napaikot ako when I heard my name. ung isa. this is good-bye. okay? At kung hindi rin naman masyadong pabigat. I quickly came face to face with a very baffled-looking Nicole.

Good afternoon po. Nung nagpalakpakan lang ung audience ako nagising. Kuya Boy looked at me with concern in his eyes. I was numb. I gave him a faint smile. na-realize nya na ang nangyayari.. It feels like it. I gave the host a small smile to assure him I’m fine. I don’t think tama ang pagdaloy ng dugo sa katawan ko ngayon.Ako: Interview. Ni hindi ko na rin napansin na Nicole is throwing daggers at me with her eyes as I was dragged away. She glowered at me as she repeatedly slapped me on the arm. Nicole: You idiot! You didn’t know--- “Jerwin? It’s your cue!” I snapped out of my daze nung naramdaman kong may humihila na sa’kin palayo from Nicole’s abuse. I’ll do what I came here to do. . Napansin nya yatang wala ako sa tamang utak… at medyo namumutla yata ako. Nicole: Interview? Now? Ako: Venice’s flight? Nicole: Yeah. But no one needs to know that. hanggang finally. Isn’t she leaving today in… She looked at her watch. nandito na rin naman ako. After all. I can almost see the gears in her head turning. unang-una. papunta sa stage. Did I just hear her right? Venice is leaving today? Nicole scrutinized the horrified expression I’m probably wearing right now. Kuya Boy: Jerwin. Nicole: …about an hour? But… What about Venice’s flight? I froze on the spot. maraming salamat sa tiwala at sa pagkakataon na ito. Ako: Uh. Nakaupo na pala ako sa harap nung host.

Ako: Venice had nothing to do with the decision to get engaged… or any other decision that came afterward. contrary sa mga balita. hindi si Venice ang lumapit syo? I bit my tongue to keep from laughing. ako pa ang medyo okay sa balita. nung binalita sa’min ng mga magulang namin na we’re getting engaged. . Sigh. totoo bang arranged lang ang lahat? Ako: Ang “relasyon” namin? I stifled a snort. -_- Kuya Boy: Nalilito ang marami. -__. That… did not sound right. Ako: I admit.Ganun na lang ba ka-strict ang pagpapatakbo ng mga magulang ko sa relasyon namin na hindi ko napansin na natangay na lang ng daloy si Venice? She didn’t even get a say on anything… Not the start of the engagement… Not the end of it. May sinasabi na pala sya. Kuya Boy: So. the engagement was arranged. dahil thankfully. Napansin nya rin yata. Binalik ko ung atensyon ko kay kuya. ni di ko na narinig. ang relasyon nyo ni Venice. Ako: Pero ang “relasyon” namin? Our relationship is very much real. A rushed murmur resonated from the people in the studio. Ang totoo pa nga po nyan. Technically. Ibig sabihin ba nito ay napilitan lang si Venice na pumasok sa relasyon nyo? Nagpanggap lang ba sya na masaya kayo? Ako: What? No! Of course not. but I don’t think that counts… Lalo na dahil lasing sya nun at hindi nya na alam ang ginagawa nya when she stumbled upon me. I don't think I'm doing too well with this live interview thing. si Venice nga ang lumapit sa’kin. Kuya Boy: Jerwin? Jerwin? I snapped out of my reverie. he repeated his question.Kuya Boy: Wala nang ligoy-ligoy pa. Venice was on the verge of strangling me to death for agreeing with the arrangements. Kuya Boy: Anong ibig mong sabihin? Ako: We started out under unconventional circumstances. Damn.

I apologize to everyone kung naramdaman nyong niloko namin kayo or kung inakala nyo na publicity stunt lang toh. na nakatayo sa gilid nung stage. There’s a sudden stillness in the studio as I talk to the people and lay out all I have to say. Ako: Just because the relationship started out wrong does not mean it continued to be wrong.That’s ridiculous. I took another deep breath. . . and then reluctantly. Ako: On behalf of my family and Venice. . She bit her lip. I better wrap up. May nag-iba ba ngayong nilabas mo na ang totoo? Napatingin ako bigla kay Nicole. much to the surprise of the staff and crew. We’re happy! . and then slowly looked back kay Kuya Boy. And the truth is. I wonder if I look as pathetic as I feel right now? Kuya Boy: Napansin ko lang habang nagsasalita ka. probably more real than some other relationships that started with the normal na ligawan. and that she had come to love me as well. She actually looks like she’s sympathizing with me. Ako: The main reason I came here today is to tell the truth. I can sincerely tell all of you that I had come to love that woman. we were happy. with a hint of pity in his eyes. Venice and I no longer together. Please do not hate Venice. she gave me a nod of encouragement. I closed my eyes as I hear astonished whispers went around the studio. What Venice and I had was real. That confession hurt more than I thought. Ako: As of today. I lowered my eyes. or rather. It’s not a lie. I guess I wouldn’t have to worry about being murdered after the interview. Mukhang kalmado na sya. past tense ang mga sinasabi mo. during the short time that the Venice and I spent together. I turned to the camera. and I really hope all of you would understand and finally let go of the doubts someday. What we had was real. Nag-ssignal na si direk na malapit nang mag-commercial break. He was looking at me intently. We were not pretending.

The diamond ring's box. As we speak. I closed the box and reached for the paper na pinapatungan kani-kanina lang nung box..kahit na alam ko na kung anong nasa loob -. It was a ring's box. She left me the ring.. the assumptions… Venice does not deserve any of those. It just made things more real. Lumakad ako palapit sa kama. I opened it -. Anong sasabihin ko kung. it used to be hers. ran around the house looking for her… but what’s the point? The stillness already confirms the truth: she’s gone. It was decided that she’ll be better off away from here. you know? We're no longer engaged. The room is clean. bakit ngayon pa kayo naghiwalay? Ako: The rumors. wait for me. so please. Except for the small box and the piece of paper sitting on her bed. Wala nang one or two shirts na nakakalat sa sahig.. I would have called for Venice.. I walked inside hers – or at least.. Empty. Kuya Boy: Jerwin. She's really gone.. I unfolded it and read .. anong sasabihin mo? I turned to the camera again.Kuya Boy: Pagkatapos ng lahat ng sinabi mo. sa kung anong himala. I trudged upstairs. I already promised that I’d come for her no matter what. I turned on the light and looked around. eh naririnig nya ko ngayon? ”Don’t go”? “You still never told me if you were going to wait for me”? But then again. the harsh criticisms. Nanikip ang dibdib ko nung na-recognize ko kung ano ung box na un. kung bibigyan ka ng pagkakataon na mag-iwan ng mensahe para kay Venice. boarding her flight to the States. but instead of going to my room. I stumbled inside the dark house after shutting the front door behind me. I slowly took the small box. so… Ako: Venice.pero seeing the diamond ring. nasa airport na po sya. Hindi na natatabunan ng make-up at accessories ung vanity table nya.. I’ll fulfill my promise. Wala na ung mga kalat nya sa study table.

whatever)..~*~. but it is exactly what I wanted to hear (or read.. and again. pero nandun na rin ung resemblance. Nung nag-sink in na sa utak ko ung binasa ko..~*~. Napatingin sa’kin si Jean tsaka ung ka-“date” nya. And I thought Jean finally got over that little crush. It’s getting annoying na I can’t place what’s so familiar about him. Ako: Dude. I don’t really care if it’s making the guy uncomfortable. Ako: Are you gay? Jean: Kuya! Ako: What? I’m just making sure. Tama lang un. I read it again. eh malakas ang loob nyang ilabas ang kapatid ko?! Who cares kung 16 na si Jean at pinayagan na sya ng mga magulang naming makipag-“date”? It is my brotherly right to make the guy’s life miserable. I'll wait for you. not entirely familiar. Especially since mukhang pretty boy tohng lalaking toh… Wait a minute… I stared at the guy’s face again." ::Chapter 87:: Time After Time ♫. He looks like Kenny! Damn. or nakalimutan mo na . I knew there’s something familiar about him! Well. Kahit nung sumabit na si Jean sa braso nya para ipakilala ung ka-“date” nya (Meet Patrick daw).♫ (Jerwin's POV) ---------------. I couldn't help but smile. "Sunshine. I still can’t stop glaring at him. The message is simple.the small message. and again. and then it hit me.. ♥ Sardines. He looks a lot like your previous “Prince Charming”..♥ There is something very familiar about this guy’s face. Anong iniisip nya? Gagawin kong madali ang buhay nya.

lumaking may pagka-dominatrix. you’re just plain annoying. At least. Relax ka lang dyan. then it won’t be long ‘til our lives return to the way it should be. Napatingin ako sa kalendaryo na nakapaskil sa may tabi ko. no'n. kinakabahan ka na. One of my earliest projects was the small town na pinagkawalaan namin ni Venice years and years ago. eleven in the evening. Jean: See you soon. hinila nya na palabas si Patrick bago pa man makapag-paalam nang ayos ung tao. It’s where I write songs for other artists. I walked back to the room na ginawa kong personal working space ko. and then walked up to me and gave me a hug. We’ve both been busy with work and other things. where I check on talents with potential. Jean: Okay na. nagpapaka-philanthropist ako. She turned to glare at me while still talking to the amused boy next to her. years since the last time I saw her. I stood by the front door and watched the car disappear. Now. Maghihintay syo si Aling Ligaya. Jean: What? Sasabihin mo nanaman na busy ka? Na hindi pa kasi tapos ung kontrata mo? Hay nako! Ehwan ko syo! Ako: You know? I liked you better when you were young and annoying. It’s been months since the last time I talked to Venice. -__If I know. matagal na kong lumipad sa States--Ako: Jeanette. Ako: Like I said earlier. hindi na gumagana. and where I finalize the financial and material donations na pupunta sa mga maliliit na baryo na kailangan ng konting tulong sa araw-araw nilang buhay. . Ako: Make sure you come home before eleven – and I mean. Patrick: Prince Charming? Jean: Don’t mind him. Jean. not eleven the next day. kuya. If I were you. Alis na nga kami. Yep. Pakipot pa kasi. Masyado kang uptight. Jean talaga. After Jean: Shut up. may pagka-cute pa ung pagka-annoying mo. hanggang sa sumarado na ulit ung gate. you’re annoying. where I review tracks and albums I might feel like producing. If things go the way I plan. kuya. Jean: Bitter lang sya kasi ilang taon na syang walang girlfriend. Na-overwork na utak nyan. wala pang Tumawa lang sya. nangyayari. Jean: Sabi mo lang un.

Of course. it's alright. and two weeks. Kung tinuloy-tuloy ko ang pag-ccross ng mga araw sa kalendaryo. walang tawag. it's not like we didn't keep in contact. pero pag bad trip ka. All I know is. so I haven't actually seen him in the flesh since three years ago. I can manage somehow. Siguro. walang kahit ano! Zilch! Nada! Nasagasaan ba sya ng truck?!? (I hope not.---♥♥--(Venice's POV) ---------------.. He knows that. walang email. kung ang mga tsismis eh ganitong nakaka-high blood and mostly di naman totoo. We talk once a month. anoh pa bang care mo kung hindi makakasagot ung sinisigawan mo? I stabbed my spoon sa bowl ng ice cream na kinakain ko as I glared at the screen. di vah? But then again. in denial akong ganyan na talaga katagal. So why in the world bigla syang nag-disappear!?? For three months now. Ang hirap pala.. -_-) . pero pano na lang ako sasagap ng tsismis tungkol kay Jerwin kung wala akong Filipino channel.. Three years. walang YM.. Chat online once in a while pag may oras (which is very rare considering timezones and work schedules). -__- Three years. As long as I get to talk to him. at lalo pang nakaka-bad trip ang pinapanood mo.♥ “What?!? He wouldn’t go out with that walking stick! Nasa kinder pa yata yan nung nag-hhigh school na kami!” I know it's not healthy na sigawan ang TV. four months. Three years na kong naghihintay. Pero dahil tumigil ako sa pag-eekis ng mga araw nung umabot ako sa one year and two months.... siguro makakasigurado ako na ganyan na exactly katagal since lumipad ako dito sa States.. bad idea na nagpakabit ako ng TFC. Okay. eh ano pang silbi ng panonood ko? I blame Jerwin..

all alone.. Good thing safe ang neighborhood na napaglipatan ko.. do something bago ako ma-loka dito. Walang makausap na pang-distract man lang. I went down the stairs. I tugged my coat closer to me and started my walk. so most of the other residents sa building. May mga dumadaan na sasakyan once in a while.. I might as well go out and. Ehto ang isa sa mga disadvantages ng nakatira sa isang apartment. pero ang weird naman. May kung anong law ba na nagsasabing bawal bumili ng gatas at eleven in the Tumigil ako sa kabilang street nung Walgreens para hintayin ung pedestrian light na mag-green. I walk outside. na iba na ngayon ang tsinitsismis. I guess this is one of the reasons kaya halos wala nang tao sa labas. pag kailangan ko na ng distraction. bwahahahaha I looked to the right and looked to the left para siguraduhing walang sasagasa sa'kin. Mahirap na. evening? But oh well. at kahit anong oras pa. It's already 10:30 PM.. Iniisip kong maglakad hanggang sa Walgreens two blocks away para bumili ng gatas. May pulis kayang nakatago kung saan? Huhulihin nya ba ko pag nag-jaywalking ako? Only one way to find out.nagmumukha kang sira. tinigil ko na un. Ever since I moved out of my mom's house two years ago. tapos sasama lang pala sya kung anong walking stick?! Abno ba sya?! Haayyy.Napatingin ulit ako sa TV. kahit isang block lang. Masakit . -___- I turned off the TV and pried my butt out of the couch. I found out na ang creepy pala pag kinakausap mo ang dingding -. either tulog na or getting ready na matulog. So. di ba? Lumabas ako nang ganito ka-late ng gabi para lang bumili ng gatas.. Malapit na mag-autumn. May nakita na kaya syang iba? Aba! Sabihin nya man lang sa'kin nang mapa-ambush ko sya! Tatlong taon akong pinaghintay. and then stepped out of the building. Ehwan ko ba kung bakit ako sumusunod sa traffic rules. I grabbed my keys from the counter and then quietly locked the door behind me. Instead. wala namang kotse. so medyo malamig na ang hangin pag gabi. pero walang naglalakad.

mas amazing naman talaga dahil nakikita ko sya habang kinakausap nya ko – nahahawakan ko pa! Sensory overload! Ganun pa rin itsura nya.~*~. May kung anong wisdom na from life experiences sa mga mata nya. When he's finally close enough. I was about to step out of the sidewalk nang napansin kong may nakatayo sa kabilang side nung street. O. the affectionate glances… Nandun pa rin. Natulog na talaga dapat ako! Suddenly.. Jerwin: Anoh pa ba? I'm fulfilling my promise. nakatitig sa'kin ung guy -.then I froze. . the other guy smiled and casually waved at me. He looks better in person kesa pag nakikita ko sya sa TV.ang mamatay. I'm hallucinating. It’s been three years. Hindi ko na napigilan ang sarili ko as tears threatened to spill out of unblinking eyes. Oh my gawd. freaked me out. But the boyish good looks. Of course.O I stood on the spot and squinted para makita ko nang mabuti ung mukha nya -.♥ “Kelan ka pa dumating? Sinong kasama mo? How did you know where I was? Nasan mga gamit mo? Pano ka nakarating dito?” Jerwin chuckled softly as I barreled him with questions. I flung my arms around him. ::Chapter 88. You're here! You're here! What are you doing here?!? Natawa sya ng konti as he gave me a quick hug before pulling away to look at me. Ako: Oh my god. I wouldn't mind. Nung nakita kong the coast is clear. I know.~*~. He jogged towards me to meet me halfway.thankful na walang sasakyan dahil late ko nang na-realize na i-check bago tumawid. the teasing grin.which of course. nag-mature lang nang konti ang mukha nya. pero parang walang nagbago. I ran towards him -. pero this time. I've come for you. If ever.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. Normally. halata bang na-excite ako? Walang magulo! Moment ko itowh! I stared at him as we walk back to my place.1:: Destiny Fulfilled ♫.

nung nakita mo ko. tapos pag hinarap mo ung kinda. just in case… I don’t want you to feel obligated to still wait for me. biglang aatakihin sa puso. Ako: I know. Ang bilis um-agree. Ako: Hmmm. Start from the beginning. dun sa tatlong buwan na un. I’ve been following you for five minutes. I’m staying in a Comfort Inn not far from here. Isa-isa lang ang tanong. Jerwin: Na-miss mo ba ko? Ako: We-ell… Tatlong buwan ka ring hindi nagparamdam… -__Jerwin: So. nagpa-hug naman. . Si kuya talaga… Magpapaka-martyr. Tinigil ako nung taxi sa may kanto. I likes! fc He suddenly stopped walking and pulled me in for a hug. Jerwin: True. I wanted you to have the opportunity to find out if you want something -someone else.. Tagal mo ba namang di nakita tohng ganda kong toh. mga tao nga naman. Naramdaman kong biglang nag-tense ung hawak nya sa’kin.It’s like nothing changed. Haaayyy. kakarating mo lang. I took a cab and was about to go to your place nung nakita kitang naglalakad. Ako: Awwww… You’re stalking me already. Jerwin: I’m not stalking you. Parang ang sarap nya pa ring rape-in! wahahahaha charing! Jerwin: Slow down. Alam ko namang di mo na mapigilan ang sarili mo.. After dropping off my things. Ako: Okay. like-a na gusto nyang mangyari. Ay. may nagbago ba? Ako: Sinadya mo bang hindi magparamdam? Jerwin: I wanted to give you a sense of freedom bago ako pumunta dito. I did go out with this guy a month ago.. Sigh… Jerwin: I missed you. ako namang si malandi. Sunshine. Jerwin: I just got here this afternoon. naghahanap ng tatawiran. Syempre. Ako: Okay lang un.

and the main reason na pumayag lang akong lumabas kasama sya is nabbwiset ako syo dahil hindi ka nagpaparamdam. Jerwin: Good. Nung napansin nyang hindi ko sya nilalapitan. he craned his neck to look at me. every hour with me now that I’m here? Ako: Ang feeling mo rin. we can grab lunch. As soon as nakatulog at nakapagpahinga na nang konti si Jerwin. Jerwin: Hey.. I guess we can stay up late… Ako: Di ka ba pagod? Jerwin: Well. Matamaan sana ng kidlat ang kung sinuman nakaisip gawing tourist attraction ang pagkataas-taas na building na un.. He plopped himself on the couch – parang isda na bagong huli. Hindi pa natuwa. I realized na hindi pala ako natutuwa sa kanya. Tagal ko nang hindi naririnig ang “You Are My Sunshine”. Off ako ng weekends. that’s it. Jerwin: Come here. Ang gwapo mo! He laughed again. pero hawak nya pa rin ung kamay ko as we started walking sa apartment building kung san ako nakatira. Saturday. dumiretso kagad si Jerwin sa living room. Jerwin: What? You don’t want to spend every minute.Jerwin: And? Ako: We went out once. quality T-I-M-E kagad ang banat namin. noh? Pinanood ko sya as he tried to make himself comfortable sa aking beloved plush couch. Binitawan nya na ko.. Sardines. a little… (smiles) But I figured I don’t really have to go back to my motel room tonight… Maybe just a quick nap? Ako: Makikitulog ka? As soon as I opened the door to my apartment and stepped inside. tapos ipasyal mo ko. Tomorrow. may trabaho ka ba bukas? Ako: Nope. nagliwaliw kami sa Chicago. kung san mangiyak-ngiyak ako nung pinilit nya kong umakyat sa Willis Tower at pumasok dun sa glass thingy overlooking the city. As for tonight. talagang nilagyan pa .

It’s not like we’ve never shared a roof before. I drove to Jerwin’s motel to pick him up for an early dinner. We went to a nearby restaurant. hindi pa rin nawawala ang kagustuhan nyang iharass ung lalaki for dating his “baby sister”. Kinuwento nya rin ang so-called date ni Jean the day ng flight nya. Apparently. sticking out of the building. Kung anong tuwa ni Jerwin. That date was about four or five days ago.promise.jet lag raw. But now that he’s here… Well. I usually don’t mind working in the nursing home -. Overprotective na kuya. T^T We then went to Millennium Park. I didn’t miss the fact na “were” ang ginamit nya. I was driving him back nang pumasok sa isip ko ang isang ideya. Ako: Why don’t you check out of the motel and just stay with me? He looked at me wide-eyed. it was a good day. ganon naman ang lakas ng temptation kong umiyak at suntukin ung ngiti sa mukha nya. Anong nakakagulantang sa tanong na un? Avah. Same thing. wala nang isip-isip pa. kung iisipin. makakatipid pa sya. He just woke up nung dumating ako -. ako naman si impulsive. . busy-busyhan si kuya sa pagiging santo. Imagine na lang ang excitement ng mother ko nang nakilala nya kung sino ung nakasakay sa kotse ko. and you needed a place-Ako: Yeah. Tinaasan ko sya ng kilay. Ako: What? Ngayon ka pa magpapaka-demure? Nasan ang demure-ness mo nung binahay mo ko years ago? Jerwin: Excuse me. wala nang engagement. Halos ayaw nya na nga Bumalik kami sa ground floor. Kawawa naman. Kinuwento sa’kin ni Jerwin lahat ng mga pinaggagawa nya the past three months. Pero un naman talaga ang usapan. Psh.. wala akong balak na biglang maglupasay at magsisigaw ng: “Jerwin! Marry me! Take me now!” glass encase sa pinakataas na floor. tinanong ko kagad sya. That just sounds… wrong. hindi kita “binahay”. Kung wala siguro akong trabaho kinabukasan.We were engaged. "We were engaged" raw. na pag nag-step ka sa loob. Monday. tapos sumakay ng subway papunta sa kami paalisin. may pagka-exciting ang buhay dun lalo na pag maraming mga may dementia na umaaligid-aligid. at halos halikan ko na ang semento sa sobrang tuwa. binisita namin sina Mommy at ang kanyang boylet sa bahay nila. Chinatown. baka kinulong nya na kami sa bahay nila. makikita mo talaga ang TAAS ng tower under your feet. I grudgingly spent 8 hours at work. di ba? As soon as I leave. Syempre. -__. Haaayyy. When I got out. Over all. Nung Sunday naman. yeah.

every night. pinapangarap mong nasa kama mo ko noh. Alam mo ba kung gano kalamig sa labas? . he took me out for a “date”. Wag kang mag-alala. naghahanap ng susuotin ko. Next thing I know. Finally. You’ll pick me up after work? Ako: Yup. but. We didn’t even share a bed. you know what I mean.. Tame pa nga yang comment na yan. it wasn’t. we’re not exactly in a romantic relationship yet… yata? Iba ang pag-fuss ni Jerwin nung gabi na un. three weeks na syang nandito. sa apartment tayo. Jerwin: What?!? I laughed at the startled expression on his face. except that last night. he pulled out a dark red cocktail dress. He cooks me breakfast and dinner.hurray for international driving license. I know. One weekend. That was how Jerwin found himself in my apartment. okay.. Nood ng sine or kain sa labas… or mag-bar or kahit anong magpag-tripan.kung anumang relasyon namen -. hatid-sundo nya rin ako -..Although pag wala pa syang ginawa soon para i-semento ang-. I looked at the dress questioningly. Ako: Ahsusssss… If I know. he just shrugged. Jerwin: No. I wanted to ask him kung ano ba kami.baka nga maglupasay na ko sa sobrang frustration. I watched him rummage through my closet. hindi kami friends… pero. Jerwin: Haayyy. Shosyal.. It worked for me. Ako: So? Are you gonna move in with me again? Ikaw naman ang binabahay ko ngayon – although. Hindi ko alam kung bakit biglang “date” na ang tawag sa mga lakwatsa namin. many years in the States corrupted my mind. Indefinite leave of absence daw sya from work. Ako: San tayo pupunta at kailangan naka-dress up ako? Jerwin: Secret. dahil for sure. Nagliliwaliw kami paminsan- minsan tuwing gabi. When I asked him kung kailan sya babalik ng Pinas. Minsan. I’ll check out tomorrow. Ako: I’m not gonna wear that thing unless you tell me why. pero you get the idea. may mga gabi na pinapangarap rin kita. tapos sa kanya.

just like he ordered me to do. With winter approaching. I was right. It’s a fitted. I stared at the piece of wood in front of me. just to make him stop pacing all over the place and mumbling to himself. he closed the door. I’ll take a shower. Hayy. Nung pinagsuot nya ko ng dress. and practically threw me in the bathroom para magshower. akala ko sa mamahaling restaurant kami pupunta. I turned on the shower para maligo. manginginig ako kung susuotin ko ung nilabas nya. I likes. Nilagay nya ung dress sa kama. Bahala sya sa buhay nya. pero I doubt I’d be done by fifteen minutes. o mapipikon dahil tinapon nya ko sa banyo. Jerwin: Fifteen minutes. Jerwin: Wear a coat… and a scarf if you want. I found him standing outside with an impatient look on his face. Gusto ko na nga sanang ihampas ung lamp sa ulo nya. I didn’t expect him to take me here. I didn’t bother locking the door. feeling nya enough na ang fifteen minutes para makaligo?!? Anong gusto nya. Nabbwisit ako dahil I don’t what he’s so worked up for. It’s gonna be warm sa pupuntahan natin anyway. After saying that. At naloloko ba sya? Ilang linggo na syang nandito. If I know. Tignan ko lang ang tapang nya kung bigla syang pumasok. baka lalo syang mabaliw pag one minute late ako sa intended nyang time. Hindi ko alam kung macconfuse ba ko sa actions ng mokong.♥ I’ll give it to Jerwin. When I opened the door. then took my hand. Ako: What? (Venice's POV) ---------------. Feel na feel ko pa naman . magwisik-wisik na lang ako?! Sighing. at nung nakita ko sya naka-dress shirt and slacks.Totoo naman. The hem falls to my knees. sleeveless dress with a plunging neckline to showcase a bit of cleavage. I finished my shower twenty more minutes after ng 15 minutes nya. I bought that dress nung minsang napag-tripan kung magpaka-landi kaya ahyun – malandi rin ung damit.

Jerwin: Of course it is. Jerwin: Of course you do... Okay. he took my hand again and led me to.. or you'll ruin the surprise.. He took my hand and led me towards the theater's door. pero bago ako makapagsalita. Instead. wherever we're going.. he drove to Clearwater. Parang nagkakaron ako ng deja vu. wala pa rin akong nakikitang tao. Ako: What are we doing here then? Jerwin: Sumunod ka na lang.. Still. Napatingin ako sa paligid. kung bukas sya. Ako: What? Jerwin: Close your eyes. apartment.. He locked the car. Besides. -___- Ako: Are we there yet? .ang high heels ko. Ako: I don't think it's open. I think. Pero sinarado ko naman mga mata ko. not everything is open on Saturdays. It's a Saturday. bakit walang tao sa paligid? I would have told him that. a live stage theater 20 minutes away from my Ako: You made me dress up para manood ng kung anong small play na pwede namang panoorin nang naka-jeans at t-shirt? Jerwin: Of course not.. so bukas nga sya... After making sure na wala na kong nakikita. Jerwin: Close your eyes. he pulled the door open and stepped inside. Ako: I hate surprises. Well.

. with the rest of the theater so dark na hindi ko man lang makita ung mga seats. he was more than willing to rent me the theater for the night. May apat na spotlights na nakatutok sa stage -. Hinila nya ulit ung kamay ko papunta sa table namin. There are cut-outs of buildings in the background.... I stared at the table. and with a few bucks added to his bank account. and gaped at the sight in front of me. at masyadong malayo ang Pilipinas. I took a deep breath. We're standing on one side of the stage. afraid na baka maliwanag sa loob. -__- Jerwin: Okay.. may limang steps ng hagdan in front of you.or particularly. and then.O It's a relatively small theater. You like? Ako: Very. half-expecting na nananaginip ako at mawawala na sya any minute now. very slowly. grumbling under my breath on how I should have worn sneakers instead of high heels kung paglalakarin nya pala ako without my beloved eyesight. I opened my eyes. Ako: How. This definitely looks somewhat familiar.. Ako: And pinayagan ka nyang gawin lahat toh?!? Jerwin: He's a big supporter of romance. So I settled for somewhere closer.. O_O Ako: What? How? When? What? O.. wide-eyed. dun sa nakalagay sa stage. matagal ang flight.. Watch out..? Jerwin: I ran into the theater manager when I dropped by the last week... I turned to Jerwin. But it stayed there. Maya-maya. A small table for two is situated in the middle of the stage. the original plan was to take you back to the music hall where we had our first date[1]. Ako: Why here? Jerwin: Well. may soft melody na ng mga violins ang nag-float sa background. make things as similar as possible... stop here. and open your eyes.Jerwin: Almost. I carefully trudged up the mini-stairs. I tried to . Pero.

. he walked away. may lumabas na waiter. Eewwww. I saw it. tapos break. Anoh? May multo ba dito na dapat lumabas? Ako: What---? Suddenly. I was completely awed. with the soft music playing in the background. ang abnormal. and I didn't have time na magluto. Panira yata ng moment if ever biglang tumalbog sa table ang mata ko. I blinked twice para hindi mahulog ang mga eyeballs ko. Jerwin: Mag-rrequest sana ako ng sinigang. I wonder what Jerwin is thinking. . I looked up in confusion. may paminsan-minsan na small talk. Ano kayang ibig sabihin nito bigla-bigla nya ko nilalabas -. starry night ung ganito pa ka-chuva ang event ni kuya! Are we going to try the boyfriend-girlfriend thing now? I know.where it's completely dark. They look like stars. and then put a plate of something in front of me and another one in front of Jerwin. Nag-mukhang starry. Talagang kinarir namin ang pag-mess up sa normal cycle noh? Patapos na ung dessert namin when Jerwin suddenly leaned over and took my hand. -__- As soon as we sat down. not that side. Tumingin ako dun sa mga "buildings" na nakasabit sa tabi ko. Tumingin ako sa kabilang side ko -. He smiled. We ate in companionable silence. pero wala silang Filipino cook. After filling out glasses with champagne. I hope okay lang syo ang breaded chicken and mashed potatoes? Ako: We can always eat at home pag nagutom tayo ulit. the other side. Jerwin: No. tapos tsaka kami nag-bf-gf. Engaged muna kami. Bakit nya iniistorbo ang very much enjoyable na relasyon namin ng brownie fudge ko? Jerwin: Venice.Nanlalaki pa rin yata ang mata ko. Look to the side.. Hundreds (maybe thousands?) of tiny lights glimmering in the darkness.

I'm asking you to give us another chance. @. baka namamalit-mata lang ako. the words were finished.. There's a mask of nervousness.@ Jerwin: Yep.. to know.. Pero nung tumingin ulit ako. I love the woman you’ve become. I stared at the finished phrase. at talagang tinutok ko ung mata ko para maghanap ng kahit isa man lang na constellation. Now. "Marry Me. As one letter and another and another took form. naniwala nga. to start all over again. hindi ko matanggal ung mga mata ko. and to love everything that you are.. I rubbed my eyes. I still couldn't form a coherent thought. much less a sentence. at may letter "R" na na-shape ung isang group.. without reservations.. I opened my mouth to speak. a few other "stars" appeared in addition to the already starry theater. nasa gitna ng "sky". I turned to the message again. without outside pressure. I'm here to make a step forward.. Ang weird pa kasi napansin kong magkakalapit sila. and I’m certain I will love the woman you will be in the years to come. magkakatabi. But. I squinted and leaned even closer para panoorin ung mga new "stars". the lights are coming from the stage lights above. and I wouldn't dream of denying it happened. This time. Ako: Really?! Ako namang si naive. I don't see the point of doing that. maybe it's expected na magsimula tayo sa boyfriend-girlfriend na relasyon. Jerwin: Venice. and then to him. because you want to. So. and hope on his face. Is he really doing this? .. I don't know how they would do it.. We were engaged. I still love you. Because after all these years. I mean. I loved who you were. pero walang lumabas.. This time. It gave me the chance to meet. fear. to understand. kaya nag-ppop out sila. Kung titignan mong mabuti. excitement." I turned to Jerwin in bewilderment. Ganun pa rin ung message...Ako: Stars.. May kung anong papel siguro na nilagay para maging maliit ung stream ng lights.. Finally. At kahit anong gusto ko. I felt my heart start beating faster. baka may makita ka pang constellation. ganun pa rin ung nakita ko. He was watching me the entire time. These new stars are brighter than the rest. I'm not here to take a step back. pano kaya nila gagawin ang Orion? Or ang Big Dipper? All of a sudden.

He was grinning as he slipped the ring on my finger. Jerwin: Will you make me the luckiest man on earth and spend the rest of your life with me? Oh my god. It's beautiful. Nagtuloy-tuloy na ang luha ko as I flung myself and gave him a bone-crushing hug. really hope he's giving it to me. the ring has a heart-shaped aquamarine stone surrounded by diamond accents. maluha-luha ako nang bigla syang lumuhod sa harap ko. He took out a small velvet box from his pocket. not because I have to. and I could almost feel my heart jump out of my chest. but because I am choosing to commit to you.. Jerwin: I've had this for years. Ako: Yes! Yes! Of course. The silver band is plain. I don't know if you still remember it. and I really. He took a deep breath as he looked straight in my eyes. Instead of a diamond. I would've proposed weeks ago. I stared at the ring in utter joy before wrapping my arms around his neck again. Jerwin: If I knew you're going to be this happy. I figured. It's the first ring you looked at that day we went with our moms to get an engagement ring. I'll marry you! He gave a small. I've had it even before you left. It wasn't the engagement ring I had last time.He stood up from his seat. then I'll make sure you have a ring that you liked and that I bought. will you marry me? Hindi ko na napigilan. but I was able to find it. relieved chuckle as he hugged me back. He opened the box and I gaped at the gorgeous ring inside. he pulled back and took my left hand. . Jerwin: Sardines. After a few moments. and I swear. if I was gonna be engaged to you..[2] It took time to track. I'm making that choice now.

Ayaw nya . ang ganda ko! Walang magulo.[3] Good thing it didn't have to come to that. Eight months. Tumawa lang ako. sending out invitations. isa lang ang pumasok sa isip ko: Anak ng tinapa.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. pero never ko pang naririnig ang phrase na “This is the groom’s day”. Samahan pa ng mga pagtatalo nina Sheena. so technically. pagsusukat ng mga gowns. Nicole.. Elvis-look-a-like pa ang magkakasal sa’min! Haayyy. I do remember you telling me one time na papakasalan mo kahit sino na makakapag-arrange ng stars sa message na yan. and for the hundredth time din since this morning. araw ko toh! Okay.. at Jean. Eight months naming pinaghandaan ang “The Big Day”. araw rin ni Jerwin. pakikinig kung bakit mas appropriate ang roses kesa sa lilies. Eight months ng mga clueless na tingin sa mga centerpieces.. Pero syempre. Nicole & Jean (very vocal na bride’s maids) tungkol sa style ng gowns nila. I figured. Jerwin: Well.He affectionately wiped my tears away. I knew dapat kinidnap ko na lang si Jerwin at nag-Vegas na lang kami! Wala nang hassle. paghanap ng reception hall at simbahan.♥ Eight months later… I stared at my reflection for about the hundredth time today. I can always blackmail you or guilt-trip you in following through with your words. Chuchu nya. noh? ::Chapter 89:: Strength For The Journey ♫. I looked at the "stars" again. malamang tinakbuhan ko na sya from the day na bumulaga ang mga nanay namin sa pintuan ng apartment ko six months ago. ang constant na pagkapit ni Anthony (dahil dalaga na raw ung alaga nya… wth. kaya wag kumontra. pagiging negotiator between Sheena (Maid of Honor) vs. I deserve a “memorable wedding” daw. pagpili ng motif. Kung hindi ko lang mahal ung mokong. if you say no.~*~. making sure na hindi ako magiging “too big” for the gown.. -__-) sa leeg ko. Ako: At talagang may ganito ka pang nalalaman ha.~*~. at pagbugbog kay Jerwin dahil iniwan nya ko sa mga mala-monster na kamay ng mga nanay namin. at ang paglalandi ni Kenny sa mga nagliparan na pinsan ni Jerwin. hindi pumayag si kuya.

After months of suffering. . di ba? I hope. nakailang beses na kong tumakbo dito sa restroom. I refused to wear a veil. I have elbow-length fingerless gauntlet glove with red embroidery dun sa little triangle. Sheena suddenly grabbed my hand and practically dragged me papunta sa waiting entrance. I chose a satin pearl white Princess-styled wedding gown. Kaya naka-French twist na lang ang hair ko. What makes is scandalous to my mother’s and mother-in-law’s eyes… ung bust and ung train nung gown color red. It’s a miracle na hindi kami nagkakasalubong ni Jerwin. at panay rin ang tawag ni nature sa kanya. hindi rin raw mapakali si Jerwin. I really don’t understand why we’re nervous though. As in dark red. It’s very pretty. or may ex na biglang susulpot para magpaka-kontrabida (Nasa Paris pa rin si Geena. Di ko napigilan ung ngiti ko as I looked at my wedding dress. Walang awat ang action ng bladder ko sa sobrang nerbyos ko. I checked myself out one last time. For the past ten minutes since dumating kami sa simbahan. I adjusted a couple of the small red flowers beautifully stuck on my hair. ) Sandali na lang. with a few loose ringlets falling around my lightly made-up face. It’s not like may isang tatakbo sa’min. bago ako tuluyang umikot para lumabas na sa aking hideout. Nagpakasal sila ni Anton last year. magsisimula na. mukhang papalakihin na nila ang family nila. intricately going around my wrist. The bodice is accented with crystal beading sequins and rhinestones. I’m getting married. and finally. I wonder kung mag-gglow rin ako ng ganon once I get pregnant with Jerwin’s child? O_O Oh my God. I smiled at the tiny bump beneath her red dress. I can’t help but envy the natural glow emanating from my best friend. Dun ko lang narealize na nagsimula na pala talaga ang procession. It’s not the traditional all-white gown our mothers wanted. Ayokong biglang sumabit at kung ano pang mangyaring panira ng araw. “Finally! Akala ko kailangan na kita kaladkarin palabas!” I almost jumped nung muntik ko nang ma-run over si Sheena. Ang last na bulong sa’kin ni Anton.lang masakal ng nanay nya. dumating na rin ang araw.

I’m gonna need a paper bag to breathe.Sheena: I-mmeet ka ng mom mo at ni Tito Rem sa dulo para ibigay ka. Oh my God. kaya more than happy silang umattend ng kasal ko. she bounced past the double doors. I’m really getting married. sleeping moment. I’m gonna spend every waking moment. You won’t want to be anywhere else. You can do this. Just walk inside. sa waiting arms ng isa sa mga pinsan ni Jerwin. . That sounds right. I gulped as I peeked inside. and when you see him. Just walk. I heard the music change para sa entrance na ng bride. at kung hindi tumigil ang puso ko sa pag-mamarathon nya. I froze on the spot. Even Gerard’s parents are here. drunk moment. ngayon pa talaga nag-sink in na ikakasal na ko. Panira sa pictures! And with that. malamang wala pa ko sa kalahati. Ehwan ko ba naman kung bakit ka pumayag na maglakad ng isa sa aisle. Okay. Sheena: Okay. annoyed moment. See you later! Wag kang iiyak! Wag mong i-test kung waterproof ba talaga ang mascara mo. I think I’m about to hyperventilate. who’s standing as his best man. Sa tinagal-tagal ng panahon. I know it’s not normal. God knows kung hindi ako hawak ni dad nung naglalakad ako sa aisle. I can do this. pero I quickly tuned in to the small voice na kumakausap sa’kin. everything will fall to its place. You love Jerwin. at kung anu-ano pang moment with the person waiting for me at the end of the aisle. time ko na maglakad. And doesn’t that sound amazing? You’ll spend every moment of the rest of your life with the love of your life. You’re ready. I sent them an invitation out of courtesy since medyo naging close rin naman kami ng mom nya simula two years ago na binisita ko ung actual na libingan ni G. They liked me and treated me like the daughter they would have had. I saw people stand up para hintayin akong pumasok. bumigay na ang tuhod ko.

Weird. waiting patiently. Be happy. Napangiti rin ako ng konti. pero I just knew right then and there. and as Tito Remy gave me to Jerwin. There’s so much pride. I realized na kanina pa pala ako nakatayo sa may side ng pinto – unseen by the people inside. Time to do this. Damn it. V. that this is how it’s supposed to . Finally.I noticed some people craning their necks para silipin ako.. The area is a closed space. pero it was enough to make me really take a step. Now I know kung san nanggaling ang term na “blushing bride. People smiled when they saw me. My eyes immediately flew sa harap nung simbahan. then another. joy.. Bakit nga ba pumayag akong maglakad mag-isa?!? What I would give to have some strength to make my legs move… T^T Deep breaths. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. I finally reached him. and affection in his gaze. where Jerwin was standing. kahit medyo nag-bblush na ko dahil sa mga matang nakatutok sa’kin. I couldn’t help but feel a burst of belonging in my heart. I should move. I should go inside. I finally looked up again and met with Jerwin’s eyes. na kung hindi lang ako naka-heels at naka-gown. hope. o_O It wasn’t hard na mapapasubsob ako.” Okay. baka tinakbo ko na ung aisle at dinemand kay father na ikasal nya na kami – now na. You’ve been waiting your entire life for this. Just walk. I need to be strong. and there’s absolutely no one else there. Napatingin ako sa likod ko in confusion. You deserve it. Di ko alam kung pano i-explain. Be steady. I just need to walk… Nawa’y hindi bumigay ang tuhod ko. with an awestruck smile on his face. I was about to take a step forward when I suddenly felt a gentle push behind me. After deciding na baka imagination ko lang un. and another. nasa doorway na ko. I turned my head back sa nilalakaran ko. I took one shaky step.

Sinubuksan ko uhlet na i-re-arrange ung sash para ma-cover ung tyan ko. She wants me to write a song for her. my very pregnant stomach still looks. very pregnant.♥ Nine Months Later… This is horrible. She called me a week ago. Kahit anong pilit kong paliitin or ipitin or kausapin.. -___Ngayon pa kasi naisipan ng mga bubwit na reporters dumaan! Bakit hindi pa sila maghintay ng ilang araw!?? At least by then. Seriously. If the morning sickness. It’s hopeless. I think one of the students went to the Philippines. May offers na raw sa kanya to record songs.♫ (Venice's POV) ---------------. ::Epilogue:: Life Goes On ♫. may kung anong hidden agenda noh. -_- . If you roll me down the stairs.. baka sakaling naluwa ko na ung melon sa tyan ko. She got pretty famous.~*~. I stared at the mirror again. Jerwin smiled lovingly at me and I smiled back. People kind of got excited when news leaked out that we still ended up together after everything that happened. the cramps. the mood swings aren’t enough. porket moody ako. They’re also wondering about the small music school I founded. ngayon. Jerwin: They’re doing a feature piece. Ako: I look like an inflated beach ball.~*~. I’ll probably bounce. ARGH!!! Ako: Why are these reporters coming here again? Jerwin looked up from where he was tying his shoes. and this is how it’s always going to be.. ma-pipicturan pa ko na mukhang balyena.well. Ako: So curious na lumipad pa sila dito sa States? Jerwin: Yep. I can immediately see his eyes calculating kung may hidden meaning ba ko sa sinabi ko. hindi ibig sabihin na lahat ng sasabihin They’re curious. This is where the rest of our lives start.

kaya ngayon nakatunganga na lang ako as they ask Jerwin questions. I can’t wait to see Jerwin as a father. I shook my head in amusement as I twirled around to face him. I think I’m really liking this pregnant look on you. You might hurt his feelings. Pag lalaki naman. I stood up to get something to drink nang biglang-- Ako: Ugh. if ever magkaron nga kami ng anak na babae. Jerwin: Mabuti nang merong kuya ang anak nating babae. I have a feeling na. Ako: Oh. I was patiently watching the interview go on. There’s a soft glow of wonder sa mata nya. Ang tagal. please don’t call our baby a beach ball again. Jerwin: Sardines. You have every right to look like a beach ball. Jerwin: look rounder than usual. I’m gonna have to worry about our little boy breaking hearts left and right. Nung narinig nya ung sinabi ko. It never fails to amaze me na parang hindi sya makapaniwala na there’s this little person inside na he helped create. Ako: “His”? He nodded vehemently. if ever. It’s a magical thing. He looked at my reflection as he snaked his arms around my waist to cover my bulging stomach. . do you now? He tenderly ran his hand over my tummy. he’ll teach him all the trades. -__. Daddy’s girl ang anak namin.We took the pictures earlier. people won’t care if -.if -. Ako: So you do think I’m huge!?!? Jerwin: What?!? No! Ang ibig kong sabihin. There’s a life growing inside you. Malapit na yata sila matapos. you’re 9 months pregnant. And besides. he slowly stood up and walked behind me. So. I can even see him chasing away guys. Jerwin’s the type of father that will dote on her. Oh well.Jerwin finished putting on his shoes.

just then. kailangan ko pang manganak muna bago ako makatulog. a LOT more painful than the previous ones. Wife. One of the guys stayed with us. Hindi napansin nung mga lalaki ung nangyari. check. while the other two jumped in their own cars para sumunod sa’min sa ospital. kung hulihin man kami ng pulis. Baby. check. Venice’s bag. He backed out of the garage and tore through the streets. Susuntukin ko na . Ako: Jerwin? Jerwin: Yes. Jerwin: Okay. Jerwin: What beach… beach ball? Beach ball?!?! Napatayo bigla sya nung na-realize nya ung sinasabi ko. then that’s just great. I would have laughed at the clueless expressions sa mga mukha ng mga bisita namin. Dahilan nya. This is not my day. check. eh di tumulong ung pulis na magpaanak sa’kin. Baby bag. another contraction hit me again. I stood still for a minute… I wonder if I’m in labor? If I am. check. When the pain subsided. check.and I don’t normally curse -. pero. Venice? Ako: The beach ball is coming. Cellphone.this time. ngayon. not caring too much about the speed limit. yelling at one of the guys to grab the bag near the front door. Between the four men. Napatingin sa’kin si Jerwin with a confused look. so I had to hobble palapit sa kanila nang konti. tumakbo na si Jerwin sa’kin. I think I let out a whole sentence of expletives. This one was even worse than the one before -.pero as I clutched my stomach. Ako: Are you just gonna stand there or am I gonna have to drive myself to the hospital? That snapped the four very shocked men out of their reveries. Next thing I know. Jerwin quickly looked around to see if we’re forgetting anything. All I wanted to do is sleep. they managed to get me to the car.Napahigpit bigla ung hawak ko sa upuan as another contraction hit me -.

. Mas lalo na ring tumitindi ung sakit ng contractions nya. Doctor: Well. I bit my lip. . I almost sent a prayer na please.. She stopped to take a breath.. After a few moments. the doctor will tell her she has to push na ulit. I wiped away her tears and the perspiration out of her face. Push! Lalong humigpit ung hawak ni Venice sa kamay ko. I can barely feel my hand anymore sa sobrang lakas ng hawak nya. I kept my firm hold on her hand. She screamed in frustration and pain. whispering encouraging words to Venice when her hands started to shake. it seems like everything's in place. I stood there. it'll give her some sort of comfort. let's start giving Venice what she wants. Then she'll pause again. I gave her hand a quick kiss.. I want you to start pushing with everything you got. This is it. I gripped Venice's hand with my own as we watched the doctor position herself to help deliver the baby.sana sya. Venice. At hindi pa sya nagsisimula sa actual na labor. I looked at the doctor na tinitignan kung ready na ba si Venice. Her face turned red with the effort. just in case ma-distract ko sya. kung hindi lang ako pinigilan ni Kuya Ralph. The cycle went on for what felt like forever. It's happening na. The doctor urged her to push again. trying to keep myself quiet.... Doctor: Okay. One… Two… Three. I felt my legs tensed up. for the safety of everyone in the 2 mile radius. I think some of my bones broke. hoping na kahit papano. I suppressed a groan as she was hit with another stab of pain. ---♥♥--(Jerwin's POV) ---------------.♥ "I don't care what you do! Smoke it out! Pull it out! Crack me open! Just get this thing out of me!!!" Venice's screams reached all time high the past few hours. Umiksi na rin ung time between each contraction. coz Lord knows I'm about to go crazy with anxiety and excitement.

He looks so. Tell her na gusto mo ng little brother or sister soon. Ako: And this is your mom. wonderful. This is my baby -. Both of us were happily dazed hanggang sa may lumapit nang isang nurse. Ako: How about… Michael? . We barely noticed the doctor and the nurses leave the room to give us some privacy. Venice: He's beautiful. I took the small bundle in my arms.. it's a boy! Ako: A boy? I saw the doctor hand the baby to one of the nurses to get him cleaned up. strong cries of a newborn filled the delivery room.. We were too engrossed on this bundle of miracle in my arms. I heard Venice snort right behind me. He's. Parang napikon yata na inistorbo sya sa warm and comfortable na cocoon nya sa loob ni Venice. very.. My boy. The life Venice and I created. Venice: Jerwin! I chuckled as I sat down next to her on the bed. She threatened to never have sex with daddy again on our way here. The baby’s cries were echoing all throughout the room. Napatingin kaming dalawa dun sa doktor na may hawak na. baby. she slumped back on the bed. Ako: Hey. and wrinkly. your dad. What are we gonna name him? We paused for a while and watched our baby fall asleep...Finally.. I slowly turned around para makita rin ni Venice ung anak nya.. You don't look like a beach ball at all. He has his mom's pale skin. Next thing I know. bloody baby.. Him. Nurse: Do you want to see your son? Ako: Of course. A soft nestle of curls on top of his son. It's me. Doctor: Congratulations.. tiny.

Toh naman. I was looking at the baby when I suddenly remembered something Jean told me nung binalita naming buntis si Venice. Ako: Good. Nilipat ko ung tingin k okay Venice. Tama na nga ang pang-aasar. He doesn’t look like a “Michael”. Coz I know what I want his second name to be. She glared at me. di ba magrereklamo mga nanay naten? Ako: When we have our daughter. He’s named after special people in both our lives. Kilabutan ka nga. Buti nga hindi “Policarpio” ang sinunod kong i-suggest eh. Venice: Huh? Ako: We can name him Raymer. I won’t stop until we get a daughter. then. Venice: Anong you won’t stop? Ako: Na akitin ka? Venice: Psh. Venice: “When” ha… Sigurado kang magkaka-babae tayo? Ako: Well. who’s looking back at me expectantly. baka nga hindi na ko bigyan ng anak nito. after my father and your stepfather. I smiled at her. di mabiro. I took a deep breath. I think it’s perfect.. What do you think? Venice: Raymer… I like it. I wonder if she’ll smack me… Well… uh. You know. we’ll name her after them. I’ve been thinking about the name for a few months now. “Ray” is my dad’s nickname. Ako: Albert? Venice: Einstein? Ako: Galileo? Venice: What?!? Baka maging legend din ung anak natin someday. I have to prevent violence in front of my child. “Remy” spelled backwards is “ymer”. Umurong ako nang konti para nakikita nya pa rin ung baby sa bago nyang posisyon. pero Venice would have to agree first. it’s official? We’re naming him Raymer? Venice: Yeah. Pero. Ako: Raymer. Natahimik kami. . I like it. Ako: So. Venice finally settled back on her pillows to make herself comfortable.Venice: Michael? Ako: Yeah! After Michael Jackson! Venice: Uh… no.

So. yeah. bolahin mo pa ko. at least. kasunod ung dalawang buntot nya. Kuya Ralph: Hi. and I would never have found you as intriguing. Oh. hitting two birds with one stone. The door opened and pumasok sa loob sina Kuya Ralph. iniisip ko… How about… Gerard? She paused. very slowly. most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. Besides. Dahan-dahan kong nilipat si Raymer sa waiting arms ni Venice. ahyan. baka hindi ka rin nagpakalasing nung gabing nagkakilala tayo. Then. as a second name.Ako: You want to hold him now? Venice: Huh? Oh. parang nag-iisip kung tama ba ung rinig nya or anoh. yeah…? I mean. I think Gerard deserves the recognition.and she looks really happy as she coos to him. Ako: I mean. Hindi pa rin pala talaga sila umuwi. We just wanted to make sure na okay lang ung . most amazing. okay na raw na bumisita kami. right? Tinaasan nya ko ng kilay. but she has no idea what I’m trying to say. Ako: Okay. I would have wanted to meet the guy and thank him for making you the most loving. kung hindi rin dahil sa kanya. right? Venice: Well. It’s the least I can do. I yelled for the person to come in. since we’re naming the kid after special people anyways. Okay. hindi pa rejected ang proposal ko. so. that just helps my point. Venice. First. you’d probably be a very different person. Sabi ng nurse. At isa pa. Ako: Gerard is special to you. Second. he was my first love… Na-ggets mo ba kung gano ka-awkward sabihin un sa harap ng asawa ko? Ako: I’m not jealous. Venice finally got to hold her son -. Venice: Sige lang. If it weren’t for him. Venice: You really want to name your son after him? Ako: Yes. she won’t be able to hit me if ever man na isipin nyang nababaliw ako. tumingin sya sa’kin. That usually means she’s listening. I was about to respond nang biglang may kumatok sa pinto. He’s one of the main people who molded the person you are – including your flaws and everything.

Anak naten. She shrugged. Ako: Are you sure? Venice: Yep. Nilabas kagad ni Kuya Greg ung notebook nya. Lalaki raw na heartthrob ung bata. Ako: This is our son. i-eexpose na namin sya? Ako: Uh. yeah. ako nanaman ang mag-decide. They thought it was clever. Kuya Greg: “Raymer”? I spelled the name for him. Lumapit ung tatlo para tignan si Raymer. Ako: Why are you so mean? Venice: Yeah. parang ang bigat ng responsibility. I don’t mind. He’s too young. I think we’ll withhold any photos of our son for now.mag-nanay. Syempre. I think kailangan kong ibili si Jean ng regalo for coming up with a clever name. Kuya Vince: Okay. Kakapanganak nya pa lang. Usually. Nagkatinginan kami ni Venice. Ako: What? What about me? Di nyo ko kakamustahin? Kuya Greg: Bakit. tapos excitedly tumingin sa’kin. This is our child we’re talking about. Raymer Santos. Kuya Ralph: Is it okay na i-publish namin kahit ung pangalan man lang? Venice: I don’t mind. Kuya Greg: Is that it? May second name ba sya? . they immediately started with the compliments. kung gusto nyo lang naman na i-release na sa publiko na lalake ang anak nyo. Kuya. Venice explained the reason kung bakit un ung pangalan nung baby. dahil ibig sabihin she trusts me. People will know soon enough anyways. Manahimik ka dyan. basta business. kung okay lang. gusto nyong makita ang anak ko? Ako: “Naten”. ikaw ba ang nanganak? Venice: Oo nga. No pressure. as usual. pwede bang makakuha ng picture ng anak nyo for the feature piece? I mean. Kuya Vince: Uh. pero this time. We understand.

I pulled the sheet up to her. life goes on. She gave me a small smile kahit na ayaw nang bumukas ng mata nya sa sobrang antok. it only gets better. Ako: I love you too. Venice: Sunshine? Ako: Hm? Venice: Thank you. he has a second name. and most of the time. So. Sardines. pero the decision is still Venice’s. and with a tender smile on her face. may dumating na rin na nurse to take Raymer to the nursery. I would have told them yes. telling her na sya na ang bahala. I pulled a chair next to her bed. Venice: Gerard. feeling exhausted. The three journalists stayed for a few more minutes before they bid their goodbyes. I settled back on my seat. →→→→→→♥♥←←←←←← The End . Ako: You’re welcome. and for about the thousandth time and most certainly not the last. She yawned and then closed her eyes para matulog. Maya-maya. what is it? I gently ran my fingers through Venice’s hair. I started to sing “You Are My Sunshine” hanggang sa makatulog na ang asawa ko. Tumingin si Venice kay Rayver.Nagkatinginan ulit kami ni Venice. she answered. I smiled at her. Raymer Gerard. Venice settled on the bed. Sunshine. assuring her na paggising nya. It took a few more seconds bago sya ngumiti pabalik sa’kin. thank you. Ako: For what? Venice: For showing me. Kuya Greg: Oh. nandun pa rin ako. na kahit anong mangyari. and kissed her forehead. Ako: Yeah. Venice: I love you.

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