Personality molding tecniques

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P. Robbins Personality includes:includes: ‡ External appearance and behavior or social stimulus values ‡ Inner awareness of self as a permanent organising force & ‡ The pertricular pettern or organisation of measurable traits both inner & outer .What is personality? ³Personality is the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts and interacts with others´ S.

we can shape the personality  How .What is personality molding?  Molding implies that how individual personality is changed.

How the personality pattern is molded? By heredity endowment By enviornment .

When personality molding begins? It starts since birth It grows with the growing of an individual .

Personality molding tecniques Child training method Identification .

Child training method ‡ ‡ Through this method every cultural group tries to produce group memberswhose personality pattern confirm to thestandards of the culture. It will depends upon the values and attitudes. . It is the process by which a person takes over the values of another by imitation.  Identification ‡ ‡ This method is also called ³learning by ³learning imitation´.

 Democratic:. .  Permissive:. explanation and reasoning.This method are not actually Permissive:- child training through parents and teachers may regard them as such.It emphasis the need for Democratic:- discussion.Kinds of child training method  Authoritarian:-This method are Authoritarian:- charecterized by the use of strict rules and regulation.

Ways to improve the personality Be a good listner Be a good conversationalist Be supportive to others Be yourself Develop a possitive character .

Contd« Have an openion Have a possitive attitude Meet new people Read more and extend your interest Treat people with respect .

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