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Production Flow Analysis / Group Technology

Demand Rate Future State Value Stream Map

Future State Work Allocation

Operational Definition

Simulation of Alternatives

Selection of Layout Detail of Work Stations

Time Observations Countermeasures for waste walk and C/E diagrams

Project Plan


Equipment Tools Fixturing Future State Work Allocation (Defines Work Elements at each Station) Material Presentation Operational Definition Utilities Detail Workstation Design Work Instructions Op C/T (Operational Cycle Time) <= TAKT time



Physical simulation is critical to obtaining buy in from the team and the operators in the work cell. CAD is no substitute! Use scale outline of department and 2D or 3D models of equipment for hands on rapid prototyping.

Easiest way is to add dates and people responsible to countermeasures from brainstorming activity. Tasks are already grouped into logical categories like equipment, materials, training, etc«

` ` ` `

Mark utilities (air / water / gas) Coordinate with maintenance to safely but quickly relocate existing equipment and workstations Fabricate any tooling, fixtures, workstations and material racks simultaneously and put in place Allow maintenance time to connect services

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