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Between Detective TABLER And Mark TWITCHELL At Southwest Division 08 Oct 19 File #08-137180


Testing Testing one two three uh nineteenth of October Sunday at two twentythree a.m. (Recording Stops)

(Recording Starts) Tabler Mark? Come with me you’re gonna have to wait in another room here. Just have a chair there. Okay Mark now uh just to go through things like I mentioned to you that I’m gonna do a taped interview with you an stuff. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Okay. There’s my ID. Okay. Okay so I’m Detective Mike TABLER Police Service and uh I’m here to talk to you tonight because of the fact that you happen to be the renter of a garage that has come to our attention due to a missing person. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Um hmm. Okay. Now first of all can you please state your name for me? Mark Twitchell. And it’s T-W-I-T-C-H-E-L-L? Correct. Okay your date of birth sir? July fourth seventy-nine. Fourth of July seventy-nine? Yeah Okay and your address at home?
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Transcript Of An Interview
Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Is thirty Dayton Crescent. Thirty Dayton? Yeah D-A-Y-T-O-N. In? St Albert. Okay And postal code there? T eight N four X four. Okay phone number at home? Uh seven eight zero nine seven seven seven eight four zero. Your cell? Same thing. Pardon me? It’s the same number. Same number? Um hmm. Oh okay alright uh no land line at all? No I use cell in favor of land line just for cost and convenience basically. Okay. Yeah. Good enough. And uh okay now the garage in question that we’re we’re talking about tonight uh can you tell me the address of that place? Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Fifty seven twelve... Um hmm. Fortieth Avenue. Fifty seven twelve fortieth Avenue. And when did you rent that garage? I began renting it on September first. Okay and you rented it September first?
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Transcript Of An Interview
Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. And who’d you rent it from? Uh a company called Kirkside Real Estate. Kirkside? Kirkside all one word yeah. Okay. And you got the only key too, or was there one or two keys. There’s two keys. Okay so you got two keys? Um hmm. Okay and where are those keys now? Uh you guys have the one that I had. Okay. And the other one the last I heard of is with uh one of my production assistants Mike YOUNG. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Mike YOUNG. Yeah. One of your production assistants? Yeah. Okay and he is an assistant to you but he he didn’t rent the garage it’s yours. Right um hmm. Okay. Yeah. And uh and you pay for it? Yeah. For the rental? Um hmm.

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Transcript Of An Interview
Tabler Okay uh now I understand that you’re doing this with a company an and you’re doing some other things... Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah. so uh so you’ve personally rented it on behalf of the gar.. of the company? Right. And what do you call your company? Express Entertainment. Express Entertainment? Yeah. Okay and I understand you’re filming and stuff like that there. Yeah. Okay. And uh that and that was the purpose of getting the facility? Yeah. Mike YOUNG is one of your assistants and he has the other key? Yeah. Okay and there are no other keys out for that garage anywhere? None that I know. Okay. Now the locks on the garage? Um hmm. Can you describe them? Now I know there’s two overhead doors and one

pedestrian door on this garage. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yes. The two overhead doors face I believe it’s north. I think so yeah. Into the alley. Um hmm. And the pedestrian door faces the house at that address.
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Transcript Of An Interview
Twitchell Tabler Right And uh that would be south. Now the house is rented by people separate from you... Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Right. who have no access to the garage? Correct. Okay. And uh the windows are all blocked an the doors are metal an and uh

nobody can see in there. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Right. And it’s nobody’s business what goes in there that’s yours. We block out the lights so that during the day when we’re filming and we’re trying to create a night time atmosphere that the sunlight doesn’t get in our way. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Of course. Yeah. Things you have to do with uh production We try and control the light as much as possible. Okay. So you rented this on the first of September? Um hmm. And uh and you’re doing some filming there. Correct. Okay. Now what what have you been filming there have you been filming everyday or what’s been going on there? Twitchell No the uh well most of my stuff is all pre-production uh I knew that I was gonna use it as a location for filming so I started I mean basically I began looking for something that was suitable. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Um hmm. Uh in like late August. Yeah.
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Transcript Of An Interview
Twitchell So uh found that garage found that it was an ideal location it worked great for what what our purposes were. Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. And uh rented it the only time that we actually spent shooting in that place was the last weekend of September. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell The last weekend of September. Yeah. Okay. We had uh an evening shoot on the Friday and that was for a couple of hours actually at someone else’s house was downtown it was shot in our condo. And then all day Saturday was when we used the garage to film. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Okay. So sorry my contacts are .... Yeah (unintelligible) okay. but uh yeah so all day Saturday we used to shoot in that garage area and then the Sunday in the evening we filmed somewhere else so yeah for that purpose it’s actually just the one day that we were there for actual shooting. Before that uh we were in an out throughout the month for production design purposes. Which was building our set pieces uh getting things set up in there power and that kind of thing getting everything ready. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Okay. So.. So you uh.... yeah what type of film is it or uh that you’re shooting at this particular time that you’te talking about shooting at this uh like uh what’s sort of film is it? Twitchell It’s s suspense thriller actually we did it it’s short film uh the total run time’s only gonna be about eight or nine minutes. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Okay. So yeah. Suspense thriller?
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Twitchell Tabler Right. Okay and what would you do with a film like this once you’ve filmed eight or nine minutes. Twitchell Uh go through the editing process uh I tried to organize it so that it didn’t have a lot of effects work to do so it wouldn’t take forever in post production. But we edited the film together and then submitted it to film festivals tried to get it picked up by a distributor uh hopefully somebody will grab it and use it in some way. Or um it’s also used as pitch material in order to develop television series or a feature film out of it to convince someone that you know we know what we’re doing as filmmakers and that uh we deserve to get money basically to make more material. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. It’s only interest is developing everyone’s career that way. Oh okay yeah I just don’t understand how it works here and uh ... Well you have to start from scratch your own way because in our industry there’s really only two ways to get in and actually do that kind of work. And one of em is to either pay to go to a film school. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. And then graduate and come out and do it uh but usually that path doesn’t take you very far. It’s kind of like more of the lower end kind o jobs. I’m more interested in writing, producing and directing and I’ve only noticed after about three or four years that I have been trying to get into the industry that the only way to do it is to make your own stuff prove that you know what you’re doing and then people start to take you seriously. So I started making uh my first film was a feature. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Sci-fi fantasy film based on Star Wars content. Um hmm. Uh which is all completely a hundred percent shot now and in post production. Uh I’m working on a comedy right now. Tabler Um hmm.

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Twitchell Which is a it’s actually a full-blown feature that’s actually gonna have a decent budget in the neighborhood of about three and a half million. And uh and just closing the first round of financing for that at the end of this month and then we’re moving into pre-production so we can finish off like casting a-list actors getting all that stuff set up and just preparing to film that sometime in May or April of next year. Tabler Twitchell Really? So yeah it’s been a long process I started developing day players which is the name of the comedy back in uh December of last year. And uh just I kinda put myself through business school in a way... Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. to figure out what investors would want to see in order to invest in that kind of project and built up all my blocks put all my ducks in a row. And I’m just been I mean even though working full time an a lot and a lot of times during the year in order to pay bills. I still put in full time hours into the film to develop it because I’m just like you know uh tunnel vision. Tabler Twitchell Oh yeah. I want to get a career going so I got that whole thing developed and going uh and uh pitched it to countless people uh playing one side against the other to get talent and money to agree and come to the middle an... Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Now with the economic turbulence in the US it’s a little bit tougher, but I’ve been assured that you know it’s not gonna effect our deal or anything like that so. Twitchell Tabler Umm... First round’s supposed to be finished at the end of this month and then sometime within the next three or four weeks after that uh we’re given the full budget and so that we can actually move forward in making this thing. And uh we like my co-producer works out of Los Angeles and he’s done things like Ocean’s Eleven and Old School an and worked on these things and uses his connections to help us out. An hopefully along those lines we can try to get a distribution deal with Warner Brothers and skip some of the red tape that usually comes along with trying to go in their front door and get hit by all their gatekeepers which are....

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Tabler Twitchell Yeah. designed to keep people out basically so it it’s tough it’s really hard but it’s very worth it I love what I do... Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. and uh you know. Well obviously you’re very passionate about it. Well yeah I love it love filmmaking I figured that out back in two thousand five when I first started writing my first script. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. And uh from the first say that I stepped on a set ... Yeah. in August of oh six that was when I knew and then I was just like there’s no going back. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler No. Anything else is crap, you know. Right. Nothing else would make me feel fulfilled in what I was doing. Yeah. and I love what I do so I just chased it with everything I had. Neat. Now uh so getting back here the only person that woulda had access is Mike YOUNG or yourself. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Uh hmm. To that place. Yeah. Now tonight you were asked to go down there and meet our constables at the... Yes. uh garage and that’s because they were looking for a missing person. Yeah.
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Tabler Twitchell Tabler Okay and uh you were contacted you were apparently at home ... Um hmm. in St Albert which is quite a distance from this and yet you readily responded down to help the police... Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Um hmm. and... Yeah, and um we certainly appreciate that. Now uh you arrived at the garage and you noted something immediately uh on your arrival when you went up to the to the door to to show the police the uh garage. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. And what was that? Well the first thing that happened I drove and I parked in the back where I usually parked I actually the constable was calling me an I was about a minute out to get there. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. And uh talked to him an said yeah so like where are you and he’s in the back so I went to meet him an whoa one second that might be my wife... Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. she’s I been keeping her busy. Oh. Yeah that’s her I’ll let her leave a voicemail . There’s... Alright... she’s gonna be up anyways so anyway um yeah so I get into the back and I’m like okay well lets go check it out so I get to the actual gate side gate there. And they mentioned that it had been blocked off somehow I didn’t know what that was about I opened it there was nothing there so they said okay we’ll ... Tabler Right..

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Twitchell guess it’s not uh it’s a little off but went uh down the side of the garage came back round looked at the the door itself and the first thing that I noticed upon looking a little closer at it light wasn’t that great but I could see what was going on the padlock didn’t look familiar to me. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Okay. And uh I I was the one that actually put the latch on the door. Um hmm. And I had a padlock previously and it wasn’t the same one the one that I had was like silver on the outside with a black plastic dial in the centre. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. And this one was just all metal. Yeah. So I ... So you noticed a different padlock? Yeah. And and that on the door. Right. Now what other locks are there on that door? There’s also a deadbolt. A deadbolt? Yeah. And a... Pretty standard lock. Yeah. And is there another type of uh lock or handle or ? No just the doorknob but I don’t think the doorknob locks. I’ve never tried but I don’t think it does. Tabler Twitchell Okay so regular doorknob, deadbolt..... Um hmm.
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Can you describe them?


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Tabler Twitchell Tabler and then a padlock. Yeah. Okay and the padlock was the uh padlock through it was through a um latch of some sort. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Um hmm. would be yeah that would hold the door closed... Yeah. and locked. And that was the same but the lock itself was different. Correct. Now okay you said that you were there the week last weekend of September and that was the only time you were shooting there? Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah that was the only time we had a full crew and cast an.... Okay. filming. So that’s the last weekend of September. Yeah. And and then we’re up to the nineteenth of October here uh so that’s just about three weeks eh? Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah. Yeah. Cuz you were filming through the weekend then eh? Um hmm. Yeah and we’re in the weekend now so um so just about three weeks since you and that’s the only filming that you’ve done. Have you been back there since that filming? Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah a couple of times. Yeah when was that? Uh lets see I went back uh I don’t remember the exact date but I went back uh one time because we had like a table saw and a bunch of tools that were there. And uh
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my dad stores that stuff in his garage so I told him you know what come meet me we’ll load it up and get rid of it. So went over there and met him after work one day and he loaded that stuff up and took it home. Um the next time was when I was taking delivery of a uh steel drum I was using as garbage can basically so... Tabler Twitchell Yeah. um had some issues with them in terms of delivering it the company kept missing the day or saying that they were gonna be there at a certain time and weren’t. And so I was just like frustrated I called em and said okay well call me like an hour before you get there we’ll meet so they did. We went to the location dropped the drum off uh so that was that part and then last Friday .... Tabler Twitchell Last Friday? Was when I went there just to clean everything up get the basic garbage outta there and stuff like that. There was still like a box of bottles and stuff like that things that had been there previously renting the place that had just never got around to getting rid of. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Uh huh. But uh just getting some stuff outta there um that was. When you say last Friday do you mean the one just passed and I mean we’re now it’s Sunday morning, right? Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Oh no it was a week ago. A week ago? Yeah. So today being the nineteenth it would a been like probably about ... Twelfth. the twelfth? Yeah. Right today’s the nineteenth today’s Sunday right? Oh yeah. So the.. Yeah.
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Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Friday before this Friday.. So probably about the tenth. Yeah. Cell phone check the calendar. Yeah yeah I’ll let you do that I don’t have a calendar to do that with. Ah calendar. But the tenth sounds about right. Um yeah the tenth that’s what it was. Okay so Friday the tenth you go down there and clean the place up? Um hmm. And that’s the last time you were there? I think so. Cuz I’m wondering if that’s when you last saw your padlock on the door? (Unintelligible) police to get in so I one of my problems is (Unintelligible) there’s also issues with uh remembering tasks to do so I live on lists. I try to formulate a list as long as I have a list and I can check things off as I’m doing em. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. But I mean (laughs) so I need to stay organized I’m a procrastinator stuff like that so um I did I think I did drop off and I obviously I don’t remember if it was this past week or the week before it. But I remember dropping off some cleaning materials just for the next time when we were gonna go in there cuz my intention again was to pitch this thing and get it into a TV series or a a movie and uh the place is so inexpensive to rent . I figured you know what for future episodes that’d be great to have so yeah. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler What does it cost ya? Hundred seventy-five a month. It’s not bad at all. A hundred and seventy-five bucks a month? Yeah. For the garage?

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Twitchell Um hmm. I’m looking around prior to that it was looking at prices of two twenty-five two-fifty for something similar.. Tabler Twitchell Really? So I thought well it’s not bad it’s plenty of space it has power so we can run all of our cameras and lights and everything off of it . Tabler Twitchell Really? Last time we were there we had such nightmares oh yeah like renting just really bad lighting kits that would burn out bulbs all the time stuff like that but we never had any issues with the breakers or the power in the place uh everything worked fine so.... Tabler Twitchell Well that’s alright. And it’s a great workshop too it’s better than trying to borrow other people’s places to do stuff. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. So yeah. So you’re saying that you’ve worked sometimes fulltime and then ... Um hmm. geared yourself for this. Where do you work when you’re working full time? Uh I was working basically corporate sales jobs for the most part uh ... Okay. you know it’s the kind of thing like I’ll when I do work full time I work for someone else I try to find something that I’ll enjoy. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Usually related like I worked for Telus... Yeah. selling uh wireless gear for them an that was fun. Yeah. So did that stuff but um yeah something where I can have like a bit of passion for that and actually feel like what I’m contributing is what I’m getting out of it.
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Tabler Twitchell Yeah. So usually why I work on commission because uh I feel like the more work I put in the more reward I’ll get out of it. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. That’s uh usually what I do so I found like I’ve got a really good natural flair for it. Um hmm. I do that kind of thing if I need to be working or paying bills an that kind of thing I’m a little bit more discerning when it comes to that stuff I try not to get involved in something that I’m only gonna be in for a short period of time. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Um jobs in the last couple years that uh anything where I had to leave or uh anything like that it was always just because there wasn’t the right fit. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah. You usually find that out pretty early on. Yeah so you been working in that type of thing. When was the last time you worked at a job like that? Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Uh last time was the end of May. The end of May. So since then you been working at getting your production going? Yeah. Okay and your wife I understand uh is employed? Yeah. But on maternity leave? Correct. Okay so you’ve got some income there. Um hmm. To supplement and uh and and where do you get the money for the production and for the rental and all that sort of stuff? Twitchell It’s uh investors.
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Tabler Twitchell Investors? Yeah what I we sell equity in the film so they’ll if I have a budget worked out then I need so much money to make the movie. What they do is put that money forward into the film in exchange for percentage of ownership of the project. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. So usually we split it fifty-fifty the production company, that’s me, making the movie uh gets half of ownership of the movie and investors putting up the money get the other half. Tabler Twitchell Okay. So then once it gets distributed, goes into the theaters, gets on home video, starts making money we split all that fifty-fifty. Once we’ve recovered the budget. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. So yeah and then in well in the meantime I mean you know stuff like that takes a year or two at least to come through. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. So in the meantime I’m living off of uh producer fees which are about ten percent of whatever the project is. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Okay and uh who do you have for investors on this film? Oh uh let’s see one’s that are involved in Day Players so far uh my brother-in-law Travis BARRISH uh I got a guy named John PINSENT who uh has his own chartered accounting company here. He uses ... Tabler Twitchell John PINSENT? Yeah? Yeah I think he’s a member of the Venture Alberta Group which is a big group of guys who just move money around and invest in different deals and stuff like that. Tabler Twitchell Okay. And uh I first got in touch with them going to actually it was through the internet uh found them online submitted my materials. Didn’t really think I’d get anything out of it but then I got a call back saying you know what you (Unintelligible) screening lets go and present this to like four groups of investors in Edmonton and Calgary . And so I made my pitch about the film and put some interest in with it uh the deal
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structure underwent a couple of changes throughout the time that it was floating around within their circle. And then uh when I recently got approved for a GAP financing program uh I was able to actually offer them a situation where they weren’t taking on any risk. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. It’s quite quite rare for investors so that looked really good and that’s when everybody was like oh okay I’m in. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Cuz what they’re essentially doing is lending us ten percent of our budget in a short term in order to get the full one opened in a line of credit. And then when it comes through we get our full budget those guys get paid back right away and then uh we don’t miss the money because it’s comes back to us in the form of an Alberta Film Fund uh government grant. Tabler Oh yeah so you have got these investors and now you’ve already got this government grant that’s come through? Twitchell The grant’s been approved already uh we were prime candidate because the Alberta Film Fund they really like Albertan held projects Albertan talent ... Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. in front and off the screen uh they’re really you know they get involved with that kind of stuff and I actually know a guy who has a business degree and is really good at writing grant proposals and getting approved for them. Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. Really good track record who’s gonna write the proposal for us. The fact that we’re shooting eighty percent of it in Alberta with very tiny (Unintelligible) like LA and New York. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Uh just you know it goes to show them that yeah we’re keeping it all in province as much we can using as much Albertan talent in fact, the two leads are Albertan so uh we’re looking really good on that front. It’s just a matter of showing them that we’re coming to the table with what we need to make the movie and get it distributed. And then they say okay we’ll reimburse you for up to twenty percent of everything
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you spend inside the province which for us is a little over four hundred thousand bucks. Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. So if the investors put up the three hundred fifty thousand to open up our gas get our budget and put it in the bank we pay them back right away Alberta film fund comes in and fills the whole. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. That’s probably ... Okay. lot a homework lot a research to get done but... Oh yeah. It’s it’s a beautiful deal structure it works for everybody uh I’m only giving up ten percent more ownership that I would’ve been getting out there on my own with no back end support that way. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. So the fact that I can get this done a lot faster and a lot easier by using somebody else’s credit rating that’s why not ... Tabler Twitchell Yeah. you know what that’s fine it it’s a matter of kind a time versus ownership but I’m not gonna sit on this for five years and wait for it to happen you know what I mean? Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. This is like goals that are set up so... Yeah. an everybody who’s helped me on Star Wars has been so great. Yeah. Like I’ve got so many people who have donated countless hours of time and energy and resources into that that uh and they’ve done it all for free and I just I wanna pay em back. I want to give em a nice cushy budgeted project to come in on and work

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on and get paid on and work on and get paid on get career experience actually get paid for doing what they were doing before. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Only a little bit less because instead of having on person do eight jobs on a no budget ending. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Each person could focus on their one thing on the feature and we’re good so. Well good. Yeah. Yeah it’s interesting how that all comes together. Can’t get me started on this stuff I can go for hours. (Over talk) yeah okay. Yeah. Now uh so back again so we’re talking about back at the garage. Yeah. And you’re saying that the tenth was the last time that you were at the garage. Yeah. And you can say that absolutely for sure? I it was either a couple of days before or a couple of days after that I dropped off some cleaning stuff it was like a Tuesday Wednesday something like that? Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Tuesday or Wednesday ... Yeah. you dropped off some cleaning stuff? Yeah. Now when’s your next plan to shoot there? Uh it’s undecided yet. Not decided yet? Yeah.
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Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler It’s still up in the air. So there’s no nothing planned for that garage? You live in St Albert? Yeah. You’d be concerned about dropping off a few cleaning supplies there at the garage when nobody else is there sometime between that weekend and it had to be done right away? Twitchell Well not necessarily right away. The way that that I do it again is on a list so I would’ve had like a line a long list of line items of stuff that I’m getting done that day an it just happened to be one of em. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Okay. So it’s like a stop off drop it off then go. Now what sort of cleaning supplies would you have at that place then? Uh paper towels uh like stain cleaner gloves the usual stuff just cuz we deal with this. When you do anything that’s involving uh like suspense thriller’s or anything like that I mean you want to have something that looks like blood on the screen. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. You use this mix that’s like a corn syrup with uh food coloring in it.. Um hmm. Cuz it it looks really good on camera it has the right consistency and everything but it’s sticky as hell. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Gets everywhere and it’s a nightmare and last time got all over the chair got all over the floor it’s like ridiculous. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. So and uh that was really my (Unintelligible)cuz then everybody’s grabbing stuff and moving it over and every time they do they rub up against it and get it all over their clothes an it’s sticky and annoying so it’s just a matter o keeping that stuff off of there and cleaning? Tabler Yeah.
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Twitchell Not having to deal with that cuz we spend the problem with an untested effect uh this thing where we were uh the achieved shot with running a sword through a guy who was sitting in a chair. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. And so the way we did it is we just had like the actor sitting in the chair then the other actor pretending to hold the sword. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. In em and then we go back lock the camera off it hasn’t moved shoot this where we take the same color shirt that the guy in the chair was wearing. Uh put like a um zip lock bag full of this corn syrup there and then just you know phoom put the the blade through it so that it comes out with the corn syrup on there dripping an.... Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Then they have to digitally take that put it on to our original shot so it looks like it’s coming through the guy realistically and uh it’s this complex setup and we spent like two three hours on that one thing cuz we hadn’t actually tested it before or set it up prior. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah ... So... Oh yeah. I mean it’s kinda like learn trial by fire and figure it out as your goin along but.. Yeah. It turned out really good .. Yeah. and I think it’ll look good once it’s all done so. Sounds kinda unique. Yeah. I mean yeah But it’s a huge mess too like (Unintelligible) dripping stuff everywhere you kind of try to curb it as much as you can but ...
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Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah. It happens you’re walking back and forth an things get moved around so. Yeah. Now so you’re doing quite a bit of that sort of stuff in the garage there? Yeah. That kind of shooting uh where there was like blood effect and that? Um hmm. So what what other supplies would you have there that would be needed for that kind of thing what uh..... Twitchell (Phoof) Um well it depends what you mean by supplies cuz there’s supplies and props and a lot of other stuff. Lot of that stuff that’s in the garage was there when I rented it uh stuff that I got just for the shoot um there was like a you know kit full of uh knives that we were gonna do. Where we were gonna do like a reveal shot... Tabler Twitchell Sure. showing the guy like opening (Unintelligible) an it looks all menacing and everything kind of put that into a montage uh what else. Like the usual duct tape for the guy sitting in the chair duct taping him up. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Uh there’s that stuff uh the sword obviously. There’s two swords one that like looks all glorious and cute on camera then the other one that’s just the stunt one that’s more stain resistant we use to like dump all the syrup on and everything. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah. Um the clothes prop mask you know stuff like that. Okay. Now it’s uh me I I’m just thinking about this I mean it’s kinda odd that you’re filming that kind of thing. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Um hmm. And we end up going to that garage because of a missing person. Yeah. Who supposedly went there.
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Twitchell That’s really freaky too and as soon as they called me on the phone as soon as Maxwell called me an said that you know this is what’s going on I got this weird chill. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Cuz it just doesn’t sit right so the first thing I start asking myself is who all knows about what we do there and what our schedule looks like and stuff like that and if we we have a shooting schedule usually there’s a bunch a people in and out of there to prep leading up to it and then we shoot something there and then that’s it. Until we announce something else there’s no fixed activity. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. So uh... So who would have access to get things set up? Uh it’d be me and anybody else that had a key so basically uh for this instance it was me Mike and Jay. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler And Jay who’s Jay you’ve mentioned Mike before... Um hmm. no Jay. Jason Howatson. Jason Howatson. Um hmm How do you spell his last name? H-O-W-A-T-S-O-N. Okay Jason Howatson. Yeah. How olds Jason? Uh twenty-eight . Now you know him and Mike from before? Yeah. How long?
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Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Couple years. Couple years? How olds Mike? Uh think Mike’s turning thirty. So thirty years. Yeah. So they would have had access but the only one that had a key was Mike? Um hmm. Well passes back and forth between them. And these two would maybe pass it back and forth? Yeah. I’ve been trying to uh hook up with Mike cuz I owed those like a couple hundred bucks for materials for production design and uh we’re trying to figure a time to meet to do that. And also to get the key back from them and stuff like that and he said you know hey if you’re on if you’re on if you’re around the south sometime Saskatchewan Drive drop by and but he always like lets me know basically an hour before the timing would be. And it’s too short of notice. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. So we’ve missed each other up until now. Okay well when was that? Well I mean today like uh but we kept just back and forth and missing one another. Oh you and you and Mike... trying to get together. connected today? No uh we tried to not well not today. The guy operates entirely on text message there’s not actual calling and talking to him so like... Tabler Twitchell Yeah. you know he’ll text me and say I’m gonna be in St Albert around this time if you’re gonna be there I can drop by. And uh no I’ll be like now is no good we’re gonna be gone something like that. Tabler Yeah.

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Twitchell And so uh but uh the last time that I actually talked to him was I think it was the twelfth I was checking before because I’ve still got some of his incoming text messages he was uh I had some (Unintelligible) tickets I was gonna sell him. It was on the fifteenth. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Fifteenth? Yeah. On the fifteenth you met with him? Uh no just texted back and forth. Just texted back and forth? We never actually go back together. Were you on the south side on the fifteenth? Tell her again. (Unintelligible) on the fourteenth or the fifteenth? And what would you have been on the south side for? That would a been for dropping off the cleaning materials at the garage. It was either then or the week before it the seventh eighth. Uh I can’t remember. Tabler An and where would you have got these cleaning materials like they sound like something kind of special where would you get that? Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Uh just like Home Depot or Canadian Tire... Home Depot? something like that yeah. Well that’s.. We either ... it’s just regular cleaning shit? Yeah. We don’t use ... Okay. that crazy it’s not like. Oh okay well I don't know you’re describing this stuff an...

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Twitchell Well yeah no it’s just like a usual stuff we don’t have anything special the garage is a dirty place anyway. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah. we had no intention of putting anything cool in there anyway. Yeah. So you know just whatever will get the sticky stuff off or that kind of thing. Okay. That’s basically it something it if it’s not gonna sit there and smell up the place. Yeah. Be better. So now you’ve been told that we’re looking for a missing man? Um hmm. Okay. Have you been told his name? No. Okay the name is John... Okay. Altinger A-L-T-I-N-G-E-R. Okay. Does that name ring a bell to you or mean anything to you? No. Never heard it before? No. He’s nobody that you’d been using as an actor or that maybe uh Mike or Jason would a been in touch with? Twitchell No I don’t think so um I don’t know if Mike or Jay know em but nothing that in terms of casting or production crew or anything like that. Tabler No?

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Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler No. None not a worker not an employee you’ve heard about? No. No? Now do you have any girls that are employed by you or that take part in anything any of the setup or any ... Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Often yeah. Yeah. We uh had a really like uh great actress on this one to work with uh that was she came to the condo set on the Friday uh came up from Red Deer named Katrina . Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Katrina okay and... And uh that’s the most recent. Okay. I got some like Facebook buddies too they’re all kinda like in the industry and back and forth and you know um submitting themselves for casting calls and things like that but. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah. Nobody that’s crew . Yeah. So these Facebook buddies would they have connected with anybody uh like this maybe that was just a single guy that uh.... Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Uhhhh no.. maybe attracted him to towards this sorta line of work or anything like that? maybe I don’t know. Uh not that I’m aware of but possibly.... Yeah? Okay okay the indications we have and we’ve got this through our investigations and the address comes up and the garage is described and he actually says that he was there on that particular day. The particular day we’re talking about is the is I think the fifteenth. Twitchell The fifteenth okay.

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Tabler Now I may be mistaken I may be mixing a couple things up but I think fifteenth and that’s the day you’re indicating that you were probably down there putting supplies there. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Okay yeah. Okay. Like on a Wednesday or something. Yeah. Yeah. And it was in and around the same sort of time frame that you were there. You know that he would a been there. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Okay. Like in the afternoon. Really? Yeah and he was supposed to go there and meet a girl who described the address and told him how to get there. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Hmm. Now this is a girl he’s met through a you know an internet uh site. Okay. Doesn’t know her from before. So he of course lets friends know where he’s going. Right, okay But (Unintelligible) sends it out to a few friends all of a sudden he disappears. Las known place was there. Said he went there met a guy the girl wasn’t there. Met a guy in the garage. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler In the garage? Yeah. Okay. That would explain some things. Can you tell me.. what what does it explain to you tell me what you’re thinking.

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Twitchell Well it explains the foreign padlock if he switched it out or something like that that makes sense. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Who switched it? Whoever this guy is? Well he didn’t switch anything he went there an met met somebody there yeah. Okay that’s what I mean like whoever he met there. Yeah. Cuz I don’t know of anybody else that has access unless they you know accessed it themselves pretty much. Tabler Twitchell Tabler So your lock was totally gone off there? Yeah Okay. The latch was still there but a different padlock’s there so anybody could a come along with a set of bolt cutters cut yours off put their own on right? Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Um hmm That still doesn’t give em access to the garage because there’s still a deadbolt right? Yeah. This guy indicates to his friends that he arrived met a guy in there the girl wasn’t there got a call from her later Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Okay. Was going back to the garage. And that’s where the cold trail goes cold on us. So okay let me get this straight. Yeah. The guy who’s missing... Yeah. shows up to my garage. Right fifty-seven twelve fortieth Ave, yeah. Claims to have been in it? Yeah and talked to a guy.
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Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Talked to another guy? Yeah. So now there’s two of them and then he leaves... Because the girls not there that he’s supposedly ... Right, okay. Okay. And then he talks to her on the phone? I don’t know that he talks to her on the phone or if he gets a message from her or which way that one was. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Okay. Okay. Okay. He somehow ends up... Yeah. communicating with her and then comes back... Goes back to the garage to meet her. Okay alright. Now does that sound like anything that you know about? Not real.. Does it sound like anything that could be related in any way to any movie sort of stuff you’re doing or? Twitchell Not that I’m aware of mean I’m a I’m the producer I pretty much control all the elements Tabler Twitchell Yeah. So if there was anything like that if somebody needed to borrow the place or whatever then they would let me know. So... Tabler They’d let you know um ...

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Twitchell They or they’d ask or something like that so yeah no I don’t know anything about that. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler No. Does the name Jen mean anything to you? No Constable MAXWELL asked me about that too and... Yes yeah... we don’t have Jen or anything like that . So the name Jen doesn’t mean anything to you you don’t know a Jen you don’t have an actress named Jen. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. What’s your wife’s name? Jess. Jess? Not Jen? No. Okay. Is your wife involved in anything with the garage at all... No she.. or does she every know it exists or... yeah she knows it exists she tries to stay out of the film stuff as much as possible it’s she’s from her own explanation too close to the material. Because every time I talk about these things it’s like this that this that this that this that and it’s just too much. Tabler Twitchell Um hmm (Unintelligible) I try to you know like pretty much kind of curb the whole thing if she asks about it I’ll gladly tell her but generally she’s not interested. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Until something comes to fruition. Yeah. You know this whole time for the past year I’ve been working on financing my other movie she’ll ask me like you know do you um put the money in the bank yet. Or stuff like that until it’s in the bank don’t get excited about this stuff so.
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Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah okay. But uh. Yeah. Yeah so she’s uh on mat leave and looking after the kid and that’s the you know pretty much the daily life and then uh when I get home I take over. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah We share that whole thing so yeah but now.. Okay. And your parents of course are supportive of this? Oh yeah. They live here in Edmonton? Um hmm. Okay whereabouts do they live? They live uh in the Killarney area so ... Oh yeah. it’s like a hundred and thirty first ave and eighty-seventh street. Oh yeah okay, know the area well yeah. Um hmm. Have they always lived in that area Mark? Um hmm. Yeah. Where’d you go to school? Long time long time uh I went to school in those little trio of schools it’s right around their house it was uh St Matthews. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah. For elementary and then St. C’s for Junior High then uh O’Leary for high school. O’Leary? Yeah. Okay. Yeah and you’re uh let me think twenty-nine is it?
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Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. Yeah. I try to think if I’ve seen... You play any sports when you were at O’Leary? Um not team sports no I mean I was I like basketball so I played with my buddies after school stuff like that but uh ... Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah. didn’t want it to become a job so I .... Yeah. like join the teams and stuff like that so.. Yeah yeah alright. Alright uh so once again John ALTINGER is not a name of you known you nobody like that’s tried to rent the place from you nobody by the name of Jen means anything to you. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler No. No relatives named Jen (Unintelligible) Oh maybe I don’t have a list. Okay. Alright. My mom’s one of twelve. Fair enough. So you know l let me get back to you on that one it’s a checker for sure but . Yeah. Umm no that’s I’m trying to think like if I don’t really have any like you know Yeah. Regular you know. Okay what about Mike and Jason? Now if we were to call them up and get them to

come down I mean what kind of guys are they? Are they decent straight up... Twitchell Tabler Oh yeah no they’re good guys they uh... Yeah.
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Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell they’re really open dudes they I met em when I was working at Corporate Express. Yeah. Which is like a office supplies company. Yeah yeah I’ve heard of it. And uh yeah so Mike was the IT guy over there and Jay did some operations and stuff like that in uh basically like putting out fires was his job. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. It’s complex I wasn’t quite sure but .. Yeah. um so yeah they worked together there Jay left shortly after that and then uh Mike hung on for a long time cuz it was a really easy gig with a pretty decent paycheck . Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Until he just got bored. Yeah. And had to leave the two of them still worked together actually to this day at another place. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Oh. And uh yeah so I kind of recruited them. Yeah. A little bit from Corporate Express to help me out on Star Wars cuz they were both huge fans and wanted to do it the whole gambit of everything on that project. And then uh stuck around and said hey you know if you ever need any set building or anything like that for for Day Players let us know. So they’ll be the ones that I’ll go to to get like my apartment set and uh all this other stuff that I need for that film. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Uh in May anything that’s gonna be in Edmonton they’ll pretty much be supervising. Yeah. Oh okay. Cuz they can they those guys are miracle workers when it comes to building things on the cheap.
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Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Like they uh they built me an entire Tidefighter cockpit for like a hundred and thirty bucks. Tabler Twitchell Really. I couldn’t believe it I’m like really and like you look at this thing and I said it looks like garbage it’s like cardboard and gels and like uh you know caulking. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. And and you just it looks like crap but then when you look at it through a camera cuz you can fool a camera pretty well looks really good. So we’re sitting there lighting the thing and switching back and forth to get Star Wars paused at that exact moment to see what our lighting looks like flipping back and forth and then they come back to ours and they go okay now go back to ours they think ours is the movie. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Okay I think we’re done. Um hmm. It looks good so yeah no they did a did a fantastic job they ended up giving me like eight nine uh really good screen accurate sets. Tabler Twitchell Ummm.. For less than three grand in total so and that included like a giant (Unintelligible) bridged trench and everything an.. Tabler Twitchell Well. Yeah I don’t know how they do it the compositors are gonna have total gold to work with when they finish that off but. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. It’s kinda already served it ‘s purpose. Yeah. It’s already proved that I know what I’m doing an got me to the next level but I’m just gonna finish it off anyway cuz I love it.
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Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Put so much work into it now might as well keep going. Yeah. Humm... Yeah absolutely... So. It’s kinda hard to go back to that though when you’ve got so much other stuff going on. I’m working on developing paying projects. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Tabler Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. I’ve got this incredibly beautiful daughter.... Hmm. I just love to death and... Yeah. you know want to get home to. Yeah. How old is she? So she’s eight months. Oh yeah. Been sleeping straight through the night since the second week... Oh wonderful . so we got completely luck with that great disposition and everything. Yeah. She’s just amazing. Oh good well luck you. I want her like you know join the family business. You bet yeah. Break it down she’s like dad I got a script for you it would be awesome. Yeah it would be. But....
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Tabler Twitchell Tabler That would be great. Yeah. Yea. Okay Mark uh let me step out uh because I’ve got a some other people I just want to go over what we’ve talked about with uh with them. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Okay. And see if there’s anything else I’m missing. Okay. Uh I think I better talk to Mike and to Jason. Um hmm. Those are the only other two people that might have had any access to that garage at all. Twitchell Yeah yeah there’d be well the only guys that had the key to the deadbolt... the big reason why I got the padlock was because I just didn’t trust the deadbolt. Tabler Twitchell Yes. Like okay when I first got the place I knew that Kirkside was looking at replacing it so they actually had like a lock guy come in and put a new deadbolt on it. Which is fine but I don't know what to compare it to. It’s only half the equation. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. You have this deadbolt and then the whole that it’s in I don’t know if you seen this thing but it’s like all carved out ... Tabler Twitchell Oh.. There’s a bunch of space in there it’s like I don’t know it didn’t look that reliable to me..... Tabler Twitchell (Unintelligible) uh yeah... holding so I mean I didn’t I don’t know I didn’t put much stock in it I thought honestly that the latch with the padlock would be A more of a visual deterrent . Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah.. if anybody wanted to get in there. Hmm.
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Twitchell in general because of the way that it was actually like fastened on there so I mean you know like it feel like an idiot now but half the time I wouldn’t even bother with the deadbolt because it’s like... Tabler Twitchell Yeah. I didn’t really believe in it frankly. From looking at it and loosening it and stuff like that so I mean just off and on sometimes I’d lock it just for the hell of it I mean generally if I’m coming in and out I just leave it . Tabler Twitchell Tabler Okay. So.. Now you you say general if I’m coming in an out and we talked about how many times you’d been there. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah. And there was one weekend where you were there shooting. Um hmm. And then you been back about a week ago and then this last week to drop off cleaning supplies. Twitchell Tabler Right. Right and we know that was probably the fifteenth. Did you drop em off the same day you bought em? Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah I think so. Yeah. Yeah. And what’d you use to ... I don’t remember. pay for those. Uh I think it was my MasterCard it was either MasterCard or cash something like that. (Unintelligible) floating around so Tabler Twitchell MasterCard what kind of MasterCard do you have? It’s a uh prepaid MasterCard from uh...
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Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Prepaid MasterCard from. from the Cash Store. The Cash Store? Yeah. Okay. Why do you use a prepaid MasterCard? I had a bankruptcy about six years ago. Um hmm. So it’s almost going off the record an everything like that . Yeah so you use ... Just kind of a pesky thing that’s following me around an I don’t really find a lot of need for credit cards cuz it wasn’t something that was ever really that big of a pressing deal. Tabler Twitchell No. Uh ever since I like I learned my lesson and the reason that I actually had to file that in the first place an this is like goes back to stupid young man crap like... Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. hey I got... Lots of people gone through it I know what it’s like yeah. well twenty-one I got married the first time young and stupid to someone that I thought I was gonna be with forever an for the wrong reasons. Long story short I moved to the US because she was a US citizen got residency down there. But the problem was I didn’t understand how long it would take to get that process done and I lived down there for a little over ten months before I actually had a legal work permit. Tabler Twitchell Um hmm. To be able to be able to bring in an income so while I’m down there following my heart .. Tabler Yeah.

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Twitchell racking up like my bills are still there all of this stuff was mounting up it was over twenty grand worth and then I was just like damn. So between having that on my plate and at that point in my life believing I was gonna be in the US for awhile... Tabler Twitchell Yeah. I figured that filing a Canadian bankruptcy was the best way to go. And my trustee felt the same way so I filed with them got it taken care of got discharged from it within like the same year uh but it’s just one of those things that sticks on your credit rating. Tabler Twitchell Oh yeah So when that relationship didn’t work out I moved back to Canada it still followed me around it wasn’t that big of a .....because I’m not racking up debt or anything like that I’m just living my life uh getting you know my job and my place and pay my bills an stuff like that I didn’t need to have credit. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. So but the thing is is like if you ever want to book a hotel room or a flight or anything shop online use EBay it’s like.. Tabler Twitchell Yeah you know it’s just easier to have a credit card so uh when Much Music had their MasterCard out I got that thing. Ended up losing it it was a huge pain in the butt anyway cuz you could only load it online and you pay these little fees for every little thing even just to call in to check your balance it charges a fee. So uh I went to Cash Store and said okay I need something that’s gonna be a little more handy a little more useful something I can load just by going in to the store instead of having to get online and do it every time so. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah. I got that. Yep and that’s how you start rebuilding credit eh you start off .... I don’t even know if prepaid reports your credit payment history or not but uh ..... I think it does help yeah.

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Twitchell I could help the mortgage I thought was a big one. The two big ones that are helping me build my credit back right now are uh a business loan that I have through TD which is almost paid off um that I took out to give me a boost for getting all my equipment for shooting Star Wars. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Uh huh. And uh the mortgage so ... Yeah. that was just.... Mortgage on your... On my house. House? It was just it was great the way that happened because I was convinced for the amount of income that my wife made and her track record she’d be the one to get the mortgage. But they looked at the overall situation and said I was the guy so I’m okay. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Went in there did all the paperwork filed it up and it got done and so that worked out really well. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Go through a broker it was a bit of a hassle here and there because there’s just like straggler bills from five six years ago but ... Tabler Twitchell Yeah. were kind of there and when these the lenders said here’s all the conditions we want to lend you the money so like uh... Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Give us proof that you paid this Roger’s bill back in the day or that it still counts under your bankruptcy and you’ve taken care of it and last I checked that was gone so.. Tabler Yeah.
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Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Little hassles and stuff like that but it was pretty much just a relatively smooth ride. Yeah. Was able to secure that up and get it done an worked out great. Now I’m gonna ask you a couple questions about this now you told me about some projects you’re shooting on. Twitchell Tabler Um hmm. And I want to ask you if you’re doing any other kind of shooting there like is there any and I mean I’m just wondering because it brings into play different sort of characters. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Right. Are you shooting any porn there or anything like that? No no... Okay. I’ve actually been teased about that a lot. Yeah. And uh I tease back by saying that oh I should a gotten into porn because it’s guaranteed money in the bank. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Right. You know what I mean. Yeah. But uh it’s really not the environment for that for one thing it’s not even heated. Yeah. You know what I mean like... Yeah.. No it’s just. Yeah it would be a little cool in there. And then again if you if a filmmaker gets into that side of the industry the other side will never take you seriously.
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Tabler Twitchell Okay. So unless I want to go make in like a hundred aliases call myself Dick HARD or some stupid porn name or whatever. You know like that just wouldn’t make any sense and I’ve never been really anywhere near interested in that kind of material. Tabler Twitchell Okay. I want to be taken seriously I don’t necessarily have to go after Academy Awards or anything like I just want to make movies that will entertain people and get out there in into actual movie theatres and have tickets and stuff like that so. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Okay. That’s always been the ultimate goal for me but yeah no porn or anything like that. Okay. Yeah. So have you ever heard of these online dating site... Um hmm. kind of things. What are some of the ones you’ve heard of? Oh man I don’t know uh I’ve heard the Plenty of Fish one uh... Okay. Plenty of Fish. Yeah there’s a what else is there I don’t know there’s a bunch of em like hundreds of em. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. So. Okay. You don’t frequent them? No. Okay. I did some research on them for a freelance article that I wrote uh that was like about a month ago. Tabler About a month ago.

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Twitchell Maybe more it was a little over a month ago. This is a freelance project that I got I’m on this website called Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Yeah. You get like you know basically writing gigs and stuff like that. Yeah. And this guy said you know what we need an article for uh online dating and stuff like that and the rules and etiquette an and what not and I said okay I’ll jump on that so um checked out some that stuff in order to write the article to put it together and did it and got paid for it and everything like that so. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah. Yeah but uh ... So what’d you end up doing with that? So you pretend your somebody and do the online dating sort of thing and line em all up... Twitchell Yeah but you tell everybody what’s going on right like I you know would say it’s a social experiment for the purpose of figuring out. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. What your view and opinion of it is and that kind of thing and it’s a lot easier just to touch base with the people who use the site and get their overall opinion from it. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. So they uh would said say well you know it like in different opinions too of the guys who say things like well you know it’s really tough cuz there’s lots of competition. Uh the girls come back with the feedback of well everybody on here’s a pig. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. You know and that kind of thing and so I kind of you know break that down try to get a little more creative with it and ... Tabler Twitchell Tabler Um hmm. make it something that somebody would actually feel like reading. Um hmm.

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Twitchell Uh and the way I understood it was that they were trying to get something that they couldn’t have published in like Maxim online or something like that and then post it. For me I wouldn’t worry about the publishing because they can do whatever they want with it. Tabler Twitchell Yeah. Uh it’s just like you know what if I’m gonna write this for you gimme a pay cheque and we’re good. Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Yeah yeah. So. Here done gone. Yeah. So in that you weren’t really posing as a person that was trying to date people... No. what you were doing is just contacting them saying hey looking for views on... Yeah. okay. And that’s why you know what some of those sites are? Um hmm. Okay. Uh alright now like I said I’m gonna talk to my people and see if I uh missing anything. Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Tabler Twitchell Okay. And run over stuff bear with us a few minutes and thank you very much uh... Sure. Okay Do you... And we... If you come back and I’m sleeping just nudge me I’ll ... Yeah alright yeah. Okay. Because I won’t...
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Transcript Of An Interview
Tabler Twitchell Tabler Transcribed By Don’t start swinging will you... No I .. Okay I was wondering should I (Recording ends abruptly) Heather 2009 June 5

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