Name: Hassan Shahryar Address: Cell #: Date Of Birth: 10th February, 1990 Marital Status: Single Nationality: Pakistani

Email: Languages: English , Urdu.

Career Objectives: To pursue and achieve a better position in the respected growing company/organization that facilitates clients of all ages with respected colleagues to attain desired goal. Educational Qualification: y y y y y Currently studying Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) 2nd Semester 2011 from Szabist (Islamabad, Pakistan). IELTS Certification dated April 2009 Passed O-Levels dated 2007 Passed A-Levels dated 2010

Professional Experience: y y Skills: y y Operating system Windows 7 , Vista , XP MS Office and able to handle internet tools Worked as Sales manager in AUTO CLUB from Jan 2009 Jan 2010.