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Painting community in Guatemala

The painting community in Guatemala is non-existent. There are very few opportunities for an
artist to make their name known in the country since there is no appreciation for paintings. Most
emerging painters choose to leave Guatemala to study elsewhere. Most of them don’t end up
coming back. I am one of these artists, I don’t plan on ever living in Guatemala because of the
lack of opportunity for artists.
I have come up with a few ideas to enhance the art community in Guatemala to allow these
emerging artists to embrace their country and share their work.

Request funding for grants from Establish painting accademies ar-

the government for the Art Com- round the country

Organize art auctions to support Create a program that allows

bring funding to the programs emerging artists to study outside the

Establish spece for galleries Sponsor programs to allow exhibi-

tions of new artists
Advertise to create an apprecia-
ton of art in the country Encourage students to advertise
their own work

Open new art stores with a

better and larger variety of sup- Encourage students to take pride in
plies their Culture and let it show in their
Organize art seminars from visiting artists

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